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  • riessene
    16.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    fuck what jedi said! falls in love deeply and passionately @macolegacy

    #swtor#star wars#jedi knight#ilsai#sith assassin #or should i start tagging him as jedi shadow ;Ъ #cathar#akhum#ilkhum#my art
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  • theorganasolo
    16.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago
    Leia Organa on Endor - Return of the Jedi
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  • thechaoticfanartist
    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Characters: Grim (OC), (Mentioned) Anakin Skywalker | Darth Vader, (Mentioned) Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Summary: Grim realizes that the universe of Star Wars had stopped being fictional a long time ago when she feels betrayed by an event she knew would come to pass

    Warnings: Mentions of death

    Rating: T

    Words: 421

    Tag List (let me know if you want to be added or removed) : @padme--amygdala @soclonely @dindjarinmydad @mildly-microbial @mrfandomwars @jgvfhl @hanlando-endgame @zeldaiscool19 @touchstarvedasclones @milfspectre1 @togrutanduin @jedi-valjean @one-real-imonkey @traygaming @jedimasterbailey @securidala @bazelnuttt

     Grim knew she didn’t have to fight, she didn’t have to be a Jedi, she didn’t have to give up her life, nobody forced Grim to do these things, and yet she did anyway. Grim gave up everything to save the Jedi from Order 66. Grim had thrown away her childhood to fight a war that she knew had no purpose, only to bring about the end of an era. Grim had known how it would end, the Jedi would die, the Sith would win, Anakin would betray them, and there would be nothing left of a time once so bright, that darkness would take over and people would accept it, blind to evil, or simply not caring of it. Despite this Grim was still betrayed and shocked when it had happened. Everything she had done and all she had gone through for the past three years had been for nothing. She felt as if her entire life was being undone by the seams. 

     Seeing the temple itself was enough to break her, the bodies of the younglings and the knowledge of who had done it. Grim knew who was behind the murder of all these children, Grim had known he would do so, so she didn’t understand why she was just as surprised as Obi-Wan when she saw the recording of Anakin killing the younglings. Grim had known this would happen, this was what she worked so hard to prevent so she didn’t understand why she took a step back and whispered “no-”  when the recording played. She didn’t understand why she cried, “Anakin wouldn’t....” She didn’t understand why she felt so betrayed and surprised, when she had known this would happen. 

     Maybe, she realized, maybe she felt betrayed because Anakin was no longer fictional. Nothing about Star Wars was fictional anymore, and it never would be even if she did somehow manage to return home. How could it be fictional when she lived in Star Wars for three years? Once she had made friends, found a new family, even a girlfriend, how could she see them as fictional characters? Star Wars had stopped being fiction a long time ago. Anakin had become part of her life, a brother in her heart, instead of being just another fictional character, and maybe that’s why she was surprised and betrayed. Maybe she was betrayed because it was real and not fiction.

    Grim gave up everything for a fictional universe that had become real, only to fail and be betrayed like everyone else.

    #swocweek21#star wars #star wars revenge of the sith #my writing #star wars fanfic #my oc#grim#jedi oc #star wars oc
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  • wilvarin-chan
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #char: ayleesh #ayleesh the clone of revan #swtor #swtor: jedi consular
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  • thechaoticfanartist
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    girl help i am having feelings about how grim didn’t even have to fight in the clone war and go through everything she did but did so anyways because of all the compassion in her heart, and much she care for other people. grim could have chosen to work on getting back home to her universe but instead she decided to stay and save as many lives as she possibly could, even though it meant giving up her own home. 

    #star wars #star wars the clone wars #jedi oc#my oc #star wars oc #grim #shut it ella
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  • zanzilfenrizart
    16.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Qui Gon Jin


    #qui gon jinn #star wars #return of the jedi #the last jedi #jedi master#jedi knight #artists on tumblr #portrait drawing#portrait painting#drawing#charcoal#art
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  • diazuk-legacy
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Diazuk Diary: Day 404: Starmarkin 

    Here is Starmarkin on Chapter 10 on Kofte. Starmarkin meets with a potential recruit of the name Fireband aka Kaliyo. Starmarkin has actually met Kaylio before, but that not important. Starmarkin helps Kaliyo set bombs and infiltrated the Overwatch. Feeling the adrenaline for Zakuul's destruction she pulls the trigger and watch the city burn. On her return Koth wasn't happy. She lies to Koth but Koth could see through her lies and leave the Alliance also taking the Gravestone with him.

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  • iraescible
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


    continued from here

    EVER  SINCE  SHE  WAS  YOUNGER,  the  only  thing  padme  wanted  to  be  was  a  jedi.  growing  up  in  the  temple  the  jedi  were  the  only  family  padme  has  ever  known.  from  the  time  she  was  old  enough  to  understand,  she  strived  to  make  her  family  proud.  the  desire  to  have  their  approval  and  praise  never  completely  disappeared  as  she  grew  older,  but  it  has  decreased  quite  significantly.  sure,  she  respected  her  fellow  jedi  and  admired  the  way  that  they  all  so  effortlessly  seemed  to  follow  every  rule,  but  padme  struggled.  try  as  hard  as  she  might,  but  she  couldn’t  help  but  feel  discontent  with  some  of  the  rules  the  council  expected  her  to  uphold.  the  one  she  struggled  with  the  most  was  the  rule  about  jedi  having  emotional  attachments.  

    because  padme  wanted  that  attachment.  she  wanted  the  forbidden  feelings  of  fear,  loss,  and  even  jealousy  to  a  certain  extent.  even  though  it  was  forbidden  and  that  was  indeed  a  part  of  the  appeal,  she  wanted  the  connection  even  more.  she  wanted  someone  to  fight  for,  a  greater  purpose  in  her  opinion.  most  importantly,  she  wanted  to  act  on  the  things  she  felt,  she  was  quite  frankly,  tired  of  holding  them  back.  she  wanted  it  all.  with  anakin.  

    as  she  stepped  in  and  the  door  closed  behind  her,  the  jedi  knight  found  herself  relaxing  a  little  more.  she  and  anakin  knew  each  other  well  enough  that  in  private,  they  tended  to  be  a  little  less  jedi  and  senator,  and  more  of  just  being  padme  and  anakin.  “i’ve  been...okay.”  she  says,  finally  taking  the  seat  he  indicated,  hands  resting  in  her  lap  before  she  reaches  for  a  mug,  “one  cream,  two  sugars.”  once  her  caf  was  fixed  to  her  liking,  the  mug  was  clutched  between  her  hands.  “i  get  it  you  know?  just  wanting  good  company.”  she  elaborated,  “if  it’s  not  off-planet  negotiations,  then  it’s  a  rescue  mission,  or  guarding  someone  and  while  it’s  definitely  not  boring;  sometimes  a  little  relaxing  and  a  conversation  that’s  not  about  some  mission  is  a  well  desired  wish.”  she  certainly  desired  it  more  than  once.  a  sip  of  her  drink  and  padme  sighs  before  looking  at  anakin,  “HAVE  YOU  ALWAYS  WANTED  TO  BE  A  SENATOR?”

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  • fandomoverdose
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Please let it be Jedi Fallen Order 2... Please.

    #star wars #jedi fallen order
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  • faietiya
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


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  • tranarchist-manarchist
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Here's some art I did for my friend's star wars oc!

    #star wars #star wars oc #star wars sequel trilogy #star wars art #grey jedi
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  • davidrabbitte
    16.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    New Star Wars cover art 'Luke Starkiller's Revenge',. Since Marvel is using the 'What If' title, I will say this is a 'What Could Have Been'. A homage to Brian Daley's Han Solo's Revenge novel.

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  • notsomeloncholy
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Andddd back to the tiny happy jedi au 🥰

    #star wars #star wars fanart #star wars prequels #star wars au #anakin skywalker #obi wan kenobi #fanart#my art#comic #baby jedi au #listen they just. #little.
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  • thatnerduknow98
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I got a new tattoo today and Im so hype about it and I really wanted to share it with the world :)

    #star wars#millenium falcon#han solo#tattoo#tat #star wars tattoo #I’m hype #a new hope #this tattoo gives me hope #the empire strikes back #return of the jedi #original trilogy #made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs #the garbage will do #chewy we’re home #I’m home #i love this #line tattoo #black and white tattoo #a galaxy far far away #a long time ago in a galaxy far far away #i got a tattoo #science fiction#solo#captain solo#chewbacca #han and chewie #chewie #i am crying #i am so happy
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  • redminibike1
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Yes yes I did it...Mace Windu climbing a tree, everyone! Also...I didn’t cut the line where Yoda said he could kick someone’s (Kit’s) ass...It’s funny and I’m weak. This is short, a fix-it, and purely self-indulgent...

    It was nighttime on Coruscant, moonlight streaming through large windows in the Temple, and Mace Windu, Master of the Jedi Order, was climbing a tree. 

    There was a small amount of relief in the lateness of the hour, as it meant that a large majority of the Jedi were asleep. The nocturnal species were fewer in number, but those who were sitting in the Room of a Thousand Fountains currently watched Mace with no small amount of amusement.

    Mace felt as light as air.

    There was one tree, in the huge and expansive room, that had always caught Mace’s eye. Ever since he was a child, he’d wanted to climb the ancient tree, but the trunk was so large, and the branches so high, that he had never been able to achieve it, as much as he’d tried.

    After his Knighting the desire had largely been forgotten, in the face of solo missions and rapidly growing responsibilities. Even though his childhood imaginings could very well have become reality, he never had the time.

    War had only made that fact more true. If Mace was even at the Temple, he was in a war room, or the Council chamber, discussing the sprawling chaos that was the Clone War.

    The war was over now, the peace long fought for finally obtained, and he’d made the mistake of mentioning the tree to Yoda, when they passed it on their walk.

    “Climb it, you must,” Yoda said, sagely, completely serious, even as Mace looked down at him with surprise.

    “Master, I couldn’t possibly--”

    Yoda lifted his gimer stick ever-so-slightly, the menace, and Mace cut himself off.

    “Climb it, you must.” Yoda’s calmness was in great contrast to the threat hidden in the cane he wielded.

    “Oh, please do,” a voice said. “Let me call the others.”

    Mace kindly didn’t jump, as Kit appeared at his side, looking up at the tree canopy and grinning.

    “Kit, why are you awake?” Mace asked.

    Kit leaned down, and Yoda hopped onto his shoulder like they’d rehearsed it. “I could ask you both the same thing. Two old men like yourselves need your sleep.”

    Yoda whapped him on the side of the head. “Old men we may be, but kick your ass we still could.”

    Kit cackled. “Let’s not, please, I believe you. I heard a whisper in the Force, saying, ‘Mace is about to fall into a fish pond,’ and I practically leapt out of bed, I was so excited.” At Mace’s expression, he chuckled, mending his statement. “I was taking a swim and I heard your voices. The indignation was intriguing. You’re going to climb it, right?”

    Mace looked up at the tree, tempted, and plotted out the route he would take. A Force-jump at the beginning, grab onto that branch, put his foot in that fork…

    “Yes, I think I’d like to.”

    Kit whooped, jostling Yoda as he bounced in excitement.


    That was how Mace found himself where he was, halfway up the largest tree on Coruscant.

    The bark below his hands was rough, scraping his palms as he grabbed each branch in turn. The leaves scratched against his cheeks, prickly and feathery at the same time. The ground, when he risked a glance, was almost unbelievably distant, and Mace grinned, feeling all the pride he’d wanted to experience as a child, the adrenaline--good adrenaline, not from fighting for his survival or the survival of his men, but from looking down from a great height, and knowing that he was completely in control of whether he rose or fell--and the hint of nervousness. 

    He continued to climb, one hand after the next, steady and calm, each breath filled with the scent of bark and fluttering leaves.

    He reached the top without even realizing it, branches thinning between one moment and the next. Cautiously, he moved his foot one step higher, testing the branch’s strength before placing his weight on it. Then, he lifted himself up, and his head and torso broke through the canopy.

    The Room of a Thousand Fountains stretched around him in all directions, vast and sprawling and shining in the moonlight. To his side, the waterfall sent mist outwards, as its torrent fell into the pool below. He looked up at the windows that lined the still-distant ceiling, at the moons that were visible, and felt their reflected light on his face, cool and cleansing and silver.

    Reaching out with the Force, Mace felt the presence of the group gathered on the ground below, the other Jedi scattered through the room. Grinning with elation, he leapt from the top of the tree, flipping forward, and allowed himself to fall to the ground.

    He landed on one knee, palm pressed to the mossy floor, and looked up at his family, gathered around him, faces bright with childish joy. He stood, spread his arms wide, and bowed deeply.

    “Nicely done,” Kit laughed, eyes sparkling, and the other Jedi chuckled, clapping. Yoda face was the happiest Mace could remember, as he jumped from Kit’s shoulder to the ground.

    “Show-offs, all of my Padawans.”

    “We learned it from you,” Mace said, smile refusing to fade, as he glanced back at the tree, towering above him, arms stretching out over the Jedi, over the room, over the joy that echoed through the Force, after so long without. 

    #mace climbs a tree??? #bc he deserves to??? #do i need another reason #mace windu#yoda#kit fisto#red writes#pro-jedi
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  • withinycu
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    @thebrazenandbold​ is going to be a jedi {ahsoka}

    The Opar moon was more desert now than jungle, evidence of an older lusher world were all around except for the life that created that same evidence. For a human Opar’s moon would be as hospitable as Tatooine but for ToB1 and the small collection of fellow droids he travelled with it was as welcoming as the planet he’d been created on and just as promising. 

    While he lacked Jedi Master Mitaka Kynes’s instincts and experience when it came to seeding life on decimated worlds like this ToB1 made up for it in enthusiasm. But like a child that enthusiasm was as buoyant and easily caught on the novelty of the winds as a butterfly and ToB1 whole attention was focused on racing toward the ship that had landed not far from his own newly constructed camp. The other more primitive droids that had been created by Master Mitaka desperately whirring and beeping as they tried to keep pace with him. 

    When the droid finally stopped his bright electric eyes widened with that peculiar awe that only seems achievable in children and the innocent. “Are you a Jedi?” He called out eagerly. 

    #thebrazenandbold#thebrazenandbold {ahsoka} #that's what jedi do! {tob1}
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  • admiralmaple
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago




    IM SOBBING IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF imhyperawareofallitsflawsbutidontcareiloveit

    @twinkofthedink Jfjdjsdjfjfdjskksfjdkk ahhhhhhhhhhh

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  • imperial-guard1776
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #star wars#lucasfilm#disney#eye test #the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise #darth plagueis the wise #darth plagueis#comment #first word you see #eye#test#sheev palpatine#sheevposting#palpatine#science fiction#emperor palpatine #star wars memes #star wars meme #eyes #its no story the jedi would tell you #episode 3 #revenge of the sith #2005#darth sidious#sith lord#ian mcdiarmid #supreme chancellor palpatine #supreme chancellor#chancellor palpatine#letters
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  • thechaoticfanartist
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #star wars #star wars the clone wars #my oc#grim#jedi oc #star wars oc #jedi council #grim and the jedi #shitpost #thanks for the ask!
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