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  • chellian
    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Attack on Titan castes AU where timeskip Jean is Delinquent!Jean's older brother and he is the new and very hot substitute teacher and og!Jean is dying inside

    #chel babbles #think of the possibilities #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #jean kirschstein#jean kirstein
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  • telodijepalomita
    19.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    -Coming home-

    Some Jeankasa practice.

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  • soularia
    18.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jean when he hears that Eren doesn't want Mikasa to find another guy

    Jeanette Kirschtein

    #he didn't say anything about girls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #snk#aot#Jean Kirschstein#jeankasa #i need to sleep
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  • fiaficsxo
    18.04.2021 - 12 hours ago


    pairing: commander jean x commanding officer eren x f!scout reader
    summary: being in a relationship with both jean and eren and they bicker over your safety, as always.
    work count: 0.8k
    A/N: i was bored today so I wrote this, probably not that great. I hope you enjoy and pls give feedback.
    Warnings: dom!eren and dom!jean, sub!reader, semi-smutty, pet names, cursing, a bit of violence.
    thanks @mikasasmoochie for the idea of commander jean, check out her story its so good!

    Jean and Eren were notorious for giving commands, you knew that.

    you weren't sure if it was their skills in the military or their typical dominating behavior in bed, but today it just seemed to be a bit over the top.

    you sigh, shaking your head in annoyance as you leaned back in your chair. you winced, touching the side of your head as it tighten, the pain starting to be evident as your headache started to ache.

    "why are you so upset?" eren started, "jealous cause she'd rather stay with me then with you."

    "funny how your mouth and brain can't think as one, Jaeger" jean continued, "you don't get to decide what she does."

    "and you do?" eren scoffs, shaking his head at Jean's statement. "in case you forget im her boyfriend."

    "well i'm her commander" jean snapped, "and im also her boyfriend."

    you rolled your eyes, just sitting there. you loved them you did, but honestly it was exhausting hearing them argue like two little boys. even worse that they were deciding for where you should be placed in this expedition, not letting you have any input.

    "fine then, lets ask her" eren spats, then turning to you. "what do you think babe?

    "yeah princess" jean coos, pushing eren a bit to the side as he stood in front of you. "what do you think?"

    you could see the vein on eren's forhead twitch, his hands up in fists. you gulped, realizing Jean's choice in words had an effect on him.

    "Don't fucking call her that" eren raged, turning to jean as he grabbed his collar with one of his hands, snarling in his face. Jean grabbed eren's shirt, causing eren to grunt as he pushed him back roughly.


    you jumped out of your chair, getting in between them and trying to push them away from each other. they both let each other go, panting as they looked down at you, crossing your arms and giving them a look of disapprovement.

    "I can't believe you guys are making decisions for me", you ranted. "If anything I shouldn't listen to any of you."

    They looked at you in disbelief, both their figures standing still as they raised a brow at you. the room was silent, too silent. you gritted your teeth in fear, realizing you might have taken it a step too far.

    you were right. they both looked at each and started to chuckle making you raise a brow. Jean then smirks as he made his way towards you. you started to walk backwards, his tall figure cowering over you like a shadow.

    "funny how the only time you take orders are when you're squirming?" jean coos, "I thought you were a good little pet."

    you held in your breath, feeling the wall make contact with your back. his words made your stomach flutter, gasping as your mouth opened, leaving you breathless.

    "thats not true, I'm always a good-"

    "oh, trying to deny it are we?" Jean taunts, then stepping towards you as he placed his arm above your head on the wall, his face inches from yours.

    "yeah maybe you need a little reminder of whos in charge here" eren grunts through gritted teeth, his humorous manner turning stone cold as he strolled towards the two of you.

    Eren stopped in front, taking your chin in his hands as he forced your head up to look at the both of them. Jean bit his lip, then placing his hand by your hip as he placed his knee in between your legs, causing you to moan a bit.

    you gulped, a tingle flowing through your body. their demeanors were sending you over the edge, panting a bit as you felt the wetness in your panties. both smirk again, knowing damn well they would have their way with you, you always being their good little girl.

    "hey y/n", a sweet voice starts, the once cold mood turning warm as you all looked in front. "you can be on my team."

    Mkasa leaned against the door frame, looking at the scene in front with a stone cold glare. Mikasa’s glare was piercing, as if looks could kill and jean and eren would be dead by now. Mikasa took her hand out in front, as if assuring you that she's got you.

    you sighed a breath of relief, smiling as you pushed jean and eren away. you organize yourself, then taking her hand as she smiled. She pulled you in and then wrapped her arm around your shoulder, leading you out the room and down the hall.

    she turned back at the boys, smirking a bit as they stared back with a dumbfounded expression. they looked at each other again then back as your bodies started to disappear down the hall. She laughed silently to herself as she pushed you closer to her, not letting your attention go back to the boys behind.

    if only those two knew how mikasa had you wrapped around her little finger, like the good little girl you are.

    tag list: taglist: @shisoaya @mxhi @bertlebear @jeageristbaby @seraphsuna
    tag: @starrynightlys
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  • incorrect-aotquotes
    18.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Connie: Sasha what do we do??

    Sasha: I don't know!

    Jean: But you're the oldest!

    Sasha: Not mentally!

    #source: paranorman#aot#incorrect aot #attack on titan #aot memes #shingeki no kyojin #snk #incorrect shingeki no kyojin quotes #incorrect attack on titan quotes #incorrect aot quotes #incorrect snk#sasha braus#connie springer#jean kirschstein
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  • bertoldtburrito
    18.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Eldians memories:*exist*

    First King Fritz:*delete*

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  • free-pancakes
    18.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Part 2: HC’s on Levihan as Hogwarts teachers bc again... why not

    Hange, Levi, and Erwin become the youngest hired Hogwarts staff members. Hange becomes head of Gryffindor house and is the crazy new professor for Care of Magical Creatures. Levi is the feared Potions master. Erwin is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

    Sasha is a Gryffindor, who befriends Connie, a Hufflepuff. This happens quite naturally as Connie had easy access to the kitchens since the Hufflepuff common room was nearby. Since they sneak around at night quite a bit, they often see professors Hange and Levi walking the corridors together at night. They don’t think much of it though.

    Hange and Levi sit in on Erwin’s patronus lesson with the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw 3rd years. Off to the side, Jean and Armin notice Hange and Levi casting patronuses with each other. A collie and a cat emitted from their wands, and the two patronuses ran around chasing each other, ending where the dog pounced on the cat, smothering it with snuggles before disappearing into thin air

    When Gryffindor and Ravenclaws had Potions together, Eren and Mikasa would be ecstatic to sit next to their Ravenclaw friend, Armin. They sat in fear of Professor Ackerman. Students always talked about Levi, wondering how the hell he was a Hufflepuff with his terrifying and gloomy demeanor. But the third years slowly put together that Levi was slightly more kind whenever Professor Zoe was around. Maybe he did have a good heart if he could put up with the infamously wild Hange Zoe.

    Levi visited the grounds as Hange finished her lesson on Hippogriffs. She bragged to Levi about how Sasha was the bravest student she had that day and was successfully granted permission by the hippogriff to ride on its back. Hange took Levi’s hand and insisted they take the hippogrif for a fly around hogwarts. The hippogriff loved Hange, and only accepted Levi because it loved Hange. The hippogriff gave Levi a threatening look and spit at him a little, but obliged to let him jump on with Hange. Hange thought this was hilarious.

    Levi was absolutely terrified at first getting onto an animal that clearly didn’t like him, so he wrapped his arms around Hange and held on for dear life as they soared through the sky.

    Funnily enough after all those years at Hogwarts, the two never confessed their love for each other. But it was during the first year they became professors at Hogwarts that each of them came across the Room of Requirement. It was typically a library for Hange, and filled with cleaning supplies for Levi. But one night the two of them came across it together, both of them eager to show each other something from it— Hange a book she found in it once and Levi a really nice mop. As they excitedly opened the door, the room was filled with floating candles, a ready bath, dinner at a table for 2, and a big comfy bed. The two of them felt a hot red blush fill their cheeks and Levi slammed the door closed. They didn’t talk to each other for a whole week, and Erwin eventually figured out what happened and had to send an owl to their Auror friends, Mike, Nanaba, and Moblit to come and help their idiot friends talk to each other again. All of Hogwarts knew that Hange and Levi were destined to be together... except for Hange and Levi, of course.

    (part 1)

    edit: part 3

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  • lunethien
    18.04.2021 - 19 hours ago
    »Trying to look good for someone?«
    »...For all the girls who ever open a history book.«

    Can you tell I‘m a simp for this man? 🐴

    #jean kirschstein#jean kirstein#Jean kirschtein#snk jean#aot jean#aot fanart #jean kirschtein art #aot fandom#fan art#fanart #the jean brainrot is real #shingeki no kyoujin fanart #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #my art#my drawing#digital art#aot 139 #tags pls i don’t want to repost😭
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  • jea4n
    18.04.2021 - 22 hours ago

    i want to sincerely apologize for the type of person that i'll become after dilf jean gets animated

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #anime #attack on titan season finale #attack on titan season 4 #snk#aot#aot jean#jean kirstein#snk jean#jean aot#jean kirschstein#jean kirschtien #attack on titan season four #attack on titan manga #shingeki no kyoujin manga #aot manga#snk manga
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  • dancingazaleas
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    jeankasa | burned out

    yes this is based off of a dodie song
    yes i am sad
    this is messy and unorganized and i feel like it’s really bad but i’ll post it anyways lol
    warnings/notes: canonverse, cursing, ANGST, huge manga spoilers, jean is tired

    jean watched as mikasa argued back with levi and armin, anger and sadness flowing through his beaten up body.

    “maybe we can do something different! i need eren to live, no one understands,” mikasa was pleading to a brick wall at this point, fat tears rolling down her cheeks as jean sits on the dirt staring at the floor.

    jean didn’t want to kill eren. eren was a close friend since the age of 12, eren was his rival since the age of 12, eren made jean laugh, eren used to make jean have hope for the future. and most importantly, eren made mikasa happy.

    jean hated that mikasa only looked to eren. even when he told mikasa he hated her, she still loved. even when he abandoned her, she still loved.

    yet she never loved whenever jean would stay up with her, holding her to his chest as she sobs brokenly. mikasa didn’t love, didn’t even consider, when jean told her once. and it was at that moment he stopped trying for mikasa.

    he knew it was pointless, why try to get with someone who’d never love you back. and why try to stand in the way of both eren and mikasa’s happiness. especially if they were his friends.

    so for years, he erased the heart he always wore on his sleeve and dealt with it. he ignored the pounding aches he got in his chests whenever mikasa would blush at eren. he ignored the jealousy, the agony, all of it. besides, he was a solider, who was he to be falling in love?

    instead, he sought for her friendship instead. he understood every word that fell from her lips. every gentle touch that graced his skin whenever mikasa was upset. every action, every emotion. and despite how painful it was, he’d do it for her.

    jean starts crying at the realization dawning upon him. the woman he loves has to kill the only thing making her happy, and he has to let it happen. it’s best for mikasa, best for armin, and most of all, best for humanity.

    and despite this, he’s flooded with anger at how mikasa fights against it. he understands why she doesn’t want eren dead, but humanity is more important. it’s something she’d told him the first time he confessed.

    he’s flooded with anger that mikasa will stand there, smiling, just for eren to hurt her over and over and over again until she’s reduced to heartbreak.

    jean’s on edge, and everyone can see. he’s on the verge of snapping at mikasa, of telling her that she’s an idiot for going back, for loving eren, and for trying to give mercy; even though jean won’t mean any of it.

    “no one loves me like he does, understands me like he does! he has to live,” that’s the only meaning jean can decipher as mikasa begs to spare eren.

    “i can’t live without him, he needs to live. there’s another way,” is what she really says.

    and when mikasa flicks her head over her shoulder, teary eyes staring at jean’s huddled together figure, that’s when she makes a mistake. everyone knew as soon as she moved her head in his direction.

    “jean,” she cries, halfway turning her body to him, “you agree with me, don’t you?!”

    connie stares wide eye at his friends dark expression, darkness filling his usually bright and tired eyes.

    levi watches in pity while armin grits his teeth, they’ve always been observant.

    everyone watches as jean stands to his feet and walks in front of mikasa. he stays silent as he stares her down, hoping to find some hint that this is all just a joke. that she’s pulling at prank on him.

    but she’s not.

    heavy hands slap down onto her shoulders as his mouth opens in a grimace.

    “mikasa, are you stupid?”

    she stares in shock at jean.

    angry tears are rushing down his face while his jaw is tightened. his eyebrows are furrowed with both anger and somehow sadness.

    “you waited smiling for this? for eren to commit mass genocide?! to hurt you?! you can live without eren! they love you, i love you, mikasa. we understand as his friends, his comrades, as people. but we also understand as soldiers.” he screams in her face, “i’m so tired of sitting here in silent agony over you, eren, marco, and sasha.

    “you once told me that humanity matters more than love. you can’t be a hypocrite, so stick with your word.”

    “i’m not... you told me you understood,” she whimpers as jean turns his back and walks back to connie.

    “i do. i don’t want eren to die. but he needs to. not only to save humanity, but to pay for his sins. what did you think would happen if he does survive, mikasa?! that you’d be able to marry him and live out your days in a cottage in the wood of wall maria?! he’d be tortured or executed! either way, he’ll die, so let’s make it at our hands. but you made a statement, you claimed a belief, and now, you’ve got to stick with it. at the most significant moment, you’ve gotta stick with it.” he cries, placing his palms over his ears.

    mikasa’s mouth hangs open as jean holds back his sobs.

    “eren has to die in order to save humanity.”

    mikasa sighs shakily at his loaded statements. she’s been a cause behind his pain, she’s not been there for him like he had been for her, and eren has to die. eren will die, either way. and that jean still loves her. he always has.

    “jean, i understand. and... i’m sorry,” she wipes away her tears.

    “i don’t care anymore, i’m just tired at this point. if i even survive, i just want a beer,” he grunts while standing back onto his feet and helping connie up.

    everyone stares pitifully at jean as he starts to walk ahead.

    but with that, they all follow along to save humanity.

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  • aira-ni
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    I wanna use his cum as a lip gloss

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  • papijean
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    behind the lens [3.5]

    #aot x reader #snk x reader #attack on titan x reader #aot smau #attack on titan smau #snk smau #eren yeager x reader #eren jeager x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #conny springer#ymir#sasha blouse#mikasa ackerman #mikasa x reader #aot #attack on titan #eren yeager#jean kirschstein
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  • levithestripper
    18.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    #jean kirschstein#jean kirstien #jean x reader #jean kirschtien#jean krischtein #jean kirschtein x you #jean kirstein #jean kirschtein fanfiction #jean kirschtein imagine #jean x you #jean x y/n #jean kirstein x you #jean kirstein x reader #attack on titan #attack on titan headcanons #attack on titan season 4 #attack on titan x you #attack on titan x reader #aot x y/n #aot x you #aot x male reader #aot x reader #aot x gn!reader #aot jean#jean aot#snk#snk imagines #snk x reader #snk anime #shingeki no kyojin
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  • no-more-fortnite
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    The last chapter of Sleep On The Floor is out now. Thank you to everyone who read it and followed the story along this journey with me!

    Click HERE to read!

    Title: Sleep On The Floor (Chapter 3; Epilogue) Rating: Moderate+ for implication Summary: Jean allows himself the happiness he deserves.
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  • favberrys
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Attack on titan + tumblr text posts

    #i'm still waiting for the mikannie kiss #anime#aot#snk#aot anime#tv show #shingeki no kyojin #funny text post #funny text posts #tumblr text post #tumblr texts #tumblr text meme #jean kirschstein#hange zoe#levi ackerman#ymir#aot ymir#historia reiss#yumikuri#yumihisu#mikannie #mikasa x annie #annie x mikasa #mikasa ackerman #ymir x historia #historia x ymir #eren yaegar#annie leonhart#aot memes#textpost
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  • jaegkerman
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Looking at this

    And I'm pretty sure

    Eren slept like that JUST so he could fart on Jean's head

    It would be so him

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  • impressioncarnival
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    the 180° I took from making fun of 'ol horseface to making thirst edits over this stallion isn't even funny anymore

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