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  • atiredhumanbeing
    14.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    when mother starts talking to much about your sis and you almost slip that accuattly you are not the only gay child

    #ma'am pls #i said nothing #lgbt#bi girls #self deprecating humor #meme#self destruction#funny memes#mood#jeon jungkook#bts#jungkook #self depreciating memes #self depreciating humor #bangtan sonyeondan#humor#bts army
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  • lnycttophilia
    14.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    In my dreams I can see you,

    I can tell you how I feel.

    In my dreams I can hold you.

    And it feels so real.

    I still feel the pain.

    I still feel your love.

    One last goodbye

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  • milkygcf
    14.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Pairing | jjk x pjm

    Genre | angst, fluff, more angst, reconciliation, exes to lovers, blond jungkook, tatted jimin

    Summary | ❝hopping from one city to another was an easy task for jimin. he had no time for past affairs and people that would only forget about him in weeks' time.

    except jimin knew the owner of the plaid shirt from the bookstore had something special about him.❞

    Author’s Note | new series! except this is a jikook fic :] i wrote it a while ago from a fest that i joined on twitter, so i though i'd post it here too. hope u enjoy it !

    Masterlist: yellow plaid shirt (out on 16/05/2021)

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  • heesunghoon
    14.05.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    BTS Maknae Line Layouts: Butter CB ver.

    feel free to use them. kindly credit if used. likes and reblogs are appreciated.

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  • jungshookz
    14.05.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    y/n is smitten with jungkook and it’s really, truly driving her crazy

    ➺ pairing; jeon jungkook x reader 

    ➺ genre; university!au!! hello newbie bff!kook!! woohoo this is part one of a brand new mini-series!! honk honk humour!! boo hoo angst!! jungkook and y/n are bestie goals!! y/n feeds jungkook at one point which is pretty cute too 

    ➺ wordcount; 5.3k

    ➺ summary; y/n finally decides to tell jungkook about her feelings for him and she doesn’t know if she’s ever been this nervous about anything before. 

    ➺ what to expect; “when you like someone... do you think that you should tell them that you like them?” 

                                           »»————- 🖤 ————-««

    “i have special feelings for you.”

    your face screws up in disgust as soon as the sentence comes out of your mouth and you shudder before shaking your head 

    ‘special feelings’?!

    you’re definitely scratching that one off the list 

    special feelings

    way to sound like a creep 

    “c’mon, y/n,” you grumble, pushing yourself up from the sink before reaching up to knock against your forehead, “think, think, think...” 

    you’ve been in the washroom for the last half an hour just talking to yourself in the mirror and it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been a very productive half an hour because you’ve basically been spitting the same sentence out in increasingly cringeworthy ways 

    “...i think i like you?”

    see, now why did you word that one like a question?

    do you think you like him or do you actually like him?? 

    where’s the confidence??

    where’s the oomph factor?! 

    “no, wait, i mean-” you wince and quickly shake your head, “what i meant to say was that i think that i know that i like y- no, no, listen to me, i actually like you-”

    well, if there’s one thing that can be said for sure, it’s that this is going absolutely nowhere 

    the past two months of your life has been consumed with you debating with yourself in your head about whether or not you should tell jungkook that you like him or if you should just bottle it up and keep your feelings shoved deep, deep inside your soul for the rest of your life and even the entirety of your afterlife

    it was approximately a week ago that you finally decided it would be best to just put your big girl pants on and tell jungkook about your feelings for him because you know yourself and you feel like you might really go crazy if you don’t do anything about it 

    of course, you wouldn’t have come to that decision if it wasn’t for something he’d said during a library study session 

    "should you tell someone that you like them?”

    “-!” you immediately choke on your water and quickly twist the cap back on the bottle before patting your chest lightly and looking up towards jungkook, “what?” 

    “when you like someone... do you think that you should tell them that you like them?” he asks, continuing to type away at his laptop as if he didn’t just ask you what seems to be a pretty loaded question, “or should you just keep it to yourself? to not accidentally make things weird, you know?” 

    why would he suddenly bring something like this up? 

    “i, um...” you clear your throat before offering him a halfhearted shrug, “well, i- i mean, if you- i think that if you have serious feelings for a person- like, if you know that it isn’t just a silly little crush-” you pause for a second to collect your thoughts so you can string them into a coherent sentence before going on, “okay, let me put it this way: if you know that your feelings for this person are genuine and that you really do want to pursue a romantic relationship with them, then, yeah. yeah, i think you should tell the person that you like them. because if you don’t, you’ll live the rest of your life wondering what would’ve happened if you did tell them, you know? if you do tell them about your feelings, then you don’t have to wonder ‘what if’ for the rest of your life.” 

    “huh.” jungkook looks up at you from his laptop before giving you a nod and a hum, “i guess you’re right... yeah, that makes sense. but what would you do if they didn’t feel the same way?”

    you can’t help but narrow your eyes suspiciously at his question and the little voice in the back of your head warns you to stay cool and definitely don’t get your hopes up 

    he can’t possibly be talking about you and him, can he?

    ...but if he’s not talking about you and him, then why would he bring the topic up in the first place? 

    oh my god. does jungkook like me too? 

    “well, i-” you can’t hide the soft smile on your face from the thought of jungkook having feelings for you but you quickly remind yourself that he hasn’t said anything like that at all and has really just asked you a simple question, “i don’t think you have anything to worry about, kook. you’re, like- you know, you’re super nice and funny and- yeah, i- i think if you told someone that you liked them, there would be a 100% chance of them liking you back.” 

    “do you really think so?” jungkook’s gaze softens and you feel your heart skip a beat at the sight 

    oh, god

    you are so whipped for him, aren’t you?

    “of course! i know so. is there- is there a reason why you asked?” you ask quickly as you lean forward, wanting to take advantage of the conversation before he loses interest in the topic

    “well, i just wanted your opinion on it, because i feel like you always have something logical to say.” jungkook smiles, gently nudging your leg with his foot underneath the table, “i trust you.”  

    i trust you.

    “i... i like you... and...” you frown at the piece of paper in your hands before looking back up at yourself in the mirror 

    perhaps it would be better to not follow your script word for word 

    this message should come from your heart, right? it shouldn’t come from a crumpled up piece of notebook paper that’s been living at the bottom of your backpack for the past week 

    you nod to yourself as you fold the sheet of paper in half before tucking it into your back pocket 

    “okay, i have something that i’ve been wanting to talk to you about,” you breathe out, shutting your eyes for a second to imagine his face in front of you before opening them again, “before you freak out, it’s really not that big of a deal. we are... we’ve been friends for- we are friends, and friends are honest with each other, so this is me being honest with you. i like you. i like you, as in, i have feelings for you. and to be completely honest, i’ve liked you for nearly a year now, which, i know is a pretty long time to have kept it a secret, but- i’ve tried multiple times to force myself to not like you but at this point it’s become clear that my feelings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. i guess it doesn’t help that we basically spend every day together, right? anyways, if you don’t feel the same way, that’s completely fine. i promise i won’t let it ruin our friendship because i really do cherish you as a friend and the last thing i want is to make things weird, so... you don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings, you know? i just want you to be honest with me, too. ...yeah.” you finish your little monologue with a smile as you give yourself a quick pat on the back 

    okay, not half bad! 

    it’s short, it’s sweet, you get straight to the point, you have a safety net to fall back on- 

    you jolt in surprise at the sound of a splash and a whoosh of a toilet flushing from one of the stalls behind you and you press your lips together tightly and look down when someone steps out 


    you just gave someone a free show! 

    she doesn’t say a word as she steps up to the sink next to you, her bracelets clinking together as she scrubs her hands under the running water 

    she twists the tap off with a creak before leaning down to look underneath the mirror for the paper tissue dispenser 

    she stands back up before pointing towards the one under your mirror, “could you pass me some paper tissues?”

    “uh, yeah, for sure-” you quickly reach under and yank a couple of paper tissues out of the dispenser before handing them over to her with a sheepish smile, “by the way, i was just- i was just practicing a monologue, so...” you clear your throat quietly and she gives you a stiff smile and a nod before turning to head towards the door 

    you mouth a silent ‘oh my god’ and reach up to bite your fist as soon as she turns away, your entire face now red from getting caught basically confessing your feelings to yourself in a dimly-lit restroom like a total weirdo 

    “hey-” the stranger turns to look at you from the door, “good luck with your- um, your monologue.” she smiles softly, a knowing glint in her eyes, “i hope it works out for you.”

    “oh!” you return a smile while reaching up to scratch the back of your neck, “uh, thank you. so do i.” 

    the door shuts with a slow creak and you exhale slowly before turning to face yourself in the mirror again before chuckling lightly, “god, so do i.” 

                                          »»————- 🖤 ————-««

    before you freak out, it’s really not that big of a deal...

    you adjust the strap of your backpack as you push the door open and step out of the bathroom, a blast of cool air from the library immediately making the hairs on your arms prickle to life 

    we’re friends, and friends are honest with each other, so this is me being honest with you...

    you reach down to press your palm flat over your tummy when you feel it rumble

    i like you, as in, i have feelings for you...

    you and jungkook are supposed to meet for lunch today and that’s when you decided you were going to tell him, but now you’re starting to wonder if maybe you can push it to tomorrow or something because you’re starting to get really, really nervous 

    i’ve liked you for nearly a year now, which, i know is a pretty long time to have kept it a secret. i’ve tried multiple times to force myself to not like you but at this point it’s become clear that my feelings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon...

    the smell of freshly-baked pizza suddenly tickles at your nose and you look up to see that muscle memory has already brought you to the building that you’re meeting jungkook at 

    if you don’t feel the same way, that’s completely fine. i promise i won’t let it ruin our friendship because i really do cherish you as a friend and the last thing i want is to make things weird...

    “okay, y/n. you’ve got this.” you mutter, looking at the doors of the building as you straighten your back, “everything is going to be-”

    “hey, there you are!” 

    you grunt in surprise when you’re suddenly being tackled from behind, strong arms wrapping themselves around you and lifting you up for a split second before you’re being set back down on the ground again 

    “jesus, kook-” you immediately spin around and grab onto jungkook’s forearms to keep yourself steady as you wait for your eyeballs to stop rolling around in your skull, “someone’s certainly in a good mood today!” 

    “i’ve been thinking about pizza ever since i woke up!” he chirps, turning you back around before pushing you towards the doors eagerly, “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go-”

    “alright, alright-” you laugh lightly, smiling as jungkook brushes past you to hold the door open for you, “how did your midterm go?”

    “actually, it went a lot better than i expected!” jungkook nods enthusiastically as the two of you join the queue of hungry students

    he turns to glance at you for a second before raising his head slightly so he can take a look at the menu up front, “i think the mock quiz you made for me really helped.”

    “hey, that’s good! that’s good.” you nod slowly, pausing for a second before clearing your throat, “hey, by the way- there was something that i wanted to talk to you about.” 

    “ooh, i actually have something that i want to talk to you about, too.” jungkook grins before leaning over to nudge your side with his elbow, “i think you’re going to like what i have to say.” 

    “i- i am?” you raise an eyebrow, “well, what do you want to talk ab-”

    “yeah, four slices of pepperoni, please.” 

    “to go or for here?”

    you don’t get a chance to say anything else because the two of you are already up at the front and you shut up before hurrying to grab your wallet 

    “for here, please. and... hold on, gimme a sec-” jungkook pulls his student card out of his wallet before handing it to the cashier, “and an order of cheesy garlic knots too. oh, and also, two little cup-thingys of garlic aioli. what do you want to drink?” he turns to look at you and you blink owlishly before realizing that he’s paying for all of the food

    “oh, you don’t have to-” you raise your own student card, “i can pay for the knots-”

    “relax, you can just get it next time.” jungkook snorts before nodding towards the drinks in the back, “what do you wanna drink?” 

    “oh, okay, i-” you narrow your eyes to look at the drinks before nodding, “can i get a lemon iced tea, please?”

    “i’ll just get a coke.” 

    you stay quiet as jungkook pays for the meal, the cashier handing him the receipt a second later 

    “do you wanna find a table for us before it gets too crowded?” jungkook turns back to look at you before taking his bag off his shoulder, “here- put my bag on the seat so no one will take it.”  

    “’mkay, got it.” 

    it seems that lady luck is on your side today when you end up spotting two empty stools facing the windows and you hurry your way over before anyone else grabs the seats 

    you carefully weave your way around the tables, being careful not to knock into anyone’s chairs or the back of anyone’s head (it happened to you once and it was not a pleasant feeling.)

    you grin in success as you set jungkook’s bag down on the first one before settling yourself down on the second one 

    everything is working out wonderfully today! 

    “oop-” you feel a little crunch in your back pocket when you sit down and you lift yourself up for a second to quickly reach behind and- “oh-” your eyes widen in panic when you realize that you just pulled out what’s basically your love letter to jungkook and you hurry to take your backpack off so you can quickly put it away

    “y/n, the nice girl gave me a brownie on the house!” 

    you feel your anxiety skyrocket through the roof when you hear jungkook’s voice coming up behind you and all the alarms begin to blare at the sight of the note that’s still in your hand

    “we can share it!” jungkook chirps, now standing right behind you with a tray full of food, “can you lift my bag for a second?”

    “uh, yes! yes, i-” you grab jungkook’s bag off the chair with a grunt and plop it down on your lap next to your own backpack before turning to look at kook with a smile, “free brownie again? that was nice of her.” you blindly feel for an opening on your bag before shoving the note into it right as jungkook gets settled next to you 


    crisis averted 

    “i know, right? i think she might like me- or maybe she likes you, i don’t know-”

    “i’m pretty sure you’re the one she’s batting her lashes at, kook,” you snort, turning to glance back towards the front counter to see one of the girls staring in your guys’ direction with a dreamy smile on her face, “i feel like she’d behead me if i touched your brownie.” 

    “it’s okay, we can still share it- oh my god, everything smells so good.” jungkook slides the box of garlic knots with a little cup of aioli sitting on top of it over to you, “let me get a couple of bites in before i start talking- you want a bite of pizza?”

    “mm-mm, i’m fine with my garlic knots.” you smile, popping the flimsy paper box open and immediately being hit in the face with the rich scent of butter and garlic, “wanna try?” you ask, tearing a chunk off one of them before dipping it into the sauce

     “mm, gimme.” jungkook leans over before opening his mouth eagerly and chomping at the air and you can’t help but giggle before feeding him the bite

    a minute or so ticks by where the two of you sit in comfortable silence and you chew thoughtfully as you stare out the window  

    you feel good!

    you feel good about this 

    you feel like all the lights are green and all you have to do is rev the engine and slam down on the gas 

    you know what to say, you know exactly how to say it, and you’ve planned out all possible routes of how this conversation with jungkook might go 

    a) the 'oh my god, this is really happening’ scenario: you tell him you like him, he tells you he likes you back = you’ll enjoy each other’s company for the rest of lunch and maybe he’ll hold your hand when he walks you to your next class afterwards

    b) the 'you’re a really good friend, but no’ scenario: you tell him you like him, he tells you that he doesn’t feel the same way and that he just wants to be friends = you tell him that it’s completely fine and that you’ll get over it, you’ll enjoy each other’s company for the rest of lunch and afterwards he will definitely not hold your hand when he walks you to your next class which is fine because friends don’t hold hands with friends 

    c) the ‘yikes, this is awkward’ scenario: you tell him you like him, he reacts with discomfort and mild disgust = you’re slightly offended but you still tell him that you understand anD that you’re willing to give him as much time and space as he needs, and you’ll walk to class alone 

    ...you really, really hope it’s not the last scenario that unfolds. 

    “-said yes!” jungkook slaps a hand down on the sticky metal counter before letting out a laugh, “can you believe it?”

    oh god

    you’ve been so in your head this whole time that you completely missed the exciting news that jungkook was waiting all day to tell you about 

    do you want to ask him to repeat himself or do you want to pretend like you were listening to him the whole time? 

    “that’s... i’m so... happy for you...?” you trail off sheepishly, jungkook turning to look at you before snorting 

    “you weren’t listening to me, were you?” 

    “i was!” you argue before gesturing out the window, “i totally was, i was just- i was just a little distracted because of the pigeons outside-” 

    “okay, well, let me just tell you again-” jungkook wipes his greasy fingers on a napkin before turning to face you slightly, his knees knocking against the side of your legs, “i finally did it. i finally grew a pair and i finally asked ji-eun out and she said YES!” 

    “hey, look at you go! that’s so-” you immediately clam up when his words finally settle into the deepest depths of your brain and you feel your heart plummet to your stomach 




    well, it looks like you weren’t as prepared as you thought you were 

    d) the ‘i just asked someone out so i clearly don’t have feelings for you’ scenario: you don’t get a chance to tell jungkook about your feelings for him, jungkook tells you that he likes someone else, and you... 

    what do you do? 

    “hey, what’s the matter?” jungkook frowns, tilting his head before reaching over to give your shoulder a shake, “you haven’t said anything in, like, a minute.”

    you didn’t even know he was interested in someone else 

    the name ji-eun sounds a little familiar to you — now that you think about it, you’re fairly sure jungkook’s brought her up before (something something i sit next to this girl something something she’s nice and she let me borrow a pen something something along those lines) 

    she’s in his sociology class, you think?

    “-great!” you blurt out, forcing a bright smile on your face as you look over at him, “sorry, i just- i was just processing your great news so i guess my brain just shut off for a second- that’s so... great, kook. super great.” 

    “isn’t it?!” jungkook clasps his hands together before taking his bottom lip in between his teeth, his eyes all wide and twinkly, “i mean, i was actually surprised she said yes, you know? i practiced what i was going to say to her all week- i stumbled over my words a couple of times but if anything i think she found it endearing...” 

    jungkook’s voice starts to fade out in the background as you turn to look back out the window

    the chunk of bread in your mouth feels like it’s getting bigger and bigger as you continue to chew 

    suddenly you’ve lost your appetite 



    this is... this is fine. 

    this is fine, right? 

    if anything, this is great news! 

    at least now you know that jungkook definitely doesn’t feel the same way, which is... fine! 

    it’s fine

    and it’s a good thing that he started babbling first because you can’t even imagine what would’ve happened if you’d spewed your news out first

    once again: crisis averted! 

    you let out a little sigh as your shoulders droop slightly

    you had prepared yourself for what to do if jungkook didn’t feel the same way about you... so why does it feel like you’re flailing around in the middle of the ocean trying desperately to keep your head above the water? 

    “to be honest, i probably wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for what you said to me in the library last week,” jungkook hums, “you know, about how you should go for it otherwise you’ll be left wondering ‘what if’ for the rest of your li-”

    “yeah, yeah, i remember.” you interrupt him a little more crassly than intended before reminding yourself to loosen up, “i- yeah. i remember. i’m glad i could help.” 

    “oh, and you have to help me plan the date- everything has to be perfect.” jungkook reaches over to poke a finger into your arm, “you know i’m no good at all the mushy romance stuff, but you certainly are.” 

    “well, i-” you let out a nervous chuckle before shrugging, “i mean, everyone’s different, you know? i, um... i don’t know if it’s a good idea that i help you plan out the date and stuff because- you know, i... i don’t know anything about ji-eun! you know more than i do, so i probably won’t be able to-”

    “i feel like dinner and a movie would be super boring.” jungkook sighs as he folds his grease-stained paper plate in half before pushing it away, “i mean, i definitely still wanna take her out for food and stuff, but-”

    “i would argue that a dinner and a movie is a good first date,” you shake your head, “you know, you get to talk and get to know each other during the dinner, and then during the movie, you don’t have to talk to each other for like, an hour and forty minutes so you get a bit of break.” 

    “i mean, i guess, but... oh, shit, i’m sorry.” jungkook winces, suddenly perking up a little, “you said you wanted to talk to me about something, right? tell me about your thing first before we plan my date.”

    “my thing?” your lashes flutter and you feel your ears starting to get hot at the reminder of what exactly your thing is, “oh, god, i- it’s nothing, now that i think about it. it was something... it was something silly, so- like, i don’t even remember what i wanted to- it’s stupid. it was stupid, it’s nothing.” you chuckle uncomfortably as you rub at the back of your neck, “let’s just keep- let’s just keep planning your date! i wanna keep planning your date.” 

    “okay, well- if you change your mind at any point, i’m all ears.” 

    “mhm.” you nod as you swirl the chunk of bread around in the aioli absentmindedly before letting go of it, “got it.”

    “ooh, i’ve got it!” your eyes widen when jungkook suddenly reaches over and takes your hands in his, forcing your stool to swivel around so that you’re face-to-face with him, “imagine that i asked you out on a date.”

    “u-us? on a date?” you swallow thickly, “that- that’s so dumb, kook-”

    “no, listen, listen-” he chuckles, giving your hands a squeeze, “if i asked you out on a date, what would we do together?” 

    “well, i...” you look down at your hands in his (and for a second you can’t help but feel as though your hands just fit together perfectly) as you think of what to say, “we... we like pizza, right? i think, like- we could order a pizza and a box of garlic knots and maybe have some kind of a picnic on the rooftop of your apartment building. i mean- you’d probably have to decorate the rooftop first with a bunch of little twinkly lights and you’d have to lay out a blanket and some pillows to make it comfortable, otherwise we’d just be sitting in the dark on the cold, hard ground, but- yeah. i... i think that would be really nice. because it’s an intimate setting and it gives us the chance to talk in private, and we could literally stay up there all night if we wanted to and... you know, watch the sun rise and stuff. so... if we went out on a date, that’s what we would do together.” 

    the little voice in the back of your head suddenly reminds you (quite cruelly) that you, in fact, were not asked out by jungkook and you won’t be having a romantic rooftop picnic with him and you immediately pull your hands away from his before laughing nervously, “but you know, that’s just an idea, so you don’t have to take it.” 

    your face feels hot as you turn away from jungkook and you look down at your cold garlic knots before reaching over to shut the lid and push it away 

    “mm... no, i actually like that!” jungkook nods eagerly, “i like that a lot- i mean, a rooftop picnic is a little cheesy, but i think ji-eun will think it’s cute!” 

    “great!” you clear your throat, “as long as ji-eun thinks it’s cute, i think it’s great-”

    “will you help me set it up?” 


    he’s really rubbing salt into your wound, isn’t he?

    “i... of course! i would love to.” you smile stiffly before lifting the sleeve of your hoodie to check the time on your watch, “so, i'm gonna head out, i think- i need to get to my next class early if i wanna get a good spot-”

    “mm, okay-” jungkook slurps up the rest of his coke before shaking the empty paper cup, “i can walk you there! i’m done for the day so i think i’m just going to go hang out in the library- ooh, i can plan out my date while i wait for you-” 

    “oh, you don’t have to walk me to class, it’s fine.” you dismiss him with a flick of your wrist as you pull your backpack on, wanting desperately to just end the conversation so you can get the hell out of here, “i can just meet you in the library after i’m done.” 

    “are you sure?” he frowns, reaching over to pick up your box, “hey, you didn’t finish your garlic knots-”

    “i know, i just- i guess i wasn’t super hungry.” you shrug, “you can take them if you want! you paid for them, so...” 

    “okay, in that case, i’m just gonna hang out here and finish up these knots and then i’ll go to the library.” jungkook plops back down on his seat before reaching over to punch your arm gently, “text me when you’re done, bud!” 

                                         »»————- 🖤 ————-««

    “-now, for this next portion, i just want you to take some notes down on your computers or your notebooks or whatever you have- think about any thematic concerns in the poem that stand out to you...” 

    you draw circles on the blank page of your notebook in disinterest as the sound of your professor’s voice drones on and on in the background and your mind immediately takes you back to what just went down with jungkook

    your hand freezes on the page and you let out a quiet little huff 


    you said that you weren’t going to be all mopey if things didn’t work out, but here you are, all sad and droopy and very much radiating woe-is-me energy 

    all you know now is that you’re going to take your feelings out on a big ol’ pint of ice cream tonight 

    by the way, you should probably throw out your little love letter because you certainly don’t need any embarrassing reminders of what you were going to say to jungkook 

    you don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened if you told him you liked him before he told you that he’d just asked someone out 

    you set your pen down before leaning down to unzip your backpack, reaching in and blindly rummaging around for a crumpled up piece of paper 



    you frown, leaning down further to get your arm deeper into your bag

    your fingers bump up against your planner, your wallet, your water bottle and your pencil case, but... 

    that’s odd 

    you roll your eyes in frustration as you pull your backpack up off the ground and plop it down on your lap with a fwump!, unzipping it all the way and opening it up so you can get a better look inside 

    you pull everything out and set your belongings down on the small table one by one, being careful not to make too much noise as to distract the professor 

    you’re more than confused as you stare into your empty bag after taking all the contents out of it 


    where the hell is it? 

    you reach into the side pockets and you’re disappointed when you end up pulling out old tissues and empty gum wrappers 

    it’s not in the front pocket either — just your key, a pack of bubblegum, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer 

    your brows knit together in deep thought as you settle back against your seat, your eyes flickering to the side as you- 

    you immediately pale 

    oh my god.

    you’re positive that your heart stops beating for three whole seconds the moment you realize where exactly the note is — because no, you idiot, you didn’t shove it into your own bag earlier-

    the note is in jungkook’s bag. 

    🎙️help me help you make your wishes come true (send me a request!)

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    💫or perhaps you want something shorter to read? (drabbles/mini series like this one!)

    🌟or something even shorter? (teeny tidbits!)

    #ok first of all #i'm aware that this is very wattpady of me #LEAVE ME ALONE #clichés are good for the heart body mind and soul #mini series: smitten #bff!kook #bff!kook drabbles #jungkook drabbles #jungkook drabble recs #jungkook fluff #jungkook fluff recs #jungkook angst #jungkook angst recs #jungkook#jeon jungkook#jungkook fics #jungkook fic recs #jungkook one-shots #jungkook one-shot recs #jungkook one shots #jungkook one shot recs #jungkook oneshots #jungkook oneshot recs #jungkook smut #jungkook smut recs #bts jungkook#jungkook imagines #jungkook imagine recs #bts author #bts author recs
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    Just Hold me

    1. Part One

    2.Part Two

    •Love me like you

    Chapter 1 : Growing Apart

    Chapter 2 : Anniversary Gift

    Chapter 3:

    Chapter 4:

    Chapter 5:

    Chapter 6:

    Chapter 7:

    Chapter 8:

    Chapter 9 :

    Chapter 10:


    #bts#bts masterlist#bts fanfic#bts fluff#bts angst #bts marriage au #bts fantasy au #bts layouts #bts kim namjoon #bts kim taehyung #bts kim seokjin #bts jeon jungkook #bts jung hoseok #bts min yoongi #bts park jimin #bts love story
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    —MANGO; JJK (m) | TEASER

    —PAIRING; Jungkook x Fem!Reader

    —GENRE; Smut, fluff, humor

    —TAGS; Snowboarding!au, college!au

    —SYNOPSIS; You have great friends, a great boyfriend and all the money you could ask for, you adore your life, that is until you find out the truth about a certain someone whom you thought you could trust. You think your life is over until you connect with someone over a mango smoothie and a chance to get sweet, sweet revenge.

    —RATING; M

    Send an ask if you want to be added to the taglist <3

    ©maangokoo 2021. Do not repost and modify unless permitted to.

    Jungkook hums in understanding, “Alright, you got this.”

    You smile and nod, watching Jungkook walk back to the sidelines. Whispering his words of encouragement to yourself, you breathe in. “I got this.”

    Making your way to the top once more, you slide your goggles down and breathe in and out. Peering over at Jungkook, he gives you a thumbs up. You give him a thumbs up back before determinedly looking down at the slope and pushing your foot to the back of your snowboard to control your movement.

    Sliding down the half pipe and riding to the other side, you jump up once you get to the top and grab the edge of your snowboard, your torso curving just a little bit before you let go of your board and get down, your body tense as you try to see if you’ll stick the landing or not.

    Jungkook watches you intensely, his eyes never leaving your board.

    Make it...

    Make it...

    Make it…

    You stick the landing perfectly, your board sliding to the other side as you daringly do the move again with confidence, once again sticking the landing. Jungkook jumps, his smile bright as he watches you ride over to him before you come to a stop in front of him and slide your goggles off, revealing a child-like grin.

    “Was that good?”

    Putting his hand on your helmet, Jungkook smirks. “You’re ready for the big slopes.”


    #bts#bangtan#jungkook#jungkook fluff #snowboarder!Jungkook #upcoming bts fic #fluff#humor#jungkook humor #jungkook x reader #Jungkook fic#jeon jungkook #jeon jungkook fic
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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀﹪⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ jungkook layouts ‹𝟹

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀— like or reblog if you save!

    #bts layouts#bts packs #jeon jungkook layouts #jeon jungkook packs
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    🧈 Butter teaser photo (Jimin)

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    🧈 Butter teaser photo (V)

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