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  • anonymoustip217
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Not going out

    Adonis Wilson (OC) x Jennifer Jareau

    Warning(s): Mild smut(+16), language, (I’m new to this so let me know if I missed anything)

    Miners DNI!!!!!!!

    “Babe please, just come with us?” My girlfriend requested for what felt like the millionth time that night. She walked into my office fresh out of the shower, wrapped in a white towel and long blond hair damp. “Hotch is even stepping out for a bit.”

    My gaze lifted from the case file on my desk to the annoyed woman in front of me. “JJ, I have to finish these case files for Cruz, sign things off and make some calls, I can’t pause this right now baby.” I respond laying my pen on my desk to rub my tired eyes. She sighs and chuckles bitterly.

    “Fine, I’ll just show up by myself.” I watch as she retreats out of the room, presumably to pick out an outfit. I sigh and get back to filling out a long report.

    A few minutes later I hear her light foot steps walk back into my office but I don’t notice straight away. The blond clears her throat and that’s when I look up.

    She is wearing a fitting red wine dress, she has on red heels and a slight bit of make-up. JJ looks absolutely breathtaking. I can’t help the tingle of jealousy that washes over me when I remember where she is going.

    “Can I get your keys? My car is still in the shop.” I shake my head.

    “Can’t, Daniel’s borrowing it for this weekend.”

    “Fine, I’ll call Emily to pick me up. I just need a cocktail, and I’m pretty sure guys will be lining up to buy me a drink with this dress.” She knows what she’s doing, and I have to admit it is working, but I want to see just how far she is willing to go.

    “Okay.” She pauses and cocks up and eyebrow

    “What? No, “you’re not going out like that”?” I put my pen down, backed away from the desk and walked around it standing in front of her.

    “I don’t have control over you Jen, and I trust you won’t do anything further than accept their drinks so… okay.” She cocked her head to the side knowing that drove me crazy and shrugged. “But I won’t deny the fact that you look absolutely ravishing as you always do.”

    “Thank you, though… I don’t know if you should trust the other guys at the bar, some of the younger agents will be there, and I heard they can get a bit touchy.” She states with a smirk as I visually break and continues. “I won’t even have to raise my dress a little higher for more attention.”

    That was the last straw.

    I pushed the profiler against the wall next to the office door and pin her arms above her head with one hand, my other hand exploring her clothed body as I roughly kissed her. I felt her breath hitch.

    I pulled away leaving a few centimeters between us and she pouted from the loss of contact. My mouth quickly finds her neck and I nip her sweet spot.

    Scarlet lets out a breathy moan and tries to break her hands out of my grasp. Failing, she whimpers. I know that’s her weakness, she loves to run her hand through my hair and tug it.

    I paused next to her ear. Her breath hitches from the feeling of me so close. “You’ve been a brat for a week now, principessa. I think it’s time for a punishment.” I whisper. She shudders and I smirk knowing the effect I have on her. “Jump.” She obliges wrapping her legs around me and her arms around my neck for support. My free hand snakes behind her back to open the door. I leave kisses on her neck, lingering at her sweet spot as I smoothly walk to our bedroom.

    We enter the room and I place her down on the bed and our lips connect once more as I hover over her. Her hands travel down my chest and start to unbutton my shirt.

    I break the kiss and instantly attack her pale neck once again drawing multiple moans from her once I find her sweet spot. “Adonis.” She moans breathily, her hands travel to my shoulder as she grips them leaving red marks.

    I pull back and stand to my feet. JJ whimpers from the loss of my touch. “Stay right there and if you move an inch you won’t be able to walk for the next week.” I walk into the closet and remove all my clothing except for my briefs and walk out with two of my ties.

    When she saw what was in my hands, she smirked but after a second whimpered knowing what she was in for. This makes me smirk as I walk towards her. “Color?”


    “You sure principessa?” I ask making sure she’s this even though we’ve already had sex before. She eagerly nods. “You understand you have to be punished for all of your little stunts this week, right?” She bites her lip and slowly nods her head again.

    “Words, mia regina.” I say standing in front of the bed with a growing smirk.

    “Yes sir.” She says breathly.

    “I want you to strip and do it slowly. Okay principessa?”

    “Yes sir.” I nod satisfied and sit in the chair that’s in view of the bed. She slowly strips from her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She then removed her underwear, when she was about to take her bra off Ii stopped her.

    “Pause.” She stopped her excruciatingly slow movements and turned to me, her bottom lip trapped between her pearly white teeth, I can see nothing but love and lust in her eyes. Her blond locks fell on her face but she did nothing to brush them away. I stand from the chair and make my way over to her. I toss the tie on the end of the bed and grab JJ’s waist with both my hands.

    I turn her around so that her back is pressed against my front, my hands travel from her waist and up her body, she gasps feeling the bulge in my briefs rub her on her ass. Once my hands find her breast, I message them through her bra softly drawing moans from her slightly agape mouth. Her arms reach back and she tugs on my hair earning a groan from me.

    I smile and kiss her neck, “God, you are so fucking beautiful Jen.” I groan, my fingers ghost over her bra clip. “It’s such a honor to get to watch you cum over and over again. Here you whimper and fall cock drunk from how good daddy is fucking you.” I unclip her bra and let it fall to the floor. JJ let’s out a the lowest whimper I’ve heard from her and it makes my smirk. I move my hands to massage her breast again and pinch her left nipple, the sensitive one. JJ lets out a loud moan, the back of her head falling on my shoulder.

    I halt my movements making her pout again and lift her head from my shoulder. “Bed, principessa.” she obliges, immediately laying on her back with her wrists held together. She lays on the bed. I walk over to her, grab one of my silk ties and tie her hands together, though not tight enough to hurt.


    With both of us panting and the last bit of energy i could muster, I slipped my softened manhood out of her and collapse onto the spot beside her on the bed. When my breathing settles I get up and go into our bathroom getting a cloth, wetting it with warm water and walking back into the room. I crouch down between her legs and clean her of our mixed juices.

    “Are you okay, mia regina ?” Her eyes are closed as she nods. “Did I hurt you or anything?” My voice turning softer than is was few minutes ago as I stand back up and throw the cloth into the laundry basket. I untie her hands from the headboard.

    She opens her eyes with a tired smile then turns to lay on her side. “I’m okay Donis, and I love you.”

    “I love you too.” I reply, sliding on a pair of sweatpants. When I look over at her my girlfriend, she has her eyes closed again but is holding her arms out signaling that she wants to cuddle.

    I chuckle. “Use your words, mia regina.”

    “I’m cold and fucked out. Please cuddle with me.” She requests with pleading tired eyes.

    #Jennifer Jareau #Jennifer Jareau x male reader #criminal minds#smut #Jennifer Jareau x reader #criminal minds x male reader #criminal minds smut #aftercare
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  • spencer-reids-adventures
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Buffy AU - Retelling of the end of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Passion by way of Criminal Minds episode 100.

    This came from an idea from @sideblogforcrimpy and I hope I did it justice. A lot of the dialogue is straight from the episode.

    This little story will obviously be enhanced if you've seen the Buffy episode, but you should be able to enjoy it even if you've never seen a single episode of Buffy. Oh, and it's angsty as hell.

    Word count: 845

    Warnings: Death, violence, fire... nothing too explicit though.

    Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting. And though unwanted, unbidden... it will stir, open its jaws, and howl.


    Aaron heads home with a smile on his face. Haley wants to talk to him - wants to consider reconciliation. It’s what Aaron has been hoping for since the moment she left, and as he walks up to the front door, he wonders what will be waiting for him on the other side.

    What he finds is better than he could have imagined.

    There’s a rose stuck in the handle of the front door, welcoming him in, and he can hear the muffled soundtrack to The Pirates of Penzance playing on the stereo. He breathes in the scent of the rose before he opens the door. Jessica must have taken Jack for the night.

    “Haley?” he calls as he steps inside. “It’s me.”

    On the table are rose petals and a bucket holding a bottle of wine, two glasses placed next to it, and a single folded sheet of paper. He unfolds it.

    Upstairs, it says.

    He smiles and takes the wine and glasses in hand. The staircase is lit with candles, and there is a trail of roses leading straight to the bedroom.

    At first, he thinks she’s asleep. Even though she would never sleep in that position, even though she would never set up such an intricate scene for him and then go to bed, he still convinces himself she’s asleep.

    It’s not until he sees her open eyes that the glasses and wine bottle shatter on the ground, released from his grip without him even noticing. She’s laid out - she’s been laid there by someone. Posed. Just for him.

    He doesn’t remember calling the police, but soon enough they’re there, carrying Haley away from him. They ask Aaron to come with them, to answer questions. He agrees, asking only to make a phone call first.


    Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief.


    Emily and Spencer are making dinner together when the phone rings. Spencer answers, and Emily watches as his face crumbles, as he slides down the wall to the floor and holds the phone up for Emily to take.

    “It’s Haley,” Hotch says when Emily takes the phone. “Foyet’s killed her. It’s Haley... Foyet’s killed her.”

    Emily begins to cry.


    At home, Aaron sees the sketch. He doesn’t know how he missed it the first time, sitting right out there in the open. It’s a charcoal drawing of Haley, her face peaceful in death.

    He gathers up every weapon in the house, shoves them into a bag, and heads to Foyet’s last known location.


    Morgan and JJ arrive to pick up Spencer and Emily.

    “Take us to Hotch’s house,” says Spencer.

    “Don’t you think he wants to be left alone?” Emily asks.

    “I’m not worried about what he wants,” Spencer replies. “I’m worried about what he’s going to do.”

    When they get to his house, they duck under the crime scene tape only to find him missing.

    “I guess Hotch has a big night planned tonight,” Morgan says, looking at the roses.

    “Hotch didn’t set this up,” Spencer says, shaking his head. “Foyet did. This is the wrapping for the gift.”

    “Oh, god,” Morgan whispers. “Poor Hotch.”

    Emily comes downstairs.

    “All his guns are gone,” she says. “All of them.”

    “He went over there alone,” muses Spencer. “He’s going to get himself killed.”

    They know where they need to go.


    Hotch’s first gunshot tells Foyet that he's arrived, and Foyet is giddy and ready to fight. Hand-to-hand only gets them so far before Foyet is pulling out his knives and Hotch is reaching for more guns. They’re still going back and forth, no winner in sight, by the time the rest of the team arrives. Foyet kicks over a lit candle as more gunshots ring out, and he laughs. He laughs.

    The team jumps in to help, Morgan pushing Hotch out of Foyet’s way, Spencer and Emily acting as backup.

    No one is quite sure when the candle flame ignites the book that catches on the carpet, but soon, there are flames everywhere. They continue to fight off Foyet until they’re surrounded by flames.

    “Get Hotch and get out,” Emily cries, and Spencer finds him half-conscious on the ground. He drags him outside, followed quickly by the rest.

    “He got away,” Morgan cries. “The son-of-a-bitch got away. He set that fire on purpose.”

    Spencer grabs Hotch by the shoulders and pulls him up.

    “Why did you come here?” Hotch yells angrily in between coughs. “This wasn’t your fight.”

    Spencer slaps him in the face.

    “Are you trying to get yourself killed?” he cries. He pulls Hotch into a hug. “You can’t leave us,” he says through his tears. “We can’t do this without you.”


    It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we’d truly be dead.

    #cw death#cw violence#cw fire#criminal minds #buffy the vampire slayer #aaron hotchner#spencer reid#derek morgan#emily prentiss #jennifer jj jareau #george foyet #cm 5x9 100 #btvs 2x17 passion
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  • jareausjj
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A Willifer song ??

    #Jennifer Jareau #william lamontagne jr #willifer#criminal minds #criminal minds tv #criminalminds
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  • brywrites
    05.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    BAU Secret Santa

    I love Secret Santa exchanges around this time of year and adore reading holiday fics where the office does some kind of gift swap! Here’s my scientific ranking of each BAU member based on the gifts they would give in a team Secret Santa exchange:

    Garcia: The unequivocal gifting queen. Gives flawless, extravagant, and niche gifts. It’s almost shocking how perfect they are until you remember she can easily hack your browsing history, social media, and text messages to find that totally obscure thing you’ve secretly been yearning for.

    JJ: Gives a great gift every year. She’s a good listener so picking something out is fairly easy, and if needed she knows to look through your Pinterest boards to find something you genuinely want.

    Morgan: Tries his best to pick something solid based on past conversations, but leans towards useful/physical things like toolsets. When all else fails, he’ll give a handmade “coupon” good for free renovation project.

    Emily: Exclusively gifts expensive alcohol, and will happily help drink it if invited over. The few times she’s gifting to someone who doesn’t drink, she usually chooses something that would be relaxing for them, like a spa voucher or aromatherapy set.

    Hotch: Goes with something that is almost universally practical and straightforward. A new go-bag, socks in your favorite color, or a travel set of toiletries. It’s a little boring, but his gifts do always end up being useful. He throws in a card from Jack to make it a little fun.

    Reid: Either gets an incredible gift based on something he remembers you mentioning exactly one time, or something odd and practical that he can back up with statistics (“Actually, with 5.2 million automobile accidents each year, that window hammer/seatbelt cutter tool could be the difference between life and death”) and there is no in-between. 

    Matt: With 5 kids to take care of, Matt doesn’t have much time to spare with holiday shopping. His giftee will usually receive something secondhand, regifted, or found leftover from the Simmons household present stash. Fortunately, all of Matt’s international travels means whatever grab bag item you end up with is pretty neat.

    Rossi: Oscillates between giving fancy autographed copies of his book (”that’ll get you $150 on E-Bay”), or just straight up cash.

    Tara: Queen of the gag gift - specifically gag gifts based on things that the group can roast you on. If you make an infamous blunder or do something embarrassing, Tara will make sure you never live it down if you’re her giftee. It’s the highlight gift of the night for everyone except the giftee, but she always adds $20 cash to soften the blow.

    Luke: An incredibly sincere gift giver who is so close to the perfect gift, but never quite gets it right. It’s always just a little off or a little to the left. That actor you adore? He got you a signed poster but it’s for the one movie of theirs you hate. You love taking care of your betta fish? He got you a second betta fish so he can have a friend in the tank! How fun!

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  • emilyparker79
    05.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    *putting away files*

    Code for an Emily/JJ quickie 😉

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  • emilyparker79
    05.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    JJ: *struggling with her dress zipper* Em, can you help me?

    Emily: Yeah, sure.

    JJ: Babe


    JJ: Em, UP! I need the zipper to go UP.

    Emily: Oh right, right

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  • greenaways-girl
    05.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ⭐️Greenaway’s Girl 3 month Celebration ⭐️

    It’s officially been 3 months since I started this account and I have time on my hands so I figured why not? ;)

    Note: you don’t have to be a mutual or follower but criminal minds concepts only por favor.

    📖- Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll give you my favorite fic rec

    🎀-Send me a character and prompt and I’ll write a lil dialogue ( nsfw or sfw)

    🔮-I’ll make a story/mood board based on any fic or concept you send me

    👀-Sneak peek on what I’m working on

    🖼-Image inspo, send me picture, gif, link, and I’ll write a lil blurb ( nsfw or sfw)

    💜-Get to know me- Ask away

    Last but not least: Shout-out to a few mutuals who you should most definitely go follow, shoo shoo, go do it:

    @wheelsupkels @ssamorganhotchner @ellcsgreenaway @xthexsupreme

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  • jareua
    05.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    tags iii

    “    .    jennifer jareau  ‚      boys  ‚  behave or i will ground you both      .

    #“    .    jennifer jareau  ‚      boys  ‚  behave or i will ground you both      .
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  • great-hair-and-a-tie
    05.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    criminal minds tag yourself meme. i’m ok google :) 

    are tag yourself memes old? maybe. do i care? no <3

    #criminal minds #criminal minds meme #sorry about the quality it should look better if you click it #derek morgan#penelope garcia#aaron hotchner#hotch#spencer reid#emily prentiss#jennifer jareau#jj#bau team #maybe i should make another with the other characters #tag yourself meme
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  • deadravenclaw
    05.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Emily: They say love is an uninvited guest.

    JJ: Is that why you broke into my house at 3am???

    #criminal minds #incorrect criminal minds #incorrect cm #cm incorrect quotes #incorrect criminal minds quotes #incorrect quotes#emily prentiss#jennifer jareau#jemily#incorrect jemily #right on queue
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  • jasperandgemma
    05.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I know the writers did us dirty so many times, but what I can’t forgive is the fact that fucking papa Rossi was the one talking to JJ about her coming back. Like, Hotch was fighting tooth and nail to keep her in the BAU and almost lost his job because of it, and you know he kept trying long after she was gone!! and then you make ROSSI get her back?!?! Show me where the logic is in that, bc I don’t see it...

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  • the-slytherin-dumbass
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    fruit salad, yummy yummy, fruit salad

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  • emilyparker79
    05.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Emily: Is now an appropriate time to stop working so we can make-out?

    JJ: …and I think if we can just —what?

    Emily: *bats eyelashes*

    JJ: leans in for a kiss

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  • emilyparker79
    05.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Morgan: What are you smilin’ bout princess?

    Emily: *smiles bigger*

    JJ: *smirks*

    Garcia: Ooo Em’s on to—

    JJ: finish that sentence and you’ll regret it!

    JJ: *she whispers* don’t worry baby, you’ll always be my top

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  • lifeisahellofathing
    05.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    The BAU + what they do when it rains

    Penelope: Drinks chocolate with marshmallows and cuddles up to watch a movie with someone she loves. Fuzzy socks, cozy pajamas, and a chick flick are her go-to rainy day remedy.

    Spencer: If he’s alone, he either reads a book or solves crossword puzzles, ideally by a fireplace if he can. Sometimes he’s the one watching movies with Penelope, in which case it’ll usually be a sci-fi marathon.

    Emily: Rain makes her pensive. She’ll either go for a walk or curl up in her window seat with Sergio, taking the time to think and reflect. It’s also a good time for her to block out distractions and get work done if she has any.

    Derek: Usually, a long run or workout. The weather doesn’t bother him at all, and he loves coming home soaking wet to a hot shower. Other times, he’ll work on one of his home renovation projects with the window open.

    Aaron: Sleeps. He’s from Seattle, so he never sleeps better than when it rains, and as soon as his head hits the pillow he’s like a baby. If he can, he’ll cancel his obligations, find the comfiest place to lie down, and just pass out.

    Rossi: 1) He cooks. Usually something warm and hearty, a favorite authentic Italian meal. 2) He writes. The sound of rain helps him focus and sort through his ideas, and he always finds it oddly comforting to just sit down and write.

    JJ: Can usually be found wearing cute rain boots and splashing around in puddles with her kids and husband. Her inner child comes out when it rains, and she loves making sure everyone is dressed warmly to go outside and eating grilled cheese sandwiches afterward.

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  • jammesbarnnes
    05.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Imagine asking J.J. out:


    "You don't have to say yes, I was just wondering y'know if you happened to be free Friday night, then maybe-" Shit. Shit. Shit. You should have planned this better. You had planned it better. You two were going to be alone, not at work, not in the middle of a case, not like this. The words had come out of your mouth before you could stop them. It was the first quiet moment you had together since the day started. You'd worked with J.J. forever it seems. You've liked her for just as long, but was always too scared to pursue anything further. Derek always joked you had good chemistry but you never wanted to get your hopes up She was always out of your league, at least that's what you thought. After Penelope gave you a pep-talk, you felt like you were on top of the world. Then you got your case, the hardest one yet, and you lost that confidence, in yourself and in solving this. It wasn't appropriate to ask like this, and if you could take the words back you would. She looked so startled, you were ready to be crushed by an impending rejection. Great, you think, you blew it. . . .

    "I would love to."

    #jennifer jareau #jennifer jareau imagine #jj#jj imagine#criminal minds #criminal minds imagine #bau#bau imagine#ennasfavorites
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  • spexialvixtimxunit
    05.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Getting Caught I Oral Sex

    Pairing: Jennifer Jareau

    Warning: Oral sex, flirting, slight Agoraphilia but getting caught.

    Length: Short

    Word Count: 395



    Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ

    You entered the room with a smirk. “I brought you something to eat.” You said seductively. “Okay, just put it right here on my desk.” Jennifer while still distracted from the files on her desk.

    You began to walk around her desk. You placed a hand on the case file she was writing on and closed it. She looked up at you.

    “What are you-“ Before she could finish, you took a seat on her desk in front of her, giving her seductive eyes. “Ohh, that’s what you meant.” She said while looking up at you.

    “Well in that case, I’m starving.” JJ said while pulling down your pants along with your underwear.


    You let put a moan while throwing you head back. Jennifer’s moan vibrated through your walks as she plunged her tongue in and out of you.

    “Oh baby, please don’t stop.” you moaned out while massaging your hand through her scalp, with the other supporting you from falling off the desk. You were currently sitting on her desk receiving some love.

    You both were really stressed from losing your only lead on the case which made everyone upset. You want to cheer JJ up with some ‘food’.

    ‘I’m going to go and get something for JJ’ you told the team. Well, you weren’t wrong, you did give something to her.

    “I’m so close.” You said with closed eyes while bitting your lip, pulling JJ in closer. “Cum for me.” Jennifer said in between of mixing her tongue in you.

    Soon after her movements you came. You were so wrapped up in your own thoughts you didn’t even hear the knock on the door. Before you noticed, a voice entered the room.

    “Hey, do you think that maybe-” Jennifer looked over at the door to see Emily clearly flushed for the lewd scene she was witnessing. She uickly turned around and rushed out of the room, closing the door behind her.

    “Mm that felt amazing.” You purred while look back down at JJ. “We just got caught.” You eyes widened from her statement . “W-What? Who just walked in?” You asked while getting a couple of napkins off of her desk and wiping yourself off.

    “Emily.” Jennifer replied. She quickly wiped her mouth and threw away the napkin. She got up and gave you a quick kiss before rushing out of the room to find Emily.

    Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ

    #criminal minds #criminal minds imagines #criminal minds fanfiction #criminal minds smut #jennifer jareau #jennifer jareau imagine #jennifer jareau x reader #jennifer jareau x female!reader #wlw imagine#smut#kinkmas
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  • spencer-reids-adventures
    05.12.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #cw homelessness #jennifer jj jareau #emily prentiss #maya writes more than 5 sentences
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