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    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    fall in deeper, m | jjk, myg

    pairing(s): yoongi x reader, ft. jungkook

    previous: waiting for, m | jjk, myg

    summary: Jeon Jungkook is now going, in person, to take erotic photos of his favorite sex worker... who just so happens to be Min Yoongi's girlfriend. Ah. Maybe he's going to die. He's probably going to die. But he promised... and he wants to. Very much. Shit. Press the fucking buzzer, Jungkook. Just do it! He doesn't.

    warnings: rated M (18+) for language; established relationship (yg/you); if it isn’t obvious already, sex work involving erotic photography; JK is v scared Yoongi is going to murder him but also v horny for Yoongi's gf (happens to the best of us); smut (fem reader, descriptions of erotic photos, slight D/s themes (with JK taking commands from Yoongi), m-masturbation, restraint, edging, facial, photography during sex, m-receiving oral, fingering, cum eating); non-idol!AU - (secret) sex worker!reader x music producer!Yoongi ft video editor and photographer!Jungkook; Jungkook’s POV


    Jungkook was scared.


    Not scared. Closer to three seconds away from shitting his pants, full-blown terrified.

    He should turn around.

    If he turned around and called his hyung and told him he was sick or he had something come up, Yoongi wouldn’t bat an eye. Well, maybe he would, but then Jungkook didn’t have to look him in the face and know that Yoongi knew that he had jacked off to the sound of his girlfriend being eaten out by his hyung.

    Her boyfriend.

    His fingers clutched his camera bag, heart pounding in his chest, threatening to break out of his ribcage.

    Was Yoongi going to kill him?

    They planned it though, didn’t they? Was it just a very good guess? They must have known. They had to have known. Then again, maybe they didn’t know. Maybe they only knew that he knew how to work a camera and were asking around their friends for help? But maybe someone told them. Maybe Jimin told them. But… why? Because Jimin also knew he had overreacted and been unreasonably jealous. That’s reason enough to not ask Jungkook for help. That was reason enough to be punished.

    Fuck, how he wanted to be punished.

    The door suddenly opened.

    “Are you impersonating a garden gnome?” asked a gruff voice.

    Jungkook jumped.


    Min Yoongi.

    The shorter, dark-haired man raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, I live here. Thought you knew that, considering I texted you the address this morning,” he replied dryly. “You’re late.”

    Technically, he wasn’t. Jungkook just hadn’t pressed the buzzer.

    He gulped. “H-How did you know I was here?”

    Yoongi raised a hand covered in the sleeve of a large beige sweater. It had a low v-neckline, exposing his clavicle and the silver chain necklace he usually wore. The sleeves were so long that they covered his hands. A single pale finger poked out of the end of the fuzzy cuff.

    “There’s a camera, obviously.”

    There was. A buzzer and camera combination, as most small homes had in this neighborhood.

    “O… Oh.”

    Jungkook looked down at the ground. Yoongi was wearing black jeans with large rips at the knees and thighs. He was wearing black slippers too, trimmed with fluffy black fur. He wasn’t holding a knife. Okay. He didn’t seem hostile, either. Annoyed, yes. Murderous, unclear. The hand dropped, sleeve swinging in his vision.

    “Come in.”

    The fur slippers backed up into the house.

    Jungkook sucked in a deep breath and lifted his head, entering the darkness.

    Instantly, breathless.

    He didn’t know what he expected, but he should have known. Jungkook recognized the haunting wallpaper of the entryway, matte black with a gothic lace overlay in a black satin finish. He had seen it before, in haunting photos of ivory lace and curved white horns, a demon bride with a white lace blindfold, slowly stripped and descending to her knees. She had looked good then too, covered in lace and pearls, leaning against the contrasting black wallpaper.

    Yoongi dropped a pair of black slippers in front of him.

    “Shoes off.”

    He swallowed and removed his shoes carefully to put the slippers on. He had never been in this house before. Yoongi had moved from his apartment six months ago, citing he needed more space for a home studio since he was getting busy at the company he worked for. His hyung worked for a far larger music company than he did, already an award-winning music producer at a young age.

    Yoongi turned away from him and walked further inside.

    Six months ago, _thehornedsin’s photos had started changing. The sets more extravagant, the props more varied, the outfits even more beautiful. The only thing that remained the same was her perfect, perfect body.

    Jungkook followed, eyes darting around, trying to not think about how aroused he was getting by simply being in this house.


    “W… Wow…”

    Yoongi stopped, looking back. “Oh. Yeah. She makes them. Clay, resin.”

    Jungkook was staring at a group of intricately made trophy sculptures. All dragons. Dragons with triangular, pointed heads, some with their red mouths open and white teeth bared, painted so realistically that he had to look twice. He could see the detail of each carved scale, each hair, the reptilian eyes glassy, and black slit-like pupils nearly alive, glinting in the overhead light.

    Yoongi walked back, standing next to him to look up as well.

    “They hold the horns.”

    Each head held a familiar set of ram horns, their colors matching the dragon’s scales, perched on top of each head, small indents holding the headbands in place so they wouldn’t budge once fitted. Despite being curved ram’s horns, they fitted seamlessly, giving the dragons wicked, violent appearances.

    “Why dragons?” Jungkook breathed.

    Yoongi snorted. “Because I don’t want a wall full of goats. We compromised.”

    He was so in awe that he couldn’t laugh. “She made these?”

    “Yeah. She likes sculpting,” his hyung said absentmindedly. “She makes a new dragon head for every set of horns she makes.” He chuckled. “Keeps her from making too many.”

    Jungkook felt his pulse roar in his ears.

    He tore his eyes away from the horns, trying not to remember every photoset that each went with, only to come face-to-face with Yoongi’s blank stare. He jerked back, grip on his camera bag faltering.

    Long, cool fingers closed around his hand, reinforcing his hold.

    He saw his own shocked expression in those dark brown orbs.


    His voice was smooth and deep. His knuckles pressed against Jungkook’s chest and his indigo sweatshirt. He could feel the edges of Yoongi’s fist right above his racing heart. Those piercing eyes flickered to his, staring straight into his soul.

    “Nervous?” Yoongi asked in a low, dangerous tone.

    Jungkook stopped breathing.

    The pale hand released him. “Take you camera out.”

    “W… What?”

    Those dark brown eyes narrowed. “Take your camera out of your bag.”

    Jungkook lifted his hand and slowly unzipped his bag, pulling out his camera, bewildered. Was he going to check it or something…? Instead, Yoongi reached over and picked up the strap, putting it around Jungkook’s shoulders. He stiffened at the contact, unsure if this was a trick or not, but Yoongi just stepped back, crossing his arms, speaking to him sternly.

    “Remember, I can’t be in the photos, so make sure I’m not in them.”

    “O… Okay?”

    The black-haired man’s eyes narrowed, frowning at him.

    “Uh, I mean, I understand. I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.”

    Yoongi paused and nodded, turning back around, beckoning him to follow. They passed the living room and the kitchen, stopping at the door at the very end of the hallway where perhaps a small office or bedroom would be. Jungkook noticed there was a number pad on this door. Yoongi lifted his hand and pressed the combination so fast that Jungkook didn’t catch it. The door unlocked and the older man held the door open for him.


    Jungkook felt his breath catch in his throat.

    “Yoongi, I’m freezing–”

    She turned around, elegant, beautiful, dark brows and painted lips, a slash of red contrasting her smooth skin, wearing nothing but a dark plum lingerie set trimmed in black lace, large nipples poking out of the thin fabric. A matching garter belt and sheer stockings. Wicked, sleek, black high heels that made Jungkook want to scream, oh my fucking God, please step on me.

    On her head, intricate black ram’s horns that faded to purple tips surrounded by a crown of black skulls and dark florals to help them blend into her hair. Over her eyes, plum lace layered over violet velvet, already blindfolded.


    He could… if he just stepped forward… he could… touch her…

    Jungkook completely forgot that he should probably say something.

    “You should have put the robe on,” Yoongi tutted behind him.

    She clicked her tongue. “You blindfolded me and then you said you would be right back. How am I supposed to find the robe?”

    “You have hands.”

    “I don’t want to undo your hard work, especially when Jungkook didn’t even show up and now you have to take the photos again,” she sighed, rubbing one of her upper arms, the action causing her breasts to squish together. “I already asked you to retake this set because I didn’t like the lighting in your first attempt.”

    His hyung stepped around him, shuffling to the side. Jungkook was too busy staring right in front of him to notice whatever else was in the room. He was only looking at the sexiest woman in the world wearing next to nothing right in front of his face, all other functions broken.

    “You can always repay me. You know how,” Yoongi was saying.

    She chuckled, dark and dangerous.

    “Aren’t you brave today, Yoongi?” she purred. “Asking to get manhandled already.”

    Jungkook nearly passed out with all the blood that rushed out of his head and into his dick.

    “What can I say? I’m a simple man. Here, raise your arms.”

    And now Jungkook finally looked around him, realizing Yoongi was holding a thick, dark purple, floor length robe made of crushed velvet, draping it over her shoulders as she sighed, thank you, Yoongi, his hyung’s chuckle as he took her hand, step this way for me, that’s it, my love, clicks of her high heels making his arousal spike through his veins. Yoongi led her towards the white studio backdrop, simple, clean, nothing to distract from the beauty that was her.

    Jungkook chewed on his lip, clutching his camera so hard his knuckles were white.

    “You sure you don’t want a prop?”

    “The theme this month is simplicity,” she hummed. “Stripping it back to what it was before all the fancy props. Besides, I think all the props were messing up the lighting anyway. They cast weird shadows. You’re not used to it, Yoongi. Everyone will notice if the photos aren’t coming out with the same quality.”

    Yoongi pressed two fingers to her chin, holding her head straight. “I tried. I’m not Taehyung.”

    “I know,” she said softly, reaching up, stroking his knuckles. “I will try to find someone else to help you since the whole Jungkook thing didn’t work out.”

    He opened his mouth, about to say, I’m here, but Yoongi’s other hand shot up, followed by a silencing glare. Jungkook shut up immediately, frozen by that piercing gaze.

    “How’s my lipstick?”

    “Perfect,” Yoongi drawled, tone dropping lower. “Makes me want to fuck it up.”

    She chuckled, smirk on her lips. “Who else is gonna do it but you?”

    Yoongi stepped back, gesturing to Jungkook to step up. “Going to get the camera.”

    “Mmm. Take test shots if you need to.”

    To be honest, Jungkook did not know what the fuck he was supposed to be doing, looking around, seeing rolls of backdrops neatly hung up on one wall, familiar furniture and props stacked in another corner, a door to the side – perhaps a bathroom? – and several softbox lights in a semicircle, directed to the white backdrop. There was a table nearby with makeup and a pile of clothes, along with a Canon camera, an older DSLR, but a solid choice for still photography. He spotted Yoongi adjusting the lights as she stood patiently, draped in purple velvet, one shoulder sliding down and revealing the naked skin underneath, red lips slightly parted, head tilted slightly.

    Jungkook raised his camera, viewing her through the lens.

    He took a silent step to the right, and now the light was cast over her glossy red lips and catching the sheen of the lace, the large ram’s horns framing those beautiful cheeks. The hint of a smile or a smirk, not quite one or the other, confusing the viewer, leaving them to decipher that enigma.

    Her tiny pink tongue flickered at the edge of her lips and Jungkook snapped a shot.


    “Ah, Yoongi! At least warn me.” Her brows furrowed. Her face slowly pivoted in Jungkook’s direction. “I bet I looked stupid.”

    “It was a test shot, silly,” Yoongi chuckled, coming up behind Jungkook and making his hairs stand on end. “And you never look stupid. You always look perfectly fuckable.”

    Jungkook wholeheartedly agreed.

    “Mmm, yes, that’s what you said when you took a picture of my fucking knees.”

    “Your kneecaps are perfectly fappable content.”

    She laughed, lovely and full. “Only you think that, I’m sure.”

    No, Yoongi was not the only person who thought that. Jungkook made sure of that.

    Hands on his shoulders and Jungkook seized up, fear and unease eating through him, so close to saying something, but Yoongi’s hand slid off his shoulder and over his mouth, his lips close to his ear, sending his mind reeling at the closeness of his hyung, unsure if it was terror or something else, barely catching the words of warning, take the pictures and don’t talk, his furious nod in response, but Yoongi was already ignoring him, speaking once again to the woman in black and plum.


    “Ready? You have all the shots you want in mind, right?” Yoongi called, nudging Jungkook to move as he saw fit.

    “Ah, yeah, let’s see, how about one like this?”

    Jungkook didn’t know what to expect. For him, they were just pictures. He didn’t think of them past that. Of course, he thought of her, but the picture themselves and the realism behind them was not something he questioned, because the photos were a seamless sequence. How much of a joint effort it was between photographer was artist was not something he was aware of – until now.

    She was…


    For first pose, one hand on the side of her head, framing her temple with fanned fingertips, the other hovering by her waist, her fingers ghosting the tie of the robe that was half-open, teasing what was underneath. Blinded eyes and soft smile, all the details falling into place, from the position of her spread fingers, to the pointed nails painted dark violet with a black lace overlay and black crystals, to the shift of weight and the extension of one leg in front of the other, peeking out of the depths of the purple velvet.


    Fuck me.

    Jungkook took the shot, but frowned, noticing the fold in the back of the robe and the odd look of the fallen right shoulder. He nudged Yoongi, pointing to the two spots. The older male watched his wordless communication and nodded, already speaking to her.

    “Hold your pose. There’s a wrinkle in the back.”


    Diligently, Yoongi hurried over to smooth it out, standing up and slightly adjusting her elbow and the drape of the bottom of the robe, hiding a bit more of her leg and correcting the shoulder as well. She stood perfectly still as if she had done this many, many times. Yoongi glanced at Jungkook and he gave him the okay with his index and thumb making a circle, the rest of his fingers extended.

    “Alright, let me move back and take a couple shots.”

    “Take your time,” she replied patiently.

    Jungkook went about it the only way he could think of – what he himself wanted to see. He took the shots carefully and with composition in mind. A balance of light and dark, wordlessly letting Yoongi know what to do, and Yoongi directed her verbally, move your hand, tip your head up a little more, okay, good, let’s change positions, and she did it with ease, toying with the tie of the robe, leaving the expression to her decadent lips because her eyes couldn’t play a factor in her expressions, the slightest tick of the side of her lips, click, the flicker of tongue, click, undoing the tie, hands turned inward, pressed against her cleavage and her core, playful half-smirk, click, robe falling to her elbows, her hands cupping her breasts, stretching the fabric taut over her hard nipples, pink tongue curled outwards, demanding for a cock to be in that mouth, click, fuck, Jungkook was losing it a little, one of her hands sliding in and scooping her breast out, the other hand extended as she squeezed her large, declivous-looking nipple between two knuckles.


    Her two hands framing her uncovered breasts, squeezing them between her fingers, nipples sticking out right in front of his face.


    A close-up.

    He was breathing so hard that Yoongi’s hand slid over his mouth, shutting him up.

    “You alright over there, Yoongi?” she asked, tilting her head.

    “I’m fine,” was Yoongi dry reply, raising an eyebrow at Jungkook.

    He looked back with wide eyes, praying that his hyung could tell he was thinking, what the fuck am I supposed to do, she’s literally my wet dream standing in front of me!

    “Are you upset that Jungkookie didn’t come?” Yoongi asked. His eyes were replying to him. Shut up and get a damn grip. He was buying time for Jungkook to do so, it seemed.

    She lowered her hands, sighing. “I thought you said he wanted to fuck me to the next dimension and follow me there and fuck me some more.”

    Jungkook whipped his head to Yoongi. The black-haired man shrugged as if to say, am I wrong?


    He wasn’t, but…

    “But you seem to be wrong, considering he didn’t come even though you asked. I told you he’s not into me as much as you think he is,” she went on, waving a hand, oblivious to their silent interaction. “Ah, that phone call was a bad idea. I think we scared him off. Did you even tell him that we would pay him?”

    He was definitely scared, although it was more of the man with cat-like eyes wordlessly threatening to murder him if he spoke and less about getting paid.

    “He knows he’ll be getting paid.”

    Yoongi said it very ominously. Jungkook blinked at him.

    She sighed. “it’s too bad, really. He was always my favorite of your friends.”

    Jungkook jerked his head to her, jaw open. What?

    “But he never wanted to talk to me much.” She frowned. “Maybe he was ashamed.”

    “He’s not ashamed,” Yoongi interjected. “He’s pretending not to be horny every time you say his name and failing.”

    The words hit Jungkook hard and he staggered a bit, rubbing his chest at the blow. His hyung mouthed, you’re very obvious, and he shifted his eyes, wincing.

    “Wouldn’t that be nice if Jungkook wanted to play with me?” she purred, sighing softly, voice soaked with longing and desire. “Would you let me, Yoongi?”

    Jungkook froze.

    Maybe his brain exploded.

    “I told you I would if he showed up.”

    Before Jungkook could scream, my ass is right here, take me now, Yoongi clamped a hand over his mouth and started speaking again, muffling anything Jungkook had to say. He flailed about silently in his hyung’s surprisingly strong grip, frustrated and horny and confused, wondering why Yoongi wasn’t letting him do anything if apparently it was allowed, holy shit, his mind was still reeling now that he knew it was allowed, it was allowed, hyung is going to let me touch his girlfriend at some point, holy shit–

    “Isn’t it about time that you get on your knees?” Yoongi was saying.

    An eyebrow raised over the blindfold. “What?”

    “Let’s do a point-of-view shot this time.”

    Her head tilted. “Oh? So suddenly?”

    “They love that shit. I can cum in your mouth or on your face. Pick one.”

    The number of times Jungkook short-circuited today was surely, surely going to result in permanent brain damage. He was going to watch his hyung jack off onto his girlfriend’s face? Jungkook wasn’t particularly religious but, what the fuck, please, have mercy on his poor horny little soul.

    “I’ll let you cum on my face,” she answered, cocky and arrogant.

    “Why is it that whenever you say something that is supposed to sound submissive, you sound smug as hell?” Yoongi chuckled.

    She smirked, open-mouthed and devious.



    She was naked now, save the sheer stockings, and now the memory card of his camera was full of naked pictures of her. Jungkook was mouthing to Yoongi, what is going on? And Yoongi was mouthing back, shut the fuck up.

    “Let me mess this up for you.”


    And now he was watching Yoongi cup her chin, tilt it up, both of them on their knees, pressing his lips to hers, ugh, he wanted it to be him, that was a messed-up thing to think but Jungkook did, he wanted it to be him, watching their pink tongues cross, listening to her soft moan and Yoongi soft growl, fuck, I want that to be me, please, fuck, please, begging in his head, heartbeat racing, even if it’s a three-way kiss, just let he be part of it, please, internally screaming. Her hands came up and gripped Yoongi’s beige sweater, black and violet nails contrasting the soft knitted fabric, gasping, one of Yoongi’s pale hands tangling in her hair, pulling it back, careful not to mess up her horns, smearing her lipstick down the left side of her chin and down her neck, leaving bright red kiss marks imprinted on her beautiful skin.

    Yoongi’s dark brown orbs were on Jungkook, eyebrow cocked at him.

    Jungkook bit back anything he had to say and remained patient.

    It was not going to last for much longer, but also, neither was he. His underwear was despairingly damp with the amount of pre-cum leaking out of him.

    “There we go,” Yoongi murmured, releasing her slowly, lovingly.

    Her hands came up and made sure her horns were balanced well as Yoongi stood up, his lips covered in red. She seemed to know what was coming next, waiting, and Yoongi came back with the tube of lipstick, reapplying it carefully so her plump lips were once again highlighted, perfectly messy.


    “You’re welcome.”

    Yoongi backed off and Jungkook waited a moment, seeing her idle pose. There was elegance in it, on her knees, sitting down, thighs spilling over the tops of the stockings, hands behind her back, forearm over forearm, breasts exposed and lipstick down her throat.

    She tipped her head back, rolling out her neck and Jungkook snapped a photo.


    He looked at it.


    That body line of neck to tits to waist to pussy to thighs.

    “You’re taking a lot of test shots, Yoongi,” she remarked, lowering her head. “You think you’re getting the hang of it?”

    Over Jungkook’s shoulder, a presence neared, wiping his lips with a tissue, observing the photo. He raised his eyebrows, glancing at Jungkook, who felt his cheeks flush and he looked away, ears heated all of a sudden.

    “Something like that,” was Yoongi’s calm, neutral response.

    But, most of all, I just want you to be mine.

    It was a hopeless hope, a pointless prayer, an almost romantic photo, and Jungkook knew it was, he knew Yoongi could see it, but this was art, she was art, and it was going to be apparent and obvious like that because Jungkook didn’t know how to hide it. It was impossible to hide if it was his work and his hyung’s girlfriend was the main focal point.

    Yoongi was grabbing him by the hips.


    He planted Jungkook in front of his girlfriend.

    Oh, fuck.

    Yoongi leaned his chin on Jungkook’s shoulder and spoke downward, his deep voice vibrating him down to his thundering heart in his ribcage.

    “Look up for me, my love.”

    She looked up, half-smirk on her lips. Teasing. Yoongi had to pinch Jungkook to remind him that he should take the downwards photo of her looking up at him, otherwise he was too in shock to believe that was what he was doing right now, looking down at that pretty face, those tits, the peek of juicy ass under her arms, oh shit, he was millimeters away from whining, please, hyung, please let me touch her.

    “That’s it. Lean back, angle your tits up.”




    “Mmm, yes, that’s the one. Show me your pussy.”

    Her knees spread apart and she balanced on one hand as the other reached in between her legs, Jungkook becoming breathless, two elegant fingers spreading her slick, pretty pussy open, already wet, viscous juices sticking to her inner thighs and all over the inner lips, the hole flexing as she grinned, devilish and dirty.


    Jungkook’s dick was actually going to rip out of his pants.

    Yoongi whispered in his ear, almost soundless.

    “Take the picture.”

    He raised his camera, breathing hard, staring through the viewfinder. Made sure the composition was perfect, the light reflecting off the glossiness, capturing the perfect ratio of waist to hips and the perkiness of her nipples, and of course.

    That naughty smile and lipstick kisses down her neck.


    “Back up, my love,” Yoongi murmured, his hot breath against Jungkook’s neck.

    She took her time, humming softly, placing her hands on her thighs.

    Power. That’s what it felt like. Blindfolded, on her knees, naked, messy lipstick smears, wearing fake ram’s horns, but there was unmistakable power in her stance and the tick of her head, and he wanted to beg, noona, please, he wanted to plead for mercy and yet he also didn’t, keeping his breathing quiet and shallow, trying to pretend he wasn’t there, something exciting about it, something sexy about it, fuck, it was turning it him on, he didn’t understand why or how, but it was. From the beginning until now, Yoongi forcing him to be silent and her not knowing he was there.

    It was ruining him and Jungkook realized now that he liked it.


    Jungkook almost jumped and made a muted noise, clutching his camera tightly as Yoongi unbuttoned his jeans and slid down the zipper.

    “Hm, already, huh?” she mused.

    “Do you want me to take a picture of my dick?” Yoongi chuckled at Jungkook’s shoulder.

    “I keep asking you to, but you say you won’t.”

    “No, I won’t. This is about you.”




    Yoongi dragged his jeans down.




    Yoongi dragged his boxer briefs down.

    Jungkook’s disturbingly hard cock popped out, strings of pre-cum snapping, smelling very strongly of sex, gasp at his throat, freezing up as Yoongi unlatched his right hand from the camera and lowered it, did hyung just strip me, what the fuck, instincts kicking in, her red lips right in front of him, scooting closer, f-fuck, I can feel her warm breath, Yoongi closing his hand around his throbbing cock, and Jungkook was gone, gone, unable to stop it anymore, pent up arousal and prolonged silence and now actually being able to touch himself?

    Her lips centimeters away from the red head of his cock?

    No, he didn’t have the control anymore, Yoongi’s other hand clamping over his mouth, Jungkook cutting off his own whimpers stroking his length, fuck, he wanted to cry, it feels so good, it felt so, so fucking good, thrusting into his hand, tight grip almost too tight, the slap of skin to skin, practically choking his dick, abusing it, punishing it a little, Yoongi’s hot breath on his neck, watching over his shoulder.

    She exhaled, hot and sweet, over his hand and twitching length.

    Jungkook groaned low in his throat, eyes rolling back.

    “You like that?” she purred.

    “I always do,” Yoongi murmured, chuckling deeply.

    “You going to edge yourself, or should I?” she asked, hand raising.

    “Let me do it,” Yoongi snickered, rasp husky and deep.

    Jungkook wanted to scream, please, please don’t, breathing hard, harder, and yet he also wanted to scream, please, please do, he wasn’t sure anymore, his body was numb with pleasure, at this point wanting to take anything, anything, do whatever you want noona, close, closer, whimpering behind Yoongi’s tight grip over his mouth, eyelids fluttering, his cock twitching, pulsating, so hard the veins were prominent, a-almost…!

    Yoongi’s other hand suddenly shot out and clamped around Jungkook’s pumping fist, stilling it immediately.

    Jungkook screamed behind Yoongi’s palm, nearly crying in frustration.


    Yoongi was whispering in his ear.

    Jungkook whimpered, shuddering.


    She was front of him, cooing softly.

    “Don’t you want to cum on noona’s face?”

    Yoongi’s hand left his panting mouth, his vision distorted, croaking out a response, forgetting he wasn’t supposed to be talking.

    “Y… Yes… Please…”


    Jungkook blinked rapidly, still gripping his throbbing erection, shaking his head as Yoongi stepped back, looking down at an enigmatic smile and cocked brow under that blindfold. The smile and brow dropped suddenly, commanding growl in her tone.

    “Keep going. Get yourself off, Jungkook.”

    “B-But…” he sputtered, but Yoongi’s hand was around his hand again, nudging him to follow the command, and his body had no reservations like his mind did, too horny to give a shit, he needed to cum and cum now, this was not a debate, stroking himself automatically, but Jungkook was still stammering, the shock prolonging his orgasm, which might have been a blessing or a curse depending on how he looked at it later. “How... How did you…?”

    She chuckled. “I know what Yoongi smells like. I knew it was you.” She tilted her head. “You ever hear that with the loss of one sense, your others become sharpened? Well, I’m no Daredevil, but I would recognize your breathing anywhere, Jungkook.”

    He was breathing very had now, staring at her tits and her red lips forming every word, beautiful and mesmerizing.

    “I pay attention to all the little details about you, Jungkook.”

    He whimpered. God, how he loved it when she said his name.

    “The way you stiffen up when I get close.” Her voice was low, teasing, amused, and Jungkook liked it, fuck, something must be wrong with him with how much he liked it. “The way you stare when I kiss Yoongi.” Jungkook was beginning to realize he would make the worst spy of all time, fucking shit. “The way you watch Yoongi’s hands when he touches me and pulls me close.”

    He whined, desperate, caught, biting his lip.

    “I… I’m sorry… I thought… you wouldn’t notice…”

    “Of course, I would notice,” she murmured, leaning in, fuck, he nearly came but he bit the inside of his cheek, flaring pain stifling it just a little longer. “I like looking at you.”

    Breath in his throat, gripping himself tighter, his stiff cock pulsing with need.

    “I’ve always wanted to see all of you.”

    He whimpered, desperate, needy.

    “Wanted to taste you, Jungkook.”

    And her pink tongue extended out of her red lips, head tipping back slightly, ready to receive him.

    “A-Ah, fuck!”

    Her name tumbled out of his mouth, no honorifics, shit, he forgot, mixing dreams and reality, thinking she was his, but it was too late, pitching forward, thick white strings shooting into her mouth and on those perfect red lips, splattering up to her cheek, her amused chuckle in his ears, letting him paint her face with his release, gasping, oh fuck, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, and Yoongi prodding his side impatiently.

    “Take the picture before it falls off,” Yoongi commanded sternly.

    Jungkook panted, lifting his camera, telling his body to still, adrenaline and ecstasy flying through him, zooming in, focusing, taking the perfect ending shot. Once. Twice. Three times.

    That was his.

    That was his cum on her face and it was going to be distributed to the patrons, including Jimin.



    He lowered the camera.

    Her tongue circled her lips, licking it off slowly. Her hand reached up and undid the blindfold carefully, letting it fall to the ground. Fingers rose to her cheek and wiped the remaining cum off, licking them slowly, her eyes on him.

    Her eyes.

    No makeup, exquisite shape, lovely lashes and knowing gaze, now seeing him grip his camera tightly with his pants around his fucking knees.


    She arched an eyebrow. “Oh, so now you wanna use honorifics?”

    Shit. She noticed. Well, of course, she noticed, how could she not, he was supposed to use them and be respectful, shit, um, she was staring at him with a smirk, shit, he was getting turned on again but his hands were occupied, shit.

    “Let me help you with that.”

    “Oh, um, that’s okay, I can just – oh, God!”

    She did not mean help him with his camera, which is what he thought, maybe innocently so, not that he wanted to be innocent. No, her hands shot out and gripped his thighs, nails digging in, making him yelp, pulling him to her with stumbling steps, clutching his camera tightly, yelps pitching to moans as her tongue licked up the inside of his thighs, cleaning up the dripping mess, closing around his semi-hard length.

    “Fuck, please, noona, o-o-oh…”

    He actually forgot Yoongi was there, forgot to have shame that his hyung’s girlfriend was swallowing his cock and enjoying every second of it, his cock being assaulted by the deft work of an expert mouth, hot and wet and swirling tongue, oh, fuck, yes, his legs shaking with pleasure, gasping for breath, looking down at her, the horns steadfast and pinned in place, she was sucking his dick, holy shit, she is naked and sucking my dick!!!

    Then Jungkook noticed Yoongi.

    Yoongi smirked, kneeling down.

    Jungkook was pretty sure his eyeballs were going to fall out of his head.

    Watching fingers dancing up her thigh, Jungkook moaning as he felt her low hum of approval, his throat dry and suddenly thirsty seeing the sway her hips, the want with her move, Yoongi’s long fingers sliding into her wetness, everything slowing down, her moan vibrating his cock and his core, turning him on more, more, forgetting this was wrong, actually it probably wasn’t, Yoongi was straight up fingering his girlfriend while she was sucking his dick, so even if it was wrong, all three of them didn’t seem to give a shit. Jungkook was still clutching his camera because he was too afraid to drop it, his moans dark and wild, struggling to take in every detail to remember for every dream thereafter, her head bobbing up and down, her tongue flickering out and licking his balls as she sucked him, what the fuck, that’s porn star status, gasping in awe, again, her pink tongue sliding out and curling around his balls and disappearing back into her mouth while blowing him.


    If Jungkook wasn’t incredibly jealous of Yoongi before, he was absolutely the epitome of envy upon getting his balls licked as his dick was sucked.

    “Oh… Oh my God…”

    Yoongi’s free hand rose and he dug his nails into her slim back, dragging them down. Her lashes fluttered, moaning deeply around his twitching length, vibrating his hips and thighs, hiking the pleasure, his own eyelids lowering, blinking hard, the buildup threatening him, so tight, so wet, not too fast but so rough, the head buried in her throat, suffocating, tongue lapping from base to tip, so, so good, and he said it over and over and over, how good it felt, noona, fuck, noona, her name, no honorifics, forgetting in between, drunk on pleasure and sinful feeling.

    Her eyes opened.

    Watching him.

    Eyes sparkling with mischief and smugness.

    Fuck, Jungkook loved it.

    He loved it so fucking much.

    Her hips moving back into Yoongi’s hand, Jungkook’s moans hiking, his sounds more uninhibited now, dirtier, yearning, losing it, whimpering, wanting to tip his head back but not wanting to look away, staring into her tempting eyes, commanding him to do it, going, going, gone.

    “Gonna… cum for you… fuck!”

    He exploded into her mouth, strangled moan torn from his throat, eyes rolling back, emptying what was left into her tight throat, cock jerking and flinching at the sensitivity, dribbling down as she swallowed, her muffled cries making him shiver, her nails digging into his thighs, jamming him all the way down her throat and squirming, her hips shaking, and Jungkook could smell it, thick, sweet, her orgasm soaking Yoongi’s fingers, so incredibly jealous that he whimpered, looking back down, seeing red lipstick imprinted around the base of his cock.

    She drew back, licking him all over, hot exhale shaky and erratic, chuckling deeply.

    Yoongi stood up.

    Jungkook was barely standing. She stopped at the head, soft, languid curls of wet muscle around the sensitive skin, his mouth open, breathing hard, watching with hazed eyes, intoxicated on sin.

    Then they snapped open as Yoongi shoved his wet fingers into Jungkook’s mouth.


    He jerked his head over to his hyung, shocked as Yoongi calmly thrust his fingers down his throat, coating the insides of his mouth with the sweet, addicting taste of his girlfriend’s pussy, surprise turning to depraved moans, his tongue swirling around his hyung’s fingers, whining as the head of his cock was coaxed by his noona’s tongue.

    Yoongi leaned forward, growling in his ear.

    “Don’t forget to show her the pictures.”


    She held his face in her hands.

    “N… Noona…”

    Just her, no horns, no fancy clothing. Just her, wearing his indigo sweater, on his lap.


    On the bed she shared with Yoongi.

    “Did I do a good job?” Jungkook asked nervously, biting his lip. “Did you like the photos when you reviewed them?”

    “I did. Do you want to edit them? Or should I? I can pay you more if you edit them. Makes it easier for me.”

    He nodded quickly, thinking of the hours he would spend at his computer staring at the plethora of pictures of her naked body. “I can edit them. You don’t have to–”

    “Shhh… Good work always gets repaid, Jungkook.”

    Her kiss like a drug, lips to bare lips, no more lipstick. Fuck. Jungkook wanted to kiss her forever.

    “But… I don’t want money…”

    She drew back, tilting her head. Yoongi came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, leaning his head on her shoulder, watching Jungkook with her. He gulped, chewing on his lower lip some more. He was asking too much. He shouldn’t – uh oh, his mouth was already talking.

    “I just… want time… if that’s okay with hyung…”

    Yoongi raised his eyebrows. “With me? You should be asking her first.”

    Jungkook’s eyes shifted to hers, her eyebrow raised, expression scrutinizing. “Er… if you want to, noona… if you want me…”

    She smirked.

    “We do have that spare bedroom upstairs in case you ever want to come over and work… It will make it easier to take the extra candid shots for the highest paid tier if you’re around more often.”

    His eyes widened, excitement bubbling in his ribcage.

    “Hmm, my customers will be spoiled then, won’t they, Jungkook?”

    Fuck, he loved it when she said his name.



    #jungkook x reader #bts smut#jungkook smut #yoonkook x reader #yoongi x reader #yoonkook smut #yoonkook x you #jungkook x you #yoongi x you #jeon jungkook x reader #min yoongi x reader #jeon jungkook x you #min yoongi x you
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    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    What your Camera roll would look like if Yoongi was your Boyfriend

    I was going through soft hours and though I should do this



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    18.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    IN THE SOOP BTS version Season 2 Ep. 1 Oct. 15, 2021

    Tender moments like these! Jikook at 4 AM... with ramyeon and beer. 💜

    #BTS #방탄소년단 #인더숲

    video © BigHit/HYBE via @InTheSOOP_TV video clip source: @phorenJJ

    #BTS#방탄소년단#인더숲 #BTS In the SOOP #In the SOOP BTS ver. Season 2 Ep. 1 #Jikook #Jikook in the SOOP #211016 #Jimin x Jungkook #Park Jimin#Jeon Jungkook#Jimin#Jungkook#Jm#Jk#Little Mochi#Golden Maknae#Bangtan Sonyeondan#ITS2 #BTS In the SOOP S2 E1 #Jikook moments #Just Jikook things
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  • chimgirldaegu
    18.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    It’s confirmed that Jungkook’s “want to eat some ramyeon” comment to Jimin was cut from the airing on national tv in Korea, if you needed more proof that the comment was sexual… there it is.

    Just like they cut Jungkook cuddling Jimin from the first season.

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  • ihidemydemons20
    18.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    I'm really sick of big accounts and other ARMY accounts calling me crazy or toxic or not real ARMY just because when I watch original content I see a couple.

    I'm not creating stories and lies, I'm just watching what they show us and taking a message from it, just because its not the same message as you doesn't mean I'm wrong and you're right. I acknowledge that I might be wrong, that we don't know the boys and I can't be 100% about what I think but if I'm wrong it wont change that I'm an ARMY, but I wonder if you feel the same, do you acknowledge you might be wrong? Will you still be an ARMY if it turns out I'm right and Jikook are dating?

    Why am I the villain when I love all the members for who they are and just want what's best for them, but I think they know what's best for them not me and that I think they're trying to show us another part of them without putting themselves in danger?

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    tag list for ‘a new beginning’

    Hey everyone! I just started a tag list for my other story, so I thought I would start one for my Jungkook series as well! If you’re reading a new beginning and you would like to be tagged in the next chapter, either respond to this or send me a message and I’ll add you to it! 

    Thanks! 😊

    #jungkook#jeon jungkook #jungkook x reader #jungkook x you #jungkook x y/n #jungkook x female reader #jungkook x noona #bts#bangtan sonyeondan#namjoon#seokjin#yoongi#hoseok#Jung HoSeok#hobi#jimin#jhope#taehyung#jjk#jk#jungkookie
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    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★ 030 | day one

    coffee — the enemies to lovers social media au where min yoongi refuses to date a cheerleader, but yoon haryun might be able to change that.

    ( masterlist / prev / next )

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    Yoongi had the mindset of punctuality once he texted Haryun. The clock ticked around to a quarter till one when he decided to head over to Toasty Beans to meet Haryun.

    At the time that he was leaving the apartment, Namjoon was returning from his Philosophy class and gave Yoongi a surprised look when he noticed the older guy dressed in attire other than his pajamas, preparing to leave the apartment.

    “You going somewhere, hyung,” Namjoon asked as he toed off his shoes by the door.

    Everyone knew that unless Yoongi had a mandatory class or basketball practice he’d rather hole himself inside of his room to work on music, and since Namjoon knew Yoongi’s schedule by heart at that point, he was well aware that Yoongi didn’t have anywhere to be at one in the afternoon on a Thursday.

    Yoongi bent over to reach for his own shoes, purposely ignoring the way Namjoon tried to catch his gaze. “Just to get some coffee.”

    “At one in the afternoon?”

    Yoongi hummed as he tied up his black Vans.

    A silence echoed for a mere second before Yoongi could hear Namjoon smile and inhale a laugh,”This is for Haryun, isn’t it?”

    “None of your business,” Yoongi patted both of his sweatpant pockets to check for his phone and his wallet, which he had both. “I’ll be back soon.”

    Just as Yoongi stepped out into the hallway from their apartment, Namjoon shouted,”Please don’t return with any more hickeys on your face!”

    “Why don’t you just shut up,” Yoongi retorted with no real conviction in his voice as he reached the elevators and pressed the down button.

    The reminder of the large, purple bruise (notice the word bruise, not hickey) caused Yoongi to pull the hood of his sweatshirt over his head, being sure to tighten the strings around it to secure it in place and keep the bruise out of sight.

    Once the rumor account on Twitter had posted about the hickey-no, bruise-on his face, Yoongi’s phone had been flooded with direct messages and text messages from his friends and a few girls he had hooked up with in the past. His friends were either making crude jokes or congratulating him on donning a sort of trophy from his “wild night” with whoever gave him the hickey; while the girls from his past hookups ranted about how unfair it was that they hadn’t been able to leave any marks on him. Yoongi found those texts quite funny because he never explicitly told these people to not mark him up, but he never was one for hickeys and such after a one-night stand.

    Besides, this was not a hickey or a sign of a “wild night” with someone. Instead it was a bite mark from a wild Haryun, who for some reason didn’t know how to properly bite someone and instead would leave her victims with blooming red hickies in her wake.

    Now everyone on campus thinks Yoongi has some clingy mistress or whatever, while only himself, his friends, and Haryun knew the truth. And for some reason it made Yoongi feel mysterious.

    from: yoongi

    i’m omw to toasty beans

    from: the actual devil


    i’m getting ready now

    By the time Haryun had texted Yoongi back, he had already reached the coffee shop and perched himself on the barstool at the seating area by the window. From his spot, he would be able to see when Haryun approached the coffee shop, from whichever direction she would appear from.

    The time read three minutes past one, and immediately Yoongi knew Haryun was someone who was terrible with time. As he waited, Yoongi people watched--noticing one woman with a baby strapped to her chest as she strolled down the sidewalk. Another man was walking down the sidewalk with his dog on a leash in one hand and a bag of takeout in the other.

    Yoongi could go for a good takeout meal for dinner, maybe he should start thinking about what he had a taste for.

    But just as he unlocked his phone, it buzzed with another text message from Haryun.

    from: the literal devil

    [ 1:12 ] okay i just left my apartment

    [ 1:13 ] now im in the elevator

    [ 1:15 ] it was a long elevator ride but now im in the lobby

    [ 1:16 ] now im on the street walking

    [ 1:18 ] just passed the phone store, i think i should get another phone case

    [ 1:19 ] that really good hot dog place was giving out free samples, so i got one. none for you though :/

    [ 1:23 ] there was this man with a dog, i pet it a lot

    [ 1:23 ] maybe i should get a dog

    [ 1:24 ] oh my gosh there was a lady with a baby, the baby smiled at me so i had to wave and then the baby waved back. i’m going to go talk to the baby

    [ 1:26 ] the baby’s name is sohye

    [ 1:28 ] sohye just blew me a kiss

    [ 1:29 ] aw i love babies

    [ 1:31 ] okay i said bye to sohye

    [ 1:33 ] im outside the coffee shop

    [ 1:33 ] i see you

    Yoongi watched as the text messages came through to his phone, intrigued by how easily Haryun got distracted. He watched her excitedly walk into the coffee shop before she bounced over to Yoongi with a bright smile on her face.

    “Hey,” She quickly spoke, stopping herself in her tracks before she slammed into Yoongi’s side. “You look all depressed just gazing out the window with sorrow in your eyes.”

    “That,” Yoongi locked his phone and slid it into his sweatshirt pocket. “Is not what I was doing, at all.”

    Haryun let out a noise of disbelief.

    “Oh, by the way. You lose focus very often and ridiculously easy,” Yoongi stood from the stool and made his way over to the line, which was nonexistent when he first arrived at the coffee shop, but now, thirty minutes later, there were quite a few people waiting to have their orders taken.

    Haryun wordlessly followed behind him, allowing him to continue speaking. “And you were also thirty minutes late, Haryun-ah.”

    “My bad,” Haryun blushed with embarrassment. “Moonhee had me locked in a cuddle sesh.”

    “You texted me at two minutes past one saying you were getting ready.”

    They moved forward a step in line.

    “And that was true,” Haryun nodded.

    “It took you thirty minutes to get here.”

    “I had an eventful journey.”

    Yoongi hummed, unimpressed. “How so?”

    “Did you not read my texts?”

    “I did-”

    The two of them moved up another step, only three more customers between them and the barista taking orders behind the counter.

    “Do I have a budget today, Yoongi?” Haryun asked as her eyes scanned the menu.

    “A budget,” He repeated slowly as if to compute what exactly Haryun just asked him. “For coffee?”

    “Well, I’m not quite sure how your bank account is set up so I don’t want to order something too expensive.”

    Yoongi chuckled at how serious Haryun seemed when she spoke. “How broke do you think I am?”


    “The most expensive thing on the menu is 11,000 won.”

    Haryun paused, scanning her eyes up and down Yoongi’s body with judgment in her eyes. “And do you have eleve-”

    “If you want me to buy you anything at all you won’t finish that question,” Yoongi deadpanned, staring at the menu quizzically as he attempted to figure out his own order. “Every time I speak to you my eye twitches in annoyance.”

    “Maybe you should see a doctor,” Haryun said. “That doesn’t sound healthy.”

    “Or maybe you just shouldn’t talk to me at all,” Yoongi retorted instantly, stepping up to the counter as the person in front of them completed their order.

    “Hi, my name is Gaeul, may I have a name for your order?” The barista behind the counter asked, her eyes glued to the register.


    Gaeul’s head snapped up at his name, Haryun giggling at how fast her head moved and the stars that erupted in the girl’s eyes.

    “Hi,” Gaeul muttered.

    Yoongi politely smiled. “Hi, Haryun what are you getting?”

    “Well,” A sigh left Haryun’s mouth that gave Yoongi the idea that she was about to make things difficult and he mentally prepared himself to apologize profusely to Gaeul for her actions. “What’s the most expensive thing on the menu, Gaeul-ssi?”

    “Uh,” Gaeul’s cheeks burned red. “It depends on what size drink you get and if you add things into the already prepared menu.”

    “So if I got a large caramel macchiato, iced with extra caramel pumps?”

    Gaeul paused to punch the order into the register. “Uhm, 9,500 won.”

    Haryun turned to face Yoongi, a look of shock and contemplation on her face which Yoongi returned with his own look of disdain and a whole lot of displeasure.

    “What do you think, Yoongi-ah?”

    Yoongi leveled Haryun with a heavy gaze, her taking it as a signal to hurry up and stop playing around.

    “That’s it for me, Gaeul-ssi,” Haryun turned to step over to the pick-up area, opting to make distance between herself and Yoongi before she pushed a little too far.

    Yoongi apologized to Gaeul before he told her his order, paid the amount due, and stepped off to the side to join Haryun.

    “You didn’t have to be so mean, Yoongi-ah,” Haryun began once she felt Yoongi step beside her. She was preoccupied with her phone, seemingly playing a game as she tapped the screen aggressively and sighed disappointedly. “It kind of hurt my feelings.”

    “How was I mean,” Yoongi stared at the side of Haryun’s face, taking note of the way her eyes squinted as she focused on her phone screen. “I didn't do anything wrong.”

    Haryun didn’t reply, too wrapped up in the game she was playing and Yoongi didn’t mind, he wasn’t in the proper mood to argue with Haryun and win, so if he could avoid an argument altogether then that was what he hoped for. But Haryun seemed like she wanted to continue the conversation as she locked her phone and looked up at Yoongi.

    “You gave me a mean look.”

    “What look?”

    “The one you’re giving me right now,” Haryun pointed her finger right in the middle of Yoongi’s face, gesturing to his expression. “And why is your hood on your head like that, you look dumb.”

    Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Geez, and you say I’m being mean.”

    The two of them stared at one another for a moment, Yoongi watching as Haryun fell into deep concentration and he knew exactly what she was thinking. As she raised her arms to grasp the strings to his hoodie, Yoongi grabbed her wrists and halted her movement.

    “Nuh uh,” He hummed. “Don’t.”

    “Why not,” she whined, stomping her right foot as she did so. “Are you cold or somethin’?”

    Haryun tried to grab his hoodie strings again and this time Yoongi yanked her arms down to her sides. “Haryun-ah, stop it.”

    “Y’know, I never said you could call me Haryun-ah,” She teased. “What if I’m your noona?”

    “You aren’t.”

    “What year are you?”


    “Shit,” Haryun cursed. “I’m ‘94. You’re old, Yoongi-yah.”

    That statement made Yoongi chuckle, genuinely. “Shut up.”

    “Medium Iced Americano for Ji Hajoon!”

    Haryun twisted her wrists to get Yoongi to release his grip on her and stood still for a moment. Yoongi kept himself guarded in case she attempted to remove his hood again, but after a few minutes he relaxed, noticing that Haryun turned her attention elsewhere for the moment.

    But just as Yoongi reached into his pocket to occupy himself with his phone until their order was called, Haryun snuck her hand up to the back of his head, grabbed the fabric of his hood and yanked. It left his neck at an awkward angle, but Yoongi was more pissed about Haryun not listening to him than anything else.

    “Oh my gosh, Yoon-“ Haryun gasped as she caught sight of what the hood was actually hiding.

    “What did I tell you?” Yoongi muttered, not finding the energy in himself to yell at Haryun about her yanking off his hood.

    Her eyes remained wide and they glistened with concern as she eyed the bruise on his left cheek, dark and purple like it had been for the last two days.

    “Oh, Yoongi-yah, I’m so sorry,” There was an air of sincerity in her voice as she stepped closer and examined the aftermath of her assault closely. She cupped his right cheek softly with her hand, using the leverage to tilt his face in a new angle to examine everything closer. “You should put ice on it.”

    “It’s fine.” Yoongi muttered. “Your hands are cold.”

    “Sorry,” She dropped her hand quickly, but her eyes never left the bruise. “It doesn’t even look like a hickey.”

    Yoongi stayed silent.

    “Okay, well maybe it does a little bit,” As Haryun spoke, Yoongi noticed a few people peeking over at him and the side of his face.

    That didn’t surprise him seeing as most of the campus followed the SNU Updates account and no doubt they saw the post about the hickey on his face. But that was different than having people actually stare at him and it, and Haryun was practically trying to medicate him in public like she wasn’t the one who did it.

    But no one needed to know that.

    “Stop looking at it,” Yoongi hissed at Haryun, grabbing her shoulders to turn her away from him. “You’re drawing attention.”

    “Well, it’s kind of hard to miss,” She said with her back facing him. “It’s so big and purple. You should name it.”

    Yoongi scrunched up his face, his nose curling cutely. “What? No. You name it since you did this to me.”

    “Aw really,” Haryun’s voice raised a bit, genuine excitement in her voice. “I think I like the name Farrah.”


    “Well, why not?”

    “It’s ugly.”

    Haryun gasped dramatically, her hand flying up to her chest to emphasize the amount of hurt she sarcastically felt. “Take that back!”

    “Uh, no.”

    “Yoongi,” She spoke, quite loudly, as she whipped around to face him again. “I was going to name my first child Farrah.”

    “I thought you were supposed to name your child something that won’t get them bullied?”

    “Oh, I’m going to cast-“

    “Large Iced Caramel Macchiato with two Caramel Pumps and a Chai Tea for Yoongi!”

    Yoongi walked up to the counter before Haryun could dish out her threat, the young barista handing Yoongi his drinks. Haryun quickly followed behind him, snatching her drink from his hand as she said, “I birthed that hickey on your face so I’m naming it!”

    “You birthed nothing, Yun-ah, let’s go.”

    “Yoongi, that hickey is named Farrah.”

    “It has no name, you poor child, now let’s go.”

    Yoongi made his way towards the door, watching as Haryun said something to the barista before she followed him out the door and onto the sidewalk.

    “Bada agreed with me that Farrah was a cute name,” Haryun said smugly as she stuck her tongue out.

    “Who’s Bada?”

    “The barista.”

    In an attempt to end the conversation there, Yoongi hummed like he finally agreed, but he couldn’t care less about the name for the unwanted bruise on his face. Haryun could think she named it Farrah but it would truly have no name.

    “Well,” Yoongi took a sip of his tea. “That concludes day one I guess.”

    “What are we about to do now?”

    “We,” Yoongi gestured to himself then Haryun. “Aren’t about to do anything. I’m going back to my apartment and I can care less about what you do.”

    Haryun pouted at that. “But Yoongi, we’re supposed to bond so I can forgive you.”

    “We never agreed on that.”

    “It was in the fine print.”

    “There is no fine print in text messages,” Yoongi retorted. “I wanna go back to my apartment.”

    “Then take me with you,” Haryun smiled, and Yoongi almost considered it, almost.

    “No, thank you.”

    “How about we just go to the pond over in the courtyard, sit and chat for a bit,” Haryun offered. “You can even read me the rough draft of your apology. Like a peer review before your final grade.”

    “I’m getting graded on my apology,” Yoongi asked with a slight chuckle.

    “Hell yeah, baby,” Haryun said as she finished taking a sip of her coffee. “Oh, shit, this is good. C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

    Yoongi paused for a second, watching Haryun bounce excitedly on her feet as she waited for his answer. He could either go lock himself in his room to attempt to finish a beat he started two weeks ago or he could sit at a pond with Haryun and possibly be annoyed for the next thirty minutes.

    While normally, his answer would clearly be music, hanging out with Haryun seemed promising. And for some reason he couldn’t say no to those big brown eyes that were pleading for him to agree.

    “Fine,” He let out a big sigh and Haryun squealed. “I guess we can go sit around a mass of water for no reason at all for a while.”

    “Not for no reason,” Haryun all but shouted as she excitedly grabbed his hand and pulled him in the direction of the campus courtyard. “It’s to revise your apology, Gi-Gi Bear!”

    “Oh, no, that is not going to be a thing.”

    “I think it’s cute,” Haryun mischievously giggled. “Gi-Gi Bear.”

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    ( masterlist / prev / next )

    ☆ ⁄⁄ ★

    note: lmao, it’s literally 11:45 right now so it’s kind of not even sunday anymore but whatever. sorry, i had a test and a project to do after i got home from work so, anyway. enjoy!

    #jung hoseok#kim namjoon#kim seokjin#kim taehyung#park jimin#jeon jungkook#min yoongi #bts social media au #min yoongi x female oc #coffee social media au #enemies to lovers #min yoongi social media au
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    Quarterback! JK X Cheer captain! Reader

    High school AU.

    Drabble series

    You were beyond sad, this was your last week of summer break, before you started your last year of highschool. And on top of that, Jeongguk broke up with you last week, he claimed you two needed a break, he needed to meet other people, experience more than just you. You didn’t want to go to school and have to face everyone as they ask you what happened with you and Jeongguk.

    But the first day of school came, it was quiet. Everyone knew something was going on, when you two weren’t hugging in the halls, holding hands, talking. You didn’t even talk to him on the field. That’s when you heard rumors he had a girlfriend, you agreed to give him space, but you didn’t think he wanted to literally see new people. He gave you a promise ring for crying out loud.

    “Did you hear that Jeongguk was dating Sana?” You heard Lisa whisper to another cheerleader, most likely Jennie. Those two were always gossiping specifically, when the person they were talking about was right there, they were particularly quiet either.

    Jeongguk wouldn't dare date Sana, no he wouldn't. The overly effervescent girl was the complete opposite of you, she wasn't a cheerleader but she was in the student body, she was pretty, she was cheerful. He knew that you were always insecure of her when she admitted she had a crush on Jeongguk last year, even though he rejected her maybe he thought of still being with her.

    But fine, you don't care. It doesn't matter. He moved on, so will you. You took your promise ring off and put it in the corner of your locker.

    You hated your stupid stats class. Jeongguk sat behind you and even the sound of his pen clicking was enough to piss you off. When the class ended you quickly rushed to exit the room, only to be met face to face with Sana as she smiled at you.

    She was waiting on Jeongguk, something you used to do. Not anymore.

    Maybe you were too sensitive. You found yourself crying in your car as soon as school was over, you didn't even bother to leave the parking lot. Coincidentally it began to rain. You placed your head in the stirring wheel as you cried, you hated the person you were becoming. You had thoughts you'd usually never have, when you seen her you thought, “she’s not even that pretty.” maybe you were trying to make yourself feel better, but you couldn't begin hating her for taking what was yours, who was yours. You hated that you thought of him like some type of object, that's probably why he broke up with you. You were too dependent and couldn't function on your own without him. Maybe it was better that way.

    Jeongguk noticed you stopped wearing your promise ring, he wondered why. You agreed to take a break, to give each other space, but you were acting as if you still weren't his. The truth is, Jeongguk needed time to understand his feelings for you. He knows he loves you, but he doesn't understand it. The only love he knows is the love he has for his parents, pizza, or his favorite video game. But you were different. He didn't like that he couldn't understand what he felt for you. He knows saying he wanted to see other people was not the best way to go about it, but he's doing what made sense to him. Either seeing other people would deepen his feelings for you or make him lose them. Then he’d know whats going on in his mind. But the latter wasn't even an option. He only yearned for you more. Sana was annoying him, she was clingy, but she did all the same things you did, and Jeongguk never found you clingy. So instead of driving her home, he made some excuse to stay at school late. Until it started raining, he cursed himself for deciding to practice plays when it was raining. He changed from his football uniform into his letterman, his hair was still soaking.

    He walked through the parking lot, noting the few cars in the lot. One of them being yours. He could make out your form through the window of your car. His legs carried him to your car without thinking, he was soon knocking on your window. You looked at him, quickly wiping the running mascara and eyeliner with the back of your hand, you unlocked the door.

    Jeongguk sat in your passenger's seat, closing the door. His eyes trailed over your form, he noticed that you'd been crying.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked, his thumb caressing your cheek softly. You sniffled, “Don’t play dumb.” you mumbled, placing your hand on his wrist firmly as if to remove his hand from your face. But you didn't. You let him keep his hand in place. Jeongguk looked at your ringless hand, sighing. He let out a chuckle. “I’m an idiot huh angel?.” he was looking down at the floor of the car. Your eyes met his form when he called you the pet name. “We need to talk don’t you think?” He rhetorically asked, looking at you. “I don't need to do much talking..” you muttered. “You’re right, I have explaining to do.” he nodded as he spoke. “Please listen well because It's hard for me to explain something I don't fully understand.” he looked at you his eyes were showing he was nervous. You nodded at him urging him to keep going. “Every day I think about you. And I thought it's because I love you, that's why. But I don't know, it's more than that. When you said you were applying to universities, I thought about— what if we can't be together and I don't know Yn. I'm scared, of what I feel for you. I don't want to change. I want to stay here with you and I want to hold your hand, I can't even think of a future without you in it. And then I realize I'm going to be an adult soon, me and you. I don't know if I'm ready to take the next step, I don't understand what I feel, but it's more than love.” his eyes began to tear up yours doing the same. You touched his shoulder, “Jeongguk, we don’t all understand our feelings, and that's okay but you have to let yourself change, I understand staying the same is easy to do, but we have to move with time. Let things come and go, and adapt.” you placed your hand in his as he looked at you and smiled. “You always know what to say.” he mumbled, “Maybe this is why I'm falling in love with you.” he confessed, your eyes met. “I’m.. In love with you too.” you whispered, unable to say it out loud. Words are distracting when you're searching for the meaning, so it's better to let them flow out naturally. “I'm sorry, I never wanted anyone else, I was just scared of what I was feeling and-” you cut him off with a kiss, a slow soft one. “Please, just never do it again.” you mumbled against his lips and he nodded, “I would and could never.”

    #bts jeongkook #bts football au #jeongguk x reader #jungkook x reader fluff #jungkook x reader #bts high school au #jungkook #bts x reader #bts angst#jeon jungkook
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    Ebony Coffee; M| JJK

    (Well this is my first imagine for bts and I’m kinda stoked for you all to read cause they are so awesome and I get to be part of such a wonderful army I love making them)

    Pairing: JungkookX readerX jimin

    Word count: 2.6k

    Genre: hardcore smut, angst, co-worker!au, boss!au Yandere!Jungkook


    Warnings: painful smut, public sex but private location, name calling,edging, yandere jungkook, ruthless jungkook, dark jungkook,long hair jungkook, messy kisses, hickeys, bruises, enormous dick jk for reasons,teasing, abuse, violence, menace to society,spit kink, fluids, fluid kink,dirty talk,squirting,cursing,master kink,creampie,screaming.

    A/n: well listen to the bts academia dark classical soft music and this came upon my mind like oops and knowing jungkook is my bias and so is jimin it’s so much but this is my first one for them so if you love these for bts please like, repost, comment I love hearing feedback it’s greatly appreciate it😉😌

    The smell of the robustness of Colombia filled your nostrils. y/n stepped inside the place that bittersweet, Ebony coffee shop. She captured her blue apron and tied it around her curvy waist. Toward the counter she clocks in.

    “I can serve the next guest.”

    Y/n secure a raven coffee cup from the vendor. A tall man with dark brown curly locks and plump pink lips stride to y/n’s register. This gentleman always appears to y/n but she blocks her hands in front of her face hiding her features but he knows her all too well.

    “Yes you can sweetheart hello”

    The familiar man name tag presents “Jimin” with his hand on you and uncovers your facial features. As y/n saw him a nervous smirk cracks on her face. He runs his fingers along your arms in slow circles admiring a beautiful creature that he loves.

    ‘Oh no not you” through clenched teeth while sliding her arm away from Jimin and roam over toward the back room. y/n heard footsteps come toward the front. A porcelain skinned dark chocolate short wavy locks laced with brown orbs and dents in his cheeks strutted towards yourself.

    “ Y/n get off your ass and work please stop flirting with the customers” jungkook spats, The boss of ebony coffee captures a money drawer and the benjamins fall into his hand while his eye furrows and steam pours from his ears.

    Rolling her eyes and scanning at Jimin's big blue ones. He waves and lips puckering for a smooch as a wink crept on his right eye. He loved messing with y/n, she had to be on her best behavior for the customer that always has her and her only in his mind.

    y/n placed her shoulders high and her head following. A sense of venom found her straightening her body frame as her mouth performed a “But he…. What… how.. Oooo what can I get for you.’

    Somehow a breath danced on your honey skin as jungkook walked dangerously close to y/n. y/n nostrils fill the dark polo that matched his bitter emotional indifference that has a way of killing a deer in headlights with no remorse.His anger wears an ugly mister hide persona for you to shrink down to an ant in his presence.

    “That's more like it, I’ll be in my office counting my money” as he leaves with a rough tap on your shoulder and eyes rolling toward the back of his head. y/n felt in her fragile heart that jimin take the lead of her security as a working woman of Ebony’s Coffee shop as jungkook gives up his spot as head in charge.

    y/n head lowers toward the floor as her orbs get glossy and a weep escapes from her lips. She captures the almond milk to prepare the latte. footsteps in her direction, jungkook sticks his tongue out like a little kid on the playground tormenting your state of mind. Her finger ran over her cheek to wipe the moisture from her despair that was HIM.

    “Whatever I don't care to hear or even look at such a rude person that is a scumbag’ whispers from her mind colliding with her mocha lips.y/n’s insides gave her a deep breath of freedom and a relief from the pressure he always forced upon her but jungkook towers over y/n and steals the one good feeling that she gave herself.

    “What did you say, woman?” The room of people fell silent and froze from his jab towards the fiery woman that was before him. Her board frame shivered from his burning flesh, from the enclosed space of him and her. Inches away from his lips and your nose, she lay of hold her pointer finger in her hands and her head down. Her words squeaked out of her.

    “You heard me Mr.kook” as the light came in, His mouth found its way to the floor and brain paused for a moment. He blinked his raven eyes from y/n’s words that stabbed him in the heart. Finding his composure, he gravitates toward her ear. Clenching his teeth “in my office now” as he backs up from his spot he stares. The stare cut her salvation and the bitterness was all she knew to have with him.

    As they made it into his office. y/n’s view blurred from the ocean she accumulated. A soul crushed for jungkook.he always finds pleasure in making the ones with a positive sprite feel so weak under him.protection is not for him for jungkook is possession.

    “What the heck was that y/n’ she glanced at jungkook. The room quickly got icey, where her comfort stolen from his hand met the desk, a wave of heat came upon him and the winds that he produced as the tornado within him caused the dilemma to spark.

    y/n scanned toward him and shook her head from side to side as a sniff came toward her nose, placing her hands up from avoidness

    “Im sorry sir i promise i wont say anything again’

    A fear of his psychotic anger. y/n knew jungkook had everything going for himself. As he went behind her. y/n stood up but found herself back down on the chair by his vigorous touch. y/n’s heart skipped from his powerful steps coming in front of you. Jungkook sighed as his slender finger twirls your curl.His orbs open windows to your soul.

    “Well you been a bad girl and i know what you'll need for being bad”

    y/n caught her breath escaping from her as she sensed jungkook’s ringed finger around her neck enclosing on her He lowered his head toward it and his strawberry chapped lips grazed her. A smirk that appears from her flesh between his teeth. Her mouth fell open with saliva from the side. Jungkook decorated the lower neck with blueish flesh wombs. His tongue swirled and suckled at the markings he created.He applauded himself for what he had accomplished and so much more.

    He placed a hardened kiss on the side of her mouth tasting nectur that liberated. y/n groaned from the attack.

    “Why are you so rough with me?”

    “Roughness is a game that I love the play sweetheart”

    His eyes found their way to your admirable face. Trailing from your curvy love handles. Jungkook's hands danced on your full thighs.the body that you had was a wonderland for him to play and toy with. As y/n’s cleavage peaked through, he planted chaste kisses in between and his tongue swiped the middle of your bra set. Her moans painted his ears, your chest heaved while you saw the unbearing lust fulfilled his insides. The smile on his carved face from the gods knew that your body was weathering away to your boss.

    “Mhmmm those pretty moans coming from this innocent soul’

    Jungkook stole a piece of a masterpiece from your pandora’s box. The punishment that he was going to make out of you. The positivity of your life was being sucked out dry like a vampire that craves crimson just to live and be alive to see the sun and moon from days on. He had your body's attention but y/n’s mind ripped to pieces.

    He captures her hair with his fist pulls her up from the chair. Pushing her back on his desk. A curse spewed from her mouth. Jungkook leaned down taking in his prey. His body heat stoles your shivers and goosebumps grow all over your frame. Mr.kook inbetween her leg, the length he carried grew by the pushes and rubbings he did. Lifting her thighs up to meet his waist. Both hands entrape her from her own movements.

    “My princess lessons always need to be taught’

    Running his finger from the hem of her skirt. His finger pastures the middle of her covered dripping clit. y/n’s body moist from his warm saliva he places on sensitive spots. y/n’s punishment was well deserved in his eyes.

    Climbs on top of y/n, his rosy red lips met her big ones, the small pecks he placed were like air on a snowy winter night with his tongue forced its way through your parted lips like peppermint mocha, his tongue and your tongue battle for what seem like hours. His immense hands seized the shaft of her neck while he applied pressure trapping her airway. y/n breathing rising and falling as he ripped her shirt buttons flying on the floor as her bra set was manifest.

    y/n using the only oxygen she had left in her body “It hurts jungkook” as her gasps got shakier and petite. Jungkook's ringed digit dipped down the middle of your bud. Then running his cold finger along your lips. A spat was formed on you. The wetness of his saliva glistening on your cheek. Your eyes shut from the action he did, her wiggling from the strength he had on her, his chest flourishing with a deep laugh at how pathetic he made you look.

    “A bad girl gets to live in pain not pleasure”

    Jungkook intimated the drenched finger inside her, then her body retalited. She was so snug around him while his hands pierce her mount. Pulling his finger in and out of her blurriness from him y/n choke on his powerful withdraws. Sneaking another finger in her stretching, she scans up at a biting lip jungkook. Zeus would have his head from the aggressiveness and attractiveness he had on you.

    Bouncing at an angel. y/n body glitching from her wetness on his fingers. “Jungkook i can't handle it much longer’, he picks up his pace as your frame gets hotter, a twist in your abdomen awakens your senses. He laughed abruptly in your ears as a whimper was heard from your end. The high called on yourself to squirt on his fingers. Jungkook immediately removed them with a sigh from inside. You wish that he kept going.

    Jungkook's dripping fingers unbutton his belt and pants colliding with the floor. His member was exposed to your doe eyes.He grabbed panties as they slid down your legs to the floor.As his tongue sneakily swiped your right nipple tasting a vanilla bean topping. His mouth feels like a blaze, while grasp your shoulders and y/n laid upon the desk. He towered over your form as his fingers skimmed his penis. Jungkook with a pop from his mouth, positioned himself at your moisten flower.

    His tip wiggles the sensitive bud y/n arms meet his torso for remorse. A vein pops out from him as he already stretches y/n. Thrusts a few more inches and the stretching pain shot up to her thighs as y/n’s hands found his stomach and backs up from him lessen the pressure inside her,capturing her fragile hands in his while he starts transversing

    Once he pumps small strokes , he pulls you forward and forcefully crashes into you, y/n’s view was of him. Her doe eyes glisten in the light and his thriving black pupils like a demon met your righteousness.

    “ You're making me sore, please stop this jungkook’ as her brain couldn't concentrate on what was real. y/n wanted to curl up in a ball at the pain and sadness he's guiding her through but all he saw was ecstasy.

    “Shhhh shut… hold your breath, bite your tongue, close your eyes, do whatever you need to do to get through it” Jungkook hand landing on the corner of his desk and curving himself inside her. The leverage turned animalistic as his finger in her mouth curved and her lucid sounds went silent. The thrusts were powerful and full of stamina that made the pain unbearable.

    “You know what i love most about you, darling is leaving the purple marks while i grab you and have my way” your face moistens with tears. Breathless screams and a hot blush of tender fire on her figure of torture he puts his co worker through. Rapid thrusts and head shakes side to side and grabbing on the desk to run away from the Psychotic jungkook, his groans painted the walls of the echo sanctuary and her rough air burning her lungs. Her betrayal of euphoria calling her like a siren. Her stomach turned as she swallowed deep not to let the contents in her spill out her mouth and a wave of her high laced her body.

    “I’m about to cum jungkook” her stomach rumbling as she swallowed her digestive system.y/n spilled on him as he harassed the orgasm out of her. Her heart beating rapidly out of her chest from the euphoric pleasure she endured. As he did not meet his high yet he pulled out of her as his member was moist with a stream of her juices on the wood floor. Jungkook seizes your frame and pushes you away from him stumbling over your feet y/n captures the ledge of a side table, her frame wobbling has jungkook replaces himself on the desk.

    He wiggles his finger signaling you to come closer to him.

    “Up up get on top of me”

    Y/n stomach jolted and shakes as she felt her organs Turning inside horrified by her boss but butterflies filled her in the mix.y/n stumbled over toward him and fell onto his lap but he grabbed her torso. Her energy was slim and her posture was giving away. y/n positioned herself toward his length. Squats down on his member but shutters at the sensitivity of herself. Jungkook automatically stretched her and he knew he did.

    Jungkook its so big ahhh”

    y/n sat on it and her body was trembling, her moan alarmed in his ear and his chocolate doe eyes went hybrid raven filled with lust.


    As y/n grey clouds met her sunshine sky. Her face was blemished and sore from him and him alone. y/n began to slide up and down on him as her legs shook with every movement. His moaning boomed in your chest.y/n bounced up and down him feeling his vibrations over her weathered thick frame. Jungkook's length twitches inside of you. Feeling his twitch y/n fingernails met his back as scratches were formed.

    “Aweeee is it hurting my poor little cupcake, I love when you shake it means you’ll obey next time”

    His hands met your thick waist keeping you at a position. He cursed under his breath as his high was crashing in on him. Your stomach starts again. Both of your highs were lacing your body. It was going to be a struggling letting it all go but once you felt jungkook spill white over all your raw walls. His warmth became your signal and your juices flowed on him.

    “Yes sir I’ll obey”

    Your orbs rolled to the back of your head and collapsed on him as he kissed your forehead. Jungkook laughing at the damage he caused as your snores filled his office. y/n could feel the ruthless of his being but trapped in a darkness of never ending teasing.

    “ you will obey your master”

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    Ana’s BTS fic recommendations - Part 4 10.18.2021

    Please feel free to send me an ask or a message with your favorite BTS fics or writers, I’ll make sure to check it out and include in future parts. I’m still going to reblog my favorites, so if you want to keep up with my recommendation lists - let me know and I’ll tag you.

    💜 Please reblog this post so more people can read good stuff and/or send me new great fics! 💜

    Please take a note that some of the works might be for people who reached the age of 18, and don’t interact if you’re a minor, thank you

    💜 @sopebubbles - masterlist

    A Bulletproof Heart - ??? x YN, smau + written parts
    15 year old Kim Yn has her fair share of poor choices and bad days. She used to get through them with her brother, Namjoon, and their friends, Yoongi and Hobi. When they dismiss her dream, she’s determined to make her voice heard and prove her resilience. Luckily she meets a few new friends a long the way that help her become bulletproof.

    💜 @borathae - masterlist

    I hate you, I love you - KTH
    You are marrying Kim Taehyung, heir to Kim Enterprises, one of South Korea’s hottest bachelors and a total pain in the ass. You do not want to marry him and neither does he want to marry you. But in families likes yours’, marriage does not come with love. 

    💜 @lushtans - masterlist

    💜 @kimnjss - masterlist

    💜 @lcksndkys - masterlist

    💜 @silv3rswirls - masterlist

    💜 @v-hope - masterlist

    Belong - KTH, smau + written parts
    One year to prove you can fend for yourself. one year to keep your parents from making the most important life decision for you. one year to still carry the perfect life for the media whilst carrying a simpler one for yourself…

    💜 @lysjeon - masterlist

    💜 @arcticguk - masterlist

    💜 @bangtann-bangdamn - masterlist

    Nocturne - MYG, smau + written parts
    It was supposed to be easy: confess your love for Park Jimin and spend the final moments of the year locked in his arms. Only one problem – he has a new girlfriend and now you need to save face. Good thing Yoongi is willing to play pretend. But how long until you catch feelings for the quiet music man?

    💜 @jimlingss - masterlist

    💜 @krreader - masterlist

    Soulmate Au
    Marrying you in Vegas
    BigHit forcing you two to break up but they propose instead

    💜 @jjeongukkie - masterlist

    💜 @wtf-yoongi - masterlist

    💜 @whatifyoulivelikethat - masterlist

    💜 @taesinferno - masterlist

    💜 @angeljinnie - masterlist

    💜 @btsqualityy - masterlist

    💜 @herherteartear - masterlist

    Mask On - PJM, smau + written parts
    Blind dates are never the move.. unless your best friend is vouching for the person you’re going on a date with. it couldn’t be that bad, right? wrong. now you’re in love with a man who has a big secret. a big secret with chubby cheeks and pig tails.
    Touch of him - JHS, smau + written parts
    You end up falling in love with the guy your sister is head over heels for. also, he’s everything you didn’t want in a man.

    💜 @sevenforeverbulletproof - masterlist

    💜 @jjungkookislife - masterlist

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    Jungkook: I wish I could control wasps and bees to sting my enemies. Taehyung: You’re too young to have enemies. Jungkook: You don’t even know.

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    jeon jungkook (n.) definition of loving, considerate and dedicated; a angel

    ﹫𝗸𝗼𝗼𝗸𝗶𝗲⭑você pode até não perceber, mas o meu coração se amarrou em você ❤︎

    #𝐉𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐊 ˒ it took a minute boy for you to steal my heart.

    𝟵𝟳, 𝗕𝗨𝗦𝗔𝗡!私の情熱

    ✦ 𝐣𝐞𝐨𝐧 𝐣𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 ✧ déjame vivir siempre a tu lado

    #𝗞𝗢𝗢 ˒ daisuki ‹3

    𝗍𝗎 𝖾𝗌 𝗆𝗈𝗇 𝗉𝖺𝗋𝖺𝖽𝗂𝗌 #𝐉𝐊

    mi felicidad es cuando te veo ' 𝐉𝐉𝐊

    #𝗝𝗨𝗡𝗚𝗞𝗢𝗢𝗞; 𝘁𝗲 𝗮𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗶 𝗱𝗲 𝗷𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗶𝗿𝗼 𝗮 𝗷𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗶𝗿𝗼, 𝗮𝘁𝗲́ 𝗼 𝗺𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗼 𝗮𝗰𝗮𝗯𝗮𝗿 💌

    ★ ⇄ + ♡ › like + reblog !

    my twitter: jmpkjk

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    has anyone ever thought about creating a btsau! where 3J have a tiktok together and they are very famous on the dancetok side and the other members appear as other famous tiktokers or tiktok users. Then when the profile becomes all of dance line😩😩😩!!!! Ouuu and if you throw in a black y/n that meets them and is also famous on dancetok

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    jk & tae icons.
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