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  • random-aot-trash
    21.04.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Armin: *sneezes*

    Mikasa: Bless you.

    Eren: *sneezes*

    Mikasa: Oh my gosh, Eren, are you okay?! Here, let me wrap you up in a nice blanket and feed you some warm soup!

    Jean: *sneezes*

    Mikasa: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot incorrect quotes #snk incorrect quotes #incorrect aot quotes #incorrect snk quotes #armin arlert#eren jaeger#eren yeager#jean kirstein#jean kirschtien#mikasa ackerman#eremika #jean needs more love #random aot trash
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  • alkeyart
    21.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Jeankasa or Eremika? How about both options at once?😄😄

    #mikasa x jean #mikasa x eren #eren x jean #jeankasa#eremika#erejean#aot #attack on titan #fanart#snk #shingeki no kyojin #mikasa ackerman#jean kirstein#eren jaeger#jeanmika#jean kirschstein
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  • smoochiesdiarie
    21.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    jean k. + anklet

    ! no minors, pls !

    a/n: this man has been plaguing my mind all day, just pure porn i'm sorry not also spurred on by the fact that @welcometotheclubhoe AND @alert-arlert both said i could pull jean ?!?!?!?

    pairing: jean kirstein x fem!reader

    genre: nsfw

    summary: jean bought you an anklet with a tiny "j" and can't help but feel possessive when he sees it

    warnings: established relationship, possessive!jean, a lil degrading, multiple orgasms unprotected sex, creampie, breeding kink, praise kink

    "shit baby, there you go—”

    jean watches you with lust filled eyes as your cunt clenches around his cock, gripping him like a vise as you cum for the umpteenth time that night. squirming and crying out for him as you feel your wetness dripping down your ass, soaking the sheets below.

    “you look so pretty like this, actin like such a whore for my cock hm?” his hands move from your hips, pinching at the soft skin there and moving to slide further down your legs. grabbing a hold of your ankles, he pushes them to your chest, mesmerized at how pliant you’ve become for him.

    “think you can be a good girl and cum for me again?” his hips moving back slowly, just to slam back into you, making you whine and arch your back off the bed.

    you nod pathetically, begging him not to stop, “yes, yes please jean, feels s’good!”

    jean would never stop, could never stop, not when you asked him so nicely, not when you were crying so pretty for him, for his cock. all because of that stupid anklet he got you, the one that jingles ever so faintly by his ear as he slammed his hips into your sloppy cunt.

    the gold chain dangles from your ankle, slipping up your leg from the way they hang off his shoulders, the tiny “j” shining in the moonlight, reminding him of who you belong to.

    he leans forward to place a kiss against the chain, the metal cold against his lips. “you’re all mine, right baby? no one else gets to see how pretty you look?" jean pushes himself to the hilt, stopping so you can answer him properly.

    “all yours, no one else’s—” your answer coming out slurred, too high on the pleasure jean was giving you. but he could hear, hear you loud and clear. “—please move baby, need you to move so bad”

    and he listened, pulling his hips back, savoring the feeling of how your cunt feels, so soft, so warm against him. his palms are heavy against your thighs, pushing them against your chest to keep you open for him. “fuck, you’re so good for me,” he gasps. “all mine to fuck and use.”

    you’re nodding back quickly, moaning for him as he thrusts back in roughly, your hands reaching out for him, grabbing onto his biceps and digging your nails into the skin. jean’s eyes fall down to where you two connect, watching with his jaw slack at how well you take him, how you’re gushing for him, how the squelching sounds so lewd to his ears.

    one of his hands sneaks down to cup your jaw, fingers moving to your chin, thumbing at your bottom lip in a silent question for you to open your mouth. obediently, your lips part as your jaw goes slack, tongue peaking out. jean places his thumb in your mouth, whispering out a good girl, before he asks you, “make some noise for me baby? be loud for me.” and starts at a brutal pace.

    his hips are slamming into yours, balls heavy as they slap against you, your body being pushed flat against the bed. you choke out a broken, shallow scream as you sob against him, allowing him to use you however he wants. his grip becomes bruising against your thighs, fingers leaving imprints in their wake, his cock ramming into you, kissing your cervix as you cry out.

    “oh fuck jean don’t stop please, gonna cum, wanna cum, please,” you beg and cry for him, the words coming out slurred and hurried from your lips.

    “shit, shit, that’s it, good girl, good. fucking. girl.” his praises being punctuated with each harsh thrust of his hips against yours, “cum for me baby, wanna feel you cumming ‘round my cock.” his hand slips between your legs to swipe his thumb against your clit, pushing you over the edge, orgasm ripping through your body forcefully.

    your hands move to wrap around his neck, pulling him into a searing kiss. your breath ghosting over his lips as you whisper to him, “want your cum jean, need it.” groaning against your lips, his hips stutter against yours and move shakily to continue pushing into you.

    his hips still against yours as he leans down to press his forehead against yours, his breathing still shallow and ragged as he comes down from his high, "did such a good job for me, proud of you." his hand coming to brush the soft skin of your cheek, "let's get you cleaned up yeah?"

    #jean kirschtein #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirschtein smut #jean kirstein #jean kirstein x reader #jean kirstein smut #jean smut #jean x reader #attack on titan smut #aot smut #attack on titan x reader #aot x reader #shingeki no kyojin smut #snk smut #shingeki no kyojin x reader #snk x reader
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  • tsneemart
    21.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    These three will forever have my heart

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  • fiaficsxo
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • ackerstar
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    nothing more, nothing less — (j.)

    Charming, fun and just the right amount of dorky to compliment his brains, they defined Jean Kirschtein to the tee.

    He could get with any girl he wanted to, except the one he was actually attracted to.

    On the other hand, you were the standard university student. Not presenting yourself in any way, you were unpredictable, but nice company and popular enough. Parties were the typical weekend night plan, men suggesting that you should spend the rest of the night with them.

    But never did the man you actually wanted to spend a night with approach you.

    Strangely bonding over the uncertain situations you were under, both of you seek comfort in eachother. Turns out it had been, quote, the best fuck of your life.

    And thus, a deal was born. Jean Kirschtein and F/n L/n decided to abide by the rules and become the dreaded friends with benefits. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Unfortunately, shit happens, and when opportunity knocks on the door all breaks loose. Everything to later find yourself taunting a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and breaking rules that were meant to be sacred.

    jean kirschtein x fem! reader | modern au

    the following story contains: fluff, angst, references to alcohol and drugs & smut.

    all characters are aged up, they will look like their timeskip versions.

    warnings: chapters with smut will be tagged accordingly. minors be mindful of this and dni when they come up.

    feel free to send in an ask to be a part of the taglist !

    table of contents —

    (i.) life’s meant to be enjoyed

    (ii.) no strings attached

    (iii.) no love for the lonely

    (iv.) thin line of love and lust

    (v.) safety net

    (vi.) nothing less, something more

    (ep.) can’t help falling in love

    ✉️ smut gives me second hand embarrassment so i’m praying that i don’t get insecure writing this and deleting it later on. i hope everybody enjoys it & that i don’t turn up half crazy after this. also rei if u r reading this thank u and i love u ok bye.

    #jean x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirstein x reader #jean kirschtein x you #jean kirschtein imagine #jean kirschtein smut #jean kirschtein angst #jean kirstein #aot x reader #attack on titan x reader #shingeki no kyojin #snk x reader
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  • lehouxnap2
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Choose Daz over Jean

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  • goldenkirstein
    21.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    will combust if you kiss the tip of their cock after sucking them off: BERTHOLDT, jean, colt, marco, armin.

    #aot #THEY WOULD LITERALLY BLUSH SO HARD ARE YOU KIDDING ME #jean kirstein#marco bodt#armin arlert#bertholdt hoover#colt grice #rafs h word jail
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  • tamakigf
    21.04.2021 - 10 hours ago



    pairing: streamer! armin x streamer!gn reader

    warnings: caps, mentions of murder (as a joke), cursing

    a/n: ignore time stamps ok thanks

    series masterlist

    previous next

    fun facts!!

    armin brocken

    armin still doesn’t want to admit his feelings

    everyone knows about armin’s feelings



    @hugemommymilkers @simpeon101 @megumisenpai @starlightsemi @keiganie @etherealiwa @idontevenknow129 @erensslut @httpglxssy @saintreneschapel @rrroadkill @clean-soap @milfslvr @sugarpieck @lazalee @mika-kc @chwlogy @ascybous @tanakaslastbraincell @3rens-r3t @chemeinpain @stardusthyuck @erenismyhobo @lagrimasdeglitter @stupidbitch28 @inusdoll @snowyseungs @oikawasflat4ss @countthemoons @eren-luvr @annieisyes @erinisbadger @icantstandhim @bakuhoes-bxtch @maxi-ride @gyros-cum-sock @i-am-living-fangirl-trash @adoborable

    #armin arlert #armin arlert smau #armin arlert x reader #armin smau #armin x reader #aot smau #aot x reader #snk smau #snk x reader #eren jaeger#connie springer#jean kirchstein#mikasa ackerman#sasha braus #eren x reader #jean kirstein #jean kirschtein x reader
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  • smol-ackerman
    20.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Levi VS Female Titan (Manga/Anime)

    進撃の巨人 S1 Ep. 22: The Defeated - The 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Part 6

    I made more like these previously...👇

    Levi VS Beast Titan (Round 1)

    Levi VS Beast Titan (Round 2)

    Levi VS Kenny's Squad

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  • piecksluvr
    20.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    how they cuddle you...

    characters; eren, armin, mikasa, jean, sasha, connie, reiner, bertholdt, porco
    warnings; intimate nudity ig
    authors note; wrote this last night while i was trying to sleep so sorry if any of the wording is misspelled or hard to read because i was so tired lmao

    when you’re cuddling with eren, he gets very clingy, contrasting how he is in normal life. you’ve got his entire body pressing into yours, hands around your waist and his head buried into the crook of your neck. he will only ever do this in bed though, since he feels the most secure there. if you try to get up, his grip becomes iron and he won’t let you go unless you seriously need to go to the bathroom. sometimes you remind him a little too much of his mother, and when he does, he holds you a little tighter.

    cuddling with mikasa is truly an experience. she’s a total love bug when you two are alone, and she feels the need to show you how much she truly loves you since she isn’t all that great with words of direct affection. more often than not shes the big spoon, due to her protective nature and muscular build. she loves the way you feel in her arms, you’re like a little pearl and she’s the shell. she will quietly admire your features as your eyes slowly start to shut, and place a very, very gentle kiss on your forehead before she tries to drift off to sleep as well.

    armins cuddles are very gentle and timid, almost identical to his personality. he always likes to cuddle before bed, it’s become a part of your night routine just so that you two could experience some intimacy with each other, especially if you two haven’t really gotten a chance to see each other all day. sometimes you’ll both talk about deep subjects, wondering what the future holds for you as a couple and the world itself. other times it’s just a silent display of affection, with your head laying on his chest feeling his heartbeat through his sternum, while he pats or rubs your head or back. his touch is always very soothing, almost healing if that makes sense. when you two cuddle, everything just seems better.

    connies cuddles are super goofy and fun. it’s usually never planned, but you’ll somehow end up in his arms and both of your legs are a tangled mess. he might try to tease you by tickling you or verbally teasing you. most times it does end in a tickle fight, with you losing to the tickle monster himself, aka connie. when he’s feeling more mellow, which isn’t often, he will situate himself laying on top of you (literally) and doze off to sleep. one time he got so relaxed he accidentally farted, waking both of you up and blaming it on each other. it was an argument for the next six weeks.

    we all know by now that jean is the king of intimacy, so expect his cuddles to be no different. he always craves physical contact, so cuddling is a common thing for the two of you. bonus points if it’s naked cuddles, not because you’re both perverts but because of the warmth it gives you. when there’s cuddling with you two there’s gonna be kissing too, so either expect a gentle make out session or a few soft kisses to your neck and collarbones. he won’t admit it, but he has a soft spot for being a little spoon.

    when you’re gonna cuddle with sasha, expect it to be bubbly and fun. she’s giggling the whole time because of how nice it feels to her. she’s also very squirmy and changes positions about every five to ten minutes. this is a rare occasion where she lets her hair down, and she looks like a literal goddess. the most common position between you two is with your head buried in her chest. btw sasha has some big soft boobs, they serve as pillows to your head.

    reiners cuddles are unsuspectingly shy. he’s hesitant to engage in physical contact with anybody at first, but when he gains that trust with you, he will finally let you sleep in his bed or vise versa. his big strong arms are clinging onto you for dear life if he’s the big spoon, but he honestly likes being the little spoon better. sometimes he gets really bad night terrors, and he wakes up almost sobbing because of the painful recollection of memories he just had. when that happens, he appreciates being held, kissing his head as you rub his back telling him you’re there. when it comes to cuddling, he longs for a sense of security and thats that the little spoon can do best. he’s silently crying as you cuddle him for the first time, because it just feels so good to feel loved.

    cuddling bertholdt is near impossible, but you try to make it work. we all know that his sleeping positions are odd and unpredictable, making cuddling him borderline dangerous- and he always falls asleep when cuddling. the only position he could really be is the big spoon because of his height. he will spoon you and throw a long arm over your ride and place it so that you’re holding hands and your fingers are interlocked. he tries to stay awake so that the doesn’t fall asleep and end up in some weird position, but he ends up sleeping anyways. he accidentally kicked you in the face while turning once and he felt so bad that he treated you to breakfast at a local place the next morning.

    porco will try to pretend he doesn’t like to cuddle due to his manly man exterior, but he’s lying to himself. he doesn’t know it, but he’s super duper clingy in his sleep. about five minutes after he falls asleep, he turns over so he’s facing you and nuzzles into your body, hiding his face from the world. he loves to smell you for some reason, it’s kind of a gentle reassurance you’re there with him. when he wakes up, he goes into instant panic mode because oh shit he’s accidentally shown his soft side. but no need to worry sweet porco, your secret is safe with us.

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #aot hcs#aot headcanons#snk headcanons#aot smut#snk smut#eren yeager#eren jaeger#armin arlert#mikasa ackerman#jean kirstein#connie springer#sasha braus#reiner braun#bertholdt hoover#porco galliard #eren yeager x reader #armin arlert x reader #jean kirstein x reader #reiner braun x reader #porco galliard x reader #sasha braus x reader #connie springer x reader #eren headcanons#armin headcanons #mikasa ackerman x reader #jean headcanons#reiner headcanons
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  • snowglobesandwinter
    20.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    What if Pieck joined Paradis mission and become friends with Jean and Marco?

    A Jeanpiku headcanon:

    Pieck joins the Paradis mission and trains with 104th. She becomes close friends with Jean and Marco, also Sasha/Connie duo and Armin. Quiet but passionate, everybody is surprised this small girl is capable of so much. Jean has a crush on Pieck from their cadet days and her playful comments only fuel it further. Pieck is interested in Jean as well but she doesn't want them to get attached even more so she tries to keep their friendship, being there for Jean after they lost Marco, having to keep RBA's involvement secret. The guilt is enough to put a wall between them, she realises she is lucky to be on his side for now and cherishes their friendship, denying the tension between them.

    Pieck joins the Hange squad after RBA's identities were revealed and Survey Corps gets Eren back, founder is found at last. She stays hidden and waits for an opportunity for herself since she can't fight Eren or Levi one on one and catching them by suprise and posing as a pure titan is easier for her titan. She is ordered to join Squad Hange and Levi to fight against the Armored titan as she observes the battle to make her move. She realises Bert is going to blow up Shiganshina and turns into a titan to save herself and join her Marleyan comrades. When Jean and Squad Levi realise they are the only ones left alive and Hange confirms this, Jean is crushed, they mourn her death until around one year later the meetings with Yelena. Meanwhile Reiner is saved by an unknown quadrupled titan.

    A broken Pieck and Reiner ride back to Liberio with Zeke. I believe Reiner/Pieck become closer in this scenario because they understand each other and what they have to leave behind. When they learn about the enemy forces and the identites of the Marleyan titans from Yelena, 104th and Hange is shocked and betrayed. Of course it's nothing compared to how conflicted Jean is feeling. Jean doesn't want to believe it as the last time he saw Pieck, they were getting ready for the battle and wishing they could go back to each other safe. His heart denies to believe until he confirms it with his eyes, he wants to hear it from her. Jean keeps his crumpled drawing of Pieck with him as he prepares for Liberio mission. Jean/Sasha/Connie have to steel their hearts and do what they have to do or else they'll lose their only hope. Needless to say, Liberio hits hard for both sides.

    After Hange's ally proposal, Jean and Pieck have to work together once again. They work to get the allies safely out of Shiganshina, however the tension is there out of mission as they don't know where to even begin. After Jean learns the truth about Marco and goes into the forest on his own, Pieck gets out of her titan and hesitantly approaches him after he cries his heart out. There are so many things to solve between them but at least she knows how to comfort Jean, be it hearing him vent or being there for him. The care they still have for each other is obvious during the rumbling arc. Both lose precious people, live through a nightmare and almost lose each other again. Getting back is not easy as there's so many things to talk and solve but they don't want to stay apart anymore after all the horrors they had to endure.

    #jeanpiku#jean kirstein#jean kirschtein#pieck finger#pikujean #jean x pieck #jeanpiku headcanons#jeanpieck#fingerstein #I wanted them to meet sooner but I accidentally made it more angsty #I am sorry #if you want to expand on this hc please do #I said I am not blogging anymore but this idea has been in my head for a month uh
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  • deathnotescenarios
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #aot #attack on titan #aot x reader #aot x y/n #aot x you #attack on titan x you #attack on titan x reader #hxh manga#hxh #hunter x hunter #hunter x reader #killua x reader #killua #jean kirschtein x reader #jean aot#jean kirstein #jean x reader #aot imagines #anime / manga #anime memes#anime matchup
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  • fight-for-your-write
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    a musician of the highest calibre

    Jean Kirschtein. Mikasa Ackerman. A Two-Year-Old.
    Babysitting. Jazz. Pianos. Guitar. Improv.
    Modern AU.
    352 words.

    Mikasa doesn’t mind the two-year-old experimenting on her piano. Little Lori Reiss sits on her lap, the child’s tiny hands balled into fists as she brings them down on the ivory keys, random jumbled noises playing every time she does. So far, she’s still fascinated by the very existence of the new sounds, but Mikasa’s sure that she’ll figure out the rest soon.

    As Lori proves herself to be a musician of the highest calibre, Jean sits next to the piano on a stool. With a guitar in his lap, he strums along to Lori’s tune, improvising a rhythm to go along with her melody. Only a performer like himself could play chords worthy enough of accompanying Lori’s notes.

    Mikasa can’t help but smile. Under most circumstances, most young twenty-somethings would be upset if their friend had a work emergency and dumped their kid on the first couple available. Somehow, Mikasa is failing to see the downside in playing babysitter for a day, and judging by the grin on his face Jean is in the same boat.

    “Good god, she’s a virtuoso!” Jean says in a playful voice. He keeps strumming along like the noises from the piano aren’t utter nonsense. “It’s like Bill Evans reincarnated!”

    “I’m sure Historia thinks the same,” Mikasa replies, watching intently as Lori keeps playing.

    It seems that now the little one has figured out that she can press the keys with her fingers and not her fists. The notes resonate between the walls of their apartment, the neighbours be damned. Mikasa will tolerate the noise complaints for the sake of the little one. Besides, people in a city as vast as Toronto have definitely heard worse than a child fooling around on a piano.

    “We should do this more often,” Jean suggests. He stops strumming for a moment to affectionately ruffle Lori’s hair, something that makes the child giggle. “Maybe we can start a jazz trio.”

    “I’d like that,” Mikasa agrees, holding onto the two-year-old just a little more tightly. Somehow, she’s beginning to hope that Historia will be at work for just a bit longer.

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  • xnapdrawings
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago


    #a present for myself tbh #marco bott#marco bodt#jean kirstein#jeanmarco#jean kirschstein#fanart#jeanmarco week #is it though??? #I HATE IT HEREEEE #AAAAAAAAA #i hate thisssss
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  • roobgumball95
    20.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    listen up my little children.... i love it when mikasa takes care of people besides eren ❤️❤️❤️

    #mikasa ackerman#jean kirstein#aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin
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  • dancingazaleas
    20.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    eren yeager, mikasa ackerman, jean kirstein | obedience (smut)

    also thank u to these sexy whores for supporting the idea and inspiring me😫: @kuroosperiodictable @tsukkeishimaa @izukine @shisoaya @erimins @rintarouss @x6nji @txzierbaby @piscesfairies @ikigaitooru (even though u don’t watch aot LMAO)
    edit: this has been in my drafts for weeks so i apologize if it’s horrible i just want it out😭
    warnings/notes: cursing, smut, nsfw, foursome, daddy kink, switch!mikasa, f!reader, softdom!jean, dom!eren, polyamory, fxf, mxm if u squint, impact play, spit kink, double penetration, oral sex, fingering, anal, dumbification, and aftercare

    mikasa’s skin feels cool against your’s as she gathers you into her strong arms. her chest is flush against your back, a bashful pink reaching down to her neck as she stares at you and then back up.

    before the two of you stand your beautiful boyfriends, jean and eren, one looking more intimidating than the other. both had rid themselves of their shirts and their pants, leaving them in their plaid and plain boxers.

    mikasa’s hands spread your legs open, leaving your pussy on display to eren and jean.

    “can you show them how wet you are,” mikasa whispers in your ear, rubbing circles on your inner thighs.

    you oblige without complaint, using your index and middle finger to spread your lips open for view. you shifted uncomfortably at eren and jean’s intense gazes, finally using your voice for the first time you’ve been put in this situation.

    “are you gonna do something or are you gonna just gawk,” you try to nudge a foot in their direction, but your thigh being held by the ever-so obedient mikasa.

    “watch your tone,” eren tells you, placing his knees on the edge of the bed and leaning towards you.

    “listen to us,” jean says softly, joining eren on the bed.

    you roll your eyes but let out a whimper whenever eren blows cold air onto your clit, toes curling while your hips jerk. mikasa’s hands rest on your tits due to eren’s hands replacing her own. jean’s kissing mikasa on the lips gently, pulling away with a soft and approving smile.

    “wanna kiss, baby,” he asks you, watching how your bite your lip at the feeling of eren’s wet tongue licking strips into your cunt and circles into your clit.

    “n...no,” you pant and turn your head away.

    “(name),” mikasa says quietly when she realizes the soft pouting of jean, “give jean a kiss. he’s sad.”

    you choke out a moan while your hips buck into eren’s face. you manage to turn to jean, who kisses you just as gentle as he kissed mikasa moments ago.

    eren sucks on your clit in the middle of your kiss, hoping to cockblock jean just a bit longer.

    and it works, seeing as you pull away from the kiss with a moan, “cumming, cumming!”

    mikasa nips at your shoulder and gropes your chest, eyes staring into eren and jean’s to check for permission. jean encourages the orgasm while eren looks frustrated.

    “hold on a little longer,” she mumbles as a compromise, “you’ll be allowed to come soon.”

    “yes... yes ma’am,” you pant, shutting your eyes.

    “good girl,” jean smiles while he pats mikasa on the head.

    “eren, give mikasa a little treat. she’s so good for us,” jean praises.

    “you come do it since you’re askin’,” eren scoffs and pulls away, now laying down in the spot next to mikasa and lazily palming his cock through his boxers.

    jean hums in agreement, but you know that he’s a little annoyed at eren’s laziness. you shimmy your body a little, trying to make mikasa’s cunt more accessible for jean. mikasa whimpers in your ear while jean starts to eats her out, staring intently at mikasa’s flushed face.

    “mikasa,” eren calls while shuffling his pants off of him, “go ahead and touch (name).”

    mikasa struggles to answer, but thankfully eren’s feeling just a bit merciful today—or maybe it was cause he was taking off his boxers. you watch excitedly as mikasa’s dainty hand trails down your body and to your clit.

    “can i finger her,” mikasa bites her lip, trying to ignore the attention jean is giving to her cunt.

    eren nods while he spits on the palm of his hand, slowly stroking his cock with lazy movements.

    “please, ma’am,” you turn to look at mikasa, who’s struggling just as much as you are.

    mikasa inserts two of her fingers inside of you, accidentally bucking her hips and moaning from jean’s fingers slipping inside of her. it has her fingers thrusting deeper then they were meant to, a small mewl falling from your lips.

    sloppily, mikasa starts to thrust her fingers in and out of you as she cries out jean’s title.

    “‘s okay. you can come, baby,” he smiles up at mikasa, “eren can decide for our little princess there.”

    mikasa turns her head to eren, who fists his cock with one hand and the other resting at the back of his head. it’s almost like he’s bored and not watching his three partners fuck one another some way or another.

    eren’s teal eyes drift down to your needy face, hips desperately trying to get mikasa’s fingers to thrust into you faster and deeper.

    “fuck her with your fingers like the slut she is,” eren hums with half lidded eyes.

    mikasa nods and before she can even move her hand, she throwing her head back against the pillows. she’s moaning out jean’s name as she hits her orgasm, pulling her fingers out of you to grip the sheets below her.

    “thank you, thank you,” she whimpers when jean pulls away wiping his mouth.

    “such a good girl,” eren smirks, “unlike your little princess there.”

    mikasa breathes heavily when she looks at your face. her hand is shakily until she slips her fingers back inside of you and curling her fingers. you try bucking your hips upwards, only to be held down by mikasa’s stronger hand.

    “patient,” she sighs, fingering you more speedily.

    you nod your head and grip onto the hand that’s on your hip. the sight almost has eren and jean in awe as they can barely manage to get you to listen on their own.

    “please,” you pant and try to hold down your hips.

    “you can come,” mikasa slips her hand from your’s and uses it to start rubbing tight circles into your clit.

    you arch your back against mikasa’s skin while calling out her name. mikasa let’s out a deep sigh as she continues her gentle rubbing, helping you ride out your first orgasm of the night. when she pulls her hands away your hips chase after them along with a whine.

    jean helps you off of mikasa’s body, now laying next to her. you cuddle into her side while rubbing your thighs together, tugging on her muscular arm in need.

    “(name),” eren calls and you turn your head, “daddy’s gonna take care of you next, alright?”

    before you can even react, mikasa agrees for you. jean smiles and holds your thighs apart while he watches you reach for mikasa’s hand.

    “‘s okay, princess. he won’t hurt you,” eren mumbles lazily and guides your other hand to his cock, “and if he does, you probably deserve it.”

    jean slowly thrusts himself into you, shuddering as he throws his head back. mikasa puts her free hand onto your tummy, humming at the small bulge that she feels under her palm.

    “how’s it feel, baby,” mikasa whispers into your ear.

    “‘s full, ‘m so full,” you whine, looking to jean with your bottom lip jutted out.

    “can you tell me who’s filling you right now,” jean rolls his hips while eren pants quietly.

    “go on, tell him,” eren grunts while you fuck his cock with your fist.

    “daddy,” you whimper whenever his thrusts become more powerful, the sound of skin slapping echoing in the room, “full of daddy’s cock.”

    eren groans at your whimper, throwing his forearm over his eyes. you buck your hips whenever jean thrusts harshly against you, the tip of his cock pecking at your cervix. he grunts and places his hand on your neck and the other next to your head, jackhammering greedily.

    “pl-please...!” you cry and accidentally tighten your grip on eren’s cock, not enough to hurt, but enough to have him shooting his load onto your hand.

    his groans slip into soft moans as he rides through it by grinding his hips smoothly into your hand. you can’t even stare at your messy hand if you wanted to, jean’s thrusting is too fast and intense for you to see clearly.

    “clean her hand up, baby,” you hear eren say to mikasa, who jumps at the opportunity. you shudder at the feeling of her tongue against your fingers.

    you throw your head back and feel tears prick at your eyes.

    “‘m gonna cum! please... lemme cum ‘kasa,” you’re almost sobbing and the sight has eren laughing.

    “go ahead, cum all over your daddy’s cock,” eren gripes at your tit while he nuzzles his nose into your hair.

    “you can come, love,” mikasa’s voice grants you permission, “can you beg for him too as well?”

    “daddy! pl-please make me cum, please,” your hips start to buck almost wildly even whenever mikasa throws an arm around them.

    jean squeezes your neck a little, taking your breath away as your eyes roll into the back of your head. you moan almost obnoxiously but it makes your lovers smile nonetheless.

    “fuck,” jean groans at the feeling of your pussy hugging his cock.

    “look at that princess, he’s about to come in you,” eren grabs your jaw with rough fingers, shaking your head back and forth, “gonna milk all of daddy’s cock, huh?”

    “you’re taking it so well, love. taking jeany’s cock so well,” mikasa kisses your neck.

    mikasa’s words have jean hitting his peak with a breathy groan. his eyes flutter as he pulls himself out, watching at how his seed starts to dribble out of you.

    jean scoops the sticky liquid with his fingers and shoves it back inside of you along with his fingers. you yelp from both overstimulation and surprise.

    “we’re not done, baby,” you feel mikasa smile against your school as you give a confused hum.

    mikasa stands from the bed, rummaging through a drawer on your dresser. mikasa pulls a strap along with some lube, tossing it to jean while he shuffles his body to lay under your’s. he catches it easily and then hands it to eren, who’s admiring the view of your almost fucked out cunt.

    “prep her for me,” jean huffs while mikasa helps jean shimmy the strap onto your almost limp body.

    hissing, you curl your toes at eren’s index finger covered in lube slowly entering your ass. mikasa settles herself on top of you, hovering over the strap. you’re 100% sure that jean’s losing feeling in his legs or stomach.

    the feeling of eren’s finger in your ass is foreign and slightly uncomfortable, especially whenever mikasa lowers herself down on the strap with a shaky sigh. the pressure of mikasa’s body on top of your’s makes you groan due to the way it makes eren’s fingers so much more intense.

    you squeeze onto the hands mikasa’s presented you with whenever eren adds another finger. you hiss at the small sting you get as eren manages to scissor his fingers.

    “it’s okay, princess, eren’s takin’ care of you,” jean’s voice is laced with reassurance that has you relaxing.

    you’re about to reply but are interrupted by your moan as eren starts to pump his fingers inside of you. sighing shakily, you bury your face into jean’s neck.

    “does it feel good,” mikasa flutters her eyelashes while subtly rocking her hips.

    “not yet,” jean scolds whenever his hand comes down on her hips.

    eren laughs breathlessly at the exchange, slipping another slick finger inside of your ass. you yelp and let go of one mikasa’s hands to cover your mouth. you bite down whenever eren curls his fingers inside of you, squeezing your eyes shut while tears fell from them.

    mikasa pulls your hand away from your mouth, intertwining your fingers once more, “no covering your mouth.”

    you only nod wearily at her command, too focused on how eren’s fingers fuck into your ass with fervor. and after one last stretch of his fingers, he pulls them out of you while telling jean that you should be ready enough.

    eren coats jean’s cock with lube, a teasing smile set on his face while jean grunts. once eren’s had his fill of taunting, he helps jean’s cock slip inside of your ass.

    you would moan if it weren’t for the feeling of jean being in your throat instead of your ass. jean, however, is groaning with no abandon at just how snug your ass is around his cock.

    “fucking shit,” he pants while gritting his pearly white teeth.

    “feel good,” eren snickers, starting to line himself up with your slit.

    eren brushes off how jean’s ignored him, now slipping his cock inside of your cunt after he’s spit on his cock. you groan loudly at eren slipping inside of you with jean following along.

    “fuck, eren, i can feel you,” jean sighs and throws his head back against the pillow it rests upon.

    eren’s in the same condition, completely still as his hips are flush against your pelvis.

    “can we move,” mikasa rolls her hips once more, transferring more and more pressure onto your tummy.

    you’re completely gone at this point, the combined feeling of jean and eren inside of you at the same time with the added pressure of mikasa is the only thing you manage to think of.

    it just gets worse whenever all three of them start to move. it’s overwhelming, so much to the point of you already creaming on eren’s cock with a high pitched whine.

    “barely done anything and she’s already cummin’,” eren pants, continuing to thrust wildly into you.

    you can’t reply, can’t think. the only thing you can do is moan and cum over and over again.

    mikasa guides your hand to her puffy clit, your muscle memory automatically rubbing circles into the nub. she whimpers and keens slightly, firm hands planted on your torso. she bounces up and down on the silicone dick that she’s strapped onto your body.

    you back your hips by accident, slamming right into mikasa’s sweet spot. she moans loudly, mixing in with your own and the panting of jean and eren. you can barely move your hips, so you decide to make up for it by fastening the pace of your fingers on her clit.

    she throws her head back with a whine, hips jerking back and forth sloppily as she comes closer and closer to her orgasm.

    luckily, a particularly hard thrust from jean has you bucking up into mikasa harshly. it manages to make her come with pretty tears sliding down her cheeks and onto your chest.

    when she’s done riding through her orgasm, she’s flopping on the bed next to jean and watching contently.

    you sob at eren’s almost inhuman speed, arching your back against jean’s body. jean grunts at how you subconsciously clench around him, broken grunts and moans echoing in your ear.

    “i’m close,” he pants and pistons himself in and out of you with greed.

    “me too,” eren bites his lip, while you feeling yourself starting to orgasm again.

    your moan is basically a wall as your hips convulse between eren and jean’s bodies.

    your tightening around the both of them has them hitting their own peak, throaty grunts spilling from their lips as them pump their seed inside of you.

    they pull out once they’re done riding out their highs, gently setting you down and laying you between all of them.

    “you with us, love,” mikasa asks with a hand placed on your cheek while eren runs to get a warm rag.

    you only blink at her words, slowly followed along with a hum. she kisses at your tear stained cheeks.

    “did so well for us,” eren showers your face with smooches and you shiver at the warm rag wiping away the cum away from your body. jean hands the rag to eren when he’s done wiping off the cum off of his own body.

    “such a good girl,” jean praises as he starts to massage your tense thighs.

    you grunt again, eyes starting to flutter close. eren throws the now dirty rag across the room—after mikasa’s cleaned herself as well—cuddling into you after he’s pulled his hair from its bun.

    “she’s gonna fall asleep, jean,” mikasa says while beckoning everyone under the covers.

    jean scurries to spoon eren, kissing him on his cheek before getting himself comfortable.

    and you do exactly that, bathing in the heat that all of your lovers shower you in.

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  • swaggyfaggoth
    20.04.2021 - 16 hours ago


    yelena being in a meeting today meant she ll have her little toy with her as well, obviously. most people got used to it after all. they see you as her pet, an accessory even, but not really to anyone s surprise you loved being called that, thats what you are after all. her fun little play thing.

    you loved her cool demeanour, how she handled effortlessly with a few sharp words or even just glances every person that had the guts to eye you up.

    you may be eye candy but that doesnt mean they can just give you such suggestive looks.

    oh and how you enjoyed having her show you off like this, on her lap, displaying you like a prize.

    how she talks business while subtly flaunting you to everyone else in the room.

    you dangling your legs on one side of the chair, fiddling shamelessly with her collar, impatient and craving her attention, not even listening to the conversation she s engaged in.

    how she d graze her fingers on your thighs under the table, up and down, getting dangerously close to the place you want her the most to play with.

    she does all this with such a poker face too. you re impressed to say the least, you can never hide that good your lewd expressions and breathy whimpers when she s teasing you this much.

    when you hear her talking about possible strategies and whatever topic they re on --not like you can recall, you re too focused on something else right now--, like nothing is happening, your brain gets dizzier and dizzier, and your panties wetter.

    no matter how much you try to subtly guide her hand closer to your heat, she seems to only tease you more and more, her grip on your hip tightening, while her long fingers still drew circles on your thighs, avoiding your needy cunt.

    you just know that if she could right now, she d have that stupid smirk on her face, maybe she d even laugh at how desperate you always are for her. but you d probably enjoy that a bit too much as well.

    you quietly moan her name in the crook of her neck, not even knowing what you re asking for. the only thing on your mind right now is that tight uniform on her that started to annoy you and how you wanted to help her to get rid of it already.

    seeing you in this state, the corner of yelena s mouth quirked up for a second, only to return right after into a straight line. shaking and bringing up her wrist a little to show you her watch, indicating the meeting will be over in 10 minutes or less, she stops toying with you, her hands just resting right above your knees now.

    you understand thats her way of saying you have to wait like a good girl just a bit more, so you happily oblige, biting your lower lip in anticipation to all the things she ll do to you soon.

    most likely no one could tell what happened, yelena is always composed, and you.. well you usually just try your best and look the other way when you feel like you cant hide your needy expressions anymore.

    thinking of all the other dirty things yelena did or whispered to you while being in the same situation that you are in now makes your face heat up again. you dont even feel ashamed anymore, if yelena would tell you to bark, you d get on your hands and knees and do it.

    before you know it, the meeting is over, and now a surprisingly impatient yelena is guiding you with her arm around your waist down the hall, trying to find an empty room so she can give to you everything that you want and need. no one can please you as good as she can, and she knows that damn well.

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