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    The Woman™#8346 on discord.

    Ready to plot and play

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    Jeryn: “Danny, don’t be an idiot. You almost died last night...”
    Danny: “Meh.”
    Jeryn: “Don’t ‘meh’ me. I almost called an ambulance.”
    Danny: “Jeryn, I didn’t almost die... I’m fine. But something is going on, and I have to figure out what. And I know you don’t like it... but this is something I have to do alone.”

    Immortal Iron Fist #3 by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Matt Hollingsworth

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    August 21, 2020

    Happy 53 Birthday to Carrie-Anne Moss. 

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    Power Man and Iron FistEdit

    His own series cancelled due to low sales, Iron Fist joined the cast of Luke Cage, Power Man in a three-part storyline in #48–50. The comic's name changed to Power Man and Iron Fist from #50 upwards. The two formed a new Heroes for Hire, Inc., founded by attorney Jeryn Hogarth and staffed by administrative wunderkind Jennie Royce. Iron Fist supporting cast characters Colleen Wing and Misty Knight also often appeared, although never becoming official members. This partnership lasted until the series' final issue #125, with Cage blamed for the apparent death of Iron Fist.

    Heroes for Hire (1996)Edit

    In 1996, as a consequence of the "Onslaught" and "Heroes Reborn" storylines, the Marvel Universe suffered a power vacuum after the Fantastic Four and Avengers were presumed killed. Following up on the status of the Oracle Corporation that Namor had set up in the pages of Namor, Jim Hammond (the Golden Age Human Torch) and Danny Rand decided to set up a new Heroes for Hire organization. Iron Fist recruited Luke Cage for this. Heroes for Hire debuted in 1997, with a core team consisting of Iron Fist, Cage, and an assortment of hangers-on: Black Knight (Dane Whitman), a new White Tiger, Hercules, She-Hulk, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), the original Human Torch, and even Deadpool were included in the cast of the book, though much of the cast rotated in a Defenders-like manner, hired for missions as necessary. Heroes for Hire was written by John Ostrander and illustrated by Pasqual Ferry. It lasted for 19 issues before it was cancelled.

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    “You need to decide what you actually want and then reconcile it however You can”

    Jeryn Hogarth

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    ✧I Need You✧ Chapter 130

    Credit where it was due, Tony was expertly patient as he leaned against the kitchen counter, arms crossed, listening to you while you sat at the table. Just talking. For probably too long a time. Trying to get it all out. Not just about Hope but… how you’d failed. And how this could be the only chance for you to make it up. And even then it wouldn’t be enough. Hope was one person. Kilgrave had also hurt Jessica because you’d turned your back. And there were probably many more. But this would… damage your reputation- 

    Not just yours but the company’s, too. There was no way for this to go but very poorly. But did that matter? You certainly didn’t, in the grand scheme of things. And not when compared to someone’s life getting even further ruined, more than Kilgrave already had. Because this was your fault. Jessica was right. But Stark Industries was now what funded the Avengers. So maybe you needed to… step away, before all this. To make it fair to the team. To Tony.

    So that no one else would get hurt. Just you. Because you deserved it. 

    Once you were finished regurgitating all your feelings, he dropped his head, eyes cloudy. Thinking. Letting it all settle. Then he took a breath, a soft shrug of his shoulders. “Well… first of all, I’m surprised Hogarth, of all lawyers is taking this case.” 

    You weren’t intimately familiar with Jeryn Hogarth. You did know of her law firm. And of her. She was ruthless. Cunning. But… ultimately not important. Distress flared inside of you. It couldn’t be that Tony wasn’t taking this seriously, but then why…? “That’s what you have to say after all that?” Trying not to show your disappointment. 

    “She doesn’t take unwinnable cases, is my point. She’s the same as surgeons who don’t operate on patients that are high risk. Everything is a career move. Everything is calculated. And you only ever move up on the board. Never down.” He’d started pacing lightly. 

    Ah. Well… that was an interesting point. “Jessica said that Hogarth owed her. Or something.” 

    “Maybe she meant she threatened her and just got a little confused.” Or lied, he was sarcastically implying. 

    You couldn’t help the hopeless shrug, hands in your lap as your head dropped. “What difference does it make why Hogarth is doing it? Whether or not Jessica threatened her or Hogarth owes her… none of it matters. Hope matters.” The petty squabbles that came before it were really just that. And also none of your business. 

    “Right. Hope…” Nodding slowly as he continued moving. “And how did Ms. Jones say she’d come across Hope originally?” 

    “She… didn’t.” 

    “Of course not.” 

    Your brows knit. “Tony I’m tired. I know you’re trying to make a point but my brains are fried.” Just asking him to lower to your level for the time being and dumb everything down for you.

    “That is the point, honey.” He stopped wearing a tread on the kitchen floor and came to sit down next to you. “Jones seems to have left out an awful lot of details. Important pieces. She might be physically threatening Hogarth. She’s emotionally blackmailing you, for sure. She checked into you. Into us. A year ago she was ready to beat you down on a public sidewalk.” 

    “I came at her first…” Low as you said it. Mind getting further and further away. 

    “After she called you by a name she knew your torturer had used for months. Don’t kid yourself. She attacked first. And- how did she know that? How did she know any of that? This Kilgrave guy just spill the beans? Doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would go on and on about a lost conquest. -and, can we even talk about that name? Kilgrave. Really?” Tony was getting into a little bit of a tizzy, and in your weakened state of mind, dragging you with him. So you silently urged him to stop, reaching a shaking hand out to lay atop his on the table. His eyes caught yours and then dropped immediately. “Sorry. It’s just… there’s a lot going on here. And her hands aren’t clean. Not by a long stretch.” 

    “Mine are dirtier.” Hot tears were pooling just at the line of your lashes. This was all just too much. “You think she’s trying to trick me into- what? Giving myself up? For what?” 

    He took a long breath. “I’m just… asking you to be careful about this.” Lifting his hand, he tilted your head up with a careful touch at your cheek. “You know I’m with you. No matter what you decide. You wanna go public for this Hope kid, we’ll go public. And we’ll deal with what comes. I just want you to be careful about what you’re walking into. For you. Not for an image.” A sliver of steel cut between the both of you as he seemed to be bracing himself. “I need you to just… hear me out. Okay?” 

    Your hesitation was clear, but you pressed on. “Okay.” 

    “How do you know this isn’t all bait?” When he said this- the way he said this, as he gazed at you… it shocked shivers down your spine. “This guy is dangerous- you said he controlled you, for the better part of three months. You didn’t want us going after him- because you were scared he would do the same thing to us. Is it not possible that he’s orchestrating this whole thing?” 

    You found yourself shaking your head before you even knew you were doing it. “Why… for what?” 

    “For you.” 

    It was hard to make sense of this. It seemed like it was just Tony’s overprotective nature coming to life, to come up with a conclusion like that. “If he wanted to do that, why not just walk up next to me when I leave a building and tell me to leave with him?” 

    “You got out. And, as far as I remember, he didn’t seem to be controlling you much after that.” 

    No. What I’m saying is- you took off. Both of you. When Kilgrave was screaming up a storm. How?

    Jessica’s voice in your ears distracted you enough to let Tony keep going. “If he thinks he can’t anymore- or knows he can’t- for whatever reason- what if he’s setting something up to trap you.” 

    “Why?” Eyes narrowing as you looked up at him again. “For what reason? He doesn’t know he can’t- I don’t know that either-” You couldn’t make sense of it,. And very suddenly the threat of being held against your will was being presented to you. It was getting hard to think. Hard to breathe. “He wouldn’t come after me again. Not after all that. After everything that happened- he’d be just as happy with-” ...with somebody normal.

    But you weren’t normal were you. And that’s what Tony was getting at. 

     He didn’t- chain me- or tie me up or- anything- he just… he just told me to stand in a corner. So I did. He told me to do things I didn’t wanna do- but I did them anyway. Because I wasn’t… I wasn’t strong enough to stop him… and I…

     The words were in the shape of your voice, an echo of an intensely painful memory-… but you weren’t the one remembering. Drawing breath became near impossible, bearing the weight of this remembered-… it was his guilt paired with your agony and it was crushing you. “Tony-”

     He clamped down. Hard. Head dropping. Taking a breath. So you took one with him. “Yeah. Sorry.” Tight as he mumbled.

     “We’re okay.” For now, anyway. For now… you were okay.

    Once the both of you regained control, his hands took both of yours, holding you tight. Imploring eyes watching your own. “It’s a theory. Maybe he’s not behind this. Maybe Jones is straight and Hogarth suddenly decided to sacrifice her entire career on singing mind control to a jury for a double murder because she grew a heart. But in my honest, humble opinion, there’s a lot of math here that doesn’t add up.” 

    A watery laugh punched out of you, and you took one of your hands back to cover your mouth, eyes rolling up and then closed. “Maybe for once your math is wrong.” 

    “I highly doubt it.” His smile was broken. With the gentlest of touches, he urged you out of your seat, and you went to him, sitting sideways in his lap, arms around him as he put his arms around you. 

    Burying your face in his shoulder, your voice was muffled. But you’d made your decision. “I’m going to call Hogarth. And have her take a meeting.” 

    Disappointment and worry punched through him. And yet somewhere there was a soft shine of understanding. “I figured you were gonna say that.” His chest rose and then fell with a heavy sigh. “Just… just promise me. If there looks like a one or a zero still out of place- get out of there. Okay?” 

    You found easy comfort resting against him. So making that deal was simple. “I’m not as good at math as you are. But… I promise.” 

    He felt better. But only slightly. You didn’t feel better at all. 


    It took you the better part of an hour to get a hold of yourself. This call would not be the hardest part of this whole ordeal by a longshot, but you were no longer just presenting as yourself calling someone like Hogarth. You had to have it all together before you could begin this weird and strange dialogue. 

    And then…

    And then her assistant hung up on you multiple times. Very, very sure you were a crank caller. Even when you insisted she look at the caller ID- calling from your office phone- her assistant merely said, “So what?” And hung up. Again. 

    Frayed as you were, after that tenth hang up, during a mission that was not going to benefit you in any way and only serve to hurt you for the greater good (just payback you were sure), you let loose a little. “Hey, JARVIS.” Sitting back in your desk chair. 

    “Yes, ma’am. How may I assist you?” 

    “Can you patch me directly into Jeri Hogarth of Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz’s office?” That was probably fine, right? ...who cared anymore at this point. 

    “I can. One moment.” 

    “Thank you JARVIS.” 

    “I live to serve. Where would you like the call?” 

    “Speaker phone, please.” 

    “My pleasure.” 

    You sat back in your chair, reclining just a little, taking a deep breath. The connection only took another minute. A weird half a ring and then a click, and then a very incensed sounding Jeri Hogarth. “Listen, I don’t know how you got this number, but if you call this office again-” 

    “I wouldn’t have to if someone would just answer my calls.” No need for her to start threatening legal trouble, as you were sure she was about to. 

    There was a long pause, probably one of consideration. “This is either a very good soundboard or the CEO of Stark Industries is actually calling me.” 

    “One of them, anyway.” 

    “Huh.” Sounding as incredulous as she did amused. “So what can I do for you? Aside firing my assistant, of course.” Already trying to butter you up. That was probably good. 

    “I need you to take a meeting tomorrow.” You’d give yourself the rest of the day to figure out your life and what you were going to do. That seemed fair. Also about as fair as not asking this woman to drop everything she was doing right that second. She was probably as busy as you were. Especially so, considering she was in her office on a Sunday. 

    “What about?” 

    “I don’t want to discuss it on the phone.” 

    “I can assure you you have total confidentiality and security.” 

    “I’m sure you can. I’m still not discussing it over the phone.” This was going to be difficult for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest was that this woman was a fucking shark. 

    She made a humorous noise. “Alright then. My place or yours?” 

    A good question, to be sure. But an easy one to answer. “My office. Stark Tower.” Home. A place you could control. No surprises. No threats. 

    “I thought we were calling it the Avengers Tower these days.” Sounding like she’d figured out her jokester. 

    “This is Stark Industries business. Personal business, actually.” You already knew saying this would intrigue her all the more. This was looking to be a high profile case. How could she resist? “So. Tomorrow. What time works for you?” 

    “Any time. When’s good for you?” Very clearly insinuating she’d move everyone else around to cater to you. Ah yes. Definitely hooked. 

    “Let’s do eleven AM. How’s that for you?” 

    “Absolutely perfect. See you tomorrow.” Then, just like that, she hung up the phone. 

    That was good. Meeting agreed upon. The only problem was either Jeri Hogarth was a phenomenal actor, playing up whatever this bid for your second kidnapping was… or she really did have no idea you would be contacting her. Which also meant that Jessica had been counting on you to do the right thing, and had decided not to spill your secrets. Instead intending for you to do it on your own. Probably as penance.

    Already you knew it was the latter. And Jessica had been right. 


    You let Tony know, as the two of you laid in bed that night, that you had a meeting with Hogarth tomorrow. He asked if you wanted him to sit in for it. Almost too easily the answer was no. He wanted to be back up. Your ringer. Your protection. On guard for you. But… if you were really about to lay waste to your reputation and hurt the company, better only one of you go down for it. ...you didn’t say it in so many words. But… the concern- the disappointment- the weighty feeling of failure that laced his entire being after you turned him down told you all you needed to know.

    Better not think about it right now. You could work on fixing the rest of your life later. After you were done destroying it. 

    As soon as Pepper got in the next morning you briefed her that you had a very important meeting at eleven. One that you were not under any circumstance to be disturbed from. And… one that required your attention beforehand, so you had her cancel your other things. Really what you were doing in your office before Hogarth arrived was… prepping. Mentally. Physically. 

    Trying to get the feeling of sickness to go away. It wasn’t just you, the thought of your life falling apart. Who were you after all? In comparison to what you’d let go on? Perhaps nobody at all. But all of this… all of this was bringing back some bleak, dark sickness that you’d fooled yourself into thinking you’d gotten over. That you’d healed from. 

    But now Kilgrave- that man, the only way you’d known him before if not master… now he was back. He was back. He was back. 

    And Tony seemed to think he was lurking around. Waiting for just the right set up, just the right moment to reach his hand out and snatch you. Stick you in another corner. Make you make him- 

    The tablet on your desk rang just as you were headed into a deep spiral. “Your eleven o’clock is here.” 

    Reaching a trembling hand out you pressed the interface to answer and really had to hold on tight. “I’m finishing up a call, give me a second.” Pepper would know this was a lie. But it wouldn’t matter. You just needed a minute. Just a minute… It still wasn’t enough, but you had to push through. So after one more deep breath, you tapped the intercom again. “Please send her in.”

    As the door opened you stood from your desk, at least aiming for amicable as Pepper let her inside and then closed the door behind her. She was a smart looking woman. Very sharp for sure. Green-gray eyes that were ready to cut you down to size and a short black haircut. She clearly wasn’t there to do anything but business. You held your hand out to her and she called out your name as she came closer, and then gave you an extremely firm handshake. “Nice to meet you in person. Let’s get down to it, shall we?” 

    Eager to work. Which was good. But also dangerous. “Sure thing. One moment.” Holding up a finger to her. “JARVIS, can you seal the room, please?” 

    Her friendly demeanor dampened a moment with a huff as she sat. “You could just ask me if I’m wearing a wire, you know. Less obvious. And I’m not, by the way.” 

    “I can never be too sure.” 

    “I respect that. But I assure you. I’m entirely professional.” 

    JARVIS waited a single second after she was done speaking, “The room is yours, ma’am. Nothing comes in or out.” Letting you know that Jeri was correct. She was indeed not wearing a wire. Or recording anything on her phone. 

    “Thank you.” As always, grateful for his help.

    “My pleasure.”

    Jeri looked up towards the ceiling. “You selling those yet? I’m sure it would be a huge market.” 

    “There’s only one JARVIS, and he’s not for sale.” Sitting down yourself, settling your hands on your desk. 

    Before you could even start, she started for you. “So. You want a lawyer not entangled with the business. I get that. Some personal matter you don’t want getting out of hand? I can assure you I’ll handle it for you with absolute discretion.” Ready to win this. Get this account. Earn this money. Whatever it was. 

    Unfortunately for her… “Actually…” Still having to steady yourself. To appear in control even when it was slipping away piece by piece. “This is about Hope Shlottman. And Jessica Jones.” 

    The air in the room went absolutely freezing as she stared at you. First in disbelief, and then surprise took hold of her though she showed no sign of it. Instead, she held a tight, almost angry grin. “I see. I tell Jones to go out and get witnesses and she somehow bags the king of all witnesses. Unbelievable.” One of her eyes narrowed as she stared you down. “Unless you’re working for the other side?” 

    Clearly she wanted a reaction out of you. And your disgust was plenty. “No.” 

    She hummed. “I didn’t think so. But you can never be too sure. Appearances are deceiving.” 

    “I’m prepared to testify-”

    “So. What did she do? Threaten you?” Almost seemingly very suddenly like she’d checked out of the entire conversation at this point. At least any part of it that actually mattered.

    “Threaten me? Are you out of your mind?” Taking great offense to the notion that you could be put so easily under anyone’s thumb. That was not the image you’d worked on creating for yourself.

    Jeri just shrugged. “Everyone’s got a weakness. Even you, I’m sure. Might not be as simple as a fist through a wall, sure. But. Jones has other talents.” Interesting as that was (barely, though), now was not the time. You couldn’t bring yourself to care about what other secrets Jessica Jones was hiding. Especially when it seemed like Jeri could just spill them all if you asked nicely. ...for the right price, rather. You wondered if Jessica knew exactly who she was dealing with. 

    You couldn’t help bristling. “Are you interested in this or not? I thought you were defending Hope?” 

    She was drumming her fingers on her palm, eyes downward. Thinking. “At great risk for a no doubt pithy reward.” This… wasn’t in line with what Jessica had said. But it was somehow no surprise that she’d lied about whatever their engagement was. Maybe she really didn’t have faith in you after all. “Let me be very forward with you.” Stopping everything and looking up to stare at you again. “I’m not interested in your testimony.” 

    This was an absolute shock, and you weren’t in control enough to hold your visible reaction back. “Are you serious?”

    “Oh I’m very serious. Not that I care about your reputation, but I’m not about to let Jones turn mine into a circus funhouse. Shlottman and mind control and now an Avenger wants to take the stand? I’m not interested. And I’m sure it’s a load off your mind to know you don’t have to worry about what this will do to you or your company, so let’s just call this a charitable waste of my time and let it go.” 

    “An innocent girl is going to go to prison- probably forever- for something she didn’t really do- and you could help her-” 

    “I’ll do all I can but let’s get real. The winds are changing. You think you can just storm in and save her because you’re a hero? You think you have automatic credibility because you saved the city three years ago? You’re no more helpful to me than a Roxxon white-collar when their tanker spilled. And the media will wonder who’s paying who. Nobody has any proof. It’s all words. And you really must have your head up your own ass to think you’re that important- that special- that you can just automatically sway a whole jury with a couple of sentences.” She stood and half turned from you. “Like I said, I’m not interested in this shitshow. We’ll talk Hope’s time down as a psychotic break and she can sit in a padded cell for a little while. Might do her some good.” 

    You were on your feet in the next moment, hands on your desk. “My testimony is worth something. And you’re a terrible lawyer if you turn your back on it.” 

    At this she just made a face. “I’m sure you know as much about law as I know about running around in a cape and spandex. You’re one person. Jones can work harder for this- if it’s the truth, and not all just a bunch of malarkey, which I very well suspect at this point-” 

    Just short of growling now, bearing down on her, “If you walk out of this office with nothing-” 

    She held up her hand. “Let’s not get hasty and start making threats. I’m doing you a favor. I’m sure Mr. Stark would agree. Nobody wants you to burn this all to the ground for one girl who can’t tell up from down right now.” 

    “Nobody is asking me to. I’m doing this because I want to.” 

    Her smirk was cruel. “Sure you are.” Complemented with an insulting laugh. “That’s why Jones had to call you in, right? Is she part of your little superhero club? Did you owe her a favor? I’d love to hear all about it over lunch.” Just like that she turned her back on you and headed for the door. “Call me any time you’d like if you need a lawyer for something real. My new assistant knows to direct your number.” 

     She was leaving. Very soon she would be gone. This opportunity to save this poor girl- this girl whose life was in shambles because of you- was walking away. And you couldn’t think of what to do to stop her-

     But she did stop. Turning before putting her hand on the handle. “Let me just give you something to think about.” Your eyes met hers. “I asked Jones for credible testimony. I’m not going to pretend like I know or even care what went on between you and this supposed Kilgrave person, if anything at all. But I’m sure she gave you the same story. Don’t you wonder why she won’t testify?” It was like she’d reached into your rib cage with both hands and squeezed your lungs.

     The math was suddenly not adding up.

     “However she pushed you, I want you to sleep well at night knowing you jumped at the chance to ruin your life. While she’s still trying to find a way to fix hers. Even at the risk of Hope’s. Or yours. Or anyone else’s but hers. You’re a hero. You can still hold on to that.”

    It was weird. Being this stunned. What could you even do? What was the right move to make here? Hope’s lawyer wanted nothing to do with you. Jessica wouldn’t defend Hope, either. So… what- what then? 

    It was embarrassing, that you resorted to such a quiet reply before she could exit the office. “You’ll regret this.” Weakly, too. You were weak. 

    She laughed again. “I’m sure I will. About as much as I regret the mimosa I had with breakfast this morning.” 

    There was nothing more for you to do but watch her go. So… powerless to do anything. Pepper appeared. “...everything okay in here?” 

    “Can you shut my door, please? Hold all my calls.” 

    “...sure.” Frowning as she answered, but doing so anyway. 

    Once the door was closed all the way you sunk down into your seat, rubbed your hands over your face and then dropped your arms to the desk. And then laid your head down. Hiding. Biting it all back. Shoving it all down.

    What were you supposed to do now?

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    12. https://funkymbtifiction.tumblr.com/post/130425251782/lark-rise-to-candleford-pearl-pratt-estj

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    15. https://funkymbtifiction.tumblr.com/post/118867506446/reign-catherine-de-medici-estj

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  • athenadcvell
    13.11.2019 - 1 year ago

    Hogarth: So you'll take the case?

    Malcolm: Yeah, we'll take it.

    Hogarth: How much?

    Jessica: I don't know, fifty?

    Hogarth: Fifty grand?

    Jessica: *spits water*

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  • hjbirthdaywishes
    21.08.2019 - 1 year ago

    August 21, 2019

    Happy 52 Birthday to Carrie-Anne Moss.

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  • athenadcvell
    14.08.2019 - 1 year ago

    Hogarth: Need I remind you what happens when you interfere with a police investigation of one of my clients, Jones?

    Jessica: Uhh... the case gets solved?

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  • supersciencegeek
    04.08.2019 - 1 year ago

    I started watching Jessica Jones for David Tennant, but I continued to watch it for Carrie Anne Moss.

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  • irresistible-revolution
    12.07.2019 - 1 year ago

    but where’s all the jeri hogarth x kith gifsets from jessica jones s3?? where are the aesthetic edits and angsty sets with like sappho’s poetry inked delicately into the background?? where is the jeri x kith appreciation???

    #jessica jones #jessica jones s3 #hogarth x kith #jeryn hogarth #GIVE ME ALL THE CONTENT #we so rarely get lesbian ships like this!!!! gah
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  • initiumseries
    30.06.2019 - 1 year ago

    Jessica Jones Review

    This was a request, but I will keep it relatively short because I live posted most of my issues, and it didn’t get better lol.  So basically, my issues with JJ are twofold: Jessica Jones, as a character, is not interesting. Neither is Tricia, or Jeryn, they’re just...white lol. Most, if not all their problems are self created, and everyone else has to manage the fall out.  Second, as usual, antiblack trash. JJ proves to me, yet again, having white women in the writing room does not help antiblackness and misogynoir, like, at all. In a lot of cases, it just kind of, amplifies it.  Jessica had a hard life, so she drinks, I guess. She runs a detective agency, and for no reason at all, she keeps encountering people who want to love her, but she’s too damaged by being strong and living with her best friend, Tricia, and her mother- to just, be with them. Lolll. Okay. Who fucking cares? No one, that’s who. Not even the show, because we spend an inordinate amount of time with every BUT Jessica this season.   Ok let’s start with Jerry.  

    She had me cutting the fuck UP this season, because I can’t imagine being diagnosed with ALS, knowing I’m like, actually dying, then bulldozing into an old flame’s life and blowing up hers AND mine, just to...I don’t even know what the POINT was. Neither did the writers. Ol’ girl tells Jerry that her and her husband are in an open marriage. Jerry takes her on dates to the orchestra and shit. They be fucking. SO WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?? She does A LOT, just to get her away from her husband, when she could have literally taken the information Malcolm found, and just...gave it to her. LOL. Also, guy gets exposed for embezzling, and then just...live video’s him killing himself? OH MY GOD, melodramatic and contrived!!!  What is anyone’s motivations here? When we’re introduced to Jerry in s1, she just seems like a fuck girl who likes smashing hot women and lives life hard and fast (theoretically), manipulating the women in her life, but also her clients etc. Cool. She’s kind of a bitch. I’m on board with that. But then this season, she suddenly becomes obsessed with this Brown woman we’ve NEVER seen before (unless I’m wrong, cuz I hopped tf out of s1 at some point but she def wasn’t in s2), smashes into her life, destroys it, then legit stands around like..wait so you’re just gonna...leave me here? LOL SIS WTF. It’s just...I resent how this show uses Black and Brown people as sites for white female dysfunction, and their lives and everything about them, becomes a fridge for these white female protagonists’ story arcs. I can’t say this enough because it’s annoying and it ONLY happens to the nonwhite characters.  For ex. so the brown guy down the hall from Jessica is gone, now, since I guess he’s not needed to make illegal documents (oh and wasn’t he also undocumented? LOL OK JJ), but his son can still keep coming to see her. Not weird at all. Whatever.  That white guy she starts boning in s3 gets a whole ass character arc. But the brown guy down the hall was just that for like...most of s2. Any “arc” he had was directly tied to JJ’s own story and arc.  Anyway, Jeryn’s motivations were basic and murky all season. She says her life is her work, and yet she set that all on fire for some old flame booty. Lmfao. She takes on the case of a serial murderer against powered people (and I really, REALLY resent the way “powered” people are constantly used as a placeholder for racism here, because like...that’s stupid), because Jessica and Tricia upset her lmfao. Jeryn was just..doing stuff. It was so redundant, but I guess the same could be said of her last season as well. Malcolm.  He starts off like this: 

    LOOK AT HOW BLACK THAT ROOM IS.  He’s working for Jeryn, making money, got himself a good girlfriend he loves, some new, Black friends, living his Black ass, sober life, doing well now that these trainwreck white women are leaving him alone.  There’s no reason at all he should still be living here.  But Jessica, FOR NO REASON AT ALL, once again, bulldozes into his life and Malcolm ends the show with, being sexually assaulted by the sex working sister of the guy Jessica is boffing, beaten up by her pimp, quits his job, cheats on his girlfriend, for NO reason at all, with the same woman who assaulted him. He even ADMITS he sabotaged their relationship at the end of the season when she comes by to get her things, but before he can explain why he sabotaged a good thing, Ms. Lady, his assaulter, comes strutting out in no pants. Ok. Again, there’s no reason why she’s in Malcolm’s life at all. They made it seem like she was going to be relevant to the plot, but the Big Evil of this season kidnaps and tortures her brother, not her. She’s utterly useless except to ruin Malcolm’s life for no reason other than I guess there’s a ban on happy Black relationships on tv.  Tricia fucks her Black trainer, because I guess, using Black men as sexual draino for their self inflicted problems is a theme on this show. At least this time they lit Luke Cage properly so he wasn’t just eyes and teeth. :/  Luke Cage makes a guest appearance in an ugly ass olive suit to be Jessica’s moral compass on how to deal with Trish. Mmmkay. 

    Malcolm has nothing left I guess so he might as well also moonlight as Tricia’s moral compass, because I guess that’s all non white people are good for on this show.  And it was a waste of time, because Tricia, on a pretty serious bender to completely ruin her life for absolutely no reason at all other than she’s high on her own superiority complex, STILL turns around and murders the guy who tortured and killed her mother.  Now personally, I’m not particularly bothered that she went and got revenge. I think shows like theses equivocate these weird slippery slopes with “if I obtain revenge, I become the person who harmed me”, which is just...such a western perspective. And it’s stupid. But in this case, Tricia literally became the “Bad Guy”, just going off the rails attacking people and using a disproportionate amount of force with the help of the Human Divining Rod Jessica was boffing. Very convenient his power is seeing the evil in other people and being physically hurt by it (but not his own evil when he blackmails other people?? LOL). It was clear he existed for Jessica and Tricia’s story arcs to pivot off of, and yet he’s still handled with more interest and humanity. The show works really hard for you to feel sorry and/or conflicted about Tricia, but I don’t, because her problems aren’t real problems and she’s kind of crazy, and can’t manage to deal with her issues without ruining other people’s lives. I lived for the moments when Malcolm said: “You should just keep us on retainer, because I know you, you hurt as many people as you help.” and for that time Jessica SLAPPED the teeth out her mouth and got the phone she asked for after Tricia went on another self righteous unhinged diatribe about how great she is now because she can jump over stuff. She’s a cat now, so she’s unbeatable. Except when Jessica beats that ass  l m a o.   Anyway. Yeah, as we already knew, this show sucks. The whole Big Bad of the season was a disgruntled white man who was smarter than them and mad at women. LOL. Ok.  None of these characters are interesting or likeable. No growth. Abuse of non white people. Boring storylines, meandering plots. It’s just an overall trainwreck and I’m pretty sure this is the last season of JJ and I’m glad because we didn’t deserve to be hurt with any seasons of this. I was lowkey hoping they wouldn’t do Malcolm the way they did, but I’m not surprised. Overall -5/10

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  • delicatelystarstruckwhispers
    23.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    Jeryn Hogarth can step on me

    Plz take me and make me yours

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  • bookoftheironfist
    19.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    Jessica Jones Season 3, Episode 6, “A.K.A. Sorry Face”

    #Jessica Jones spoilers #MCU #Netflix Jessica Jones #Jeryn Hogarth#Steven Benowitz#Iron Fist#Danny Rand #I cried.
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  • canyounotwtf
    19.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    lmfaoooo hogarth is so trash liek everyone keeps trying to cover up the fact that she’s a serial cheater and “did those things because she wants to be with the person she loves and cares about the most...” girl eye– this is deadass fucking toxic. i dont give a flying fuck if she’s a lesbian or not,,,, IT IS TOXIC!!!!!!!!! but im glad the show is raising awareness about the fact that lesbians can have toxic partners like j*ri HOEgarth

    #jessica jones #jessica jones s3 #jeryn hogarth #i wouldve used the puke emoji but im on desktop rn so fml
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  • joeldubbleu
    16.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    Jessica Jones S3 spoilers

    So im on s3e5 of jessica jones and damn hogarth cannot stop manipulating people.

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  • crazyintheeast
    16.06.2019 - 2 years ago
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  • initiumseries
    16.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    Jerry legit blew up her whole life tryna get this woman to leave her husband LOL. 

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  • legalmargamind
    15.06.2019 - 2 years ago

    “You are the last mistake I will ever make.”


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