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  • winepresswrath
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #when rusong dies yanli takes qin su to yunmeng #with jin ling #she lays some other ghosts to rest #jin guangyao is very understanding #of course his wife could benefit from a chance of scenery #the memories are hard for him as well #they are still good friends
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  • sailuncharted
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    its jin rusong lives hours up in here

    so i've been thinking a lot about rusong and how he could've been our little ND junior

    jgy is worried because while rusong is good at some things, he doesn't have jgy's calculating mind. he believes things easily and in the snake pit of the koi tower jgy is worried that it would've been better had his son died during that attack years ago then to bare someone killing him now. he's bound to be murdered sooner or later especially with jgy's position.

    lxc is extremely douting and between jgy and lxc rusong wants for nothing but the two of them can't have their eyes on him all the time, he has to start joining the cultivation world and while he's very good at cultivation he's slower at speaking and is much too trusting

    but what jgy didn't calculate was rusong being absolutely and fiercely adopted by all the juniors and especially jl, no one dare take advantage of rusong with jl standing behind him with his dad's sword, jc's temper

    ljy is always quick and loud to defend their smallest friend, easily pointing out how shit the other person is

    ayuan is always talking to rusong about his fascination with different clan techniques, it doesn't freak him out that rusong can copy other techniques like his dad. and he likes being like his dad.

    rusong is always completely surrounded by his friends who love and admire him and don't mind that he doesn't have the ease of language like his father, they see his worth in his actions.

    i just want ND junior i can love with all my heart

    #jin rusong#the juniors#mdzs headcanons #please i love him 110% #i might write more rusong lives takes
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  • vegastalker
    30.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Jin Guangyao as Lan Furen with his precious babys Jingyi (Yi'er) and Rusong (A-Song)

    this little AU gives me life because everything is almost fine and A-Yao is happy and safe in CR living his best life with a loving husband and children of their own 💕

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  • demiace-wen-ning
    21.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Okay so who wants to hear about my Juniors+A-Qing role swap?



    So basically it's; AQ->LJY->JL->LSZ->AQ (OYZZ is here, I would never forget my son but Idk how to fit him in the role swap itself)

    AQ grew up in the Ouyang sect and is one the top disciples there. She's a little more refined than in canon but she's still short-tempered and extremely intelligent, preferring to use her wits rather than straight away slaying things with her swords (she can do both if she plays her cards right).

    She's best friends with sect heir OYZZ who would much rather write poetry and read romance novels all day. Unfortunately for him, AQ refuses to put up with his BS and drags him everywhere

    Since LSZ wasn't taken in by LWJ here, LJY is the sect heir (although Idk if LSZ would be sect heir either way since he's not of Lan blood). Due having many expectations put upon him growing up, he's a lot more subdued than in canon, although his emotions get the better of him at times and is rather blunt with his words.

    In this AU, during the entire ordeal with JRS, JL somehow finds himself in the middle of it. Both JL (age 7) and JRS (age 5) somehow find themselves in the streets of some small village and are rumoured dead. After a few weeks, they are found by one NHS who had suspected JGY to have a hand in this.

    Thinking that being returned to their clan would not be safe for them, NHS instead takes them both into the Nie sect and makes them disciples there. JL forgets his memories similar to LSZ in canon.

    Since JL isn't raised up spoilt, he isn't as much as a brat (affectionate) as in canon. But he's still very determined to prove himself and holds insecurities due to having no past. He still doesn't get along much with the other disciples, being more reserved and cold, which tends to put people off

    He cares immensely for JRS though and basically raises him. Unfortunately, JRS dislikes cultivating and would much prefer to play games and have fun (NHS does not help at all and allows JRS to skeeve off all he wants which frustrates JL to no end.)

    (Y'all have to thank @xuanyus-palette for coming up with most of the stuff for Sizhui's part. Ghost ily) So LSZ was never taken in by LWJ and instead grew up on the streets. Instead of a bamboo stick like AQ, he has twin daggers which he's pretty handy with.

    LSZ had been interested in cultivation ever since he was young and tried to learn more about it in whatever way possible, allowing him to form a golden core around the same age as normal disciples.

    Unfortunately, he is hardly good enough (or has the resources) to fight against monsters and finds himself almost killed by one, had it not been for a certain Lan cultivator who had just happened to be in the area

    (LWJ also stays a lot longer in seclusion since he doesn't have A-Yuan to take care of)

    LSZ latches onto him and follows him around, something which LWJ doesn't have the heart to disallow. They stay together for some time, when suddenly LWJ spots a the Lan signal near Mo Village and finds that they must part ways and tells LSZ to keep safe

    This is so fucking messy and has many plotholes but just take. I might make a part 2 about how canon works with these divergences but that's for another day.

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  • drwcn
    13.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    a lil medical tidbit for anyone wanting to write about jin rusong. the thing jin guangyao was afraid jin rusong would have, in modern terms, is "inborn errors of metabolism" resulting from consanguinity.

    #hello lil baby let me run an ammonium level on you #that sweet sweet homogeneity #cql#jin rusong#the untamed
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  • baweiii
    07.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #my art #artists on tumblr #mdzs#the untamed#xiyao#jin guangyao#meng yao#lianfang zun#lan xichen#zewu jun#jin rusong#lan jingyi #rusong lives au #tw#self harm#blood #yes i DO know the ages dont make sense its just a headcannon 👁👁
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  • greenteakaros
    06.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    jin rusong lives

    in which, as the title states, an AU where jin rusong lives.

    Jin Rusong doesn't know how he lived-- he's pretty sure he should have died, back then. But his uncle refuses to tell him anything and no one else knew what really went down. So.

    He and his friends can only be left to speculate.

    ...not. That that's a good idea, but as Nie Jibin says, if Sect Leader didn't want us poking around, he should have just straight up told us.

    And, well, a certain teenaged Rusong finds himself agreeing with his friend's words because hells, he also wants to know how he lived. It does concern him quite a bit, after all.

    (Jin Rusong is the current heir to a sect he hasn't step foot in for eight years. He is the heir to a cousin that took over too young that he can barely recall. He's not sure if he can remember the halls anymore, nevertheless the people that run it.

    ...Uncle had never tried to stop him from leaving the Unclean Realm. Made it clear, even, that Rusong was free to go wherever he wanted. But Rusong himself just... never did)

    Of course, he's fourteen now, fifteen by this year's end, and while not technically a proper Nie Sect disciple, he's all but in name.

    He braids his hair in the same way his father used to, he knows from pictures. He also knows Uncle will go very still when he turns a corner fast enough, and that is because a part of him knows he reminds him of his late father.

    Jin Rusong has... a complicated relationship with the idea of his father.

    (Uncle had told him, years ago, that his father was not a good man. But men rarely are these days, he had said, and no matter how much good one can do in this world, they are still human.

    Have you done some bad things too, Uncle?

    ...I'm human as well, Song-er.)

    (he knows his father tried to kill him. He also believes his father loved him. It's... well, it's complicated.)

    But then there are the inner silk robes, golden in a way Rusong was never able to leave behind but never brave enough to wear proudly, and there's the cinnabar dot between his brows that he never mustered up the courage to remove.

    it's the little things, Uncle tells him. But don't worry-- it's still your birthright, after all, if you so wish it.

    The Nie Sect were private people. And if Rusong wants to duck away during public gatherings, then it's no one's business but his.

    (There is a Jin child, in the inner pavilion. There is a Jin child in Sect Leader Nie's arms after Jin Guangyao's son was declared murdered. There is a child with a Vermillion Dot between his brows that is to be hidden away from their fortress home, their Sect leader had stated, whenever Sect Leaders Jin and Lan were in the premise.

    The Nie are private people.

    After all, their sect leader was a useless, good-for-nothing man-child. And if he wants to avenge his brother in the most brutally Nie fashion in the history of literally ever while nurturing the enemy's son, then he had their full approva-- uh, I mean, it was no one's business but his own.

    ...besides. The child was cute. )

    But Jin Rusong. Jin Rusong is fourteen now, fifteen by this year's end, and it had been half a decade since the Yiling Patriatcah was resurrected and half a decade since his cousin became a Sect leader and half a decade since his father was murdered by the man he called Uncle--

    "Whatever you chose," Uncle tells him, calm. "I will support you."

    And Nie Jibin nods right alongside him, her eyes shining in thoughts he never seemed to keep up with but cherished nonetheless, but Jibin was the first of his peers to not think of him as weak.


    And he hesitates. Because even though he had thought long and hard about this choice, it was not as if the words would ever come easy.

    "...I want to go to Koi Tower."

    Uncle smiles. In pride at his choice or pride at him in general, he doesn't know.

    Uncle had never tried to stop him from leaving Qinghe. Made it clear, even, that Rusong was free to go wherever he wanted.

    So for the first time in years, with nothing but a slightly ominous letter sent ahead announcing his arrival, a qiankun pouch of gifts and Nie Jibin as his only attendant, Jin Rusong crosses Qinghe's borders and flies for Koi Tower.


    #jin rusong#nie huaisang #jin rusong lives #fanfic #i am so sorry but this has been floating around in my head since forever and i #need #to get it out in text #maybe i should have posted this one ao3 #but im lazy #and behind on homework #damn me #ao3 posting process so complicated tho #lmao jin ling's gonna see the face of his dead uncle and freak the fuck out #wait should i throw in lxc at koi tower? #ehhhh nah that wouldn't make sense... #no lxc yet #ig #mo dao zu shi #the untamed #green tea rambles
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  • sssrha
    04.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    jin guangyao: i love my son so much...i cant believe i have to kill him

    su she: i mean. you dont have to

    jin guangyao: no im gonna

    #made this joke a while ago on discord #i am NOT a jgy hate account #but the man's on thin ice #jin guangyao#jgy#su she#ss#su minshan#sms#jin rusong#jrs#mdzs #mo dao zu shi #cql#the untamed
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  • angie-s-g
    17.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    SangCheng week 

    DAY 4 - Accidental baby acquisition!

    Nie Huaisang somehow learns of Jin Guangyao’s plan of killing his son for political gain and to hide his shameful marriage to his sister. So Nie Huaisang decides to steal and save Jin Rusong. The only problem is that he knows nothing about babies. So Jin Rusong is inconsolable and Nie Huaisang tries everything: feeding him, changing him, offering toys... but he is out of his depth and starts crying too. Luckily (?) for him he is discovered by Jiang Cheng who helps Rusong to finally stop crying and go to sleep by humming a sweet lullaby. After that Nie Huaisang and him have a long conversation about why he has Jin Guangyao’s missing son with him and Huaisang tells him about Nie Mingjue’s murder and how he heard Jin Guangyaos plan to kill his own son.

    Jiang Cheng agrees to help him bring Jin Guanyao down, but they need a plan. In the meantime they will have to hide Rusong and make sure no one finds out. They both get very attached to little Rusong but find some humble Nie family that can take care of him for the time being.  The only problem is that they’ve both also started developing feelings for each other.  OH WELL. They can secretly co-parent a stolen baby without things getting out of hand can’t they?

    I have no fic of mine to go with this prompt but turns out that the lovely Tabby has written one and you should all go to read it immediately because is the SWEETEST THING.

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  • justawanderingbabbit
    14.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Not entirely happy with the background, but it's been a while since I've worked with art programs. Been a while since I did much art at all, for that matter.

    FWIW: This is Jin Rusong, my semi-OC from my many MDZS stories. Pretty much figure that this is what he looks like all grown up, no matter which timeline he's in.

    There probably should be a forest full of animals all anxiously awaiting his attention, but they're hiding.

    #fanart#digital art#mdzs#Jin Rusong #Mostly an OC #I mean he dies in the original so any story with him in it is pretty much an OC speculation #I need to work on my art
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  • henshengs
    13.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    you know, I think the reason LXC snaps and slaps JGY after the father murder confession isn’t just because of LXC’s own parental issues or the fact that patricide is culturally so taboo for him.

    It’s because, out of all of JGY’s crimes, this is the only one which is, by his own admission, motivated by emotion. There is no way to reframe it as JGY acting only to protect his own life or out of unbearable pressure. It wasn’t self-defense. It was JGY killing his father because of his father’s “forget it” comment.

    And that utterly topples LXC’s image of JGY in a way that all the other murder didn’t.

    #xiyao#jin guangyao#lan xichen #this also explains why he doesn't bring up NMJ or Rusong #like it definitely could be that those topics are just too emotional for him #but it could also be that the motive is very obvious for those murders
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  • xiyaogarbage
    25.04.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • thefairestsex
    22.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    au where jin rusong’s birth name is  金 煥, or Jin Huan (meaning lustrous gold. this specific character for huan means brilliant or lustrous. xichen’s huan means to dissipate) because jin guangyao is gay but trying extremely hard to disguise that

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  • raine-kai
    12.04.2021 - 3 monts ago
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  • asparklethatisblue
    11.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Even at a month old the Nie Sect has expectations for fitness. Mingjue gently bullying the baby for not doing push ups well, inspired by this fic (I sadly don’t know if the author has an account anywhere other than AO3)

    ⭐️ Commission Info ⭐️

    #nieyao#nie mingjue#jin guangyao#the untamed#my art#nie rusong #his courtesy name is different in the fic but idk might draw him again so #Madao Zushi #it's a fem JGY fic
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  • winepresswrath
    29.03.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #I wish I remember exactly when I decided he was evil but it might have actually been when he kills the captain #but it definitely went oh you are trying to trick me into believing he's not so bad show #but I will not be fooled #and then I basically enjoyed his antics until rusong and to a certain extent Qin Su #which I consider party fouls in my personal enjoyment of villainy #also Jin Ling >:( it is actually less likable to me that your boyfriend gets a zombie mountain pass #and your nephew does not #like i don't know that I actually think jgy loves Xichen so much more than everyone else but if he does I like him less for it
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  • nerdzewordart
    10.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Some ABA and ABA adjacent work doodles from the past couple of months.

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  • lesbianjinzixuan
    10.03.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #asks#anon#xuanxian #jin rusong is obsessed with his dads’ fast cars from a young age #they let him get into karting and things escalate from there #and that’s how i’m gonna sneak my indycar obsession into my mdzs obsession #jin rusong for roty 2038
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  • winepresswrath
    08.03.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #Nie Huaisang#Lan Xichen #I think of Huaisang's vengeance as him interrupting the fight Jin Guangyao has with Mingjue about #whether it's ever acceptable to sacrifice other people for your own benefit #to be like San-ge your murder math is off! #You forgot about the blowback :) #I don't personally think that Xichen and Jin Guangyao's relationship could have survived the reveals #in any recognizable form #he still loves him! he's haunted by the idea that a-yao loved him back #he's probably never going to forgive himself for killing a-yao #but he doesn't trust him anymore #that's why he killed him #and trust is the cornerstone of that relationship #and I think the lack of trust comes from the fact that he sincerely believed he had a relationship with someone who would not #do those things for those reasons #and if he was wrong about that #what else is he wrong about? #also I mean he did love Mingjue #a person he repeatedly encouraged to trust Jin Guangyao and ensured Jin Guangyao would have continued intimate access to #he probably loved Rusong #and he has feelings about patricide! #also Jin Guangyao did kidnap Sizhui #Jingyi and a bunch of other Lan babies Xichen is presumably quite fond of #and then used them to lure Lan Qiren to zombie mountain to die #and I think part of the xiyao tragedy is specifically that if Xichen could go full su she Jin Guangyao would love him less
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