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    One year since the first episode of Little Mix: The Search aired. 

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    "Jesy leaving the group for her mental health and because she didn't want to be constantly compared is bullshit"

    Yall want the woman to give up her gift? Yall just want her to stop singing? Yall don't understand that she doesn't want to be verbally poked and proded for what she doesn't want to wear or do or sing oooor how she looks? Or that she wants to be an individual or live her life fully on her terms.

    I don't agree with everything but yall really be going in on Jesy.

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    25.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    If we don’t feel comfortable supporting Jesy—or just don’t want to at all—it makes us fake fans all of the sudden? We were never true Mixers?

    What a load of crap. Part of being a fan is also knowing when they’ve done something wrong/problematic and giving them room to grow and learn.

    Jesy is 30 years old and hasn’t learned from her mistakes, nor does she seem to be in a rush to apologize. So if she’s offended someone and they don’t want to support her, why does it matter to you? “No you HAVE to support Jesy!1!1!1!”

    We’re not obligated to. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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    Flipnote of Pascal Animal Crossing (from animal crossing)

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    the think about us mv could've been the best of their career if it wasnt for the remix with ty dolla sign and that keeps me up at night

    like look at these visuals???? and the concept???? stunning groundbreaking magnificent

    *gifs are not mine*

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    Heather- Jesy Nelson

    "I still remember third of December, me in your sweater."- You sang into the microphone your one hand gripping onto it whilst the other fumbled with the hem of your sweater.

    You knew she was in the crowd, her bandmates had told you so. But you couldn't care less as you poured all your emotions into the song you wrote about her.

    "You said it looked better on me than it did you."- You continued, the memories the two of you shared that day rushing into your mind.

    Feet collided against the white blanket of snow crowding the ground letting a sweet blissful crunch bless the giggling pair's ears. You leaned into the girl slightly as the both of you stop still in a fit of laughter from what Jesy had told you what happened to her while she was on vacation.

    You shift so that your front was pressed against hers and bury your head into the crook of her neck your laughter dying down. Jesy wraps her arms around your waist pulling you closer, she bends her knees just barely lifting you off the ground before intentionally falling backwards into the snow.

    You let out a shriek at the sudden actions and roll off of the girl. You shivered at the cold feeling the snow gave you as it seeped into your boots and into your thin jacket. You mentally cursed yourself for not wearing anything warmer than the outfit you had on now.

    You could tell jesy knew you were cold by her slipping off her cotton green sweater. You say a small thank you as you bury yourself into the warmness of the oversized piece of clothing. A small shade of red-tinted your cheeks as you pull the collar of it up to your nose, breathing in the scent of her Wishmaker perfume.

    Jesy pulled on a spare coat from her bag before laying back into the position she was in moments before next to you except this time placing her head onto your shoulder. You could feel your heartbeat quicken drastically to the point you felt like it was going to burst out your chest at any moment given. You hoped to god the brunette couldn't hear it.

    "Only if you knew, how much I liked you. But I watch your eyes as she walks by. What a sight for sore eyes, brighter than a blue sky. She's got you mesmerised... while I die."

    To the girl, on your shoulder, this action was nothing more than a simple act of showing her friendship to you. She didn't know it meant something else to you.

    Jesy turns to face you, her cheek pressed against your shoulder. She continued talking about her trip away, skipping over the part that wound the two of you up into your current position afraid that if she even mutters a single word linked to that moment the two of you would burst into a fit of laughter and she wouldn't be able to ever finish it.

    You tried to take in every word the girl was saying while trying to calm your heartbeat, but it was increasingly difficult as it accelerated every time you could feel the hot air slip through her mouth and drip onto your cheek due to how close she was to you.

    A small smile grows on your lips as Jesy tries to stifle the small laugh trying to escape as the memory came back to her suddenly. However, your smile soon began to falter as her laughter died down and her eyes were no longer stuck on you but had rather travelled onto something behind you.

    You watched as the girl pushed herself up slightly to get a better look at whatever was behind you. A deep red tint forms on her cheeks as she sends a small wave. You turn to who she was waving at and immediately felt your heart drop.

    Of course, she would be there.

    Her lips were upturned in a toothy smile that showed off her bright white teeth and the little dimples placed neatly at the tip of the corners of her mouth. Her hair was puffed out and looked as though it hadn't been brushed in days, yet she had managed to throw a navy blue beanie on top making it look somewhat decent. She waved back at the girl next to you watching as Jesy gets up off the ground and shakes the snow that had clung onto her clothing for dear life off.

    You didn't move from where you were, in fact, all you actually did was hope to god that Jesy wouldn't leave you for the girl. You gazed at the brunette and blonde, observing each one's interaction with one another. They talked and you paid no attention to the conversation but soon regretted it as Jesy took off with the girl muttering a small goodbye to you.

    You felt yourself sink further into the blanket of snow- the cold not exactly helping the slow forming crack within your heart.

    "Why would you ever kiss me? I'm not even half, as pretty."- Your cheeks began to fade into a hue of pink as your mind immediately leapt into the next memory. Your heart sped up a bit at the imagery and it almost concerned you about how after all this time, just the slightest thought of Jesy still had this much of an effect on you.

    Hair laid sprawled against the ruffled cloud-like white satin sheets, while her chest rose heavenly without a care before flattening down releasing the air from between her lips along with the sound that you had always longed to hear. Her eyes were wrenched shut, fists clutching onto the duvet beneath before releasing and opening them along with her eyes.

    You had only stopped what you were doing momentarily leaving your hands to rest on the waist of the brunette whilst letting her catch her breath.

    You smiled down at her, unbeknownst to what was going to happen next. Jesy lurched forward, almost sending you toppling off her bed but instantly grabs the collar of your shirt refraining from you doing so.

    And then her lips were on yours.

    You froze for a split second shocked by the girl's actions but still, you had managed to melt into the kiss. Heart pounding, you removed your hands from her waist and gently placed them on her cheeks going to deepen the actions being performed, but in the end, you only ended up jumping back as Jesy ghosts her fingers over the exposed skin of your neck before delving in and attacking the spot where you were most ticklish ultimately breaking the kiss within an instant.

    Not a word about that kiss was ever mentioned after that.

    "You gave her your sweater. It's just polyester, but you like her better. Wish I were Heather."

    The bright screen illuminated your face while you played the single video on repeat. There sat directly in the middle of the couch was Jesy with the girl who had stolen her away from you practically on top of her.

    The blonde had her head leant on the brunette's shoulder whilst her hands fiddled with the ones of the girl that made your heart leap out of your chest.

    It didn't necessarily take you long to notice the same cotton green sweater that Jesy had leant you on that fateful day, was worn loosely around the blondes' body.

    As much as you hated seeing it upon the girl, you couldn't lie to yourself and deny that the girl didn't look good in it- better than you ever would.

    Looking back at that distinct memory you couldn't help but bite the inside of your cheek and feel ashamed at how you thought you could stand up against Jesy's bandmate.

    The girl was practically the definition of gorgeous. And just seeing her made you feel unworthy of the love of those around you.

    "Watch as she stands with her holding your hand, Put your arm 'round her shoulder Now I'm getting colder."

    A fake smile grazed your lips as Jesy runs up to you with the blonde in tow. Instantly the brunette throws her arms around you almost sending the both of you tumbling to the floor.

    Jesy releases you and then you're taken into yet another hug but this time by Perrie which greatly surprised you. She smelled of your favourite flower, roses. Not wanting to disappoint the girl, you reciprocate her actions bringing your arms to snake around her waist.

    The embrace lasted a few more seconds before Perrie broke it going back to stand next to the brunette taking her hand within hers. You felt your jaw clench at the action but still, you gave the two a smile.

    Jesy takes their hands and spins Perrie around before leaving her arm to rest around the top of the girl's shoulder. Perrie leans into the brunette's side a pink hue tinting her cheeks.

    You raise a brow at the two fearing the worst. Were they dating? Did Perrie successfully take Jesy away from you?

    Just as those thoughts had crowded your mind. Jesy had gone and said the words that made your whole world shatter.

    "Perrie and I are together"

    "Together?"- You question nonchalantly, unsure if you had heard correctly.

    Perrie nods a small grin showing on her lips -"We're official"

    "I'm so happy for you!"- You reply trying to hide the hurt from showing in your voice.

    "We're having a party tonight, you should come"

    As much as you didn't want to go, you couldn't bring yourself to tell your best friend no.

    "But how could I hate her? She's such an angel But then again, kinda Wish she were dead, as she walks by. What a sight for sore eyes. Brighter than a blue sky. She's got you mesmerized, while I die."

    You stared down at the drink in your grasp not really paying any attention to the words the girl in front of you was saying. All you knew was that she was droning on about her new relationship.

    You know you should feel happy for her and you really are but a part of you just doesn't want to. But for all you could care was that you hated the blonde for a fact but deep down you knew you couldn't keep a grudge on her for long, as she hadn't done anything exactly wrong.

    Jesy heaves out a sigh snapping you out of your intense concentration on your half-filled drink as she presses her back flat against the painted wall careful not to knock the portrait of a pop artist that you just couldn't recognise at first sight.

    Her gaze travels around the room until it lands on Perrie who had already held her gaze on the both of you. Jesy broke out into a smile ushering the girl to come and join the two of you.

    You divert your gaze back down to your drink not wanting to even spare a glance at the love-struck couple.

    The once frantic beat of your heart had been slowly fading out every time you had pictured or seen the two of them together. And maybe that was a good thing- well that's at least what you had thought.

    Once again you had been brought out of your thoughts, not by Jesy but by Jade who had swiftly hooked her arm in yours and was now guiding you to the couch that sat in the middle of the room accompanied by Leigh-Anne.

    Jade pushed you down onto the chair where you were immediately thrown into a hug by Leigh-Anne. Jade wrapped her arms around you from behind, gently whispering an -"it's going to be okay"

    You knew exactly what she was talking about and you couldn't help but let out a choked sob that was drowned out by the music and noise of the party-goers around.

    Everything faded out of your mind as you progressed through the song. But each time you had to sing it, those memories rushed back into your mind unfortunately unlocking all the emotions and feelings you had once felt for Jesy every time. At first, you hated it and tried to refrain from singing the song, however, it was no hope as management had put it on your setlist for almost all your shows.

    It was then that you had also begun to realise that no matter how hard you tried not to think about the brunette. She was just that one person that you were always going to have feelings for.


    Masterlist; Celebrities

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    If Jesy announces or releases something on the 19 Mixerland is going to burn and I'm not ready for it

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    make me choose: ↳ Anonymous asked: LM5 era or Confetti era

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    make me choose: ↳ Anonymous​ asked: Get Weird or Glory Days

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    Royalty - Jesy Nelson

    Being part of Royalty has its perks but over time those perks have a way of becoming rather tedious.

    This was true for the Princess of Avonlea, Jessica Nelson, or as her closest relatives say Jesy. Since the perks had begun to retire, she had found herself looking for new things to keep her entertained.

    She knew every crook and cranny of the kingdom, every escape route, every guard, every servant, but the one thing she didn't know was what was behind the golden gates that lead down to an opening in the forest of trees.

    She would often admire the scenery of it from her bedroom window, which is where she finds herself now.

    Her gaze stuck on the window, the faint gold of the gate blinging in the sunlight as it opens welcoming her father back from his weekly trip to his long-time friends down in a different kingdom. She had begged her father to go with him, but it wasn't a princess's duty to leave the walls of the castle. It was rather the Kings and Princes- the King in search for an applicant fit suit for the Princess, or the prince to go out and marry the nearest Princess to his liking. However, the reason her father going out all the time was not for the search of a companion for her, for she was still below the age of her meeting the requirements to marry a prince, but rather for the use of having fun with a friend- that had a son.

    She had met her father's friend once or twice, but the old man had not lived up to her standards. The older King seeming rather conceited and narcissistic, just like her own. She had also met his son, Orson, an older lad just a year older than her. He was charming at first, but then he started to act like his father which threw the girl off him rather quickly. So now the thought of having to marry someone that her father chose makes her sick to the stomach. The two never got along and were nothing alike, so it was bound that the old ruler would choose someone more like him than his daughter.

    Jesy sucks in her breath as her tailor pulls the string on her new corset tightly. The action pulling the girl's waist and stomach in harshly, but also lifting her breasts in support. It felt like the wind was almost knocked out of her and the brunette was left gasping for a breath.

    The tailor proceeds to tie the string together before helping the young adult in a new gown that her mother had got made just for her.

    "Twirl." The tailor demands stepping back, a clothing pin sticking out between his lips. Jesy does as told and twirls delicately, the dress lifting slightly.

    The tailor seemed to approve of the action as he takes the pin from his lips and packs his stuff away.

    Jesy thanks him, watching him leave before she steps closer to the arched window in her bedroom. She peers closer past the guards who are seeming to reopen the gates to the castle, and at a small carriage filled to the brim with boxes. You and your father sit in the front. Your father, a rather mediocre burly man with a moustache wearing a cloth dungaree that looked as though it seemed to have seen better days. And You, sporting a twice turned gown, the colour of Jesy's black buttons on her dress.

    She has not seen people not so royal enter the kingdoms gates for as long as she could remember. But then again, when one from outside would venture in she would be kept hidden in hopes for the 'behaviour' of the less fortunate would not rub off on her.

    However, on this day it was different.

    A knock on Jesy's door tears her attention away from the window. Her mother's head appears from behind the double doors, a warm smile coating her lips. "Jessica." Her mother proceeds to enter the room, her eyes trailing over her daughter's body. "You look beautiful. Fits your physique quite nicely."

    "Thank you." Jesy bows to her mother, picking the sides of her new dress up gently. "Was there anything you needed?"

    Her mother purses her lips, "Yes, we have some guests from the village."

    "The village?" Although Jesy does tend to dream about leaving the castle to see what lies ahead. She has left the comfort of the home a few times but it was years ago and the distant memory rather seems like a dream to the Princess - which is why she chooses to falsely believe that her parents don't want her going out.

    "The one just outside the gates." The mother raises a brow and her lips form into a frown, "Has your father not taken you out to, see?"

    Jesy shakes her head causing her mother to sigh, "That man, I swear." She mutters to herself but Jesy was just able to catch it. A smile shortly after makes its way onto the Queen's face "Anyhow, come along now, don't want our guests waiting too long."

    Jesy follows her down to the foyer of the castle where the man, your father, and you stand in front of the King. The burly man in the dungaree laughs merrily at her fathers' words, but the Princess could tell it's just to not get on his bad side.

    "Her Royal Highness." The man notices the girl and bows down slightly, you do the same with a curtsy.

    Jesy gives a small smile her too bowing down only to be shortly stopped by her mother. "Jessica, this is Y/f/n and his daughter Y/n. Y/n will be a help for you."

    Jesy's eyebrows clash together, "A help? I thought Mr Wilburn was my help?", Her father laughs at her words.

    "He's just a tailor, not a help."

    The Princess frowns and her father continues to laugh.

    "Okay, hush now dear." The Queen places a hand on her husbands' arms making his laughter die down. "Y/n is going to be your help, but also be someone to keep you company."

    "Company? Where are you two going?"

    "Your father and I are going out to find a suitor for you." Her mother replies, "But we will only be leaving in a few days just to make sure Y/n gets settled in properly."

    Jesy's frown deepens and her jaw clenches slightly. "Oh." Having heard enough from her parents, she turns to face your father who was now standing nervously, his hands peering behind the straps of his dungarees. Jesy puts on a fake smile "It was nice to meet you, sir." She turns to you, "And you Y/n, but I am afraid I will not be needing a Help or company. I have the staff and guards to do that."

    "Jessica!" Her father huffs appalled at his daughters' behaviour. "This is supposed to benefit you and the Y/l/n's."

    "How does it benefit me? Because you two must go out and find me a suitor, a possible eligible heir for the throne. I'm perfectly capable of taking over."

    The King raises his brows in surprise before he doubles over and a sheer pure laugh of amusement comes barrelling out of his mouth. Jesy groans and storms off back to her room.

    "I'm sorry about all this. I do not have a clue on what's gotten into her lately." The Queen profusely apologises to you and your father whilst the King continues to laugh his lungs out.


    Jesy now stands in her usual spot by her window, staring out into the open. Her face is emotionless as she chooses not to let anyone see how she feels about what had just happened - despite releasing her anger down in the foyer.

    It had only been a mere few minutes from when she stormed off to where her mother now stands once again with her head shoved from behind Jesy's door.

    "Darling?" Her mother calls out, a slight frown curved on her lips. "Are you okay?"

    Jesy doesn't acknowledge the woman's presence, rather her gaze continues to focus on the scenery- only being broken for a few seconds by the sight of your father leaving the castle and the King waving him off with a bright smile.

    The Queen steps further into the princesses' room, the door widening enough to reveal you standing cautiously behind the older woman. "Jesy. Can I speak with you?" The Queen says a bit more firmly. Despite having been in the young girls' shoes once before, the woman just couldn't help but let her patience run low with the princess.

    "Wait here please." She alerts you and you quickly nod. The Queen closes the door and makes her way over to her daughter.

    "Jessica, I know how you are feeling about this." She rests a gentle hand on Jesy's arm. "But this is for the sake of the Kingdom."

    Jesy finally looks over to her mother, "I can rule the kingdom myself."

    "I know dear, but please listen, your father wouldn't understand that and there won't be much of anything I can do."

    Jesy sighs, "I know mum."

    The Queen frowns slightly, "How about I try and persuade him to find you someone that you'll like, and better this place."

    Jesy stares at her mother in thought. There is possibly no way that the older woman would be able to convince such a man as the King to go against his set task, but a glimmer of hope from the sincerity of her mother's word ignited in the pits of her stomach. She breaks out into a soft smile, "Okay, if you can do that please."

    Her mother grins and nods. Jesy continues to speak, "But why are you going to find me a suitor, I'm not of the right age yet. I'll be turning eighteen in a month?"

    "Your father wanted a head start like this will be his birthday gift for you. A husband." Jesy frowns and the Queen quickly adds, "That you will love! Anyhow, I'll be gone to show Y/n her room for now. Ms Lee will come to bring you down for tea when it's ready."


    "Her Royal Highness, tea is almost ready and the Queen would like you to wash up." Ms Lee, a long time staff member of the castle calls for Jesy, bringing the girl out of her enraptured state of thought. Jesy turns to acknowledge the older woman, "Thank you, I will be down now."

    The staff member nods her head and whisks away from the room. Jesy heads out of her bedroom and into a nearby bathroom where she quickly washes her hands and straightens out her dress and hair to seem more presentable. After that, she heads down to the banquet hall where a few of the staff members are lined up along the walls, with a few still bringing in plates of food. Her parents and you sit at the table, evenly spread out.

    The divine smell of the last meal of the day wafts into the young girl's nose, causing her stomach to grumble quite noisily to her dismay. Jesy mentally sends her thanks to the lord that no one had heard it due to the amount of noise being created in the room.

    The girl glides over to her usual seat, which had just so happened to be right opposite to you. Jesy refrains from making eye contact with her father, for she is still greatly unpleased with the man's words and how he treated her just earlier that day. But she manages to make eye contact with her mother who sends a delightful smile her way, obviously glad that the young princess had stripped her mood, even if it is technically only to her. You had taken a look at the girl when she had taken a seat, but your look was discreet and quick so the older girl didn't catch you in the act.

    The dinner was quite lengthy to Jesy's dismay, longer than usual, she had to sit at the table due to her parents taking the time to get to know you. She twirls her fork in her hand watching as the pasta that had been served was effortlessly swirling around the metal spokes. Jesy pays no mind to your conversation with her parents until she is forcefully brought into it.

    "Jessica." Her mother calls for Jesy, politely dabbing a handkerchief on the sides of her mouth. Jesy looks over to her mother. "I think you should take the time to get to know our guest." Jesy nods at her mothers' request, had not wanting to put up another fight. "Thank you, dear. When you are finished take Y/n up to her room, or yours and just try to get along please."

    Jesy sends another soft nod over to the queen and quickly finishes her meal and takes you up to her room.

    At first, the both of you don't speak, with Jesy sitting on her bed and you standing cautiously near her cupboard. Until Jesy breaks the silence and introduces herself properly which then leads to you and her falling into a short conversation that ends up with you and Jesy laughing your lungs out on her bed.

    The next day, the King and Queen were set off on their voyage, Jesy and You had waved them off and then headed back inside. Since then things were silent. Apart from the few chats Jesy and you had, nothing extremely exciting had happened. It had merely been two weeks since the two authority figures had left when Jesy had begun to start questioning you about the place beyond the walls.

    You told her everything. You told her about the family business you help your dad out with, you told her about the market, and you told her about how carrying everyone is.

    "It must be nice." Jesy smiles away from you, staring out to the woods. "Living in the village."

    "I can take you out to the village." You offer, clasping your hands together in front of you. Jesy turns to you, her brows furrowing "But I'm prohibited from leaving the castle without permission from my parents."

    You shake your head, "Her Majesty gave me permission to take you out as long as Sir Kingsley keeps guard of us."

    A small smile draws onto Jesy's face and her eyes lighten up with joy, "Really!?" She takes herself away from her window and heads over to you. "That's amazing! Truly splendid. When do we leave?"

    Your purse your lips in thought, "Well Princess Jessica it's truly up to you."

    Jesy picks her dress up on the sides and heads straight for her walk-in cupboard, "We must leave now!" She pokes her head out from the cupboard, "And you can call me Jesy, no more of this formal stuff."

    Jesy slips back into the walk-in cupboard and comes back out a few minutes later, this time in a more casual outfit,  a blue pleated dress with a cropped black blazer on top. "Do you need to get dressed, or are you going to go like that?"

    You look down at your frail gown and shrug slightly, your hands still clasped together. "I wouldn't want to bother you Prin- Jesy or delay you of your entry to the village. The earlier we leave the longer we can stay."

    Jesy smiles and nods, "Then we shall leave right this moment." She grabs your hands and pulls you down to the foyer where Sir Kingsley had just closed the main entrance.

    "Sir Kingsley!" Jesy calls for the guard, "Please take us to the village."

    The guard eyes the Princess suspiciously before allowing his look to fall onto you. He raises his brows waiting for your confirmation on the request. You send a nod and the man swiftly turns back around and opens the main entrance again. "Come along Princess." He guides you both over to an open carriage and props the door open allowing you and Jesy to get in.

    "I didn't expect to have you wanting to go out today Princess, otherwise I would have had the carriage prepared for your travels." Sir Kingsley apologises bowing his head.

    Jesy waves her hand in dismissal, "It's perfectly fine." She smiles a contagious smile which causes the guard to mirror the young girls' expression.


    The day out was delightful and opened up Jesy's eyes to the outside world properly. She had been able to experience many things that had sent her hurtling back into distant memories of when her father had taken her down. Like the puppy that a vendor was holding made her remember when her father had let her pet the small dog, and even carry it around for the remainder of the evening until it was time to go. She had met your father and had grown quite a liking to him, having stayed at his house for dinner. Lastly, You had shown her around and bought her some fruit from the market until Sir Kingsley had notified you both of the time.

    "Thank you! Thank you so much for taking me out Y/n." Jesy yells in excitement, dropping down onto her bed.

    You bow towards the girl, "Anything for you Princess." You drop down next to Jesy and she swiftly moves onto her side facing you.

    The princess sets a gentle hand on your arm and strokes it with the tip of her fingers. You allow your gaze to fall to her touch. "What are you doing?" You question turning to face her. Jesy carefully pushes herself closer to you.

    "You." She breathes out, "You make me feel things that I don't know how to control."

    You look at the girl shocked, "Oh."

    "I hated you- well disliked you merely two weeks ago and now I think I've fallen for you."

    You stare at the girl, unsure of what to say until an unknown ball of confidence comes hurtling straight at you and a desire for the girl has its clutch on your gown and it just pulls you in. Until you are left pulling in the royal figure and her lips are on yours.

    The kiss is sensual and almost passionate, one Jesy nor you had ever experienced. Jesy pulls you in closer to her, but instead, you shifted your position so that you were straddling her. You sit back and gaze down at the goddess below you and delve right in and peck her lips.

    Carefully you slip the black blazer down the Princesses arms and ghost your lips over her partially exposed neck. Jesy drops her head back slightly, relishing in the feeling of you on top of her. This whole experience right now is new to the young girl, she had not done such an act before. It's a rebellious feeling that swarms the girl's head, it intoxicates her and she is left reeling in for more of that feeling.

    You part away from her and slip out of your dress before connecting your lips to hers, your hand cupping her cheek while the other holds you up. Jesy sighs warmly into the kiss, her hands trailing down your bare waist.

    "Do... you... want... to... do... this?" You question between each break that Jesy would allow.


    And from that moment, a forbidden romance had been formed.


    You were the first to wake from her slumber, slipping out from under Jesy and headed towards the bathroom- not before slipping on your clothes.

    You open the tap and rinse your toothbrush before applying a slick layer of toothpaste. You quickly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth and stand back up only to be met by Jesy standing directly behind you.

    A gasp escapes your mouth and you settle your hand over your heart. Jesy laughs at your reaction, taking a step closer towards you, she then rests her hands on your clothed waist. "Goodmorning." She hushes resting her head on your shoulder.

    You lean back into the royal figure, "Morning."

    Jesy moves her hands so now that her arms are wrapped around your abdomen. "How was last night?" You question and Jesy blushes profusely.

    "It was nice."

    You trail a finger over Jesy's arm with a smile. "Had you done it with someone else?"

    Jesy shakes her head and your smile drops down into a frown. "What!? You should've told me. I would have gone slow."

    Jesy giggles burying her head in the crook of your neck, "It's fine."

    The two of you stand there for a few more seconds, enjoying the presence of each other when you're ripped apart by a loud bang on the door. Jesy jerks away startled and quickly peaks her head out the door where Ms Lee is stood concerned.

    Jesy steps out and closes the door before the staff member could see you. "Ms Lee? Did you need anything?"

    "I just came to check up on you. You sounded quite ill last night." Jesy turns red at the older woman's words. "Yes I was, but there's no need to worry, I'm doing perfectly fine now."

    Ms Lee nods at Jesy's words but she still holds a face of concern, "Well if you need anything, you know where to find me."

    The older woman then leaves and Jesy slips her head back into the bathroom.

    "I think we were a bit too loud."

    You raise your brows and laugh slightly, "Oh really?"

    Jesy rolls her eyes playfully, "Yes. Now come on, we have to go get something to eat."


    A mere two more weeks had passed and You and Jesy were closer than ever. You had done everything with her, took her out on dates to secluded spots in which you had discovered months before on having to work for the Royals. Taught her how to bake a couple of things when no one was around and eventually You moved into her room with her.

    Jesy had deeply loved and enjoyed the last few weeks with you, but as the time comes closing in with her parents' grand arrival, the crashing reality of what she had been doing with you had taken a dark and unsettling turn. For a few days, she had been feeling quite queasy and tried to distance herself away from you, an action made to reduce the pain of your departure from her life. You had started to notice this and eventually had enough of the silence from the girl and got her to open up to you.

    Your heart cracked.

    "Let's run away," You suggest grabbing onto Jesy's shaking hands. The Princess looks up with her teary eyes, "What?"

    "Let's run away." You repeat, "Start our own family. Live a normal life."

    Jesy tears her gaze away from you, "What about everyone here? The staff, My mother. I can't just leave them."

    You place a hand on her cheek and pull her attention back onto you. "They'll understand."

    Jesy shakes her head, "I can't. My whole life is here, I can't just drop it."

    You frown, heart sinking, "Then we can make one here."

    "Two Queens? That type of thing is unheard of. It will cause chaos, denial."

    "We can change that Jes."

    Jesy shakes her head, "No we can't. It will forever be a King and Queen. A King will always be the most important. No one would take us seriously if there were to be two Queens ruling."

    Jesy moves from out of your grasp, and she doesn't look at you. "I think it's best that you leave. Our affair can no longer continue."

    You nod, tears swelling in your eyes while your heart completely breaks. "Understood Her Royal Highness" You curtsy and quickly walk out but stop at the door for a second. "Just know Princess of Avonlea, that if you need an escape, I will be here for you."

    Jesy doesn't respond, she stares down at her feet waiting for her room door to close shut. And then the tears come hurling out, her heartaches terribly and her chest feels like it's closing in. But she pushes past the feeling and situates herself in her usual spot by the window, watching down at the newly arrival of the Prince (And her parents) she will soon have to marry talking to one of the staff and you leaving the premises completely and utterly distraught.

    The Princess of Avonlea will have to get reaccustomed to her daily routine.


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