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  • theravenkin
    27.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    the foxes and social media pt. 2:

    so most college sports teams, if they have social media like tiktok, post edits of really good plays, some boring game day hype stuff, etc; some of the teams that get less publicity have some more relaxed, easy going content. now in my head, exy is culturally equivalent to college football--so exy teams usually have pretty tame social media, countdowns to big games and clips of nice plays.

    but the thing i find hilarious about the foxes is that there are only two staff members, wymack and abby. most high school teams have at least three or four coaches, big college sports like football will have a lot more, and teams which receive a lot of publicity will have PR people and social media coordinators. but the foxes? nah. guess who their PR/social media coordinator is? nicky hemmick, everyone.

    nicky (and dan, since they already make a bunch of tiktoks together) make a team account (and somehow it gets verified eventually??? who is in charge here)

    they aren't too careful about what they post--there are already plenty of rumors and criticism surrounding them, so who cares? what could be worse than neil on press duty? wymack also doesn't really give a fuck--when they ask him for permission he just wants them to stop talking to him asap so he's like yeah whatever sure (without knowing what the consequences of this might be)

    the first tiktok on the account is a "full house"- style introduction of all the foxes, many of them looking beyond irritated and uncomfortable--but nicky and dan make sure they get everyone's consent to post it; they won't post anything without the consent of the people that are in it. somehow, everyone says yes--none of them really care, and/or don't think anybody will see it.

    it blows up. the foxes' fanbase is way bigger than they think it is, especially after their victory against the ravens and all the publicity around neil's past. everyone on campus who has tiktok sees it. it makes its way to exy fan accounts on instagram and twitter. nicky and dan are kinda scared, because agh we put andrew minyard all over the internet will he murder us?? but they're also super excited because people care???? people like them that much????

    unfortunately, the debut post causes a bit of a stir in the ever-present exy/palmetto state discourse. people start up the criticism and the rumors and the hate. so in response, the second tiktok on the team account is dan and nicky strutting around the locker room lip syncing "rumors" by lizzo and cardi b with some flawless transitions, it looks so professional. they address some of the rumors (some of them true) that have plagued the foxes for years: dan was a stripper? yep. kevin day has never been skiing? you bet. this video gets them featured in the Palmetto State student-run news/gossip accounts, and then it's featured on certain exy blogs--it of course causes more of a stir than the last one.

    one of the hate comments on the second video says something homophobic in response to nicky's flamboyance in the videos. he responds to the comments with a video he and dan convinced matt to star in:

    nicky: nah, all of us foxes are straight, super straight, no gay shit. right matt?

    matt: yeah, bro, super hetero.

    *intense eye contact*

    *pretend to lean in for a kiss*

    (also, side note: i have another hc nicky's flirting is completely returned by matt because he knows it's not serious, that he would never come between matt and dan, and they all think it's hilarious)

    the exy dude bros are Not Happy--so everything is going according to plan

    that video's comments are filled with an equal amount of both raging homophobia and wild support from fans who are queer or allies. by now, the other foxes are having fun with this account, too.

    to be continued, this already got WAY too long but trust me there's more (lmk if y'all even want more, this took me way too long to put in coherent words 😭)

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  • illimitablespaces
    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    The Arts and the Hours

    Jean-Philippe Rameau

    performed by Víkingur Ólafsson

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  • lesbianclonazepam
    27.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Just thinking here how summer is Jean favorite season because she gets to see her wife walking half naked through the house

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  • kfashioncrush
    27.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    cherry bullet's remi

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  • seraphdreams
    27.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #screamed when i saw this #then cried #/not to be confused with my rp acc jean/ #seraph.replies! #seraph.jean!
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  • thunderstruck9
    27.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Jean-Michel Basquiat (American, 1961-1988), The Guilt of Gold Teeth, 1982. Acrylic, spray paint and oilstick on canvas, 240 x 421.3 cm.

    #jean michel basquiat #american art#jean-michel basquiat
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  • thegetoufather
    27.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    jean kirstein x f!reader

    w/c: 700

    warnings: minors and ageless blogs DNI, no smut but its suggestive as hell

    a/n: happy trails my beloved <3 yes this is the crack fic i promised, i have no damn regrets. and yes, jean’s middle name is a reference to my old blog, what about it?

    “Why did you buy these?” Jean asked, fishing through the bags you had brought home from your shopping trip.

    “They were on sale!” 

    “So travel sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner were on sale…..and you bought 15 of them. Each,” he states, looking at the myriad of silver bottles in front of him.

    “Yep!” You reply, popping the p as you put away the rest of the groceries.

    “Babe.” The voice is louder now, and you turn around to run smack into his chest. He’s frowning down at you, one of the bottles looking even more minuscule in his large fingers.

    “This is OUAI. That never goes on sale. I would know, I —”

    “You spent a whole year saving up your allowance to buy the shampoo at 16, yes, I know, Jean.” You interrupt, finishing the story he’s told you about only a million times before.

    “Are we going on vacation then? Because this is the weirdest way to break that surprise.”

    “No! I just —,” you pause, reaching over to grab his free hand before batting your lashes to butter him up. “Promise you won’t get mad, please?”

    “Baby,” he coos, “I’d never be mad at you.”

    “Aww,” you smile, reaching up to peck him on the cheek before you deliver the final blow.

    “Your happy trail is kinda rough, so I bought these as the solution.”

    Jean blinks slowly, and you can practically see the steam coming out of his ears as he processes how you spent over $500 on shampoo for his body hair, and how you look entirely nonplussed with this decision.


    “You heard me! You, Jean Beau Kirstein,” you emphasize, poking a finger into the dip of his pecs, “Can be one prickly bastard. And that's not about your personality.”

    “So all of this,” Jean sputters out, gesturing wildly behind him to the plastic bag on the table, “Was the solution?”


    “Why do we need this much?”

    “Don’t ask me that question as thought we don’t fuck nearly every other day. Because of you, I might add! It’s a miracle I don’t have rug burn by now.”

    Jean’s brows knot, eyes widening in disbelief as he watches you defend this, and you can sense the wound of his ego pouring into the atmosphere.

    So naturally, you rub salt in it.

    “Look,” you remark, snatching the bottle from him. “This would be like, one wash per bottle? So it's perfect. We don’t have to worry about overshampooing, it's almost like it comes in a dose.”

    “Overshampooing?” The last syllable comes out cracked. “I don’t even use that much shampoo to wash my hair. The one on my head, mind you!”

    “Oh really? Maybe that’s why it’s been looking duller lately.”

    Jean sighs, running his hands down his face before he looks back at you. “You’re doing it again.”

    “Doing what again?”

    “Pushing my buttons on purpose again, why do you like doing this to me?”

    “Because I love you, silly.” You giggle, lifting the hem of his shirt to cover his abdomen. You rake your nails across his abs, eliciting a small whimper as your fingers run through the tawny hair. 

    “And this too, despite the way it pokes my nose feels like when I go down on you.”

    “Is it — really that much of a problem?” He asks, softer this time as he hears you out.

    “Sometimes. I don’t see how this solution could hurt.”

    “I could shave,” he proposes.

    “I will fill a restraining order on you if you even think of that.”

    “Alright!” He acquiesces, throwing his hands up in surrender. “We’ll try it out. But do we need all of these to do that? I have the large bottle, I could just 

    He moves to cup your face, thumb rubbing on your cheek softly, the move he pulls when he tries to get his way. But when you smile deviously into his palm, he knows he’s fallen for another one of your traps.

    “I knew you would buy that story!” you laugh, “You should have seen your face!”

    “God damn it! Then what are they —”

    “Bachelorette party favors. For Historia,” you explain. “Don’t worry, Ebenzer, we are splitting the cost of all of this on Venmo.”

    “But, one bottle is for us though.”

    thx for reading! plz don’t recc this on tiktok.

    © all rights reserved THEGETOUFATHER 2021. please do not copy, modify or repost my work.

    taglist: @asilentshout @aiiwa @yvvji @glittrkink @sunshinedragonofthewest @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @ereh-simp @geektastic84 @quirksynopsis @cyancherub @simpingfor2dm3n

    join my taglist here!

    #jean kirstein x reader #jean kirstein x you #jean kirstein fluff #aot x reader #aot x you #aot fluff#my work
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  • beguines
    27.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Jean-Luc Nancy, "Rethinking Corpus", trans. Roxanne Lapidus. Carnal Hermeneutics, ed. Richard Kearney and Brian Treanor

    #jean luc nancy #carnal hermeneutics #st. john of the cross #i'm so sorry but i absolutely fucking lose it whenever john of the cross is mentioned
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  • deusluxuria
    27.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    joseph: (to jotaro and kakyoin) have either of your parents talked to you about sex yet

    abdul: .....they're seventeen, joseph--


    #jojokes#stardust crusaders #jean pierre polnareff #mohammed abdul#mohammed avdol#noriaki kakyoin#jotaro kujo#joseph joestar #jojo's bizarre adventure #jjba #idk if this is true or not???? but theyre more harmless than the common cold so #insect /#worm / #body horror / #??? #ask to tag
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  • albert-sisyphus
    27.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Being a Democratic campaign staffer is usually pretty great, I genuinely love my job and the work I get to do. Today though? It just fucking sucks. News trickling in all day about good legislation being stripped from bills because of two fucks that won’t play ball. Fuck Manchin and fuck Sinema.  

    #And I stg if a single candidate I get elected ever wears a goddamn jean jacket on the floor of the chamber I will ruin them
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  • purgetroopercody
    27.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Inktober Day ??

    Haven’t finished Republic Commando yet but I have already decided that Commander Levet will be getting his farm whether the author intends to give him one or not. 

    Photo reference is a teenager resting on his cow.

    #Really only like his jeans and maybe the top but practice means improvement so #Commander Levet#Republic Commando #*waves to the six other people in the RepComm tags on the regular* #my stuff#my art#inktober#Clonetober 2021
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  • yanderemommabean
    27.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago
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  • juliwithanx
    27.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago


    #erling haaland #er sieht so unverschämt gut aus… #ich liebe es ja wenn er ne Jeans trägt
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  • speedygal
    27.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Q: Jean-Lic!

    Picard: yes?

    Q2: I told you that he would respond to it.

    Q: Damn.

    Q3: Now do first contact and don't traumatize that civilization.

    Q: Jean-Luc there.

    Picard: look where?

    Q2: Q!

    Q3: and oh, now you have to judge MY toys!

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  • themostfinalofpams
    27.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    *hits you with a Monster High-ification beam* Here’s Branwen Draven, daughter of The Crow AKA Eric Draven and Jean Voorhees, child of Jason Voorhees

    #monster high #monster high fan art #the crow #the crow 1994 #Eric Draven#Branwen Draven #Friday the 13th #Jason Voorhees#Jean Voorhees #monster High oc #monster high OCs
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  • beguines
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Jean-Luc Nancy, "Rethinking Corpus", trans. Roxanne Lapidus. Carnal Hermeneutics, ed. Richard Kearney and Brian Treanor

    #jean luc nancy #carnal hermeneutics
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