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    jj: truth or dare?

    sarah: truth.

    jj: what's your credit card number?

    sarah: never mind, dare.

    jj: i dare you to give me your credit card number.

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    pack outer banks • like or reblog if you save

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    22.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    here’s a sneak peek of chapter 6 bc i feel bad it’s taking so long

    little one - chapter six

    They’re both sitting on top of the new house's roof, trying to fix the leak that’s stopping Kie — and JJ — from moving in. He’s glad the work is almost done, the Chateau extremely overcrowded now that five of them live there.

    “So, how are things with you and Kie going?” John B asks, breaking the comfortable silence. JJ doesn’t like to talk much when he’s working, he’s never found it easy to concentrate on more than one thing at once and right now, he definitely doesn’t want to talk about his weird as fuck relationship with Kiara.

    “Good.” He replies shortly, not giving his best friend much to go on.

    John B rolls his eyes and he looks slightly frustrated. Oh, maybe he wants to have a conversation. “And the baby?”

    JJ smiles at the thought of his daughter— presumed daughter— No matter how fucked his friendship-slash-relationship is with Kie, at least they have their baby.

    The blonde boy questions his life an awful lot, never really knowing what the next day is going to bring. Some days, JJ is still convinced he’s going to wake up and everything is going to fade away, just an evil dream from his mind. Half of him is waiting for Kiara to change her mind, pack her bags and leave him.

    How can she leave him when they’re not even together?

    JJ knows she’d never keep the baby from him, but it doesn’t make his mind quit with the thoughts. But the sixteen-year-old boy is proud to be working on his troubles. After the sixth nightmare of waking up in her arms, sweating and shivering all at the same time because her bloodied head was so real, Kie’d suggested going to a therapist to help him out a bit before the baby comes.

    “She’s great.” JJ grins, his mood lightening at the thought of his baby. “We picked a name too.” Kie would probably slap him for spilling about the name, she’d made him promise not to tell anybody, apparently she’d read a horror story about baby naming thieves.

    “You know you could have a boy right?”

    “Nah.” There’s no way they’re having a boy. “Now quit your moaning and get working.”

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    22.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #outer banks series #obx imagine#pope heyward #pope heyward imagine #jj maybank #john b routledge #kie carrera #pope x y/n #pope x reader
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    22.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    them and milo>>>

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    22.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Death Of Me Chapter 2.5

    Song: Let You Love Me- Rita Ora

    TW: Physical Assault

    I felt my stomach in a knot as I sat next to Rafe in the courtroom, I knew what I was doing was wrong on so many levels.

    "John Booker Routledge, pursuant to North Carolina statute section 14, you are charged with murder in the first degree. with aggravated circumstances, If convicted, the maximum sentence would be the death penalty." The judge said.

    I felt like I was about to be sick.

    I looked over to see JJ,Pope, Kiara, and Sarah shocked. It took everything in me not to go over there.

    "I'm so sorry, give this to JJ." I purposely bumped into Sarah, handing her I note I wrote.


    3 POV

    "I don't even know who that is?" JJ looked at Demi as she walked out of the court house, her hand in Rafe's.

    "That is Demetria Jane, The person her parents want her to be, but everything she's not. She gave me this to give to you JJ." Sarah handed him the note.

    "Kiara can you read this please." JJ tried to read her handwriting.

    "sure, 'Dear JJ, I am trying not to write this in cursive, so if I failed, have Kiara read it to you. I know you are probably really upset at me for doing what I did, but I did it for you, because JJ Maybank, I love you. I have to do what I think will keep you and the others safe,because you guys are my real family. We can talk more at school . But for now I think it is best if we keep our distance, because I would hate to see what happened to John B happen to you. Also, no matter what happens with Rafe, I love you. Sincerely Demi Jane Thornton." Kiara read it aloud

    "Are we just going to let her do this?" JJ asked, trying to help her.

    "I know Demi, she knows things are going to go south and it is safer if she keeps her distance." Sarah reassured him that Demi's decision was reasonable.


    Demi POV

    "I need to go home." I held Rafe's hand as we exited the court house.

    "I can drive you." Rafe offered.

    "That would be nice." I sighed.

    "I'm so sorry for what you and your family have gone through." My mother talked to Ward.

    "Mom, not now please." I tried to stop her.

    "No Demetria, That boy deserves what's coming, Thank God this system works."

    "Can you please shut up? Of course you think the system works, because it's made to protect people like you" Kiara yelled.

    "He will have his day in court." My mother replied.

    "He shouldn't even be in court, you should." She pointed at ward

    "Show me some respect!" Ward yelled, my father came and held Kiara back.

    "Why don't you take the kooks down Thornton?" JJ asked my father.

    "You wanna get arrested? Get out! You need to go." My dad yelled.

    "It's not a coincidence that your daughter's sitting with us, and Demi would be too, if it wasn't for you." She pointed at my father.


    "Demi, can I come in?" Topper knocked on my door, I sat curled up on my bed staring on my phone.

    "What Topper? I really don't need you making fun of the fact Mom and Dad are making us wear matching outfits again." I avoided his eye contact.

    "I just wanted to say I am sorry for everything that has happened this summer." He sat down on on the foot of my bed.

    "Just shut up Topper, we both know you don't give a damn." I laughed sarcastically.

    "Are you going through with this, marrying Rafe?" He asked looking at my finger.

    "I sort of have to Top." I stared at the ring on my finger.

    "Anyway, dad is at the Jail, says he needs to talk to you." He got up.

    "Yeah, I'll- I'll head down there now."


    "Hey, I came to see my dad." I placed my hands on the desk, talking to deputy plumb.

    "He's in his office, I can let him know you are here,"

    "I'm here to see John B Routledge!" I heard JJ next to me.

    "No music, and get rid of the toothpick."

    I couldn't help but to chuckle.

    "Demi." My dad came out and got me.


    "Why am I hear Dad?" I asked.

    "Because I wanted to apologize."

    "Yeah right, You have done a lot of shitty things and haven't apologized one bit." I got defensive.

    "What have I done Demetria." He asked.

    "Lets start with the fact you put me into a relationship with Rafe Cameron so Ward can pay you to throw away all the sketchy shit he doses."

    "He does not pay me!" He yelled.


    "DEMETRIA!" He grabbed my wrists tightly.

    "DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME!" I screamed.

    I saw JJ walk past his office.

    "Congratulations, you're officially figure eights worst father, and that's saying something." I left his office.


    "Hey, have you seen Wheezie's phone?" I asked Rafe.

    "No, I haven't." He hugged me.

    "What happened to you?" He looked at my bruised wrists.

    "My dad, what happened to you?" I looked at his red cheek.

    "My dad." He laughed.

    "Two fucked up families, one perfect pair."

    incoming call from... Kie🌊


    "Yo" I stepped away from Rafe.

    "You're joking." I gasped

    "No he found it he found the key." Kiara squealed.

    "Talk at school?"

    "For sure." She replied

    "What was that?" Rafe asked

    "Project, Mr.Sunn assigned a giant paper about immigrants and the immigration act."

    "I'll see you tomorrow?"


    I stared at my celling with thoughts running through my mind.


    Hey I got your letter, I have a lot of things to tell you but,

    I'll tell you at school.


    Okay, I meant everything I wrote,

    Good night JJ.

    My heart pounded as the anticipation of tomorrow drowned out all my thoughts


    Double update!
    Sorry I missed yesterday. I’m planning to get part two wrapped up Saturday. Then I release a HPU book as well as a JATPU book then I rest, and y’all they need to announce season three soon because I can’t handle all the ideas floating through my head right now.
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    my favorite dorks

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    tag the best/your fave jjpope blogs please love u in advance <3

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    im gonna lose my mind if it actually does turn out jj wanted pope instead of kie 😭😭😭 like do it PURELY because it would be hilarious if not for anything else

    #i would piss myself skdkajeajdksjsj #jjpope#jj maybank#pope heyward#mayward#outer banks#obx
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    jj is the love of my life

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  • skylarcameron
    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    warmth|jj maybank

    “you do understand it’s like 60 degrees at night, right!”,you looked to your brother, john b, who sent you a smirk, pushing you towards your tent that you were sharing with jj, your best friend in the entire world.

    “if i get cold, i’m coming to your tent and stealing your blankets”,you yelled at john b.

    “yeah, yeah”,he said, “goodnight, love you”.

    “love you too bub”,you told him before crawling in your tent where jj was already at. he was lazily looking at his phone, but threw it down quickly when he saw you.

    “there’s my girl”,he stated, making butterflies filter in your stomach. truth is, you had always looked a jj as a little more than a friend but you were just so unsure of how he felt, that you never pursued anything.

    “hi j”,you gushed. and he smiled.

    “think your gonna make it through the night?”,he smirked at you, as you rolled your eyes.

    “are you underestimating me, maybank?”,you asked and he shrugged.

    “just saying, we all know how much y/n routlege likes her bed”,he laughed.

    “i can’t help my undying love for my bed j”,you replied and he shook his head with a smile, patting a spot so you could lay down. and you did. you laid down beside him. the two of laughed and joked for awhile before you could hear jj’s soft snores. you sighed as you shifted a few times. it was true what you said to john b, it was cold. you tried to wrap up in your thin blanket but it wasn’t enough.

    you tossed and turned and flipped and flopped.

    “y/n”,jj drug out grumpy, “what are you doing?”,he asked.

    “nothing. i-i’m just cold”, you confessed.

    “then come here, pretty girl”,he replied, holding out his arm so there was room in his blanket. you smiled as you slowly scooted next time him, making sure not to get so close.

    “y/n oh my gosh”,he said before grabbing your hips and pulling them towards him more, his body holding yours softly.

    “comfy?”,he asked as you laid in his chest.

    “yes, very”,you replied and he slowly kissed the top of your head. you sighed, you couldn’t take it anymore.

    “hey jj”,you called.

    “hmm”,he hummed.

    “i-i think that i sortakindalikeyou”,you spoke quickly. jj sat up. so he could see your face. you sat up with him.

    “what was that?”,he chuckled. you looked to the ground, this was it. but before you looked back up jj grabbed your chin lifting it up to fave him.

    “you can tell me anything y/n/n”,he smiled softly. you nodded.

    “i have feelings for you”,you told him. and his eyes grew wide.

    “listen i get it if you don’t feel the same way, like that’s literally fine. i just felt like i should tell you, it was killing me not to but like i get that you just see me as a friend or a sister for something”,you rambled.

    “shut up”,he smirked, grabbing your face and pulling it towards his. both of you lips interlocking and grasping each other’s warmth. the kiss turned into smiles from both you, pulling away and studying each other.

    “i like you too”,he quirked. and you blushed.

    “aw you’re so cute”,he gushed and you rolled your eyes, pushing his shoulder.

    “please shut up”,you laughed as he chuckled, softly kissing you again before you both laid together, holding each other tightly.

    “goodnight jj”,you spoke.

    “goodnight my beautiful girl”,he replied and you snuggled further into his chest. jj was just always so warm. he was your warmth.

    this is super short and cheesy but whatever. anyways i love you guys so much, thank you for all the love. xoxo
    #obx fanfiction #obx season 2 #outer banks#jj maybank #outer banks netflix #obx jj #jj maybank x reader
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    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    𝐉𝐉 𝐌𝐀𝐘𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐊 | 𝗁𝗈𝗐 𝗍𝗈 𝗅𝗈𝗌𝖾 𝖺 𝗀𝗎𝗒 𝗂𝗇 𝟣𝟢 𝖽𝖺𝗒𝗌

    𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 | convinced he could have any girl fall in love with him, jj maybank makes a bet with his friends to prove it. the only problem? they happened to pick a specific kook from the other side of the island, and she has her very own agenda.

         day one.   tutor for hire. [3.0k.]

    as jj maybank asks her to tutor him in biology in exchange for a date with him, y/n decides he’d be the perfect target for her experiment.

        day two.   miffy says hello. 

    after having what was arguably one of the best dates of his life, jj pulls himself together and goes to deliver flowers at y/n’s door. only for him to be met with a strange amount of stuffed animals and a particular rudeness to the working staff. 

        day three.   the hunt for style.

    excited to share his improvement in grades, jj is unfortunately met with a wave of disappointment from y/n’s side and an unwanted shopping trip. 

        day four.   a lunch with the devil. 

    now with an entirely new wardrobe, jj offers to take y/n out on a lunch date to a place of her choosing. after being rude to the wait staff, one entirely made up off people in the loop of her plan, y/n forces out a faked and premature ‘i love you.’

        day five.   a shimmer of truth.

    annoyed at jj’s response to her sudden declaration of love, y/n seeks out the ocean, her surfboard and her friends. though, she completely misses the blond watching her from afar. 

        day six.   toddlers and tweens. 

    wishing to drive him insane and send him running, y/n drags jj along to meet her extended family at chapel hill. 

        day seven.   an inconvenient rule-breaker.

    aiming to be even more annoying, y/n goes and does the one thing jj told her to never do: go to his house. unfortunately, here, she stumbles across a scene between a father and a son that was never meant for her eyes to see.

        day eight.   midsummers. 

    as a complete surprise to the both of them, y/n and jj end up having a suspiciously good time together at the annual midsummers celebration. 

        day nine.   the tale of two liars.

    after indie accidentally talks to john b at the long-awaited kegger, jj and y/n could no longer avoid finding out about one another’s bets.  

        day ten.   a double negative. 

    now, with every bet off the table, both friend groups try their best at salvaging whatever is left off of y/n and jj’s relationship. 

    #jj maybank series #jj maybank x reader #jj maybank imagine #jj maybank#obx#outer banks#fic series
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    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    𝐉𝐉 𝐌𝐀𝐘𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐊 | 𝗍𝗎𝗍𝗈𝗋 𝖿𝗈𝗋 𝗁𝗂𝗋𝖾

    𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | jj maybank x fem!kook!reader.
    𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | none, i think(?)
    𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬 | as jj maybank asks her to tutor him in biology in exchange for a date with him, y/n decides he’d be the perfect target for her experiment. 
    𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 |  i recently re-watched ‘how to lose a guy in 10 days’ and i knew i had to write a fic based off of it.  this is part one in my new series! <3
    𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 3.0k.

    part one. next part.

    In all honesty, JJ Maybank had to have been the absolute last person Y/N Y/L/N would have thought of when she’d concocted the basis of the plan with her friends. However, now, as the blond took place in the chair across from her, a lazy, cocky grin across his lips and one of his arms hanging around the back of the stool - she couldn’t help but wonder if that thought was about the change.

    “Hey,” he nodded towards her, that grin still visible. “So…what’cha doing?”

    Y/N blinked. She looked behind her. Then back at him. “Homework,” she responded curtly, after realizing he’d, indeed, been talking to her. The brief response was the only thing he got out of her, and she all too eagerly went back to the wonders of biology – anything to prevent talking to the boy in front of her.

    “Cool,” JJ piped up, nodding along with her. He shifted in his seat and Y/N had to bite her tongue to prevent scolding him about his posture. “At the Island Club, though?”

    She hummed, still not paying him much attention. “That is where we’re at, yes.”

    A sound mixture between a scoff and a chuckle made its way past his lips, and Y/N was convinced that the slight jab at his lack of mental capacity would be the thing that would finally make him leave. It appeared that she was wrong.

    Noticing that he hadn’t moved a bit, the girl slowly peeled her eyes off of the notes she’d made in class to throw a glance his way. She watched as his tongue poked the inside of his cheek, and his hands were clenched into a fist – all telltale signs of annoyance, so why wasn’t he leaving?

    It was as if he felt her gaze on him, because as quickly as the irritation showed, it also disappeared. He shook his head and threw her a smile, leaning over a bit to take a look at whatever she was writing down.

    “So, uh, which subject, hm?” He asked, flickering his line of sight between her face and the notes.

    Y/N frowned, and the gears in her head started turning. “Biology,” she responded, still in thought.

    With the insistence he’d been showing, would he be the right one to test their hypothesis? She still had her doubts.

    “Ah, me and biology don’t get along,” he faked a hiss in disappointment and sat back in his seat, arm finding the back of the chair once more. Shortly after he did so, a smug smirk appeared across his lips. “Well, except for one part, if you know what I mean.”

    Y/N nodded, “Charming,” she muttered, and went back to work.

    If she were still looking at him, she’d see how his face fell at the mumbling she let out. He cleared his throat and, for the second time this conversation, pulled himself back together. “Wanna know a little fact about me and biology?” He started, once again capturing her attention by leaning across the table and closer to her.

    She sighed, briefly wetting her bottom lip with her tongue as she contemplated her options. “Humor me,” Y/N took a chance. Who knows, perhaps JJ Maybank would turn out to be the best possible guy to lose in the coming ten days.

    At the words, his eyes lit up with a newly found fire she couldn’t quite pinpoint. JJ smiled at her and nudged his hand forward, signaling for her to meet him halfway across the table. Deciding to just go along with it, she did so, and met him halfway, both leaning forward to one another.

    “I’m failing it,” he whispered, putting one finger in front of his lips as if it were the best kept secret he’d ever told anybody.

    Y/N raised her eyebrows, putting on a front of mock surprise. “Woah, really?” She went along with him, and sat back down against the stool. She felt the corner of her mouth inching upwards, and fought as best as she could to stop the smirk from appearing. “Even that one part?”

    “Well, no, I–” JJ started the fight to defend himself, though he quickly had to yield as someone joined them at the table.

    Rafe Cameron stood at the side of them, glancing between Y/N and the blond across from her, a blond who was currently looking at the Kook as if he were caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    “Hey, Rafe, buddy,” he threw up a hand to wave. “How’ve you been?”

    Rafe let himself look between the two for a bit longer before his gaze finally settled on Y/N. Completely ignoring JJ, he nodded towards her. “This guy bothering you?”  He asked.

    Y/N, having been friends with Rafe for a while, and knowing how he’d get with the pogues, shrugged. “I don’t know,” she answered, an air of nonchalance to her voice. She turned to watch JJ, head tilted to the side. “Is he?”

    JJ sat silent for a while, waiting for her to answer – it took him a bit too long to realize she’d been asking him whether he was bothering her. “No,” he responded eventually, giving Rafe the most innocent smile he could muster up at the moment. “No, sir, no bothering here.”

    “No bothering here,” Y/N echoed, looking up at Rafe again. The latter narrowed his eyes at her, already having figured out she was (most likely) up to something.

    “You sure?” The Cameron boy asked, hesitance to leave them alone written all over his face. Whether it was for her safety or the pogue’s, she couldn’t know for certain.

    Again, Y/N turned to JJ, an amused smile hanging across her lips. “Well?”

    JJ chuckled, having copied the flicker of amusement in her eyes. He sat up straighter and looked Rafe straight in the eye. “Absolutely,” he said, a hint of mocking found within his tone.

    Y/N nodded along with him. “Absolutely,” she repeated again, throwing the Kook next to him a smile as she took notice of the distrust across his features. “I’ll be fine,” she assured him.

    It seemed to be enough for Rafe, and he gave her a final, small nod before taking off and going back towards the table he, Topper and Kelce had taken for themselves. At his leave, a loud sigh could be heard from the other end of the table.

    “God, is he always so up your ass?” JJ complained, nose scrunching up and a slight frown on his forehead while he stayed focused on Rafe’s retreating figure.

    Y/N chuckled softly, reaching for one of her markers strewn about the table. “It’s not so much about me, as it is about you,” she explained. Marking an important piece of information in her notebook, she decided to elaborate upon seeing the boy’s confused face. “You’re a pogue? In the Island Club?”

    “Ah,” he realized, nodding as the thought settled in. “I’m in your territory.”

    Trying as best as she could to not let a flash of disgust shine through at the sentence of the Club being ‘their territory,’ she let out a hum. Despite never having liked the unnecessary divide of social classes, Y/N had to admit – she was curious as to why he was here, in (as Rafe liked to call it) their territory.

    “Yeah, uh, why are you?”

    JJ smiled at her question, and placed both elbows on the table as he watched her. “Why, I’m glad you asked,” he said, smile widening into a grin. Y/N narrowed his eyes, recognizing the grin as one of a person in need of something. “As you now know, I am failing biology.”

    “Yes, every part of it, I heard.” She responded indifferently, already having gone back to her books. Though, she could see the fall of his face from the corner of her eye and she’d lie if she said it didn’t entertain her in the slightest.

    He held up a finger. “No, not – not every part,” he corrected her, and she let out a dry chuckle as she captured his correcting glare. JJ opened his mouth to continue, though quickly interrupted himself with an annoyed sigh. “Forget it, this is stupid.”

    “Yes, probably,” Y/N agreed, putting the cap back on her marker and putting all of her stationery back in a neat pile before glancing back up at him. “So, let’s get this over with, yeah?”

    JJ looked at her. His blue eyes full of doubt and…something else, something like ambition, determination, perhaps a purpose? She couldn’t be sure.

    “Alright,” the sudden spoken word snapped her out of her thoughts.  “I need a tutor.” He intertwined both of his hands on the table, opening them again only to point them towards her. “And I heard you were top of your AP biology class.”

    “I am,” she responded.

    Purposefully wishing to make it difficult for him, she didn’t say anything else.

    JJ let out an aggravated sigh. “Could you please tutor me?”

    “I could,” she answered, shrugging as she placed her stuff into the bag she’d brought with. “What’s in it for me?”

    From the corner of her eye, and while packing her stuff, she could see him drumming excitedly on the table with his fingers. “A date,” he offered, and she raised an eyebrow at him.

    “With whom?” She asked, and pretended not to see the eyeroll she gave him at the lingering sense of ridiculousness in her tone.


    Trying her best not the let out a laugh, she instead settled on a chuckle. “You?” Y/N repeated, not able to fight the smile of disbelief off.

    JJ nodded proudly, as if it was one of the best ideas he’d ever come up with. And, honestly, with his known track record – it probably was. 

    “Me,” he confirmed.

    Y/N stayed silent, thinking, contemplating. Was she really about to try and chase a pogue away from her? Her nose scrunched up at the thought, that didn’t seem like a fair trial, now, did it? If anything, he’d probably bolt at the first instance and then they’d still be without answers.

    And then, she got her answer. “Please?” JJ Maybank asked her, eyes pleading and, dare she think it, begging for her to go along. Yes, this may just be the boy who’d make it work. 

    “Sounds kind of like a double positive for you,” she countered, watching his reaction. He shrugged, giving her a smile that could’ve won awards. “But, alright, I’ll bite.” Y/N stood up from the chair, swinging her bag across her shoulder. “Tonight, eight p.m. I’ll meet you at the fair.”

    JJ, happy with her agreement and the place of the supposed date (he loved fairs!), nodded happily at her, and watched as she turned to leave the Club.

    “Yes, ma’am,”

    Y/N kept on looking around, searching, watching, for the blond boy to come her way. In hindsight, it probably would’ve been smarter to meet at a specific point instead of just the general fair, but, she figured that the entrance would do for now.

    So, that’s where she was. Having just gotten her ticket, she waited behind the entrance line for her ‘date,’ to show up – though, certainly not alone. No, she’d never go on this and the next dates alone, not in these ten days, at least.

    “I can’t help but think this is a bit unfair,” Indie Callahan spoke up, also looking around for any sign of the infamous JJ Maybank. With her eyebrows furrowed and her nose scrunched up, it was no secret that she was against the idea of having JJ be their target. “He’s a pogue, Y/N.”

    “So?” Y/N responded, shrugging and wincing when a loud alarm went off behind them. She grumbled some words under her breath, a couple passing her with a giant stuffed penguin immediately piquing her interest. “I want one of those,”

    “Maybe JJ will get you one,” Her other friend present spoke up, the one that’s the entire reason for this operation.

    Y/N smiled at the red-haired girl. “Yeah, maybe,” she said, and went back to keeping an eye out for JJ’s imminent arrival.

    “Hello?” Indie spoke up, waving both her hands across Y/N and Marlene’s faces. An incredulous look was painted across her features as she glanced between the two. “Did both of you miss the part where he’s a pogue? Pogues and Kooks don’t get along, Y/N. He’s probably gonna go running at the slightest annoyance.”

    Y/N sighed, and didn’t bother responding. If she were honest, she wasn’t all too keen on acting out their plan anyway, regardless if it were with a Kook, a Pogue or a Touron.

    However, after seeing Marlene so heartbroken, so confused as to what she did wrong with her previous boyfriend – Y/N couldn’t help but feel the need to find out, if only so her friend wouldn’t make the same mistakes after she leaves the Outer Banks to go back home as she does every year, after every summer.

    “I’m sure he won’t,” Marlene argued, always the optimist.

    Indie let out a soft sigh, one that was accompanied by a shake of the head. “Look, Mar, you don’t understand, alright? We don’t get along, we just don’t. It’s like fire and ic–”

    “Well, I think you ought to trust me more,” Y/N spoke up, inching towards wrapping up the conversation as she recognized the familiar truck making its way onto the parking lot. She smiled as she caught his eye, and waved to acknowledge him. “I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

    With a few mutters of ‘good luck’s,’ and ‘see you later’s,’ her friends had sent her off onto a road none of them knew where it would lead to. Despite the nerves in her stomach, and despite her conscious nagging at her, Y/N took a deep breath and put on her best smile as she watched Indie and Marlene leave and JJ arrive.

    “Hey,” she greeted, a hint of nervousness still on her face. Though, she may be able to play it off as regular first date nerves.

    “Hi,” he said happily, nodding towards the bustling sounds and lively people behind them. “You ready?”

    The enjoyment of the fair was clear as day, and she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t looking forward to it the slightest bit – she’d always loved fairs, after all.

    “As ready as one can be for a date with JJ Maybank,” Y/N answered, smiling as he let out a chuckle, briefly glancing to the ground before meeting her eyes again.

    “Well, then, what are we waiting for?” He asked, his chuckle reducing itself into a smile as he grabbed ahold of her wrist. “Let’s go, I’ve got to show you all the wonders of a date with me.”

    Y/N let out a laugh in disbelief. “Oh, yes, I’m sure,” and in spite of the sarcasm in her voice, she followed him into the fair, nonetheless.

    After all the thoughts she’d had before coming here tonight, the ones of enjoyment were stifled the most. Yet, despite the hesitance, Y/N found herself having quite a bit of fun with the reckless pogue in her company. Who wouldn’t when winning a rigged round of ring toss, skee-ball, and high-striker?

    Alright, alright, maybe winning high-striker was more thanks to JJ, but he’d still let her choose the prize, which is how she eventually did end up with the giant stuffed animal she saw at the start of their night. She even discovered that talking to the blond could be a nice pastime, as he actually didn’t constantly talk shit about every Kook known to men – as was often the case with the few Kook friends she’d made.

    All in all, she’d had fun with JJ. Which is why she couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit of disappointment when he pulled up to her front yard at the end of their shared evening. 

    “This is me,” she sighed, clutching tightly onto the penguin she’d donned ‘Pingo.’

    “Alright,” JJ mumbled, and drove the car towards the sidewalk. Putting the car in park, he sighed and turned it off after he was done. He waited a couple of seconds, letting the both of them bask in the silence just a little while longer. “I, uh, I had fun tonight.”

    Y/N smiled, the first genuine smile he’d been able to coax out of her. “Me, too.” She admitted. Another silence graced them with their presence, and she took it as her sign to unbuckle her seatbelt and get out of the car. “Well, I better go insi–”

    “Uh, yeah, yeah,” JJ nodded, watching as she opened the door and walked around his truck. “Hey!” He called out, right before she reached her door. The girl waited, and chuckled in amusement as he struggled rolling the window down manually. “There, alright,” he muttered after it was done, smiling he looked back at her. “Would you, like, maybe wanna do this again?”

    Even though she’d been the tiniest bit shocked at the question, as normally guys would wait a couple of days before asking for the next date, Y/N didn’t let it show. 

    “Yeah,” she nodded, and walked towards her front door, keys in hand. “I’d like that.”

    “Great,” JJ chimed in, nodding as he fought the smile off of his face. “Well, uh, goodnight. I’ll – I’ll see you around?”

    “Yeah,” she confirmed, and turned to go inside.

    From the corner of her eye, she could see him pull out of the driveway as she did so. A, what some would call, pep in his step as he drove away – a smile decorated his lips and he happily bopped his head along to whatever music he listened to.

    It almost made her feel guilty. As she had fun tonight and so did he, and she knew they wouldn’t in the coming times – because if she were to make this work, tonight was the only night she could act normal, act like herself. 

    After all, she was still planning to lose this guy in ten – or is it nine, already? – days.


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  • siezethewrites
    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Secrets One Keeps || J.M, R.C 


    Summary: A chilled day on the boat proves to be anything but. Your strange behaviour begins to raise suspision, causing JJ to become increasingly worried. 

    Warnings: Swearing, smoking, drinking, smut if you squint, mentions of suffocation/drowning reference ig?

    Pairing: JJ Maybank x Reader, Rafe Cameron x Reader

    A/N: Everybody is aged up in this fic and Rafe isn’t a murderer just a classist unstable asshole with some slightttt psycho tendencies :) Also not the biggest fan of this chapter but I had to set up the story in some way, but the next part is where things will get realllll juicy ;)

    << Part 1 | Part 3 >> 


    Part 2

    You shouldn’t have been smoking, it made you feel uneasy, paranoid even.

    You had found yourself on the pogue in the wake of Pope’s incessant bitching about how you had to make up for ditching them last night. The guilt had made you cave in. As he spoke, all that had flashed through your head was images of Rafe. You on top of Rafe, Rafe with his hands around your throat, the way Rafe’s hair felt between your fingers as you gripped on it when he went down on you-

    “Y/N!” Sarah’s voice snapped you out of your recurring thoughts.

    “Yeah?” You turned your head to her as you took a drag of the blunt JJ had rolled.

    “I asked you if you wanted a beer?”

    You checked the time on your watch, 12pm. After enduring 3 hours on this floating nightmare, you decided you were probably deserving of one.

    “Yeah sure.” You took another hit, extending your arm to grab the cold bottle.

    You bought the edge of the glass bottle up to your lips and took a swig, letting the liquid wash over your cotton mouth. A swig swiftly turned into a gulp as thirst suddenly became itself known to you. One gulp then turned to two and before you knew it the bottle dried out.

    JJ watched your every move, the feeling that had been bugging him since you got into the Twinkie that morning had now grown into full-blown concern. Your unusual behaviour was deafening with the sounds of alarm bells that rang in his ears.

    “Thirsty?” He spoke with furrowed brows, prompting Pope to chuckle though no joke had been intended.

    Your eyes flickered towards JJ momentarily and instantly you knew what he was  thinking. Anger disguised as adrenaline coursed through you.

    “Sarah will you pass me another? Mines empty.” You eyed her.

    “It’s a bit early to start chugging drinks like that isn’t it?” JJ spoke up again before Sarah had time to respond.

    You scoffed as you turned to him once more, maintaining eye contact as you took a long drag from blunt. As you exhaled the smoke, the thick white cloud blurred his features.

    “Sarah” you tried again.

    You heard the small sigh that left her mouth as she handed you another bottle.

    “Thank you” You took another swig at the bottle, hoping the liquid would force down the concoction of guilt and anger that swirled in your mouth.

    “Am I saying words out loud or is it just in my head?” JJ tried, at this point he just wanted a reaction out of you.

    “You asked me to come here.” Your tone was snippy, as another burst of smoke entered your system.

    “Yeah well my mistake clearly.” He was getting pissed off now, and you couldn’t deny the sick satisfaction it gave you. You knew it was unfair, he hadn’t done anything wrong, you just couldn’t help it.

    Pope cleared his throat. “This is a whole lotta tension for such a little boat.” He tried to lighten the mood but his joke fell flat.

    As you downed your second beer, you took another drag. “It is isn’t it?” You turned to him.

    “Maybe you should have some of this JJ, it’ll help you relax.” You threw the blunt in his direction, letting it fall at his feet.

    “What the hell crawled up your ass today?” JJ spat at you, picking up the blunt.

    The mixture of alcohol and weed infected your system, your breathing became staggered as you suddenly became hyper aware of the layers clinging onto your body.

    You didn’t answer JJ, instead you stood up and removed your T-shirt. Rafe returned to your mind as you focused on the image of him mimicking your same actions. Your trousers were next to go. You pushed them down whilst picturing Rafe’s hands running down your legs.

    Pope eyed Sarah and JJ who’s gaze were trained on you and your movements.

    “Whatcha doing there bud?” Sarah asked watching you strip down to your underwear.

    “I’m too hot” was all you said, stepping off the edge of the boat and letting yourself plunge into the cool water below you.

    As you became completely submerged, you breathed out all of the air in your irritated lungs. Leaving you empty and heavy as you continued to sink. The muffled noises of the water hit against your head yet all you could hear was your thoughts racing. 

    As the need for air increased, the rush of thought slowed. You liked it. The weightlessness of your body, mixed with the numbing of all of your senses was peacefull. A welcome change from the overdrive your body had been running on for the past year. 

    You forced yourself to stay down there, pushing your physical your boundaries. A split second before completely losing consiousness you emerged again, letting the air penetrate through your system and invade your insides as it worked to reboot your muscles before giving life again to the internal mayhem in your mind again. 

    You floated with your head above the surface and your back facing the pogues. You couldn’t find yourself to act remotely interested in what they thought about your little show. 

    JJ in turn felt as though he was slowly loosing his head. He felt dumbfounded because it wasn’t just your behaviour that was different, your entire demeanour and vibe was off and he failed to comprehend what could have happened in the span of 12 hours for you to return to him as a complete different person. 

    Sarah could see the way he looked at you, he was hot on your tail and she panicked trying to divert his calculating eyes from you. “So” she spoke up loud enough so that you could hear and be part of the conversation should you wish to. “Theres a party at my house tonight.”

    “Oh really?” JJ answered, evidently uninterested as he continued his stare down with the back of your head. 

    “Yeah Ward’s out of town with Rose and you know Rafe, any opportunity he has to get shitfaced he’ll take it.” Relief washed over her as JJ’s eyes finally unglued from you. 

    At the mention of Rafe your ears perked up. 

    “Well do you guys wanna come?” A devilish grin on her face evident as she spoke. 

    “A kook party? We wouldnt be welcome.” Pope answered for the three of you, prompting a scoff from Sarah. 

    “It’s my house too, plus I already threatened Rafe to let me invite you guys. I told him I’d snitch on him otherwise.” She shrugged.

    “I’m sure he loved that” JJ added, amused at the thought of antagonising the Cameron boy. 

    “Well what did he say?” Three pairs of eyes turned to you as you finally spoke up from the water, now facing the boat again. 

    JJ couldnt help the face that your question caused him to pull. Why did you suddenly care about what Rafe Cameron had to say? Sarah already said they could go so why did it even matter? 

    “He said whatever as long we stay away from him.” Her answer caused Pope and JJ to roll their eyes. It had been somewhat of a lie though. 

    Because what Rafe had really said when Sarah had threatened him was, “Yeah whatever, I don’t care as long as you stay away from us and you bring that sexy little friend of yours.” 

    To which Sarah had replied with, “Well we wouldn’t want to hang out with you and your classist friends anyway. Also, Kiara’s with JJ, and Y/N wouldn’t even touch you with a 10 foot pole so.” Unkowing of the situation between Rafe and yourself.

    Looking back at it now, Rafe’s coy response of “We’ll see.” Suddenly made much more sense to her as she shuddered slightly in disgust. 

    “Can’t we take a night off? I mean don’t you guys think we’ve been going a little extra hard recently?” Pope tried to reason as you swam back up towards the boat, forcing yourself on board again. 

    “Well I’ll be there.” You interjected as the water ran down your body, soaking the deck of the hms pogue. 

    “Yeah we all will be.” JJ fired back, a confusing swirl of concern and anger towards your attitude fought for dominance within his headspace. 

    You ignored him once more and lay backwards on the sodden deck, letting your persistant introspection rest as the blanket that was intoxication comforted you. You looked up at the clouds and the weighlessness returned. Before you knew it, he sounds of Pope and Sarah chatting drifted away with the soft waves that carried the boat. You lost grip on consciousness as the sun lulled you to sleep.

    Around half an hour went by before JJ spoke up. “Y/N” He double checked you were definitely asleep.

    He took your silence as confirmation before turning to the other two. “Okay you all saw that right?”

    “Saw what?” Sarah played dumb even though he she knew exactly what he was referring to.

    “Y/N, the way she was acting!” He whisper shouted, confused as to why no one else seemed remotely worried. “It was like she hated us.” He spoke with the tone of a wounded man.

    “Yeah… us.” Pope muttered under his breath.

    “I think she’s just tired J, she uh- she had a long night.” Sarah stiffled what had been something between a laugh and a groan.

    “No guys look I know her, that wasn’t normal.” JJ didn’t ease up.

    “We all know her.” Pope jumped on the defensive.

    “Guys c’mon it’s not just me, somethings obviously wrong with her!”

    At this point Sarah wished for anything to distract him, because as much as JJ wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to academic performance, he most certainly wasn’t dumb. And he definitely knew what he was talking about when it came to you.

    “Maybe It’s.. you know..” Pope waggled his eyebrows. “Her time…” he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck “of- of the month?”

    “Nice Pope.” Sarah rolled her eyes.

    “No it’s not that. Guys look listen to me somethings definitely wr-“ the ringing of his phone interrupted JJ mid sentence. Saved by the bell. Literally.

    JJ grabbed his phone and his frown eased up slightly as he looked at the caller ID.

    “Hey baby” his tone made it seem like whatever he had been worrying about softened it’s grip on him at the sound of her voice. “Uh huh, okay give us ten and we’ll be there.” He hung up the phone and slipped it back into his pocket.

    “Kie?” Sarah asked, praying he wouldn’t resume his ramble.

    “Yeah she’s finished up at the wreck, wants us to go get her.” And with that the subject was dropped.


    The late afternoon breeze stroked you awake as you suddenly became aware of the voices around you.

    Your eyes fluttered open and you stirred where you lay, your body stiff from the 4 hour positioning against the hard wood of the hms. You slowly sat yourself up and threw your T-shirt back on your body before turning back to glance at the now complete group of pogues. Fuck how long had you been out for.

    You let your eyes linger on Kiara and JJ a couple of seconds longer than everybody else. He laughed carelessly pulling her tighter against his side. You groaned out quietly and reached for your phone, typing out that damned name.

    To Rafe: Having a party and you didn’t invite me? I’m almost offended.

    Almost instantly a reply came through.

    Miss me already?

    You rolled your eyes as he sent you another.

    I figured Sarah would tell you, better see you tonight ;)

    “Morning Camper.” John B spoke up. You turned around to face him, every single one of them with their attention on you.

    “Hey can you take me home?” You directed at no one in particular.

    “You don’t wanna stay and hang out?” Kie asked, she wanted to reach you, connect with you.

    “I just want to go home” You were irritated and your head hurt, you were certainly in no mood for any of this.

    John B was next to try “C’mon bud we haven’t all hung out like this in ag-“

    “Just fucking take me home!” You lashed out. “Please” You added in an attempt to soften the blow.

    Silence fell over the pogues as John B lifted himself up and steered the boat towards the direction of your house.

    As you hopped down you muttered a joyless goodbye to everyone.

    “Wait! I’ll walk you in.” JJ peeled himself away from Kiara and followed behind you, slightly speeding as you hadn’t bothered to stop and wait.

    He walked beside you, waiting until you were both out of hearing distance from the others.

    “Why are you angry?” He spoke up.

    “I’m not angry.” You tried to walk faster but a calloused hand stopped you.

    “Stop. Just stop.” You heard the desperation in his voice as he turned you around to face him. “Please talk to me. Look whatever I did to piss you off I’m sorry okay? You just- you were fine yesterday and now all of a sudden you hate us-“

    “Stop JJ” You just wanted it to stop. The consequence of your actions pounding down on you with every word that left his mouth.

    “Stop what?!” He couldn’t help but shake you.

    “Talking! Stop talking!” You shoved him forcefully off of you.

    “What’s wrong with you?! Y/N I’m worried about you. Today’s just been so weird.” His fingers shoved themselves through his hair, a nervous habit of his.

    The familiar lump in your throat began to form at the sight of your best friend.

    “I’m tired JJ.” It wasn’t a lie, you really were fucking exhausted. You were tired of lying, tired of watching the boy you loved love someone else, tired of trudging through your life heartbroken.

    “You’re lying.” He shook his head like a disappointed parent. “Why are you lying to me?”

    “JJ. I’m. Tired.” You screwed your eyes shut as your breathing began to quicken “I’m not lying I’m just-“

    “Okay alright.”  His embrace cut you off. “I believe you.” He hated seeing you upset. Having known you practically his whole life, he also knew that nothing ever got resolved when you got like this, so he dropped the subject.

    You almost broke down then and there, using everything you had in you to move your arms around him, hugging him back.

    “I’m sorry.” You whispered, the meaning behind your words far greater than he could realise.

    “Hey it’s okay, we all have off days right?” He let go of you and gave you a small smile.

    “Right.” Your remained court and quiet. 

    “I’ll see you tonight. Go rest for a bit okay?”

    You nodded and began to walk away before his voice stopped you once more.

    “Y/N!” You turned to see that he had shoved his hands in pockets. “You’d tell me if something was wrong right?” He hated that he even had to ask.

    “Mhm, course” You lied straight through your teeth before turning and walking away from him uninterrupted. You knew that as soon and as your bedroom door closed behind you, you’d sink down into a pit of despair and loathing.

    Whilst the resolution had given him a little comfort, something deep inside told him that this wasn’t the end of it.

    Perhaps he should have left things alone, maybe then things wouldn’t have escalated to extent that they were about to.

    So as he watched you walk away, JJ stood there unknowing of what was to come. Unknowing of the way things were about to change between you forever.


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    Ahhh Evermore is complete, and the sequel Endlessly is officially started! I’m so excited!

    Come read for a JJ/Rafe love triangle! 😍

    #jj maybank fluff #rafe cameron #jj maybank smut #wattpad story #jj maybank x reader #jj maybank#outer banks#rafe smut#outerbanks rafe#rafe fanfiction #jj maybank fic #jj maybank fanfiction
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    this day will forever go into the books. this was THEIR day! LOOKED SO FUCKING GOOD

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    Trying to get into writing again so send me requests I would write for:

    Spencer Reid

    Calum Hood

    Luke Hemmings

    Owen Patrick Joyner


    Tom Holland/Peter Parker


    Six Of Crows

    Jess Mariano


    and more if you ask nicely

    #jatp fanfic #julie and the phantoms #jess mariano imagine #tom holland imagine #atla#zuko imagine #calum hood imagine #luke patterson fanfic #luke hemming imagines #spencer reid#tom holland #six if crows #jatp x reader #alex mercer#calum hood#obx #jj maybank imagine
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