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  • missputotyra
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yo I need some Help

    I want To include some Mdzs Character in my Kaiju Au ( An Au were Kaiju Shift between Big Monster and Hot anime boys)

    so the Kaiju that are taken are


    Mothra Leo


    Legendary/ Millenium Godzilla


    Multiple incarnations of King Ghidora


    Iyrs/ Iris

    Night Fang( Ultraman Kaiju )


    Ultraman Rosso

    so put down some Suggestion of Kaiju for

    Jiang Cheng

    Lan Zhan

    Wei Wuxian

    Nie Huaisang

    Lan Xichen

    Jin Guangyao

    Nie Mingjue

    Wen sect

    The juniors

    if your wondering Yes I know Ssss.gridman but haven’t watch ssss.dynazenon

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  • kaz3313
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Jin Guangyao and Xue Yang are friends with benefits*

    *Murdering people ~

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  • pcachlovc
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    @bastrdmen​ asked   :    Rash? That doesn’t sound like me. / nsh for jgy   -   A MEME

    “...No, I suppose it doesn’t.” He admits that’s TRUE -  but he can’t help but worry. Huaisang has not shown himself to be particularly steady over the years. He has certainly GROWN since the days of hiding behind him while Nie Mingjue chased them around - but still. He smiles at him. “I don’t know what your plans are, but it never hurts to wait and watch a little bit longer.”

    #bastrdmen #ii.   »   jin guangyao   :   go on and cry .   but when the morning comes we'll burn it down and then we'll build the world again . #i.   »   interactions   :   now I'm causing a scene thinking you need a reason to smile . #((LEMME JUST CRY)) #((THANK U)) #((i ahve no diea what they're even talking abt i just kno a-yao is conssitently stuffING HIS OWN FOOT IN HIS MOUTH)) #((fDJLKSAFJKS;LDF))
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  • venerated3zun
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Finished another MXTX keychain, and this time its Jin Guangyao! Lots of gold for this one, obviously, and a handmade jgy fox. The fox was made with resin, mica powder and gold flakes, so he's extra shiny.

    #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #jin guangyao#the untamed#jgy#my art #jiggy is obviously a fox because thats his official animal... and because i like it lol #i picked out that fox frame/bezel specifically for him #i have like 10 different foxes but i chose that pose specifically because it reminded me of him
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  • niehuaisangdidnothingwrong
    21.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #my video#jin guangyao #jin guangyao edit
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  • liesweliveby
    20.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    a side effect of reading so many ‘villainess travels back in time and fixes her ruined life’ stories is now my brain keeps going “what if jgy got his own villainess manhwa. what then”

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  • disastermages
    20.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    [read it on ao3]

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

    If it had been possible to do without getting caught, Meng Yao thinks that Lan Xichen would have insisted on carrying him back inside the manor, sand still falling off of the both of them. Meng Yao had long since known it was in his hair, but it hadn’t gotten into Lan Xichen’s until after they’d finished. Lan Xichen had laid them both on the blanket, but he’d kept Meng Yao’s head on his chest, his voice warm and lulling. He’d talked about the stars and Meng Yao had done his best to listen while their bodies cooled and their hearts slowed.

    Meng Yao’s fingers still remember the feeling of Lan Xichen’s bare chest underneath them, the warmth of it, the steady rise and fall of it. Meng Yao had meant to kiss Lan Xichen’s heart, but he’d only been able to get most of the way there. Lan Xichen had still rewarded Meng Yao with a smile, his fingers buried in Meng Yao’s hair, and then he’d said it.

    “A-Yao, I love you.” The words had come to Lan Xichen easily, but they’d made Meng Yao go still, his eyes wider than a doe’s. He hadn’t planned on running away, but Lan Xichen’s arms had still tightened around him. “I don’t want you to say it back if you’re not ready, but I wanted you to know that this,” Lan Xichen had fumbled for a moment, but had succeeded in pressing Meng Yao’s hand against his chest, the beating of his heart steady and strong, “I wanted you to know that this is yours and yours only.”

    Bathwater, almost too hot, wraps around Meng Yao like the arms of something greedy and possessive as he lowers himself into the tub, the memory of Lan Xichen’s hands and words sinking into his skin. They wouldn’t wash away, Meng Yao didn’t want them to.

    His mouth had opened and closed, and his eyes had felt wet, even as Meng Yao pressed his free hand against Lan Xichen’s jaw. “I want to. I want to say it back, but…” Meng Yao’s tongue had gotten clumsy, it tripped over his words and made him stumble, it made him feel smaller than he already was when he was pressed against Lan Xichen. He’d tried to shrink with it, but Lan Xichen had only turned his head to kiss Meng Yao’s palm.

    Lan Xichen is patient.

    Lan Xichen is kind.

    Lan Xichen’s heart belongs to him, he’d told Meng Yao so himself, without hesitation or fear of being turned away.

    “You would only be the second person I’ve ever said it to.” Shame had threatened to creep up Meng Yao’s spine, but Lan Xichen’s arm had draped over his back instead. His fingers had rubbed slow circles that made Meng Yao sleepy. Lan Xichen’s hand still kept Meng Yao’s pressed against his chest, his heartbeat forgiving.

    “A-Yao should only tell me if he’s ready, I’m not upset if he isn’t.” Lan Xichen’s lips moved against his forehead, keeping the worst of the guilt and the worry away. Meng Yao had wanted to burst, the words had gathered into a bubble, but they’d lodged into his throat and refused to move.

    Meng Yao can still feel his eyes stinging at the memory, he can still feel the ache in his throat, but it eases as Meng Yao slips beneath the water’s surface. Lan Xichen hadn’t been angry with him, he hadn’t even been disappointed or sad. He’d still followed Meng Yao into his room and slept there until the early hours of the morning, and then he’d slipped away with his lips pressed against Meng Yao’s temple, and then he’d smiled across the table while they’d eaten breakfast.

    Water gets into his eyes and makes Meng Yao blink hard as he stares up at the ceiling, trying and failing to find new shapes in the aged tile. The first time he’d taken a bath here, he’d made himself see the shape of a rabbit, a crack shaping out the ears, but now, Meng Yao struggles to find anything.

    His hair covers his eyes as he resurfaces, casting a curtain over any shapes he might have seen above the screen of the water. “I was starting to wonder when you were coming up for air.” Lan Xichen’s voice is soft, but it still echoes in the bathroom. His already warm hands are warmed further by the water, but Meng Yao still leans back against him. “Let me wash your hair for you, A-Yao.” Even without shampoo or conditioner, Lan Xichen’s fingers still work through Meng Yao’s wet hair, easing knots and tangles out without the slightest bit of pain.

    Lan Xichen’s knees peek above the edges of the tub when Meng Yao turns to look at the both of them in the mirror, leg hair made darker by the water. The sight of the two of them makes Meng Yao’s heart twist so tightly that he almost doesn’t notice that all the cracked and discolored tiles have disappeared.

    Tiny, purple, but faded tiles sparkle and shine in the low light as if they were brand new again, but Lan Xichen’s mouth against his throat drags Meng Yao away from them. Water sloshes out of the tub and drips down the sides as Lan Xichen’s hands slide over Meng Yao’s stomach, blunt nails digging into the softness. “Maybe A-Yao doesn’t want his hair washed, then?” Lan Xichen asks him, though his voice is muffled against Meng Yao’s back, but the kisses don’t feel right. They feel too cold, and for a moment, Meng Yao’s fingers dip into the water, trying to guess if it had gone cold without either of them noticing, but the water is freezing and slimy feeling when the surface breaks under his fingertips, making Meng Yao jerk back.

    “A-Huan, you’re hurting me.” The words come out in a brittle gasp and his hands wrap around Lan Xichen’s forearms, trying to pull him loose, but Lan Xichen is stronger than him, and his nails pull Meng Yao apart until blood starts to drip out into the icy water, staining it. “A-Huan, please.” Meng Yao digs his own nails into Lan Xichen’s arms, but the blood that springs forward is thick and black and oozing.

    Meng Yao is forced to bend forward as Lan Xichen presses his mouth against his ear, his lips cold and cracked like they’d never been before, “Look in the woods, A-Yao, look beneath the moss.”

    It’s Lan Xichen’s voice that makes the tears finally fall, like the dry rustling of leaves, but dipped in cobwebs and stained with something acidic.

    Meng Yao’s lungs burn and scream at him as he jolts out of the water, splashing water onto the cracked and faded tiles, droplets even make it onto his pajamas that lay on the counter. He’s alone when he looks into the mirror, just like he’d always been. He locked the bathroom door behind him, no one else could have gotten in after him unless they had a key. The lights are still overhead and electric, bright and nowhere near the romantic candle flames that his dream turned nightmare had provided.

    It didn’t matter if Lan Xichen did want to bathe with him, they couldn’t take that kind of risk while Yu Ziyuan and Jiang Fengmian were both home.

    Meng Yao tries to remind himself of all of this, but he nearly misses the firm knocking and the voice on the other side of the door. “Mr. Meng, are you alright? You shouted.” Yu Ziyuan’s voice is cold but quick, the flat of her hand patting against the door as if she could knock it over and get to him.

    Panting, Meng Yao pushes his hair away from his face and stands up in the water, “I’m alright, Mrs. Yu. I-I fell asleep in the tub and frightened myself.” That was the only version of the story that Meng Yao could bear to tell her, it was the only one she would believe, but there’s still a pause on the other side of the door, the floors creaking and protesting underneath Yu Ziyuan’s heels.

    “That’s a dangerous thing to do, Mr. Meng, I wouldn’t advise making a habit of it.” Meng Yao almost doesn’t believe the level of relief he hears in Yu Ziyuan’s voice. He hears the points of her nails slide down the door and come to a stop on the doorknob, but she thinks better of it, though the sound still nearly makes Meng Yao sit back down in the cold water. “Are you certain that you’re alright? Miss Wen is gone for the evening, but I have limited medical training myself.”

    Meng Yao doesn’t have to wonder why Yu Ziyuan would have sought out her own medical training, she’d been the sole caretaker of a young, sick daughter once, and then she’d brought on help.

    “I’ll be alright, Mrs. Yu, thank you for the concern.” Meng Yao means it sincerely, and he hopes he communicates it well enough through the door, but he’s started to shiver. He wants to get dressed and slip into his own bed. He wants to pull the covers over his head and hide from the house and everything within it.

    A long moment passes without either of them saying anything, but Yu Ziyuan still lingers outside the door, and Meng Yao finally steps out of the tub and pulls the plug loose. His hand lands on a too large, too fluffy towel while Yu Ziyuan scuffs her heel against an already scratched floorboard. “You’ve lasted longer here than I expected you would, Mr. Meng.” Had she expected him to run out of the house screaming the first night? Had she given him a week? Two? How much had he defied her expectations?

    Meng Yao opens his mouth to say something, but Yu Ziyuan doesn’t allow him the chance. “You may think me cold, Mr. Meng, but you’ve proven yourself time and time again to be dependable, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. You will have a job here as long as you like.” Yu Ziyuan clears her throat after she finishes speaking, but she still doesn’t give Meng Yao the chance to speak, her heels let him track her through the hall until she shuts a door behind her.

    “Thank you, Ma’am.” Meng Yao says it to empty air, but it’s better than not saying it at all.

    The mirror is fogged while Meng Yao dresses, his pajamas clinging to his skin with what’s left of the moisture from his bath, but Meng Yao is grateful for it. A cold hand runs it’s nails up his back at the thought of looking into the mirror after what he’d seen in his dream. He hadn’t looked at Lan Xichen after the water had turned cold, Meng Yao wouldn’t give whatever it was twisting his dreams that kind of power, but the idea of going back downstairs without seeing Lan Xichen’s face as it actually is makes Meng Yao’s stomach churn and ache.

    He looks up and down the hallway twice before Meng Yao walks to Lan Xichen’s door and knocks on it lightly. His hair is still dripping down his back.

    It takes a crushing few seconds for Lan Xichen to answer the door, his pajamas already on and his hair tidied into a braid. “A-Yao, what are you doing here? I was going to come to you.” Lan Xichen guides Meng Yao into his room and closes the door behind him, but when he turns around, a slight frown marrs his face.

    Meng Yao doesn’t stop himself from standing up on tiptoe to hug Lan Xichen, his arms curling tight around Lan Xichen’s throat. “A-Yao, you’re shaking, are you cold?” Lan Xichen’s arms wrap around Meng Yao, but his hands rub back and forth where they come to rest, trying to coax warmth into Meng Yao’s skin.

    “I needed to see you.” It’s the only explanation Meng Yao can hope to offer, his face hidden against Lan Xichen’s chest so he can hear and feel the beating of his heart.

    “You haven’t brushed your hair yet, it’ll tangle if we leave it like this. Will you let me?” Lan Xichen doesn’t sound the same as he had in the dream, there’s fondness in his voice, there’s a smile, not just desire and something dark. Meng Yao nods before he can stop himself.

    He wants this Lan Xichen to brush his hair, he wants the Lan Xichen that he loves to look after him.

    It only takes a kiss pressed against his forehead for Meng Yao to allow Lan Xichen to peel his arms away from his neck, though he still looks up through his eyelashes when Lan Xichen’s hands press against his cheeks. “Did something happen?”

    It would be easy to lie and tell Lan Xichen the exact same story he’d told Yu Ziyuan, but Meng Yao doesn’t want to lie to Lan Xichen, but he doesn’t want to remember either. His stomach still burns where Lan Xichen had pulled his belly open in the dream. “Am I interrupting something?” There are no crescent moons on Lan Xichen’s forearms, there is nothing oozing out of them.

    Instead of answering, Lan Xichen only shakes his head and leads Meng Yao over to the bed, sitting him down and kissing him quickly. “You’re not interrupting anything, I've just finished grading the boys’ essays. I’m all yours, A-Yao.” Lan Xichen grabs a wooden hairbrush off the dresser before he leans over to brush Meng Yao’s hair, his free hand squeezing Meng Yao’s shoulder. “Tell me if I’m doing it wrong, A-Yao, your hair is shorter than mine.”

    Lan Xichen’s hair fell straight down his back in a solid black curtain when it wasn’t put up or braided away, once, Lan Xichen had even asked Meng Yao to put it up for him. The hair tie had been loose and well worn on Meng Yao’s wrist. Meng Yao’s own hair was cut just above his ears, the longest parts of it getting into his eyes and making him blink before Lan Xichen brushes them back.

    “You’re perfect.” Meng Yao says it and blushes. He’d meant to tell Lan Xichen that he was doing it perfectly, but he hadn’t lied. Lan Xichen deserves to know.

    Once he’s done brushing Meng Yao’s hair, he only sets the brush down on the bedside table and drops down to his knees, his hands catching hold of Meng Yao’s. “Will you tell me what happened, or would you rather we go to bed?” There wasn’t a question about where Meng Yao would sleep, then. He would sleep in Lan Xichen’s bed, tucked into his side, and with one hand resting on Lan Xichen’s chest. Lan Xichen would sleep on his back, but his arm would keep Meng Yao close through the night.

    “I fell asleep in the bath and I saw something terrible in my dream.” Meng Yao finally confesses, bringing his forehead down to press against Lan Xichen’s, his thumb tries to rub over his other one, but he catches Lan Xichen instead, though it doesn’t stop the habit.

    “Something terrible in general, or something terrible involving you?” Lan Xichen asks, and Meng Yao shakes his head. He was getting closer, but not close enough.

    “Concerning me, or concerning us?” Finally, Meng Yao nods, taking a single hand away to press against his stomach. He needs Lan Xichen to understand. He needs him to know.

    Meng Yao watches as Lan Xichen’s eyebrows come together in the middle of his forehead, his hands carefully untangling themselves to lift Meng Yao’s pajama shirt slowly and carefully.

    “A-Yao… What…” Meng Yao doesn’t have to look down to know the marks are there, so he squeezes his eyes shut. He’d seen them enough in the dream, he doesn’t need to look again. Lan Xichen pulls Meng Yao’s shirt back down, but he says nothing, only his arms wrap tight around Meng Yao’s middle, his mouth presses kiss after kiss to Meng Yao’s belly, though over his shirt. “We have talk to Yanli, she might know something.” Lan Xichen tries to stand, but Meng Yao shakes his head, his own hands coming to rest on Lan Xichen’s shoulders.

    “Tomorrow. We’ll talk to her tomorrow, I only want you tonight.” Meng Yao forces himself to speak around the lump in his throat, his legs locking around Lan Xichen’s back. He expects Lan Xichen to argue, to stand up, whether Meng Yao was still attached to him or not, but instead, he nods. Lan Xichen nods and presses a longer, lingering kiss to Meng Yao’s stomach.

    “Alright, A-Yao, you have me, for much longer than just tonight.”

    Meng Yao sleeps in Lan Xichen’s bed, but Lan Xichen doesn’t lay on his back, with Meng Yao tucked into his side, he sleeps on his side, keeping himself between Meng Yao and the door. His arms are tight enough to bruise, but Meng Yao doesn’t mind.

    Meng Yao doesn’t mind it at all.


    Wei Changze is waiting for them on the porch by the time Yu Ziyuan’s car makes one final turn, an open umbrella in one hand and a closed one in the other. His long, dark coat does little to mask the smile on his face, and Cangse does nothing to hide the way she perks up when she sees him.

    “You’re not still carrying a torch for him?” Yu Ziyuan asks, stubbing out yet another unsmoked, but still lit cigarette before pushing the ashtray back into its compartment. What Jiang Fengmian didn’t know wouldn’t kill him.

    Cangse turns the full force of her smile onto Yu Ziyuan, her cheeks starting to ache. “It’s more than just a crush,” If Cangse had more shame, she might have blushed, parts of her still want to, but she pushes forward, “remember when no one could find him at your wedding?”

    She doesn’t have to say anything else, realization crosses Yu Ziyuan’s face, her grip going lax on the steering wheel, “You didn’t.”

    “We did. Twice.”

    Yu Ziyuan is still staring after her, even after Cangse has thrown open the car door to meet Wei Changze halfway, suddenly uncaring if she gets cold and wet.

    It’s always been more than just a crush.

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  • commianist
    20.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    i guess you could say i pulled a jin guangyao of sorts and fell down the stairs at school..but i don't wanna say that.

    my hand hurts now :(

    #mdzs#jin guangyao #who in their right mind thought it a good idea to throw a water bottle down STAIRS.
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  • disonad
    20.10.2021 - 14 hours ago
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  • just-katarin
    20.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    until our marrows mix | Explicit, JGY/NHS, JGY/NHS/LXC

    After Nie Mingjue's death, Jin Guangyao takes Nie Huaisang as a lover because he's so helpless, so hapless and in so much pain.

    Huaisang's at least one of those things.


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  • thebiscuiteternal
    20.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Time for some open-ended stabby, because I’ve been thinking about this post again.

    Imagine if, after learning about Second Madame Nie, Jin Guangyao, in a moment of weakness and jealousy, wishes that the sisters’ fortunes concerning men had been reversed.

    The next morning, the first thing he’s aware of when he wakes is that he feels better than he has in years. To his surprise and confusion, his core is not the fragile, unstable thing he has painstakingly nurtured, but whole and strong, burning bright.

    The second thing he’s aware of is... this is not the room he’d been given at Koi Tower. This is-

    Now even more lost, he lurches out of bed and hurries to dress (Huaisang surely won’t mind him borrowing clothing) so he can find out what the hell is going on. He’s just finished pulling his hair back when there’s a light rap on the door just before it opens.

    He nearly faints at the sight of his mother, years older than he remembers and clearly healthy.

    Things only get weirder from there. Nie Mingjue acts as if they have always been birth brothers, not sworn brothers. People treat him with automatic deference, as if he’s been here his whole life.

    By lunch, it’s dawned on him. 

    Who or whatever heard that wish granted it.

    But, as he watched his mother gossip with some of the kitchen girls, he starts getting a sinking in his stomach. 

    Meng Shi had gotten sick when he was a child and had died because they couldn’t afford proper treatment.

    Nie Zhenyun -Meng Xiu- had died in childbirth and Nie Huaisang had only survived through the intervention of fine healers.

    If his mother is alive and well...

    The sinking feeling growing heavier, he convinces his... his brother that he needs to visit Yunping for something that’s come up. He heads straight for the brothel he was originally raised in and, finding Sisi out front, asks for Meng Xiu.

    She gives him a suspicious once-over (he reminds himself they no longer know each other) and asks him why he wants to know.

    He has nothing to gain by lying, so he admits he thinks that Meng Xiu might be his aunt.

    At the confession, her whole demeanor softens with sadness. “Oh, dear. A-Xiu passed years ago. Got pregnant by some rich cultivator and the stingy bastard left her to rot when it went bad.”

    He swallows hard as his stomach knots. “And... the baby?”

    “No idea. Still breathing when they were taken away, but-” she gives an uncomfortable little shrug. “You know how it is.”

    Rattled, he pays her for the information with shaking hands, then barely manages to find an empty alley to throw up in.

    (Did little Meng Sang survive? Will they ever cross paths? That’s the open ending part.)

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  • sourplops
    20.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    no draws but some thoughts on the Twin Goldies in the Modern AU

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  • pearl-diiver
    20.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    francis forever by mitski and motion sickness by pheobe bridgers are both xiyao songs

    #Xiyao#lan xichen#jin guangyao #to be clear i dont ship it but i think it happened #the untamed#cql#mdzs #toxic vibes ennit
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  • waterlilyvioletfog
    20.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    This might just be because I just watched Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, but,,,,, the *Hamlet* of it all….. LXC as Gertrude, JGY as Claudius, NMJ as Old King, NHS as Hamlet, and dare I say MXY as Ophelia?? Much to think about……

    #to be clear #NO IM NOT SAYING MXTX WAS INFLUENCED BY HAMLET #I mean. she could have been! but also this is a very common story in western media #and I’m sure you can find versions in Chinese storytelling as well #anyways. #the untamed#mdzs#cql#nie huaisang#jin guangyao#nie mingjue#lan xichen
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  • chenqingweijue
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Fairy was given to Jin Ling by Jin Guanyao.

    You know what that means?

    It means that even with Wei WuXian out of the picture for good (to his knowledge), Jiang WanYin, whose best friends before his brother used to be not one, not two, but THREE dogs, never got another dog again, even for his nephew.

    Excuse me while I go cry in a pillow.

    #jiang cheng#jiang wanyin #sect leader jiang #twin heroes of yunmeng #yunmeng shuangjie#yunmeng jiang#mdzs#cql#wei wuxian#wei ying#yunmeng bros#the untamed #chen qing ling #mo dao zu shi #xianzi#jin ling#jin guangyao#meng yao #the untamed meta #cql meta#mdzs meta #jiang cheng love #jiang cheng appreciation #yunmeng jiang sect #jiang gongzi#jiang zongzhu #young master jiang
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  • chronomally
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Qin Su you're in danger girl!

    #please feel free to ignore this #I'm watching The Untamed #All the light completely left his eyes for a minute he was ice and stone #and now he's switched back to the obsequious persona that helped him survive as Nie Mingjue's stooge #He's definitely going to kill his wife #I'd been wondering if he'd do that but he already killed his own son so what's one more #She called him a freak and a lunatic and she's absolutely right what else will Jin Guangyao do next? #we just don't know
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  • chronomally
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    More sexy parallels

    #please feel free to ignore this #I'm watching The Untamed #The twin jades of Gusu and their steadfast defenses of demonized men raised above their stations... #but Wei Wuxian was worthy of Lan Zhan's trust and loyalty and love #and (Jin Guangyao - they haven't said his name but I literally can't imagine who else it could be) is a cycle path
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  • aurora077
    19.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    In another installment of MDZS fics I'll probably never write...

    In which Qin Su gets a nice purple belt and Zidian decides it's high time Jiang Cheng gets a wife:

    Jiang Cheng was always assured that Jin Ling would be taken care of at Jinlin Tai. Not because he was the heir or because he trusted any of them, but because Qin Su was there and especially after the loss of Rusong, Qin Su was more attached to Jin Ling than ever.

    Qin Su was everything he'd once said he wanted in a woman. But of course, his list made as a teenager was just a joke now. He could laugh when he thought about it but he didn't have the time, energy, or desire to laugh these days. Building a sect with little political support and zero personal support was exhausting.

    He hadn't particularly thought about marriage (or love which he didn't have much hope for anyway) for a long time, but the last time the matchmakers had tried to set him up with someone, he'd thought it a pity that they couldn't find anyone like Second Madam Jin, who was, in his opinion, a most excellent woman.

    Unfortunately, his comparisons, albeit done unconsciously, did affect how he viewed the women he was set up with. After offending one too many of them with his casual advice, they blacklisted him, which he wasn't unhappy about. It was always more of a chore to him to go to the meetups than anything and that was now one less concern, one less task on his plate.

    He continued living his life which consisted of building his sect and loving his nephew. Whenever he inevitably had to go to Jinlin Tai, he was always graciously received by Jin Guanyao and Qin Su. They really made a good couple. He'd thought if he had to be married one day, he'd like a marriage like theirs. But he was also far too afraid that he'd end up getting one like his parents' instead and so he never pursued anything with anyone. Qin Su was a lovely woman but he hadn't met anyone else like her save his late sister.

    Suffice to say he had the greatest admiration for Qin Su and they always had nothing but respect for one another, greeting each other cordially when their paths crossed.


    Jiang Cheng had no idea what had just happened. One minute they'd all gathered in the Jins' conference room, but having heard a commotion, many went to investigate. He himself looked for Jin Ling first but upon determining that Jin Ling wasn't around and must have gone to see what the fuss was about, he also decided to go.

    He arrived just in time to see Qin Su grab a dagger and before anyone, including himself, knew what was going on, there was a flash of purple and Qin Su was staring wide-eyed at him as Zidian was wrapped around her stomach, the blade deflecting harmlessly off of it.

    Zidian you see knew of her master's feelings towards people. And for a long time, Qin Su had been one of the only people he had purely positive feelings towards. It was one of the few uncomplicated relationships he had in his life. Qin Su was Jin Ling's aunt, who treated him with care and who sat together on many occasions with Jiang Cheng, having tea and discussing their nephew etc.

    Zidian could feel what was about to happen and she wouldn't let it! Her master had suffered enough. She wouldn't have been fast enough to stop the blade without hurting Qin Su, so instead, she just wrapped around her middle, preventing the blade from entering.

    Jin Guangyao, who was beside his wife, grabbed the dagger from her and looked at her in shock and dismay.

    Lan Xichen turned to Jiang Cheng, as Zidian released her hold and returned to her master's hand, and thanked him, shaken from what he just witnessed.

    Jiang Cheng himself was speechless. How had Zidian done that? He hadn't commanded her...

    And why did Qin Su try to kill herself?

    He didn't have to wonder for too long about the latter because Qin Su pulls away from JGYs side to go to Jiang Cheng's and started crying. She essentially ends up spilling the beans as to the letter she received. JGY couldn't do anything to her with all of them witnessing it and she had felt so desperate and alone, sickened with the knowledge of what he did.

    But Jiang Cheng had protected her and also she considered him a friend and just the knowledge that he was there made her feel safer and braver than she was when she was alone with JGY and then these random men with nobody who was close to her in sight.

    Everybody was shocked of course.

    Anyway that's as much plot as I got really because this is a Chengsu idea but I can't really write out all the changes that this fic would need.

    Endgame is essentially Jiang Cheng x Qin Su but idk how to make it happen. Maybe she goes to Lotus Pier with Jin Ling and stays there while the scandal is the talk of the jianghu. NHS's plan for JGY had to be adjusted so things happened differently but JGY still had to die. Then after JGY is killed she goes back to help Jin Ling but gets closer than ever to Jiang Cheng, who never thought poorly of her at all, even with her past revealed.

    Jiang Cheng's view of her as an excellent woman had not changed in the slightest. Seeing how she did everything she could to help his their nephew despite the horrible things that happened at Jinlin Tai, it only endeared her to him even more.

    They both grew closer in their shared grief, horror, stress, and responsibilities. As Jin Ling grew older and more capable of leading his sect, his uncle and aunt fall in love and get married. They have a happy life together and Jin Ling finally gets some cousins who aren't crappy.

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