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    YunHo (Ateez) M!Countdown

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    YunHo (Ateez) Selcas

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    Yunho loved to rest his chin against your head whenever he cuddled you being so tall so that he could tilt his head down at look at your bump whenever he was cuddling you, resting his hands against it too.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    He loved to try and keep himself as close to your bump as possible so that you could feel comforted by him. Yunho loved to make the effort to keep you warm and also make sure that your baby felt relaxed in your bump too, trying to get them to be as still as possible, especially when you were trying to get some sleep at night.


    Yunho would get you whatever you needed when you were craving. Having made the mistake of teasing you once when you were craving and being on the receiving end of your rather short temper, Yunho knew that it was a mistake he couldn’t risk making again, getting you anything before your fuse blew again.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    You ended up going past your due date, and so Yunho decided to help you out when your frustrations grew. The two of you were active when you spent time together before your pregnancy, and so when he encouraged that you went for a few more walks to try to encourage your baby to come out, you were more than keen to try it, not only to just enjoy the chance to get out, but also to hurry labour up too.


    The one thing that Yunho can’t wait for the most is having his own little family that he could protect and look after. Yunho had always had your back at the best of times but knowing that he was going to have a little baby who would rely on him melted his heart. Yunho couldn’t wait to share with his baby everything that he had learnt about the world, and also pass on a few tips on how to be a great entertainer too.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    Every week the two of you were visited by his family when Yunho had a day off so that they could see how you were getting on. You were convinced that his family couldn’t get anymore protective of you then the already were, but once they found out they were pregnant, they did just about anything for you, often pushing Yunho aside too to make you their priority, which you loved to wind him up about too.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    There was no chance you were ever going to get through your pregnancy unless you agreed to find out whether you were having a boy or a girl. Yunho dropped plenty of hints at the start of your pregnancy to let you know what he wanted, the excitement was all too much for him, especially when the sonographer asked the important question.


    It was always a surprisingly emotional time for Yunho whenever he heard the beat of your baby’s heart. You never imagined that something so small would touch him so much, but every time he heard it, he always teared up, reaching across to take a hold of your hand too as he tried his best to maintain his composure.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    Yunho would often let you know he loved you when he was resting against your shoulder so that he had access to whisper those three words into your ear. He always wanted to make sure that you could hear how much he meant it in his voice and spoke clearly too in order to make sure that you never forget it either.


    If someone got a little too close around your bump or tried to push Yunho aside, he certainly wouldn’t ignore it and forget about it either. At times Yunho was guilty of judging people a little too harshly, and usually people had great intentions when they spoke to you about your pregnancy, but Yunho couldn’t help but sometimes feel a little like an outcast if someone got involved with you a little too much.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    Whenever he hugged you, it was instinct in Yunho to put his hands against your bump, never thinking for a second of putting them anywhere else. He was used to resting them against your hips, but as soon as he felt the first kick from your baby, there was never a hope of Yunho hugging you anywhere else on your body again.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    He tried his hardest to keep the atmosphere as calm as possible whilst you were in labour, trying his hardest not to stress you out. On the inside, his heart was racing, but on the outside, he kept the smile on his face so that he could assure you that things were alright. For most of the time, he didn’t stop talking beside you, keeping the conversation going so that you had something always there as a distraction from the pain.


    Yunho would be awake with you every morning, never wanting to leave you by yourself. He would sit beside you with his arm around you, but other than that, he would leave you in your own bubble to sort yourself out, waiting until you were ready to turn to him for a bit of help to step in and help tidy you up.


    Building your nursery seemed like quite the opportunity for Yunho more than anything else, a chance to show you how domesticated he could be for once and show off how good he could be at constructing things.


    Yunho was obsessed with your bump, it was the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last thing at night. He never imagined for a second that his mind could focus on something so small on such a large scale.


    He trusted you after you gave birth to know what your own limits were as you recovered. Although he could almost be guaranteed to be watching you at almost all hours of the day, he would only ever step in if he felt that you were struggling or in pain, other than that, he would let you try and walk and get yourself on your feet again.


    Yunho loved to push your buttons and keep you smiling whilst you were pregnant, he would often ask you if you wanted to hear a joke, or just try and challenge you to do something you both knew you couldn’t do with your bump.


    The most important item in your baby’s nursery was the giant minion plushie that Hongjoong had purchased online. There was no way he wasn’t going to have one of his favourite things in your baby’s room, hoping to pass down his love and his collection of them onto your baby some day when they favoured them too.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    He would be quite private about your scan photos, much preferring to treasure them as something to share only with those closest to you. When he was on his own, he would often look at the photo with a smile on his face, putting it away as soon as he heard someone else coming across and into the room.

    T ⇴ TEST

    Your pregnancy came as a surprise to you both, and although you were nervous, the two of you were ready to settle down, knowing that you never imagined yourselves spending the rest of your lives with anyone else.


    Yunho made sure that he was with you for every single appointment, the last thing he ever wanted to do was leave you to go to something important alone.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    He couldn’t wait to start inviting his family round to meet your baby, he checked with you first, but as soon as you agreed he was messaging the family group chat with times and dates to see what suited others.


    Yunho loved seeing you pregnant, but he was also pretty impatient in waiting for your baby too, it really was a case of the best of both worlds.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    Whenever he hugged you from behind, Yunho would always greet you with a kiss against the top of your head so that you knew it was him, and so that when his arms wrapped around your bump, it didn’t take you by surprise.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his best friend, Yunho couldn’t wait for the rest of his life with you.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    He loved to spoon around you at night and make sure that you felt comfortable in his hold, the most important thing for him was making sure that you were content at night, even if it meant him staying awake for longer than intended too.



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    ~ Ateez Lockscreens ~

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    Alive. [Jeong Yunho]

    Summary: You and Yunho are roommates, but not in the way that one would think.

    Genre: Fluff, a little bit of angst maybe

    Warnings: None


    You're so busy going back and forth, from reading the book laying on your side to taking notes on the notebook on your lap, that you fail to notice the way the tall boy is watching you closely, his body mimicking your position as he sits on the other side of the couch with his legs crossed. You only turn your whole focus to him when you catch a glance of the way he shifts, through the corner of your eye. "Sorry, Yunho," you give him an apologetic look. "I know I said I'd spend the rest of the day with you, but I promise that as soon as I'm done with this I'll be all yours."

    "Oh, that's okay," he says with a small shake of his head. "I like watching you do homework."

    You chuckle. "Creepy much?"

    "Not like that." He rolls his eyes, but laughs along. "You just look cute when you're concentrated on something."

    "You're telling me that I look cute right now, wearing this stained shirt and with my hair going in each direction?"

    "Well, I happen to think so." Yunho shrugs.

    You shake your head. "Oh, you poor thing. You really need glasses."

    "I really doubt that someone like me needs glasses at this point." he jokes.


    Another hour goes by before you're finally done with college work for the day, and you could not be more relieved by that. You turn to Yunho, who has thrown his head back to look up at the ceiling. "So, what do you wanna do?"

    He looks at you with wide, excited eyes. "You're done already?"

    When you nod, he grins, scooting closer to you as you put all of your things aside on the coffee table. "Can we watch a movie?" he asks with a hopeful tone.

    You smile, because there is no way you could ever deny him anything. "Of course we can."

    You let him choose the movie this time. Ever since you introduced him to streaming platforms, he has been asking to watch movies nonstop, but you are always the one to pick what to watch. Not because you necessarily want to, but because he always asks you to do it. You know more about the most recent films, after all.

    It takes a while for him to pick -he's either seen the movies with you already, or he has not heard of them at all-, but he finally lands on a random comedy movie that catches his attention, which you play immediately. You only remember the first half; It's not a bad movie, you've definitely laughed at some parts, but sleep begins to overtake you in the blink of an eye. You feel bad because Yunho has been looking forward to spending time with you for a while, and now that he actually gets to do so you're half-asleep. You start giving in to it before you could realize, and soon you know it you're completely gone. It doesn't feel like too much time has passed, though, when you hear him calling your name. You wake up with a small jump after you come back to your senses. "Aren't we going to watch the movie?" you ask him while rubbing the sleep off of your eyes.

    He laughs softly. "The movie is already over, dummy."

    Surely enough, when you turn to the screen in front of you the credits are already rolling. That only makes you feel worse. "Oh my God, Yunho, I'm so sorry."

    "Why are you apologizing?" he furrows his eyebrows. "You don't have to apologize for anything."

    "I ruined our only time together." you frown.

    "No, you didn't. You're tired, and It's understandable because you've been working really hard lately." you notice how his hand goes up to reach out and touch you, but then quickly decides against it. "Besides, we're technically always together."

    "Yeah, but I'm always busy." you say with a disappointed sigh.

    He gives you a reassuring smile. "You know your presence is more than enough for me, right?" before you can say anything to that, he stands up. "Anyway, you should definitely go to bed now, It's getting late."

    Once you brush your teeth and change into something more comfortable, you do not waste any more time to get into bed. Yunho stands near the doorway in order to turn the lights off. "Stay with me." you tell him when you see him opening the door to leave.

    There is a small moment of silence before the door finally closes again, and he's laying next to you in no time. You lay on your side so that you can take a better look at him; he's also facing you. It's nice and comfortable; you have never felt otherwise with him. "Y/N," he speaks quietly. "thank you."

    You're confused. "Why are you thanking me?"

    "Because, thanks to you, now I don't have to live inside these walls on my own. any longer" he answers, not once breaking eye contact with you. "I don't think you realize this, but you make me feel alive again."

    You smile sleepily. Without thinking, your hand reaches up to caress his cheek, but you are only met with the coldest sensation. You can't feel the softness of his skin under your fingertips, just an empty void. Although you already know that's going to happen everytime you try, a small part of you never stops hoping that one day you come in contact with the person right in front of you, with his flesh and bones and a beating heart. "I wish I could touch you." you whisper.

    He stares at you, the saddest you've ever seen him. So much different than his usual, cheery self. "Trust me, everyday I wish I could hug, kiss, and just feel you in every way possible."

    You don't want to feel sad about this for the thousandth time because, whether you like or not, this is both of your realities, and there is nothing you can do to change it. The only thing that helps is that you get to be with him until you ever decide to move out, which you are certain that that will not happen any time sooner, because you really cannot imagine your life without him. Even if you are not able to live a normal life with him, you will always choose him over anyone or anything.

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    ☆ phases ☆ . j.yh x male!reader . college!au . fluff

    "How come they never say that hair clippers are a fucking bitch in all those TikToks?" Yunho muttered, pushing said hairclippers through your hair and watching as it fell into the toilet bowl beneath where you were bent over.

    "Maybe that just goes for hair clippers that cost less than twenty dollars," you said, dusting some of the hair off of the back of your neck. Yunho let out a thoughtful hum as he ran his fingers over your brand new buzz cut. "Plus I don't think a bunch of twelve-year-olds shaving their heads would care about shitty hair clippers."

    "You're probably right," he said, turning your head to the side so he could even out the rest of the hair cut. "Almost done."

    You let him finish shaving off the rest of your hair, standing up straight when he turned the hair clippers off.

    "Gross, there's hair all down my shirt," you mumbled. A grin spread itself over Yunho's face as he admired how you looked with your short hair.

    "Then take it off," he suggested and then yelled when you hit him upside the head. He laughed as you rubbed the back of your neck in slight discomfort, pulling your palm back to see it covered in hair. "See, you should definitely take it off-"

    "Some of us are trying to piss in here!" someone yelled from outside the stall the two of you were in, causing you to burst into laughter. Yunho put a hand over your mouth in the hopes it would shut you up, snorting softly when you pressed a wet kiss to his palm. Your eyes met his and he removed his hand from your mouth so that you could kiss him instead, smiling at the feeling of your lips on his.

    "Okay, my turn to shave your head now," you said, running a hand through Yunho's hair. With a soft sigh, you twirled a lock of it around your finger, oblivious to the sappy heart eyes Yunho was giving you. "Goodbye Yunho's hair. You were always so pretty, especially when Yunho let me give him apple hair. It was fun while it lasted."

    "You guys are shaving each other's heads?" the voice came again, a little less annoyed and a little more incredulous. Another round of laughter made its way out of you and this time Yunho let you laugh out loud, a fond smile playing on his lips.

    "Yeah, my boyfriend looks hot as fuck, wanna see?" Yunho called out, giggling when you slapped his chest.

    "No," the stranger replied, letting a beat of silence pass before they spoke again. "Post it somewhere though, it'll probably come up."

    "Will do," you replied, waiting until they left before you cupped Yunho's cheeks in your hands, kissing him for a little longer than before. When you pulled away, there was a dopey grin on Yunho's face that filled your stomach with butterflies. "Okay. Time to make you bald."


    taglist: @lovely-ateez @sunsethw4 @seonghwanotes @xirenex @choiberry @peanutpmingib @sannierio @ateezinmymind

    #ateez x reader #ateez x male reader #jeong yunho x reader #jeong yunho x male reader #ateez fluff #jeong yunho fluff #ateez fanfic #jeong yunho fanfic #ateez fic #jeong yunho fic #ateez imagines #jeong yunho imagines #ateez scenarios #jeong yunho scenarios #fluff
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    `★ ! ⌗ JE♡ NG YUNH✿ % ^_^ ❍ '

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    [211020] SubK Shop’s official twitter update:

    ⏰ Mon, 10/25, 5PM PDT ~ Mon, 11/8, 10PM PST 
    🎁 SUBK SHOP EXCLUSIVE PHOTOCARD - Random 1 out of 16 

    Credit: subkshop 

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    okay just want to come on here and say that for 1) im so happy that we got wooyoung's aotm at 10m!!! he totally deserves it!! and 2) remember to stream wonderland please!!!! we're at 94m and we need to get it at 100m before their anniversary!!

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    𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙥𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 — 𝑦𝑢𝑛ℎ𝑜

    genre: best friends-to-lovers au, fluff, angst if you squint, a bit of crack, gn!reader
    word count: 1.6k
    summary: When your little harmless 'assumption' about your best friend causes the room to feel unusual, you were about to find out the reason in an interesting way.


    The day couldn't get any less boring, so here you were in your best friends' room. Yunho and San are roommates and 2/9 of your friend group. Why were you in their room? Well you see, Mingi is asleep. On the other hand, Seonghwa is busy cleaning up his and Hongjoong's room, while the latter was obviously at his studio. Do I even have to mention how messy the trio, JongWooSang, 's room is? No offense, but never mind that.

    You were lying down beside San on his bed, leaning against his body with your head resting on his chest, both of you drained from the boredom. It doesn't make sense, but it currently made sense. San yawned as he watched Yunho play his computer game in full concentration.

    You lifelessly scrolled through Instagram, seeing pictures of your friends and other people you don't acquaint with. It was BORING boring, nothing was interesting to talk about, not until your eyes caught attention to the recent post of this woman named 'Hyejin'. [a/n: she's an oc.]

    As far as your mind can remember, she used to be Yunho's classmate back in the last year of high school. They recently had a reunion with his other classmates, just three days ago actually, and Yunho swore he was bored out of his life. He didn't attend just one class reunion, but three reunions in a year and he gave up from there. He said and quote, "It's so boring there, everyone just eats, takes a few pics with people then leaves afterward." You were honestly glad he stopped. In your defense, you wanted to spend time with him.

    Back to the topic, Hyejin's recent post was a picture of her and Yunho standing beside each other from the recent reunion they had. Yunho wanted to go home at that time and she went up to Yunho herself, but you didn't need to know that. The post was also accompanied by an overused caption of 'with Yunho <3'. Innocent, but kind of suspicious. "She even added a heart, how interesting." You thought.

    You couldn't help but release a scoff at how ridiculous she must've looked when she thought of posting that picture. It's not that you hated the woman or something, you just found it funny how she's showing her interest in Yunho to everyone.

    It wasn't the first time Hyejin posted a picture of her and Yunho together, this was the third time she did that, and let me just say that she never posts pictures of her with other guys. Just. Yunho. You, and all of his friends, knew that she for sure took multiple photos with other people during the reunion, but she decided to only post the one with Yunho in it. You're not so slick, bestie. You found it a little bit amusing, but this wasn't your business to begin with anyway. Why should you care? Yeah, why should I?

    "Hey, Yunho. Not to assume or anything, but I think this Hyejin girl likes you." You announced in a nonchalant tone, not even sparing the said man a glance.

    You weren't even sure if he was listening to you at the moment, his attention still on his game with his headphones on. San, on the other hand, heard you loud and clear with both ears. Not really expecting a reaction from him, you continued your actions and as soon as he opened his mouth, that's when the bickering of the day started.

    " 'Not to assume' then proceeds to assume." San scoffed at you playfully, "How would you know? Are you some kind of fortune-teller?"

    The sarcasm was as clear as the night sky right now.

    You shrugged your shoulders, "No, but I can feel it."

    San glanced at Yunho momentarily to check his reaction to your proposition, but he didn't show any reaction at all nor did he even move from his place. "And what made you say that? I mean, you don't know even know her that much to make such assumption."

    "She's been posting pictures of her and Yunho, just them, with cute captions. I don't know, I just kind of felt suspicious of her intentions. In my defense, I know when a person likes someone and I'm just saying what I think is happening."

    At that moment, San thought you were the stupidest person he's ever met. How could you say you know when a person likes someone? He doesn't know how your mind works sometimes. Both men thought about your words and still seeing the lack of reaction from Yunho, San decided not to go deeper with the conversation.

    "Anyways, it doesn't mean anything. So, mind your own business next time."

    You were slightly offended by his tone, that's for sure. "Hey, I was just saying. Why are you suddenly talking to me like that? Geez, Choi San."

    "There was no reason for you to say that to Yunho, he's not even listening to you."

    Don't get it wrong, you and San were best friends, and bickering at each other was a sign of your playful friendship. Today though wasn't like that, his remarks weren't as playful as it usually was.

    "So what if he's not listening? You didn't have to give me that tone, it's offensive. It's not like he likes her and I'm intruding on their relationship or whatever they have going on." You rolled your eyes in the process.

    San caught the way Yunho's fist tightened around the mouse control and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't scared. "Still, y/n. Don't talk about her next time, got it?"

    "Yeah yeah, whatever you say. You didn't have to be sensitive about it." You mumbled the last part under your breath, but it didn't go unheard by the two men in the room.

    "You know, y/n." San started, pulling you closer towards his body. "For a person who knows when someone has feelings for another, you're quite the oblivious one."

    You looked up at San confusingly, "What do you mean? Is there something I don't know about or am I just stupid?"

    San gave you a side-eye, then patted your head gently. "You're not stupid, just oblivious."

    Even in the middle of bickering, he wouldn't want to call you degrading names. That was one thing you liked about him. Upon hearing that, Yunho unintentionally slammed his mouse control on the table and it startled both you and San because he wasn't one to act like that. No, not at all.

    San, though, was more aware of the reason behind Yunho's actions. He removed himself from your body, stood up from his bed, and excused himself. "Wooyoung is calling me, so I'll leave you two here." It was a lie, everyone knows that, but he left so quickly that no one got to say anything back.

    Once he was completely out of the room, you huffed and lay back down on the bed. "What's wrong with him? And Yunho, what's wrong with you too?" Yunho could only let out a deep sigh, but still no response.

    You found the situation very odd and uncomfortable to your liking, this wasn't what you expected when you decided to visit your best friends' dorm. "You two are acting weird today and I have no idea what's going on, I think I'll just leave too."

    Now it was your turn to stand up from the bed but before you could walk towards the door, the man finally spoke up for the first time since you had arrived. "y/n, wait."

    Turning to face him, he did the same, but he had his head down avoiding your eyes. "What do you think of me...and Hyejin?"

    Okay, now you were more confused than earlier. I thought he wasn't listening to my conversation with San, I guess he did. "I mean, I'm not exactly thinking of anything since it's not that big of a deal." You casually shrugged at him.

    Yunho nodded slowly, "I see...that's good."

    "By the way, did something happen during your game earlier? You looked, I don't know, annoyed?" You asked him, unsure.

    "Oh that, uh...haha, it's nothing." He waved his hand in denial, but you wanted to know the truth.

    Though you hate to force him to open up to you, you felt so left behind from them these days. May it be secrets or invites, your group doesn't hide anything from each other and that's why you needed to know.

    "Why do I feel like you guys are hiding something from me?" You narrowed your eyes towards his direction, "You haven't been opening up to me these days, San literally had to call me oblivious."

    Silence, there was a moment of silence as Yunho debated whether he should finally take the risk or not. Well, why not take the opportunity while it's there?

    "I know now is not the perfect time to say this, but I don't want you to leave with the thought of Hyejin and me together." He took a deep breath before holding your arms in place, "l/n y/n, I like you. I like you romantically, so don't ever talk about other girls to me."

    Oh? OH.

    "I-I wasn't expecting that, Yunho..."

    "You don't have to say anything, I just want to make sure you don't misunderstand the whole 'Hyejin' situation."

    "But, I wasn't-"

    "Anyways," He cut you off, stepping back from you. "Hongjoong-hyung is calling me, so I'll leave you here for a while." He actually wanted to hide himself from the embarrassment.

    You watched as he hurried out of the room, "Hongjoong isn't even back home yet." You muttered, not missing the butterflies in your stomach. As speechless as you were, you found his confession cute enough so you'll give him a pass.

    "Jeong Yunho, get back here!"

    ─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───

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    ~ Ateez Lockscreens ~

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    [211013] ATEEZ’s Yunho @ MBC Show Champion

    Credit: MBC 에브리원해 | Official Stage | Official MV 

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    [211013] ATEEZ’s Yunho @ MBC Show Champion

    Credit: MBC 에브리원해 | Official Stage | Official MV 

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    🧛🏻‍♂👹 yunho halloween twitter packs

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