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    Heisler (Nick x Jess)

    set a week after “quick-hardening caulk.”

    (gif via Tenor, not by me)

    She’s two glasses of pink wine deep when he catches her staring.

    Staring, open-mouthed and lusty, from her spot on the couch as he brings an ice-cold glass bottle of Heisler to his mouth, wraps his lips around the rim, and starts tipping its contents down his throat.

    ***NSFW/no minors allowed/filthy smut/inappropriate use of a Heisler bottle below the jump***

    For the past week, ever since she told him yes and he almost fucked her hard and rough on the dining room table, moments in this vein have been accumulating: A glance lasting just a little too long. A lick of her lips. Even, the other morning, a brush of her tits against his chest as she squeezed past him in the kitchen while making her morning tea.

    Yeah, the woman’s been driving him fucking crazy.

    But it isn’t until now, until this billion-degree supernova of a stare, that he’s absolutely certain of it, beyond a shadow of a doubt:

    Jessica Day is still burning the fuck up for him, just like he is for her.

    As he meets her gaze — caught ya, Day — it’s like a switch flips inside him.

    Fuck it, he thinks, lowering his beer. We’ve danced around this long enough.

    “Day,” he says, his voice low and level, “what, exactly, do ya think you’re doing right now, staring at me like that?”

    Her cheeks go as pink as the wine in her glass.

    “I’m not— what do you mean— I wasn’t staring, Miller,” she sputters. “I was just, um, looking in your general direction? East, I think. It’s where my eyes NATURALLY go when I’m sitting here. Where ANYONE’s eyes would go when they’re sitting here. Because of the, um, orientation of the couch.”

    He smirks as she squirms, refusing to let her off the hook.

    “The ‘orientation of the couch,’ Jessica?” he says, his eyebrows raised.

    “YES, Nicholas,” she says, all flushed and insistent. “It’s REAL. It’s A THING. Just watch any interior design show, OK?”

    “Ok, Day. Sure,” he says, bemused, letting the words hang in the air as he takes a long, slow drag of his Heisler.

    To his utter, dick-hardening delight, it’s like she can’t help herself: as he swallows, she’s staring, again, her eyes flicking between his mouth and his throat and the bottle in his hand.

    That’s when he gets the idea.

    He lets his eyes rake down her body, and yeah, hot damn, it could actually work: for once, beneath her short little skirt, her legs are bare.

    Easy access, he thinks.

    “Noticed you’re not wearing your usual tights, Day,” he murmurs.

    “It’s VERY HOT out, Miller,” she says, so defensive and flustered that he knows, he knows, that’s not the real reason.

    The way she tosses her hair and squares her shoulders and stares at him, all fiery, the pace of her breathing increasing, confirms it.

    He licks his lips, slow and deliberate, and she lets out a slight exhale that makes his dick jump in his jeans.

    Enough already, Day, he thinks. It’s time.

    He pats the cushion next to him and makes the leap.

    “Jessica,” he says, his voice dipping into its lowest, gruffest, most commanding register, “C’mon. Orient yourself right over here.”

    Her eyes go wide, and she swallows once, making up her mind.

    Then, with a shaky hand, she places her wineglass on the coffee table, walks over to Nick, and sinks down onto the couch right next to him.

    She’s looking straight at him, but now she’s inches away instead of feet, and she smells like cinnamon and oranges and arousal, and when he takes her face in his hand and starts kissing her, her mouth is warm and wet and eager, just like he suspects her little cunt will be. Her little cunt that’s been aching for him ever since he pressed her down onto the dining room table beneath his body, his cock a hard, hot promise.

    She’s gonna have to wait a little longer for it to be fulfilled, because right now, he’s got something else in mind.

    He slides a hand beneath her skirt, grinning both at her little gasp and at the way her legs fall open for him.

    He flips the fabric of her skirt up over her midsection, shifting his position slightly so that he can see.

    And then he hooks his pointer finger on the crotch of her purple polka dot panties and yanks them to the side, exposing her gorgeous and inviting pussy, her visibly wet slit.

    “Nick,” she gasps.

    He grins and starts tracing her cunt-seam with two rough fingertips, swirling them around her hooded clit.

    With his other hand, he brings his Heisler to his mouth, finishing all but the very foamy dregs of its contents in one long series of gulps, intentionally leaving its rim slick with his saliva.

    And then, moving slowly, studying Jess’s face, planning to stop right away if she balks, he transfers the bottle to the hand that was exploring her pussy.

    ”Saw how you were looking at this when it was in my mouth, Day,” he says. “How’s it feel now?”

    He slides the rim of the bottle up and down her slit — lightly, teasingly, tantalizingly — waiting for her green light.

    It comes in the form of a whisper — “Oh my God, Nick” — and a tilt of her pelvis against the glass.

    He grins.

    It’s on.

    His eyes boring into hers, he slips the head of the bottle inside her.

    She’s so wet — so unbelievably, gorgeously wet — that it goes in smooth and easy.

    He slips his left hand behind her head, tilting it forward, forcing her to look down at where the glass bottle is now disappearing into her pussy.

    “Just look at yourself, Day,” he breathes. “Look.”

    It’s a stunningly erotic sight — the way her cunt lips are quivering wetly around the glass intrusion; the way her pulled-to-the-side panties make the whole thing even more obscene; the way she’s starting to tilt her hips up and down, infinitesimally, because it feels good; because she clearly wants more.

    More is what she gets.

    He increases the depth and intensity slowly, until he’s filled up her wildly responsive cunt with the bottle’s entire neck.

    And then Nick Miller is full-on fucking Jessica Day with a beer bottle on the same couch where they eat cereal, and argue about the pronunciation of the font Palatino, and watch “The Golden Girls” with their other roommates.

    She can’t hold in her moans, and they’re getting louder and louder, which is kind of a problem.

    So he clamps the hand that was behind her head over her mouth, causing her body to jerk and her eyebrows to shoot up in surprise.

    “Ya’ve gotta be quiet, Day,” he murmurs. “Schmidt’s in his room, right over there. Want him to come out and see ya like this? With your legs spread and your panties pulled to the side and a fucking beer bottle inside ya?”

    His dick hardens at her reaction to his obscene, humiliating words: a full-body shiver.

    He grins.

    And then, her mouth open and hot against his palm, he starts whispering more absolute filth into her ear.

    “You like it when I fuck you with a bottle, huh, Day?” he grits out. “No, ya fucking love it. Act like you’re such a goody two-shoes, but I know better. Ya wanted me to kiss you like a man, and ya wanted me to fuck you on the table, and ya like getting fucked by an object.”

    His hand muffling her moans, he moves her head up and down in a forced nod.

    Her eyelids flutter shut in what he guesses is a heady, overwhelming mix of embarrassment and pleasure.

    “Eyes open, Day,” he growls. “Want ya to look at me with those pretty eyes while I work your cunt real good.”

    She obeys, and fuck: this, right here, is the most erotic thing he’s ever experienced.

    He holds her obedient gaze for what could be seconds or what could be minutes; he’s not really sure. Because it turns out time does weird things when you’re fucking the girl of your goddamn dreams, driving her out of her goddamn mind, with your beer bottle.

    “Jessica,” he whispers, sliding the slick, long neck rhythmically in and out of her, “You’ve been such a good girl. I’m gonna take my hand off your mouth now and rub your wet little clit with it until you come, but ya’ve gotta promise me you’ll be quiet. Can ya do that for me?” She makes a muffled mmmph sound of assent against his palm, nodding frantically.

    So he releases her mouth and drags his hand down her body, over her collarbone and then the curve of her tits (he can feel a hard nipple through her thin, tight purple sweater and what must be a very sheer bra), down her belly, over her flipped-up skirt —

    — and then the sensation of his fingers right there, on her naked, pink little clit, coupled with the way he’s using the bottleneck to fuck her cunt like a glass dildo, renders Jessica Day unable to keep her word.

    She gasps and she mewls as he uses his fingers and the bottle to bring her closer and closer to the edge.

    And fuck, Nick knows that if he doesn’t do something about her noises, Schmidt’s gonna hear her and come out of his room and discover what the two of them are doing, but he really, really doesn’t wanna stop working her with either of his well-occupied hands, not when he can tell she’s so goddamn close —

    —so he shifts his body slightly, angles his head, and leans in, his lips meeting hers in a smoldering, smothering kiss that’s multifunctional: it feels really, really fucking good, and it absorbs the stream of sounds coming out of her desperate little mouth.

    It turns out his timing was just right, because in a matter of seconds, Jess is coming, arching her back, jerking and spasming against his hand and the bottle, and he’s got a feeling that if his mouth weren’t covering hers, she’d be screaming.

    He gives her a few seconds to reach her peak and start coming back down.

    Then, once he thinks it’s safe, soundwise, he pulls back from the kiss to take in the sight of Jessica Day, obliterated — fucked to a blazing orgasm by his beer bottle, her cunt lips contracting around its neck in the same rhythm as the rise and fall of her stomach, the liquid evidence of her arousal running down its insides and joining the layer of of now-warm, slightly foamy beer at the bottom.

    It, and she, and what just happened, and what’s still happening — well, it’s all about a thousand times better and hotter than anything else he’s ever seen, in real life or in porn or even in his dreams.

    Jess’s limbs have gone loose, her shining hair’s all fanned out around her face, and as her eyes flutter open, she looks first at Nick’s face, then down at the bottle that’s now stilled in her cunt, and then back up at him.

    He can’t help but smile at the expression on her face: dazed, sated wonder.

    Laced with the most delicious little edge of shock.

    “Oh my God, Miller,” she whispers, breathing rapidly. “That was— I can’t believe— I’ve never even heard of— did you— did we really just dothat?“

    “Fuck yes, Day, and it was hot as hell,” he grits out, bringing the hand that was on her clit up to stroke her cheek wetly. “You’re hot as hell. And ya know what?”

    “What, Miller?” she whispers, still coming down from her orgasm, a sheen of almost-iridescent sweat on her forehead.

    Before he answers, he kisses her, deep and hard. Not to shut her up this time, but because she’s so goddamn breathless and so goddamn beautiful. And because he’s a human man, a human man who’s wanted her for so goddamn long, and he just can’t not.

    Then he growls, “I can’t wait until it’s my cock inside ya instead of this bottle.”

    She flushes bright red, lets out the quietest, sexiest little “oh” he’s ever heard, and — involuntarily, he’s pretty sure — starts shifting her pelvis around the bottle again.

    So he circles its long glass neck inside her a few more times, languid and slow, teasing her, telling her without words:

    If ya think this feels good, Day, just you wait.

    When he’s good and ready, he draws the bottle out of her cunt, its neck glistening.

    He tilts it from side to side a few times, sloshing her come and the dregs of his beer together until they’re fully commingled.

    He locks eyes with her, making sure she’s aware of what he’s doing.

    And then he brings the bottle to his mouth and he drinks.

    - from instead of mail, available in full over on ao3 (and for adults only. obvs.)

    #nick x jess #nick miller#jessica day#smut fanfiction #new girl fanfic #nick and jess #ness #nick miller filth #new girl smut #smutty fanfiction
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    [email protected] my dog

    (singing) who’s that girl it’s your girl jess when he wakes up from his nap every single day

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    The autistic character of the day is... Jessica Day from New Girl!


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    The thing with season four of New Girl is that the relationship, breakup, and continued cohabitation of Nick and Jess is treated in a mature, logical, and adult manner. But it’s Nick and Jess! Are they really the ones to handle their breakup as adults? Like, well we loved each other but it just didn’t work out, time to move on. That is so far out of character that it doesn’t make any sense.

    It’s like the writers didn’t want to have to deal with it, so they were just fine. Making any other moment where they are not fine less meaningful and out of nowhere. I get not wanting to devote all their runtime to it, but there should have at least been issues in early season four. Nick’s randomly hooking up with other girls; Jess is trying to move on. But not once do either of those facts effect the plot of Nick and Jess. They seem not to care, seem to be over it. Until the end of the season when Jess tries to use the sex cup, but by then it’s lost a lot of its weight. Because the writers waited too long to do anything. They forgot that there should be drama and tension until it might serve them, and they waited so long a lot of the drama had dissipated. They bring Sam back, and it’s an issue again, but again, to a degree Sam comes back too late in the narrative. They have Nick meet someone and start to grow up, but again it’s a little too late. They should have started dealing with it in season four. Even if they didn’t get back together in season six, there still should have been some actual handling of their breakup in a way that makes sense for the characters.

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    my coworker is like gassing me up to her friend we just hired and I feel famous lol

    #here’s some quotes she’s said in the last hour #omg Jessica’s the best at mixing freezes they always look so cool #id definitely say Jessica’s the best cook here she makes really good food #yeah when you’re not here we always say you should be the gm andrew agreed the other day you’re just better than everyone else #like damn girl thank you LOL but that’s a lil sus #like I’m garbage why do you like me so much hahahah
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    Jess: You don’t need perfect people to make a perfect team. You need people whose flaws feed into each other. It’s… uh… what do you call it?

    Reagan: Codependence.

    Jess: Synergy! For instance, there might be something Nick hates doing but Schmidt loves doing or there might be something that Schmidt hates doing but he does it anyway because what he really loves is to feel useful.

    Reagan: You literally just defined codependence.

    Jess: Here’s to synergy!

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    The Punisher isn't my usual type so the amount of hot and bothered he got me is frankly concerning I can't get through the second season of daredevil without taking huge breaks it's been like five days and I only watched like seven episodes send help

    #this is very slow for me #i watched a whole season of jessica jones in a day #marvel #marvel cinematic universe #marvel daredevil #daredevil the series #daredevil#the punisher#frank castle
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    I am 👌🏽 this close to write a Nick Miller fanfic!!

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    #The Matrix #The Matrix Resurrections #Keanu Reeves#Carrie-Anne Moss#Lana Wachowski #The Matrix Reloaded #The Matrix Revolutions #The Matrix Tetralogy #Laurence Fishburne#Hugo Weaving #Yahya Abdul-Mateen II #Jessica Henwick#Erendirra Ibarra#Jada Pinkett-Smith#Jonathan Groff#my video #not that I haven't slept in 2 days #not that I HAD to make this happen yesterday #NOT THAT THESE FILMS ARE TAKING OVER MY LIFE AND I'M FINE WITH IT #no not at all #here have some BAM BAM cause the next one will be tears #I CAN'T STOP THE INSPIRATION IT COMES WHENEVER SHE WANTS TO AND THE DOORS ARE ALWAYS OPEN FOR HER OKAY? #some Neo Trinity stuff in this as well cause DUH it's me making it! #actually... tons of Neo and Trin stuf... MWAHAHAHA #ok I'll shut up #PLEASE ENJOY AND LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS?
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    Sia - Hey Boy ft. Burna Boy

    Sia – Hey Boy ft. Burna Boy

    No todo tiene porque girar en torno al amor romántico o a tener una relación estable, a veces podemos querer tener compañía pero solo durante una noche. En Hey Boy la australiana Sia y el nigeriano Burna Boy flirteaban en los versos de la canción mientras le daban vueltas a esta idea de una noche de diversión consensuada entre adultos. No todo tiene porque ser significativo y puede estar bien no…

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    I love that they were end game, but New Girl did Nick and Jess so dirty. They get together and then boom next episode it’s over three years later. They get engaged in one episode, get married the next episode, and then we get a single episode of married Ness!?! Unacceptable! I demand they fix this! New Girl Season Eight: Nick and Jess the married years.

    #new girl #nick x jess #nick miller#jessica day #i don’t get it #jess is the main character #how is her endgame relationship less of a thing than that of her best friend #no hate on schmidt and cece #i love them #but ness deserved what they had #they should have put them together mid season six at least
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    back to work tomorrow now that I am finally free of covid’s clutches and it’ll be good to be back but I’m weirdly nervous

    #still new enough at my job that every day is an unpredictable and uphill adventure #as long as my patients are safe sound and clean at the end of the day I count that as a success #i also kinda need money to keep my apartment and since I just bought the new piano 😭 #abt jessica
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    For any of my New Girl fans out there who don’t know, Zoey Deschanel, Hannah Simone, and Lamorne Morris have created a podcast about New Girl that will feature behind the scenes facts on EVERY EPISODE. Do what you will with this information, but I cannot wait to January 24th

    #new girl #new girl podcast #welcome to our show #jessica day#cece parekh#winston bishop #i cannot wait
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    Day 13: A scene/moment that pissed you off?

    This show had a lot of moments that pissed me off, so it’s pretty hard to pick one.


    The graveyard scene between Bill and Sookie in season 1, which was referred to as a RAPE scene by Stephen Moyer in a 2009 interview.

    The revelation that Bill was a procurer for Sophie Anne, and that he intentionally let the Rattarays beat Sookie to death so he could drug her with his blood and spend months manipulating and gaslighting Sookie.

    Tara’s rape at the hands of Franklin in season 3.

    Jason’s gang-rape in season 4 and the fact that fan reviewers like Doux Reviews and Persephone Magazine came out and said it was Jason’s karma/comeuppance. To say nothing about how it felt like the show was victim-blaming Jason for getting raped.

    Tommy’s rape of Luna in season 4, and how the show glosses over Luna’s feelings about being violated in favor of making Tommy look sympathetic before he died.

    The show trying to present Bill’s relationship with Sookie as romantic when it was actually toxic and abusive.

    Bill’s treatment of Jessica in general, which ranged from neglectful at best to abusive at worst.

    Pretty much everything about Bill’s character, and how the books and the show constantly made measly excuses for his awful behavior.

    Hoyt joining a Hate Group in season 5 and debating about murdering Jessica when she was tied up and not in a position to fight back. Everything about the scene made Hoyt look entitled and misogynistic

    The unnecessary introduction of Violet’s character, and her creepy/abusive with Jason.

    Everything about Season 7 in general.

    Eric’s sexual assault of Willa in season 6 when he puts his hand in between her legs without her consent while she was being glamoured by him.

    Tara’s death in season 7, and how it was used as a plot point to absolve Lettie Mae for being a shitty mother.

    There are probably more moments I haven’t thought of, but these are the ones that come to mind.

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    Day 09- Your favorite Eric/Bill moment I just call this moment  “jessica.” because its when I decided I was going to like her.  I love Eric Tormenting Bill. 

    #Day 09- Your favorite Eric/Bill moment #30 days of True Blood #Eric Northman#Jessica Hamby#Bill compton#True Blood#day 9
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