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    #stayed late today to help one of the new people #today’s rehearsal was. horrible lol #one of the captains was really frustrated bc the flag line was kind of a mess today #but it’s ok #ummmm i can do my 45 toss now and!!! I can do the single and a half 45 toss! which I did not get for several days #our tech told us about how in professional marching band they had to keep their rifles with them everywhere #like bring it in the shower sleep w it eat breakfast w it #so i brought mx billy jean home and we are going to have a good nights sleep ^_^ #kaya.txt
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    Cat team roadtrip I guess

    via afelixdacosta on instagram
    #out and about #getting up to mischief #maybe mostly antonio getting up to mischief but i’m sure jev will get him back soon #antonio felix da costa #jean eric vergne #formula e#fe#video
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    So recently I started playing Genshin and today I decided to search some icons on pinterest.these were the results😂😂

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    #im an oversized sweater/hoodie + skinny pants/jeans kind of person #all in black maybe something burgundy? is that the colour similar to wine? we just call it color vino haha #i love dark green and blue too but thats it #also a lot of grey #and then for shoes black vans/converse/docs
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    you know how capcom was like "yeah ethan reattached his hand, sleeve and all, bc hes really fast at sewing" abt village w/ dimitrescu just slicing it sausage style... like 2 think chris "ive been patching up mine and claires clothes so we dont have to get new ones since we were in foster care" redfield couldve taught him that...

    #ethan: i thought this was survival training #chris: how well would you survive in a frozen wasteland with holes in your jeans #ethan: why would i have holes in my jeans #chris: BOWs have claws rookie #snikt snakt
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    【ブログ更新しました!】飲んだワイン ドメーヌ・ジャン・タルディ・エ・フィス/ジュヴレ・シャンベルタン シャンペリエ ヴィエーユ・ヴィーニュ2016 7点 https://ift.tt/3lyrI8j

    #フランス#ブルゴーニュ#飲んだワイン #Gevrey Chambertin Champerrier Vieilles Vignes #Jean Tardy & Fils #ジュヴレ・シャンベルタン
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    jean paul gaultier ss1996 x-ray bomber

    #jean paul gaultier #fashion#style#clothes#clothing
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    Clarks Women's Fashion Sandals

    Clarks Women’s Fashion Sandals

    Price: (as of – Details) Un bali vibe Dark Blush Lea. Closure: Hook & LoopHeel Height: 1.5 inchesShoe Width: RegularOuter Material: LeatherClosure Type: Hook & LoopHeel type: block heel

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    #women&039;s fashion necklaces #women&039;s fashion wear #women&039;s style 2021 #womens fashion sneakers #womens fashion tops #womens loose shirts #womens loose t shirts #womens styles for summer 2021 #womens tops for jeans
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    Jean's powers but in yellow [I]

    ft. "The Golden Phoenix"

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    More Than My Best Friend

    18+ MDNI


    A/N: I spent a few days working on this, I wanted to put it out on the 1st but my motivation and inspiration for it disappeared 😮‍💨 Anyways, hope you enjoy!

    Pairing: Jean x AFAB reader (brief Porco x reader)

    WC: 4.7k

    Content warnings: modern au, friends to lovers, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving)


    The gentle brush of fingers on your waist and the laughter that rang through your ears as your best friend moved around you to get to the kitchen was nearly routine. You’d always somehow be in his way when he needed to move through the crowd of bodies in the small frat house, though he couldn’t really be upset about it, as he always kept you near him to ensure you were safe among acquaintances and classmates.

    “Excuse me, darling,” he said against your hair so you could hear him over the loud music.

    You shifted your hips to the side to make room for him to pass between yourself and another one of your friends, holding your canned beverage against your chest as you grinned up at him, meeting his honey eyes.

    Jean returned the grin and made his way past you, his heart set on the various cheese and fruit trays that were displayed across the kitchen island and counters.

    The party tonight was for the occasion of the birthday of a fellow student, Reiner, who was currently standing on the lounge room coffee table, talking with his hands to a group of girls, his voice loud and drunk.

    Your attention was drawn to him as he jumped down from the table and made his way over to your group, taking a swig from his amber bottle.

    “Hey guys,” he smiled, “you down for a game of spin the bottle?”

    Your brunette friend scoffed a laugh, and with a mouthful of food, she asked, “What are we, twelve?”

    “C’mon, Sash,” he laughed, patting her arm. “It’s my birthday!”

    “I think it sounds like fun!” Your shorter friend, Connie, threw his arm around Sasha, his cheeks red from his drink. “We can convince Nic to come join.”

    Sasha’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “Okay, I’m in.”

    Reiner turned to you and leaned on his palm on the counter beside you, his body flush with your side. “Are you gonna join us?”

    You shrugged indecisively and turned to your face away from his, his breath atrociously ripe with alcohol. “Maybe.”

    He leaned into you, bringing his mouth to your ear and said lowly, “I know Pock is gonna be joining us. He’d look forward to seeing you there.”

    You blushed heavily and turned to him once more. “Really?” You’d had a crush on Porco since your third semester of school when you were paired up for an English project.

    “Yeah.” Reiner chuckled and leaned away from you, nodding his head to the side towards the large staircase. “We’ll be in the loft.”

    Your group agreed to join the game, leaving the kitchen where you stood waiting for Jean.

    “You gonna play?” You asked him, sipping at your drink.

    He nodded with a mouthful of grapes, chewing them quickly to respond, “Yes, I’ll join. Do you want another lemonade?”

    “Please.” You smiled at him as he turned to the cooler atop the counter and dug through it for a tall can of pink lemonade.

    Turning to look over your shoulder, you saw a familiar black pixie cut striding towards the stairs and you grinned slyly, looking to Jean once more. “I think Mikasa is joining us.”

    His cheeks turned pink before he gave you a nervous chuckle, waving his hand dismissively. “Stop, I’m over her.”

    “Liar.” You snatched the new can from him, disposing of your empty one and locked arms with him, making your way to the steps. “I just saw you gawking at her the other day when she and Eren dropped off their notes for Shadis’ class.”

    “Shut up.” He grumbled and escorted you up into the loft, where furniture was shoved against the walls and railings, leaving a circle of young adults in their place.

    You took a seat between Jean and Armin, the latter of the two discussing some subject matter intensely with Eren.

    “Alright!” Reiner proclaimed from the opposite end of the circle. “I’m going first!” He made some comment about it being his birthday, and a handful of the group groaned while telling him to shut up already about his birthday, and to just take his turn.

    He spun and landed his turn on a small blonde, her blue eyes widening nervously. Her girlfriend told her it was okay, that it was just a game, and the two met in the center by the bottle and gave quick pecks to their lips.

    The blonde took her turn to spin, and while she scooted back from the bottle, your eyes locked with a pair of beautiful hazel ones across the room from you, joining the group late.

    Porco smiled at you with a nod, his hands shoved in his jacket pockets while he crossed his legs beneath him.

    Your heart thumped nervously and you watched as the group continued on to each person, giggles and full belly laughs and surprised squeals ringing out among you all.

    Soon, the bottle landed on you. Your gaze fell on the one who spun, much to your disappointment, it was Marco, who sat to the left of Porco—so close to your target.

    You and Marco got along well, sharing a couple classes, and he was childhood friends with Jean, so you knew he was someone trustworthy.

    The two of you exchanged shy smiles and crawled towards each other, the group whooping and cheering, as they had with everyone else just before a kiss was landed.

    “Hi,” Marco greeted you casually with his pretty freckled face grinning at you, his slicked back black hair starting to lose its hold from his pomade.

    “Hi, Marco.” You leaned into each other and gave a quick peck, giggling at his nose bumping yours.

    As you backed towards your spot, you gave the bottle a sharp flick of your wrist and watched it whirl about the marble floor before it finally rolled into a resting position, pointing to your right.

    Jean perked up as the bottle stared at him and he turned to you, trying his best to hide his excited smile. His stomach fluttered at the thrill that he was going to kiss you—the whole night, he had been watching you dance and talk among your friends, watched you laugh and snack, and watched the way your plush lips moved as you spoke and smiled.

    You sat on your leg and leaned on your hand, flashing him an amused smile with an eyebrow raised. “Well, Jean, I guess we’re taking our friendship to the next level.”

    He was so happy to hear you say that. Even if it wasn’t exactly how he’d hoped to hear those words, he was ecstatic that you were leaning towards him, your shimmering eyes boring into his, your hair caressing your cheek.

    Without a word, he shifted in his spot on the floor and slowly brought his hand to your chin, pinching it between his thumb and index finger. Exhaling a shaky breath, he dipped his head down and touched his lips to yours, sending electricity through not only his entire body, but through yourself as well, making your fingertips tingle and the hairs on the back of your neck raise.

    You’d shared intimate moments with Jean before, but they were mostly leaning against one another during movies or car rides, or your hands on each other’s backs to help relax the other during a stressful time, but you’d never kissed. This developed a new feeling inside of you, your heart skipping at the softness of his mouth and the scent of the fruit he’d consumed paired with the wine he’d sipped on earlier in the night.

    Pulling away from you was difficult, but Jean opened his eyes again and immediately turned away from you towards the bottle, unsure of how to properly respond to the kiss.

    “Alright Kirstein, your go!” Reiner clapped his hands with a laugh.

    Jean gave him a smile and spun the bottle, watching intently and with a fluttering heart as it landed on you—he gets to kiss you again.

    It was your turn to become flustered and you turned to him trying to contain your nervous smile, biting your lips as you leaned into him again.

    This kiss held more pressure, lingering for just a moment longer than previously.

    Did you have to pull away? Did you have to leave his lips, leave his kiss?

    He pulled back first, and sat on his bottom, resting his elbows on his perched knees with his ankles crossed, and you could barely hear him clear his throat.

    With a quick sigh and laughing off everyone’s whistles and hollers, you returned to the bottle and gave it a spin.

    This time, it landed on the prize—Porco smirked at you and immediately rolled onto his knees, crawling over to you.

    As you leaned in to kiss him, his hand found its way onto the back of your head and he pulled you in and touched his lips heavily to yours, moving them in the kiss.

    You eagerly returned the heated kiss, ignoring your peers as they cheered you on.

    Porco hastily shoved his tongue past your lips and licked the roof of your mouth seductively, pulling a shaky gasp from you. He finished the kiss and brought his lips to your ear, whispering loudly over the music, “Meet me in the second bedroom to the left of the hall in thirty minutes.”

    You blushed furiously and scrambled back to your seat, your eyes not leaving his. The feeling of his kiss lingered on your lips, and an excitement from his words and the anticipation throbbed at your core.

    As the game came to an end and the participants found their way elsewhere at the party, you stood from the floor and helped Jean to his feet, avoiding his eyes as your mind raced at the thought of meeting Porco.

    “Are you okay?” Jean asked, turning your face to his. “You look like you’re gonna get sick.”

    “I’m fine.” You smiled at him and fidgeted your hands together, glancing down the hall that Porco directed you to. “I, uh, I gotta go meet someone.”

    Jean slowly nodded and stepped back from you, resting his palms on his hips. “Alright. I’m gonna… go find Marco.” He avoided your eyes and turned on his heels to descend the stairs, his face red and stomach flipping.

    You blinked as you watched him quickly leave, then made your way to the hall, glancing at the doors to your left until you came to the second one, and knocked gently.

    The door opened and you immediately blushed. “Hi, Pock,” you said quietly, eyes raking over his body to find his jacket had been removed, his tight tee shirt showing off the curves of his body and muscles, his jeans undone with his belt hanging from his hips.

    He smirked at you and took your hand, pulling you into the room and shutting the door behind you before pressing you against it, his arms resting on either side of your head.

    “Pock—” You breathed in surprise, glancing up at him.

    He cooed your name quietly and touched his nose to yours, nuzzling you while placing small kisses over your lips and cheeks, until he reached your neck. “I saw the way you stared at me tonight,” he said quietly.

    “Pock, I-I…” You rested your hands on his chest and whimpered gently.

    His warm breath fanned over your neck as his nose grazed your skin, and he continued, “But I also saw the way you kissed Kirstein.”

    Your eyes widened and your blush deepened as you swallowed back your nerves. “What-what do you mean?”

    He wrapped a large hand around the curve of your waist and pulled you against him, his lips tapping gently against your neck. “I mean: you looked at me like you wanted me, but you kissed Jean like you loved him.”

    Your heart skipped again for nth time that night, and you pulled your face away enough to look at him, your brows furrowed. “So, why did you ask me to meet you here if that’s what you saw?”

    He grinned devilishly at you and hooked his fingers into your belt loops, pulling your hips against his. “Wanted to see who you wanted more—me or Kirstein.”

    You whimpered and grabbed his shoulders, looking up at him again with your glossy wide eyes. Your breathing slowed as you calmed your own nerves, your mind mulling over his words.


    The following morning, you marched up the stairs to Jean’s studio apartment, hurrying down the hallway towards unit 437.

    Your hands were clammy and your breathing was shallow as you knocked on his door, shifting your weight between your feet.

    The door opened slowly and Jean leaned against the frame, rubbing his eyes, shirtless and in a pair of pinstriped pajama bottoms. “Good morning.” He grumbled.

    “I didn’t mean to wake you, I’m sorry.” You glanced down at your watch and noted that he slept in, the time being 10:48am.

    “S’okay,” he grinned, stepping aside and motioning into his apartment. “Come in, darling.”

    You obliged and averted your eyes from his, which he noticed, furrowing his brows.

    “Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, um—” You cut yourself off and turned to him, resting a hand on the nape of your neck as you bit your lips.

    “Are you sure?” He stepped up to you and dipped his face down to yours. “You disappeared last night, did you get enough sleep?” Jean reached up and touched his knuckles to your forehead, brushing some of your hair to the side. “Did you get sick?”

    “Jean—” Your face flushed deeply and you pulled away from his touch, bringing a hand up to cover your face.

    “What’s wrong?” His lips folded into a heavy frown, his heart skipping nervously. “Did something happen to you?”

    You kept your gaze away from him as you thought, as you encouraged yourself to come clean to him, going over your script in your head one last time.

    “Please answer me.” His voice barely cracked as he froze in place, his hands clutched together against his stomach. “You’re scaring me.”

    “I’m sorry.” You composed yourself with a deep breath and turned to him, biting your lips. “Jean… last night, when we were playing… when you and I—um,” you huffed and crossed your arms, holding onto your biceps with a light pout. Your lips trembled nervously and you took a deep breath, glancing up into his honey eyes. “Jean, I want you to kiss me again.”

    He paused for a moment, his shoulders relaxing as he blinked his confusion away. “You—you want me to…” He had to hold back the smile that was daring to creep over his face, bringing his hands up to his mouth as if clasped in prayer.

    When he didn’t move any further, you took a step towards him, reaching out to touch his arm. As you did so, he softly grabbed your wrist and pulled you closer, wrapping an arm around your waist as you fit into his chest.

    “Jean!” You gasped and stared up at him, your eyes wide.

    He cupped your face in his large hands and rubbed his thumbs over the apples of your cheeks, glancing over your face with the faintest smile across his lips. “I’ll kiss you, if that’s what you want,” he said in a low tone.

    You paused briefly, nodding as your breath caught in your throat. “Please, Jean. I-I can’t stop thinking about it.” Slowly, your arms found their way around his waist, your hands pressing into his back and pulling him closer to you as he towered over your curvy form.

    “You’re not the only one.” He finally leaned down and connected his lips to yours, his eyes fluttering shut while one of his hands slid around the back of your head, holding you steady against him.

    You melted into him, your shoulders slumping comfortably as you kissed him. His lips were soft and warm against yours, tickling your skin and sending goosebumps over your arms and back. One of your hands released its grip from his back and you brought it up to his neck, holding the side of it gently as you tilted your head slightly.

    Jean was elated that he was holding you, that your lips were touching, and that you were the one who initiated this kiss. He’d always buried his feelings for you, telling himself that there was no way you’d ever wanna be with a friend, that you could never love him the way he loved you.

    His heart couldn’t stop pounding heavily against his rib cage, and it only increased in speed when you slid your tongue over his bottom lip.

    Holding back a surprised whine, he opened his mouth and took you into it, his cheeks turning warm and rosy from the taste of your breakfast and toothpaste tainting his tongue.

    The longer you kissed him, the more you wanted him, and the longer his hands rested on your body, the hotter his touches felt and the more frequent your skin danced with goosebumps.

    With a soft whimper, you pulled away from him, looking up into his eyes and controlling your breathing while you touched your lips with shaky fingers.

    Jean’s eyes were full of desire as he gazed down at you and he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, trailing his palms down your sides and over your hips. He leaned into your ear and breathed your name as he whispered, “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your kisses since last night.”

    Your eyes fluttered shut as your hands slid to his shoulders and you leaned your temple against his cheek, your own voice whispering, “Kiss me more. Kiss me all you like.”

    And so he did, his lips finding yours again while he pulled your hips against his by your belt loop before allowing a hand to travel around to the small of your back, holding you close to him.

    You dared to test the waters, slowly gliding your palms from his shoulders to his chest, your nails gently grazing his skin as you did so.

    This sent bolts of electricity through Jean’s skin and he shivered at your touch, pulling away just enough so your lips were still touching but so he could speak. “I… I don’t want to ruin what we have, but…” He brought his knuckles up to your chin and held your face steady near his, searching your eyes with his own glossy ones. “I want you… I want to have you as more than my best friend.”

    The largest smile you could control fell over your lips and you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him back in for another kiss. The absolute delight you felt in your chest at his words was sending a warmth over your skin that you’d hoped you’d never lose.

    “Jean, I want you, too.”

    With your words, he bent his knees and wrapped his large hands around the backs of your thighs, scooping you up and wrapping your legs around his waist and holding onto your ass and thighs to keep you pressed against him.

    He carefully stepped over to his sofa bed and knelt on the edge of it, dropping you down onto the squeaky frame beneath the soft mattress before hovering over you, his lips leaving yours to explore the skin of your jaw and neck, his hands on your hips.

    “I want to touch you,” he whispered your name into your ear and smirked when you nodded your permission, then his hands slowly slid up and down your sides, massaging the fat there as he peppered kisses across your neck once more.

    You leaned your head back with a breathy exhale and ran your fingers through his shaggy mullet, your other hand traveling over the muscle of his bicep. “Please touch me, Jean.”

    He groaned against your clavicle and slid his hands up your shirt, carefully dancing his fingertips over your skin until he came to the bottom of your bralette. After hesitating, building up the courage to touch you how he’d always dreamed about, his palms slid over your breasts, and groped at them, pulling a whine from your throat.

    You pulled your knees up his sides, guiding your foot to his lower back and pressing your heel into it, his crotch coming in contact with your clothed core.

    He moaned your name and rutted his hips, and you could feel him growing through his thin pajama bottoms. Pulling from your neck, Jean swallowed heavily and stared down at you, propping himself on an elbow. “You’re okay with this?”

    “Jean, I want you,” you placed your hands on his cheeks, rubbing your thumbs in circles beneath his eyes. “Just take me—however you like.”

    He nodded and nudged your shirt off your torso, then crashed his lips to yours again with more fervent efforts, palming your breasts once more.

    You brought your feet to the mattress and lifted your hips as you undid your pants and shimmied them off of your hips and legs, your knuckles grazing Jean’s pelvis and nearly erect cock, causing him to groan.

    “Dammit,” he cursed, shifting on his knees so he could help you remove your green lace panties immediately following your jeans.

    “I wanna taste you, darling,” he kissed down your chest and stomach, pinching your skin between his fingers to rile you up while smirking over your skin at your giggles.

    You watched as he pushed your thighs up and rested his face in front of your warm cunt, his eyes sparkling at the sight.

    “You’re so beautiful,” he grumbled, licking his lower lip while he glanced up at you. “You’re glistening.”

    You were so wet for him, so ready for his lips to touch you, for his tongue to ravish you. You wanted to feel him against you, feel his hair between your fingers as he ate you.

    And so you reached down and brushed through his hair once more, nodding the go-ahead.

    Jean wasted no time in bringing his face to your soaked pussy, kissing at your clit and labia with his soft lips, taking in your scent that spread goosebumps over his back and shoulders. The tip of his tongue grazed your slit teasingly and he glanced at you through his eyelashes when you gasped and tugged at his hair.

    You brought your free hand to your mouth as you looked down at him, pulling your knees further apart and nodding for him to continue.

    Suddenly, Jean began to eat your pussy with such hunger, pulling gasps and whines from your lungs as you jerked your hips forward.

    His tongue delved into your folds, lapping and suckling at you while humming into your skin. The sound of your voice moaning his name only fueled his hunger, and his eyes fluttered shut while he licked sharp zigzags up your slit before bringing your sensitive bud into his mouth, enjoying how you tasted so sweet to him.

    “Oh, Jean, don’t stop that!” You pulled at his hair once more and arched your back, your toes pointed as you rocked your hips in rhythm with his tongue to continue the delicious contact. “Jean, I’m so close, I’m so—”

    A sharp cry left your lips as your orgasm hit you, your juices spilling onto Jean’s chin while he kissed and sucked your cunt through your high.

    With a slurp, he pulled away from your center and crawled over you, pushing your knees to the side while his full hard-on rubbed your sensitive area. “Taste yourself,” he breathed, leaning down to kiss you while he held your jaw.

    You were sweet against his lips, his own flavor meshing with yours over your tongue as you kissed passionately, bringing your hands to his neck. If you could taste yourself on his lips forever, you’d die a happy woman.

    Jean moaned into your mouth and quickly squirmed himself out of his pajama pants, ready to take you in the most intimate way. “I want you so bad,” he grumbled into your mouth and fisted the base of his cock, lining himself with your wet hole.

    “Take me, Jean, take me please.” You twitched your hips, your folds brushing his tip.

    Without further hesitation, he smeared your slick over his member and promptly pushed himself into you, slowly at first until you called out his name, then he bottomed out quickly, your pussy taking him so well.

    He groaned your name and bit your shoulder, holding your hips steady to keep you from squirming. “Don’t move, please don’t move,” he begged, kissing the spots he left bite marks. “You’ll make me cum.”

    “I want you to cum,” you whined, pouting up at him with watery eyes.

    “Not yet,” he chuckled and kissed your forehead, inhaling slowly through his nose. Once he felt you were both ready, he began to rock his hips into yours, his stuttering groan ringing through your ears.

    You couldn’t stop yourself from clamping around him; your pussy around his dick, your legs around his waist and hips, your hands around his neck and bicep. His quickening pace was sending you into madness, his thick girth stretching you beautifully.

    You both began to whimper in sync, eyes boring into each other as your foreheads pressed together. His cock was making you feel as if you were floating, the way he curved into your core and brushed your walls with each thrust.

    He took a sudden breath and sat back on his legs, hiking you up by your hips and rolling his hips with heavier thrusts until he had you babbling and reaching for nothing, your hands searching for anything to grab onto.

    Jean watched your clothed breasts bounce with each rocking of his hips and he growled quietly, his mouth watering at the desire to take your nipples between his teeth. This only made his cock harder inside of you, making him groan loudly from the pleasure. “Fuck, I’m getting close.” He grunted, looking back down at you, your arms thrown over your head and face red and shiny with sweat.

    “Me-me too,” you whimpered, the familiar build-up between your legs escalating. “Wanna cum on your cock, Jean.”

    “Please, please cum on my cock.” He leaned down and kissed you roughly, using his teeth and tongue to pry at your mouth, holding back a loud whine.

    With just a few more of his feverish thrusts, you were coming undone around him, your knees digging into his ribs as your cunt squeezed him and milked him, hips jutting up into his.

    “Where do you want me?” He panted as he pulled away from your lips, noses touching.

    “Stomach,” you hiccuped, bringing your hands to your face as you mewled at the overstimulation between your legs.

    He quickly pulled out and spilled himself over your belly, the spurts of his cum making it onto your chest and barely grazing your throat. Jean gasped at the feeling and steadied himself above you as his body vibrated with his orgasm. “Fuck, fuck,” he groaned and looked down at you. “Fuck, that was good.”

    You nodded in agreement and rested your hands on his chest, breathing heavily with him. “Yes, yes it was,” you let out a breathy laugh.

    He collapsed beside you and stared into your eyes, a smile creeping over his face. “Y’know,” he started, “I thought you had gone off with Porco last night. I was jealous.”

    “I did,” you nodded, your fingers tapping the sticky secretion still lingering over your torso. “We didn’t do anything, I thought we were going to, but…” You bit your lip, averting your gaze for a moment before dragging your eyes back to his once more. “But he made me realize that I needed you instead.”

    Jean’s grin spread so wide you could see all of his pearly whites, perfectly sitting in his mouth while he let out a soft laugh. “I’m glad. I’ll have to remember to thank him.”

    You smiled and bent your arm to touch your fingers to his cheek. “Thank him for me, too.”

    His smile softened into a loving curve of his lips and he leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss to your mouth. “I’m glad this happened.”

    “Me too. Thank you for this, Jean.”

    “For what? The sex?” He furrowed his brows and shifted his cheek on his pillow.

    “For being my friend—being in my life.” You then snickered and leaned over to peck his nose. “And for the sex.”

    “Anytime,” he grinned, returning the kiss on your nose. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He pushed himself off the mattress with a grunt and grabbed your hands, pulling you up with him.

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    Now when i think about it i have almost never seen petteri in an outfit without blue

    #theres this one donna photo #and then we want lasse vehviläinen video #and in the video he has blue jeans. idk if it counts. and assuming it was taken the same day as keskitysleiriin he had blue jacket earlier #...im sorry i just find it very cute #ofc theres a lot of black and white photos but im pretty sure he has the same blue jacket in a few of them #it MIGHT be his fav colour. #tbh if blue wasnt already my fave it would probably become one because of petteri #he has a lot of blue and i love it okay #im sorry this is weird. #...theres not a lot of stuff about these guys
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    polnareff would call kakyoin "mon chéri" cause it sounds like cherry. I will not elaborate.

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    not me crying over the fact tommyinnit is not wearing skinny jeans. A man is not wearing skinny jeans. They are baggy THEY ARE BAGGY PEOPLE HOLY SHIT WTF

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    The terrors of only missing 1 primogem.

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    — feat : eren jaeger , levi ackerman , jean kirstein , reiner braun

    — warnings : the one swear word in the a/n at the end 🙃 fem!reader

    — a/n : this was originally going to be a general “when their s/o is on their period” but i for some reason began writing about the first instance. maybe i’ll do that in future, though 🤷‍♀️ NOT PROOF READ :))))

    — posted : 4th august 2021


    mr clueless

    literally would have no idea and would be hella confused with your mood swings

    like one minute you were lovey dovey and the next you were telling him to f off. huh 😃

    probably thinks he did something ( and idk maybe he did… ) so mikasa would have to inform him that you were probably just on your period

    eren probably felt really dumb and confessed that he forget that periods were even a thing

    would then ask mikasa what he should do — even though what she told him may or may not have gone complete over his head

    so when he found you all alone and hunched over in pain, he kinda knew what to do

    first and foremost he would give you a biggggg hug and by this point he would have completely forgotten about the incident earlier

    although he did realise that being in agonising pain and having a boyfriend that was pining for you every second was not the best, and quite frankly an annoying combination

    he’d offer to carry you over to the bed where the two of you could cuddle — and who were you to decline such a lively offer?

    admittedly, cuddling wasn’t going to solve everything regarding your period but you were still very greatful just knowing that he’s trying his best

    eren would place his hand on your lower abdomen and would soothingly rub his thumb against your skin :)


    unlike eren, is not clueless and he actually considers ~by himself~ that the reason behind your moodiness may be your period

    you told petra that you were sorry if you seemed a little off to day to sich she responded by presuming ( in a friendly manner, female-to-female ) it was your “time of the month” and you confirmed

    levi overheard said conversation so be now knew that his assumptions were correct

    he had a faint idea of what to do

    first of all, on an expedition, he would make you do less work and do the more easier stuff ( if possible that is, he can’t exactly tell you to “stay out of this one” if titans are coming at you from left, right and centre ). plus he’s got to be careful that the others don’t start accusing him of favouritism even though he clearly prefers you

    but if it’s just a chill day, he’d probably make you some tea but add some fancy herbal stuff that he knows can decrease pain and ~relax the mind ~ [ i use ‘ ~ ‘ far too much ]

    at night, he would try his best to help you and because he on idiot cares about you very much, he’d want you to get to sleep and not spend your night in pain

    whether this be by making you another cup of of tea, or cuddles, he’s easy. just tell him what you want, and he’d try his best to provide

    ultimately, as long as you’re happy, he’s happy


    as we know, jean acts tough and bed try his best to be himself around you 24/7 but he sometimes fails

    so when you lash out at him he would act offended and hurt before removing himself from the situation

    he loves you too much to argue hence why this ruined his mood ( and yours, of course )

    when the others ask what’s wrong with him and why he was being even more snappy than usual he would first tell them that it was none of their business. but after being nagged to death for a second time, he told them that a tiny situation had gone on between the two of you before quickly moving on

    sasha and connie agreed between themselves that it was very unlike you as yourself and jean had always been like two peas in a pod so sasha suggested that it was maybe just your time of the month

    like eren, jean ridiculed himself mentally for not thinking of that earlier

    so as soon as he next saw you he would immediately provide you with plenty of love and affection

    “i’m sorry for acting the way i did earlier, y/n, i just didn’t understand. i should have reacted more maturely”

    he wouldn’t know how to literally get rid of any pain you may be having so he’d just aim to make the whole thing more bearable for you

    however, in the end and after a couple of months or so, jean would get the hang of it and would always be more prepared than the last


    this boy omg. literally all i’m thinking about these days lmao

    would turn up at your door with a bunch of pretty flowers that had a note of “im sorry” in his hand after you had a go at him earlier that day. he just wasn’t ready to give up on you ( even though it was no where that deep :( )

    you obviously took the flowers with gratefulness before asking him why he was sorry

    “well, erm, i presumed i did something wrong after this morning so-“

    you quickly explained to him the situation and how it was no way his fault whilst he looked quite dumbfounded.

    i feel like reiner would just know when it’s roughly the time of month for you to start your period? and he would be more than prepared

    he would make sure that you were stocked up on all the essential snacks and what not because bro… he really cares about you

    and if you’re having back pains just imagine reiner’s large hands giving you a message like my god. heaven on earth

    plus if you ask for something, reiner is already on it ( besides, he has it all ready anyways )

    i think we can all agree that reiner is one of the best people to cuddle with. mans will spoon you, giving you all his warmth and making you feel safe and secure, until the break of day

    *like jean, reiner would get used to and it would become a part of his routine too. he’s very mature about it <3


    — a/n : guess who’s fallen ill? 🙋‍♀️ thankfully not covid, but i still feel like shit — so what better to do then write about these lovely people :)


    © galacticjs - do not repost my work on any platform

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