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  • So last night I spent around 5 hours max trying to draw fanart related to Jhope’s “Blue Side (Full Ver)” and my Art Block came like BET!

    Long story short, I tore a hole through the middle of the page and gave up.

    … no, I won’t go into detail on how that was possible…

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  • 정호석  -  Jung Hoseok  [: džon hosok :]

    Umělecké jméno:  J-Hope  [: džej houp :]

    • 18. února 1994, Korea
    • hlavní tanečník, vedlejší rapper, vedlejší vokalista
    • před debutem dělat street dance, klasický extrovert

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    • je velmi čistotný
    • je taky velmi hlasitý
    • bojí se hadů “I hate snakeu!”

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    • říká o ARMY, že jsme jeho “hope”
    • jeho starší sestra má svou značku oblečení “Mejiwoo”
    • říkáme mu “Sunshine”, protože když příjde do místnosti, tak všechno zaplaví pozitivní energií

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    • prý byl ve škole “the popular kid”
    • jeho mikrofon má červenou barvu
    • jeho BT21 postavička je Mang

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    • krevní skupina A
    • znamením je Vodnář
    • MBTI typ má ESFJ

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    • moje oblíbené solo od něj EGO
    • “honourable mention” je CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP protože jsem závislá na instatních nudlích
    • BTS je 7! Pro nás je 7 - 1 = 0 takže prosím když si chcete říkat ARMY mějte rádi všechny členy 💜


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  • pick your favorite cup noodle and it comes with a complimentary bts boy

    A bts x cup noodle series - chicken noodle soup with a free soda on the side!

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  • [#Behind_the_Magic_Door]

    I NEED U when the spring breeze starts to blow🌿


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  • image

    Pairing: Daycare Teacher! Hoseok x Single Mom! Reader.

    Genre: Single Parent! AU, Teacher! AU, Hybrid! AU, Fluff, Angst, Adorable Kids,

    Warnings: None

    Word Count: 2k

    Note: I’m giving myself baby fever… sigh…

    Summary: Years after a relationship goes south. You are the single mother of a beautiful 6-year-old golden retriever hybrid who you named Yunho. He is the light of your life. Yunho is everything to you, and you’d do anything for him. But you’re a human. Yunho doesn’t care, he will tell you he doesn’t. “You’re still my Eomma. No matter what.” He says. But you can’t help but feel like you will never be enough for him. You can’t be the mother he deserves. You can’t show him the ropes of being a hybrid, and you can’t teach him things the other moms can. But you try. You try your damn hardest. So, when a handsome German Shepard hybrid comes into your life, helping you and guiding Yunho in a way you can’t, you can’t help the cozy home he sets up in your heart.

    Chapter Guide:

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          I consider myself a pretty helpful person. I’d say that I am always willing to help someone as long as it’s not dangerous to me or my son. Whether that be helping Hyejin plan dinner for the week or helping Yoongi clean up the plant nursery he worked at. But sometimes that is my downfall. 

    Because I’m exhausted. 

         I persevered, however, despite my tiredness. I drove to the daycare that Hajun and Yunho used to attend to help my best friend. It felt odd going back, now that summer is over and new alumni are attending the small kindergarten. 

          It made me stop and think for a second. Hyejin mentioned she was working in the daycare with another teacher named Mr. Jung. I never heard of a Mr. Jung when Yunho went there. He probably got hired over the summer. They had a summer school program, one that Yunho adamantly opposed because “Summer is for home.” His words, not mine. 

          I pulled into the parking lot and got out of my car. The old but endearing building made me smile. It was a few decades old, and the paint was chipping off, but it still stood strong. Memories of Yunho running out the doors with me on his tail went through my mind. How Hyejin and I would carpool to and from the daycare, or how Yoongi would occasionally pick up the kids and take them out for ice cream. It made my heart warm. 

        As I walked through the doors, the receptionist greeted me with a genuine smile. “Y/n! It’s you! What are you doing here?” She asked, her wolf ears turning towards me and tail swinging behind her back. “Hi Seohyun! It’s good to see you. I’m here to pick up Hajun for Hyejin.” I explained. She smiled and sat back down in her chair. 

          “Ah, that’s right. She mentioned something about that.” Seohyun chuckled, “I was thrilled she got hired here, ya know? Another woman my age to work with? A god send.” I nodded in understanding, “I get it, I hope she doesn’t cause too much trouble.” She waved me off, saying that even if she causes trouble, she can handle it. 

        We spoke for another minute before I dismissed myself to go get Hajun. I walked through the halls on muscle memory. Remembering every twist and turn of the hallways. I walked past the different rooms for the different kids. There was a nursery, a room full of heat lamps, a room that was pitch black. It was very inclusive. 

          I finally got to the room Hyejin mentioned to me before, room 25. There was a little plaque under the room number that read “Mr. Jung and Mrs. Min” and it was decorated with rainbow flowers. “Cute” I thought. I could hear kids playing around as I knocked on the door and took a step back, waiting for someone to answer.

        A minute later, the door opened, and I looked up to see a young-looking man. He was tall, maybe around 5′ 10″? He stood straight with underlining confidence that demanded attention, but at the same time, was effortlessly friendly. He was a giving me a closed lipped smile, and I noticed that he had dimples and lips that looked like a heart. His dimples weren’t as pronounced as Namjoon’s, but they were there. 

         His dark brown eyes would’ve intimidated me, if they didn’t shine with anything less than kindness and happiness. His hair matched his eyes, he parted it down the middle to the sides and it was semi wavey. He wore a white button-up shirt tucked into ripped blue jeans that stressed just how tall he looked, along with white chunky sneakers.

          The black, tall ears on the top of his head turned to face me, giving me all his attention. I noticed the way they would flicker when a noise from inside the room caught his attention, but he never turned his head. His long black and brown tail swung softly behind him in content. The long fur reminded me of Yunho and how it was probably time for another haircut. It clicked into my head that he was a dog hybrid, a German Shepard. 

    He was effortlessly handsome. 

          “Hello!” He spoke, smile never faltering. “Hi! I’m Y/n, I’m here for Hyejin.” I explained. He nodded his head “I’m Mr. Jung, come on in.” He opened the door more to usher me inside. I stepped in and stood next to the door. Different kinds of toys filled the room, blankets and pillows strewn about everywhere. The kids were all playing around. Some were drawing, others were building with blocks. It was a sunny place. 

         “Y/n!” I heard a voice, unmistakeably Hyejin’s, call out to me. She walked up to me and gave me a bone-crushing hug, one I reciprocated. Her gesture plastered an enormous smile on my face because even if I was tired, Hyejin was one of my energy batteries. “Hey! Look at you! Working your dream job!” I joked, nudging her with my elbow. 

        She flipped her hair dramatically and smiled, “I know, look at me.” We chuckled, and I felt something tug on my shirt. I looked down to see Hajun looking up at me with pleading eyes. He was dressed in a grey sweater and his hair was slightly ruffed. 

          Hajun was very much like his father. Hajun wouldn’t say what he wanted, he’d show you. He had the same dark brown hair and sleepy eyes as Yoongi. Hyejin was always saying that he was a clone of his father, and I’d have to agree. He was a very sleepy kid, which used to worry Hyejin, but after a doctor’s visit it turned out that was just him. Normal, happy, healthy, sleepy Hajun. 

          I picked him up, and he purred, instantly burying his face into my neck, ready to sleep at any moment. “Missed you Imo…” He grumbled. “I missed you too, Bub.” Hajun rubbed his face against my neck, Hyejin and I exchanged looks of adoration before I shook Hajun a little. 

          “You can’t go to sleep now, you have school to get too.” I chuckled. Hajun groaned and shook his head. “Yunho is there.” I persuaded. “Okay.” Hajun instantly jumped out of my arms and pulled on my hand. “Let’s go.” Hyejin and I laughed as Hajun led me out of the door. 

          I turned around to see both Hyejin and the handsome German Shepard hybrid in the doorway. “It was nice meeting you Y/n, Hyejin talks about you a lot.” Mr. Jung smiled. I returned the gesture, “It was nice meeting you too, Mr. Jung.” He softly chuckled. “Please, call me Hoseok.” 

    “Okay, Hoseok.” 


    “Y/n! I’m telling you! We all should totally hang out!” Hyejin whined through the phone. 

    “Hyejin, I’m telling you… I can’t,” I groaned back.

    “You should’ve heard! He said you were nice!”

    “Everyone says that when they meet someone new.” 

        The week had passed somewhat calmly. Yunho went to school every day and came back with a new story to tell. Whether that be in the form of a drawing for me or a book that the teacher let him take home. He would tell me about his table buddies (He was assigned to the fairy table, which thrilled him) He would talk about what he learned that day, or what Hajun and him got up to. Despite the slow start, Yunho was loving school. 

        I typed away on my computer as Hyejin continued to persuade me about going out on an “adults day” with all of our friends, including Hoseok. “Even if I wanted to, I can’t. I have to get this article done by Monday.” I heard Hyejin sigh, finally giving up on her pursuit. “Fine… What are you writing about this time?” 

         “An overlook on the current political argument.” This time it was my turn to sigh. This article has been kicking my ass because it is way out of my realm of abilities. The small company I worked for covered an array of topics. From sports to scientific analyses. I usually wrote book and movie/TV show reviews. But since it’s currently election time, the current debates swamped the usual writers who dealt with the politics, having to deal with an overflow of topics. Leaving people like me to pick up the extra work because “You write professionally, it’ll be fine.” 

         “Ew.” Hyejin responded, causing me to snort. “I know, right? Like, shouldn’t someone from the science department deal with this?” I complained. I took a moment to save my progress and get up for a drink. The beginning of the weekend was Yunho and I’s day to relax. He would watch cartoons in the living room or go outside in his sandbox while I usually cleaned the house and went grocery shopping. 

    Not today though. 

          I loved my job; I loved my boss. Hell, Seokjin was the kindest employer I’ve ever had. He was a good friend. It would seem unprofessional to hang out with your boss outside of work, but Seokjin never treated me differently. He was as much as a boss as he was a friend. But sometimes he could be a little… demanding. Hence why he demanded (in the nicest way possible) that I get this article done. 

          “Maybe Jin just trusts you more?” Hyejin suggested. “Maybe… I mean, he never complains about my reviews.” I shrug, getting out the lemonade from the fridge. I took the phone away from my ear for a second to call out for Yunho. “Yunho! Do you want some lemonade?” I asked, getting out my own glass. “Yes!” I heard his tiny voice call back.

          “Lemonade sounds so good right now.” Hyejin sighed. “But don’t you usually prefer tea when your working?” She inquired. “Yes, but I’m out. I have to go grocery shopping.” I mumbled, filling the cups I got out full of lemony goodness. “You can’t go today because of work, huh? Are you almost done with the article?” 

          “Yep…” I sighed, popping the p. “I should be done by tonight. I’ll run errands tomorrow.” Hyejin hummed, and I could hear the clatter of pots and pans in the background. “Hey Hyejin… Do you think you could watch Yunho Sunday?” I asked, praying that she says yes. 

          “Ah… Sorry babes, I can’t. Why don’t you take Yunho with you?” She asked. I actively deflated and sighed. “I have other errands to run… I have to go to the bank, get my oil changed, blah…” Yunho came into the kitchen and I gave him his glass, already feeling my anxiety rising. It’s not a bad thing to run errands with Yunho by my side, but I know he doesn’t like it. He prefers being at home whenever his social battery runs out, and it runs out pretty quickly. 

          “Hmm… Well, I guess I could take him… I have to help Hoseok with the daycare on Sunday. Hajun’s going with me, if you’re okay with having Yunho come with then I can take him.” Hyejin explained, “I’m sure Hoseok won’t mind.” That made me perk up a bit. 

    “Really? Are you sure?” I cautioned. 

    “Yeah! Yunho’s a good kid. Once Hoseok sees him, he’ll cave.” Hyejin said smoothly. 

    “Don’t you think you should call him or something?” I giggled. 

    “Fiinnee, I’ll call him. Talk to Yunho about it, okay? I gotta go.” 


    “Laters!” She exclaimed. 

           I hung up the phone and went to the living room to find Yunho, who was happily sitting on the floor playing with his cars. “Yunho, can you come here for a second?” I asked as I sat down on the couch. He came padding over, instantly jumping on my lap. “Are you okay being with Aunt Hyejin and Hajun tomorrow?” I pet his head while his tail waved back and forth. “Yeah.” Yunho said with no hesitation. “You would have to hang out at your old school.” That didn’t seem to sway him, as he just shrugged his shoulders. 

           I gave him a kiss on the forehead and he slid off my lap to go back to his toys. I took a moment to myself to let the sun from the windows hit my skin and enjoy the sounds of my happy son. I knew my work was still cut out for me, waiting on the dining room table, but for a moment I could take a break and smile at my boy. 

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