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    438 I could do this all....DAAAAAY!

    438 I could do this all….DAAAAAY!

    This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™! We remember Dominic Orlando and Stephen Sondheim! A conservative politician says female leads are the reason for male violence. Ridley Scott blames Millennials. Disney is spending $30 Billion to entertain us. In Moving Pictures: HAWKEYE! Saga gets a live adaptation. Paramount+ listened to international Star Trek fans. Amy Jo Johnson will…

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    Brother Dearest Pt 88

    I know some people aren’t too terribly fond of time travel but I really enjoyed writing this bit and it lays foundation for things to happen later on. No worries for those wanting to get back to the present, Bunny is back with some new faces and *ahem* a new Queen is in town. :)


    Smoke lingered in your nose through your close eyed plop backwards onto your blanket listening to the sound of heartbeats around you. Still awake somehow James and Victor’s pulses slowed again while the pair, who had woken to a muffled groan from you for the tenth night in a row, wondered as to what had been stealing rest in sleep. Neither they or the Beserkers around you would let on they had been woken by you but once again the four closest to you in the future would take time at your sides to check in and find out if it was the same nightmare you shared a month prior had begun after your time in a war. They wouldn’t ask which war, or why it had begun, simply would wonder what role you held in it for it to have scarred you.

    Dreams of your children had been assumed, or the creatures behind this debacle, not that same unflinching dream that had you tearing bullets and beds apart in a breathless frenzy trapped in silence no doubt due to your locked in shadow who would set this group off in an endless rage. Memories kept flickering into your mind at the oddest times of rest, from your childhood onwards with recollections of every book and the short list of films you had seen. She was learning, looking for something, and you simply hoped that it was a means to give herself something to look forward to in the century and nearly two decade wait ahead to your home.

    Surely in her pain she wouldn’t risk stealing that life from you, not after all you had faced. But all you could do was roll onto your side and try to imagine a story that could push back that dream to help guide you back to sleep, only to have her share a memory of her own that did just that. That nightmare was no memory, and still she couldn’t let go of it, and this memory of hers seemed to be a way to make up for the trouble she pushed you into nightly. Every pain and thread of your woven life it seemed was inspected even while you slept making up yourself and the world around you as if to see where more pain was hidden. Almost as if she were looking for some secret you had hidden.

    Across your belly however a pair of feet beginning to climb over you had you exhale and the body tuck up only to release after a few steady breaths. An Armadillo that had climbed onto you to reach a branch from a bush you had slept beside timidly used you as a platform to steal its sweets then hopped its way down to scurry away from the big people it took as a possible threat. The drop of a nut onto your chest however was what brought you back to consciousness to see the collection of Macaws in the branches above. The same group that had been following you for the past few days who seemed intrigued when your hand eased out to find the nut you set down on the root beside you and pushed splitting the shell. All that folded in your palm was moved to a clearing beside you for the swoop of the bird that had dropped it to snack away with glee between repeated sounds it learned from the forest and words that it had overheard from your group.

    “You can’t keep the bird,” James stated in a clearing of his throat as you shifted to sit up.

    “I know that. Six babies at home can’t have a wild bird around.” You said widening their eyes your way.


    Instead of answering you simply rolled your head back in a stretch of your neck and shoulders to head for the creek nearby to freshen up while others climbed begrudgingly off their painful beds to get started on breakfast to fuel another painful day.

    “You said you have three daughters,” Victor blurted out.

    “And the rest are my nieces and nephew.”

    “Right,” he murmured in a nod recalling what you had first said to him on your family being in danger. “Least it’s not raining,” he said in watch of your hand reaching out to touch the tail feathers of the bird the turned to say, “Funny.”

    “It doesn’t understand what it says, does it?” you asked only luring more birds down for a response to the brothers’ try to speak to the bird ending in a giggle worthy argument between the two and the group that replied in noises and stolen words they had learned.

    “Now, who was the one warning who on getting attached to the birds?” You teased in their breaking nuts open to toss away and distract the birds that had flocked around them since their conversation.

    “I blame you for this,” James said pointing at you, “Had to go and ask us to talk to them. Now they think we’re featherless birds.”

    “Well maybe your feathers went into a lovely hat,” you said in a giggling smile that had him roll his eyes. “They seem rather inclusive to take to you even without feathers. Very kind of them. Besides, I never told you to talk to them, you gained their favor all on your own.”

    “I am not that likable.” He rumbled making you giggle again.

    “Oh, Jimmy, you know goats love you.” Victor said gaining an eye roll of his own to the offer of a hand from Puft to help you over an incline in the earth to level ground, or as level as could be offered between hills and knotted diversions littered with scurrying animals who hid and peered out at you all.

    “Should just be over that hill,” was said echoed by the whiz of an arrow in the air beginning the final trek to the next temple to be a warning sign of the skeleton army to come.


    “Alright,” you said with a grip on the sword hilt you tugged out of the back of your outer jacket to toss back into the forest to tugs of arrows and hilts of their own from layers on the rest of your group in a collective huff. “Giant berry bush number four.” You said turning to stare across the round clearing to the temple coated in foliage free of a hovering platform above it this time.

    “At least there is no platform,” Elliot murmured to the flick of his jacket collar back into place that ended up hanging halfway off from the tear near his collarbone.

    “Maybe we should have planned outfits,” you said turning heads with grins your way. “This trip is ruining everyone’s clothes.”

    Hon waved a hand, “Not necessarily. A new season will be upon us soon, time to restore our wardrobes with the latest anyways. Now we have an excuse to free up some space.” He said making the others chuckle to your weak giggle.

    Herc patted a hand on your back, “Two months with you on an adventure like this is well worth the chore of restoring our wardrobe. This would be no better in uniform. Trust me in that.”

    Armed with blades Jeff and Beau cleared the path up the staircase that between swipes of fingers to free your skirt from reaching vines. Atop the highest step you looked out over the view and sighed, “It’s a shame I can’t capture this view.”

    “I’m sure we have time for a sketch,” Victor said in a step closer to your side looking out at the forest with you eyeing the abandoned city of stone that had been swallowed by the trees and foliage.

    “I can sketch it anytime,” you said turning your head, “Catching this light, that would be hard.”

    “Next time, we’ll bring your camera.” He said it without thinking and turned as you did to the split of stone to open the doorway inside.

    “I truly doubt you would want me to drag any of you back here again.” You said entering the mouth of the temple. Five steps was all you got when a group shriek had you all group together in the drop of the ground for a start of a painful slide that even in the huddled group you were knocked about in the twisting turns all the way down to a dusty dungeon. Coughing hard you eased up off of your throbbing elbow muttering, “Trap door, clever…”

    “I think I broke my elbow,” James groaned in his rise to crackling of bones that snapped back together.

    Borr, “Not very clever. I think we came in the wrong door.”

    Vul groaned in a climb to his feet, “Don’t sat that.”

    Maru said, “He has a point, this was the first Southern door we entered.”

    “Wait,” you said looking around at the pulses of silvery blue washing out from around you to fill the room, “What’s that light?”

    Victor, “Oh I very much assure you there is no light,” he said putting his hand down on a thigh, “Sorry, whoever that was,”


    “Say something again,” James said turning your head to him granting him view of a pair of faint silver eyes.


    “I see your eyes. They’re silver.”

    “Huh,” you said and you heard an understanding puff of air from Fenn in his shift onto his knees flashing the brothers another pair of silver eyes with his hand offered to Celle whose eyes hadn’t adjusted yet.

    “Our heartbeats echo off in the dark,” he said staring the ripple of the group to stand up in the pitch black space. “I take it you haven’t felt that before?”

    “Usually it’s the opposite, flashing at me, than out around me.”

    James asked, “You can see light?”

    “Like waves on the ocean, silvery blue pulses,” to a tap of your finger on his arm you said, “Everyone has their own fountain of waves they give off.”

    Victor muttered, “Must be comforting,”

    “Not really,” you replied looking around to what you could see aside from the bodies blocking your view of half the room as James’ hand found your lower arm his hand folded around to try and calm himself only to feel that same pulse that to his shock rippled around the room. He couldn’t see so to speak, but he could sense where everyone, the slide and walls were same as Victor who had hold of his free arm.

    “Anyone smell sugar?” Maru asked.

    “I thought I was going crazy,” you and Celle said making her chuckle and guide the group to the wall where it was most powerful, taps and pats of the wall gave view of a hidden panel that with a hard punch from Hon shattered the stone revealing a bundle of wires.

    “Now we’re getting somewhere,” he murmured and got to using a tool of his to scan the wires that in a sounding of bellowing notes for a mixture of an organ and a tuba. Five pockets in the various walls opened and in a group the loop ended pins were twisted and shoved inwards to open a hidden door. Slow and gradual a sliver of pale blue light poured into the room you had to blink and adjust to then join the others in taking hold of the door’s edge to shove and pull it open more to have a view at least of where it led to.

    “Oh, damn,” you muttered at the sight of tiered cube containers filled with glittering sand that swirled in a trapped breeze glowing it around the bodies almost left to bones, nails and hair inside their clothes that named their culture. Each now with skulls contorted in shape to apparently be growing beaks gradually over time since they were put in there.

    “Coo-ku-kachoo did this?” James asked barely above a whisper in the drop of your eyes to the feathers your boots crushed on the way past more tiered rows of cubes. His pace quickened however at the hand from Puft that eased around your head to cover your mouth.

    “Don’t scream,” was whispered in your ear halting your wide eyed thundering heart filled stare at the distorted face through the corner of another row of cubes that in a couple steps around it the hand lowered and you calmed down gradually to James and Victor’s places on either side of you to look over the cocoon holding who you assumed to be the culprit. Tunkuruchu, the name muttered everyone’s mind as you circled it eyeing the feathers imprinted in the crystal outer casing like folded wings with a beak and eyes that sat empty and made of some black reflective material. Over a jut out support leg that fed into the end of one of the tiers of cubes like the others to split the floor into nine triangles that pulsed to the joint heart beat of the prisoners.

    “What is this feeding?” you whispered and looked up to follow Elliot’s gaze eyeing the Mayan etchings there in rings of circles. “Does that say-,”

    “Shh,” he said in a reach over to tap your arm, “Could have a key word. That is the shield, this is the power source, we need the engine.”

    “Ha,” Jeff said luring you over to the panel in the floor he opened like the one his brother opened in the panel across from the leg dividing them luring more to open the other hatches while you summoned your bag to bring out a pad of paper and a piece of charcoal.

    “We should be able to reconfigure this,” one of them said to your seat beside one of the open hatches to sketch what was around you in each direction including the markings on the ceiling Herc helped to keep hold of as you finished each. When you finished the group down below made room for you to drop down and copy what was there also, only how the machine looked had your eyes narrow for the copy of what was in those diagrams Eddie and Venom had taken from the group he was following.

    “I’ve seen something like this,” you muttered then looked to the others, “Could this be used to make acid rain?”

    “It, is possible. A far less advanced take on the mechanics, yes, it is possible.” Luf answered after a glance over the machine.

    You nodded and said to yourself, “So it has something to do with the Mayans…I can have you, then, take me and Squishy to here, then, and we can see what’s different! See if someone has tampered with anything! Oh he’s gonna be so thrilled there’s a crack in the case, just took me being shot back to the 1800’s to do it.”

    The group chuckled and Luf said, “You go ahead and sketch, we’ll see about getting this primed to get you back.”

    “Primed?” you asked.

    Elliot answered pointing up at the ceiling to the inner circle stating, “There will be a cocoon that lowers you will be let into and it will concentrate the time wormhole atomizer to send you back safely. It will take hands on the other end to ensure you remain intact upon arrival and do not decimate the country in a failed landing. Which, technically you would survive, however even we would not be able to contain that explosion. We could evacuate your family,” his voice broke off and you simply gave a quick nod.

    “You, focus then. Tell me if I get in the way.” You said lifting the pad to get every angle on it that those around the edges helped you to take notes on what the parts could do.

    Firm and easy hands took hold of you to help you out of the hold to the mark that the group around the mechanism was ready. “What’s that look for?” James asked, at the puzzling look you had given the brothers who accepted the folded sketch of the birdman and the name he would use you were sure to give them.

    In a shake of your head you answered, “No look.” Clearly with tears misting into your eyes.

    “No, that was a look.” Victor said then asked, “We’ll see you again, right? After you get your family back? Few weeks at least?”

    Out across your lips a smile crept, “Oh you won’t be able to keep from bumping into me. Can’t be avoided. Someone’s gotta pull you Howlett boys out of the mess you land in.”

    “When you’re ready,” Herc said lifting a hand to at your confirming nod when you pocketed the sketches levitate your body up to reach the open cocoon that you wiggled to fit inside the odd shelf of a seat using your feet to nudge the ruffled back half of a skirt to your outfit into the space. To keep in place you rested your hands on the rounded ridges along the wall and pushed your back against the wall for a gasp worthy shoot of braided bands that shot out to wrap around your arms, neck and torso.

    “What-,” you managed to squeak out.

    Elliot shouted, “Sedation bands!” Snapping your teary gaze to him in the ease of the cocoon shut. “To lower your heartbeat!”

    Herc shouted, “Count to yourself.”

    “One,” you managed to whisper out with a glimpse at the brothers still peering up at your panicked self helplessly in the sealing of the cocoon that in a sudden pulse of light across the outer casing had the rings in the ceiling contort and twist around it for three circles by each one before it suddenly vanished. Whatever the bands injected into your arms and neck did seem to for a moment dramatically drop your heartbeat only to have the cocoon feel like it had been punted by a giant boot this way and that. Hard and fast with your legs pinned against the door in panicked slides of your shins and boots on the lower ridges you could reach something was jostling you around to an almost heartbreaking slice of that shadowing presence of Mother that had abandoned you in this. “Two,” you managed to whimper out in the close of your eyes at a jumble of lights urging a tear down your cheek that when you opened them again left black dots that faded as you whispered, “Three.”


    “She’s going to be safe, right?” James asked and the group on the higher level of flooring looked him and Victor over as he waved the folded image in his hand. “We find this guy, and her family is safe again?”

    “That, well, yes.” Elliot said and wet his lips.

    Hon down below called out to a hum from the mechanism below, “Cocoon is locked!”

    Victor asked, “Locked?”

    And before he could get an answer Luf answered to a sigh earning, “Cocoon is captured!”

    Jeff said to James in a pat of his hand on his shoulder, “Jaqi’s home.”

    Victor, “Her family?”

    “We’re gonna help her with that.” Beau said gaining nods from the two.

    “What do we do now?” The brothers asked together.

    “We take you home.” Jeff said and they looked to each other then over the group that climbed out of the hatches that closed in the shift of modes for the mechanism that was back to simply powering the dormant mode for the sleeping creature unaffected inside his pod.

    “No, how, how do we find coo-ku-kachoo?” James asked now opening the sketch with an almost pained stare at the face and handwriting of his now vanished friend.

    “You’ll find him. Won’t be able to miss him.” Elliot said to the seal of the floor hatches again by the others.

    “But, that’s it? We just go home? Won’t she need us?” Victor crooned feeling all but useless.

    “She will be in contact. Best thing now,” he said in a whip of galaxy colored mist clouds that encircled the group to let them out on a long green stretch outside their town with their horses and belongings to change before their return home to their waiting wives. “Go home, rest up. Eat something, you look hungry. Jaqi won’t forgive us if we let you go starve yourselves.”

    “We’ll be watching for any signs of danger from that lot. Just keep up with that sketch.” And just like that they were alone and after a pause to stare at the image again they changed and mounted their horses to ride home again coming up with their cover story to share with their wives and James’ Mother and Grandfather.


    Decades they did have contact, though not the same as they had hoped. Rarely they were again in the same space as their friend with little else shared on what had gone on even when written to almost worsening the pain as if they had heard nothing at all. Just the same wars came between word of what their distant friend was what they held onto after news of her death and funeral they both attended proudly to honor her. Left to their questions up to until one day with the kick of a door a young girl with those same purple eyes were found to be staring up at them again. Orphaned with her brother Nurse and Private Pear. It couldn’t be a coincidence, “Has to be her granddaughter Vic.”

    Two Privates who explosively showed from the smaller undeniable powers much like the Countess now in question of where in Alberta they were from rang another bell in stating, “East.” The brothers’ hearts raced listening to how they had gotten here and the statement these two weren’t related just leaving her, the one who by the day only clued them on more to reasons for feeling safe around these two odd soldiers they refused to abandon.

    More and more as she seemed to grow that face came back to their minds, the mysterious Countess that alone in the night in the back of their platoons Victor said to his brother, “I think it’s her.” Turning his brother’s head.

    “But, how-,”

    “Hiroshima, Jimmy,” he whispered, “We’re at war with Japan. Before now, no explosions, she said Hiroshima woke up the bird man.”

    “So,” his eyes looked over Victor with tears pooling into them, “She knows about my freckles, and she has three babies.”

    “And three more in the house, we can’t let her go to Hiroshima, Jimmy.”

    “My mother’s ring,” he whispered to himself in a shift of his hands on his rifle in a squint of his eyes not to start crying. “Tomorrow, we promised to share what we’ve built.”

    “Yup.” He replied with his eyes on swivel on the horizon again. “Wonder if she can still do that trick with her eyes yet.” He said with a hint of an amused tone to his voice. “You didn’t get to see it last time.”

    “She does anything weird with her eyes I’ll let you know.” James chuckled back to his brother.

     * Crow Island 1948 *

    “You’re new,” Victor said to four of the women in the group who flashed them smiles. “You someone’s kids?”

    “We arrived from one of our outposts near to Hala twenty years after Mother’s call. Travel restrictions hindered our aid in the first leg of this trouble, although we have been honored in positions nearby since our arrival.”

    “Nearby to, Bunny?” Peggy asked in her step back into the room around the mechanism.

    Luf stated, “Cocoon inbound,” to the shimmer of colors around the outer marking etched shell on the egg pulsed in bright orange through the cutout markings across the rotating rings. The base block’s walls split open and dropped down to the large wooden spool splitting it at the force that triggered the rotating rings on the egg to split, each level going the opposite way revealing a reflective surface of a crystal. The four women stepped in front of Peggy and Daniel in their step together while James and Victor readied to grab you if needed to Hon’s statement of, “Cocoon is locked.”

    Luf in the burst of freezing cold wind burning the eyes and skin of all inside the room that jerked feathers, paper, hair and clothes this way and that to a clear fold of a lopsided scribble of a wormhole opening that simply eased out a feather etched crystal cocoon then vanished taking the wind with it. Back together the stand snapped to the fold of the egg around the mechanism that dimmed again causing a split of the door open on the cocoon revealing a wavering whispered, “Seven.”

    From the door your feet lowered to the seam of the door that Herc’s hand settled around, “Right here, Bunny,” All at once the supports released and like liquid your body slid out the cocoon into his arms to be lowered in a trembling mess to the ground releasing pools of misty breaths adjusting to the air in the room that was drastically warmer than what you had been forced through. On top of your folded legs and his you sat in a mess of limbs and fabric with Peggy and Daniel looking your badly bloodied, torn and dirtied outfit over to Elliot’s bringing over Herc’s prepped bag. “Drink this,” Herc said accepting the thermos from Elliot that was uncapped to the others scanning your trembling self.

    “Hydrogen levels are stable.” Celle stated and gave you a comforting grin while you accepted his help in tilting the thermos back from you to drink from it without using your hands. Borr took hold of those in his crouch at your side to help ease your injuries to the help of both Jeff and Beau greatly reducing the patches of silver across your body enabling you to breathe visibly for the comfort of the brothers again.

    “Very good,” he said lowering the thermos already feeling your body’s wave of a frightened sense of ease when your eyes met James’ in his place kneeling on your left. Warmly his hand brushed the tears from your cheek and he leaned in to give you a warm hug pressing his lips to your forehead.

    “You smell so clean,” you whimpered out making him chuckle in the nestle of your head more into his neck.

    “Is she okay?”

    Daniel whispered to Elliot who answered, “For having been stuck in the past for two  months, as well as she can be.”

    “Two months?!” the pair asked then looked to Victor for an answer.

    “I was born in 1803, Jimmy 1808, we were there with her. Didn’t help much.” He caught your gaze up at him saying, “Sorry about your wrist.”

    In a shrug you replied, “Not your fault,” shallowly you drew in a breath and said, “I have to pee.”

    James chuckled and said looping his arms around your middle to help you up, “Well this place has a toilet for you.” With hold of you he walked you through the house as he said, “We’ll bring out your clothes you left in.”

    “No toilet paper,” you sighed and Celle summoned a roll from her home making you chuckle and accept it, “Thank you,” you said being left alone in the bathroom as you shakily undid your jacket, vest and top with the skirt layer you removed and draped across the edge of the tub wall to undo the pants and get to your underwear allowing you to pee then open the door. Celle returned with a kettle of hot water and a wash basin that James helped you to scrub your skin around a fresh set of underwear fetched from your home. Long since worn your slip was slipped on and over that he layered your blouse and skirt when your feet had been tucked lovingly back into your kitten pumps and stockings. The fold of your fingers around his vest pocket had his lips plant on yours for a firm breath stealing kiss you very much needed as much as the tight grip of his arms that held you firm to his chest.

    “I’m right here, Darling.” He murmured a breath from your lips, “Right here.”

    “I’m so sorry,” you were barely able to whisper. “I left you back there.”

    “No you didn’t,” he said instantly making you lean your head back to catch his gaze with your confused stare, “Always with us in our minds. We weren’t ready yet.” His eyes traveled to your curls and he said, “Let’s fix this hair of yours,” he hummed in a smirk that bled from his lips onto yours in a step around you so he could open the door and let you talk as he undid the braid in your hair.

    “Bunny?” Peggy said bringing you your purse you were able to use the makeup inside to return your reflection to the face you recognized after another stolen glance for the medallion you no longer were wearing.

    “I’m alright. Hungry, but not much else.”

    Victor said, “Well we killed the birdman, all we have to do is go fetch Squishy and Eddie to take them to Belize with us.”

    Daniel asked, “Belize?”

    “Birdman has a Mayan temple he hid a power cell inside of, how we got Bunny back. Searched four of them to find the right one birdman and his machine was inside of.”

    Peggy asked, “He was there then, why move the machine here? People found his city?”

    James said, “Hiroshima woke him up, that blast and something pissed coo-ku-kachoo off to come and make this machine.”

    Daniel asked, “So he has two of those?!”

    Elliot said, “Most likely the original was damaged somehow. He had to build this one to replace the other one.”

    Jeff said, “Discovery of the temple no doubt could have driven him to this island for its construction.”

    Out of the bathroom you walked with your discarded clothes in hand as well as the folded sketches and your eyes fell on the new four women in the group who flinched smiles your way. “Hello.”

    Each named themselves and their reasoning for being delayed, coming from the base nearby to the Kree home planet, Mako, Misty, Dew and Leaf to complete the twelve Beserkers around the four men you knew of in dresses in complimenting shades of blue and green. “So, you helped the Countess?”

    “Oh yes,” they said together. “Still do, her granddaughter and great granddaughter actually.” Mako and Leaf said together and flinched out another grin.

    “Her,” you said then narrowed your eyes, “We can get to that later.” You said gaining more nods from the group.

    Herc stated, “We should get you home and fed before we return to the temple. Should you return on foot we will meet you at your home and have a meal ready for you.” You nodded and almost as if in a dream back out through the town you went to the ferry dock where you found the boat still in wait for you and the few others to load up and carry back to your cars.

    Something’s different. The thought and feeling kept echoing deep inside your head as if it was being dangled right in front of you like a kitten and a strand of yarn. It wasn’t until you got inside your home that you teetered on tears to the pictures and hints of all six of your babies and sisters in law until Eddie came into view with an almost wild look in his eye saying, “Ireland has a Queen now! What happened?!” Open mouthed all you could do was let out a squeak in response.

    All –

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    Brother Dearest -




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    Big Jeff scores but look at the air Kappy gets

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    so fucking true

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    Evan Rodrigues scores the first goal of the game for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Jeff Carter scores the second goal of the game for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Sidney Crosby scores the third goal of the game for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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    hey Jeff and Jon

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    So Close there carts

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    i am sad that it was jeff carter night and i couldn’t watch live

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