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  • lexyreader
    09.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    back again with weird things i relate the marauders to... bc it’s all i think about.


    ( also for anyone wondering i played ‘ sirius’ ‘ part.. i nailed it 😏😏😏 )

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  • chiechie97
    09.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I am officially done with classes tomorrow!!! Which means I’m going to spend the next few weeks writing. I can’t wait to have stage lights done 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳

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  • dizzy--bird
    09.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The following Tuesday, Lily spent most of Herbology class trying not to stare at James.

    There was no reason for her eyes to be so drawn to him, given that nothing about him had changed recently. He hadn't gotten a haircut, wasn't wearing new clothes, and wasn't even doing anything particularly interesting. He and his mates were clustered around a delicate belladonna plant, daring one another to eat the poisonous berries they were harvesting. Sirius plucked a dark purple berry and pretended to toss it in his mouth, but it sailed past his cheek and onto the floor. James laughed, running a hand through his hair, and glanced at Lily.

    She ducked her head and busied herself with tidying the dirt around the roots of her belladonna. Beside her, Marlene snorted.

    "You're blushing."

    "No, I'm not," said Lily, though her cheeks felt like they were on fire. "It's just… it's hot in here…"

    "It's the middle of December," said Marlene.

    "Be nice, Marly," said Mary. "I still can't believe it, you know."

    "Believe what?" said Lily.

    "That we'd ever live to see you swoon over James Potter," said Marlene.

    "Are you two going on a date this weekend?" asked Mary. "It's the last Hogsmeade weekend before the winter holidays…"

    "Er, I'm not sure," said Lily. "We haven't talked about it, so probably not."

    "'Probably not'?" said Marlene incredulously. With incredible swiftness, she snatched a berry off their belladonna and chucked it at James, hitting him on the back of the head. "Potter! Why aren't you taking Lily on a date this weekend?"

    Lily groaned. "Don't…"

    James turned, grinning. "Is that something I'm supposed to do?"

    "If you're a half-decent boyfriend, then yes," said Marlene.

    "Got it," said James, and he turned to Lily. "Meet me outside Madam Puddifoot's on Saturday afternoon?" he asked with a wink.

    Was that a cheeky, flirty wink, or a 'we-both-know-I'm-only-pretending' wink? Lily's face grew hotter still. "Yeah, alright," she said.

    Read the rest on AO3!

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  • sweeethinny
    09.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sincere Talk

    @cute-hinny asked me to write a sequel for this fanfic, and it take a long time for me to do it, but I did, so yay!!!

    rated M for obvious reasons :) (they talk about sex)


    "We need to talk, boy," Sirius said, feeling just as nervous as when Fleamont had said this to him, after he realized Sirius had… initiated certain activities.

    Sure, Harry was younger, and probably wasn't doing that - yet - but it was never too late to talk.

    ''About what?'' Harry looked up from the magazine he was reading, lying on his bed, legs crossed, and looking too innocent for Sirius not to remember when he was his age and also pretended he was a saint, while for several nights he or Hestia ran away from home to meet and ''explore the pleasures of the flesh'' as Fleamont liked to refer to it.

    Harry didn't need to do this, Sirius knew that James and Lily wanted to raise him in a less punitive environment in relation to sex, trying to make him understand that it was normal and that he was safe at home, so as not to want to commit crazy things like they did. Fleamont and Euphemia were amazing, Sirius would die before he said anything bad about them, but the two of them always treated sex as something forbidden and indecent, which obviously caused a lot of curiosity in him and James, who took a lot of risks sometimes, just for the pleasure of breaking rules.

    Knowledge never hurt anyone, and it never made anyone worry that it would be a dad.

    Sirius knew what it was like to be young, and if he could go back in time and advise his young self, he would warn him about many things that no one had warned him about, many of them involving sex.

    "I think you already know," Sirius sat at the foot of the bed, pulling off the boots he was wearing and stretching his legs out next to his godson's, looking up at Harry, who was now red-cheeked and a worried look on his face. "Remus told us something about you getting caught making out with the Weasley girl." He took a deep breath, trying to ignore the stupid embarrassment that wanted to burn on his face.

    He was a man over thirty years old, he could stand talking about sex with his godson!

    ‘’Look, let's be honest here, okay? Your parents didn't send me here to fight you, I actually stopped James from coming up too, because I thought it would be too much, but both he and I, and Remus too, want to tell you that… Yeah, we know what it's like to be a bag of hormones and horny, seriously,'' Sirius chuckled. '’We know what this is all about, but we want... we want you to know what you're doing,'’

    "I'm not doing anything," Harry's eyes bulged.

    ‘’Yes, and don't look at me like that, do you think I wasn't your age? Harry, what I mean is... making out is great, hiding is always better, but... you and Ginny are at a point in life where studying is very important, she's taking OWLS this year, no?'' Harry nodded, and each time he got even redder. ‘’So, she needs to study, and so do you, they don't give you these vacant hours for no reason, boy, it’s for studying. And I won't be innocent of telling you to do just that, because I didn't just do that, but I wish that when I was your age, I, your father, Remus, had more opportunity to talk about it with people who really understand, not guys who think sex is like in magazines,''

    Harry chuckled, and Sirius laughed too, thinking it was less embarrassing than he thought it would be.

    But he still felt his heart pounding in his chest.

    ‘’You know you’re safe here, don't you? As shameful as it is, you can ask your father for help, me, Moony… I know we're old and dull,” Sirius jokes, rolling his eyes at the boy's laugh. ‘'But we want to help you, Harry, we don't want you to make the same mistakes as us because of ignorance,'’

    "What mistakes did you make?" Harry looked at him curiously, and Sirius' chest ached at the thought that the boy he used to pick up and wipe his ass was now thinking about having sex.

    “I didn't know anything about women, and I thought I was good enough not to need spells or anything, because I…” Merlin, how was he going to say this? "Because I thought it was faster and smarter, but Harry, don't listen to your idiot friends, taking it off beforehand almost never works."

    "Are you saying you have a son lost in the world, Pads?" Harry bit his lip, trying not to laugh, but Sirius could tell the boy wanted to laugh. He wanted it too.

    ‘’Not that I know of… But I already thought I would be a father, and I'll tell you, it's scary, so always use protection. Muggle, magic… it never hurts,” Sirius took a deep breath, looking at his godson and then at the walls.

    This was not easy.

    "You want to ask me…talk, I don't know, about something?" Merlin remembers how many questions Sirius had at his age, but getting too embarrassed to ask a gentleman over seventy how to make a girl come.

    ‘'Look… We're not really doing this, Ginny and I…. No,” Yet, Sirius could hear in the back of his mind, feeling so old it was painful. "But… I," Harry was so red, maybe he needed to worry that all the boy's blood was all over his face. ‘’I heard some boys saying that for the girl it hurts, and…. We're not doing anything, really, but I wanted to know…’’

    "How to prevent this?" Harry nodded. Sirius sighed.

    No one told him that it would be so difficult to be a godfather on the day he was crying with emotion with little Harry in his lap, still all wrinkled and looking like a wet bag - the prettiest bag, by the way.

    ‘’It's all about… Okay, let's be less anatomy class, and more… friends, right? We're friends, aren't we, Harry?” He teased, just to break the tense mood and make the boy laugh – he did it. ‘’I have learned something over time, which is: it only hurts for two reasons, either the girl is uncomfortable and/or she is not ready, or she may have a health problem. If she's comfortable, trust you, if you've done... a good job before, it'll be fine. Discomfort is different from pain,’’

    "Remember when we went to that water park?" Sirius asked, and Harry nodded. "So, sex it’s like that tobogganing, and you don't want to go down a dry toboggan, do you?" As much as they were both cheeks on fire, Harry laughed, and Sirius chuckled too. "It's true, you need it to be wet to be fun and good... Make sure she's comfortable, that you two are, actually, and just... have fun."

    "Have fun?" Harry smiled.

    ''Yes. When I was your age, the first few times I didn't have much fun, and I wish I could go back and tell my past self to calm down,'' Sirius grimaced, a very vivid memory of him coming as soon as the girl touched his penis. "I was worried about how I was going to turn out, but actually, the first time is hardly going to be good, it's all too weird, new, just make sure it's fun and you two are comfortable with it, and it'll be okay."

    Harry nodded, seeming to guard his words like gold. He swallowed, running a hand through his hair.

    '’But you're new Harry, enjoy, don't rush or think it's a competition… It's not worth it,'’

    "Something else you wish you had been told?" Sirius nodded. ‘'Seamus said he already had sex,'

    "No way," Sirius said with conviction. '’Go for me, he's probably never seen a breast not being in a magazine,'’

    ''How do you know?''

    ‘’You think that your father and I were never young and idiots? That we never lied to impress?” Sirius chuckled, rolling his eyes. "We were too dumb sometimes," He sighed at the memory of his younger self. ‘’Don't fall into that pressure of needing to get laid, or do anything, ok? It's going to happen when it's supposed to happen… Have fun, make out secretly, it's cool, it's part of it, but don't let it pressure you,’’

    "Okay," Harry looked sincere, even though his cheeks were still red and he avoided Sirius' eyes. ''Thanks,''

    "Anytime… And…" He rose from the bed. ''If I can give you some advice… Tables are very uncomfortable, couch too, it might be the most comfortable couch in the world, but it won't be good, prefer beds, preferably with good pillows,'' He ruffled Harry's hair, even though the boy - obviously - was no longer five years old. ‘’Just a tip for when you find it necessary,’’

    "Thanks, I'll remember that," Harry smiled at him.

    "Of course you will." Just because it hurt so much to see him grow up so fast, Sirius bent down and kissed the boy's head, feeling a tightness in his chest and an urge to freeze time and keep him from aging. He didn't want to miss these moments with Harry, as he had so soon lost - him and James, of course - with Fleamont. All the teachings, advice, conversations… If Sirius could go back in time he would fill the man with questions and hugs. ‘’I love you so much, boy,’’

    "Me too, Sirius…Thank you so much for the gift," Harry said, and Sirius smiled.

    ‘’You're welcome,’’ Harry would always be his little boy.

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  • missgryffin
    09.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Love for the Summer - Chapter 10

    Remember when I said at the beginning that this fic was going to be my home for extra fluff and gratuitous smut? Yeah. Strong E rating for this one 🥵

    Read Chapter 10 on AO3 | FFN.

    #missgryffin writes #love for the summer #a holly jily christmas #jily smut
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  • remuslupinlovecult
    09.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    dorcas would give marlene forehead kisses and marlene would become a blushing mess

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  • remuslupininskirts
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I’m gonna call a very specific part of the marauders fandom here and idk if it exists but-

    ✨The marauders as the dream smp✨

    Remus- Wilbur soot

    James- Tommy init

    Sirius- ranboo

    Regulus- tubbo (that one Tommy vlog when he talks about killing ranboo and Tommy the whole time is just regulus)

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  • remuslupininskirts
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    James: why is Remus so happy? This is weird

    Remus: can’t I just be happy!

    James: no, sirius?

    Sirius: I just fell into the lake

    James: there it is

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  • cassidyblackwrite
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    A doodle: The night lily and James stayed up talking for the first time.

    Reference image is from movie “the theory of everything” with Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

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  • james-potter-is-a-dilf
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Lily, watching the news: Someone tried to fight a squid at the aquarium today!

    James: *walks in covered with ink* Well, maybe the squid was being a dick.

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  • sweeethinny
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    “Digby saw you and Dad at King’s Cross and said that you were – you were a MILF.” - The M Word, by @pottinglilies

    I promised an older Lily, and here it is. Unfortunately I don't have time to make it colorful, but I hope you enjoy B&W ❤️

    Thanks for this amazing fic, @pottinglilies I've never laughed so much lol

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  • emeralddoeadeer
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Thanks for the tags @efkgirldetective and @theresthesnitch

    Finish Everlong, because who am I kidding it won't be this year

    catch up on sleep

    read my saved for later list on ao3

    Anyone left to tag - if you want to share please do, excited for another year of excellent content 💖

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  • aeridi0nis
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    2022 to-do list!

    agh thank you for the tag @theresthesnitch !! scary putting this out there for everyone to see BUT if i manage even one of these amidst starting uni (good grief) it'll be a productive year as far as i'm concerned <3 under the cut because i talk too much!

    1. write a modern muggle AU.

    i am desperate to write an AU!! I feel like it would be so much fun, and i have so many modern muggle r/s & marauders headcanons that are literally just waiting for a fic where i can litter them around like a child with lego. i did have an idea, but that has been shelved while i deal with my biggest issue when it comes to writing. cue seamless segue into number two!

    2. get better at writing plot.

    this! i find this incredibly difficult! it's just not one of my strengths - i like creating atmospheres and spending a lot of time putting together the way a fic feels, but actually coming up with a plot to drive the story? not my thing. i'm not one of those people who has too many ideas and doesn't know which to focus on - i often find it hard to think of anything to write at all. i'd like to change that! somehow!

    3. try writing a multichapter.

    basically, see above. i love the idea of writing something a bit longer than the one-shots im used to - you can spend so much more time developing relationships! but, obviously, multichapters require a plot to direct them more than one-shots do. so i'd have to....think of things to make happen :/

    4. get more comfortable in my writing style.

    honestly i'm still really new to this! i'm trying + learning new things as i go and i'd like to get a better grasp of the way i write, and develop a style that i like. i feel like im getting there! but yeah. i'd like to write something i really, genuinely like. uh-huh.

    5. write based on a given prompt/participate in a writing event.

    can't come up with a plot? make other people do it for you xox really though i'd really love to try this! would always take prompts i think and i saw some events going around this year but timing never quite lined up for me. so - next year, hopefully!!

    other goals include: organize my bookmarks, read more (!!!), manage to get a christmas fic out on time, maybe write that post-prank fic i was thinking abt where sirius and remus are forced to serve detention together because my title for that is KILLER, distinguish between the different types of punctuation dashes without collapsing into a hysterical fever like a lady in a romantic novel x

    i know a lot of people have been tagged and no pressure darlings because the future PERSONALLY makes me want to throw up but:@emerqldv @kember-writes @dykesiriusblack @astranix @squidgilator MWAH <3

    #tag challenge #oooooooo to manage any of these xox #the au though. thats top of my list really really #has a title xx #actually come to think of it #the best part is they ALL have titles. the multichapter has chapter titles WAITING FOR USE! #plus the gnawing desire and crippling fear surrounding writing a jily fic........ :/ #also non fic goal: actually getting into uni would be lush thx xox #shaking and crying shaking and crying
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  • relyingonoldships
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I posted 696 times in 2021 (hahahaha nice)

    79 posts created (11%)

    617 posts reblogged (89%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 7.8 posts.

    I added 64 tags in 2021

    #jily - 22 posts

    #edit : eighteen again - 6 posts

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    #eighteen again - 4 posts

    Longest Tag: 139 characters

    #i need you to know that i can accept zero constructive criticism right now. it's been more years than i care to admit since i tried a manip

    My Top Posts in 2021

    3 edits and 2 fics


    So I posted a snippet and everyone was so nice about it...and then I did nothing to it and wrote a completely different drabble instead. Apologies. 

    Jily, Wartime, Angst because I love it.

    The radio warbles some cheery tune as Lily paints the bedroom walls. James was out doing one of Dumbledore's 'requests'. They never called them missions because that would suggest they know the objective and more often than not they simply don't. She doesn't know where he is exactly, just that he won't be back until tomorrow, enough time to air out the room of the paint smell she thinks. She'll kip on the couch tonight. It's just one night. 

    She's wearing old dungarees, James had made fun of her when she bought them, said she looked like a farmer and had started singing '"Old McEvans had a farm". She'd huffed at him and thrown the hanger at his face as he laughed. He had ducked grabbed her round the waist and thoroughly distracted her. She'd stowed them in a wardrobe later and promptly forgot about them but now they are perfect painting clothes, and she smiles as she imagines his face if he walked in and saw her in them. 

    But he won't, not tonight. She sighs, shakes her head. It's ridiculous to miss him already. He left just after lunch and it's only nearing 9pm.

    She's on her tiptoes on a stepladder reaching up to the corner above the door when the patronus appears. The stag skids to stop in the centre of the room, the light blinding her for a quick second as she shields her eyes behind her thick paintbrush. 

    Then it speaks, no, James speaks directly to her. 

    "Lily, I love you," it's a frantic whisper and her heart stops. "There's no time, but I needed to - you're everything to me, fuck I hope you know that? I'll be thinking of you, I always think of you. I'm so sorry, I love you, I love-" 

    His desperate voice cuts off abruptly and the paintbrush slips from her fingers. The light fades from the room, the dark shadows cast from its light receding like the breath from her lungs. 

    She doesn't remember getting down from the steps with shaky legs, she doesn't remember running to the front door and throwing it open but she does take pause as she passes the garden gate to stare up and down the street willing James to appear in a crack. If she wills it enough...

    It takes her three attempts to produce her own patronus and even still it's fading at the edges not quite the confident doe she's used to. She cannot send it to James as much as every cell in her body is screaming for her to do so, she can't because if he's hiding she will not be the one to give him away. 

    So she thinks of Sirius, no thoughts of James could possibly work right now, she thinks of him trying to charm that stupid bike of his different colours and his thrilled exclamation when Lily had turned it a hideous lime green easily. 

    Her patronus flies through the night to him wherever he is, with a single sentence, panicked, bereft. 

    "Please find him, use the mirror, something, oh god Sirius find him." 

    She stumbles back into their house. Their house. Her legs finally give out as she passes the ugly armchair that Euphemia had passed off to them, Lily grips the arms as her body caves with a sob. She's never experienced fear like this, suddenly feeling like she may throw up with the rolling in her stomach. 

    She doesn't know how long she allows herself to simply break, it feels like moments but when she comes back to herself the room is darker, night has descended. 

    She realises she doesn't have her wand, where was the last place she had it? A sudden rush of adrenaline hits her now, how can she help James if she doesn't have her fucking wand. He could be dying somewhere and she's doing nothing to help, nothing. She's frantically running from room to room when she hears the front door open. 

    He appears at their door, god it was nearly just her door. He's bloodied, but walking with the confident grace he always has and his face splits into the widest grin as he sees her. 

    "I'm dead for not even 2 hours and the dungarees make a comeback? I thought you had more respect for me than that!"

    "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" She flies across the room at him and his arms open to receive her and-

    She's hitting him, pummelling his chest with her fists. 

    "Don't you ever send me a message like that ever again," she's openly crying, pounding every inch of him she can reach and he's flinching away from her. 

    "Sorry, I'm so sorry I just-" he grabs her wrists to pull her in tight. His arms surround her, pinning her body close to his. The pressure is almost too much but she needs it, god she needs it. 

    "I thought that was it and I was afraid you'd never," he pauses to swallow past the lump in his throat "you'd always wonder what had happened and I needed you to know that no matter what my last thoughts were of you, of course they were." 

    Arms raise around his neck, her nose brushes his throat. She knows her tears are soaking through the jumper he wears.

    "I love you." she chokes. "But we're going to have a big fight about this later, ok? But not now." She pulls back, hands now soft on either side of his face. He's looking tenderly at her like he's committing her face to memory. 

    "Huge fight," he whispers back smiling. "Thank you for getting Padfoot-" her hands tighten, grip his collar, "he um, didn't want to see this, he'll pop by tomorrow."

    A hysterical noise burst from her lips, it's half laugh half sob. 

    "You're making me a mirror, I shouldn't have to-"

    "Tomorrow, first thing tomorrow I promise."

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    “James is getting a bit frustrated shut up here.“

    Godric’s Hollow [2/?], Part one.

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    July @jilychallenge for “Idiots in Love.” So I know I said I would do an edit, and I did, but then I wrote a very short and very stupid fic too because I couldn’t help myself.

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    The Potter Cottage - Godric’s Hollow [2/?]

    “All anyone knows is, he turned up in the village where you was all living, on Hallowe'en ten years ago. You was just a year old.”

    See the full post

    372 notes • Posted 2021-05-02 14:19:23 GMT


    The Potter Cottage - Godric’s Hollow.

    This house, invisible to Muggles, has been left in its ruined state as a monument to the Potters and as a reminder of the violence that tore apart their family.

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    459 notes • Posted 2021-04-17 21:38:08 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #This legit started as a Jily sideblog to fangirl Scriibble's EA #so the fact I have 200 followers and I guess make edits and occasionally write short fics and people like them is just #the most #and I've met the best people this year #you guys honestly.
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  • theresthesnitch
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Thanks @efkgirldetective for tagging me to do this! I’m aiming for big goals, knowing that I may not accomplish all of them but hoping it pushes me to do better and be better. So, without further ado, let’s do this thing.

    Goal 1: Finish what I started.

    Alright, I’m going to list some fics that I’m hoping to finish in 2022. I think all of these reasonably should be resolvable, but you never know. And uh… yeah, you don’t necessarily know about all of these. But, I plan to finish: Ignite, Twist of Fate, Voldy wins AU, Trans!Lily, Recovery!Remus, and Single Mom!Lily. (Yes, all of these have been started. No, that’s not all my WIPs. Yes, you can ask for details.)

    Goal 2: Be adventurous.

    I want to branch out and write something unlike everything I’ve written so far. Maybe a different/difficult trope, or a different ship. Something that challenges me to step outside of the window I normally work in and write something that makes me work for it. (Totally taking suggestions for this.)

    Goal 3: Write (and publish) 500,000 words in 2022.

    Is this too much? Is this not enough? I’ve written about 330k words since April 2021. Maybe I need to up this…. Meh.

    Goal 4: Write more Wolfstar.

    Honestly, this is just for me. I probably read more Wolfstar than Jily, but I publish far more Jily. I’d like to spend more time with my boys…

    Goal 5: Become a more attentive member of the fandom.

    I feel like I do not read/review/share enough of other people’s work, and I hate that. I want to do better. I’d also like to be more active (and interactive) with other writers. So if you need a beta, someone to whine to, or just someone to help you figure out that weird detail that you can’t sort, please hit me up. I’d love to help. I’ve bounced ideas around with @mppmaraudergirl @cesays and @theesteemedladydebourgh if you need references. Also, I love spoilers. Like, I love knowing what’s coming, and it doesn’t ruin the story for me at all. Give me all the details.

    Alright. So, those are my goals for 2022. Maybe they’re not huge, but I’m excited to see how this turns out. Someone remind me to review these next December.

    Oh! Other people to tag. Honestly, if you see this and you want to do it, make some goals! Let’s enable each other. (there’s no way I’m not duplicating some of Emma’s. Sorry if you got tagged already!)

    @mollymarymarie @fuckboyregulus @elder-millennial-trash @aeridi0nis @theesteemedladydebourgh @cesays @mppmaraudergirl @figg-anon @pottinglilies @greyeyedmonster-18 @blitheringmcgonagall @constancezin @chierafied @elemtee @emeralddoeadeer @engie-ivy @impishtubist @its-only-nanse @joyseuphoria @kember-writes @oyprongs @petalstofish @thejilyship @yogirl-willow @zephyrcove

    #2022 goals#writing goals#jily#wolfstar #let’s see how this goes
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  • efkgirldetective
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i find it really difficult to hold myself accountable—so i'm hoping this post on the internet will do so for me in 2022 ♥

    these goals are pretty bar-is-on-the-ground, but i find exceeding my own expectations is a better feeling than letting myself down (use this same principle when dating men)

    here are my personal 2022 fic-related goals—

    ☆ finish Earthquake Drills
    ☆ write 2 jily one-shots
    ☆ (jily creators look away) write 1 drarry fic
    ☆ avoid imposters syndrome @ all costs
    ☆ figure out a sustainable way to respond to reviews without getting immediately overwhelmed & giving up (open to suggestions/strategies on this one!)
    ☆ read more jily !!!!

    not sure if this type of thing is already circulating, or if anyone else would find this helpful—but i'd love to see what creators/consumers are envisioning for 2022 creations/reading goals/etc/etc! tagging @maraudersftw @thequibblah @sunshine-marauders @clare-with-no-i @cesays @the-dream-team @adenei @petalstofish @scriibble-fics @theresthesnitch @chdarling @missgryffin @startanewdream @pottinglilies @emeralddoeadeer @tanglled-thoughts @joyseuphoria @hogwartslivy @arianatwycross @oyprongs @zephyrcove @mppmaraudergirl @tumbledfreckles @all-things-jily @keepingupwithpotters & absolutely anyone else who wants to share !!!

    #trying to get out of my head about how little i did in 2021! #just in a silly goofy goal planning mood #fic writing#2022 goals#jily#drarry
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  • constancezin
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    They were Head Boy and Head Girl from the same house so their fellows housemates crowned them King and Queen of Gryffindor.

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  • mara-uders-map
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    how tall i think all the marauders are:

    remus lupin: 6'5, has been the tallest student since 5th year

    james potter: 5'11 but tells everyone he doesn't know so peter doesn't feel bad

    sirius black: 5'9, always whines about his and remus' height difference but secretly love it

    peter pettigrew: 5'6, tells people he seems so short because he slouches

    lily evans: 5'9, teases sirius ALL the time because she's the same height as him

    regulus black: 5'10, also teases sirius for being taller even if he's younger

    marlene mckinnon: 5'10, loves giving Dorcas forehead kisses

    dorcas meadowes: 5'7, always gives marlene nose pecks

    mary mcdonald: 5'6, but appears 5'8 because of her demeanour

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  • theesteemedladydebourgh
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Jingle—Holy F*ck going forward!

    cc @thequibblah​

    #jingle holy fuck #jhf spoilers#jily#jily smut #there will be lots #now i decide if the completely gratuitous 7th year smut scene i wrote should stay in it or not #because it truly adds nothing except #you know#sex
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  • remuslupininskirts
    08.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Sirius: hey, are you remus lupin?

    Remus: are you a cop?

    Sirius: no…

    Remus: then yes I am!

    #remus lupin #remus x sirius #wolfstar#sirius black#james potter #james x lily #harry potter#jily#hp marauders #incorrect hp quotes
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