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    yunho nsfw a-z

    a/n: this is just my personal analysis based off of Yunho’s personality. All of this is fiction

    A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

    After sex, Yunho becomes super clingy and doesn’t want you to leave the bed. Expect lots of cuddling and kissing. He wants you to play in his hair and let him lay in your boobs until he’s ready for round two.

    B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

    On you, he likes your legs and hands. He loves holding your hands in his giant ones, and he loves how a freshly manicured hand looks around his dick. In a romantic sense, he likes your legs when they’re tangled with his or on his lap while cuddling. He always finds himself absentmindedly stroking your legs while driving or sitting next to each other. In a sexual sense, he likes how your legs feel when they’re wrapped around his waist, and he loves how he can push your legs to your chest and fuck you.

    On himself, he doesn’t necessarily have a specific favorite body part, but he is grateful for his general body proportions. He’s slim, tall, he has wide shoulders, buff arms, large hands, and is like 70% leg.

    C = Cum

    His ultimate fantasy is to cum inside of you. He loves watching it drip and fucking it back into you. However, he is very frightened of getting you pregnant, so he’ll only go condom-less if you’re on birth control.

    D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

    Yunho gives me huge possessive vibes, so I think he lowkey fantasizes about having other people hear him have sex. He wouldn’t want anybody to see it because to him, he’s the only one who should get to see you in that way.  He wants people to hear your moans and know that only he can make you feel good. He doesn’t bring it up because he wants to respect your privacy, but anytime public sex occurs he goes extra hard because he wants everyone to hear you.

    E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

    Like most idols, I’d say he’s relatively inexperienced. To my knowledge, he went to an art school which tells me he's been pretty focused on his career from a young age, so I’d doubt he’d have time for any relationships. However, Yunho is a person that's naturally good at everything he does, so even with his lack of experience he always comes off as a pro.

    F = Favorite Position

    When he’s in a romantic mood, he either wants you on top with your chests pressed together, or missionary. He wants to feel close to you during sex, so any position where your bodies are pressed together and he can kiss you are ideal. On more adventurous nights, he really enjoys manhandling you and seeing how many different positions he can contort your body into. He likes positions that show his strength, so from time to time he enjoys picking you up and fucking you in the air.

    G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

    Yunho is an Aries so you already know he's very goofy. He’s an energizer so he hates dull or boring environments and likes to keep things lively and fun. However, I think he reserves most of his humor for foreplay. He’s very passionate so once he actually starts fucking you he gets super focused and would be thrown off if a joke was made.

    H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

    He has so many other things going on in his life so he honestly puts no thought into his pubic hair and considers it unimportant. He won’t do anything to it unless his partner requests, and even then, he’ll do it begrudgingly cause he really doesn't see the point in shaving it.

    I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 

    Yunho can be super intimate depending on the mood. If he’s really horny or hasn’t seen you for a while, he can’t control himself and the sex will most likely be fast and dirty with little intimacy. However when he's in more of a sentimental mood, he won’t hesitate to show you how much he appreciates you. Sex brings out a more emotional side of him so he’s able to confess things that he may normally not say in another context.

    J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

    If the two of you are in constant contact with each other, when he’s feeling horny he’d much rather turn to you then masturbate by himself. However if he’s on tour or something he loves masturbating to the sound of your voice. Sometimes he won't even tell you what he's doing, he’ll just be having a normal conversation with you as he strokes his dick.

    K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

    Manhandling - He has a great athletic body so he likes to use it to his advantage. He wants to stretch you out during sex and show you how strong he is.

    Scratching (Receiving): I don’t know if this could be considered a kink but he loves when he’s fucking you really good and your nails dig into his back. Seeing the scratch marks on his back afterwards fills him with a sense of pride. He also just generally loves your fingers in his hair, specifically when your nails graze against his scalp.

    Hickeys (Giving and Receiving): Yunho can be very possessive, so in a way he wants to mark you so that everyone knows you’re taken. He also likes to receive hickies in hidden areas where others can’t see, it feels like a dirty secret that only the two of you share.

    L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

    His favorite place is the bedroom because its most comfortable and it gives him the most space to do what he wants to you. If he’s really horny, he’s not opposed to sex in public spaces, but the risk of getting caught has to be minimal otherwise he’ll be way too nervous to get into it.

    M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

    He’s turned on by someone who is shy in public, but is a freak in the sheets. He’s intrigued by the whole “dirty secret” concept of being the only person who knows how really vulgar you can be. He gets horny when you dress up nicely or are about to go out somewhere. He takes one look at your body and will beg you to stay home.

    N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

    He doesn’t want to inflict pain on his partner besides the occasional slap on the ass. He cant get hard if he sees you’re in physical pain. He also isn’t into degradation. It just makes him feel bad to put someone else down.

    He’s generally turned off by someone who is too serious. He’s very clingly so he gets turned off by a partner that doesn’t like skinship.

    O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

    Yunho is someone whose just naturally good at eating pussy. Its not his favorite thing to do during sex, and he mostly uses oral as a means to tease you. He’ll eat you out for hours not because he gets pleasure from it, but because he wants to hear you beg for him to fuck you. There’s also something relaxing for him about eating you out slowly, hearing your moans as your fingers run through his scalp.

    When receiving head, Yunho turns into full sub mode. He’s super sensitive; he can’t control himself from bucking into your mouth and he comes way too quickly. As a result, he tends to avoid getting head because he’d rather come inside you and he knows he wont be able to control himself. 

    P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

    When Yunho is super horny, he gets way too focused in the sex and just starts rutting into you with reckless abandon until he cums. However, when his focus is primarily on your pleasure, he’s able to control himself and slow down a bit depending on what you want. Regardless, he always tends to go faster when hes about to cum.

    Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

    He enjoys quickies as long as he gets to come. There’s nothing more frustrating to him than being really focused into sex only to get interrupted before he can come. Quickies don’t happen often but he’ll never say no to one.

    R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

    Yunho is a shy boy, but during sex he gets way too into it and can be convinced to do pretty much anything risky. The one risk he isn’t willing to take is anything involving having sex without protection. He’s serious about his career and doesn't want to risk having kids until the time is right. When it comes to public sex, he doesn’t get turned on by the risk, but he likes the idea of others possibly hearing what he can do for you. If he gets caught by a member or manager, his biggest concern would be covering you up so no one can see you naked.

    S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

    He is a dancer, and a hyperactive one at that, so he rarely gets tired. After cumming once he can easily get himself hard again. He’ll go for as many rounds as your body can take. He feels regretful if sex only includes one round.

    T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

    He doesn’t own any toys but has no qualms about using them on you. He prefers to go without them because he wants sex to feel like its just you and him, and introducing sex toys into the equation disrupts that for him slightly. He has no interest in using toys on himself because he knows he’d be a moaning mess and would cum in like 5 seconds.

    U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

    He’s a huge tease. His motivation to tease you is that he loves making you beg. There's nothing that turns him on more than seeing you writhe underneath him. Like I said earlier, he uses oral and foreplay as a means to tease and is capable of giving you hickeys and eating you out for hours before he even begins to fuck you. Teasing him is a bit difficult because he’s impatient and can easily just grab you, throw you onto the bed, and have his way with you.

    V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

    He's more of a groaner than a moaner. There's nothing sexier than his deep ass grunts in your ear as he fucks you. When he’s about to cum, he gets a lot more whiny and moany. If you’re sucking him off, he even might let out a whimper. 

    W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

    “Babe, your members are here!” you scolded as Yunho busied himself with the lace of your dress.

    His brows furrowed in concentration as he finally managed to unlace you out of your dress, pulling it down frantically. “I don’t care. I want you.” he replied with a sense of playfulness in his voice.

    He tapped the back of your thighs and you took the hint, jumping into his strong arms. It all happened so fast; before you knew it your back was against the cold wall, and Yunho had buried himself into your warmth.

    Bouncing on his cock, you brought your hand to your mouth to conceal your moans. Yunho didn’t like that. He used one of his own hands to pull your wrist behind your back, easily supporting your weight with his other arm.

    “Who’s fucking you this good?” he asked as you bit your lip in an effort to hold your moans. The effort was useless because Yunho was fucking you relentlessly, almost tossing you up and down his cock as he fucked you into the wall.

    “Y-You, Yunho. Only you can fuck me this good!”, you sobbed.

    “Good girl,” he smiled in approval before stuffing two fingers into your mouth, deciding that he had given his roommates enough of a show.

    X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

    Yunho is one of those idols where I’m almost a hundred percent sure his dick is humongous. First, it makes sense proportionally for his dick to be big considering that his hands, feet, and body are already huge. Secondly, there is various evidence online such as the time his fansite had to blur out his pants because his dickprint was too huge. I rest my case.

    Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

    Sex with Yunho is very physically demanding, and he has a tendency of not knowing his own strength, so out of respect of his partner he’s okay with having sex 1-2 times a week. As long as his sex sessions are long with multiple rounds, it can satisfy his needs for the rest of the week before he gets horny again. He’ll never say no if you ask him for sex, even if you ask him daily.

    Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

    Like I’ve mentioned, he almost always wants round two so the only way I see him sleeping afterwards is if he was already tired before the sex.

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    imitation: episode 1

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    {20} run

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    The Regular | Kim Hongjoong x fem!Reader

    Summary: No one likes working the morning shift. However, when working the morning shift leads you to meeting a super cute boy, you start to think maybe it’s not all that bad.

    taglist: @parkjiminstan16 @raysanshine @224-12 @stabby-teens @nycol-ie @skylions-den @meowtella @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @itsyaapollochild @webtoonbingereader

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    so- AGHh

    @seoultraveller 👀👀 come get your man

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    he really do be sparkling 🤩 ✨

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    ATEEZ LOG #59 || YUNHO

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    Summertime Daze 5

    Pairing: Yunho x reader
    Genre: Fluff, angst
    Word count: 4.3k
    Warnings: Just angst.
    Taglist: @marigold-mika , @woowommy , @hijirikaww , @yunsangoveryonder , @yeosangmystar , @kyunewsun (let me know if you want to be added :])

    The next few weeks were just heaven. Just being in Yunho’s presence almost at all times. Doing random activities together. It all seemed too good to be true. Today, he had decided to take me to the local waterpark. We had talked about it on our first day and I couldn’t wait to go to another place filled with childhood memories. It’s 8AM but the sun is already hitting hard when I get out of the car.

    “I hope you brought sunscreen.” He smiles at me the moment I hide my face from the sun.

    “I hope so too.”

    “Seriously?” He laughs at my answer as he goes to the trunk to take our bag.

    Once we start walking towards the ticket booth, his arm naturally comes to rest around my waist. Yunho has been acting like that. Acting like we were dating. Holding my hand in public. Giving me random kisses. Not that I was complaining, but was it just gonna stay at that? Just for this summer?

    Once we get the tickets, we enter the park. Yunho directly gets excited after seeing the different kinds of water slides. I look around and thank my brain for insisting on going early. There was a lot of people already, but most importantly there was enough space for us to choose from. We go to drop off some of our valuable stuff in a locker, then take our towels to put them on long chairs that were more towards the sides of the park, so less people were around.

    “Alriiight!! Let’s go, let’s go!!” He almost pulls me by the wrist.

    “Wait you have the key to the locker?”

    “It’s on my ankle. Come on, you’re stalling. Let’s go on this one first!” He shows essentially the first one he sees once we leave the grass area.

    “We need a tube for that one..”

    “Yeah, we can ride it together come on it’ll be fun~” He takes my hand properly. Before I knew it, he had a tube in hand and we were waiting in line.

    “I don’t remember the last time I went to a waterpark..”

    “You didn’t come the last summers?”

    “The kids did, I didn’t.”

    “Why not?” He gives a small pout.

    “I don’t know? Just didn’t want to.” I laugh a little.

    “Were you ‘too old for that kind of stuff’?” He says dramatically which makes me laugh and push him lightly.

    “Stop it. Going with a bunch of kids is not funny. They all want to do different rides and they all want you to ride with them. Last time I checked, I can’t multiple myself.”

    “You’re a little grumpy today..” He says, his hand coming up to my lower back onto the small patch of skin that wasn’t covered by my swimsuit. I directly feel my hair raise on my skin at the contact. “Is it because you didn’t have breakfast?” He drops a small kiss on my forehead after bringing me loser to him.

    “That and the sun is too bright. Also I’m tired.”

    “Jeez woman, are you gonna complain all day?” He laughs against my cheek as he drops another kiss.

    “I’ll try not to.. but maybe.”

    “I’ll drown you if you do.”

    “Yunho!” I push him a bit and we both end up laughing. The line moves quicker than expected and before I knew it we were at the top ready to go down.

    “Alright sit on the front.” He holds the tube for me to sit on. Soon I feel his legs wrap around me. “Ready?” He asks excited.


    “Alright.” The light turns green and he pushes the tube down the slides. The moment the tube drops, his legs wrap tighter around me and his laugh echoes into the slide making me laugh with him. “Arghh!! It’s faster than what I thought!!!” He puts his hands on my shoulder to make me lean back and I drop my head to look at him. My head resting on his torso he gives me a huge bright smile. Soon enough after sharp turns and a few more drops the tube arrives at the bottom pool with Yunho still laughing.

    “Ack!” I lose balance as I try to get down from the tube and fall into the water.

    “Careful there Y/N~” He laughs pulling me from the water by the arm.

    “Thanks..” I flash him an awkward smile only making him laugh louder.

    When we step out of the water, I look like a mess with my hair on my face. As I try to get myself together, Yunho goes to drop the tube into the picking up area. When I look up, I realize how attractive he is with his broad chest exposed in the sun and droplets of water decorating his skin. He runs his hand through his slightly damp hair and it makes me smile dreamingly. However, I guess I’m not the only one realizing how good he looks. I raise my eyebrow as two girls come up to talk to him. He’s too far away for me to hear what they were saying. I just roll my eyes and look away trying to see what we could do next.

    “Hey sorry.” He joins me with a smile on his lips. “What do you want to do next?”

    “This one.” I point to the steep waterslide.

    “Wow that’s serious, alright let’s goo!!” He says all excited, taking my hand in his again.

    We arrive in the line and obviously it’s busier. Mainly filled with people trying to prove that they can go down this slide no problem. My eyes keep on following the people dropping down the middle slide which was the steepest out of the three available choices. Yunho catches on to that and a small chuckle leaves his lips.

    “Are you gonna do the middle one?”

    “I don’t know maybe.”

    “You’re not too scared?”

    “Me? You know me~”

    “Yeah exactly.” He chuckles before once again pulling me closer to him.

    Yunho is definitely clinger than usual today, especially for a public space. He always has a hand on me and always pulls me closer to him once we’re in the wait line. Not that I am complaining, getting to feel his skin against mine always made me smile lightly. There was something different about this kind of intimacy. To people’s eyes he was mine and I was his.

    “Di—Did you know the girls that came to talk to you earlier?” I end up asking a bit embarrassed.

    “Mhh? Why?” He smirks at me.

    “I’m just asking jeez..” I smile at him.

    “They were girls that went to my high school.”

    “Oh, I didn’t realize how many people we knew came here. I did see a few familiar faces around.”

    “You don’t say hi to your friends?”

    “I didn’t see any of my friends. If I do, I would. I mean, I said hi to Jongho~” I smile at him and he directly rolls his eyes.

    “More like he said hi to you.”

    “Still the same thing.”

    “I wonder what he’s doing right now. There’s not much to do around here and it’s even worst when you’re by yourself. He said he was at his grandpa’s house? Oh well..” I see his face drop lightly as he looks around, his arm still around me. “What did they tell you?”

    “Mhh? Oh, actually they asked me what I was doing tonight.”


    “Apparently there’s gonna be a party with some people from South and North high.”

    “Wow two old rivals partying together.”

    “We’re all graduated so~”

    “What did you say?”

    “I was already doing something.”

    “What?” I raise an eyebrow at him. As far as I knew, we had planned to leave in the middle of the afternoon to get food then crash into a deep nap back at our house. After that nothing was planned though.

    “You.” He gives me a proud smile and I roll my eyes.

    “Yeah right.”

    “Oh come on~” He coos near my ear before dropping yet another small kiss near it. In the last two weeks since he bought the condoms. We actually never had sex. He made a few jokes, being Yunho, but every time we got intimate. Nothing more happened.

    “Jeong Yunho.”

    “Yes babe?” He pulls away a bit with a cute smile drawn on his lips.

    “I’m gonna twist your nipples if you keep playing~”

    “Is that a promise?” He closes his eyes making it look like he was anticipating something good and I hit him lightly trying to contain my laugh.

    “You’re dumb!” We both end up laughing at our dumb behavior, making some people look at us.

    Soon enough, we arrive at the top. I end up doing one of the slides on the side while Yunho doesn’t hesitate one second to do the middle one, which had a slightly longer line. I arrive at the bottom first and when I look up a happy Yunho waves at me from the top, with still a few people in front of him. I laugh lightly and go sit on the side to wait for him.


    “Mhh?” I turn my head to the voice that just called me. “Jongho?” I smile at him as he comes up to me to take me into a small hug.

    “Are you here by yourself?”

    “Oh, no I’m with Yunho.” I point to the slide. “He’s just doing the middle one and it takes a bit longer.”

    “Oh wow, sounds like fun. You didn’t do the middle one?”

    “No.. I chickened out last second..”

    “You always did.”

    “Wow, the ex that knows me so well.”

    “Of course I do~” We both laugh together. “By the way, I was gonna text you about it, but now that you’re here. There’s gonna be a small party tonight at Wooyoung’s house. You remember Wooyoung right?”

    “Oh, yeah I do!”

    “Yeah, he has a house by a lake right outside of town. It’s free for tonight so he’s inviting people from South and North High. You know how he was always collecting people from all over the places.”

    “True, he’s something else.” I laugh with him remembering how sociable our friend was.

    “I told him you were in town and he said you’re more than welcome to come. He also remembers Yunho from swimming so, you guys should definitely drop by.”

    “Where?” We both turn around to a completely wet Yunho with a serious look on his face. His runs his hand through his wet hair and my heart drops for a faint second. He eyes Jongho as he comes closer to me.

    “The party tonight, apparently it’s at Wooyoung.”

    “Oh really? Do you want to go then?” He asks me with a cute questioning look on his face.

    “It could be fun, seeing some familiar faces.” I smile back at Jongho.

    “Alright, then I’ll see you guys tonight.” He smiles at us before walking away.

    “It’s funny how we graduated and we still get to see those guys.” I laugh looking up at Yunho.

    “Yeah, that’s small towns for you. So what do you want to do now?”

    We end up doing all the slides that the park had to offer. We ate some snacks then chilled for a bit in the main pool before finally leaving. The warmth of the car felt amazing after being slightly cold from the water. Yunho’s hand once again goes to my warm thigh to caress it as he drives, a satisfied smile on his lips. Once we arrive home, we eat something then go up to nap a bit before the party. Like always, Yunho joins me in my bed and falling asleep in the warmth of his embrace and bare skin against mine, is definitely something I’m having trouble getting used to. Not in a bad way. The amazing feeling always surprising me.

    It’s the sound of my phone ringing, indicating that I was getting a phone call that woke us up. I reach over Yunho’s shoulders to get my phone not even checking who was calling me.


    “Wow, someone just woke up.” I hear the happy laugh on the other hand of the line and directly understand that it’s Jongho that was calling me.

    “I did..”

    “Good, rest is good. You guys still coming?”

    “I mean yeah.” I raise myself a bit and realize that Yunho is looking at me with a sleepy gaze on his face. “Are we late?”

    “Some people are here already. I forgot to give you the address so, maybe you guys should come soon. Depends on how far you are.”

    “Oh shit, you’re right. Can you just text it to me.”

    “I’ll do that. Alright, can wait to see you.”

    “Yeah~” He hangs up and Yunho gives me a questioning look. “We should get ready to leave. Apparently people are already there.”

    “Mhh..” He groans before wrapping his arms around me to press me against his chest. “Let’s just stay in bed..”

    “Oh come on Yunho! Jongho is waiting.” I laugh lightly and I can hear a slight sigh leaving his mouth.

    “Alright then let’s go.”

    We start to get ready slowly. Yunho wears a simple t-shirt with nice ripped jeans, a black hat that he put on backwards and simple sneakers. Just wearing the simplest things, he looked godly. I just opt for a simple romper that had a slight opening on my stomach. Yunho looks me up and down and shy smile appears on his lips.

    “That looks good on you~”

    “Mhh? Really? Thanks~ Alright, let’s goo.” I leave the room first.

    “Ok, give me one second, I’ll be right down.”

    “Okkayy~” I walk down to his car and soon enough the light flashes as he opens it while closing the main door behind him. I enter the car and he joins me with a smile on his lips.

    “Alright where to?”

    “It’s thirty minutes away, a little bit after town.”

    “Ok, seatbelts on.” I laugh at his random security check. “Let’s go to Jongho’s party..”

    “It’s Wooyoung’s.”

    “Right, Wooyoung’s.” I smile at the small pout forming on his lips as he starts to drive out of the driveway.

    The ride is surpassingly silent, but I think the fact that we had just woken up from a nap was the main reason. The sun is barely setting and creeping through the passing trees.

    “It’s so pretty.”

    “We should go to the scenic view one night.”


    “Watch the sunset.”

    “Oh so romantic Yunho.” He giggles lightly as I nudge his arm.

    “Just two friends going to see the sunset. It’s normal no?”

    “Yeah friends do that.” I look back out the window. Thirty minutes later, like the GPS indicated it, we are pulling up to Wooyoung’s house. There’s a bunch of cars already parked around on the grass. “Wow, how many people does this guy know?” The moment we step out of the car Yunho does not waste time holding me close to him.

    We walk together towards the house and I’m directly greeted by friends from high school. It honestly does not take long for me to get separated from Yunho. I mouth him a sorry but he just smiles at me saying it’s ok as he walks towards friends from the swim team.

    “Oh my god Y/N, look at you, all tanned and looking healthy and happy. Who’s that with you?”

    “Yunho, he’s a childhood friend.”

    “He was also the captain of the swim team at North high if I remember~” My friend winks at me, making me roll my eyes lightly. She was the swim team manager and knew them all. “Jongho and now this..” She turns to look at him. He’s smiling, showing all his teeth and his eyes sparkling. “Wow..” She just manages to say.

    “I don’t know. We’re just friends. It’s hard to see him differently when we basically grew up together.” I was lying through my teeth and I did feel uneasy about it. I don’t know why I could not bring to tell my friends how me and Yunho were. However, Yunho saying we were friends in the car just plays on repeat in my head. So maybe that was just it.

    “Alright, more for us~” She coos before pulling me outside of the house to get something to drink.

    “Wouah!! Y/N!!! No way you came!” Wooyoung jumps on me the moment he lays his eyes on me. “Jongho said you might come with some dude from the rival team.”

    “Woo, rival team? Seriously? Still?”

    “I thought I was your favorite swimmer..” He pouts lightly making me laugh my heart out. “Argh, I’m just so happy you came. I can’t believe you were so close!”

    “I can’t believe so many people from house schools are here too..” I look around actually impressed by the number of people that turned up.

    “Wow miss Y/N. You’re not the only one owning a house in this area.”

    “I guess I never realize wow~” We both laugh together as he keeps on teasing me. Soon Jongho joins us with San, Wooyoung’s best friend and it felt like high school days again out of nowhere. Drinking beer by the pool as we talked about the past, present and future plans. I didn’t realize how much I missed them before tonight.

    “Marine biologist suits you~” San smiles at me as we were talking about the universities we got into. “You always loved water creatures, even this one.” He points to Jongho that directly smile shyly. His gummy smile on full display and his eyes forming cute crescents. I think that was one of the reasons why I fell for him in the first place.

    “He’s more like a water monster. This guy is too big.” Wooyoung huffs before pushing Jongho lightly.

    “Whatever..” He rolls his eyes before shoving Wooyoung way harder making him almost fall in the pool. “But KQ University, I didn’t know that’s impressive.”

    “You’re awful Jongho. It’s not because she’s not your girlfriend that you can’t take some news from time to time.” Wooyoung says dramatically.

    “Our Y/N is smart, I knew she would get into a really good school. Is anyone else from our school going there?” San asks me.

    “Honestly, I’m not sure. None of my friends are going for sure.”

    “It’s hard to get into bigger school when you come from smaller towns.”

    “Yeah.. Wooyoung’s right.” Jongho agrees with him. Yeah, it felt nice talking with them again. I look down at my cup that is now empty.

    “Mhh..” I put it to the side. “Wooyoung, where’s the bathroom?”

    “I would use the upstairs one. On your right, right after the stairs, it’s the last door down the hall.”

    “Thanks, I’ll be right back~” I leave the backyard and the house is packed with people.

    It feels more stuffed than outside and I already want to go back out. I find the stairs after pushing my way through the sweaty bodies. Even on the way up, people were taking space on the steps. Once I’m one the second floor, it already feels nicer due to less people. I go to my right and directly find the last door. I open the door and what I see is the last thing I was expecting.

    Yunho’s back is resting against the sink cabinet, and a girl. A whole girl is pressed against him, her lips locked with him. The amount of emotions and sensations I felt at the same time were indescribable. My stomach turned, my heart clenched, I wanted to throw up, tears threatened to come up. I clench my teeth and bring my hand up to my mouth as I quickly close the door, making it bang louder than I wanted. I take some steps back still under the shock. One thing turning in my mind. Yunho is not my boyfriend, Yunho is not my boyfriend, he’s not doing anything wrong. This is fine.. this is totally fine. I almost run down the stairs pushing a few people on the way, when I am met with Jongho right at the bottom. A pout directly forms on his lips the moment he sees me.

    “Y/N? Are you ok?”

    “Jongho.. I—I’m not feeling too well.” I directly try to plaster a fake smile on my face, even though tears were already blurring my vision. “Can you—“ I bring my hand up to hold his. “Can you drive me home please.”

    “Of course, yes.” He squeezes my hand, asking no questions. Once we step out of the house, the fresh air hits me directly, making me feel slightly less dizzy. We walk up to his car and my eyes naturally go to Yunho’s car still under the tree where he parked it. “Here careful.” He helps me into the passenger seat, then goes to occupy the driver’s seat. “Where to?”

    “I—I’ll guide you..”

    “Alright..” He sounded worried at my sudden change of state.

    It was hard to hide. I left them looking so happy and not even five minutes later I feel like the world is spinning too fast. He starts to pull out of the driveway. His hand goes in between us, palm facing up. He always did that when he wanted to hold my hand while driving. I look at it for a little, then the image of Yunho making out with this girl comes back to mind. I slide my hand into his and he closes it. It feels warm, nice and so familiar. The drive is quiet except for the occasional directions I give him. Soon enough, we pull into my driveway and he turns his car off.

    “Alright Y/N.. Here you go.” He turns to me with a small smile on his lips.

    “Thank you Jongho..”

    “Y/N.” I turn to him, he looks like he’s searching for his words. “Di—Did something happen? Are you sure you’re just not feeling well?”

    “I just.. I saw something that.. Would have been better left unknown.” I smile at him.

    “You always do that.”

    “Do what?”

    “Smile reassuringly when you’re extremely sad. Every time something happens that makes you want to cry. You just give your brightest smile. Y/N, it’s ok for you to cry.” At his words, I feel warm pearls rolling down my cheeks. He takes my hand back into his and leans in to kiss my forehead. “It’s ok..” He then takes me in arms for a good five minutes. Without saying anything. Just rubbing my back, and for some reason it makes the situation feel less harmful. “Go inside, make yourself some tea, go to bed and tomorrow call me. I can also call you later tonight.” He leans away to give me a soft smile.

    “Thank you Jongho. That—That means a lot.”

    “Whatever has you crying Y/N..” He brings his hand up to wipe some tears off my face and from under my eyes. “It doesn’t deserve you.” He kisses my forehead one last time.

    I wave him off before walking back inside the house. All the lights are off, it feels too big and cold. I walk up to the fridge to take a piece of cake left over from my mom. I then take some bags of chips and a pint of ice cream. My steps feel heavy when I walk up the stairs. I turn on the soft light on. The moment my eyes lay on Yunho’s bed, tears threaten to come out once again. I then turn to my bed that wasn’t made still showing when we napped together just hours earlier.

    “What the fuck..” I laugh lightly as some tears roll down my cheeks once again. “Ughh..” I drop all of my snacks on my night table. I take my phone out of my pocket so I can change into my pajamas. When I walk up to the dresser a box on top of it catches my attention. “Wh— The condoms?” I take the box in my hand. It’s open, and one was clearly ripped out of the rest. “Jeong Yunho..” I scoff. “Have fun you fucking asshole..” I hiss before throwing the box against the nearest wall.

    I let myself fall on my bed when the buzzing of my phone catches my attention. I take it in my hands to see messages from Yunho and a decent amount of missed calls. I roll my eyes and put it on the side. I grab the ice cream, sit up in my bed, and start to stuff myself while randomly crying. Not even five minutes later, when my eyes are really red and burning from all the crying, I hear the main door open and close. I look down at the ice cream, it’s finished. I forgot we shared the same room. Oh my god, we have to spend the rest of the summer together. Oh my god, he’s also going to KQ University. I’m definitely gonna have to transf—

    “Y/N?” His voice comes up and soon he appears from the stairs. “How did you get home? I was really worried! Why did you leave like that? I tried calling you so many times!” He walks up to me. I raise my eyebrow at him before putting the empty ice cream away and taking the cake. “Ar—Are you ok?”

    “I’m just fine~” I give him the biggest smile I can, but my red puffy eyes said otherwise. “Jongho drove me home.”

    “Why? You could have told me if you wanted to go home.”

    “Mhh.. I didn’t want to bother you.” His face goes from confused to dropping and drained of all colors.

    “Y/N? Was it you?”


    “That.. came up to..”

    “It doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to pee.”

    “I can expl—“ He tries to get closer.

    “Don’t. Come any closer please. It’s entirely my fault. You don’t owe me any explanations and honestly.” I stand up to face him. “I don’t care.”

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