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  • aroha-birthdays
    14.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Happy birthday!

    ☆♬○♩●♪✧♩ @shes-beauty-shes-ace ☆♬○♩●♪✧♩

    Happy birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day, and a year of happiness!

    Today's birthday star was born in 95 and biases JinJin. Feel free to reblog with all your birthday wishes!

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  • callin-wonderland
    13.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    ↪️ Jinjin in One (Inkigayo 2021.04.25)
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  • arohaboards
    12.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    ᵀʰᵉ ᶠᵃˡˡⁱⁿᵍ ᵖᵉᵗᵃˡ ˡᵒᵒᵏˢ ˡⁱᵏᵉ ᵗᵉᵃʳˢ
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  • captaincupid
    12.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    ˆּ๋᳝ٞׄ🦋ֻּּֽۣ֬ꦿ Light blue Icons • Save or reblog

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  • amelee23
    12.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Vintage Kiss, Nearly Missed | Park Minhyuk

    Pairing: Female reader x Rocky (Park Minhyuk)

    Genre: Romantic Comedy

    Warnings: None

    Length: 2k words

    Summary: MJ loves to mess with her by putting her in situations that don't fit her nature. She tried getting used to it, but this time around MJ hit the jackpot when it came to a dare that would change her relationship status with Rocky.

    Becoming friends with the members of Astro was the start of a tireless journey. She couldn't believe how many things came to fruition because of Myungjun's jokes - and considering his wacky mind, it wasn't a normal day if she didn't feel the rush of adrenaline at least 5 times. The stupider it was, the stronger the temptation to make it true; costume parties, comedy skits and competitions of all sorts. Life with them was always exciting, Myungjun made sure of it from the get go - as they were extremely different in nature, he had a knack for turning things in her life around. Although getting used to such fun was pretty heartwarming - it wasn't what suited her best. She came to love the thrill but calmness was her motto. And well, it ended with her getting a 'boyfriend' because of it. 

    It happened through the mystery drink challenge - whoever got the most bad ones was to be punished by receiving a ridiculous dare from Myungjun. (As if the drinks weren’t enough of a punishment by themselves.) As much as she prayed to the angels above for her opponent, Moonbin, to be the one to grimace - the oyster taste hit her tongue and she knew she was done for. As for the loser, Myungjun made sure to hit her where it most hurt - he made her become a 'nurturing girlfriend' to one of the members of Astro for 3 days. (Originally it was a two weeks but she fortunately had amazing negotiation skills.) They were all staring at her expectantly so she would choose who she wanted to take care of - but it was as if Myungjun knew that she had taken a liking for a certain someone.

    Minhyuk's eyes widened out of their orbits when he was chosen. He was good at cooking, independent and strong, so why feel the need to nurture him? She could have chosen anyone else, like Sanha for example, kid can't cook to save his own life-

    He couldn't understand it no matter how much he thought about it - perhaps she chose the lesser evil, or she just wanted to hang out with him. Either way, he couldn't refuse the dare so he was just another one of Myungjun's victims. 


    She couldn't pretend like she had made lunch boxes before - she really hasn't, and making them for Rocky was extremely embarrassing. The cute sausage octopi failed her, and she gave up without even trying on making anything fancy. She made a heartfelt steak (she could never do wrong with meat when it came to men) with some salad on the side. She also bought some snacks they could enjoy when they're together. The girlfriend act had to be perfect or else she would have to feel Myungjun's wrath. 

    Minhyuk was, in one word, impressed. He didn't think she'd go through with the joke, less be hugged the moment he opened the door and given free home-made food. Myungjun made sure to spy properly and evaluate the merch and remind them they need to go on a cute date too.

    "Date? That wasn't part of the conditions!" She suddenly snapped completely out of her calm state, her brain going in a frenzy. 

    "It is now!" Myungjun rebutted with a laugh. Minhyuk was standing in between them, confusion written all over his face. 

    "We can watch a movie?" He suggested, to have an easy getaway from what his hyung suddenly wanted. 

    "No 'lets watch a movie and not actually pay attention to each other', yeah? It better be a real date, yeah? And it better be cute!!" Myungjun's tone increased in volume with every following question. 

    "Got it, got it, sheesh." Minhyuk once again had to jump in to clear the waters, as things were getting a little too heated. "We'll go on a date… do you know how to roller skate?" 

    Caught off guard, with Minhyuk looking straight into her eyes with such intensity, she furrowed her brow and thought back if her parents ever took her out to do such a thing. 

    "I don't think so. Just ice skating, I guess."

    "Great, then we'll go try it out together." A flash of something unknown to her occupied Minhyuk's eyes for a second. She had no idea what he was thinking - or where the idea even came from. Maybe it was in the attempt to save her from Myungjun, or he simply wanted to go roller skating and had no one to tag along with him.

    In a nutshell, Minhyuk didn't understand why he was chosen and she didn't know why he was so willing to take her on a date. The answer was staring both of them straight in the face, but perhaps they had something more in common besides calmness - they were both thick headed. But they had no time to think about that as Myungjun was yelling at them to cuddle on the couch. The 'nurturing' part wasn't even there anymore. Not that the girlfriend part was - MJ was basically making two friends be awkwardly close to each other physically. Even if they had crushes on each other - thing which they both denied - they felt too cramped and forced to enjoy it. 

    Evening came by eventually, after about 10 different incidents when they had to dodge each other and pull away as if burned because Myungjun was pulling pranks. But right when they saw the waters had calmed and they could sigh relief, Dongmin proved them wrong. The look on Minhyuk’s face hearing Dongmin ask “So are you guys gonna wear cute matching outfits tomorrow?” was of utter betrayal. Of course Myungjun loved the idea, and the unfair number of conditions to the losers punishment only kept increasing.

    “What about those cute overalls you bought with me?” Moonbin suddenly asked her. “Since Minhyukie likes that type of stuff too, maybe you can both dress vintage? It would fit with roller skating, honestly.” she looked at Moonbin as if an Angel just descended on earth to save her. She ought to thank him later.

    “That doesn't sound half bad.” Minhyuk commented, but Myungjun didn’t really look satisfied with Moonbin’s solution. Nevertheless, they just shut him up and proceeded with planning ahead some cute vintage outfits. They were excited about it, almost alike kids.

    They said their goodbyes when dark came over the streets, and she headed home to put together the outfit that she promised Minhyuk she would wear. A slight palpitation took over her chest and she clenched the clothes close, as if she was a teenager all over again, even if this date wasn’t even real to begin with. Still, she knew she had to catch a blink of sleep if she didn’t want to be a zombie tomorrow, even if the emotions got the best of her with the moon up high.

    Minhyuk had no fancy car to pick her up with, and no fancy facial expression either. Their greetings were very friendly and normal - but an unfamiliar awkwardness overtook them as they walked side by side to the skating rink in the city. Minhyuk indeed matched her blue jeans overalls with high waisted baggy blue pants - but he chose to wear a white shirt while she wore pink. They stole glances at each other the whole way -  as if to check if the situation they were in was even real. It very much was, but they only realized it when they had arrived and were getting their skates at the reception - the workers there were very much treating them like a couple. A wave of warmth crept up her face, but also a bit of paranoia; because Myungjun was always there to check on them if they were being lovey dovey, and now he wasn’t even there, but she felt the tingles of romance in her belly. Perhaps it was strictly because he wasn’t there that the feelings felt free to surface.

    Minhyuk tried to act all knightley by letting her hold on to him as she stepped into the rink -  but he was the first one to lose balance. Trying to flex his years spent in ballet, he acted as if nothing happened and didn’t even try holding onto the railing like she was - perhaps he was trying to impress her. She, on the other hand, had no thoughts of impressing anyone. Her legs were wobbly and she didn’t seem to get along with being on so many wheels.

    They were supposed to have a romantic date but eventually Minhyuk separated from her and she only noticed when she felt him whoosh by her - that he caught onto the trick of roller skating way before her and he was just showing off by that point. Even all of the other couples were staring at him.

    “Are you gonna do a triple axel next?” She jokes, but Minhyuk just smiled like a kid in response.

    “I’ll even do a quadra.” He boasted, a dimple showing on the right side of his face. Right as she was about to stop him - because she knew from the beginning it was a bad idea -  she saw him start skating faster so he could try and go into a turn. She braced for something that would end up in even a trip to a hospital, but thankfully the speed made him lose control and he just ended up slamming into the side of the rink he was heading towards. Slowly, along the railing, she headed towards him to check if he was okay, and saw he was cursing under his breath and holding his hand tightly.

    “Sh*t, I hit my hand on the railing.” He mumbled, and she spotted the red spot he was talking about.

    “That’s what you get!” She rebutted. “I don’t know what got into you.”

    “I thought you liked people who do crazy weird things?” He asked, a childish curiosity in his eyes. His gaze was a lot more serious, though.

    “Me? I like chill and calm, honestly. That’s why Myungjun steps on my tail so often. He can’t stand me being so passive and getting overly sentimental about my plants.” Minhyuk took in her words with pure thirst, a light suddenly coming on in the shine of his eyes.

    “You get sentimental over flowers?” He asked, the smile he once wore reappearing on his lips. It was extremely charming, and one of the reasons she found herself often swooning after him. “That’s so cute.” As if the air got knocked out of her lungs, she couldn’t say a thing as Minhyuk approached her silently. She dared look up into his eyes and was met with a happiness that was hard to describe. They would have had the most movie-like romantic kiss, if Minhyuk didn’t once again lose balance on the skates when he leaned in to kiss her. She caught his torso and stabilized him, giggling with her entire heart. Softly grabbing onto his hand, she placed it on the railing next to them so they both be supported, and stole a quick kiss from his lips before dashing away to the exit of the rink.

    “Let’s grab some shaved ice on the way home!” She told him from afar. “Both to eat and for your swollen hand.” Minhyuk shook his head but continued to smile, carefully following the railing to catch up to his now girlfriend. It was foolish of him to believe he needed to change anything about himself to be liked back by her. All that became apparent as her soft calming voice filled the ice cream shop they nestled at to enjoy each other’s company - her body was finally relaxed, her gaze filled with love and affection. From now on he knew to stick to his own ways around her, even if they were old fashioned - or he would be missing out.

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  • hybridbabies-cb
    12.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tease Tuesday


    Pink day is everyday!!

    @hybridateez @horrorgames-cb @thewolfpack-cb


    D-does noona wike hyunie's skirt??👉👈



    R-r-rweally w-w-windy o-outside

    @sweettooth-cb @uridealbf-cb


    H-h-heat hurts...but wanna dress up for yus

    @ateez-treasure9au-chatbot @chinchillateez

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  • sub-hoshi-enthusiast
    11.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Astro Masterlist




    Looks Are Deceiving

    sub!myungjun, gn!dom!reader, anal (could be pegging but it's gender neutral so it can be whatever you want), degradation, choking (it only happens once for a split second), spanking, dacryphilia, blindfold, bondage, edging, bulging, master kink, use of a vibrator






    None yet

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  • hqjinjin
    11.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    210511 ast_jinjin instagram update!

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  • pen1ag0n
    11.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    DIVE Studios twitter update:

    We tried... 🥲
    📺 Ep. 9 of "UNBOXING with JINJIN from ASTRO & KINO from PENTAGON" will be out with english subtitles at 8pm PST (5/11) / 12pm KST (5/12) at https://youtube.com/divepods
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  • verkwannies
    10.05.2021 - 4 days ago


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  • baejoonyoung
    10.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    JINJIN — 210413 ; all good.

    #arohanet#kpopgfxnetwork#idolsincedits#mgroupsedit#neweraidols#astro#jinjin#dedenne#park jinwoo#*m#*gif#*astro #*astro.gif #*jinjin #*jinjin.gif #i forgot how to gif #also changed my watermark idk if i like it tho
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  • parkjess
    10.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    2 lil cupcakes/Optional bias

    Requested ✔️ by @astrolight25

    Pairing: female reader x optional bias

    Genre: fluff!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Shh... I think they’re coming!” The youngest yells (if your bias is the youngest then it’s the second youngest). -“You think or you checked with him?” The older tells him, ready to fight but your footsteps distract them all, catching their attention from whatever balloon they were sticking to the wall or whichever number of cupcake they shove into their mouth and swallowed within a second.

    The moments until you both open the door feels like infinity for the boys because they were waiting for this moment since this morning.

    “Welcome back home!” Confetti is thrown everywhere once you step in, tightening the grip on your baby boy who just fell asleep on your shoulder, eyes widen at your not as organized as you left your house before heading to the hospital and your husband shouts back at the members as an instinct. His smile has never been wider than now because of the huge surprise party they held for the fourth of you.

    “If he’s waking up because of y’all I’m kicking you out of the window.” You joke sarcastically, giving them all a death glare and receive some laughter from them. You take a quick look at your baby who was the sweetest copy paste version of your loved one, your husband.

    -“You know, that’s a weird way to thank us y/n...” one of them says, holding a blue decorated cupcake. “Thank you guys, I love you all.” That’s the first time in a while you’re being serious with them. “But he’s been crying the whole day, so if he really wakes up because of you that’s it for you.” You continue, lowering your voice as well.

    “Aww... look at you babygirl!” Your husband’s best friends takes a closer look at your daughter who is in her father’s arms, smiling like the sweet little Angel she is whenever someone approaches.

    You take a look at your husband, he wasn’t smiling like this even on your wedding day, which was his first best day of his life, as well as yours.

    “AW, Look how ugly, she looks just like you y/n!” The tease one states, making everybody laugh, even your husband who tried his best to hide his little giggle that left his lips. -“Well thank god my husband is not you, I’d have much uglier kids then.” You talk back to him, making everyone laugh even louder at your savage reaction while putting down your babyboy to sleep, covering him with a tiny blanket they bought for the kids.

    When you come back to the living room you notice the selfie lover in your group of friends immediately took out his phone and took some selfies with your daughter who was still in her daddy’s arms. “My god... she loves it so much, y/n look.” He calls out for you to show you how big her smile is whenever she sees herself in the phone screen, making you melt even more and you lean in to place a peck on her chubby cheeks.

    “Cupcake, baby?” Your husband reaches out his hand to grab one and offers you the one with the white frosting on. “Come on, take a bite.” He brings it closer to your lips and you bite it, revealing the pink sprinkles inside the cupcake.

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  • aroha-birthdays
    10.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Happy birthday Emma!

    ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚ @hvungline ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚

    From the fandom, happy birthday! We hope you have the most wonderful day and a year of happiness to follow.

    Emma biases JinJin. Feel free to reblog this post with all your birthday wishes!

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  • aastroortsaa
    10.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    "Can I Copy Your Homework?" but make it Astro

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  • kpopfeeds
    09.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Astro’s Ideal Type

    Jinjin: A girl with her opinions and attitudes.

    MJ: A girl with a nice smile, a good sense of humor and who is similar to him.

    Eunwoo: A girl that’s curious, wide, and intelligent. 

    Moonbin: A girl with a good sense of humor.

    Rocky: A caring, cute, and nice girl. 

    Sanha: A girl who thinks about him a lot and asks him about his day.  

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  • callin-wonderland
    09.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    ↪️ Jinjin in All Good

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  • aastroortsaa
    09.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    Alignment chart but make it Astro Playing Among Us

    #astro#eunwoo#sanha#moonbin#myungjun#rocky#jinjin#sus#alignment chart #this is my last one today fr #is this accurate enough??
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