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    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    jean waking up early by accident one morning and seeing you peacefully sleep curled up in the sheets. he turns on his bedside lamp and watches your reaction to make sure the light doesn't bother you. after he sees that you're still sound asleep he'll reach over and grab his sketch pad and a pen and starts to sketch you. right now with the soft light of the lamp illuminating your face, hair sprawled out in every direction, and soft snores leaving your parted lips, you are the most beautiful thing in the world. you might disagree if you saw yourself but that doesn't matter. jean swears on his life every little imperfection you complain about is nothing but perfect to him. since this is one of the only times he's going to be able to take this opportunity without you whining or complaining he goes straight to work. he had been sketching for about 30 before he finished and lucky for him you had started to toss in your sleep as soon as he finished. He quickly turn off the lamp and set his paper down while settling into the sheets next to you. it was about 6:30 now and you knew you had to be up soon for work. "jean? where did you go?" you asked quietly moving yourself to be up against him. "nowhere i just couldn't sleep for a bit." you slowly open your eyes to meet his. he has the most loving look on his face and can't help but smile at your confused features. he leans down to kiss your forehead and lips. "don't worry about it babe let's rest for a little longer." with no debate on your part you both fall asleep peacefully in each other's arms. jean will later cherish the drawing of you and keep it with him at all times.

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    26.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    i’m thinking: 𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘱𝘣𝘳𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘯 𝘣𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 !

    ik stepbro jean breeds u till your tummy hurts, but he can’t help it. he loves that cross eyed drooling look on your face when you’ve came for the n’th time on his cock. he wants to give his babies so bad, wants to watch your belly swell with his children. but he knows that can’t happen, afterall what kind of big brother gets their lil sister pregnant?

    #pretty pls send in stepbrother thirsts 🥺!! #🏮 darkcontent #attack on titan #aot smut #attack on titan x reader #jean kirchstein smut #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirstein smut #jean kirschtien#snk smut
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    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #spicy#aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin #aot smut #aot x reader #aot jean#jean smut#snk jean#aot imagines#snk imagines#imagines #jean kirstein x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirschstein x reader #jean kirstein#jean aot#jean kirschtien #jean kirschtein smut #spoonful
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  • silk-heartss
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    while feverishly studying for my final exam this quarter, i decided to write this on a study break for a boost of motivation :]

    ⤍ various aot characters x gn!reader

    ⤍ includes eren, armin, jean, connie, reiner

    ⤍ sfw , fluff , cursing , established relationships , the boys either being geniuses or absolute idiots


    don’t even get me started on this boy.

    i just know he doesn’t pay attention in class.

    i feel he’s very smart but just doesn’t want to apply himself, so his assignments are always late or he doesn’t hand them in at all.

    feels the need to be rewarded after every right question.

    “hey!! i got that right :( i want a kiss.”

    will complain about the atmosphere no matter where you are, he just REALLY doesn’t wanna be there.

    if he’s quizzing you, i’m so sorry.

    it’s like sitting at the kitchen table with your dad as he yells at you since you can’t long divide.

    he gets frustrated so fast.

    he doesn’t mean it though, he’s really trying.

    if he gets a question right and you don’t, he’s about to hold that over your head for the next decade.

    he lost all his notes so all he carries around is a pen that was borrowed from someone else. man’s doesn’t even know where his textbooks are.

    so he’s gonna have to borrow your stuff.

    his writing is so fucking messy.

    after ten minutes, he’s convinced that studying should be over now.

    you have to drag him back into his chair.

    i feel like you guys would study at a starbucks or in his room, he probably got you guys kicked out of starbucks.



    chances are he’s helping YOU study, let’s be real.

    and armin is the perfect study buddy!! he’s very patient and organized, since he thoroughly enjoys studying, you’re on the lucky side of it all.

    probably likes to study at the library or in a starbucks, somewhere moderately quiet but still cozy.

    he. is. prepared.

    he’s got pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, his laptop, textbooks, sticky notes, dividers, etc.

    i just know he’d be so sweet if you were beginning to grow frustrated.

    “hey, it’s okay!! try one more question and then we can a break, i promise. you’re doing great!!”

    never gives up on you :’)

    he also loves quiet studying, where you’re both together but looking at different things.

    might get distracted from his own studying if he sees what you’re working on.

    will ask you what it is and be genuinely interested if he doesn’t already know.

    has snacks and coffee for those late night study sessions, will give you his hoodie too.

    again. he’s always prepared.


    i feel like jean is a piece of work at first.

    he’s the type of guy to act all careless about his school work like some “bad boy” and then pretend he doesn’t care about his grades.

    but he’s actually really smart and gets really good grades.

    he probably gets so excited looking at a paper with an impressive grade on it but acts like it’s no big deal.

    so he pretends to be all bored when you study with him.

    but he’s actually so excited. he brought food, he brought you a hoodie of his if you get cold and all his books.

    eventually, after you FINALLY wearing him down (it took ages), he sheds the bored facade and actually studies with interest.

    will get distracted by you. sorry not sorry.

    “jean, look at your notes.”

    “but you’re so pretty.”


    subtly brags about his casual 100%’s and good feedback from teachers.

    if he’s helping you, i feel he’d be pretty patient. but he might throw in some remark on how easy it was for him to get it.

    he always has to be the best.

    will share an earbud with you if you guys listen to music while studying.

    likes to study in his room/dorm or outside on a picnic blanket if it’s nice.


    it’s like eren all over again.

    except connie is actually dumb LMAO.

    but he doesn’t wanna work. he’s gonna get distracted.


    “connie, sit your ass down right now.”

    he gets really hungry. and he’s barely working.

    but he convinces you to take a break and get some food with him.

    big mistake.

    he’s even more distracted now and probably hyper off something sugary.

    like eren, you gotta use some reward system.

    give him a kiss or a snack with each right answer and eventually you’ll get somewhere.

    insists that you write down notes in different coloured pens because he likes how pretty it looks.

    doesn’t even HAVE the textbooks he needs, he swears he never got them in the first place.

    very much the type of guy to be like “wait—we have a test?” or “we had homework?”

    likes to study in, wait for it, his car.

    you guys tried it once before you vetoed it from happening ever again.

    will make you get up and take dance breaks with him. he swears it helps his brain think better.

    no it doesn’t.


    like armin, i feel like reiner would be a very good study buddy.

    i feel like he’s in the middle, he’s not super brainy/nerdy but he’s not totally clueless and unmotivated either.

    i feel like reiner really likes the peaceful ambience of the library, especially if it’s raining outside and you can hear it.

    he probably owns just a few notebooks and pens but at least he has his textbooks.

    if he doesn’t get something right away, he’s gonna get frustrated and need reassurance.

    he loves it when you’re teaching him stuff, it takes away from the looming feeling that he always has to be the bigger person.

    but he’s still a good teacher himself, i feel he’s pretty patient. but if you can’t grasp what he’s explaining to you, he might give up after a while and get you to google the answer.

    brings coffee to your study dates and remembers your order every. single. time.

    doesn’t like to study super late, eventually he’s gonna close your books too and insist you rest.

    takes pictures of your notes cause he likes them more than his.

    may or may not pretend he doesn’t get something just so you’ll explain it again.

    “sorry, can you explain that again?”

    “reiner, i’ve explained it five times.”

    “i think one more time should do it :)”

    thinks you’re cute while you’re studying and sneaks a few peeks in every so often.

    © silk-heartss

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  • chososcumslutt
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Trainwreck - Eren Jaeger (7)

    Chapter seven: With me, and no one else.

    Pairing: Eren Jaeger x Reader

    Series summary: Reader is an 18-year-old, high school student. On her way to school one day, she meets a boy on the train. Will their train, wreck or will they somehow make it work?

    Info on Reader: Reader is a logical person. She's organized and tidy. She uses logic and common sense when she makes choices. Some events in her life and some people in her life will cause her to question her sanity as she no longer can differentiate if she's using her heart or brain.

    Info on Eren Jaeger on this book: Eren doesn't think. He uses his heart to express himself. If he feels like something is wrong, he will act on those feelings. He's very emotional and speaks his mind. There haven't been many times when Eren felt regret after acting on his emotions; until he met you.

    Content: High school! Au, Eren x Reader, strangers to friends, friends to lovers, eventual smut.

    word count: 7.2k

    CW: mentions of sex, alcohol consumption, mentions of injuries, mentions of death.

    see masterlist // navigation // read previous chapter // read next chapter

    The afternoon passed by quickly. You indulged in multiple activities that had you feeling sweaty and breathless by the end of the day.

    It was now pitch black outside. The air had gotten impossibly colder, but it doesn't bother you, it's refreshing instead of bothersome.

    You and your friends left the ambrosial cafeteria with full bellies and wide smiles. Mr. Smith had just announced the nighttime activities, and you couldn't have been more excited.

    "At what time do you think they'll let us off?" Amalie asked as she walked into the girls' room with you by her side.

    "No idea. Probably sometime after 1 AM," you said.

    "Do you think the boys will come?" She walked to her bunk and opened the lilac suitcase that lay on her bed.

    "To what?" You copy her actions and pick out a few fuller clothing attires that would be more suited for the weather of the deep night.

    "I kinda wanna bring out the alcohol, and stuff tonight. Maybe tomorrow too." She took a large black jacket and slipped it over her honey-like hair. Her body was swallowed by it not long after.

    "Oh, of course, they will. Especially Jean. You seem to have him wrapped around your finger." You smile and send her a teasing look, to which she responds with a scoff.

    "I don't know what you're talking about." She looked off to the creamy white walls you were surrounded by and crossed her arms.

    A slight flush marked her plump cheeks as she thought about if what you had said was true.

    With an eye roll and a huff, the flustered girl closed her suitcase and walked to the wooden door at the entrance of the room.

    "Let's go." She turned around and waited for you.

    As you walk outside into the empty grass fields, you see a big crowd and nudge Amalie to get her to look. The closer you get, the louder Mr. Smith's roaring voice gets.

    "Hey," you whispered as you squeezed between Eren and Emilia, "What are we doing?"

    Before they could respond, Mr. Smith seemed to have the answers you were looking for.

    "For those of you who are late." He looked around the crowd, not making eye contact with you—but you know it was directed at you. "The night activities will be teamwork with your assigned groups; just like we've done all afternoon. We've hidden a few objects. Each object is worth its amount of points. The team with the highest points wins."

    He begins walking from left to right, whilst speaking in a stern voice. "All of the objects have been hidden in the forest. We've given two lists with what the objects look like, and the points they're worth to two participants of each group."

    Mr. Smith halts his movement and places his arms behind his back. "The team's captains will not take part in this game. They'll keep close, to make sure no one gets injured while you're in the forest. That's all. Go!"

    "I have a list," Eren says as he turns to face you.

    "Good. We can split our group into two, what do you guys think?" You look at your other group contestants who have gathered around you.

    Everyone agrees.

    "You found it?" Yasmin asks as you and Emilia run-up to her.

    "Yup, Mr. Smith's pocket watch." You throw the golden item at Yasmin and she catches it. She holds it by the chain and lets the round watch, hang in front of her face.

    "He really is an old man, huh?" She grabs it all in one go and puts it in her pocket.

    "How many points is that?" Connie asked.

    "Let me check," Eren said, taking a list out of his pocket. "10 points. I'd say we're pretty good right now. We have maybe..." he looks at the list of items and counts the ones you have accumulated. "...Twenty points?"

    You throw your head back with a groan. "It's not enough. We're gonna lose."

    "No, we're not. We got this." Connie enthusiastically shakes your left shoulder in an attempt to comfort you.

    Eren clears his throat. "Why do you think that?" He looks at you.

    "Because I'm pretty sure group yellow has Reiner, Annie, AND Mikasa. They probably even have the highest object already."

    "Yeah, no, dummy." Eren flicks your forehead. "Reiner and Annie are in group yellow. Mikasa is in group green."

    "Yeah, she's with Hitch, I think?" Yasmin looks at Eren and he nods his head. "How did you not know?"

    "Eren's nickname for her says it all," Connie laughs.

    Yasmin punches his shoulder and sucks her lips to avoid letting her laugh slip.

    "Bitch, you're laughing too!" Connie said.

    "Guys, shut up, ____ read this for me, I can't read well in the dark." Eren gives you the list with all the items.

    "It says..." You squint and move your face closer to the paper in your hands. "Mr. Ackerman's cravat is worth 30 points."

    "It's the highest item, we should prioritize it," Eren says.

    You take a step back, feeling uncomfortable by awkwardly standing still, and feel a twig snap bellow your feet, its sound, echos around the forest.

    "What was that?" Emilia shrieked, arms and shoulders scrunching as her eyebrows raise in worry.

    "Just a branch." You bend down and quickly rub on your calf, where part the twig had hit you.

    "Eren, since it's so valuable it's probably gonna be hard to find," Yasmin said.

    "Okay, If we split into pairs, we'll get this done a lot quicker. If each pair takes a picture of the list and looks for different things, we won't have to worry about time," Eren says.

    "Yeah, that's good," Yasmin said. She turns around and looks at Connie and Emilia. "We can go as a trio. I'll text the rest about this."

    Connie and Emilia agreed. Yasmin took a picture of the list and walked behind them in the opposite direction you were going.

    Eren turned around and began walking. You look back at the three leaving and see Yasmin looking back at you. She nods her head in Eren's direction and wiggles her eyebrows.

    You scoff.

    Eren turns around. "What?"

    You look at him. "Nothing, let's go."

    As you walked through the dark and empty forest, the air continuously got filled by the sounds of the crunching, dried leaves on the floor, and the sounds of soggy grass being stomped on.

    It's dead quiet between you and Eren, each one focusing on finding Mr. Ackerman's hidden treasure. The more you walk, the louder the singing of crickets and other bugs got, which made you recoil in disgust. You also hear a few screams come from deep in what seemed like the endless forest and look at Eren, whose pupils nervously moved from one corner of his eyes to the other.

    "Don't tell me you're scared?" you say.

    "You don't know what's out here." He focuses on the never-ending, high trees ahead of him.

    "Yes, I do. It's private property. You're fine." You look at him and shine your phone's flashlight in his face.

    He squints and covers the shine of the flashlight with his hands.

    "You're pale, Eren. Are you actually scared?"


    He winces when he hears screaming again.

    "Eren, they're probably being scared by other students and not... whatever you're imagining at the moment." You look at him but his face doesn't budge.

    With a sigh leaving your lips you lock your phone and put it in your back pocket. "Fine. Want me to take your mind off of it?"

    Eren snaps his head towards you. "What?"

    "When I was little..." you look at the deep blue sky, trying to remember the memory you're about to share with him.

    "Oh." He scratches his nape and looks the other way to hide the heat that had pooled in his neck.

    "I tried to make my bathroom a swimming...room? I guess?" You look at him and see him gawking at you. "I don't know what I was thinking, I was seven.

    "Anyway, I put towels on the gap under the door to... you know... keep the water in?"

    Eren chuckled with a shake of his head.

    "Yeah, I know. Well, after I made sure the water couldn't escape, I filled my bathtub all the way, so it would overboard into the floor."

    His deep, jade eyes widen. "No way!"

    "Yes, way. Let me finish! Anyway, I planned to fill the tub, and then let all the water that fell on the floor, fill the room. And it was working, in my defense. The water came up to my ankles before I heard a loud knock on my door."

    "Oh, no." He hides his face in his hands and laughs.

    "Yeah. My dad. He was livid. Apparently, the water had sunk into the carpet of the hallway. And guess what!"


    "The room that was under that hallway was my dad's office."

    "Oh, no, no, no."

    "Yes, yes, yes. My dad noticed because the roof leaked on his COMPUTER."


    "Yeah, he was all like 'open the door, right now' and I was like, 'are you sure about that?'. My mom came to calm everyone down because I was scream crying, and didn't know what to do. I turned the water off and let the water in my bath go. After that, they told me to get the cup that held my toothbrush and throw the water in the bath little by little."

    "Oh, hell nah. You deserved it though."

    "Shut up. Anyway, after the water could no longer be picked up by a cup, they made me grab a towel, suck the water in, and then squeeze it in the bath until there was nothing more than a puddle. I lost my Wii privileges after that." You look at the ground and jokingly pout.

    "Huh. So that's why you're shit at Mario kart?" He smirked and avoided eye contact with you.

    You gawk at him. "Shut up. I distracted your pussy ass. Your turn."

    He turns his head to look at you. "Oh, I don't know. I'm pretty awesome and never embarrass myself, you know."

    "Literally what do you mean? You're a walking meme."

    "Aye, not cool."

    "Just tell me a childhood story or something."

    "Okay. When I was a little lad, if I-"


    "Damn, okay. No more berries and cream for me, huh?"

    You elbow him on the ribs. "Keep talking and I'll make sure mummy's gone."

    Eren crouched down and held the side of his waist with his large hands, whilst he faked a cry through shut eyes. "I'll keep doing the little lad dance, even if she's gone!"

    "Shut up, you're not funny." You look off to the bushes around you and wait for him to talk.

    "Okay, um, when I used to visit my grandparents in Germany, I loved going to this big forest that was close to my house." Eren looked at the trees around him with a calm expression. You turn your head to look at him.

    "I would drag my sister along with me and be the hero I always wanted to be. I'd go on adventures with her deep in the forest, which my dad always told me not to do, but I was the hero. I didn't care."

    Eren silently looked at the ground. You furrow your brows at the sudden quietness, and when you opened your mouth to speak, he continued.

    "One day, in that forest, we found the dead bodies of three men."

    Your eyes widen at that, hand flying to stop the gasp that had managed to escape through your lips.

    "Police investigated it. And, it was wolves. The thought that it could have been me, or worse, my sister who I would force to go with me, made me sick to my stomach. I guess I just feel uneasy." He chucked, trying to lift the mood.

    "That's so scary," you blurt out.

    "Yeah, dummy. Apologize for bullying me. Now!" He shined his flashlight on your face which you turned away from with a groan.

    He laughs and shines his light in a different direction. "No, but seriously. Thank you. I feel better now."

    "That's what I'm here for." You look at him, your eyes connecting to his, making you feel safe and warm. You flash him a smile and look at the path ahead of you.

    Eren found himself staring at your moving figure for longer than he should have. A small smile found its way on his face as he saw you look around from left to right. "Let's look for Mr. Ackerman's cum napkin, or whatever the fuck it's called," he says.

    "Ugh, I wish." You look at him and smile when you see his face change in disgust.

    “Eren!" You straighten your bent body and dust any filth away from your coat.

    "What?" He whipped his head in your direction and stood up as well.

    "I found it." You run out of the bushes you were practically buried in, to the empty path in between the forest. "I fucking found it!"

    "What! No way!" He ran out of the large tree trunks that surrounded him and took the napkin from your hands once he caught up to you. He couldn't believe his eyes.

    "You found it!" He held the silky white object in front of his face and when he brought it down, he hugged you while jumping up and down, and yelling, "Let's fucking gooo!"

    "Let me call Connie, hold on." He turned away from you and left you there, pounding heart so loud, he was bound to hear it.

    You try to make it seem like it wasn't affecting you, though you were sure your rib cages would shatter at any second now from the carnival your heart decided to throw.

    what the fuck? You place your hand on top of your left breast and feel it go crazy with the beats.

    "Connie wants us to go back," Eren says as he places his phone in his back pocket.

    You remove your hand from your chest as if the blood that streamed under your touch was suddenly too much to bear. "I'm a fucking genius," you say, playing it off and turning around to go back.

    "Okay, let's not get a big head now. I could've found it if I wanted to."

    "No, you couldn't. Shut up."

    "Dude." He looks at you and tries to hide the smile that threatens to invade his face. "Whatever."

    He looks at the leaves you're crunching with your feet and catches your hand in his sight.

    Eren grabs your hand in his, stands still, and shines his flashlight on it. His touch was cold at first, sending shivers down your lower back and imprisoning your breaths in your chest. But the more he inspected your bruised fingers, the warmer his touch got. So warm in fact, your face was suffocating from it and your neck felt itchy.

    "It's still like this, huh?" Eren looks at you in the eyes. His pupils were pretty but filled with worry.

    "Um, yeah. I don't even feel it. I'm fine, I promise."

    "I still feel bad," he said, mainly to himself.

    "You? But Connie pushed me, not you."

    "Yeah, I know. But if I had done it, I wouldn't have been this rough with you." His gaze was locked on your hand as heat quickly invaded your face.

    You slip your hand away from his touch, afraid he'll feel its dampness.

    His eyes find yours, confused.

    "My nails aren't done, don't look at them." You laugh and motion him, with a nod at the path in front of you. "Let's go."

    "Oh." He looks down and chuckles. "Right." He joins you.

    His hand that held yours felt heavy and tingly, almost like he was getting a cramp. He lightly shook it as it hung down his side, to make the strange feeling go away.

    "So, where is it," Yasmin asks as she jogs up to you and Eren.

    "Right here." Eren waves the cravat like it was a flag.

    Connie grabs it. "Okay, we definitely won, right?"

    "Let's find out." Emilia nods to Professor Hange who was gathering everyone up.

    "Kids, place your items in front of you and each captain will count them."

    Mr. Ackerman stood in front of the pile of items on the floor. The rest of the teachers were with their groups.

    When Mr. Ackerman began to count, you could see a faint smile on his face once he saw the cravat.

    "Guys, my group has 30 points," Professor Hange announced.

    "My squad has 26," Mr. Smith said.

    "Mine has 40," Mr. Zacharias said with a smile.

    "Mine has 50," Mr. Ackerman said, a stern expression on his face, but you know him well enough to know this is his smiling face, or, well, you think it is.

    "Well, that's our answer then. Congratulations, team blue has won." Professor Hange announced.

    Connie, Eren, and the other boys in your group jumped up and down and ran to where group red was gathered to mock Jean.

    "Alright, kids. Today was a long day, yeah?" Hange nodded and looked around as they spoke. They looked down at their watch. "It's a bit past midnight already and I know you're tired. Go to your rooms and have some sleep. I'll expect you all in the cafeteria by 8 AM, latest!"

    Amalie looks at you through the crowd with a devilish look.

    Guess I'm not sleeping tonight.

    "Okay, at what time?" Historia asked as she shut the door to your room. She jumped to Amalie's bunk where all the girls were gathered at.

    "I'm texting Jean and he said they'll be ready in 20 minutes," Amalie said.

    "That's perfect!" Historia said.

    "No, you fucking bimbo. What if the teachers come to check on us?" Sasha said.

    You cover your laugh with your hand and Historia punches you in the arm.

    "Yeah, that's what I thought too!" Amalie said as she shoved m&m's in her mouth. "Maybe in like an hour or something we could go."

    "Okay, I recommend going in our pajamas. Just in case a teacher hears us," Hitch said.

    "Amalie's probably wondering if lingerie counts as pajamas," Annie said, as she stood from the bed and made her way to her bunk.

    "Well... does it?" Amalie held her m&ms filled hand in the air as she looked around, waiting for a response.

    "You can wear it under silk pajamas or some shit. Innocently seduce him if you want," you said.

    Amalie filled her mouth with the m&ms that waited in her hand. "I don't know who you're talking about."

    "Yeah, sure." Mikasa patted her back.

    "____, come here," Yasmin said, leaving her spot next to Amalie and going to her shared bunk.

    "What's up," you say as you approach her, leaning against the said bunk.

    "You should take your advice." She lifts her brows.


    "I see how you look at him." She smiled and looked at you up and down.

    You choke on your spit. "No idea what you're talking about... but please elaborate."

    "I know you got some silk laying in your suitcase somewhere, wear it."

    "I'll look silly."

    "You'll look sexy. I'll get the other girls to do it too." She reaches for your hands. "If you want him, do something. You don't have to wait for him to make the first move."

    "Fine," you huff.

    "Go get your stuff, I'll wait for you."

    "Okay." You practically hop to your bunk and grab your suitcase, you drag it to Yasmin's and open it. "What do you think?"

    "About your panties?" She held a pink lace thong in her hand. Your eyes widen and you snatch it away from her.

    "They're very nice, you don't have to tell me. And no." You grab a silky set of shorts and a top. "This. What do you think?"

    "I like it. It's subtle."

    "Okay, I'm- it's casual, right?"

    "Yeah, I just said that." She laughed.

    "Okay, I'm just nervous. I don't wanna make it weird, you know?"

    Yasmin looked at the carpeted ground beneath her with a sigh. "Yeah, I do." She looked up at you and quickly smiled after seeing you had noticed her sudden mood change. "So, try it on."


    If she wanted to talk about it she would.

    "Okay." You let the topic go and hide behind Yasmin's bunk and change. The light material feels cool on your skin.

    "Ta-da?" You walk out and stand behind her.

    She turns around. "Aye, you look good. Do a little spin for me."

    You roll your eyes and spin.

    A bigger smile showed itself on her face. "Cool, I'll talk to the girls."

    "Get in, and sit on the floor!" Historia whispers at the boys entering the room.

    "Why? So you'll feel tall for once?" Eren asks as he walks through the door.

    Historia quickly catches up to him and quirks him in the calves.

    "Guys! If you get us caught I'll blame everything on you two!" Amalie whisper-shouts.

    "What did you bring and what are we doing?" Jean asks as he leans on Connie's shoulder.

    "Let's play, never have I ever, if you have, drink," Sasha said. She was sitting with her legs crossed on the ground.

    Emilia walks in with a few glass bottles in her hands and sits after setting them on the floor.

    You and the girls forbid anyone to use the toilets for at least an hour before meeting here. You used that time to clean the floors.

    After you sit, Eren and Connie sit by both of your sides.

    Connie leaned forward and grabbed a bottle of vodka. "Amalie I love you," He said.

    "I know, I know. What would you guys do without me." She pours gin, Campari, and beer into a few cups. Connie pours the vodka into the other cups.

    After everyone was sat, Amalie began the game. "Okay, never have I ever—fuck, I don't know...um... masturbated?"

    Everyone reached for different cups and drank. You heard a few "really's?" once the cups were placed on the floor again.

    "Okay, let me spice that up for you, Ams. Never have I ever, masturbated to anyone in this room," Jean said, looking at Amalie as he reached for a cup.

    You don't know if you should drink or not. There weren't that many people in the room an-

    Eren reached for a cup and took a sip, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. He placed it back down and wiped his mouth with his wrist.

    You reached for a cup and take a sip as well. Amalie, Yasmin, Mikasa, and Connie followed after.

    "Dirty whores." Jean smiled.

    "Never have I ever fingered someone at a friend's birthday dinner," Connie said, elbowing you and looking at Jean.

    Jean scoffed and took a long sip of the cup that was already in his hands.

    "Never have I ever, fucked someone in public," Yasmin said.

    Eren looked at her. "Does a car count?"

    "Yeah," Yasmin replied, reaching for a cup herself.

    "Well, in that case..." You brought the cup to your lips and took a sip. You see from the corner of your eye, Eren reaching for a cup and drinking too.

    "Never have I ever, I don't know, cheated," Eren said, looking at you from the corner of his eye.

    You didn't move and neither did he. Connie shrugged and reached for a cup.

    You scoff. "Shawty can't even get one girl," you whispered to Eren.

    "Let him live his moment," he whispered back.

    "Never have I ever, sexted the wrong person," Historia said while looking at Eren.

    You cover your laugh with your hand and he elbows you. He reached for the plastic cup and took a sip, when he placed the cup back down on the floor, his arm brushed past your thigh. He left it there.

    "Never have I ever, been walked in on while having sex." Eren looks at Historia. She reached for a cup and took a sip. Jean and Ymir joined her.

    "What? A threesome?!" you say.

    Historia looks at Jean and gags. "I'd rather get hit with a bus."

    "Damn." Jean downed the rest of the gin in his cup. "Don't act like I'd ever fuck you either."

    "Shut up," Amalie said and look at Eren. "When did this happen?"

    "Did you guys not notice when Historia and Ymir disappeared during volleyball?" Eren asked.

    "No fucking way," you say, looking at the blonde and brunette in front of you.

    "I just wanted to use the bathroom." Eren jokingly sobbed, which made everyone fill the room with laughter, well, not everyone.

    "Anyway, Jean! Why- he also got caught. Let's hear him out," Historia said, lowkey growled.

    Ymir seemed completely unbothered by this. You couldn't see much of her face, because she continuously sipped on her drink, but you could see the cheeky smile she tried to hide.

    "Oh, Eren. Wanna tell that one?" Jean asked, grabbing another cup from the center of the floor to chug it down as well.

    "I'm just the luckiest boy, aren't I?" Eren laughed as he shook his head. "I made the mistake of going to Jean's house unannounced." He looked at Mikasa for a split second before resuming with a smile on his face. "Let's say I understood why we call him horse face."

    Jean set the now-empty plastic cup on the ground. "I'm fucking bored of this. I'm going to my room. Ams, wanna come?"

    You shoot your head in Amalie's direction send her a cheeky grin. She rolls her eyes and grabs Jean's hand.

    You stand and walk to the back of the bathroom, which was where the sinks were as everyone else exited the room.

    You turn the tap on, letting your trembly hands get wrapped around the soothing, warm water that slightly left a trail of steam behind as it splashed on your skin.

    When you look in the mirror in front of you, you see Eren walking to you.

    "Who'd you accidentally sext?" You look back down at your hands as you lather the mint-colored soap on them.

    Eren turned and leaned against the cool, marbled sink once he reached it.

    He crossed his arms. "Historia. It was years ago, probably my first time sexting. I thought she forgot about It," he chuckled, shoulders slightly raising and dropping back down.

    "Who was it for?" You keep your gaze on your hands as you rinsed them for longer than necessary, water starting to sting.

    Eren furrowed his brows when he turned to look at you. He tried to hide the small smile that threatened to reveal itself on his face when he saw the way you fidgeted with your hands.

    "Some chick I liked at the time."

    "Oh," you let out a stiff laugh.

    He continued looking down at your hands. "At the time."

    When you turn your head to look at him, your eyes meet for the quick second he stopped staring at your body language.

    With an inhale so deep, it raised your chest, "So!" you said, turning around and taking a paper towel from the dispenser on the wall and scrunching it from how quickly you handled it. You throw it in the bin.

    You turn around, unaware of what to do with your hands, or arms, or posture, or yourself—you shake those thoughts away. "What'd you talk about with Jean today?"

    "What?" He frowned.


    You squeeze your eyes shut, along with a bodily cringe at the revelation.

    "You've been spying on me again?" A boyish grin on his face.

    "You wish." You turn around and lean your body on the edge of the sink, you hold the marbled ledge in your hands for support.

    "Cool." He pushed away from the sink. "You guys cleaned the whole floor, right?" he said, inspecting the floor with a small crease of his brows.

    "Yeah. Y'all could've helped, but-"

    He quickly turns and slides down the wall that's next to the sinks and taps on the free spot next to him.

    He altered his position before speaking, bending his legs straight in front of him and laying his forearms on his knees. "I don't know why you're so invested in my relationship with Jean, but I'll tell you anyway." He looks at you taking a few steps towards him, and tucking your shorts with your hands to make sure nothing shows through the loose item. You cross your legs and lean forward with your elbows on your legs.

    Your knee was stuck with his thigh, the fabric of his joggers feeling warmer than it should on your bare skin.

    Eren takes a deep breath, for multiple reasons, but mainly because he hasn't talked about this new friend of his with anyone else. He concentrates by looking at the stalls in front of him. "Jean and I have known each other for a long time like I told you when you came to my house."

    He isn't looking at you, but you still nod and quietly analyze his features.

    "We argued a lot back then,  sometimes it'd get physical too. We grew up and got over the fighting and shit. I guess we developed a friendship? I don't know."

    He looks at you for a second, debating if he should tell you this. He sighs. "You probably noticed by now, but my sister and I don't really get along."

    "Yeah, I can tell," you say, followed by a breathy laugh.

    "We were really close though. She, Armin, and I used to be inseparable." The smile that appears on his face as he looked at the white floor tiles, wasn't your typical smile. Not the ones where your lips curl on your face, and your eyes shine, no. It was the kind that pained your heart to look at. The kind where his facial features stayed relaxed as he recalled the memories of his friends.

    You know all of this, you were told by multiple people from your friend group, plus, you have eyes. But he doesn't need to know that.

    "Oh, really?" You look off to the stalls he stared at earlier, acting as unbothered as possible.

    Eren scoffed. "You don't have to lie. I know you know."

    You whip your head in his way. "Okay, yeah, I noticed. So, what happened?"

    "We-" Eren lets out a breathy laugh. "That's another story for another day." He shakes his head and looks at the stalls again.

    "I'm always with Jean though. So he knows everything."

    You yawn and squeeze your eyes shut, the alcohol you consumed earlier finally hitting you. You open your eyes again and instantly shut them, from having a spiny room enter your vision. You lean back against the wall to rest your head, but that just makes it feel dull and weird, and fuck, it kinda hurts too- you let it fall to the side and your body instantly tensed up when you felt it hit him.

    Eren looked down at you, from his angle, all he could see was the top of your head and not your face, which was frozen, or your eyes that looked like they were about to pop out of your skull at any second now. You cringe at your action and squeeze them back shut, silently wishing to disappear before he tells you to get the fuck off his shoulder.

    But he doesn't. Sure, a few muscles of his flexed with feeling your head on him, and your body so close to his—but that was it. After he stopped talking for a few seconds, he was back to speaking as if nothing had happened. Or, at least, that's what you thought. Luckily for him, you couldn't see how he fidgeted with his phone, or when he set it down to mess with his fingers, or even how his feet tapped as he tried to release some stress.

    "So, um..." Eren looked up at the ceiling, trying to calm his breathing and pouncing heart. You felt heavier on him, almost as if you were asleep, the thought was making his head spin, either that or it was the alcohol.

    He looks down at you again and sees you completely still. Eren took a deep breath. "I hate to say this, and I hope you're asleep, but Jean has been a good friend, great even."

    He looks down at his fidgety hands. "It's crazy cus he used to annoy the living shit out of me. He used to think he was better than everyone else, and I hated that. He didn't care about anybody but himself and his well-being." Eren furrows his brows. "I think we were 15 when he changed that mindset. That way of thinking got Marco and him into trouble. He ditched being selfish because of that and over the years, he grew on me."

    He looks at you again and smiles a little. "But lately he's been there for me in a way no one has. He lets me stay at his house as much as possible and that alone is just like, wow. He's also a great lift, will get cranky if I mess with the radio though." His shoulders raise up and down as he lets a soft laugh fill the air.

    "I mean, I guess there are some downsides to getting this close to him. I've walked into him fucking some girl, three times now. And for some reason the last time it happened, his dick was out of her, and I had to see it?" Eren looks at the ground and sighs. "Nice dick tho, no cap."

    That's when you lose it and burst out laughing.

    He looked down at you slowly lifting yourself off of him. "Wha- you didn't hear that."

    You cover your face as you laugh. "Yes, I did."

    "No, you didn't." He nudged you and laughed as he looked away.

    "Okay, so what does 'Jean's nice dick' have to do with what I asked?"

    "Oh, right. I don't know, he just told me something he overheard. That's probably what you saw."

    "So, y'all were gossiping?" You turn your body, now sitting across from him.

    "It's not gossiping." He furrows his brows and faces you. His eyes fell on your left shoulder instead of meeting with your eyes.

    His eyes trailed down to your collarbones before dropping down to the smooth skin of your breasts.


    He quickly looks away as he blinked multiple times, neck and cheeks growing warmer.

    You look down and smile when you saw your top's strap halfway down your arm, which happened to be slightly exposing your breasts.

    I love you, Yasmin.

    "It is!" You move a bit closer to him, alcohol definitely making you bolder than usual.

    "It's not!" He rolled his eyes and looked at you again. He was determined to pretend as if nothing had happened and as if the bit of cleavage he had just seen, wasn't clouding his thoughts like a damn middle schooler who had just gone through a playboy magazine.

    But all of that flew out the nonexistent window of the room you were in when his eyes found yours. You had those eyes, the kind that cleared his mind from, well, you instantly.

    Eyes, heavy and glossed, slowly blinking and fluttering your eyelashes at him. The lazy smile on your face, how you licked your lips when you looked down at his, that, and your hands which were formed into fists at the hem of your shirt, made it evident of what you wanted.

    "We..." He licks his lips and swallows hard. "Weren't talking shit." Eren tilted forward, slowly. Unsure of where he wanted to lead this.

    "I doubt that," you say slightly above a whisper, looking at his glistening lips as you feel your cheeks tingle with how warm your body was.

    He stares at yours back, fighting back the urge to lunge at you and take what he wants.

    You feel your breath get stuck in your throat, as he kept moving forward to finish closing to space between the two of you.

    "What can I do to make you believe me." He slowly whispered.

    The low rasp of his voice made your lungs finally get that breath of air you deprived them of, as you sharply inhaled from his tone. Your hands trembling from how badly you wanted this.

    "Prove it to me."

    You both know that whatever you were talking about isn't what's in the air at the moment. The tension was so thick, it was almost visible, but you could definitely feel it. Like it was a thick fog clouding yours and his thoughts, making you say random things you would never dare to admit out loud. But anything to keep the moment going.

    "I want to, so bad." Eren swallowed out, breaths getting heavier as the seconds went by.

    "Then, why don't you?" You stare into his captivating green eyes. They were slightly blown out, probably from his thoughts running a thousand miles an hour. His cheeks flushed a pretty pink color that tailed its way to the tips of his ears. His lips were parted and plump, waiting, dying to be combined with yours.

    Eren raised a shaky hand your way, fingers brushing over the hot skin of your arms, sending shivers down your spine as you realize just how much you craved his touch. The first time he has touched you in this way, and you're already obsessed. Already recording the scene in front of you, to play over and over when you crave him again.

    Eren's light touch left its burning and tingling trail up your skin as it found the loose strap on your shoulder that started it all. He gently dragged it back to where it should have been, and he left his hand to rest there for a little longer as he looked down at your chest. Not exactly looking at what got his mind running in the begging, but how it moved up and down. How your skin glistened with the harsh lights.

    He closed his eyes with a deep breath for a final time, but when he opened them again, his attention was drawn to somewhere else.


    You heard with what sounds like the creek of an opening door.


    You whip your head in the sound's direction and jump away from Eren's touch.

    Eren quickly stands up and faces the mirror as he pretends to wash his hands in the sink.

    Emilia walks in and stares at the two of you, completely oblivious as to what had happened. "Are you guys alright?"



    You and Eren look at each other before looking back at her.

    Emilia looked at Eren for a while longer—well— not exactly at him, but at what he was doing.

    He was swirling his hands together in the sink as if he was washing his hands, except there was no water or soap. She looks back at you. "____, let's go the girls are waiting."

    You stand up and dust your shorts from any dirt that may have been on the floor and look at Eren through the reflection in the mirror. Both silently thinking, the same thing. "I'll go in a bit."

    "No. C'mon, let's go." She takes the extra steps to grab your arm.

    Eren suddenly forgets about the nonexistent water that should've been soaking his skin when he turns around and takes a hold of Emilia's shoulder. "I'll take her, don't worry."

    Emilia looks at him and then looks at you. "I'll give you guys a minute." With that, she turns and exits the room.

    You huff and look at Eren. "Well," you see him awkwardly looking around the room. "I should go."

    Eren stands there for a while, completely unaware that you were indeed not planning to continue what you had started earlier.

    Until it hits him. "Oh, um, yeah, she might come back."

    "Bye." You wave to him and walk to exit the bathroom. Your heart, stammering so loud you felt its beat in your eardrums.

    "I- thank you," he says.

    "What? Why?"

    "I haven't talked to anyone about myself in a while, except for Jean, but he doesn't count."

    Your chest is filled with coziness once more, but you hide it with a smile as warm as he made you feel. "Oh, don't worry. I'm all ears."

    He mirrors your smile and takes a step forward. Instead of continuing until you were buried deep in his arms like he wanted to, he stood there. Feeling his heartbeat at the tip of his fingertips that hung loose on each side of his ardent body. "So, um, have a good night." He managed to blurt out.

    "Oh, you too!" You turn back around and make your way to the exit.

    When you closed the door once you were in the hallway, you let out the multiple breaths you were holding. You let your heart calm down, and your stood hairs fall back down before entering the room full of sleeping girls.

    Eren let go of the breath he held in once the bathroom door closed. He turned around and washed his flushed face in the sink.

    Did that just happen?

    What would've happened if Emilia hadn't walked in?

    Are you ready?

    Were the questions that remained in his head for the rest of the night. They swirled through his mind like a tornado; while he dried his face; when he left the bathroom; when he walked in his room, and while he laid awake all night. Okay, not 'all night', but it sure as hell felt like it.

    He tossed and turned. Took his blanket off only to tightly wrap it around himself a few seconds later. Eren fell asleep a little before dawn. A little before the stars cleared the sky.

    You weren't too different from him when it came to this at least. Thought you were in different rooms, you were in the same place mentally—maybe even physically too. Tossing and turning and randomly daydreaming—or night dreaming?—of what would've happened.

    A stupid smile on your face, as your eyes shined with want, with need--when sleep finally took over your body.

    Both together in each other's dreams as the pitch-black sky got lighter, preparing for the early birds of dawn to announce that it was a new day.


    CHOSOSCUMSLUTT 2021 © All Rights Reserved. Do not copy, modify, or repost.

    Hii guys, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated, hehe, i suck. to make up for it, I’ll update trainwreck like crazy in November so dw!!

    Oh, btw I know the "berries and cream" joke is cringe and old, but to MY defense, I wrote that part a few days after chapter 6, and I'm wayyyy too lazy to change it lmaoo

    Tyy @coyloves for helping me with the last scene hehe, what would I do without you <33

    Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed it!!

    Until next time!!

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    Jean is undeterred when you look so delectable.

    🔞 mdni | masterlist | 212 wc | afab!reader x Jean smut imagine; implied period start, fingering

    Imagine Jean catching your eye all night as you flit around the Halloween party, until he's cornering you in the basement when you go to grab some extra refreshments.

    "Hey, pretty zombie girl. Could I convince you to tug that skirt up for me a little?"

    You do, by inches as your black panties start to peek through. You turn, bending down with sensual exaggeration to grab the wine you'd sought. Quickly, he's behind you, hand imploring you arch for him as he casually lifts the fabric for a better view. His fingers trail the edges of your panties and your arousal takes a sharp turn in your pelvis, alarm causing you to grab his hand. He tilts your chin to catch your gaze.

    "Hey. Look at me? I'm sorry if I read you wrong. What's the matter?"

    You explain the likelihood of the cramp you'd felt with a blush only partly obscured by your make-up.

    "You think I'm afraid of a little blood? Kind of ironic, given your costume. Spread your legs for me and I'll show you."

    He's slow, gently pulls you apart with a delicacy like savoring, and tells you the vulnerability in your eyes is the hottest thing he's ever fucking seen as you come on his fingers.

    Shout out to @esroh06 for inspiring this piece ❤️🎃

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    they’re too cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺✨💞💞💞💕

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    lets you connect the moles and freckles on their body with eyeliner to make constellations

    Sakusa, Hinata, Asahi, Deku, Yuji, Marco, Goshiki, Kyioko, Ushijima, Aone

    Loves when you color in their tattoos or draw in new ones

    Nanami, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Jean, Draken, Aran, Bokuto, Maki
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    coming out to them [as gay]

    i missed national coming out day but i'm catching up. up next will be coming out as trans, mtf and ftm i'm very excited because im gay myself :> just a note: since i partially still want this to be a relationship starter (at some point i may just do a coming out post in general if you guys want it), it will be coming out as gay according to the character's gender. for instance, coming out as gay to armin and lesbian to mikasa, etc. i hope that's okay with you guys
    GUY.exe by SUPERFRUIT is a perfect topical song
    characters included: jean, sasha, armin, levi, hange, mikasa, erwin, annie

    【☆】 jean 【☆】 ع˖⁺ it's kind of a given that you were nervous about coming out ع˖⁺ to keep yourself as comfortable as possible you invited him to eat lunch outside with you, so no one else could hear and so you would both be more relaxed to be away from the rowdy 104th ع˖⁺ "oh, before i forget, uh.. i can tell you anything, right?" ع˖⁺ he looks at you like you suddenly grew three heads. since when have you not been able to tell him anything ع˖⁺ he noticed how nervous you were, so he dropped the passive-aggressive but joking facade. "no, yeah, of course. i won't judge you. you aren't dying, or anything, right?" ع˖⁺ , of course, it wasn't anything that serious, but it still felt like the end of the world ع˖⁺ you decided to just rip the bandaid off and said, succinctly, "i like boys" ع˖⁺ jean just looked at you for a moment and you immediately began panicking ع˖⁺ was it really out of the realm of possibility to think he wouldn't accept it? the social climate of paradis was.. relatively discriminatory toward gay people, even though it literally shouldn't matter compared to everything else that's happening ع˖⁺ but then jean smiled and you relaxed a bit ع˖⁺ "why were you so nervous to tell me? i don't care. i know it matters, so i don't wanna say it doesn't matter. don't be nervous." ع˖⁺ honestly you kind of felt like crying from the sheer amount of relief that crashed over you ع˖⁺ "oh, come on, what do you think of me? i'm not some kind of bigot." ع˖⁺ he was joking, and you felt way better almost immediately ع˖⁺ he treated it as normal and you couldn't have asked for anything more

    【☆】 sasha 【☆】 ع˖⁺ you weren't... incredibly nervous about telling sasha ع˖⁺ she was sasha, you had never really seen her angry or disgusted before ع˖⁺ you both had to clean up after dinner in the mess hall, and so you decided... maybe this was the best time? you probably wouldn't get another chance ع˖⁺ deciding you had no choice, you gradually started shifting the topic of conversation ع˖⁺ sasha either didn't notice or didn't mind ع˖⁺ "speaking of sappho, actually, can i tell you something?" ع˖⁺ maybe you were faking your confidence, maybe you weren't. only one way to find out ع˖⁺ "what, do you know her personally or something?" ع˖⁺ you shared a laugh. it made you a little more relaxed. ع˖⁺ as you wiped off a table, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible, you carefully went over what you had wanted to say, which you may have practiced many times beforehand ع˖⁺ both of you continued to clean ع˖⁺ "dude, i know. i can tell what to look for. i like girls too. well, girls and boys. both. all." ع˖⁺ you had a hunch about that too. you both had known before anyone had said anything. ع˖⁺ "that makes sense, actually." ع˖⁺ "was that an insult, [y/n]?" ع˖⁺ you both laughed again ع˖⁺ sasha said she would be fine to help you come out to other people- if you wanted. you thanked her ع˖⁺ how were you so relieved when you were barely nervous to begin with?

    【☆】 armin 【☆】 ع˖⁺ you had nothing to worry about and yet your mind was still racing ع˖⁺ your back felt hot, your leg wouldn't stop bouncing, and no matter how many times you re-read the page, none of the words would stick to your mind ع˖⁺ armin was sitting beside you, as calm as ever, at least to what your frenzied eyes could understand ع˖⁺ that couldn't be further from the truth ع˖⁺ "[y/n]...? are you okay?" he asked, cautiously, looking at you with pure concern ع˖⁺ you hesitated to respond ع˖⁺ "actually, i, uh, i wanted to... talk with you about something?" the unease in your voice made him all the more concerned about you, and it showed ع˖⁺ "[y/n], you can tell me anything. you don't need to worry. i will listen, and i won't judge you. you're safe with me, okay?" ع˖⁺ the smile that accompanied his words made you feel a little bit better ع˖⁺ your parents had not accepted you, so you were far past expecting what he said he would deliver, but you were honest anyway, wondering if you'd be able to accept another heavy dose of heartbreak. 'never again.' ع˖⁺ he smiled a little. "i'm proud of you for telling me, that takes a lot. why were you so worried? i would never do anything to you just because you told me you're gay. you're way more than that to me." ع˖⁺ you wanted to cry but not for the same reason as with your parents ع˖⁺ you managed to say thank you, but he was instantly worried again, hugging you to try and calm you down. ع˖⁺ "are you okay? did- did i say something wrong?" ع˖⁺ not at all. you said everything right.

    ,【☆】 levi 【☆】 ع˖⁺ you could guess how levi would react to something as trivial- in his eyes- as sexuality ع˖⁺ but you were closest to him, and vice versa, so he would nonetheless be the person you wanted to tell first ع˖⁺ you knocked on the door to his office ع˖⁺ "who is it," he asked, neglecting the question mark ع˖⁺ "it's [y/n]. it'll be quick, i just need to tell you something really quick." you kept your voice modulated more for yourself than for him. ع˖⁺ you stepped inside, and he looked relatively... unannoyed to see you, which you took as a good sign. it certainly helped make this a bit easier, at least, and god knows you weren't complaining about that ع˖⁺ you cut the shit immediately. no small talk, no nothing. he seemed to tell you were a little tense, which did not happen often, so he didn't say a thing ع˖⁺ "it's not incredibly important, but it's quick. it doesn't matter either way. i just, uh... wanted to tell you that i'm gay." you took a breath, feeling both more dignified and horrified at the same time, mostly at the accidental rhyme ع˖⁺ he stared at you for a second ع˖⁺ "i don't care that you're gay. it does matter, but i don't care. doesn't make you any less of a good soldier and advisor. or any less of a horrible cleaner." ع˖⁺ you honestly couldn't do anything other than laugh at that. levi smiled a bit to see all that tension wash away so quick ع˖⁺ "is that all?" ع˖⁺ he spoke with a surprisingly not so heavy sound of annoyance and impatience ع˖⁺ "yeah. i'll see you tomorrow, captain. and thank you." ع˖⁺ levi didn't say 'you're welcome,' but he didn't need to

    【☆】 hange 【☆】 ع˖⁺ you weren't scared at all to tell hange that you were far from straight ع˖⁺ hell, they were the one to help you figure out you weren't male or female, but inbetween, or outside, somewhere ع˖⁺ so when you were working together a bit late, and chatter started, you were ready to ease it in ع˖⁺ you were talking about fiction and they were joking about characters that they thought were gay, bi, pan, whatever ع˖⁺ "i dunno about her, but i can tell you for sure that i'm gay," you said, and you both laughed for a second ع˖⁺ then they stopped and stared at you, eyes wide, jaw slack, like a parent finally seeing their kid after months of being separated ع˖⁺ "oh my god, [y/n]!" they immediately hugged you, petting the top of your head, and you could've sworn that hange was crying. "i'm so proud of you for finally realizing! oh, look at my little assistant growing up!" ع˖⁺ "hange, hange, back off!" the words were harsh, but your tone couldn't have been happier. even if you knew that they would've accepted it, it was an entirely different thing to actually experience it ع˖⁺ wait what the hell did they mean 'finally' ع˖⁺ "are you kidding me? how could i, hange, your best friend since we were in training, not know that you were gay? i've known damn well for years! i was thinking about telling you if this went on any longer!" ع˖⁺ you stared at them, dumbfounded, before laughing ع˖⁺ there was no way you could ever possibly be mad at them, especially not after they accepted you yet again. ع˖⁺ "what else have you not told me about me, hhm, hange?" ع˖⁺ they stared at you for a second with their lips pressed into a smile. "let's get back to work." ع˖⁺ "oh no no no, hange, you're not pulling that on me!"

    【☆】 mikasa 【☆】 ع˖⁺ you always admired the sunrise all the way out here, but this morning it seemed hard to appreciate anything ع˖⁺ after weeks of not hearing from them, your parents responded to your letter with blatant hostility. your letter was where you had first come out to them. ع˖⁺ the stinging fall wind didn't even make your eyes water. more than they already were, anyway ع˖⁺ neither did you realize someone had sat down beside you ع˖⁺ it took a few minutes for mikasa to say anything ع˖⁺ "[y/n], what's wrong?" ع˖⁺ you didn't respond. you would cry if you so much as opened your mouth ع˖⁺ she realized this, and put her arm around you, looking at you with concern while you stared at the grey dawn ع˖⁺ "i came out to my parents," you said. your voice was barely there ع˖⁺ "they didn't take it well," mikasa finished for you ع˖⁺ "was it that obvious?" you joked, barely making yourself chuckle ع˖⁺ she nodded, and you went quiet once more ع˖⁺ mikasa would be the last person in the world to miss it ع˖⁺ "what did you tell them?" she asked ع˖⁺ "i told them i was a lesbian. i told them how nervous i was to say it because i knew that they would respond like that. i knew it and i was stupid enough to tell them anyway." ع˖⁺ "[y/n]. you are not stupid. your parents are stupid. they insult you for being yourself. they don't realize what an incredible daughter they have." ع˖⁺ you gave her a smile. after a sleepless night, it was the perfect thing to hear ع˖⁺ you rested your head back on her shoulder, but no tears came to your eyes. she kept reassuring you, and every word worked to help your remaining sadness and tears

    【☆】 erwin 【☆】 ع˖⁺ you both had returned home on horseback after visiting the training grounds. the barn was relatively silent and empty and so you took advantage of the opportunity ع˖⁺ "erwin? i would like to talk with you about something." ع˖⁺ "you don't need to talk so formally. i'm your friend, not just your superior." ع˖⁺ his tone couldn't have juxtaposed his words more ع˖⁺ even that didn't really quell your anxiety. he was your superior, which means that he could find any reason to fire you ع˖⁺ you actually kind of enjoyed this job. not the whole... titans thing, and all the fighting made you sick (quite literally), but strategizing and working with plans and specifics was kind of fun ع˖⁺ you swallowed through a sandpaper throat ع˖⁺ "you wouldn't fire me if i didn't grievously disobey the rules, right?" ع˖⁺ he looked at you for a moment, and you could not read his expression ع˖⁺ "unless you grievously disobeyed the rules, i wouldn't fire you under any circumstances, no." ع˖⁺ you nodded ع˖⁺ but you still didn't speak for a few seconds ع˖⁺ "i... like men. i'm gay." ع˖⁺ the silence was suffocating. ع˖⁺ "i'm proud of you for being able to tell me. especially under our circumstances, it can be stressful telling that to anyone. i won't judge you or fire you for something you can't control. i wouldn't dream of it." ع˖⁺ you nearly laughed, honestly ع˖⁺ "[y/n], i'm serious. i'm proud of you." erwin sounded it. ع˖⁺ you brushed away tears you didn't know were starting. ع˖⁺ "i know. thank you."

    【☆】 annie 【☆】 ع˖⁺ your entire body hurt like hell after combat training ع˖⁺ "y'know, you're not that good of a teacher," you told annie with humor in your voice. she glared at you, and you just laughed ع˖⁺ "i doubt you would be." it sounded more like a challenge ع˖⁺ "oh, i know i wouldn't be. that's why i said it." ع˖⁺ she hit your shoulder, but it barely hurt, and just caused you to giggle more. ع˖⁺ the silence made your mind a pond, one thought rippling through it till it consumed all of your attention ع˖⁺ "annie, what's your opinion on gay people?" ع˖⁺ she stared at you for a second before realizing that such sudden changes in subject were quite normal ع˖⁺ "they're still people. i have no right to judge them. as long as they don't hurt me, i won't hurt them. i wouldn't treat a gay friend any different from a straight friend. or enemy." ع˖⁺ you shrugged. that was about the best thing to hear from her ع˖⁺ "well, you already have a gay friend, so i can tell you're telling the truth." ع˖⁺ she looked at you for a second, and you couldn't tell if she was feigning confusion or if she was actually confused, her expression was that subtle. ع˖⁺ "i'm gay, annie." ع˖⁺ she cracked a little smile ع˖⁺ "you think that's gonna stop me from kickin' your ass the next training session?" ع˖⁺ you couldn't help but laugh as she pummeled you with faux punches, and she cracked the slightest of smiles ع˖⁺ "watch your back, leonhart! i'm not that weak! well-" ع˖⁺ you laughed more, and you didn't see it, but she smiled

    #jean x y/n #jean x reader #jean kirschtien#jean kirstein #sasha x gender neutral reader #sasha x reader #sasha braus#armin arlert#armin #armin x gender neutral reader #armin x y/n #armin x reader #levi x reader #levi ackerman #levi x gender neutral reader #levi headcanons #levi x y/n #hange zoe #hange x reader #hange zöe #hange x you #hange x y/n #mikasa x reader #mikasa headcanons #mikasa x y/n #erwin x reader #erwin x you #erwin smith #annie leonhart x you #annie x reader
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    ⤍ jean kirschtein x gn! reader

    ⤍ sfw , fluff fluff fluff , modern au

    ⤍ best boy brainrot <3

    this MAN.

    would 100% be the best bf don’t @ me rn.

    his literal addiction to being the best goes straight into dating but like in the best way possible.

    will spoil you. even if it’s too much, he’s gonna go out of his way to buy you stuff that you don’t even need.

    fancy dinners? check. you showed a mild interest in that perfume/cologne? oh look, what’s in that gift bag? you mentioned you love bouquets of flowers? yeah, you’re coming home to a new bouquet every week.

    he. is. clingy.

    needs reassurance because he has layers under that bitch boy attitude >:(

    pls reassure him and make sure he knows you appreciate him.

    speaking of appreciation, jean shows it in the most adorable ways i SWEAR.

    will draw you and make you his muse, will cook for you or pay for food if it’s takeout. will 100% run you a bath and light some candles if you’ve had a long day.

    and yeah, the appreciation is nice. but jean knows that.

    he’s gonna brag about his efforts, it’s hard for him to drop the arrogant exterior entirely.

    some days it’s cute and some days it gets on your fucking nerves.

    the cute ones are like you calling him pretty and with a slight blush he goes “yeah, i know.”

    the not so cute ones are him bragging to eren about the restaurant he took you too last weekend.

    “oh yeah, you know that new fancy place? we went there last weekend :) you know, on a date. :) we’re dating :)”

    he’s gonna brag about you though AND overhype you

    i don’t know if he’d let you do his makeup for him but i KNOW he’d paint your nails and take your makeup off for you.

    self care king idc.

    loves his hair being played with and will lay on top of you and threaten suffocation.

    i reiterate. this. man. is. clingy.

    but he’s cute or whateva.

    also the type of boyfriend to FT YOU ALL THE TIME.

    he’ll call and be like “whatcha doin?”

    “jean, you just left 10 minutes ago.”

    “okay, and? i miss you, whatcha doin?”

    takes a lot of misc photos and vids of you, usually of you doing something very random like cooking and reading.

    and you’re pushing the camera away and he’s got the biggest goofy grin on his face.

    his lock screen is you hanging upside down on facetime mid laugh, something he managed to sneakily screenshot without you noticing

    best boy brainrot he is the best boy.

    © silk-heartss

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    this fucking page kills me everytime.

    jean’s emotions??? man i just want to hug that man and just tell him that’ll be okay. like dude are you gonna make fucking erejean canon???

    and mikasa??? DJSJDHWKFBEKDHWK THIS FUCKING KILLS ME. you can tell that she just accepts her fate at this point and god it’s a killer. and she looks so soft and beautiful in the last panel. isayama WHY

    i also like how after jean tells mikasa how they need to kill eren, the perspective pulls back and shows all of the consequences of erens decisions.

    - falco is a titan because of their attack on marley

    - his founding titan and the rumbling just walking and shit.

    this depiction of these titans isn’t as impactful as other panels like hanges death or any close ups, but i do love seeing how small they look from the distance and you can just see how many there are.

    this page is just so beautiful and i adore isayama’s art style and every single time i see it i just scream. i really need to do a re-read

    #aot #attack on titan #eremika#erejean#eren jeager#mikasa ackerman#jean kirschtien#aot spoilers #aot manga spoilers #snk spoilers #this is just a ramble but AH i love this page #i just adore aot too much
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    Parasite - Eren Yeager x Reader

    Eldia - Jean Kirstein x Reader

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    A pose study with JP!
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    Jean asleep on Pieck during movies, a request 💜

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    The first photograph of the couple was taken atop that hill, where they lay and talk for hours till sunset.

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    ok but like imagine aot charterers in a 90s AU (please someone make this)

    #aot x y/n #aot smut#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #90s AU#anime#armin aot#jean kirschtien#levi smut #levi x hange #snk#aot levi#levi ackerman #levi x you #levi aot#manga
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    i wish there was more of them

    #sketch#art #attack on titan #jean kirschtien#artwork #artists on tumblr #eren jaeger#erejean
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