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  • The relationship between aos Jim and Spock is eternal soulmates with eternal yearning. They want each other so bad, but are so afraid of the strength of their feelings that they don’t want to make the first move towards it. Every fiber of their being wants to love the other and be loved by them, but the fear holds them back. Both of them have been rejected so much in their lives, forced to rely only on themselves. How can they possibly love someone this much. How do you even tell someone you love them this much.

    How do you give someone this much love and what do you do if they don’t return it.

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  • Star Trek Beyond (2016) dir. Justin Lin

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  • spock: I must return to my planet IMMEDIATELY and Fuck or I will Perish 

    jim, packing his extra-rippable shirt:


    Originally posted by bishopl

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    The space husbands bein soft ft. flowers

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  • #star trek #star trek tos #star trek aos #asks#leonard mccoy#jim kirk#mckirk#doctorginsberg#exerceyes #he needs to drink more to provide lubricant #jim keeps telling him they'll get stuck that way #and maybe one time they're on an alien planet and there's some weird dust and they do #he's stuck on side-eye for three days and it's a massive headache #and everyone trying to cure him thinks he's looking at them funny but no they're just stuck #sorry #although he does have something to say about your experimental procedure spock
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    so until my tablet is repaired I’m stuck with watercolor

    I smudged Uhura, may I be forgiven

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  • Jim probably loves Dodie Clarke, and especially relates to her song party tattoos.  

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  • Jim probably uses bath bombs.

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  • Im trying to find this really nice jim/spock fic where spock gets a rescue sehlat and it recognizes jim as though he were part of Spock’s House without anyone telling it to, implying spock acts like they’re together and even a sehlat can tell, and spock just…..doesnt tell him that. And leaves it with jim dor a few days. And bones gets bit because obviously sehlats are not usually that warm with outsiders. Please help it was so good

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  • #star trek #star trek tos #leonard mccoy#jim kirk#spock #for the world is hollow and i have touched the sky #for the world is hollow and i have touched side-eye #serious bones side-eye #mckirk #their relationship in a nutshell #for the world is hollow and i have rolled my eye #spock: leave me out of this #bones mccoy #let him rest he's terminally ill #i guess they actually did save him quite literally in this one #go to the links for the full trifecta
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  • Good stuff about Star Trek: The Final Frontier

    - Kirk climbing a mountain “because it’s there”

    - Spocks rocket boots

    - The entire campfire scene

    - “I always knew… I’ll die alone”

    - Row row row your boat

    - Scotty trying to fix the ship all on his own

    - “With all due respect…. the enterprise is a disaster”

    - Literally anything McCoy says


    - Spock has a fucking brother

    - “I liked him better before he died”

    - Jim threatening to punch Spock and McCoy offering to hold onto him


    - “I know this ship like the back of my hand” *clang*

    - Spocks rocket boots: the reprise

    - McCoy’s pain

    - Spock’s growth i mean DAMN

    - “Excuse me. What does God need with a starship?”

    - McCoy standing up for everyone

    - Sybock being an actual redeeming anti-hero

    - “Damn you, sir”

    - Kirk’s mountain climbing comes in handy

    - Klingons apologizing

    - Spock slow turning in the captain chair

    - Kirk gonna hug spock (“not in front of the Klingons”)

    - Row row row your boat part 2

    #star trek #star trek tos #kirk#jim kirk#spock#mccoy#leonard mccoy #star trek v: the final frontier
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  • Parings: James Kirk x Reader

    Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)


    Imagine: James T Kirk (Kelvin Timeline) saving you from being forcibly married to an evil alien prince and getting flustered when he starts flirting with you.


    Originally posted by kirkmcoy

    The mission was simple, beam down to the planet, talk to the royal family about peace and joining the federation, and beam back out.

    The rest of the party was beamed back minus you. During the away mission, the prince took a liking to you, ordering that you must become his at once.

    “Uhura, do we have any communication with the planet?” James was in a panic. He needed to get you back to the ship.

    “No sir, they blocked our communications channel. We have no way of contacting them from The Enterprise.”

    “Shit,” James cursed under his breath. “Okay, can we still beam down to the planet?”

    “Yes captain, I believe if we beam down to this position on the planet, we can make it to the palace before the wedding takes place.” Spock referred to the position on the main screen.

    “Mr. Spock, you’re with me. Mr. Sulu, you have the conn.” James nodded at Sulu and he walked out with Spock.


    “I refuse to marry you!” You shouted as you pushed away from your captor. “Let me back onto my ship!”

    “Why would I let beauty like yourself leave my grasp? Your beloved Enterprise has no choice but to leave. We’re not part of your Federation. Our planet has laws, I believe Starfleet needs to respect those.” He chuckled and you slapped his cheek, leaving a bright red handprint.

    “Servants, I want her ready for the wedding tonight.” He looked at you coldly and left the room and a group of servants rushed in with various items.


    “Y/N should be nearby, captain.” Spock and James had been hiding in the cellar for a few minutes.

    Spock pointed to a staircase where servants headed up to a room. They needed to wait for when all of the servants were gone. Thankfully, there were no guards posted at your door.

    Phasers would have taken no time to use, but they risked getting attention.

    It had been a while later when the two started up the stairs. When you saw James, you ran over to the door and looked out the slot. “Captain, please get me out of here!”

    “We are working on that Y/N. It shouldn’t be long.” The captain looked worried and stressed.

    Had he come all this way just for you?

    “I can see why that bastard wanted to marry you, he obviously knows how to pick a woman.” He blushed as he finished that sentence. Was he flirting? Did he like you?

    “Thank you sir. Though, his method of catching a woman is highly unconventional.” You joked. The maids had done your makeup and hair, James had started to notice.

    “I uh, um you’re beautiful. I-” His cheeks started to turn a deep red. Spock however finished breaking the lock on the door, saving James from further self-embarassment.

    You would have to talk to the captain when you were back on board The Enterprise.

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  • #the witcher#star trek #star trek aos #jaskier #geralt of rivia #yennefer#Leonard McCoy#Jim Kirk#crossover#mis650ww #should I write more of this? :)
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  • image

    call me old fashioned, but i was raised to take care of my captain

    replicate his food for him, make sure his yeoman doesn’t bring him salad, dig into the kink in his back, wake him up during red alerts, rip his shirts for him—

    #star trek#jim kirk #nothing but the best for MY captain #captain kirk #this is the mindset behind my new url
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  • #mckirk#star trek #star trek aos #Leonard McCoy#Jim Kirk #minor character death #poisoned crew#mis650ww#no beta #I hope this actually covers the bthb prompt #bad things happen bingo #bthb
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  • Broke: The aliens on Star Trek TOS get off way too easily for all the manipulative and diabolical shit they do.

    Woke: Kirk is a forgiving Captain who understands their motivation and reasons with them to do something that is less life-threatening.

    #star trek#tos #jim kirk tos #jim kirk #was watching the empath #while thinking this #and you could say this is bad writing #but i like my version #cause we see this many times with jim
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  • Jim Kirk is from Iowa. Iowa is in the Midwest. All midwesterners say “ope” on a regular basis. Therefore, Jim Kirk says “ope” and you absolutely cannot change my mind

    #he runs into a wall on the enterprise and says ope sorry because thats THE MIDWESTERN WAY #i refuse to believe that we midwesterners will have stopped saying ope in the 23rd century #star trek#jim kirk #shitpost headcanons? #i dont care if you think this is in character #the fact that hes from iowa makes it in character idgaf
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