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    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    The team has to say goodbye to Carson again.

    #john sheppard#rodney mckay#ronon dex#carson beckett#jennifer keller#samantha carter #sga: the kindred #video edit #black and white #comic art style #This video was very complex #scifi.crime clips
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    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    I don't know if Jewel Staite just didn't like Jason Mamoa or David Hewlett, or if its just the Poor Het Romance Writing Curse of Sci Fi, but I just don't buy her romantic chemistry with either Ronon or McKay. I buy that Ronon likes her because Jason Mamoa does the heart eyes so well, but I don't really get it from McKay? I dunno, I liked McKay and Katie, so I don't know what is getting in the way

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    01.12.2021 - 1 week ago

    Jennifer and Teyla hiding from the Bola Kai in “Missing”.

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    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    𝚘𝚙𝚎𝚗: 𝚓𝚎𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚏𝚎𝚛 𝚔𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚛

    “ as your doctor i cannot support such a choice. ”    anything that means more harm than anything else doesn’t good to her.     “ as your friend, i still don’t think it is a good idea but i am a bit more supportive now. ”

    #* // open #𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐄 𝐎𝐅 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐆.     jennifer keller
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    10.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Radek, Jennifer and Elizabeth have joined the team.

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    07.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Initial SGA Thoughts:

    I'm getting close to finishing SG-1 season 7 (stuck on Heroes), which means that I'm almost at the point where I should start watching SGA too. So, I'm gonna jot down my initial thoughts on the show based off of what little exposure I've had so far. I think this would be cool to come back to after I've gotten more into the show. See how my view on the characters and the show will have changed over time.

    *Sorry this was supposed to be about SGA, but I mention SG-1 here A LOT*

    The Plot:

    I have no fuckin' clue what the hell this show is about lmao. I've seen lots of SGA posts on Tumblr, but I've never actually heard what the plot is?? I'm assuming that the plot will be something like: a select group of people from Earth go to Atlantis and explore the worlds of the Pegasus (?) Galaxy. They meet some aliens on the way that they befriend, and then they also have a Bad Guy Alien Race to fight off. I think they're called Wraiths or something? So basically I feel like the plots would be similar to SG-1, except there will probably be more creative freedom and less restrictions since we're working in a different galaxy here. I think the tone of the show will be kinda similar to the tone in SG-1 season 5. Kinda more towards the serious side, but with lots of bits of humor and friendship moments sprinkled in.

    Cast: (went on to the fandom wiki to get the names of the main cast)

    John Sheppard: I don't know why, but I feel like he's the baby of the group. I know he's the leader or whatever, but he just gives me baby vibes. Also, I feel like he's gonna be a boring, more serious version of Jack.

    Elizabeth Weir: Tbh she looks kinda boring?? But I feel like I'm gonna like her. I've seen her in a few scenes (interacting with Jack), and I kinda like her sassy energy. I think I might get attached to her, but I feel like she's gonna be bland as a character. Like her only character trait is gonna be girlboss or something lmao.

    Samantha Carter: Love of my life. Absolute queen. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Incredible. Stunning.

    Teyla Emmagan: I think this is the character I'm most looking forward to, mainly because I don't really know much about her, and she just looks kinda interesting idk. I feel like she's gonna be really serious and kinda boring most of the time, but she's gonna have a few really great moments that make me love her.

    Ronon Dex: I'm assuming he's the muscle of the group, kinda like Teal'c. I feel like his personality is way different from Teal'c's tho. Teal'c is more calm while this dude exudes chaotic bro energy. Y'know how Jack acts like a complete dumbass most of the time but has a few really serious moments to show that he's actually pretty smart and just like really traumatized? I feel like Ronon is gonna have that energy. He seems like a sweet dude, but I don't wanna see what he would be like when he's angry.

    Carson Beckett: I don't really have much thoughts on this dude. He just looks kinda nice and tame. He seems like the underappreciated guy of the group who's kinda socially awkward and whispers sassy little comments to himself.

    Jennifer Keller: Ngl I had to Google her to see what she looks like. I have no clue who this woman is, but I've seen her name pop up a few times. I think she's the Janet of SGA? I don't think anyone could ever top Janet in my heart, so I'm not really expecting much from her.

    Aiden Ford: I have never seen or heard of this man ever in my life. I have no clue who he is lmao.

    Richard Woolsey: I watched some scenes of one Atlantis episode bc Jack was in it, and Woolsey was with him like the entire time. I know the fandom kinda hates on Woolsey, but he honestly just seems so funny imo. Like,, his bitch energy is so incredible and I love it. Also, this is the same actor as The Doctor from Voyager, and I love The Doctor, so yeah I might be a little biased lol.

    Rodney McKay: Easily the worst part about watching SGA. I am NOT looking forward to watching him. I've heard from the fandom that he gets way better in SGA than he was in SG-1, but I just don't believe y'all??? He seems like a rat bastard. I know from SG-1 that he's like a tech guy, so I'm assuming he's the Sam of the SGA group, but I feel like he's gonna be kinda similar to Daniel? The whiny, annoying character who gets caught up in their tunnel vision. The show tries to act like they're all good and stuff, but they're actually pretty fucked up at times and deserve to be called out more. The problem with this is that I think it will really bother me with McKay. Daniel realllly bothers me, but I still love him, so I can't entirely hate him. But I don't think I'm gonna develop that same love for McKay, especially because I'm already starting off with the bad impression he left during those few SG-1 episodes he was in. Yeah... I don't think I'm gonna like this dude much....

    Overall: I honestly don't think I'll love these characters as much as I love SG-1. I don't think their bond will be as strong, and I don't think their chemistry will be as great as SG-1's. The characters seem kinda boring to be honest, and I don't think the plot of the show will be anything special either. But, I have heard lots of great things about SGA, and it seems like the majority of people actually do prefer SGA over SG-1, so I'm actually really looking forward to this show. Hopefully it'll live up to its hype lol.

    Predictions: I usually don't like the main main characters (Jack is a HUGE exception), but I feel like Sheppard is gonna be my favorite. I think I'll also really like Ronon and Teyla. I think the SGA crew will kinda follow SG-1's weird friendship thing. None of these characters on paper look like they would be friends, but they're actually somehow besties lol. All that being said tho, I don't think I'll like SGA over SG-1, and I definitely don't think I'll like the SGA characters over the SG-1 characters. Not because I don't think SGA will be good, but because I just love SG-1 too much. There's this weird bond that I feel towards SG-1, and they're just really special to me for some reason. I think it'll be pretty hard to beat them in my heart.

    I'm gonna come back to this post some time next year once I've actually watched the show. Let's see how much my view changes over a few months!

    #ngl i don't really think my thoughts will change that much after actually watching sga #i think i have a solid grasp on the show #kinda bland compared to my initial thoughts on sg1 #pls before i started watching sg1 i thought they were in spaceships and i thought jack was the serious boss dude 💀✋ #i didn't even know daniel and teal'c existed 💀💀 #i thought sg1 was gonna be a serious show lmaooooo #yeah my initial thoughts on sg1 were wayyyyyy off lol #i don't think my initial sga thoughts are gonna be that far-fetched tho #anyways hopefully i'll remember to come back to this in a few months #should i tag all the characters i mentioned?? #yeahhh i'm gonna do that #stargate atlantis#stargate sg1#john sheppard#elizabeth weir#teyla emmagan#ronon dex#carson beckett#jennifer keller#richard woolsey#rodney mckay #not tagging sam and aiden bc i didn't really say much about them
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  • rodneymckays
    27.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #ronon showing off those tracking/hunting skills #always a plus #especially when its a wasted effort and gives the ladies time to chat BAHAHA #jennifer keller#sga#asks
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  • kira-nerys-rocks
    25.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So I asked a question at the Stargate Atlantis group panel at FedCon and I asbolutely love their answers and will use them in fanfic...

    Thanks for recording it @stargatelov3r

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  • a-storm-of-roses
    16.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    October Fic Day 16: Spice

    Pairing: Jennifer Keller/Alicia Vega

    Rating: T

    Words: 994

    Summary: Jennifer's been avoiding Alicia, although she's not entirely sure why. Alicia knows the way to a basic girl's heart.

    Read on AO3 or below!

    It was late in the infirmary, and for once, mostly quiet. Only a few beds were occupied, and the patients were all stable and resting - a broken leg, a case of dehydration, and a very boring, but particularly stubborn instance of Earth flu.

    Jennifer was taking advantage of the lull to catch up on reports - if she knocked these out, she thought, she might even be able to devote a few hours to writing up some of the more interesting research on the Hoffan virus she’d completed recently. Technically her shift had ended half an hour before, but quiet moments were so rare, and Jennifer was used to pulling long hours. A ten hour shift? It had practically felt like a half day.

    With a long stretch, and an alarming cracking sound coming from her back, Jennifer yawned and made her way over to the coffee station. There were just the dregs left in the pot, and she frowned, wondering how to remind the medical staff to set a new pot without sounding like a passive aggressive bitch.

    “Looks like you could use this.” Jennifer yelped and startled, nearly knocking into the body behind her. She felt a hand steady her arm.

    “Woah, woah, hey there. Didn’t mean to startle you.” It was Alicia, looking fresh and well rested, despite it being nearly 0100 in the morning. She was dressed comfortably, in jeans and a flannel shirt, her hair pulled back into a bun, and she was holding out a travel mug.

    Jennifer accepted it tentatively, opening the top to give it a sniff. It smelled warm and sweet, and somewhat familiar, though she couldn’t immediately place it.

    “What’s this?” Jennifer asked.

    “It’s caffeinated. Taste it. See if you can guess?” Alicia bounced on the balls of her foot, and offered Jennifer a grin, her eyebrows raised in a dare.

    Jennifer took a tentative sip, and tasted a rush of warm spice, smooth coffee, and sweetness. She grinned at Alicia, before raising the mug to her lips for another long gulp.

    “How in the world did you manage to get me a pumpkin spice latte?” Alicia shrugged, took a step closer.

    “I made it. It tastes about right, doesn’t it? I had Mehra be my guinea pig - she’ll never admit it, but she loves the stuff as much as you do.”

    “You made this?” Jennifer asked through another sip. “It’s perfect.”

    She’d made one off-hand comment to Alicia, when they’d had that drink that may or may not have been a date, about missing fall on Earth. Pumpkin patches, apple cider donuts, the changing leaves, crisp morning walks, and yes, even pumpkin spice lattes. Jennifer might have been basic, but at least she was unapologetically basic.

    “So look, I was wondering if you might want to take a little walk with me? Get the blood pumping back to that big brain of yours?”

    Jennifer looked away, back to her office and her paperwork. “I don’t know - I was sort of on a roll, there’s some reports I really should get done.”

    “And they’ll still be here in a half hour. Come on, take a break, stretch your legs, enjoy your latte. You’ll be refreshed when you get back.” Alicia smiled at her, bright and encouraging, her hand reaching out to lightly touch Jennifer’s elbow.

    The truth was, Jennifer had been dodging Alicia since their drink. She couldn’t even begin to say why - it had been a good drink. They’d laughed and flirted, and Jennifer had liked Alicia’s directness, the way she worked to draw her out of her shell. But Jennifer had kept letting life and Atlantis get in the way of a second date. Maybe she wasn’t ready to make space for another person in her life, maybe she was overwhelmed by the attention she suddenly seemed to be receiving - Ronon, and Rodney, and now Alicia.

    Maybe she just wasn’t ready to be so unapologetically out. But Jennifer was braver these days - bolder, she thought.

    “Oh what the hell, sure. Let’s go.” Alicia grinned.

    Atlantis was quiet this time of night, just patrols and a few wild looking scientists scurrying about. Alicia steered them towards the closest transporters, and soon the doors were opening near the botany labs.

    The greenhouses were hot and humid, lush with green leaves and bright flowers. It was about as far from an autumnal walk as you could get, but Jennifer still enjoyed the sentiment. And Alicia had been right - it was good to move, to give her eyes a break from the computer screen.

    Jennifer tilted back the mug, chasing the dregs of the latte, and letting out a little groan of disappointment at the end of her drink.

    “Glad you like it so much,” Alicia bumped her shoulder.

    “Seriously, I can’t believe you made this. Was it hard?”

    “Nah, just some pureed pumpkin, espresso, milk, sugar, vanilla and spices. The blend of the spices was the hardest part - I had to try a few different proportions.”

    Jennifer paused, and Alicia stopped next to her. “You didn’t need to go through so much effort, I mean, you didn’t need to, like, perfect the recipe.”

    Alicia shrugged, “I like cooking. And besides, it was worth it. You liked it, didn’t you?”

    “Yeah, I did.” There was a pause, and then Alicia was leaning in closer, her hand on Jennifer’s arm, her eyes drifting from Jennifer’s own, down to her lips. She was telegraphing her movements, giving Jennifer every opportunity to pull away, but Jennifer found she didn’t want to. She leaned forward, pressed a soft, short kiss to Alicia’s lips.

    Alicia grinned, looking smug and cocky and self-sure, and Jennifer felt her stomach give a little flip. She blushed, and started walking again towards the ferns, Alicia catching up quickly.

    “So,” Jennifer cleared her throat. “You gonna give me the recipe?”

    Alicia reached out, squeezed her hand. “Nope. You want one, I’ll make it for you. Any time.”

    #Alicia's got game #More game than Ronon or Rodney #And there's nothing wrong with a seasonal latte #I actually don't particularly enjoy a PSL but I feel like Jennifer would #Jennifer Keller/Alicia Vega #stargate atlantis
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  • a-storm-of-roses
    05.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    For those who were liking the Jennifer/Teyla pairing earlier (@alienfuckeronmain @logicgunn @sparrowsarus and sorry if I missed others) may I highly recommend this fic I just read???

    It's very hot, Jennifer and Teyla are so perfectly in character and the author nailed the chemistry! It was a joy!

    #fic rec #seriously this is very sexy #and sweet and funny #teyla emmagen/jennifer keller #sga
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  • a-storm-of-roses
    05.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    October Fics Day 5: Baking

    Pairing: Teyla Emmagen/Jennifer Keller

    Rating: G

    Words: 2015

    Summary: Teyla is good at many things, but baking isn't one of them. Luckily, Jennifer knows a trick.

    A/N: Saw this prompt and HAD to make it about the two women who are canonically bad cooks!

    Read on AO3 or below!

    Teyla choked back a cough, as a cloud of flour rose up from the bowl. She stirred vigorously, but the mixture simply would not come together. And she was certain it wasn’t intended to look so chunky. Or so oily.

    “Whatcha up to?” Jennifer leaned comfortably against the entry to the kitchen, a Driffen apple in her hand, looking bemused and more than a little curious. She was dressed casually, in jeans and a loose shirt, and Teyla realized she must be taking advantage of a rare day off.

    With a sigh, Teyla wiped a hand across her forehead. It was only as she felt the drag of flour and grit across her skin, that she realized her error.

    “I am baking,” Teyla ground out. Fetching a rag to wipe her face. “Or, at least I am trying to.”

    Jennifer wandered over to the large, industrial counter where Teyla had been working. She peered over into the bowl, took one look at the contents and scrunched up her nose. Teyla would have found it cute, if she hadn’t been distracted by the annoyance and frustration of an hour wasted in the kitchen. She was hot, her arm was sore, and she was no closer to having created anything remotely resembling a cake.

    “Uh, what exactly are you trying to make here?” Jennifer asked. She could tell the doctor was schooling her tone, adopting that forced, cheery accent that sometimes drove Teyla up a wall. Rodney called it Midwest nice. John, in his weaker moments, called it fake.

    “A birthday cake for John. He does not particularly enjoy celebrations, but a cake seemed like a pleasant and simple tradition.”

    “And you didn’t just ask the kitchen staff?” Jennifer asked. She picked up the mixing spoon, abandoned in the bowl of batter. Slowly, she lifted it out, and made a face as the oily, chunky mix splattered back into the bowl.

    “I was under the impression that the cake was more meaningful when baked by a loved one.”

    “In that case, shouldn’t Rodney be making it?” Teyla shot Jennifer a look, and it seemed to serve her purpose, because she blushed and stammered out quickly, “Or Ronon, or maybe Major Lorne? You know,” she continued, regaining her equilibrium, “don’t let them convince you that you have to do the cooking, just because you’re a woman. It’s sexist and outdated.”

    Teyla sighed, and picked up the recipe again, smudging brown batter on the white paper.

    “Ronon was going to join me. He is actually quite a good cook and baker, and he received the recipe from Evan. But then he implied that I would not be capable of doing this on my own, when Evan specifically said this was an easy recipe, and so…”

    "So you got a bit competitive.” Jennifer smiled, real and easy, and Teyla felt some of the tension drain from her shoulders. “But I still don’t understand why you didn’t just use an Athosian recipe. Surely that would have been more familiar.”

    Teyla shook her head, and picked up the bowl again, futilely attempting to stir the batter into submission.

    “I’m afraid I am not a terribly accomplished baker, regardless of the recipe’s origins. My tuun bread was always too flat, and a bit hard. And at least I have access to the ingredients for this recipe.”

    Jennifer hummed in agreement, before leaning forward on the counter, careful to avoid the stray flour and batter, and watching Teyla stir vigorously a few moments longer.

    “I don’t think that’s how it’s meant to look.”

    “I am aware of that,” Teyla snapped. Jennifer straightened up, her lips tugged down in a frown. Teyla sighed and placed the bowl on the counter, rubbing firmly at her temples. “I apologize, Jennifer, cooking always brings out the worst in me. It is not my strong suit.”

    Jennifer brightened a bit.

    “I have an idea, let me just see…” Jennifer made her way to one of the pantries, and crouched down, digging on one of the lower back shelves. She moved boxes, shifted tins, until she reemerged, looking triumphant and holding a small, cardboard box.

    “Here! I thought we might still have some left over.” She presented the box to Teyla as though it were a prize, and looked so pleased with herself, so eager for Teyla’s approval. Teyla took the box and examined it more closely. The front displayed an image of a cake, and the back was covered with simple, short instructions.

    “What is this?” Teyla asked.

    Jennifer’s smile never faltered. “Boxed cake mix. A culinarily-challenged Midwestern girl’s best friend.”

    Moving to the cabinets and pulling down a fresh bowl, Jennifer then rifled through the shelved ingredients, placing a bottle of cooking oil and some eggs on the counter.

    “All you do is pour the mix in the bowl, add some oil, water and eggs, and pop it into the oven! I suppose not-chicken eggs will work just as well.”

    Teyla eyed the collection of items warily. She was not usually one to take a shortcut, especially when it came to her friends, but then again, she also wasn’t one to bake.

    “I could help?” Jennifer offered, clearly misinterpreting her silence for trepidation. It had sounded simple enough, she didn’t think she particularly needed the other woman’s help, but then again, Evan’s recipe had also sounded simple.

    “That would be very appreciated, thank you Jennifer,” Teyla offered warmly. Jennifer beamed.

    “Great! Why don’t I measure the oil, and you crack the eggs. That’s the hardest part, anyhow.”

    They worked silently and companionably, Jennifer pouring the mix into the bowl, adding the oil, before Teyla added the eggs and the water. Before Teyla could reach the bowl, Jennifer had it in her arms, stirring slowly and steadily.

    “Figured your arms could use the break,” she said, looking pointedly over at the bowl where Teyla’s first attempt sat congealing.

    “Thank you.”

    For a moment the kitchen was silent, the only noise the quiet squelch of Jennifer stirring the batter.

    Teyla would be the first to admit that she had spent little time with Jennifer, especially following their disastrous mission to New Athos. It wasn’t that Teyla disliked her - there were very few people out there that Teyla truly disliked - but the doctor tested her patience at times. She was too soft, too naive for life here, it seemed. Too earnest, and too kind. She worried that one day the lovely doctor would go off-world, and would not return.

    But as she watched Jennifer pour the batter into the cake tins, and pop them into the oven, she wondered if perhaps a bit of softness was not always a bad thing.

    “Think we can toss this, then?” Jennifer asked, holding the bowl of chunky batter.

    “Yes,” Teyla laughed, “I believe we can.” They moved in tandem, cleaning the used dishes and wiping down the counters, before Teyla grabbed a broom to sweep the spilled flour from the floor.

    Jennifer leaned back against the counter and watched her, her gaze direct and focussed. Teyla was certain the other woman had never looked at her like this before, but she found, surprisingly, it was not unwelcome. Teyla met her gaze in return, and smiled, laughing a bit, as Jennifer’s eyes widened and looked away.

    “So,” Teyla began, “you have done this before?”

    “I- um, what exactly-”

    “Made cake from a box?” Teyla took mercy on her.

    “Oh,” Jennifer blushed. “Right. Yeah, I used to be in a lot of activities when I was younger. Girl Scouts, debating. Swim team, for a bit. I was always ahead of the class, and my parents thought it would be a good way for me to meet other kids my own age, you know, acclimate socially.

    “Anyways, these activities always had a lot of bake sales. Um, where you bake things and sell them to raise money for the club? We all had to bring something. My mom was a great baker - she used to make the best cupcakes. But after she died, I had to figure something out. I tried making a couple of her recipes, but they never really turned out right. That’s when Betty Crocker and I became BFFs.”

    Teyla felt a sudden pang of her own grief.

    “Your father did not bake?”

    “No, I come from a pretty conservative area. It was enough that he took over making all of our meals, I couldn’t ask him to make me a devil’s food cake for my debate tournament too.”

    Jennifer busied herself checking the cake, showing Teyla the clean toothpick and bringing it out of the oven to cool. The two round cakes were golden yellow, edging into a bit browned at the edges. They looked not unlike the cake the mess served on special occasions. Teyla was just relieved to see that they appeared edible.

    “We’ll need to wait a bit before we can frost it.”

    Teyla sat on one of the high stools, and regarded Jennifer closely. After a moment, she spoke.

    “I lost my mother when I was quite young as well. No one ever quite made fried melo like her. I tried to get it right, for many years, but even the best cooks in our settlement never came close.”

    “You miss her,” Jennifer stated, leaning over and placing her hand on Teyla’s. Her palm was warm, a bit damp, but soft. Teyla nodded. “I miss mine too. I don’t think it ever goes away.”

    For a moment, Teyla considered leaning in. Brushing the hair that had fallen loose from Jennifer’s ponytail back, swiping her thumb across a smooth cheek.

    But then, Jennifer pulled her hand away, cleared her throat and stood.

    “I think we can frost it now.”

    “Do we need to make the frosting, or does that also come in a box?”

    “Even better,” Jennifer responded, placing two small containers on the counter. “It comes in a tub.”

    They each took one cake, Jennifer showing her how to spread the frosting evenly, without causing the cake to crumble. Finally, carefully, Teyla lifted one layer on top of the other, smoothing down the frosting covering the sides.

    “It looks great! I’m sure John will love it.”

    “I just hope it tastes alright,” Teyla laughed.

    Jennifer grinned at her, happy and relaxed. Even more hair had fallen out of her ponytail, and ridiculously, there was a smudge of frosting across her cheek. She looked messy, not at all like her normal, put-together self, and Teyla was surprised to find it endearing.

    “Here, you have a bit of-” Teyla reached out, and wiped the frosting from her face. Almost instinctively, she popped her finger in her mouth, licking the sweetness from her own skin. Jennifer’s pupils dilated.

    “How’s- um- how’s it taste?” She asked, voice just a touch breathy.

    “Delicious,” Teyla answered, her eyes never breaking contact. “Perhaps you should try some.”

    It was a challenge. Jennifer could take the risk, take what Teyla was offering. Or she could pretend she didn’t understand, pretend she wasn’t feeling this thing thrumming between the two of them.

    Jennifer’s eyes dropped down to her lips, and her hand settled on Teyla’s arm, before she moved closer, leaning in to gently kiss her, barely a brush, before pulling away.

    “Was that alright?” She asked, uncertain, her hand still gripping Teyla’s bicep with more force than she would have expected.

    “Yes, but I don’t believe you got to sample the frosting.” Teyla swiped her finger across the base of the cake, before sucking it into her mouth, making a little show of licking the excess frosting off. It was ridiculous, she knew it, but it had the desired effect, Jennifer pulling her in close and kissing her again, this time with a confident heat, her tongue venturing out to pull the sweetness from Teyla’s own mouth.

    They kissed for long minutes, before breathless, Teyla finally pulled away.

    “I believe I have found something pleasurable about baking after all.”

    Jennifer laughed. “Just wait til I show you what I can do with a roll of cookie dough.”

    #This is cliched and I love it #Also took some liberties in describing the frosting process #I swear I know how to frost cake #Teyla Emmagen/Jennifer Keller #teyla emmagan#jennifer keller #this pairing is actually great tho #stargate atlantis
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