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    ⌗ jeno layouts — like/reblog if save/use <3

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    I got my hello future albums today!!!! ☮🌈🌸

    #i got a lot of renjuns i am happy t.t #also i am such a magnet for jisung and jeno and i am not complaining #nct dream #nct dream hello future #neona!talks
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    ⸻ 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐘𝐨𝐮

    ❝And there's nothing I, nothing I, I can do I'm stuck with you, stuck with you, stuck with you❞

    Listen to → 'stuck with you' by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber

    P : Jeno x Fem!reader | G : arranged marriage au, enemies to lovers au | W : none | WC : 0.5 k

    Synopsis : You and your forever enemy!Jeno are arranged to get married against both of your wills and Jeno comes up with a plan to cancel it.

    "i really don't want to get married to you" the boy beside you stated. "as I want to really get married to you" you rolled your eyes on him. "hey you know, i have plan to cancel this marriage" he exclaimed

    "and I strongly believe that this plan of yours won't work just like the other ones"

    "hey c'mon this might work! do you want to get married to me that bad?"

    "no ew" you stuck out your tongue, as a disgusted look took over your face.

    "then listen"

    you sighed out, slightly nodding "so what is your 'genius' plan?"you sarcastically said.

    "okay when my parents arrive say this" he cleared his throat before continuing,

    "I want a big diamond ring or else I won't marry your son" he said in a high pitched voice, trying his best to imitate your voice.

    "hey first of all I don't sound like that" you hit his hands

    "and second what are you trying to do? frame me as gold digger?" "just do it" he covered his ears, not wanting to hear your protests.

    You were a bit too used to this.

    "sorry we got stuck in the traffic" The sudden voice caught the both of you of guard.

    the both of you drifted your eyes to see Jeno's parents.

    You fixed your posture, flattening your red dress with your hands before greeting the both of them with your usual sweet smile.

    "so y/n, we actually called you here today to finalize the date of the wedding ceremony" Mrs Lee stated and to her response you just nodded.

    "so" she took a glance at her husband who simply nodded at her to continue "how about next week?"

    "next week? that's too early mom" Jeno protested furiously only to receive a scolding.

    "as long as I can remember I wasn't quite asking you" Mrs lee said making Jeno immediately shut his mouth.

    "so y/n, do you have any problem?"

    Jeno kicked your legs under the table, indicating you to follow his plan.

    "I want a big diamond ring or else i won't marry your son" you boldly said as told, only to hide your face from the embarrassment when realization hit a few seconds later.

    The odd silence of the room killing you inside and just as you lifted up your head to apologize Jeno's mom spoke up

    "of-course, that isn't the problem" she said with a big smile plastered on her face.

    "but mom-"

    "no buts jeno lee, and it's fixed then" she exclaimed happily

    oh - You were stuck with him, and there's nothing you can do.

    Taglist : @bluejaem @jaemotel @jakefilms @zhongwrld @yokshi-unbeliebubble @shotarology @yutabell @sweetylele @nayutata @mieohmy @cherry-bushes @alaeddis @skrtbabe @angelcob @yukh3ic0re @tinysushimark @ahsshilee-me @gguks-kookie @jenoly-simp (send an ask or dm to be added)

    networks : @neoturtles @ficscafe @multifandomnet @ankathi-a @lovesick-net

    A/N : Feel free to leave your feedback on this. Thank you for reading, have a good day - Rose ❀ yeonnmin

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    ridin era jaemin been on my mind

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    05.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Sooo another thought 💭-

    a cute shy pink haired Jeno, a student you have a few classes with in college. He's such a teacher's pet with amazing grades overall. Wears cute round glasses with his hair down covering his forehead. He looks adorable.

    Sure everyone knows he's very shy and adorable but you on the other hand have had your perspective of him change completely after the last encounter.

    He knew you had a crush on him, so it was a perfect opportunity for him to tutor you, just you two alone.

    In private he wasn't the same shy linked haired Jeno. He was extremely sexy. He was rough when he had his hands on you, rough but loving in a way.

    The flashbacks from last night makes your cheeks burn red.


    "J-jen I'm so close please don't s-stop" you say breathlessly on the verge of tears from how good he feels in you.

    "mmhm are you baby? can you handle a little more for me?" he says, leaving kisses on your neck that are light and gentle compared to his hard thrust. You give a quick nod.

    He speeds it up a little this time, if that's even possible, the grip on the back of your thighs getting stronger holding you in place to take everything he gives you.

    You cry out his name, chanting it just a few as your back rises from the bed under you. Quickly you wrap your arms around his neck sobbing a little.

    "you're so pretty like this, my little princess always does so well.. does she?" He thrust get a little sloppy now, he's close as well.

    "yes y-yes I always do good f-for you.."

    The two of you kiss one last time, sloppily, messily as you chase your highs together. Reaching at just the same time staying in that position for a few seconds more.


    Let me know how this is!! I enjoy lots of feedback (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

    #nct smut#jeno #nct dream smut #jeno smut #nct hard hours #jeno scenarios#jeno imagines #lee jeno smut #nct jeno smut
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    Books and Mechanics

    Jeno x Fem Reader

    Genre: Fluff

    Word Count: 4.6k

    Summary: Lee Jeno lives an ordinary life as the third AI of the NCT Dream Lab. He works as a mechanic and in his spare time makes designs for cars. He meets you, the cute owner of the bookstore from across the street and realizes his chest sparks after meeting you for the first time. 

    Note: AI collab by @pastelsicheng. ah...to be young and in love and imagine cute mechanic jeno...this is just fluff. literally.



    AI: Jeno Lee

    Created: April 23 2000

    Age: 5

    Lab: NCT Dream 

    “Do you think they will succeed?” A response came with a little happy lilt to it.

    “I am absolutely confident that they will. We have had the most intelligent scientists working on them. And it has been five years. They have been doing well while we watched them.”

    “Oh I know, it's just…”

    “Taeyong, it’s okay that you feel a sentimental attachment to them. But this is what we created them for. And besides you’ll be able to see them.” Taeyong didn’t respond walking over to where the seven boys were lined up in chairs. 

    “Let’s start Taeyong.” 

    “Yes Doyoung.” The two boys headed towards the NCT Dream AI’s and initiated the protocol. Doyoung smiled at the first boy.

    Jeno Lee had opened his eyes.



    Little whirls of machinery were the only sounds that the boy had known growing up. A room of monotone colors, dark gray, light gray, white. Long tables full of scattered papers, wires, tools, and more. It was a sight he had gotten used to. A sight that was embedded in his mind. 

    He didn’t mind it however. His emotions were still progressing, although a tad faster than the other boys but they were growing nonetheless. The little boy would flip through millions of movies, shows, and read books. Although he preferred to cheat when it came to the assessments, he tried his best to take his time and read the entirety of the books assigned to him. 

    Even though his emotions were developing he found himself looking at cars, trying to play with them, and most of all, understand their mechanics. How were the wheels connected to the car? What were the parts of the engines? What was under the list of maintenance requirements? How long before the car needed an oil change? Maybe it was because he understood what it... felt like. Did it feel like anything? In a manner of speaking, he would say that it was like getting sick. A person feels down or bad but with help and proper care they function again. Or well... feel better. 

    There were others like him. Those who understood him even though they could not express much. But they were all growing to, developing just like him. Looking at his own reflection everywhere in the room; he stared at his features often. Too short to reach everything that was set on the table but tall enough to fit in his room. His room. He understood that one’s bedroom was personal, something that defines one's self in some ways. He wondered if his room defined him at all. The only things he truly chose to have in his room were his cars. In fact, everything was designed with cars. The rug, blanket, bed, toys, and even some of his clothes. 

    He remembers his room clearly, laying in bed, and waiting for the adults to come in and talk to him. He was very smart for a boy his age. Of course. He had even garnered the affection of one of the adults who was the most strict. He would pat his little head, talk to him, play with him, and try to answer all his questions. A little boy like him should have known all the answers to the questions he asked. They were kind of easy and logical in theory. But he didn’t.

    Emotions weren't his best subject.



    The boy, in a manner of speaking, had grown up into a young man. Tall and extremely handsome. His features were so delicately chosen. His emotions had finally developed. He understood why emotions were so important. They defined a great deal of who he was. He found himself genuinely enjoying things. He was even more attracted to cars and decided he’d be a mechanic. He’d also decided he’d like to make designs for cars. Jeno had found something he loved.



    Jeno opened his eyes, taking a moment to fully awaken. He reached over his head, pulling the cord that was attached to his neck. He rose to his feet and came in contact with the floor. He was moving, going towards his closet and looking for his working clothes. 

    The weather forecast for today is looking good. Low winds and sunny weather.

    The traffic is slow this morning. I’ll take my bike. 

    Looking into the mirror, Jeno checks his appearance. He adjusts his shirt, runs his hands through his hair and takes a deep breath. 

    There was no need for him to do anything else so he made his way to the front door. He grabbed his keys and put them in his pocket as well as his phone and wallet. He crouched down to grab at his shoes and tie the laces neatly. Standing up straight again he opened the door to take his bicycle from the mount he placed it on. Closing the door behind him Jeno turned and started to make his way to work.

    Jeno went through the motions of his day to day work schedule. He found it to be fun and enjoyed every part of it. Jeno happened to land a job at a small mechanic shop. He showed to be very smart and extremely knowledgeable on cars. More than the owner himself. He was quick and knew exactly how to fix any problem. He was an honest young man doing honest work. It was the reason many of the clients recommended him. He didn’t cheat people out of their money. And he was always quite the gentleman, anyone would swoon and fawn over Jeno. The gentle and kind soul he was.

    Arriving at the shop he looped his leg to the other side of the bike, quickly landing in a walking motion. A smile graced his face as he saw Mr. Moon. 

    “Good morning Mr. Moon, how are you?” 

    “Jeno, stop calling me that. You make me feel old.” Jeno just smiled.

    “I’m serious Jeno, just call me Taeil. Have you a good night’s rest?” 

    Now Taeil had been very kind when Jeno first introduced himself and asked him if he was hiring. He couldn’t help wondering how a young boy like him had come looking for work at a small mechanics shop. He looked like he belonged at college, studying his night away in hopes of doing something great in the future. But Jeno was very adamant on working as a mechanic. Taeil learned that Jeno was by far the most intelligent person he had ever come across. 

    He gave Jeno the job after testing his abilities. Jeno didn’t have a resume but he was really good at keeping one’s attention. In part, he was grateful for that seeing how his little business started to thrive. But of course, it was hard to hide who or what he was. Taeil had offered countless times to dinner, breakfast, lunch, or simply offering him a snack. But Jeno couldn’t accept those things. Eventually, he deemed that Taeil was a good person and came clean with what he was. 

    Taeil had been shocked to say the least. But Jeno was prepared. He offered him the references of his lab and Taeil being a little surprised actually called. His curiosity was great. He wondered how he’d have come across such a being. But it made sense he guessed. Jeno never ate or drank, he never got tired, he didn’t even break a sweat. He was perfect, except for his dirtied hands. 

    “I did. I knew that traffic was slow so I decided to take my bike this morning.” Taeil snorted.

    “You biked all the way from the other side of town here, why am I not surprised?” Jeno just flashed him his cute Samoyed smile.

    “How’s work looking today?” 

    “Slow. There’s not much. Just a few things that need to be changed. You have an appointment for this afternoon. A girl called saying she was going to drop her car off because she’s been having a few problems but she doesn’t know anything about cars.”

    “Sounds good.”

    “Yeah of course it does, you’re true love is machinery. Get to work.” Taeil turned and headed towards the garage. Jeno could see from afar the cup of coffee he had gotten for himself. It was his little energizer drink. Not that he really needed it, thought Jeno, he was quite energetic as it was.


    Jeno was buried in his work. Trying to assess the problems in the engine when he heard a car enter and park. He peeked his head out from behind the hood and saw you stepping out of your car. Jeno stepped out from behind the hood and greeted you. He smiled at how cutely you turned to his voice.

    “Good afternoon, are you the one who called in yesterday?” 

    “Oh uh yes that would be me.” You didn’t know how to properly react, surprised at the cute boy who was now in your view. His hair was raven black, his bangs almost covering his eyes. His eyes turned into cute crescents every time his lips perked up into a smile. The young man was tall and seemed to be between very built but delicately sculpted. His waist was by far the nicest waist you’ve ever seen in a boy not that you were staring or anything. The thought made you turn pink, a little disturbed at how the thought invaded your mind. Looking back into his eyes, you noticed his head tilted to one side as if questioning.

    “So what problems are you having with your car?” 

    “O-oh, uh well...the tires here keep running out of air so I think I need a tire change. And the light for maintenance has turned on. Also, I’ve been meaning to change the system for the ignition. I want to get a key that turns the car on by a press of the button. Would that be possible? I’m not really sure how these things work...”

    “Yes of course, I can get started on the other things but for the key I’ll have to make an order. It should be ready in an hour because I’m taking care of something now.” 

    “O-oh uh well I actually work across the street. So I’ll be there. When you’re finished though I can come and take the car so I can park elsewhere.” Jeno smiled at you. Damn that smile.

    “Okay, your name?”


    “Well Y/N, it’s very nice to meet you. I’m Jeno.”

    “Nice to meet you Jeno, well I’ll be back in a bit I guess.” And with that you grip your books closer to your chest and the little pink flush never leaves your face. Jeno notices this, thinking that the color looks adorable on your face. You were exhibiting signs of shyness, something he’s used to witnessing. 


    God did you want to slam your head into the bookcase in front of you. You did not fall for boys. At least...not that easily. You were so used to the boys in your books and fairy tales that you blamed them for your high expectations. Terrible really because all you managed to do was place yourself out of the dating market. 

    You weren’t expecting to see that boy. The boy with the cute crescent eyes and Samoyed smile. He really did remind you of your best friend Mark’s Samoyed puppy. You were going to have to tell Mark about your little problem or keeping it to yourself would end up killing you. 

    You cursed your shyness, it only attacked at the most inconvenient times. Inconvenient would be the cute mechanic boy that works across the bookstore. You wondered how you never noticed him but remembered what Mark once said to you, “You only keep your head up when you need to see in front of you otherwise your head is always buried deep into whatever book you're reading.”

    He earned a smack to the shoulder with the book you had that day. Demian by Herman Hesse. You always remember your greatest books turned weapons. 

    I can still see his face damn it. You were in the middle of restocking some books when you felt a tap on your shoulder. Three rapid taps. 

    “Good morning Mark.”

    “Good morning Y/N, what are you restocking now?”

    “Some teen novels. Shouldn’t you be at school?”

    “Eh, I already handed in my final project so I decided not to show up for the last class.”

    “Oo, how’d it go for your project? And also I don’t condone skipping.” Mark just chuckled.

    “I made an entire album of 12 songs. It was exciting and just listening to it I think I could’ve cried. At least a tear or two.”

    “You would’ve short-circuited.” At this you received a playful push.

    “Don’t make fun of me, I thought we were friends.” 

    “Mm we are best friends, excuse you, that’s why I make fun of you. Also, I want to listen to the album. I’m surprised you didn't let me hear any of the demo’s. That’s just heartbreaking.” Moving the cart, you made your way to the next section. Looking at the book you chuckled. Mechanics and Cars. 

    “You will listen to it when you’re on break. I was just really in my headspace when making this so I didn’t show it to anyone. But besides my professor, you will be the first friend to listen to it.” You turned to him, a mocking smile on your face.

    “Mark, you don’t have any friends.”

    “Hey! That’s not true! I have plenty of friends actually.”

    “Oh yeah, then name them.”

    “Fine! Taeyong and Doyoung-”

    “Mark, they're like your parents. They created you. I mean friends your age.” Mark blushed.

    “Renjun, Haechan, Jaemin, Jeno, Chenle, and Jisung. They are all my friends.” 

    “Let me guess, they are the other AI’s?”

    “They are but we are friends. We get along very well and no we weren’t programmed for that. Our emotions developed.” 

    “Yeah yeah yeah. Anyways, oh I have to tell you something or it’s going to bug me the whole day. So I took my car to the mechanic across the street-”

    “I could’ve fixed your car Y/N. I am literally an AI.”

    “Mark, your focus is music not cars. Don’t worry about it. Anyways, I take it to the mechanic and guess what I see?”

    “You see some dude covered in oil with a jumper?”

    “Mark no! I saw a really really cute boy. He looked my age! And you know what, when he smiles he looks like your Samoyed puppy. He’s absolutely adorable. And he’s got the nicest waist I have ever seen which I admire and envy at the same time.”

    “Ah, and then you had a mental breakdown and started stuttering. And that was oddly specific.” You frowned disapprovingly. 

    “I hate you.”

    “So cute mechanic boy smiles like a puppy and his eyes turn into crescents? Oh, and he’s got a waist to die for?” You nodded happily.

    “Lee Jeno.” You freeze, book in hand.

    “W-what? You know him!?” Mark only smiles.

    “Did you not hear when I named my friends?”

    “It was just a bunch of names smushed together. I heard a few J’s. Wait...so that means Jeno is an AI?” Mark nods and you deflate. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Mark.

    “Y/N, you can still approach him. There’s no problem in liking one of us. We’ve been out for five years now and honestly we’ve learned a lot. We’ve adapted really well. We’re the closest to what humans are like.”

    “I-I don’t know. I mean I’ve known you for almost three years now and honestly I don’t constantly remind myself about that. It’s just...wow...what if he isn’t interested? He’s way too handsome and I’m not that high up in the pretty area.”

    “Y/N, you’re a beautiful person inside and out. And besides, Jeno isn’t superficial. Just talk to him. He’s basically all you want in a guy. One of your characters comes to life.” You flush red immediately. Jeno seemed to be what you looked for with your high expectations but it was one thing imagining a relationship and then actually acting upon it. 


    You show up at the shop during your lunch break. Mark protested, faking hurt as you chose Jeno over his twelve songs. He gave you a thumbs up and some encouraging words either way. 

    Ok you just need to ask if the car’s ready, no big deal. You see your car parked in the same place you left it. When you turn your head you see Jeno closing the hood of another car and his eyes meet yours.

    Nope nope. He smiles at you and you clutch onto your books for comfort. He walked towards you and you can’t help the unevenness of your breathing. 

    “Hi, you’re back.” Jeno tilts his head. 

    “Yeah, I mean I do work here.” Your face fell and Jeno felt a laugh bubble through. 

    “I’m sorry I saw the opportunity and I took it." 

    "It's okay I-I mean it was my-my fault. U-uhm.." 

    "Don't worry. I rather your adorable stuttering and mix up than the girls who have tried flirting with me.” Jeno didn’t think he could ever watch a person combust in their place but you seemed to be as red as a cherry. 

    “O-oh...uh well I’m definitely not here to flirt with you. I wouldn’t even be g-good with that...uhm so is the car ready?” Jeno nods. He feels a little spark in his chest and wonders why he perceives it as something heavy.

    “Yup, everything’s done. As for the key, it can be used for your car. I just need to order it and make the changes. Although it is pricey. About $500 to $600.” A gasp escapes your lips.

    “For a little remote control? That’s enough money to feed me for six months if not more.” Jeno chuckles. Yup, you’re definitely adorable.

    “Yeah, I understand.”

    “Okay, I’ll uh probably do it but in the future then. I’m not sure when but I need to gather that money so I can pay you.”

    “Of course. Just come in and I’ll give you the bill for today’s stuff.” You followed Jeno in. You told yourself to say something but when Jeno shared the little everyone flirts with me news you felt a little pang in your chest. Jeno would just see you as the many girls that are looking to be his girlfriend and you didn’t want that. So you paid him, thanked him and left.

    “Have a nice day!” you thanked him quietly and turned to leave. Unbeknownst to you Jeno stared at your leaving form. 

    “Has Lee Jeno finally been charmed by someone that isn’t a machine?” he hears Taeil ask. He knew he was standing in the doorway to his office.

    “Mechanics and Cars...it’s a good book.” 


    “So what you’re telling me is that you completely failed to talk to him?” You nodded, sadness in your eyes.

    “Well that’s nothing new.”

    “Hey! You know what I’m hanging up, I have books to sell.”

    “Correction: to read and fawn ove-” You hung up the phone. Mark was only good for messing with you and today you weren’t having it. The plan to talk to Jeno that had taken place yesterday went up in flames. Just as you expected. Life was cruel. Why couldn’t you just find your soulmate? You just wanted to cuddle at home with someone and read them a book. Looking at you lovingly. Holding their hand, running your hand through their hair...

    “Excuse me miss?” You snap out of your thoughts.

    “Hi yes can I help you-Jeno?” A smile greets you. That beautiful, adorable and sweet smile.

    “Hi, Y/N how are you?” You straighten up.

    “I’m doing fine h-how are you?” 

    “I’m doing good. I’m on my lunch break. I actually wanted to ask, if there is a section on cars?”

    “Y-yeah, it’s uh down that aisle right there.” You pointed to the aisle that was behind him. He turned back to you with a thanks on his lips and a little turn. The universe wanted to curse you. Tempt you with something you could never have. And you did what you never did before. You let your head fall on the Pride and Prejudice novel that lay in front of you. 

    You didn’t see Jeno look over at you, a grin growing into a full blown smile. He kept going through the books in the aisle, his fingers brushing against the binding but his eyes searching for you. He held in the chuckle that wanted to erupt, as he watched your head rest on the book. 


    Every time Jeno had his lunch break, he crossed the street. A little smile lingered on his face when he would open the door and see you adjusting the books on the shelf or working behind the register. On his way to the engineering section he would say good morning to you, relishing at the sight of how you smiled brightly at him. He thought this is what it must feel like to fall in love. It was strange. It was like nice tingling sparks in his chest. He’d try to take little peaks at you, noticing how you looked around, your eyes trying to find him.

    Never in your life would you have ever thought that you’d come to have a budding romance with the cute mechanic boy from across the street. Love seemed like something from fairy tales and books. You were happy reading about them, even if some were quite heart-wrenching. You never truly forgave Leigh Bardugo for the story of her star crossed lovers. But reading about them felt safe. Actually living it was exhilarating. 

    Sometimes Jeno would strike up a conversation with you. Asking about your likes and dislikes. He’d bring you a cup of coffee and your favorite pastry. He’d even recommend books which took you by surprise. Who knew Jeno had a thing for books? One day he’d tell you about the Caraval series and the next he went on about the Greek myths of Daphne and Apollo or of Odysseus and Penelope. It enamored you even more. 

    Jeno didn’t only have a knack for cars but he enjoyed reading and you could talk to him for hours if possible. 

    “Ok, but Nina’s change in powers? She’s drop dead gorgeous...wait…” Jeno laughs.

    “I think you should have chosen your words differently. But I do agree. Nina is gorgeous. She’s such a powerful character and I have respect for her. She deserved better though.”

    “Oh my god don’t even get me started I will start crying right now.”

    “I know. Uhm, Y/N, I wanted to ask you something.” Jeno looks at you while you place the books on the shelf. 

    “What’s up?”

    “It’s a serious question.” You stop for a moment and look at Jeno.

    “Is there something wrong?”

    “No, I was just wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?” Your mind short-circuited and your heart flipped a few times. 

    “A-a date?”

    “Yeah, there’s a nice café with live music and a book section. I thought of you and I was wondering if you would like to go with me.” There’s flares of pink and red painting both your faces, more on you than Jeno. There’s also a lot of nervous tapping at the books in your hands, a reaction Jeno is aware of.

    You look down to the books in your hands, a small smile growing. 

    “I would love to go on a date with you Jeno.” 


    Jeno finally gathered the courage to ask you on a date. Was it hard? The answer one would expect was no because he’s Jeno. He’s an AI and confidence should’ve been his middle name. But his heart did those strange little spark things that he wanted to keep feeling. And he really wanted you to say yes so he started to feel nervous. His anxiety flew through the roof the first few weeks he walked over to your book store. 

    But then he started gaining some confidence. And he kept going over to see you during his lunch break. He did notice your change in attitude when you would blush, smile more frequently, and got clumsier. It was funny. One moment you would be organizing the books nicely and the next you were dropping them when he would show up next to you. 

    Jeno had been meaning to ask you on a date and he finally did. The Moon Cafe had just opened a few weeks ago. He saw that there were local bands playing and that they had poetry readings on certain nights. There was also an area connected to the café where there were a small book selection. 

    It was five o clock on a Sunday when Jeno picked you up in front of your house. He had previously mentioned that the café was nearby and you two could walk there if you’d like. 

    “You look drop dead gorgeous.” You would have fallen to the ground if you could.

    “I see you remember what I said about Nina.”

    “Nina is gorgeous like that but she’s someone else’s type.”

    “Wh-what, I- where do you get all this confidence? I can barely keep myself normal when I’m around you…” you look down, realizing the fault in your words. But Jeno speaks with a happy lull in his voice. Something so smooth and gentle it almost has you swaying in your spot.

    “It seems like some of my confidence has rubbed off. Let’s go, I want to invite you to the best coffee in town.” 

    Jeno held your hand, just like you wanted. Just like you dreamed.


    Jeno ended up kissing you after five dates. It could have happened sooner but Jeno liked taking things slow and you respected that. It made you fall even harder. He was the gentleman that everyone knew him to be. But having to experience it up close was completely different. It was after a few months of dating that Jeno decided to come clean.

    “Love, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

    “That’s your ‘I have something serious to tell you’ voice” you said with curiosity laced in your voice. Jeno seemed to be more nervous than you’ve ever seen him. You reached to hold his hand and he gave a gentle squeeze.

    “Promise you won’t freak out? No matter what?” You smile.

    “I promise.”

    “Okay,” Jeno takes a deep breath, “so I told you I’m from Seoul but I haven’t specified anything. Not having parents and all. It’s for a special reason. Something I didn’t know if I could tell you and you’d understand. I want to be completely honest because I truly do love you.”

    “It’s okay Jeno, you can tell me.”

    “I’m an AI.” Jeno looked for a reaction. Any reaction. Shock, surprise, a laugh maybe if you thought it was a joke. But he definitely was not prepared for the soft kiss you planted on his lips.

    “It’s okay darling I know.” He looked at you, instead the shock was written on his face and not yours.

    “How could you know that?”

    “Remember how I told you Mark’s my best friend? Well he had told me about him being an AI and he let it slip that you were an AI as well. I didn’t want to say anything because I thought it was something you would want to talk about.”

    “You...you know Mark hyung?” You nod.

    “And you know about the AI project?” 


    “Y/N, you know that if we ever get to that point we...I won’t be able to give you children.” Your eyes widen. Jeno had been thinking about kids? Oh god he wants a life with you?

    “Jeno...you were thinking about having kids?” He looked at you sheepishly.

    “Well...I’ve given thought to having a family before. And I really really like you. Like I think I practically love you. And if we ever get to that point in life I would like you to know. We could have kittens. Or adopt.”

    “Jeno, it’s okay we’ll think about it when we get there. I think it’s sweet you’ve thought about that. It’s okay as long as I’m with you. And if we want kids we could have your lab make some.” You winked at him and Jeno blushed. 

    “How’d I get lucky with you?”

    “Are you sure you’re the lucky one? I think it’s the other way around.” Jeno gives you that big smile. The one that reminds you of when you first saw him. The little Samoyed smile with crescent eyes. And Jeno saw the same stuttering and nervous girl who clutched her books for comfort. And he couldn’t have asked for anything sweeter than that.

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  • doublethecrown
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    oh my darling

    03. wild children dancing on dining tables

    previous / next / masterlist

    author’s note: I know he is not really the objective here but I have grown such a sweet soft for shotaro in the story and now I want give him a happy loveline on the side comment #protectourbubs if you agree 🥲

    taglist: @fairyofshampoodosii @therewillalwaysbearainbow @aka-minhyuk-kun @wanlore @heyyyun @marklexleaf @atletino @mrkleelvr @wassup-haeyadwae @kac-chowsballs @sunshinedhyuck @hyuckworld @neovrse @jaeminie-cricket @luvlyjaemin @melaninjhs @pewpewpwe00 @sunny-nyu @moon-mumu-moon @bebskyy @whitedofu​ @hannahdinse8 @n0hyuck

    #nct dream fanfic #nct dream social media au #nct fanfic #nct social media au #nct dream #nct hard hours #nct dream smut #nct dream sm au #jeno scenarios #jeno sm au #jeno social media au #jeno smut #jeno x reader #nct x reader #nct dream x reader #oh my darling
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  • tpo-quinn
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Mark: Penny for your thoughts?

    Johnny: Friends calling each other "bestie" gives of the same vibes as communists calling each other "comrade" in soviet Russia.


    Mark: Bestie what the fuck.

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  • potatzu
    05.08.2021 - 11 hours ago
    instead of thanking his crush jeno laughs at his gift and makes fun of his hair like some tsundere anime girl 🤦🏻‍♀️
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  • what-if-nct
    04.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Jeno: Uh, what's happening here?

    Haechan: I'm bathing Renjun.

    Jeno: Why?

    Haechan: He's too drunk and high to clean himself.

    Renjun: Haechan that duck is offering me a discount on my car insurance. I DON'T HAVE A CAR DUCK! I'LL KILL YOU! *drowns a rubber duck*

    Jeno: Why does he need to be cleaned now? He can do it in the morning.

    Haechan: He was messy and got barbeque sauce all over his face.

    Renjun: Do I have to dance for you again?

    Haechan: Later.

    Jeno: Why are you washing his back then?

    Haechan: Just let me have this!

    Jeno: Jaemin, did you and Haechan switch bodies?!

    Jaemin: Probably, I don't know what's going in here.

    #nct incorrect quotes #nct #nct incorrect texts #nct dream#na jaemin#jaemin#jeno#lee jeno#haechan#donghyuck#lee donghyuck#renjun#huang renjun #nct dream incorrect texts #nct dream incorrect quotes
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  • wondersung
    04.08.2021 - 13 hours ago



    MARK. “hey, does my shirt smell weird?” leans in to smell your shirt and you press a quick kiss to his forehead. leans back and looks at you with a questioning look in his eyes before bursting into laughter. thinks it was hilarious. “that was smooth!” and proceeds to give you a high five... 

    RENJUN. so nice and unsuspecting. manages to sniff your shirt a bit right as you press a quick kiss to his forehead. lowkey melted, but he would never let you know. looks over to see a happy grin on your face and just laughs. “what’s with that look? you’re shameless.”

    JENO. hasn’t even smelled it yet, but he’s already saying no. you kiss his forehead and quickly lean back to see his reaction. is smiling so hard and chuckling a bit cause he thinks you’re cute. his eye smile is out on display and he looks adorable. do it again.

    HAECHAN. “hey, does my shirt smell weird?” doesn’t even smell your shirt and he’s already saying “yeah, you stink” but then he leans over to smell it. moves away from you when he feels your lips on his forehead. you know that one laugh he does when he can’t believe something or is caught off guard? yeah, that’s the laugh he does when he bursts out laughing. he didn’t expect you to do that. 

    JAEMIN. is actually a sucker for things like this and does not mind in the slightest. will hug you as soon as he feels your lips against his forehead. “you’re so cute!” holds you tight and presses one of his own to your forehead. “smell my shirt now.” 

    CHENLE. moves away from you a little bit and sends the weirdest look your way. it lowkey hurts your feelings before he speaks up. “if you wanted to kiss my forehead so bad you could’ve just asked.” he thinks he’s hilarious, especially when you roll your eyes at him. never give him forehead kisses again. 

    JISUNG. is so caught off guard and flustered by it that he jumps away from you and bumps your chin with his head. feels so bad about it and he keeps apologizing even though it was an accident. “i didn’t mean to! it was an accident, i promise. i wasn’t expecting that.” brings an ice pack for you and gives you a forehead kiss in return.

    TAGLIST: @oc-helps @1800-love-me @babexplicit @sunshine-skz @j5ung @yoongischeeksluv @jeon-jungkook-is-actually-god @jjikyuu @azxswl @radiorenjun @heefeels @abdiitcryy @princessjunnie @ikyk-leeknow

    (send an ask to be added)

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  • jaemtens
    04.08.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #xiaojvn#answered#nct #jeno is a sweet boi he would never hurt me like this #mutuals
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  • wenjunsss
    04.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    𝐧𝐜𝐭 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬:


    • super chill boyfriend

    • constant jokes and laughing

    • laughs at everything you say

    • plays the guitar for you

    • not big on PDA

    • but will hug and kiss you a lot in private

    • dates involve watching shows and ordering takeout

    • calls you dude by accident, but does it so much, you don't mind

    • rests his head on your shoulders


    • the most attentive boyfriend

    • picks up on your mood

    • and is so good at comforting you

    • is the softest boy around you

    • probably pretty romantic

    • i can see him trying to style or braid your hair and actually doing it really well

    • at this point it's a collectively accepted headcanon that he'd draw portraits of his s/o

    • and i strongly agree!

    • you have the privilege of hearing his angelic voice often, bc he sings a lot in general, and for you

    • i'm dead and collapsed into a pile of uwus just thinking about it

    • would enjoy movie nights a lot *cough* the avengers *cough*

    • and having long conversations

    • will playfully fight you though

    • and makes sarcastic jokes often


    • very protective

    • also very active

    • would enjoy outdoor activities

    • like taking bike rides

    • loves to see you in his clothes

    • rubs your back to comfort you

    • it's either outdoor dates

    • or chilling in the dorm

    • games with you a lot

    • doesn't let you win though


    • the most loving bf

    • affection is his middle name

    • hugs you to death just bc you exist

    • and covers your face in kisses

    • so. many. cuddles

    • would prefer staying in and chilling

    • you're cold? he's already pulled his sweater over your head, put his jacket over your shoulders and bundled you up in a blanket, just in case

    • covers your legs if you wear something short

    • cooks for you and you often cook together (mainly for the other members)

    • feeds you bits from his cooking and adjusts it to your liking

    • you've basically adopted jisung bc you're over there so much and share his parental instincts

    • greets you with coffee in the morning and brings you food when you're having a rough day

    • please cherish him


    • savage

    • teases you 24/8

    • it's his love language

    • also hugs you 24/8

    • you waddle around the dorm with him attached to you

    • drapes himself all over your body and cuddles you like that

    • big on PDA

    • shows you off to all his friends

    • keeps you awake at night by bothering you

    • in a loving way of course

    • keeps you laughing all the time


    • the best friend type boyfriend

    • treats you like his friend

    • just occasionally kisses you

    • and hugs

    • and cuddles

    • makes you Daegal's parent this means Mark is now your son

    • and invites you over often

    • big on sharing secrets

    • so much laughter

    • very happy energy all around


    • confused babie

    • doesn't know much about love

    • but tries his absolute best to be the best boyfriend!!

    • he'd enjoy watching movies

    • and having conversations about anything that interests him

    • supports you in everything you want to do

    • teaches you the nct dream dances

    • not big on PDA

    • but would love your cuddles

    #nct dream #nct dream scenarios #nct dream reactions #nct dream headcanons #nct dream fluff #nct dream x reader #nct dream imagines #nct dream drabbles #nct#nct imagines#nct scenarios #nct soft imagines #nct reactions#nct fluff#renjun#lee jeno#mark lee#lee haechan#na jeamin#park jisung#zhong chenle#huang renjun#nct mark#nct chenle#nct renjun#nct jaemin#nct jeno#nct jisung#nct haechan
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  • mychicagodaddyjohnny
    04.08.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #keri’s tea ☕️ #bubby 🌸 #the jeno to my mork lee 💀
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  • mychicagodaddyjohnny
    04.08.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #keri’s tea ☕️ #bubby 🌸 #the jeno to my mork lee 💀 #mwah!
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  • taemin-jaemin
    04.08.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Okay so I've kind of decided to start taking requests because they look so fun to do.

    So if you guys have any requests feel free to drop them. I'll be reigning prompt lists too, so if you want you can request from them too.

    Just a few rules:

    I write only for the members of SHINee, EXO, NCT or SuperM.

    Once you make the request, please do give me some time. Because I've got my own wips which are parts of events and collabs, sometimes I need to give them more commitment.

    I write only sfw stuff, slightly suggestive is fine...though I wouldn't recommend you asking for it since...well it might flop.

    I love doing AUs which defy the laws of science.

    Any other genre is fine, but my strength is angst. Feel free to request fluff too, because I would love to improve it.

    #superm#shinee#nct#exo #taemin x reader #kai x reader #baekhyun x reader #mark x reader #taeyong x reader #lucas x reader #ten x reader #jeno x reader #haechan x reader #jisung x reader #sehun x reader #exo x reader #shinee x reader #nct xreader #nct dream x reader #nct 127 x reader #wayv xreader
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  • yourenotmystyle
    04.08.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Doyoung: So, when did this happen?

    Jaemin: I was thinking of dying my hair red.



    Jeno: Babe, that doesn’t answer the question.

    Jaemin: That’s the information I have.

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