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  • [12:01 am]

    “what if you were an alien?” you murmur into boyfriend!jeno’s chest. the two of you are lying in bed together after a horror movie marathon, his dark grey blanket pulled over the both of you. you’re wearing his large green t-shirt that falls to your mid-thigh and shorts, and snuggle up to him because you feel cold and a bit scared. he notices and lifts his arm to wrap it around your waist comfortably.

    you look up into his face - his eyes are closed and he looks peaceful; maybe he’s about to fall asleep by this point. “that might explain why you’re so handsome,” you murmur quietly.

    the corners of jeno’s lips lift up lovingly. he finds your midnight thoughts endearing, and the arm around your waist shifts so that his hand runs through your hair. “go to sleep, sweetie.”

    you relax, sighing contentedly into his chest. “… i really think you might be an alien sometimes.”

    jeno chuckles lazily. “why?” he says, his eyes opening slightly as his hands repeatedly caress your hair.

    “i don’t know,” you murmur, your eyes drooping closed with sleepiness. “maybe because you’re so perfect.” you let out a small, quiet yawn. “i love you,” you mumble, your hands on his chest relaxing as you fall asleep.

    jeno can feel you relax as you sleep, and closes his eyes as your soft breaths seem to whisper in the dark room. “i love you more,” he mumbles back, and kisses your head as he falls asleep.

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  • [ 3:24 pm ]

    “look, this pair is even cuter!” you hold out another pair of socks from the basket.

    “we can’t buy all of these socks y/n,” boyfriend!jeno gently takes the socks out of your hands and gives them back to the seller.

    “but it was so cute,” you pout, folding your arms for extra measure.

    jeno grabs your hands and pull you away from the vendor before you could do any more damage to his heart.

    “maybe another time cutie.”

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  • 10:30 AM

    boyfriend!jeno rested his back on the headboard and squeezed it eyes shut. “god youre doing so well baby.” he groaned out. tangling his hands in your hair and pushing your head down further, you gagged slightly, before pulling away. he smiled as you pumped his throbing dick and thrusted up into your hand. you couldn’t keep this man still not matter what.

    haechan - 2:20 PM

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  • #hae.🌴 #hae.💌 #lee jeno#jeno drabbles#jeno blurbs#jeno scenarios#jeno imagines#jeno timestamps#jeno fluff #jeno soft hours #nct dream #nct dream imagines #nct dream timestamps #nct dream scenarios #nct dream blurbs #nct dream drabbles #nct dream fluff #nct dream soft hours #nct dream lee jeno #nct dream jeno #nct dream jeno drabbles #nct dream jeno blurbs #nct dream jeno scenarios #nct dream jeno imagines #nct dream jeno timestamps #nct dream jeno fluff #nct dream jeno soft hours #nct soft hours #nct fluff#nct scenarios
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  • image
    • Pairing: Jeno x Reader
    • Genre: Fluff (lots of fluff!!!), and slightly suggestive (soft making out)
    • Summary: Jeno reminds you of an angel. He’s always there to pamper you whenever you need him. Even after you get bored, he finds ways to make you smile and keep you entertained. 
    • Word Count: 0.8K

    Jeno loves you in the softest way imaginable. He’ll cuddle with you for hours on end while pressing sweet kisses to your neck and face. Whenever you feel tired, he’ll immediately hang up on the phone and show up to your doorsteps, bringing you some homemade cake or aromatic tea to give you some energy. If he’s in an exceptionally romantic mood, he’ll bring his guitar and serenade you with a poetic melody that’s sure to soften you on the spot. He always made sure that your comfort was his first priority, and you made sure to reciprocate that sentiment whenever he needed you. All in all, he was an angel of a boyfriend, and you’d trade him for no other. 

    Today was no different. You were lying comfortably on the sofa, basking in the warmth of the sunlight intruding through the windows across from you, the soft breeze causing a cool wave to wash over the apartment every few minutes. Jeno was sitting at the end of the loveseat, resting his arms on your feet that were positioned on his lap. He was wearing his round glasses, absentmindedly scrolling through his Instagram feed. 

    On the other hand, you had already gone through all of your social media, from Twitter to Tumblr, even Pinterest, and now you were getting tired of being bored. You hummed and started bouncing your legs to try and get Jeno’s attention. He only let out a hum and grabbed your legs to settle them down. 

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    #nct#nct u#nct dream#lee jeno#jeno blurbs#soft jeno#very fluff #it's not smut #but it's kinda suggestive? #making out#kpop imagines#kpop#kpop scenarios#nct fluff#jeno fluff #i need a boyfriend like jeno #im getting bored #alexa: how to get bf #jeno's adorable #like a lot of people portray him as a sexy #dominating dude #who just screws to get stress out #but i think he'd be v soft #cuddles all the way #until he feels better #maybe some making out too ;) #short #mention of mark #jealous factor#ngl
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  • Jeno + 2. Kiss on the forehead 

    ‘’Oh, I didn’t expect you to come here.’’ Jeno said as he watched you get in the practice room he was alone at. 

    ‘’Jaemin texted me, telling that that you might need some company.’’ you replied, closing the door behind you. ‘’You just continue practicing, I’ll sit down and watch.’’ you said, making your way to the couch but Jeno grabbed you by the waist, pulling you over him.

    ‘’Let’s slow dance.’’ he said, making you raise your eyebrows.


    ‘’Oh c’mon, I’m trying to be romantic for once. Please?’’ he said, both of his hands on your waist, keeping you close by. You hummed, finally agreeing with him. You wrapped your hands around his neck as he hummed some random song, swaying both of your bodies to the rhtytm. His embrace was warm and inviting. He placed a chaste kiss on your forehead as you closed your eyes and leaned your head on his shoulder. 

    ‘’I want to stay like this for a long time.’’ he mumbled.

    ‘’Hmm, me too but you have to go back to practice.’’ you said, pecking his lips. ‘’If you get it done early, we can maybe go out for dinner?’’

    ‘’I’d like that.’’ he replied, pecking your lips once again before letting you go and start practicing their new choreo.

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  • kiss my wounds | l.jn


    jeno sat patiently in the backseat, resembling a puppy eagerly waiting for its owner. you let out a sigh as you dipped a cloth into the alcohol before gently cleaning his cuts.

    “you’re gonna be the death of me, jeno,” you say as you brush his jet black hair away from his forehead before pressing a soft kiss. he gave you a weak smile as tears started to well up in his eyes.

    “you’re too good for me y/n, i don’t understand why you rejected someone like jaemin. don’t you like his type? pretty, smart, a good boy?”

    you let out a small laugh, avoiding his eyes as you focused on cleaning his knees. the rips in his jeans were stained with dried blood and there was a large scrape on his right leg.

    “and i’m telling you again, he doesn’t give me any thrill in life. he may be cute, but that’s all he really is,” you softly replied. jaemin certainly was pretty and there was no denying that he was an academic genius, but within two minutes of talking to him, you soon realized that he was nothing more than a cocky, arrogant, piece of shi-

    “ah!” a yelp escaped jeno’s lips as you unconsciously grazed over a deep gash. his cheeks turned pink as you turned your attention to see his beautiful eyes. you swore someone could get lost and drown happily in them.

    “are you sure this was just a workout fight, jen? it seems much more serious than you’re making it to be.”

    instead he ignored your question and fiddled with his bandaged fingers, choosing to look down at his feet, slowly dangling his legs off the car seat. a breeze sweeps through the open car doors where you crouched down tending to his injuries.

    “i think my wounds would feel better if you kissed them,” he mumbled.

    now it was your turn to blush and you felt your cheeks burn up. jeno looked at you with hopeful eyes as you shyly brought up his hands, kissing them tenderly and carefully.

    you made sure to kiss his ring finger with extra love, the one he claimed was his lucky one because it was your favorite. mysteriously, it was the only one that was clean of any cuts, the pale skin practically glowing.

    “wow i was right, i do feel better!” he giggles, his face turning red like a tomato before turning to your lips and bringing you in a passionate kiss.

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  • ♡ [00:54] you sit next to jeno as you play mario kart. you loved playing with princess peach, jeno claiming he liked playing with mario — just so you could be dating in the game as well.

    “sorry, baby,” you giggled when you accidentally knocked his character off of the course and into the lava, ultimately winning the game. “you’re a jerk and i hate you,” jeno said monotonously, even though you could see the smile he tried to hide.

    “you don’t mean that,” putting your head in the crook of his neck. “i guess you’re right,” he gave in, leaning his head on top of yours.

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  • image

    [11:04 AM] Jeno puts down the paintbrush and looks at you amused, his hands covered in paint propping his chin up. He wonders if you heard yourself, but by the look of shock in your eyes you surely did. You look back at Jeno and at the soft smile he is sending your way. “I didn’t call the cat baby, I swear”. Jeno bites his lip, raising his eyebrows and hands in defence, “Sure you didn’t”

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  • Jeno + 5.“Can we stay like this forever?”

    It was the first time you were going to stay over at Jeno’s place, you were so nervous. You knew that Jeno wouldn’t try anything on you unless you asked him to but it still stressed you out to share a bed with him but you forgot all of the thought and relaxed once you got under blankets and cuddled with him. You rested your head on his chest as he drew lines on your back with his fingerstips, leaving small kisses on top of your head from time to time. 

    ‘’Can we stay like this forever?’’ he asked, holding you tightly in his arms.

    ‘’That wouldn’t be too comfortable though…’’ you said looking up to him.

    ‘’You just love ruining the mood right? I was trying to be romantic for once.’’ he said, a visible pout on his lips. You couldn’t help yourself but place a quick kiss but he didn’t let you go and kissed you more passionately. 

    ‘’Well, if you’re going to kiss me like that every single time, I wouldn’t mind staying like this.’’ you said, cuddling into him even more, trying to hide your red cheeks.

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  • It was 2am and you were having the best sex of your life.

    You and Roomate!Jeno were going at it in his bedroom knowing your other roommates were playing overwatch in the next room, but that was just part of the fun.

    The two of you were watching a movie and one thing lead to another and the next thing you knew Jeno was undressing you. You were not opposed and Luckily you had an implant in your arm, so there was no need to worry about contraception.

    You were lying on the bed, dripping wet as Jeno took his shirt off, he paused “we need to be quiet so Jaemin and Haechan don’t hear us” he said, you nodded not really listening, only wanting to get to the good part.

    “Okay” Jeno whispered “get on all fours” you did exactly as you were told being sure to tease with your butt in the air. Jeno hummed and slapped your ass as he approach you from behind. His hands found your waist, he inserted one finger into your dripping core, you put your mouth on the pillow to quiet your moan. Jeno removed his finger slowly, so the two of you could hear your arousal. He put his finger into his mouth and licked off your juices.

    Jeno teased you by running his hard legnth along your wet folds. He slowly inserted himself, you knew to be quiet but you couldn’t contain yourself, you moaned out his name. He shushed you as he pounded into you from behind, fucking your wet pussy raw and rough. You whined again He took a handful of your hair and yanked you up so your back was against his chest as he continued railing you. “Be quiet” he whispered sternly into your ear. You hummed in response know you would be unable to silence your moans. He released your hair and grabbed your hips for leverage as he pounded harder than before. He brought a hand down and started rubbing your clit. Now you really couldn’t hold it in you moaned louder than you ever had before. Jeno slapped your ass then yanked you up by your hair, he wrapped his hand around your neck and restricted airflow making you unable to whine. With one hand on your neck and the other on your hip Jeno was still pounding into you as your walls clenched around him, “that’s right babygirl” he praised as you came. He continued pursuing his high, it was not long until Jeno had filled you with his juices, painting your walls. He released his grip from your neck and pulled out.

    “Let me clean you up” Jeno said as he left the room for a towel, you heard jaemin yell as Jeno walked past his room “hey Jeno, fuck a little louder next time”

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  • [08:12 am] “I know you’re awake.” Gentle fingers pushed your hair away from your face gently, lips brushing ever so slightly on your temple, then you cheekbones and your jawline.

    You stirred in your slumber, not really awake but not completely sleeping either. The sweet voice tempting you to get up, but your bed seemed to refuse to let you go.

    “Come on, I prepared breakfast. All your favourites. I even went out to buy flowers!” Jeno giggled quietly, hands caressing your hair, prompting you to wake up.

    “Even pancakes?” You mumbled incoherently, words slurred out and barely there, finally opening your eyes and giving your lover a sleepy smile.

    “Yeah, even pancakes.’ Jeno smiled back, dipping down to give you a shower of kisses, eliciting that sweet laugh from you, the one he loved the most. ‘Happy birthday, my love.”

    #happy birthday to me i guess #it's been a year since i created this blog wow #it's a shame that i dont have time to do anything special for you guys #but since today is my birthday i may post a little more #lee jeno#jeno scenarios#jeno imagines#jeno blurbs#jeno fluff #jeno x reader #nct imagines#nct blurbs#nct scenarios#nct fluff#nct dream #nct dream x reader #nct dream fluff #fluff
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  • [4:56 am]

    a distant sound of a phone ringing followed by the sound of your boyfriend’s voice manages to wake you up in the middle of the night. “they’ve got who now? j-jaemin? no… you’re kidding.”

    it takes spy!jeno a minute to realize that you’re standing in the middle of the doorway to your living room when he turns to look at you, all he could let out was a small “hey..” before making eye contact with your sad eyes.

    “how long are you going to be gone?” is all you ask him, not knowing that these eight words would break his heart.

    “i- i dont know,” he sighs. “it’s jaemin. they’ve got jaemin. donghyuck called me he says- he says he doesn’t know what to do..” his voice cracks a little as he lets out a small sob. you’ve never seen him this vulnerable before, let alone see a tear fall from his eye. it hurts you knowing how much the boys mean to him, but it hurts more knowing this would be the last time you’d see your boyfriend for a while.

    “if i didn’t know any better i’d think you’d be in love with jaemin more than you are with me.” you joke, coming in for a hug and a kiss goodbye. “it’s okay,” you sigh. “you can go. just promise me one thing.”


    “that you’ll come back safe this time.” your eyes meet his and all you could think about is how much you’re going to miss him, while jeno’s mind runs crazy with thoughts you couldn’t even imagine.

    “i can’t make promises that i can’t keep, but i’ll try for you sweetheart. just this one time. for you, sweetheart.”

    #wow first timestamp in a while #fydream #spy!jeno #jeno imagines#jeno fluff #jeno x reader #jeno fanfic #jeno soft hours #jeno timestamps#jeno scenarios#jeno blurbs#jeno angst #nct dream imagines #nct dream soft hours #nct dream fluff #nct dream fanfic #nct dream x reader #nct dream
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  • bf!jeno snaps

    #jeno scenarios#nct scenarios#nct imagines#nct drabbles #nct social media au #nct social au #jeno imagines#jeno drabbles#jeno blurbs #nct dream scenarios #nct dream drabbles #nct dream blurbs #edits:sc#sc:jeno
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  • You were miserably failing AP bio, you needed to focus. But you couldn’t stop your mind from racing.

    tutor!jeno saw how distracted you were, and was getting impatient. So he stopped the lesson, picked you up, ripped your skirt off and slung you over his leg. “Bad girls have to get punished” He said as he delivered a loud harsh slap to your ass, you cried out but secretly enjoyed it. good thing you two were the only ones in the bio closet, He delivered another one, it stung and you whined louder. “Maybe if you could only concentrate I wouldn’t have to punish you y/n” he said as he delivered another slap.

    “Are you even listening,” Jeno asked sounding annoyed as he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Y-yeah I’m sorry I didn’t sleep well last night please continue.” Jeno put his glasses back on and sighed. Then he resumed explaining mitosis.

    Once Jeno felt he had delivered enough punishment to your now red and sore bottom, he grunted as he picked you back up and bent you over the desk. “Now for the fun part” He said as he pushed your panties to the side, placed his hands on your hips and started rubbing his hard tip, dripping with precum around your dripping entrance. “Please Daddy, please let me come this time” he hummed and started pounding into you. Your eyes rolled back into your head at the pleasure he was brining you. His hands would surely leave bruises but you loved the way he railed you into the wooden desk, and he loved to see you a moaning, drooling mess. He brought a hand down and started rubbing circles on your clit. “More please daddy.” You pleaded, legs shaking uncontrollably. Having herd you call him daddy pleased him, giving him the desire to pound faster and harder, and work your clit more meticulously. “Oh daddy, can I please come” you moaned to Jeno praying he would allow, “of course baby girl, but just this once, you’ve still been very bad” you tried to pout but you just couldn’t control yourself as Jeno had hit your gspot just right your walls clenched around him, your toes curled as he filled you with his juices. You were in heaven as the two of you rode out your highs together.

    You snapped back, “yeah so that’s all you need to know about mitosis I guess, you understand y/n?” Jeno said with a sweet smile. You smiled back and nodded, “yeah I think I do.”

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  • [9.43pm] After a long Jeno knew where exactly to go, not back to the dorms, not to his family’s house but wherever you were. There was something about the feeling of you in his arms made him forget all the things on his mind. He got into your studio apartment with the separete key that you’d given him. Your place was exceptionally quiet, you were usually on your laptop or watching television but he knew where he could find you. He went to the bathroom, knocking on the door before opening it to reveal you, enjoying a bubble bath. You didn’t even need to ask him if he wanted to join, you could understand from the tired look in his eyes. You gave him a nod before he got rid of his clothes and joined you in the bathtub, sitting between your legs, his back resting against you. You rested your chin on his shoulder, peppering kisses on his skin. 

    ‘’Do you want me to wash your hair?’’ you mumbled against his skin, he nodded, leaning in more so you could access his hair easily. 

    You put some shampoo on his hair, massaging his scalp tenderly. You loved moments like this where it was only you and him. Taking a bath together was always special for both of you, as time passed, it became a habit. You rinsed his hair afterwards, making him look like a small puppy. 

    ‘’All done.’’ you said with a smile on your face and wrapped your arms around his shoulder, keeping him close to your body as the water got colder but Jeno was warm, he was always warm, he was home.

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  • [06:13PM] jeno lifts you up and sits you down on top of the kitchen counter. your bare skin against the icy, cold marble and you leaned backwards with your hands on top of the counter as well, supporting your weight.

    “oh, fuck—” you cursed as jeno pounded into you once again. “are you gonna be a slut now?” he asked through gritted teeth. jeno curved his back as he thrusted into you. you bit your lip in an attempt to suppress your moans but jeno demanded, “moan for me. tell me, who can fuck you like i do, huh?”

    these were the consequences of you trying to piss off jeno, and you only did it because you knew you could get in his head. “no one,” you breathed. your eyelids twitched while the tension inside of you builds up, creating the feeling that your intestines were all tied and locked up, with only jeno having the key to release that tension. jeno can feel your walls pulsing and can see your body visibly quivering. he pulls out. it took you a second to realize what had just happened.

    “what the fuck?” you desperately pant for air to fill your lungs. jeno places his hands next to both sides of your body, gripping the edge of the kitchen counter — his gaze was dark and filled with lustful anger. his voice sounded coarse, “remember, you’re my whore. not mark’s, not jaemin’s, mine. remember that when you go around flirting with them.”

    #jeno smut #lee jeno smut #nct smut #nct dream smut #jeno drabbles #nct dream jeno #lee jeno drabbles #jeno timestamps #lee jeno timestamps #nct imagines #nct dream drabbles #jeno blurbs #lee jeno blurbs
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  • [ 5:34 PM ] reading the journal where you have always kept your feelings about crush!jeno all these years, you realize that this was the story of you simply falling in love with him and how he broke your heart.

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  • 9:49 pm — lee jeno has a reputation, you know that better than anyone else. he has toxic habits. habits like talking to multiple girls at once, breaking up over text and reeking of an intriguing mix of smoke, alcohol, and strawberry flavoured nicotine.

    all while you can barely count the amount of boys you’ve been with on one hand.

    that’s why, when jeno approaches you at such an unexpected hour at the most unexpected of places, your thoughts feel hazy and you imagine the whole ordeal to be a dream.

    “anyone sat here,” he doesn’t let the question linger in the air for even a second before slumping into the empty sofa of the booth before you. you bite the inside of your cheek, unsure of what to respond with. in your whole nineteen years of living, you’ve never spoken a word to lee jeno, so why he feels the need to speak to you now, you fail to understand.

    “uh, no,” you mutter almost a whole ten seconds later, causing a small smile to stretch over the boy’s lips. you can’t decipher if it’s a smile of amusement, mockery, or anything in between.

    “i can see that, sweetheart,” he leans back in his seat, his dark eyes lowering to briefly glance at your knees pressed together before returning to stare at the growing blush in your cheeks. you don’t miss the smirk he sends you before calling over the waitress to order a milkshake – chocolate, you note.

    “c-can i help you?” you mutter, your straw now left unattended as you stare across at the stranger sat before you. he pauses for a moment in thought before sitting up and resting his elbows on the tabletop in a more interested manner.

    “yes, actually,” his finger taps against the presumably empty salt shaker beside the menu, “i wanted to know if you’re with anybody?”

    jeno’s abruptness catches you off guard and you curse when you feel your cheeks burning harshly under his strong gaze. you duck your head down to stare at your lap in wait for your blush to disappear, but nothing happens and you’re forced to meet the smirking boy’s eyes again. he cocks an eyebrow in your direction, clearly expecting an answer.

    you wonder whether this is all a cruel trick and his band of rowdy boys are hidden around the corner, ready to jump out and explode into howling laughter at your embarrassed state any second now.

    but nothing happens. jeno’s eyes stay glued to you, and you remain puzzled.


    “here’s your milkshake,” the waitress returns with his milkshake, and you send her a thankful smile, because even though she’s merely doing her job, she manages to buy you a few extra seconds of thought.

    jeno nods a thank you to the woman before returning his sparkling eyes to yours.

    “you’ve never spoken to me before, i’m confused?” you frown deeply, truly starting to believe that this is a joke of his own doing. the boy’s face drops momentarily and you fail to ignore the way something like disappointment passes over his features for a second.

    “i would like to, y/n,” your name sounds foreign coming from his mouth, but you enjoy the way it smoothly rolls off his tongue nonetheless. “i would like to get to know you.”

    he seems genuine, no mocking glint in his eyes now, no trace of humour in his voice – just pure interest.

    you try to suppress your smile before eventually answering, “me, too.”

    so, there you sit, until twelve at night, talking about nothing but each other. your interests, your fears, your aspirations, everything in between.

    you must admit, you’ve never felt more comfortable ever before in your life.

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  • requests are now open again!! 

    im not sure if i’ll write everything but i’ll try my best! 

    you can request either by picking a prompt from this list along with a dream member, or by sending in your own prompt/idea/anything. the masterlist for the prompt list can be found here


    Originally posted by nctaezen

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