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    23.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Ok platinum blonde Jisung is on a whole other level WOW

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    23.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    ⌗ to the girl i love most ɞ park jisung

    “here’s a toast to the girl i love most in the whole world, y/n”

    featuring: dreamies (jaemin, chenle, jeno, jaemin) pairing: park jisung x fem!reader — oneshot, fluff, non-idol!verse, boyfriend!au, wc: 1.041 on rotation: by my side by honne

    miso wanted to let you know! i hope you enjoy angel <3 feel free to leave any feedback :)

    “so when are you going to show us the infamous y/n?” chenle brings up suddenly interrupting jisungs talks of you mid sentence.

    his reaction is the usual when his friends being this up, like he’s frozen in time— mouth hung open with redden cheeks.

    “yeah! you drone about her all the time, sung we wanna see the girl who stole your heart!” haechan adds, a light teasing tone coating his last words.

    to put it simply as much as the guys love hearing jisung talk his heart out about you, they want to see the person that’s made jisung like a love sick puppy for the last three months. they’re more than ecstatic that he’s found someone of his own.

    “i’m sure he’ll introduce us when he’s ready, right sung?” jeno nods at him— reassuringly, making jisung mirror the gesture billions of thoughts going through his mind.

    when he’s ready.

    “i’m not ready at all!” jisung yelps in despair shoving his face into your pillow which smells of your coconut shampoo.

    you’re sat next to him, silently giggling at his distres “you don’t have to rush into introducing me to your friends, when you feel it’s the right time then i would love to meet your friends! who you talk about all the time too.” emphasizing the last part of your sentence because he talks about his friends so much to you like he does talking about you to his friends.

    when you first began dating jisung wanted to wait before introducing you to his friends. since he didn’t want to spare the endless teasing he’d have to face.

    his silent rule was broken when one day he just started talking about you, words leaving his lips like a waterfall, his initial reaction was somewhat dramatic. slapping his hand over his face before passing out. yeah, the boys were more shocked about him passing out than him having a girlfriend— appropriately so.

    when he came to, he didn’t have any recollection of that happened before so the guys silently made a silent truce not to not to tell him what had happened moments before but history repeats itself and jisung found himself doing the same thing. this time the boys were quick to reassure jisung as soon as they saw his face turn red— even haechan, tones down his teasing nature towards the younger.

    so from that day jisung had continued his scheduled rants about you that lasted for a good five minutes every-time they hung out, mutually his friends somewhat looked forward to his rants about you, though at times it felt like he was rubbing it in their faces, they’ve never seen jisung like this and it was the most endearing.

    you were right, he would introduce when the time is right. which brings you here— you and jisung sitting in his car. you, staring worriedly at your boyfriend who’s repeatedly bumping his head into the steering wheel— which he’s been doing for the past two minutes.

    “baby. if you don’t wanna do this today we can reschedule. i’m sure the guys won’t mind”

    you voice softly to your lover who stays consistent with his head bumping. you’ve said that phrase at least three times already, rephrasing everytime.

    you’ve never seen jisung this nervous. he wasn’t even this nervous when he asked you out. you continue watching jisung for a moment longer all while wincing silently at how tender his skin must feel now so you lay your hand between your lovers forehead and the steering wheel before he could hurt himself more “why are you dating a loser like me y/n?”

    you’re immediately are taken aback by his comment, the weight of his head leaning against your hand brings you out of the reverie you didn’t realize you were having.

    “loser like you? park jisung you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” you look at your lover like he’s said the most offensive thing, voice aspirated.

    “i know your friends mean so much to you and you want them to like me and you might be scared that they’ll disapprove of me. but i’m pretty sure they know everything about me and just want to put a face on who’s making you so happy, jisung i don’t want you to ever doubt yourself on something so trivial, i hope you realize you’re much more than you think you are! i love you with all my heart park jisung but if you don’t get out of this car right now i’m breaking up with you.”

    sentences of words spew out of you eyeing your lover closely awaiting his reaction, your breathing is uneven and your arm feels strained from holding it out for so long “say it again.” jisungs voice is above whisper making it almost impossible to hear him so you ask him to repeat himself, this time he says it louder. you face flushes as you recall the words.

    i love you with my whole heart park jisung.

    he turns to look at you with doe eye, wide with adoration and a glint of mischief. his cheeks are a sweet pink as he leans closer “say it again.”

    your complexion mirrors his as you shy away from the close proximity “don’t get so cocky now park jisung.” his lips tilt in a small smirk.

    “you’re cute when you get shy.” he chuckles leaning to kiss your lips, jisungs flipped like a switch, new found confidence in knowing that you love him. the cute moment is ruined though and loud tapping at his window makes you two jump. whipping your heads to the culprit.

    there stands chenle in front, a shit-eating grin on his face with jeno and haechan behind him.

    “ah! jisung stop making out with your girlfriend and let us meet her~~” your boyfriend lets out an embarrassed whine, opening his door. the boys surround him with glee as they endearingly tease him about you, soon shoving them aside so he can open your door. to which the boys fawn in return, loud ooos as jisung hides his face in the crook of your neck when you’re finally out of the car.

    what a great start to the best night of your lives.

    this belongs to neokive! please do not copy, modify, repost, translate or claim as your own.

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    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Park Jisung | Masterlist


    🌻- Fluff  ☔️ - Angst  💋 - Smut

    Full Length Fics

    Forbidden 🌻

    Second Date 🌻


    Coming soon...

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    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ㅡsun & moon | xiv. screwed up

    warnings: mention of assault!

    masterlist > next

    summary: you'd never think unleashing your inner artist would cause a broken heart and a lifetime romance all at once. but will the value of friendship let your sun rise?
    taglist OPEN [ [ @haesungie @lunaflvms @skzstaysstuff @soobin-chois @murderyoursoul @nattisbored @wooyaluvr @yumi-xox @tiinytete @arewrittenstar @97lovestay @haaymah @sivnic @cixhoneyhuns @hazzaloveschopsuey @arikimtanapon ]
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    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #stray kids scenarios #stray kids imagines #stray kids x reader #han jisung imagines #han jisung scenarios #han jisung x reader #stray kids fluff #han jisung fluff #hannie squirrel00#weekend event#mxxndreams
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    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Bad kitty

    First part :Good kitty

    This is the second part of good kitty link before.

    Switch/dom side lee know x Switch Reader.

    Tw: pet play, kitty space,choking(giving and receiving) , stepping kink(receiving), praises, marking(giving/receiving), mentions of “good girl”, anal play, butt plug.I think thats all
    “Thats a good kitty” he said while kissing your lips “now would you be a good little cat and take your clothes off for me”
    You looked up at him well knowingly that looking like that drive him insane “yes daddy” you said in a really innocent tone.
    He bite his lips to this and reminded himself he need it to wait.
    You started to take your hello kitty bra first, there were little hello kittys covering your full nipples but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t see your hard nipples through them. You took it very slowly, unclipping it from the back while all this didn’t tale your look away from him. You finished taking it off now leaving your boobs full exposed to the hungry man in front of you.
    “Now your panties kitten please” he asked nicely. you loved it when he use this really cute and soft tone with you, you loved his praises so much.
    You finished taking your panties off, and now you were completely naked and exposed to your boyfriend, no material on your body whatsoever. The only thing remaining on you were your cat ears.
    Minho to this smirked and now started to take unbutton his top part of the suite looking at you “good girl” he said patting your head really quick. This action made your hear melt and your pussy strated to melt too apparently, because you started to fill your wetness touch the bed at this point
    He started to unbutton his suite while smiling with lust at your naked form. You not even for once took your eyes away from him, abs amazingly precious,tone and tan, they were the most hot and beautiful thing ever once he took his whole top off leaving shirtless you crawled a little bit to get to him on the corner of the bed and you got in the level of his tummy and you started to kiss the scar he have near his abdomen you love letting him know that his scar and him are so beautiful and gorgeous, he has always been insecure when it come to this, when he was ready to show t to you you did exactly the same you are doing right now you worshiped his body all night. You doing that makes him so work up he often dont know what to do he sometimes end up even coming.
    So you might realize the face and the air holding he is doing right now to not lose it all. You keep touching his stomach, scar and when you went to reach his belt he grab your neck with slight pressure making you look up. “Where are you modals kitten” he said pouting. “Such a bad kitty you gotta wait for your treat baby”
    You pouted sad and sat on your feet looking at him. You naked body was making him go feral but he gadder himself.
    “Kitty you know i hate doing this but turn around love, you have to learn to behave honey” he said with fake sympathy. He loves giving you little punishments, lee Minho, he is a sadist you been knowing that since the day you guys met, but he know you don’t enjoy the pain, he would love to have you all tie up and pretty but he knows you dint like that, so you two came with a plan to be able to enjoy those type of kinks.
    You dint hate pain, mild pain, it would be lying if you say you didn’t like being choke till you get a dizzy or getting fuck so hard and good your eyes go to your head and your saliva started to wander all of your mouth and skin cuz you dint have control of your body anymore thanks to being so emerge in plessure. But it is true that thats your limit, you and minho have talk about his more hardcore if you call it like that, and have talk about boundaries and you too love that.
    You know he was about to spank you and he knows that thats one of your favorite punishment. He knows not to do it too hard just the right amount to get it bright red but not enough to leave bruises in the morning. He patted his thighs letting you know that he wanted you there, you positioned yourself your butt and legas in his thighs and the rest of your body flat in the bed.
    “If you weren’t such a bad kitty you would have been taking my cock and cum at this time baby, what a shame you are so impaciente.” He said with fake sympathy, i you knew that, he loves making you all helpless and hungry for his dick, is on of his favorite things.
    You were about to speak when. spank. The words you were gonna say just became one helpless and arouse moan. Spank. You bite your lip to this one. “So pretty and cute but such a naughty cat indeed” spank.
    “Mm” you said pouting.
    “What kitty?, do you like baby?” He said smirking.
    You move your head to looked at him and then immediately move it away.
    “You want me to stop kitty cat?” He said still with lust but a little bit on worry in his words, because he is scare he is going too hard in you tonight. You ass cheeks are already red and you can see the imprint of his hands on it, he is scare he reaching your lemit . “you need to say the safe word baby?” He asked a little worry
    “No, its okay i like it” you smiled
    He smiled as well relieved but in one second it turns into a more devil smirk. “You like it huh kitty?, you like me spanking you are as the naughty girl you are?”
    You smiled but he couldn’t see it because you face was on the bed so he spanked you again a little harder than before. “I asked you a question princess i need you to answer me, unsless you want me to stop and bet dress again leaving you all wet and horny without being able to do anything” he said smirking. “I mean look at this” he spread your legs a little making your bare pussy to be completely at his sight, by this moment you were okay even laughing and smiling but now that he open you up like this you couldn’t stop yourself to grind against the air and bite your lip.
    “Oh someone is inpatient for my touch?” He asked grabbing your ass cheeks and spreading them to have a clear look of your tight little asshole and your pussy all at the same time. “If you want me to touch you better start speaking kitten” he said firm.
    “Please sir, touch me please, please do something i- its too much it hurts” you said begging while bitting your lips.
    “It hurts? Where exactly is that princess?” He said with a smirked. “Here?” He touched your back and you nodded a no. “Here?” Now touching your hips making you laugh a little cuz thats your Tickly are. But you again nodded no. “Is it here?” He touch your ass cheeks smirked and you nodded again a no. “I think is here, doesn’t kitty?” He started to touch your wet pussy with one finger making you moan.
    “Yes, r-right there sir” you said with moans.
    “Do you want me to do something about it then?” You couldn’t see it but you could hear te sound of a loud pop coming from his lips making you know he just tasted yourself. The idea of this made your pussy visibly wetter for Minhos eyes.
    “Please” you cry.
    “Not so far kitty cat, before we start you need to dress properly”. He makes you leave his legs and put you on the bed still with your face on the bed you moved your head to see where he was going and you realize he went into your closet, a few seconds after the brought a box, i box you well knew.
    “Wai- you were gonna warning him but he already open when you tried to speak.
    “Look what we have hear.” He took the pink tail butt plug it was inside. “You cant be my good kitty cat if you are to completely dress darling.”
    “How did you knew it was in there”
    “By accident actually, i was looking for a pice of gum you said you had in your purse here and I accidentally knock the box and everything felt out. I didn’t told you cuz I figured you were gonna tell me when you were ready” he said moving in bed and sitting on the same spot and grabbing you back on his lap. “ and now that you are wearing the ears i figure it was time for you to know i knew all this time.”
    You smiled with embarrassment and lust at the same time you were so excited about what was gonna happen next.
    “Open” he said firm meaning your legs again how you were a few seconds ago. You did just that.
    “Good kitty. Now” he grabbed a bottle of lub you have no idea from where or when he grabbed it. “I need you to be good for me and spread your ass for me to be able to put your tail back where it belongs, would you do that?
    “Yes sir”
    “Good girl” he patted you head.
    You spread your ass cheeks to make room for him to work. Internally you were screaming from excitement and pleasure.
    He cover the butt plug with lub to make sure it didn’t hurt you and that it was smoothly in. “Are you ready princess?” He asked.
    You nodded at yes but he stop you “use your words”
    “Yes i am ready”
    After that approval he started introducing the butt plug little by little on your tight at pretty asshole. The stretch was so heavenly that you started to moan softly. Minho to tease the shit out of you he started circling it a little to make you have more pleasure, which that made you moan loud and clearly.
    “You like that?” He laughed.
    “Stop teasing Minho.” You said inpatient.
    “Alright, alright” he inserted the butt plug all in almost immediately making you exhale a loud moan.
    “Now you are well dress” he said petting the long and pink tail. “You are such a good kitten for me.” He smiled. “Now play time can start” he smirked. “On your knees” he said giving you a light spank.
    You didn’t had to hear it twice. You left quickly his lap to kneel down in front of him with a smile.
    “I think you deserve daddys cock right? You have been so good for me, i think you deserve have daddys milk no kitty?”
    “Yes please daddy” you started swigging yourself.
    “Thats to what i want to hear, talk well kitten.” He pat your head once more.
    “Nyah” you smiled happy.
    “Good cat” after that he stand up and position his clothed dick to your mouth.
    He didn’t had to say anything when you started to pat and kiss is cock through the fabric making him hiss from pleasure. He started to unzip and take his pants and underwear off making him completely naked in front of you. You looked at his cock and your mouth started to water. Red and angry tip, hard and veiny dick with the perfect length and grind for your mouth, it was perfect.
    “Suck on it a drink all the milk i give you okay?” He said touching your cheeks.
    You nodded and immediately put yourself to work. You started sucking softly on his tip to tease him a little for what he did earlier with the tail making him moan annoyingly. You smile on his cock and then put all the length in your mouth looking at up at him while doing it making him groan, you took it all out and spit all your saliva on his dick while jerking him up at the same time, this making him to move at the rythem of your trust for more friction making you smirk, you put your thumb on his tip and started giving really fast circling on it, the movement was fast and smooth thanks to your spit earlier. You doing than made him moan louder than ever.
    “ Y/N ah- Fuck!” He screamed grabbing your hair on a ponytail to help you on your heavenly work. You sucked his balls and started to drawing a like with your tongue from his balls all the way to the tip and putting all his length inside touching your throat. You gagged a little but kept his cock on your mouth, and that vibration made him start shaking on pleasure screaming your name like it was a prayer. “Y/N Y/N! Ah, Y/N! I think im- im cumming. This he said it in a very high pitch tone with heavy breathing and the next think you felt was he warm and sticky cum all over your throat.
    You smile looking up at him and open your mouth making him know you swallow it all. He make you stand up and started kissing you passionately.
    “Your turn princess”
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    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    [10:50 pm]

    “‘m tired.” jisung mumbles into your neck as his sweat rolls off his own.

    the boys had just finished one of their many performances, the loud instrumental of ridin’ still booming in your ears.

    jisung loves the way your hands caress his hair despite the sweat it’s drenched in. you giggle as he buries his face deeper, “you were perfect.”

    your soft murmur pasted a wide grin on the boy’s face, the statement was hushed just enough that only the two of you could hear it, and he couldn’t be more thankful he had you by his side than in that moment.

    “says you,” the snickers jisung lets out are quiet and exhausted, but with your soft humming of their last song, the exhausted lovestruck boy lets himself be lulled to sleep in your arms.

    #imagines#kpop writers#oneshots#nct dream #niki writes <3 #nct writers#au#fluff #nct dream drabbles #park jisung #park jisung drabble #park jisung imagine #kpop timestamps #park jisung timestamp #park jisung fluff #park jisung nct #nct jisung timestamp #this is ass .
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    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    {Felix x Reader}

    Word count: 2.2k

    Genre: Best Friend to Lover, a little fluff, kissing, slight making out, pet names (little brownie, little one, Lixie)

    Looking out the big Window to your left side, you look at all the people walking on the sidewalk with their umbrellas in a hurry. Some are on their phone, some are talking to their loved ones or Friends, some having a phone call.

    You try to register everyone that passes by the little book café you're sitting in, in hopes to see your best friends familiar face in the crowd. But as much as you try Felix is nowhere to be seen.

    You check your phone again, but still no massages. He's usually never late, and now you've been waiting for over 30 minutes and he still hasn't arrived.

    You already wrote him a couple of massages, asking where he's at, and if he forgot about your study date, but you got no response.

    You sip on your coffee in thoughts.

    I'm gonna call him now

    You decide as you type in his number.

    After a little while Felix picks up the phone.

    "Hello?" His voice sounded weird, it was deeper and a little raspy.

    "Did I wake you up?" You ask cautiously. Afraid that you actually woke him up.

    You heard some rummaging in the background, and he sighed.

    "I'm so sorry, I dozed off. The practice today was hard, and Chan send me home earlier because I caught a cold. I must've actually fallen asleep." His voice was still sleepy.

    "You shouldn't be alone when you're not feeling well. I'll stay with you till the boys come home, I'll be there in 15 minutes." You told him and he was gonna protest because he didn't want to be a inconvenience to you, but before he could start you ended the call.

    After buying a Hot coffee for him, you also took a new book he might like with you.

    As you were stepping out into the heavy rain you started running instantly, good thing the boys don‘t live too far from the little book café. The people that you passed were giving you weird side eyes, but you didn't care. You had more important things to worry about.

    After around 7 minutes of running you stood in front of the big apartment complex. You took a few deep breaths and rang the bell.

    It didn't take long before the door opened and you got into the building, not wasting any more time you decide to run up the stairs too.

    Once you arrived upstairs, you saw him lean on the door barely strong enough to stand without passing out. You ran up to him and caught him just in time. He fell into your arms and started laughing.

    "If it isn't my favorite Y/n!" He sounded genuinely happy, but that wasn't like him.

    While holding him steady you noticed that he was actually on fire. You pulled him inside with you. "Lixie You're burning!"

    He looked down. "I am?? We're? It doesn't hurt!" For one second he looked like as if he was gonna cry, but then he started laughing again.

    You touched his forehead to check his temperature. "Shit lixie, You shouldn't have trained if you already felt bad. You have a high fever! I need to cool you down, You're already confused." You told him about to to the bathroom to get a cold cloth, but he pulled you back to his chest and hugged you tight.

    You tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong, your heart started beating heavily in your chest. "Lixie... I gotta cool you down. You have to let me go." You said with a slightly shaky voice.

    He nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. "No... you smell too good." He said quietly, and the vibrations of his voice against your neck caused shivers down your spine.

    "You smell like rain and warm coffee" He pulled you even closer to him.

    You tried to wiggle yourself free once again. "I just ran trough the rain, I'm drenched and I'm cold." You told him softly.

    He lifted his head. "You're right! I'm so sorry." He let go of you and jogged to his room.

    After a few seconds he came back with a hoodie of him and a pair of warm socks and some sweatpants.

    He held them out for you to take. "Go and change into dry clothes, I don‘t want you to get a cold too." He said with a cute smile. And you stood there unsure if you could leave him alone in his current state.

    He seemed to notice your unease, and he took your head in betweenhis hands and pulled your face really close to him. Your faces were only mere inches apart, and he still had the cute smile plastered on his face, his cheeks flushed pink from the fever.

    "You can go and change little brownie. I won't do anything bad." His voice only a whisper, and his hot breath fanned your face lightly. His thumb grazed your cheek ever so softly, noses touching.

    Your mind was clouded, you had the biggest crush on him since the moment you laid your eyes on him back in school. And now he was this close to you, holding you like this.

    Guilt washed over you, maybe this was only the fever controlling him. And when he's healthy again he might wouldn't remember it or regret it.

    You were unable to move, trapped in his beautiful brown eyes that held so much warmth and adoration.

    He tucked a stray strand of hair that fell into your face behind your ear. "Now go little one." His voice got really soft and velvety now.

    You blinked a few times trying to get back to your senses. "S-sure."

    He let go of you, and walked over to the big couch letting himself fall on it.

    You almost ran to the bathroom.

    After quickly changing into the cozy clothes Felix gave you, you took a small towel and drenched it in water.

    When you went back into the living room, you saw your best friend sipping the coffee you brought him.

    He was so focused on the show that was playing, that he didn't notice you're back yet.

    This gave you a little time to shamelessly stare at him, and you weren't gonna miss out on it. His white shirt seemed slightly transparent in the dim light, allowing you to see the slightest bit of his toned abs that were hidden underneath it. His blonde hair was a little dam, giving him the 'fresh out of the shower' look and his neck was glistening from sweat.

    "You're back." Hearing his voice made you jump in surprise your eyes darted to his, only to find out he was already looking at you with a unreadable expression.

    You cleared your throat and walked up to him, laying the cold cloth on his forehead. Your head must be as red as a Tomate from the embarrassment from getting caught while checking him out.

    "You're still burning." You said softly but worried, while dragging one corner of the cloth softly over his neck to remove the sweat.

    He was staring at you intensely, studying your features precisely. "I'm burning the youth." His voice had a sarcastic hint to it, and after a second of silence both of you started laughing.

    "Really? You're quoting your shirt?" You asked jokingly once you were able to breathe again.

    He looked down pushing the big layered pearl necklace to the side, then he looked back up to you smiling big.

    "Yep, i am cause I'm Foive." He started laughing.

    You sighed, you really needed to cool him down fast.

    You stood up, and went to the bathroom filling the bathtub with lukewarm water.

    Searching trough the cabinets, you found a herbal medical bath and put it in the running water.

    Felix must have stood up because yet again he snaked his arms around your waist and pulled you close to his chest.

    "You want to take a bath here?" His voice sounded confused.

    You turned around and looked at him. "No, but you will. I need to stop the fever, and the cloth didn't help." You told him.

    You were sure he would protest, but he didn't. Instead his smile got bigger.

    "Let's get a bath!" he exclaimed excited like a little kid and pulled you with him.

    He let himself plop into tub with a big splash and a giggle. After a second his face displayed betrayal.

    "The water is almost cold!" He said grumpy.

    You leaned your head on the rim of the tub and looked up at him. "It needs to be lukewarm." You said quietly.

    He leaned to the side and studied your face once again. You didn't say anything you just looked at each other intently.

    You couldn't advert your gaze from his shiny rosy cheeks that were covered in dozens of little freckles, you would love to count every single one but you knew too well that they were too many to even begin with.

    Your eyes fell down to his pinkish full lips that looked so soft and full. Your shook your head slightly to stop yourself from leaning in and caving into your desire to kiss him.

    When you Focused back on his big eyes, you found him staring at you with a burning gaze.

    His hand wandered to you cheek grazing over your cheekbone softly.

    "I love it when your cheeks get rosy little brownie." His voice was yet again almost a whisper, making you wonder if he meant for you to hear his words or not.

    A electric shiver went down your spine, and you averted your gaze not daring to look at him.

    "C-can you please stop staring at me Lixie?"

    You stuttered quietly, cursing yourself for it immediately.

    "You're too beautiful to just look away." He said softly, his thumb still drawing circles on your cheek lightly.

    Your head snapped to him instantly. Your heart started racing, and your thoughts were spinning. You couldn't say a word, and could only stare at him with your mouth slightly open.

    His eyes panned down to your lips. “Just a little braver~” before you could register what's happening his lips connected with yours softly.

    Your eyes widened in shock at first, but after a second you hesitantly closed your eyes and gave in to the kiss.

    His hand traveled from your cheek to your neck slowly pulling you closer to him as your hands took a hold of his wet shirt and pulled him closer to you as well.

    Felix started to deepen the kiss, and his tongue lightly grazed your teeth asking for access. Without second thoughts you instantly granted him access, and your tongues danced with each other in a battle for dominance.

    You only broke the kiss when you were both breathing heavily, your foreheads touching and big smiles on your lips.

    Felix stroked your head softly. "I wanted to do this since I first saw you, but I was too shy to do so." His voice was deeper than usual.

    "I'm sorry for stealing your first kiss little brownie, I couldn't contain myself anymore." He said quietly watching his hands closely.

    You lifted his head and made him look at you.

    "I like you Felix. I always envisioned my first kiss to be with you, but I never thought I would have a chance with you." You told him a little shyly.

    He scooted up with big eyes and with his mouth slightly open from shock. "Y/n..." before he could say anything more you closed the distance between you quickly and gave him a small peck on his lips.

    "I love you Lixie." You told him with a big smile, while your heart was doing Flickflacks in your chest.

    "I love you too little one." He told told you, and gave you another kiss.

    Backing up slowly, his eyes connected with yours once again. "Will you be my Girlfriend?" He sounded a little shy now which made you smile lovingly at him. "It would be my honor."

    You were just about to kiss again when you heard someone clearing their throat.

    "Seems like you're feeling better Felix, with the good care of Y/n." Both of you jumped and looked over to Hyunjin that leaned in the doorframe with a cheeky grin on his face.

    Felix looked at Hyunjin confused. "Since when are you here?"

    Hyunjin shrugged. "Actually we came awhile back and we didn't find you so we looked for you guys, and when we did you started kissing." He obviously enjoyed telling you that he basically saw it all.

    "Yong-bok I'm proud of you! You went by your motto 'just a little braver." You heard Chan shout from the back, with Lee know, Han and I.n giggling.

    You got up quickly and started running. "I'll call you later!" You passed the boys who whistled and wiggled their eyebrows at you in a hurry.

    When you stepped out of the building and into the rain you took a deep breath.

    You couldn't believe that Felix was now your boyfriend.

    Maybe this time around a fever wasn't too bad after all.

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  • nanacano
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    𝐒𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐲 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐥
    pairing: na jaemin × gn!reader
    genre: tooth rooting fluff, established relationship
    word count: 835

    ﹝𝟎𝟏◠𝟑𝟎 ᵃᵐ﹞ glancing out the window, the big snowflakes raced down from the sky, forming a pretty blanket over every corner of the city they could occupie. you couldn't help but glee at the sight, winter was always fascinating to you.

    y/n: jaemm!! hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

    laughter echoed the living room as jaemin was walking in with a pair of gloves and smiling at your impatience. he could practically see the spark in your eyes as you awaited the arrival of his permission to go outside.

    jaemin: we have the time of the world baby, what's the rush?

    he said in between laughters.

    y/n: but right now is quieter and there's barely anyone out!! we shouldn't miss this opportunity.

    jaemin again threw another laugh, and went back to his room, claiming to get his other clothing pieces he needed to beat the cold, but truth to be told, he snuck his camera in a small bag, to capture every moment possible.

    he took your covered hand and pulled you close while slowly opening the door as to not make any noise. then, turned to lock the door, pressing each number softly, and grasped your hand again to lead you outside.

    as soon as you took the first step out, the euphoria that gripped you was visibly shown to jaemin. he quickly took out his phone out and stole some pics of your first steps in the ground full of snow.

    after a few more steps into the park, you suddenly gasped when your right leg reached a certain point of deepness. you slowly backed away in attempt to espace the tragedy of being stuck in there. but just as you were backing away, your back was met with the force jaemin's chest had put on, and came crashing down the deep pile, yelping at the contact your body made with the icy water that had been hiding underneath the untouched corner of the park.

    y/n: j aemi nnn!

    his laughter bounced through the bricks of the buildings, as he started to stand up but only failing miserably due to the fact that there was no object where he could support on. he again started to giggle at the state he found himself being on; his chest laid on his girlfriend's back, fully sandwiching her between himself and the cold watery surface.

    y/n: i'm gonna freeze to death if your a*s doesn't get up right this instant!!

    suddenly your back felt lighter, and the streetlight's artificial rays reached your vision. jaemin's hand grasped yours tightly and pulled you out with enough force to get you back on your feet.

    jaemin: that!! was so much fun! let's do it again!

    just as those words reached your ears, your hands - that were shaking off the snow from the black material of the coat you were wearing - came to an halt, and your deadly gaze pierced right through his playful one. that motion on its own managed to grab a generous amount of giggles from the both of you.

    jaemin: can you give me a kiss? :3

    you didn't even have to think twice about it, immediately stripping your hands from the fuzzy material of your gloves and cupping jaemin's cheeks ever so slightly to help lean in for a pleasant kiss.

    his lips felt welcoming, though chapped, they still possessed the warm feeling of love and affection. his hands snuck around your wasit and gently pulled you in closer to his chest, slowly tilting his head to capture every move of your brinks.

    you started to gently part your lips from jaemin's soft embrace that had devoured them, and made fully contact with his eyes, as he scanned every inch of your features.

    jaemin: i love you. - he said as a beaming smile took over his face, while gently removing a strand of hair from your eyes, and caressing your cheeks with soft touches.

    y/n: i love you too, nana.

    you leaned into to his touch, maintaining eye contact with him as the soft feathery snowflakes fell upon you. you couldn't have asked for a better place to be.

    minutes pass by of fooling around like two free souls around the white district, carefree, while other people could only watch and dream to have their freedom and love that they radiate.

    jaemin: let's call it a night love, it's getting colder and i don't think i can last.

    y/n: okay okay, but let's take one more picture over there and we'll go!

    jaemin nodded, taking your hand, letting you lead him towards the desired direction. you approached him slightly so the camera could capture both of you closely.

    his hand gripped your shoulder faintly, giving away the hint of wanting you closer. you both stood still as genuine smiles took over your expressions, & the fainted beam of the moon accompanied your frame. when the click was heard, jaemin quickly took your hand and started to run towards the entrance of the apartment.

    #nct dream fluff #nct dream#huang renjun#lee jeno#haechan#na jaemin#zhong chenle#park jisung #na jaemin fluff #jaemin x reader #jaemin fluff#jaemin scenarios #jaemin soft hours
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  • a3r3n
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Nct High Stories presents...


    A Jisung × reader story

    Chapter 18: "I got hit by a bike"

    🌼 [prev] < [part 18] > [next]

    > series masterlist

    a/n: guys this is pure fiction, don't skip school irl, skipping school is bad (as if I never did it lol)

    *in case you are confused by Jisung's tweet about the waitress not understanding y/n, the words "nosebleed" and "coffee" in Korean sound almost the same

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  • multifndom
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    random fanfic i wrote in my notes app a while ago.

    pairing :: han jisung x lee minho

    genre :: angst, fluff, hurt/comfort??

    warnings :: sensitive topics, triggering stuff ? idk i wrote this at 4 am on my laptop because i was sad, it’s just. wow okay-

    note :: THE ABSOLUTE PROJECTION IN THIS- might as well slap my name on their instead of Jisung’s. 🧎🧎🧎i’m just waiting for my felix and minho to come one day.

    also there’s so much i want to add to this to say how i feel but like it says in the fic, i don’t know how to put it in words or what i feel. 😍

    Jisung never knew what he felt. Pain? Numbness? Confusion? Love? Sadness? Happiness? A mix of a few? None? Whatever it was, he didn’t like it. His natural response to the phrase always thrown around in every conversation was, “I’m doing okay!” “I’m doing alright.” “I’m doing fine!”

    Why would he need to say the truth to strangers? People who didn’t know about his life, and don’t expect a detailed response back. It was the perfect filler. No need to think about how he felt, no need to think about a response to give, no indication that he was doing well, and no indication that he was having a hard time either.

    Even if he wanted to tell the truth, what could he say? Jisung didn’t even know his own thoughts, he couldn’t possibly explain them to someone else. But he wanted to, he desperately wanted to. He just can’t find the words yet.

    The uneasiness in his chest was always there, no matter the situation, good or bad. Even when he wasn’t thinking about it, it was still there. Sometimes he minded it, sometimes he didn’t. Everything was so confusing.

    Everything about his life seemed to be confusing. The only consistent thing about himself was his inconsistence.

    Sometimes he felt like he looked really good. He’d wear a nice outfit, his hair would look nice, and his makeup would be touched up. He’d slowly feel like he just looked average. Then it would crash. Another look in the mirror only minutes after, and he wants to cry, his features that were perfect only a minute a ago turning into flaws that he desperately wanted to fix. He sat in front of mirrors for hours, pointing things out that he thought was ugly and thinking of solutions to fix them. Then he’d go right back to loving himself.

    Sometimes he loved wearing pretty and bright things! Pastel pinks and pretty shades of blue, accessories adorning his hair and neck. Then he’d want to dress with stylish suits and slicked hair. Then he’d want comfy sweaters and messy hair. Then simply a t-shirt and pants, and the cycle continued.

    He was smart, sometimes. He’d get all of his work done, earn praise from his teachers, write outstanding essays that gifted kids could only dream of writing. The next week, his teachers are on him about his late assignments, failed quizzes, his inability to focus. Then, he’d become average, scoring Bs and gaining no attention from his teachers or peers at all.

    He was talented, without a doubt. He could do everything! He’d bake with Felix and they ate their delicious treats together, he kicked everyone’s butts at video games his first time playing, his voice range was unmatchable, his lyrics unbeatable, his dance moves so skillfully executed. He could write stories that left people in awe, knitted beautiful warm hats for his friends. He was an ace. But then he’d mess up, or he’d lose interest. He’d move on to something else, and the cycle continued.

    He was tired. He often couldn’t sleep, everytime he closed his eyes, paranoia grabbing a hold of him. He didn’t even know what he was scared of, but seconds later, his eyes would shoot open, instantly sitting up, taking deep breaths. Even if he was feeling safer, he didn’t want to sleep. Possibly for the fear that he’d have another nightmare. Couldn’t he have a normal dream for once? He hated waking up in cold sweats. He’d never sleep near anyone even if he was scared, even more afraid of what they could do to him in his sleep, his vulnerable state making him weaker.

    There were people he loved sometimes, and he hated them the rest of the time. Hurting his sensitive heart unintentionally, and then him wanting to run into their arms minutes after. Sometimes he knocked himself back into sense. His friends didn’t do anything, they didn’t hurt him. He was just sensitive.

    He couldn’t help the negative thoughts, even if he tried to look on the bright side. A response to his text coming in too late, a change in their texting style, a change in their tone of voice, avoiding a single hug, not laughing at a single joke, not finding one of his stories very amusing, it all hurt. Why did it hurt?

    They’re so good to him. He shouldn’t feel hurt. They talk to him! They still laugh with him, and tell jokes and plays along. But the uneasiness comes back, the panicked feeling rushing right back in everytime it started to go well, like a punch to the gut.

    “You’re so cute, Jisung!” Liar.

    “We love you, Jisung.” Liar.

    As much as he wanted their praise and affection, once he got it, he felt terrible. He didn’t know how to respond to the compliments. He didn’t know how to respond to the physical affection, growing up without any. When they showed him any form of love, he was quick to push it away, scared that they were lying. That they’d hurt him.

    He’d either be too quiet or too loud. Too quiet because he’s shy. Too quiet because he doesn’t want to annoy everyone and over share and be too loud. Too quiet because he feels like he doesn’t fit in. Too quiet because he knows that once he says something, he’d be dismissed or ignored. It was safe.

    Too loud because he has things he wants to say! Too loud because he’s having fun. Too loud because he wants to be included in the conversation. Too loud because he doesn’t want to look boring and dampen everyone’s moods. Then he’d put in a few words here and there, disappearing and reappearing in conversation. It was inevitable.

    His sleepless nights would include cuddling his stuffed animals or pillows, pretending it was someone’s arms around him. Caressing his hair, his cheek, whispering sweet nothings to silence the voice in his head, kissing his forehead with love.

    Sometimes he distanced himself if he felt like that. Cut off everyone he held dear because he didn’t want to be hurt anymore, he doesn’t want to hurt them either. It was selfish, but it was safe, and it was better than having friends. He’d prefer the emptiness of being alone rather than the pain of his insecurities when with friends. But every time that happened, he missed them. He loved them, and he wanted their love in return. He’d run right back, then away again.

    His family. If he could even call them that. They’d have fun, be a picture perfect family. Good outfits, good manners, lots of money. Then they’d yell and fight. His parents always flirting with eachother, claiming that they’d never part and then having a yelling match about the smallest things. His parents, who claimed that they loved him so much and called him sweet names before they turned around and yelled him for the smallest things, invaded his privacy, hit him for the smallest things, compared him to everyone else, putting him below. At least after they made him cry himself to sleep, they gave him some money and watched a movie with him the next day, right?

    His poor siblings. As much as he hated them, he was worried. Would they hurt them like they did him? Hell at him like they did him? It depended. Sometimes, his two siblings would be his parents’ pride and joy. So much talent, intelligence and beauty. He’d be a shameful eldest siblings, not setting the perfect example and being weak to them. Why’d they go so easy on them?

    And then they’d yell at them too. Why they couldn’t be more like Jisung. He didn’t care how much he disliked his siblings. He didn’t want them to go through the same things he did. Never. Nobody deserved that. Maybe that’s why the three children were connected in their own way. Even though they didn’t have to say anything, there was the unspoken feelings they shared. They all felt the same about their parents, even if it was in their own ways.

    He was terrified that one day he would turn out like one of his parents, fear and guilt seizing him whenever he reacted to a situation how his parents would when he was around his friends. A shade of red taking over his face, a cold sweat breaking out, and excusing himself to go to the restroom.

    There was too much expectation to be perfect. That’s why be didn’t have time to be confused. He decided how he felt as if he were writing a character in a book. He chose their name, their looks, their personality, their likes and talents, their mood. He changed when his parents told him to, obeying them. He still scowled and let a few tears shed when he was in his room, tugging off the outfit he liked.

    He listened and stayed quiet when he was told to, the things he wanted to say and laugh about ready to burst out of his mouth if he was silent a second longer. He smiled, studied what his parents wanted him to study, was on the path to become what they wanted him to be. He wasn’t allowed to be in a mood other than happy and cheerful in his house.

    Everytime he was feeling down and sobbed until the tears wouldn’t come out anymore, he felt pathetic. Maybe his parents really brainwashed him into thinking he had no reasons to feel down. That he was faking all of it, just wanted attention. But how could that be true, if the only one who knew of his heartache and tears were his walls? No, to others, he was a perfectly normal person.

    Jisung couldn’t afford to think about who he really was.

    And then he met Minho.

    “I promise he’s not as bad as he looks! You don’t even have to become friends with him, all you have to do is sit there for an hour and play on your phone or something everyday.” Felix pouted, grabbing onto Jisung’s shoulders and practically hanging onto him, knees barely touching the ground.

    “He looks sketchy!” Jisung complained back, and Felix put on his puppy eyes. “But isn’t he hot? He likes to dance! You dance too, talk about something. He’s nice, I swear.” “Fine. You’re lucky I love you, Lix. I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.” He sighed, and the blonde squealed, thanking him and running off.

    Felix and Jisung were the bestest of friends. Though nobody understood Jisung, Felix wasn’t completely blind to it. He was okay with giving him some time to calm down or trying to ease him into conversations. Jisung felt incredibly guilty for it, he never wanted anyone to take care of him, afraid of being a burden. So although he didn’t let Felix do much, the sunshine was happy with the fact that he at least kept him in his life, usually pulling him in quicker than he pushed him away, unlike their other friends.

    The two of them met up everyday after school to “study” in their secret spot. Like everything else, it was an unspoken rule. As much as Jisung loved talking, he hated talking about things that weren’t entertaining. Talks about situations, feelings, and everything else that would make you slightly unsettled. The two met in that spot three years ago, surprising eachother. They were in the same four classes as their school, and though they didn’t talk much at first there, they went back to that spot as soon as they finished their own after-school activities.

    Sometimes one of them would wait for a few hours, the other having extended practice or a situation that delayed them, but the other never minded. They decorated the small area with pillows, blankets, a hoodie pile, stuffed animals, fairy lights, and cooler, and snack box. They’d relieve their stress by laying there together, laughing and talking. Sometimes, if one of them are too exhausted, they’d lay in comfortable silence, cuddles for all. The two both loved cuddles.

    It did make Jisung feel bad when he had his moods where he was suddenly repulsed bu any sort of contact, shying away from his hugs with a sad look on his face. Felix was a naturally touchy person. And though Jisung was too, he only was with Felix. But Felix never seemed to mind, settling for hugging a pillow and handing Jisung one as well, setting it next to him if he declined, which he always picked up after, never failing to put a smile on Felix’s face.

    Bang Chan, one of the other people in their friend group, and Felix’s boyfriend, had another friend who needed a place to stay. Everyone’s houses were chaotic and had things going on, so they couldn’t keep him at their place. Everyone knew Jisung would reject, so Felix, being the sweetheart he was, offered their spot.

    Jisung wasn’t mad at all when he found out, only laughing and pinching his cheek. “What a sweetheart.” It turned out that Minho was an exchange student and had gone to a different country for school, and returned to Korea recently. He had already gotten a job, but needed to work for a few months before he could buy a place.

    “I know things will be awkward, but call me if you need anything, or Chan. I don’t think he’s busy today. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Be nice to him!” Felix reassured, squeezing Jisung in his arms tightly before grabbing his bookbag and running off back to the school.

    Now, he was in front of the door, alone. Behind it, he knew he’d instantly feel okay in his safe spot, but he wasn’t so sure about that when there was a stranger inside invading it.

    Hesitantly, he reached out and grabbed the doorknob, slowly pushing it open. He was met with a pair of cat-like eyes, definitely pretty ones. He didn’t care if he was attractive however, he was in his safe spot. If anything, gorgeous people made him even more nervous.

    Closing the door behind him, he stood awkwardly for a moment. “You’re Jisung, right? Felix already told me everything.” “Yeah… What did he tell you?” He asked, furrowing his brows at the mention of ‘everything.’

    “Just that you’re his best friend, you come here everyday, blah blah blah. I know he didn’t talk with you before inviting me here. Sorry if i’m taking over your place or anything. I’ll be gone before you know it.” His voice was light and airy, and Jisung was thankfully he didn’t have a sharp or annoyed tone while talking. His face was expressionless, his gaze going back to the phone he was scrolling on when he didn’t get a response.

    “Oh… Yeah, no, it’s fine. I know all the places around here are expensive. Stay as long as you need.” It was not fine. He didn’t say that though, and shuffled to a corner, sitting down. He must have fallen asleep, because he was shaken awake by Felix. “Hm? Oh, hey. Minho went to go work about two hours after I got here… What time is it? When did you come back?” “I’ve been back for about an hour. Sorry I didn’t wake you up earlier, but God knows you need some sleep.” He smiled, sitting down.

    That went on for another week. While the silence usually bothered Jisung, letting his thoughts overwhelm him, he found the silence that filled the air with him and Minho comforting. He’d hear music playing out of Minho’s earbuds, hear him shuffling around, opening snacks, eating them, watching a movie, doing work on his laptop.

    He hated loud noise, and hated complete silence. Minho made things perfect. And he was more than happy to welcome this new routine. Perhaps that’s why he liked Minho so much. He was always the same. He was never excited more than usual, never annoyed or down more than usual. His facial expressions the same, his tone of voice the same. He repeated the same activities, listened to the same playlist, watched the same shows, wore the same jewelry. If they talked for a bit, the topic of conversation was usually something about cats. He never changed, and he felt safe with that.

    On Fridays, Minho had the day off. Minho eased his way into their friendship without meaning to, and by the end the first month was over, the three of them had something nice going on. Minho started laughing and smiling a bit more, something that Jisung enjoyed a little too much, a little flutter in his heart setting off every time.

    He also caught on incredibly fast to Jisung. It was as if he could see right through him and into his mind. It was scary, but he’s never mentioned anything about it, so he let it be for the time being. A few days into his second month of being there, was his first time seeing Jisung break down. As soon as the door closed, he looked up to see the younger trembling, with tears in his eyes. He threw his bookbag to the corner of the room, falling onto his knees. His arms reached out, and Minho came forward to hold him in seconds flat, the two sitting there as Jisung sobbed.

    Not a single word was exchanged that day, and it was never spoken about again. That happened two more times on some pretty tough days, Jisung sound asleep by the end of his meltdown, Minho humming and petting his head as if he were one of his cats. Then, he’d gently lay his head down on a pillow before heading to his work building.

    “What? I can’t believe I lost. I’m not talking to you for a week. How can I cheat and still lose?” Jisung cried out. “That’s your punishment for cheating, and you wouldn’t dare spend a week without me.” Minho commented, the rest of the group laughing. The entire friend group had gotten together to hang out for a night at Chan’s house, and decided on game night. “A week? Try seven months.” Hyunjin mumbled, and the room went silent.

    Minho looked confused, but Felix clapped his hands and quickly changed the subject, and though the room was filled with laughter again, the dark mood lingered the rest of the night. The rest of the group felt bad for Jisung. Though they were a bit mad at him for leaving for months at a time multiple times during their friendship, they all cried together in eachothers arms when he came back.

    Minho hadn’t experienced it yet. He didn’t know. And maybe he never would, because Jisung didn’t want to let Minho go. He was exactly the person he needed in his life.

    Felix wanted cuddles, but Jisung wasn’t feeling very fond for them some nights. When he reached out to hug him, Jisung flinched away. There was no awkward pause anymore, Minho simply cuddled him instead, and handed Jisung a pillow or stuffed animal. He smiled knowingly when he saw Jisung grab the fluffy item a few minutes later, cuddling it. The night continued. Minho knew what he needed.

    Their friend group had grown stronger with Minho being there for Jisung. Everyone else knew, but the boys himself was oblivious. Minho noticed every single small thing about him during the months they stayed together. Minho finally got enough money to rent out the apartment next to Felix’s, and they all saw eachother often, even after moving out of the cramped space.

    When they all hung out together, and an exciting conversation was happening, Jisung would tremble a bit. Minho would place a hand on his or even his leg to get him to calm down and stay still, even taking him to another room. (A/N: I tremble every single time I get excited please help.)

    Jisung didn’t magically get better, and he still skipped out on some hangouts or stayed clear of them for a few days. When things in his head got too loud, Minho was there to quiet them down to whispers instead of yelling. When Jisung was at home and sobbing at four in the morning, Minho called him and talked him to sleep.

    “Good job on graduating, Sungie.” Minho smiled, holding his arms open wide. Instead of actually doing things, he made sure he never actually touched him and let him come to him if he wanted to, and gave him the chance to shy away unless he couldn’t think properly. If he wanted a hug, he held his arms open. If he wanted to hold is hand, he reached out for his, hand open. He’d tease him by puckering his lips, which Jisung always laughed at.

    Jisung stepped into his arms, holding him tightly. “I don’t want to leave you.” He whispered, tears falling down his eyes. The two of them went back to the special spot alone. Jisung knew he wouldn’t be able to see Minho for a long time after the summer ended.

    He did do what his parents wanted him to. Applied for every ivy league school he could, accepted into all of his top choices. He wouldn’t give up his nights studying for that. He spent so much time, energy, and tears in his schoolwork. More than he should have. And though he would be free once he was 18, he insisted to Minho that he would let his hard work pay off and be successful without his family, but they would see just how much he’s done.

    “I’ll be here waiting for you. Don’t you dare think that you can leave me, Han Jisung.” Minho laughed, his own tears coming out. They went silent for a second, sniffling and looking into eachothers eyes. Jisung inched forward, placing his lips against his. There was no hesitation in Minho, immediately kissing him back. “Ew.” Jisung said when they parted with a breathy laugh, then laid his head down on the other’s shoulder.

    Jisung has always wanted love. To be loved, to love someone else. It was his dream to be so deep with someone where he wouldn’t have to worry about not being enough. That he was reassured they wouldn’t leave, and that they cared as much for him as he did for them. Minho felt like the right person. He was sure of it, and he’d fine out when he comes back.

    *Time skip to five years later.*

    “Oh my God, Minho, I can’t believe I’m getting married. And Jisung is going to miss it too, holy- my best friend!” “Calm down, Felix. I’m sure he’s upset about not being able to come, but we both know he’s busy.” Minho and Jisung had barely talked in the five years he was gone, but the feelings surprisingly never faded. Jisung was incredibly busy working his butt of to earn not one, but two bachelors degrees.

    They facetimed every month, missed texts here and there throughout the day if he had time. Nobody thought they’d make it, but they were determined to make it work. “I sure as hell would be upset if I missed the love of my life’s wedding. Felix, I can’t believe you’re leaving me for an old man!” At the familiar voice, the two whipped around.

    “JISUNG!” Felix practically screeched, Jisung having to momentarily cover his ears, attacked by a bear hug. Hyunjin let out a dramatic scream at the sudden noise. “Jisung! My future husband!” He yelled too, when he saw him.

    “Okay okay, my turn.” Minho said a few minutes into the hug. Felix was reluctant to let go, and Jisung jumped into Minho’s arms as quick as possible.

    “Hey.” The younger whispered, a big smile on his face. “Hi.” Minho laughed, placing a big kiss on his lips. “Jisung, you’re cheating on me?!” Seungmin yelled. “What? I thought we had something special!” Jeongin cried out next. They all broke out into laughter, and came to give him hugs. “Chan is freaking out about everything, especially his hair, somebody should go check on him- not you, Lix! Oh my- Jisung?!”

    “Can everyone give me some time with my Sungie?” Minho grumbled, but Changbin refused. After the wedding, Felix may have sobbed uncontrollably on the altar, Chan following soon after. Minho had taken Jisung out to a balcony for some privacy.

    “So…you got a boyfriend?” The two of them asked at the same time. Their eyes widened in shock before laughing. “I said I would wait for you, idiot. I kept my promise.” He responded. “Are you… just here for the wedding?” Minho asked, uncertainty in his voice. “You’ve changed a lot, Lee Minho.” Jisung said. The other’s face faltered at the lack of response to his question. He felt like he could cry right there if Jisung was leaving again. “Yet you’re still the same.” He sighed, continuing.

    “Same stupid pretty eyes. Same cute nose, same pretty lips. Same smooth voice, same lovely heart. Definitely different clothes, sexy hair, and a different body though. And I don’t remember you talking or laughing so much. I thought i’d run away from you. But I don’t think I could ever leave again.”

    “Good. Because you’re stuck with me forever.” Minho declared, pecking his lips. Then again, then again, and Jisung might have gotten carried away and-

    “Hey lovebirds! This is my wedding and I demand someone to cut me another slice of cake because I just dropped mine on the floor.” Felix frowned.

    i really don’t want to have to proofread this because i have a feeling it’s cringe. but hope you enjoyed lol.

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  • hyunsuks-beanie
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    Pairing: Changbin x gn. reader

    Genre: Angst/Fluff

    Trigger Warnings: Mentions of social anxiety

    Word Count: ~1.3k words

    Mellow speaks: Been a while since I wrote a fluffy scenario so here we are!! But the angst is quite heavy too, and I was pretty upset writing it. But I'm happy with the result, and I hope you guys enjoy!!

    Tagging: @freckledwinterfalls

    This wasn't like you. Sure, you had always been one to openly express your affections, and your boyfriend definitely wasn't opposed to being at the receiving end of the same. But clinging to him like your life depended on it, your smile fading the moment he so much as stepped away from you to grab himself a glass of water, this wasn't in the least like you. And Changbin noticed, of course he did.

    But he didn't say anything, afraid of his words somehow pinching you or rubbing you in the wrong way. He knew that life had been rather hard on you recently, and despite wanting nothing more than to be there for you whenever you needed him, he hadn't been able to do that, what with work keeping him busy and shows and performances to prepare for. This was the first time you had stepped out of your house in days if not months, and there was just something about your demeanor that seemed....off. You weren't interacting with the boys like you used to, your only responses to their questions and quips being nothing more than short hums and silent nods.

    But the worst was the fleeting expression of nervousness on your face. It was subtle enough to be missed, but with his eyes constantly on you, it was hard for him to not notice. You seemed bothered by something, and though he tried asking you what it was, you just wouldn't tell him, giving him a weak smile and shaking your head every time he approached you. You were uncharacteristically quiet too, leaving his heart aching to hear that beautiful voice of yours.

    But something inside him told him he would have to wait in order to be able to hear it, wait until it was just the two of you, in the secure confines of your home. Till then, he was most probably going to have to keep up with your hands constantly on his arm and your head on his chest at a stretch. And worried though he was, that's exactly what he was going to do.

    So he continued being your human pillow for hours altogether, his arms wrapped securely around your form as he rubbed soothing circles on your back. But of course, things don't always go well, with problems arising when you least expect them. And that's what happened this time around, much to his dismay. He had only left you for five minutes at most, reassuring you that he was only headed to the washroom and would be back before you know it. Yet, the way your expression fell as you bit your lower lip didn't escape him, causing him to sigh to himself while he made his way out of the room. That was the only mistake he made that night.

    In his absence, the boys tried their best to keep you company, asking you about your life and cracking jokes they thought you'd find funny. You knew they were just trying to help, but despite that, you just couldn't bring yourself to smile at them the way you used to. The slightest jibe by them made you let out a hiss, and whenever they raised their voices by even a notch, you found your nerves getting the best of you. Yet you stayed, sith your hands clasped together tightly, not wanting to make a scene out of nothing. But luck, of course, wasn't on your side, as your silence started irking some of them.

    They didn't want to be mean, but it was hard to keep smiling when you were there, acting like they were forcing you to stay there without your consent. Their patience was starting to grow thin, and the reason? They were missing their usual Y/N, they too, were missing your smile and your cheerful self. But they too, didn't want to mess things up, and so they stayed quiet as well. Not for long though.

    The final straw was when your boyfriend came back, your face lighting up the moment your eyes had landed on him. "You're back," you had whispered, getting up to hug him gently as he pulled you into his chest with a smile on his face. But your sweet moment had not lasted long, as you heard a scoff not seconds later. And turning to the source of the sound, you were left dumbfounded, tears springing to your eyes when you heard Minho say something that you had never expected to hear from him. He was like a brother to you, and thats the reason it hurt even more when he said, "Gosh you're so clingy to him, treating us like we're scum." Maybe it was the tone of his voice, or maybe it was words, but there was something that rubbed Changbin in the wrong way, and caused him to turn on him the moment you ran off, locking yourself in his room to cry.

    "How dare you say that, hyung?," he had asked, seething with rage and struggling to keep his voice level. "Can't you see they're struggling with something?" Minho, by then, had come to his senses, guilt washing over his face as he attempted to explain himself. But all was for naught, because the damage had been done, leaving your boyfriend to follow you, but not before throwing the elder a dirty look. His hand on the doorknob, he couldn't help the sigh of relief that escaped him upon realizing you hadn't locked it. Typical you, he had thought to himself, smiling softly only to have his heart break at the sight in front of him.

    You were on the floor, knees to your chest as you sobbed silently, head resting against your arms and body shaking ever so softly. He didn't waste a second in reaching his hand out to you, tears prickling his own eyes as he felt you shy away from him. But he didn't relent, continuing to urge you to take his hand until you finally did, leaning into his touch. Before you knew it, he had you in his lap once more, running his hand down your back to get you to calm down. "I-I'm sorry I'm so c-clingy," you had said between hiccups, pulling away from him to look at his face. And you saw it, the shattered expression that must not have been too different from your own.

    "Don't you dare say that," he had said, arms wrapping around you tighter as he pleased for you tell him. Tell him the reason he could no longer see the spark in your eyes. Tell him the reason why your smile was replaced by a nervous expression. And despite everything, you did just that. You told him how you had been diagnosed with social anxiety but didn't have the courage to let him know because you hadn't wanted him to worry. You told him how in recent days, he had become your only refuge, your only source of comfort when it felt like you couldn't even look anyone in the eye, when all seemed dark. And with every word that escaped your lips, you felt a little bit of the weight lift from your shoulders. You were crying once more, but this time, the tears were of relief, of comfort and security. You heard Changbin tell you that he will always be right next to you, will always be there to hold your hand when you need him.

    And despite everything, despite all the heaviness that you had been carrying with you in your heart, you wanted to believe him, because you knew he'd keep his promise.

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  • salchichangbin
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    iii. san thinks she's cute (besties time) 𓂃. 𓍢 more than friends smau!

    < prev . serie masterlist . next >

    < prev . serie masterlist . next >

    pairing: changbin x fem!reader, jisung x fem!reader

    genre: fluff, suggestive, humor (or at least i’ll try to), friends to lovers!au, smau

    warnings: 18+, mentions of sex, cursing, drinking alcohol, idk what else ???

    synopsis: in which y/n ends up having a secret fwb relationship with changbin until jisung starts noticing she isn’t hanging out with their friend group as much as she used to because she has to “study"… pfft what a liar.

    taglist [OPEN]: @certifiedunnie @hhjkji @skzooo @xhazmania @babystayyy @eastleighsblog @freckledquokka @dontphunkwithmylove @venus-en-aweona @19yearsmemories @literallyags @hoesheez

    if you want to be added to the taglist please let me know! feedback is welcome <3

    a/n: the amount of screenshots i have on my phone right now cause i keep messing up things 💀 anyway what do you guys think is going to happen with san and yeji?👀

    #stray kids x reader #skz x reader #stayverse #stray kids masterlist #stray kids blurbs #stray kids angst #skz angst #stray kids fluff #skz fluff #stray kids smut #skz smut #stray kids humor #skz humor#stray kids#realstraykids #stray kids bang chan #stray kids lee minho #stray kids seo changbin #stray kids hwang hyunjin #stray kids han jisung #stray kids lee felix #stray kids kim seungmin #stray kids yang jeongin #stray kids lee know #stray kids changbin #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids han #stray kids felix #stray kids seungmin #stray kids i.n
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  • stray-doll
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    I really want to start writing scenarios about SKZ and maybe about ITZY and BLACKPINK too. I'm really into soft and fluff but also mature content. I'll post something this week, but would love to get some requests.

    -Stray Doll ♡

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  • chaotic-channie-hyung
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    might post a fanfic i wrote while in benchmark testing

    genre: fluff

    tw: Jealousy, pLoT tWiSt


    Jisung met y/n in a cafe close to the school they went to. He had recognized her from one of his classes so he confronted her. She had invited him to study for the test for that class and they became good friends. They continued studying at the cafe religiously up until college, when a new student catches y/n's eye. y/n slowly loses focus on her relationship with Jisung, her best friend, due to her sudden feelings. Jisung stresses about his relationship with y/n, as he has liked her since 11th grade, and as we all do when we have an existential crisis, dyes his hair blue, his best friends favorite color. Jisung keeps stressing and stressing as y/n and the student get closer, until his friends him something that gives him a little confidence.

    (this sounded so much better in my head btw)

    if you couldn't tell, I'm not accustomed to posting stories on tumblr so please let me know if there is something im doing that is weird or there is a better way of doing something :) thanks Babes (ive decided to call my followers that cause im cool B) )

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  • haepii
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Limerence | PJS (01)

    (n.) the state of being infatuated or obsessed with someone

    Pairing: Park Jisung + Reader
    Genre: Werewolf!AU, Supernatural!AU, series
    Series: Main Navi, Neo Culture Pack Series Masterlist, next part
    Warnings: Violence, Gore, Mentions/Use of Weapons (I.e., swords, daggers, knives), Mentions of Blood, Murder, Animal Death/Murder, Werewolves (if you don't like it, leave), Mentions of bones cracking/breaking, Mentions of witches/witchcraft, mentions of vampires/fae, mentions of werewolves (duh), Jealous/Controlling Behavious (I do not condone these behaviours in real life, but obviously this work is pure fiction and so are the characters in it even if they are based off real people), Mentions of terminal illness (a brief mention and flashbacks, it can be rather confronting and I have experienced the facing of this situation myself. I know how confronting and triggering it is, so please do not put your own mental health at sake for reading this fanfic).
    WC: 4.7K

    It was another morning, as any other, riding on your bicycle, your long hair flowing in the wind behind you as the curls framing your face brushed your blushed cheeks. Hearing the ping of a bike bell, your glanced back with a smile, seeing Ryujin, your best friend only a few metres behind you coming from an unpaved side-street. Her voice exclaimed happily. "(Y/N)!"

    Slowing for a few moments, allowing for the girl, clad in your small town's school uniform, consisting of a white blouse, with a navy bow knot tie, that had a pin of the school crest in the centre, alongside white and red accents. The pleated skirt, she'd always rolled up was navy blue with two red and white strips near the hem. The usual navy and gold accented blazer had not be worn, given summer vacation had just ended, but the heat remained thick in the air. You gave her a side look, like she was crazy. "You saw me yesterday, you can't possibly have missed me."

    "Well, I did, and here we are. Softmore year, huh?" Ryujin tended to be more risqué and feisty when it came to the dress code, overdoing it in makeup with her bold red lips, and bleached or dyed hair, which was now a deep red colour matching her gradient lip tint. Her earrings were massive statement earrings she'd bought on the school trip to Seoul the previous semester, and was reminiscent of the earrings seen on Kpop-idols in their music videos with the 'girl crush' concept. Admittedly, you loved the girl to death, but as the sophomore Head Girl, AKA the world's biggest suck-up, you constantly had to give her detentions. "Chaerin and Taegwang went camping this weekend, you know? I wonder if they'll be back yet."

    "They always are." You answered with a smile, entering the main road of the town in sync with Ryujin. The town you lived in was at the bottom of a massive mountain range, known for supernatural happenings and hauntings, alongside being a national park. One of the biggest in the world, owned by the Lee's, the town's richest family that everyone knew but, strangely, never saw. "Do you reckon they'd go camping in the woods?"

    "0h hell no! Could you imagine Chaerin, in the woods? I couldn't." Ryujin let out a laugh, as the pair of you reached the school's parking lot, moving to park your bikes in the bike parks. Ryujin took her sweet time in getting out her bike chain, and locking it as you spoke. "Hey, no need to be nasty, I'm sure she can rough it out. I'm also sure that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

    Following the girl's lead, you chained your bike to the parking spot, and got your pink backpack from the basket of your off-white, vintage bike. You hadn't noticed that Ryujin and yourself wore the same Mary Jane heels and lace-trim socks, until you heard the voice of Chaerin squealing into your ears, almost rendering you deaf, and throwing her arms around Ryujin and your own shoulders, being in between the pair of you. "Oh my goodness! Look who's back in business, and matching shoes too! You guys never let me in on the fun, don't you?"

    "Hey! I bought these in Seoul." Ryujin almost looked offended, as did you, but soon the two of you giggled for a second and the offence of wearing the same shoes was quickly put behind you. "I did too."

    "You two know how the saying goes, great minds think alike." Chaerin spoke with a slight smirk, noting how you and Ryujin seemed to always be just that smidge closer than she was to either of you. However, that was not surprising considering you and Ryujin had practically come from the womb best friends. "Anywho! We got lab partners assigned for sciences today on the notice board. I think Ms. Qian learnt from last year not to put you two with each other."

    You let out a snort, as Taegwang, Chaerin's boyfriend of two years walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek, now walking beside the three of you. Ryujin spoke up, a tasting smirk on her lips. "I bet Ms. Qian wouldn't have put you with Taegwang for chemistry, given how loved up you two are. Especially after this weekend."

    Wagging her tongue side-to-side and wiggling her eyebrows comically, Chaerin hit Ryujin with a playfully angry expression on her face, before smirking herself. "Oh! do that all you want Ryujin, it doesn't stop from the fact that I've got a love life and you bitches don't."

    "I so have a love life!" You defended, looking between Chaerin and Ryujin who shared a knowing side-eye glance with one another.

    "Yeah... totally, with your maths textbook." Ryujin started bursting out in laughter, alongside Chearin, the two of them thinking they were the most hilarious people on the planet. Chearin gave her partner in crime high-five, wiping the tears from her eyes and chortling out. "Good one."

    "Not cool, either of you." You shook your head in mock offence, making a b-line for the notice board, and collecting your schedule from the administrations office, the other three–Chaerin, Taegwang, and Ryujin doing the same.

    "No maybe, I'm wrong, it's definitely your French paint set." Ryujin giggled, as the four of you waited in line to get a look-see at the new lab partners for the year. you gave a look of complete seriousness to Ryujin, gesturing with your fingers, only a minuscule amount. "Ryujin, I am this close to ripping those earrings out."

    "Taegwang, do you see how she treats us? She threatens violence all the time, it's practically abuse." Ryujin let out a fake sob clutching her earrings and pouting up at the much taller captain of the basketball team, Taegwang. Chaerin gave Ryujin a look. "Paws off my boyfriend."

    Silence fell over the rowdy friend group as they went to get a peak at the lab partners for the year, Ryujin looking deflated as she saw who her new lab partner was, she'd gotten Zhong Chenle, the boy in your's and her's biology class. He was super arrogant, and cocky, only really caring for the music and track programs, doing biology as a way to get an easy mark to keep up his grades for track. Ryujin knew she would no longer be able to dump the work onto you, seeing as your lab partner was Chenle's best friend, Park Jisung. On the contrary to Chenle, Jisung was quiet and shy, only really hanging out with Chenle and a group of four other senior boys, all popular, one of who'm was on the basketball team, the other on the restling, one in the music program, and the last being the school's captain. The two boys, now Ryujin and your respective lab partners were friends with Jaemin, Jeno, Haechan, and Renjun. They never spoke to anyone else, and acted as if all the other students were beneath them.

    What a great lab partner, you sarcastically thought to yourself rolling your eyes with a scowl. Secretly, you'd hoped to get Ryujin as your lab partner, but that would've been foolish. Ms. Qian made that mistake last year, and she was determined not to make that mistake again.

    "The lab partners this year are complete and utter bullshit, and to think we have bio first! Ugh!" Ryujin snapped, complaining on and on, as the bell rang for first period. The all-consuming dread now filling you as well, when you looked down at your schedule for the first time. Making a stop at your neighbouring lockers to put your bags away and to get your books before heading off again you couldn't help but feel like you were on the edge of something massive occurring, and you didn't like this feeling.

    Nevertheless, you followed behind Ryujin dazed and your mind wandering as you walked across the courtyard of the campus to the sciences block, straying a few metres behind your dearest friend, taking a moment to look up at the sky and collect your thoughts. Seeing only a pool of grey, you felt slightly relieved, knowing that the afternoon would be filled with rain and loose-leaf teas, alongside huddling under thick blankets and studying for only a short while before putting on a movie until your mother got home. A small smile fell upon your lips. The thought of playing in the rain with your dog, Maggie, or hearing the pattering raindrops on the tin roof of your home as you drifted off for a nap. Maybe you'd sit on the back porch with a steaming cup of tea and look out at the treelike of the mountain range in the distance. Your home, despite not being much, was still your home, and you couldn't ask for any better.

    You strolled biology behind Ryujin, your mind absent of any thoughts as you walked over to the lab bench you now shared with Jisung. The lanky boy with slightly pink hair, who's gaze landed on you the moment you walked into the room, leaving the room feeling heavy and as if it was caving in on you, suffocating you, leaving one thought left on your mind; what was happening to me?

    Sitting at the lab bench, waiting for the class to begin, knowing full well the dismay of Chenle when he was not put as his lab partner for the year as he waited for you. Having never had first-hand experiences with you, only knowing of you, he hadn't really come to a judgement on whether or not you were good or bad. He knew of your place in the school, and the friends you kept, who'm he was relieved picked chemistry as he detested them with a burning passion. He knew you were known for doing the most prized art pieces around the school, and had a few art trophies, and debating trophies in the trophy case under your name, he also knew you were the vice captain of the school as a sophomore, being known as Head Girl, alongside his pack mate and (technically) adoptive brother, Renjun. Knowing you hardly ever left the school grounds, he wasn't surprised that you were also known for tutoring the football and basketball teams respectively. You were the model student, and this town's closest thing to a golden girl.

    His gaze flickered to you, as you entered the biology lab, your biology and art history textbooks clutched absentmindedly to your chest. You were clearly pensive as you strolled over to the lab bench, dumping your books on the bench and putting your book bag on the bag of your raised stool, sitting down next to him. Though you seemed away in your own mind, Jisung stared at you intently, taking in the scent of lavender, vanilla and summer rain as it consumed his senses and blurred him to anyone else in the room. His eyes fell upon you as if he were analysing you in a way that would make any outsider think he'd never see you again. His gaze focused on your pink headband, and he curls that rested free to fame your face, or how the light waves of your hair cascaded down your back, then moving to focus on your lightly blushed pink cheeks, and hot pink lip tint. From the light eyeshadow on your eyes to the bronzer on your cheeks, or the way your lightly mascara-clad eyelashes fluttered when you blinked.

    Then he felt it, that fluttering warm sensation bubbling in his chest. The one his brothers had described earnestly when they met them, their mate. The feeling he was instinctively taught to know of without ever being told of, engrained into his senses, on a spot in his heart from the moment he was born. His mate.

    Chenle, sitting at the lab bench in front of him, with Ryujin, who was checking her nails absentmindedly had turned around to say something, a playful smile already on his face as he opened his mouth to speak up, before frowning and closing it instantly. He felt it too, the feeling not unlike what her felt for the mates of their pack brothers, or their pups that were not far from entering this world. The pull to protect you at all costs had now consumed him. The unmistakable voice rang in his head, only through the strong bond of a pack link could such be shared. "I think... I just found my mate."

    "If I'm going to be honest... I think you did too." He said back in shock, not even bothering to turn back around as the lesson began, and Ms. Qian had done her best to teach the lesson, continuously faltering and pausing to look at you, Jisung and Chenle, almost failing to teach the class the fundamentals of the powerhouse of the cell, too distracted in what was going on.

    You on the other hand, tried to intently the focus on Ms. Qian's teaching, desperately trying to ignore the heavy gaze Jisung had held on you for the entirety of the lesson. When the bell finally rang, you made a point to be one of the first out the door and run down the halls and outside the science building to the arts building, which was conveniently in the main building of the school, attached by a covered walkway, unlike the science building. You hadn't even realised that the rain for the day had begun to pelt down relentlessly covering you in head to toe as you walked into the art class, recieving the same faltering look from Renjun.

    The same look Chenle had given you, and the same look you had swore Ms. Qian gave you too. Not you as well... what is with everyone looking at me today? You thought as you looked at your fellow Head student, Head Boy to be precise. You sat down your book bag by your easel and perched yourself onto your stool, making quick work of taking out your paints and setting them on your palette. Renjun had to take a moment to process the overwhelming need to protect you, just as he felt for the others. He spoke up in his casual tone that he'd usually used with you, being Head Boy and Girl meant you two interacted a lot and often. "Did you not stop to check that it was raining? You do know we have a semester start address at assembly after lunch, don't you?"

    "Oh, was it?" You frowned, all of a sudden feeling cold and shivering as you sat down underneath the cool air conditioning, as water dripped from your blouse, that had gone slightly see-through. At this point, Renjun was just about cursing himself for not knowing sooner about you being the mate of someone in his pack. He held out his wooden navy jumper to you, which he conveniently brought everyday knowing how cold the air conditioning can get, and how much he hated it. "Here, you'll need it."

    "I'll look like a mess on assembly, but thank you." You took his jumper and pulled it over your head, it was slightly too big and smelled of his cologne, but you supposed that desperate times called for desperate measures. Renjun just shook his head with a small smile. "You'll look fine, I'm sure you'll dry out by then too."

    You turned your attention to the hyper realistic painting of a Koi pond you were working on for your Japanese cultural project, showcasing architecture, culture, and wildlife. You had already completed three other pieces, one of traditional dress, in hyper-realism, and one of architecture in surrealism, the last one you were doing was one of wildlife in hyper-realism, aiming to tell the story of Japanese culture. Picking up your paintbrush, you began to do some touch ups on what had been started rather than start any new portion of the painting, blending and shading being your only goal for this hour-long session.

    Renjun on the other hand was working on a series of graphic drawing depicting the trials of adolescence, based on an Australian coming of age movie, the name of which you hadn't cared to remember. Just as you were getting in the zone of painting, the bell had once again rung, and Renjun walked across the room over to you with a small smile. You returned the small smile, gesturing to his jumper. "I suppose you want your jumper back?"

    "No, you can keep it until assembly. I was wondering if you had written anything for the address." He shrugs, looking over at your art works propped up half-hazardly against the wall, most of which were paintings or framed sketches from the past semester. You shrugged in return giving a playful smile to the slightly taller boy. "No, no... you know me, always speak from the heart."

    "You mean wing it." He chuckled, at which you let out a laugh. You never understood how Renjun could get you to let loose so easily, how he could make you become calm and free-spirited. Perhaps it was just his nature, having that theraputic presence about him, or perhaps it was something more sinister. You suppose you'd never know. "Me, wing it? Never."

    "Alright, I'll speak first and hand it to you, considering you did the closing address." He says with a 'business as usual' smile that you knew all too well, knowing that you were not only peers but colleagues that the school loved to show off at any chance given. You smiled with a nod, before picking up your things and heading to lunch. "All good."

    Walking into the lunch hall, you found yourself walking over to the table claimed by Chaerin and Taegwang, as they were picking at their lunch trays. Chearin had been cuddling up to Taegwang, and you could see how they loved each other deeply, despite only being an offical item for a couple of months. Young love was fickle, you knew this, so much could go wrong. High school sweethearts don't often stick around.

    Before being called over by a group of her more popular friends, she kissed Taegwang on the cheek and ran off to anyone table, just as you sat down with your own tray.

    "Your's looks more wholesome than mine." Nodding from his own tray to your's, the stark contrast between the colourful and nutrient feast on your tray, to the deep fried and golden mass on his.

    "Eh... well, mother-dearest is on a business trip to Sweden and won't be back for a few weeks, and the only things at home are eggs, milk and ramen." You took large bites of the meat and vegetables on your tray as you spoke, as if never wanting to confront your true emotions on your family life.

    Your mother owned a law firm, originally based in the city, but expanded to Europe and since had grown on the other side of the globe. The only twist with this is that your mother and father started the company together, only to divorce once the firm had grown. In a successful attempt to get full custody of you, she split the firm, based it Sweden, and used the cover of moving in with your terminally ill grandmother in this small town. Since her death, you had figured that your mother only stayed in this town as a way to be closer to her. Staying only to cherish her for a few more years until you eventually moved for a career, and the house would become just another relic on her growing property portfolio.

    After a beat of long silence and eating, Taegwang spoke up after talking a long sip of his drink. "You can stay at mine for a bit if you want."

    "No, no... I'm fine, she'll be back before the whether turns, I'm sure of it." You gave him a small smile, as if reassuring him that you'd be fine in the house that gave you such fond, yet such confronting memories. Having known you since you were both young, Taegwang knew that you were not fine in the slightest, and knew the only he could do was be there. "At least let me drive you home."

    "Your girlfriend would crucify me."

    "One, she's not that clingy, and two, I don't want you getting sick, three, who's jumper is that?" Taegwang let out a laugh at the smirk that plastered itself on your face as you took a sip of your own drink, before he'd turned more serious. Almost like he was repulsed instead of just being there, like he had to protect you from something.

    "It's just Renjun's– I acciedntally walked in the rain." A beat of silence fell over the two of you again, as Ryujin plopped her tray down on the table, immediately feeling the tension rise between you and Taegwang. You looked him in the eye. "Is there anything wrong with that?"

    "No, nothing at all."

    You nuzzled yourself into the jumper further, taking more bites of your lunch, feeling a flock of burning gazes on your back, you glanced back at Ryujin for a moment, seeing that she was contemplating on leaving, awkwardly blurting out. "I think I'll go sit with Chaerin."

    "No! I want you to sit with us."

    Out of you perhiphial vision–which you had seen a lot out of today–you could see the table of the six most well-known boys in the school's eyes focused on you in bewilderment, some even gaping at you. Jaemin, Jeno, and Haechan all had their eyes on you, while Jisung, the youngest, at his food and was determined not to look at you. On the other hand, Renjun and Chenle paid no mind to you, talking in rapid-fire mandarin, engrossed in their own conversation.

    From their table, not far from your own, Haechan, Jeno, and Jaemin all gaped at you. They all felt that simultaneous need to protect you, knowing full-well who you were, what you meant to them, and what it would mean for the future. Noticing your discomfort at the three boys gaping at you, Renjun broke off from the conversation about the possibility of alien life with Chenle, and looked at the three jocks.

    "Maybe if you idiots stop gaping at her like she's a zoo animal, then we might actually be able to befriend her without her running for the hills first."

    Haechan was the first to tear his gaze from you, and focused on Renjun with an annoyed scoff. "If you spoke to her about your alien bullshit, then she has been running for the hills, as you put it, well before now."

    Rolling his eyes, the only one with any rational sense in the group, so happening to be the youngest and tallest, stood up and went to clear his tray, which was not unlike your own, as it was piled high with colourful foods full of nutrients. Jisung had found no amusement in his brothers' supposed 'caring for his wellbeing', already having an earful from their adoptive-sister-in-law, slash the glue that kept these boys from ripping each other apart on the prospect of you. He had never spoken to you, but he'd seen you before, so why–all of a sudden–did you become his mate and, subsequently, his partner in crime?

    He always heard of the prospect of the mate bond, without ever picturing himself having one. He knew what it meant for the pack, another person they were bonded to, and another person who made them happy. Seeing how his adoptive brothers, specifically the older ones interacted with their mates, he knew it wasn't just genetic. There was an aspect of choosing in the process. Yet, here he stood, dumping his leftovers into the large containers for the homeless shelter, a program which you had started, while lost in thought. He was confused. While screaming at himself to run to you, to kiss you and to call you his, he also told himself that you were too good for him, better than any other girl he could've asked the moon goddess herself for. He could only think of one person he could go to for guidance.

    Leaving school, and making a b-line for his moped he put on his helmet hopped on and drove off. He hadn't even bothered to tell his pack mates where he was going, they probably already knew, and if they didn't know, they could take a pretty accurate guess.

    Within a short while, he'd arrived to the pack's house, a house nestled into the thick forests of the mountain range, in which was their territory, known mostly as a national park. Their private estate being on their privately owned land, they made a commission for use of the national park by the government. By no means were they middle class, they were straight upper class and their home, for the location, views, and land they were on would be worth millions.

    Parking his moped in between Lucas' and Johnny's respective motorbikes, he hopped off, taking his helmet off as he did so. He walked up to the house, dragging his feet, feeling mentally drained to the point where he couldn't focus on anything. Without even thinking, he headed to the one room in the house he knew he'd be taken seriously.

    "I know you left school, Jaemin contacted me as soon as you did. Come in, won't you?" The voice from inside the office rang through the air, with a tone of gentleness and patience. Contrary to what Jisung had been expecting, from the seething Taeyong he'd envisioned on his ride home.

    Plonking himself on one of the seats opposite Taeyong, Jisung spoke cooly. "It's not his job to do that."

    "He was worried." Taeyon soothed, knowing full well the confusion Jisung is going through. The alpha of this pack, their leader, felt it in his bones, the worry and concern, the confusion. He didn't like it when his pack was worried, it ebbed at him and put him on edge. "He thought you'd be jumping for joy, and wanting to spend every second with your mate."

    "I'm confused for fuck's sake!"

    "What is there to be confused about?" Taeyong stood from his office chair, finally looking up from his work, and moving around to sit with Jisung, but rather than sitting in the chair next to the younger, he leant on the armrest on the other, facing him.

    "We're too young."

    "Look, Jisung... I may not have been as young as you when I met Areum, but I knew the moon goddess herself knew what she was doing the second I had an actual conversation with her." As Jisung had expected, Taeyong had taken him seriously, as he'd always done and as the younger had hoped he'd always do. "Selene never makes mistakes."

    "I don't want to scare her off."

    "Then don't." The elder shrugged, before asking out of pure curiousity, not to taunt him, but just to know. To coach him through the thick of it. "Do you have any real reasons to befriend her, or is she one of the peers you don't talk to?"

    "She's my new lab partner." The younger shrugged, but then again, what interesting conversations could occur over investigating DNA?

    "Great! Get to know her, I don't see what's stopping you."

    "I don't want everyone to go nuts over her though, you know how us lot get about mates." Despite the elder thinking, for a split second, that the younger was joking, the shock on the elder's face was a dead giveaway that he had not been expecting this reaction from Jisung, but nonetheless listened.

    "I won't let them."

    "I don't want to mark her until we're older."

    "That's valid."

    "I don't want to hold her down from her dreams."

    "Only she can determine that, Jisung." Sighing, Taeyong gave the younger a small smile, giving the only reassurance to the younger that he could think to give. His own experience. It was the only way to make him understand that this bond is not to tie someone down, and it is definitely not a ball-and-chain. "Areum is going to law school, nothing is stopping her, and I would hate it if she thought I was stopping her."

    "That's different."

    "No, Jisung... it's not." Taeyong's gaze analysed the younger's confused expression.

    Looking up at the elder, Jisung had a broken expression, feeling as if he'd lost you before he'd even had a chance, as if he never even had one to begin with. "Tell me what to do."

    "What do you feel is right?"

    © @haepii 2022

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  • luvsungiie
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    you mean forever

    genre: fluff (angst depending on how you look at it)

    pairing: han jisung x afab reader

    word count: 827

    warnings: mentions of food (nothing in specific), not fully proof read

    requested?: no

    summary: y/n hated when jisung spent his money on her, but one gift in particular left her beyond speechless

    notes: this is my first story so i hope whoever reads, enjoys :) apologies for any mistakes


    “I told you not to buy me anything.” You scolded your boyfriend, only failing to actually sound menacing. Jisung smiles, holding up the small bunny plushie, one of the few gifts he just “couldn’t resist” buying you while he was overseas. “But look at how cute it is! The second I saw it I thought of you and couldn’t help myself.” You had to admit, the bunny was pretty cute, and the way your heart melted while thinking that even though Jisung was thousands of miles away, pushing through his never ending schedule, he still always thought of you.

    You sighed, taking the plushie from his hand and fiddling with it’s floppy ears. “I guess it is kinda cute…And soft.” Your boyfriend's smile grows wider as he hears your confession. “I knew you would like it! Now, open the next bag!” He pleads, sliding it across the table. Picking it up you noticed it was fairly heavy. You eyed Jisung cautiously. He nodded frantically, as a hint for you to hurry up.

    Finally getting it untied, you peeked inside to see the bag was full of snacks and sweets. “Jisung, I love you, but you do know that I’ve had all of these before, right?” You ask softly. Jisung rolls his eyes. “Of course I do, Y/N, I just figured you could use a restock.” Looking closer in the bag, something had caught your attention.

    Sticking your hand in and pulling out a few items. “And why are there empty wrappers in my bag of snacks, Han Jisung?” Your boyfriend blushes, rubbing the back of his neck. “It was a long plane ride.” He shyly admits. You couldn’t help but laugh. Tossing the bag back on the table, you make your way towards Jisung, wanting nothing more than to have him in your arms again.

    “Thank you, my love. I appreciate the gifts even though you shouldn’t be spending your money on me.” But Jisung pulls away instantly, causing you to frown. “You forgot one.” He says, pointing to the table. You turn around to see you have, in fact, forgotten a gift. Picking it up, you noticed this one was smaller than the other two gifts, and was actually wrapped in an elegant wrapping.

    You carefully tore open the perfectly wrapped paper, heart breaking just a little as if the present had been destroyed. Hidden underneath was a velvety black box. You could feel your heart rate increasing as you stared at it. As soon as you opened it, your eyes landed on the most beautiful necklace you had ever seen. A fair sized Sapphire jewel, encased in four silver prongs, holding the jewel in place. You felt a loss of words. No one had ever given you something so gorgeous, let alone very expensive looking.

    You looked to your boyfriend with your jaw dropped. He chuckled, reaching under your chin to close it. “You’re gonna catch flies, baby.” He teases. Still standing there, shocked, a million thoughts running through your mind. Jisung takes the necklace from your hands. “Turn around.” Doing as he says, he pushes your hair to the side, sliding the necklace around your neck and clipping it in place. He kisses your neck softly, trailing his lips down to your shoulders, letting them linger to some seconds.

    Turning you back around, he smiles. “I know you’re against me spending my money on you, and I know you’re probably wondering how big of a loan I had to take out for this.” Your jaw drops again, genuinely about to get angry but Jisung lets out a loud laugh. “Babe, I’m kidding, I promise no loan was needed for this. It did cost a pretty penny, and before you say anything, you are not going to pay me back for it, though I guess I will accept cuddles and kisses as an alternative.” He jokes. You both fall into a comfortable silence.

    You still couldn't form a single word. If you tried saying something, you were positive it would come out in a jumbled mess. Jisung wasn’t mad though. He could never be mad at you. “Take a closer look.” He says, looking back at the necklace. You followed his eyes, picking up the jewel from your neck, you noticed something different this time. This time, laying just beside the Sapphire, sat a small tag of metal. Looking closer, you noticed it had something engraved in it.

    “You Mean Forever”

    Tears built in your eyes. Jisung placed a kiss on your forehead. “You don’t need to say anything now, or ever really. I know you love it, cause if you didn’t you would have said something by now.” He jokes again. You laugh softly, your first real reaction you had given Jisung that would hint to how you feel about his gift. “Think of it as a promise. My promise to care for you. Protect you. Love you. Because You are my Forever.”

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  • a3r3n
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Nct High Stories presents...


    A Jisung × reader story

    ⚠️Warnings: does Renjun being slightly dirty minded count?

    Chapter 17: "how to use a bit of tact"

    🌼 [prev] < [part 17] > [next]

    > series masterlist

    a/n: I don't know what to say, I just hope you have a good day <33 (or night, it depends)

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  • seosracha
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    ㅡsun & moon | xiii. on the case

    masterlist > next

    summary: you'd never think unleashing your inner artist would cause a broken heart and a lifetime romance all at once. but will the value of friendship let your sun rise?
    taglist OPEN [ @haesungie @lunaflvms @skzstaysstuff @soobin-chois @murderyoursoul @nattisbored @wooyaluvr @yumi-xox @tiinytete @arewrittenstar @97lovestay @haaymah @sivnic @cixhoneyhuns @hazzaloveschopsuey ]
    #hyunjin x reader #stray kids#bang chan#han jisung#hwang hyunjin #skz x reader #hyunjin #bangchan x reader #skz#sm au#skz smau#skz felix#skz hyunjin#skz fluff#skz imagines #stray kids sm au #stray kids imagines #stray kids x reader #lee minho#lee know#lee felix#kim seungmin #hwang hyunjin x reader #hyunjin fluff #hyunjin social media au #hyunjin imagines#seungmin#seo changbin#jeongin#changbin
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  • sunbokie
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    ❧ INCLUDES: all members! ♡ + gn reader

    ❧ GENRE: fluff, slight angst in some scenarios, longing (?)

    ❧ WORD COUNT: 1.8k

    ❧ WARNINGS: mentions of not being enough, mentions of a broken heart and unrequited love :(

    ❧ A/N: posting some of my old stuff in exam period because I have no time to write! I hope you enjoy this piece I wrote and posted on my wattpad a while ago. have a nice day, guys! ♡

    ❧ WANT TO SEE MORE? check out my stray kids masterlist & my main masterlist! ♡

    ❧ PERMANENT TAGLIST: [ @enfinity / @retrovelvet147 / @artisticbitch24 / @todorokiskitten / @softforqiankun /@gxmini03 / @prettyflxwer ] — OPEN! send an ask or a dm if you want to be added and be notified everytime I post something new! ♡

    ❧ ©2022 sunbokie | please don't steal, repost or plagiarize my works!

    ღ CHAN

    "I wanna kiss them," Chan said as he watched you smiling and laughing with your friends. Your lips were moving slowly and the way your eyes shone fascinated him. In the light of a thousand chandeliers, you shined the brightest. You had this aura around you; it made him want to just take your face in his palms and steal your breath away, just the way you did when you first walked into the room. "I wanna kiss them so fucking bad, Changbin."

    "Then go kiss them, for fuck's sake, and stop being a creep!" The younger boy muttered shoving another pizza slice into his mouth. Chan woke up from the trance you got him in and blushed slightly.

    "I can't do that," he mutters.

    Changbin stops chewing and looks at him, placing his food back on the plate before he clasped his hands together. "Why?"

    "Such beauty should not be tainted by me, they are too precious and I am... just me. I'm afraid they'll reject me and I don't want to be broken-hearted, not now, not when I'm so close to losing my mind because of them."

    ღ MINHO

    You chuckled when you saw the baby laughing happily in your arms. Your best friend watched in amusement as their little cousin grabbed your oversized shirt and pulled on it lightly, the girl really liked your rainbow-colored top. So much that her eyes were sparkling when she first placed her eyes on it.

    "You're doing it again, hyung..." Jisung whispered, seeing Minho stare at you with the sweetest look in his chocolate-brown eyes, with his chin leaning on his palm. Han didn't know what was going on in his friend's mind, but judging from the lovestruck expression on his face, he could just assume he was thinking about you again.

    "I can't help it, Ji..." He paused for a little while, a soft smile making its way on his pink lips. "They are so beautiful..."

    Minho wasn't afraid of confessing to you, no way. He just wanted it to be perfect, but he found himself staring at you more than actually thinking of a way to do it. His heart and mind were full of you.


    Maybe it was the way you were sleeping soundly on his couch, tired after all the work you had to take care of today, or maybe it was the way the moon lightens up your face in the most beautiful way that Changbin couldn't take his eyes off you. He couldn't help but appreciate your unique features, your pretty skin, and eyelashes brushing your cheeks softly. The way your chest rises and falls with every breath and your hands gripping one of his plushies close to your body warms him up. This comfortable atmosphere is what brings happiness in Changbin's heart.

    You, his friend and long-time crush, were right in front of him but so far away at the same time.

    What are you doing to me? he thinks, the silence in the living room almost choking him of any air left in his lungs. Why do I want to hug you, why do I want to keep you close?

    It's like you put a spell on him; he moves his brown hair away from his forehead, his fingers halting a bit between his locks when you sighed in your sleep. The judging look the maknaes were giving him when they walked silently past him made him roll his eyes.

    "You're so whipped," Jeongin whispered.


    "We have... chemistry..." Hyunjin said, pointing to the two of you, a hopeful look in his beautiful eyes. But you looked at him with a confused expression. Clutching the books closer to your chest, you close your locker with your free hand. "Uh, no? We have math."

    He never facepalmed this hard in his entire life, but before he could say anything else you were already on your way to the classroom, telling him to hurry up before you're both late.

    With this memory still lingering inside his head, he sighed softly. Maybe it was better to just say 'I like you' rather than that vague pick-up line, but he was nervous and so he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind. You were so oblivious sometimes, but he loves everything about you.

    And now he was watching you dance in the pale light of the moon, your bare feet moving through the warm sand. Your body swayed on the music, the sounds from your car perturbing the silent night in the most beautiful ways. It was just you, Hyunjin, and your favorite song.

    He didn't even remember how you two ended up on this empty beach, but he surely does not regret it. He can now admire you and your sparkly eyes. And when you raised your head and smiled at him, he felt his heart skip a beat.

    Because he just wanted to kiss you right there, right then, and tell you how beautiful you are in his eyes.

    ღ JISUNG

    'I'm in love with you' is what Jisung wants to tell you every morning when he wakes up. He wants to tell you this every moment of his life, but why is it so hard? He thinks about falling. He did it without even noticing. He fell for the way your eyes creases when you smile brightly, he fell for your voice and your lips, for your everything.

    His eyes follow your figure as you give him a little wave before hurrying past him in the same park you first met. You were probably late again to your job at the bakery, but your scent still lingered behind you. You smelt like November, like freshly baked pancakes and hot chocolate. He could write a whole song based on how you look right now, dressed warmly for the autumn season, biting your lip nervously, and apologizing to every person you bumped into on your way to the building next to the park.

    You're so gorgeous.

    If only he had the courage to tell you this.

    "It's okay, you'll get the chance to confess to them soon!" Felix pats his shoulder and Jisung just nods absentmindedly. Maybe he can be the one to hold your hand soon, or maybe he will bottle up his emotions like he always does.

    ღ FELIX

    "What am I doing wrong?" He whispers, watching the hand that touched your forehead earlier. He was just worried that you might have caught a fever, but when he proceeded to check your temperature with his palm, you just mumbled an excuse and left.

    Lately, you've been acting strange around him and he thinks it's because Chan told you something. That man was teasing Felix more than ever these days, so what if he told you about the boy's feelings? The thought made him tremble slightly.

    He watched as you shyly turned your head to look at him, before jumping a bit and hurrying in your steps. Your flustered expression made him blush profusely, painting his freckled cheeks with a rosy color. It was at that moment that Felix realized that he's totally in love with you. He wanted to see that expression every day. He wanted to be the cause for your warm skin and fast heartbeat, but he couldn't find himself moving from the place you left him.

    He was still looking at your figure walking away from him, sun rays surrounding your body and making you shine. Like always. But you didn't need the sun, you were already breathtaking in his eyes.


    You were just friends.

    But 'just friends' don't look at each other like that. No, they don't admire each other as you two do. Jisung got sick of telling Seungmin to confess to you already, but the boy was too stubborn. He didn't want to admit that you drove him absolutely crazy to the point he couldn't even sleep well at night.

    Not even now, when your hand tempted him to intertwine his fingers with yours, when your pretty kissable lips are moving slowly, telling him about your day and how much you hated that teacher. He couldn't do it. Maybe because he was afraid that you actually see him as just a friend. He isn't stupid, he knows he's whipped and he knows you're aware of that. It annoys him to no end, seeing you smile so brightly like that, talking to him like that.

    Like he's the only person who you'd give your heart to, but that's not enough to confess. He can't base it on his instinct, he treasures you too much to lose you over some feelings.

    "And that's when he started saying nonsense-" you laugh loudly, raising the cup of your favorite drink to your lips.

    His crush on you is akin to a crushed velvet, soft and reflective of the light. He wants this love he has for you to become your wings someday. And wherever you go, whatever you do, with him or not, he'll be content that he did something good for you, that he was good enough for you.

    Yeah, I can live with that. He nods softly at his thoughts, finally letting the corners of his mouth form a small smile at your words. He wants you to be happy.


    "Hey, Jeongin..." You mumble, trying to not destroy the silence that surrounds you on this beautiful night. He hums softly, so you continue "what's love?"

    He turns his head to look at you, smiling a bit when he sees you averting your eyes to the starry sky above you. You two were sitting on the rooftop of his house, talking about how you were almost late today, how you accidentally burned your breakfast the second time this week because you were in a hurry, and how you wished you could leave on an empty island and forget about mean people and life problems.

    "You're asking me?" He chuckles, sitting up so he can make eye contact with you. You clasp your hands together and place them on your chest, pouting when you hear him laugh again at your irritation. He always loved teasing you, just because he loves seeing your lips turn into a playful pout and your eyelashes fluttering over your cheeks when you close your eyes so you don't see his smirk anymore.

    "Just answer the question already!"

    "Hm," he thought quietly for a moment. What really was love for him, anyway? You smiled at his thoughtful expression and after that he finally realized. "I see love as warm mornings, slow dancing in the rain, and maybe colorful sunsets. Holding hands on a cold day of September, hugs from behind and affectionate words, but at the same time, it can be your comfort on sad days like these when you burn your breakfast, or when you watch the starry sky with someone you treasure..."

    His eyes fall shyly on his hands as he gulps because he can feel you sitting up.

    "Love is what makes us feel alive," he finishes his idea, though he wanted to say a lot more.

    Love is what I feel when I see you.

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