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  • jadequarze
    31.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    Hold me tight, don’t let me drift away

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  • boardboxes
    31.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    I always gotta like the dead ones don’t I

    #it’s like I enjoy pain #when the loml is ripped from my hands in the most brutal way #Star Wars#jjk#Disney#poe colestead#lotr#the hobbit
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  • matsvrin
    31.07.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    did… did we read the same manga???

    #dni if you ship gojohime i genuinely hate that ship #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#jjk manga#gojo#gojo satoru
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  • plutonianawareness
    31.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Anyone else ready to see what happens between Sukuna and Fushiguro after the Shibuya incident? I need to know what Sukuna is planning *cries*

    #curse daddy sukuna #ryomen sukuna#sukuna#jujutsu kaisen #king of curses #anime gif #gimme that new chapter #jjk is getting wild #those eyes #those beautiful eyes #more like deranged
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  • sukunas-gf
    31.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago
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  • animerecommendationsblog
    31.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Song from my playlist when I think about these characters [jjk edition]


    all my troubles on a burning pile
    All lit up and I start to smile
    If I, catch fire then I'll take my turn
    To burn and burn and burn


    I keep on goin' back
    Even though it's me I abuse
    I'll keep on goin' back


    You stood beside me when I was out of my mind
    I broke the glass, and you were there to sweep it aside
    And if you leave me, rest assured it would kill me


    My head is filled with parasites
    Black holes cover up my eyes
    I dream of you almost every night
    Hopefully I won't wake up this time


    And I'm so sick of 17
    Where's my fucking teenage dream?
    If someone tells me one more time
    "Enjoy your youth, " I'm gonna cry


    I'm not your friend or anything, damn
    You think that you're the man
    I think, therefore, I am


    I'll take with me
    The polaroids and the memories
    But you know I'm gonna leave
    Behind the worst of us
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  • antigojo
    31.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    soooo funny when i see x readers of dazai gojo oikawa etc girl he isn't gonna fuck you he's gay

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  • erikakarisawa
    31.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Just found it on Tiktok~ (●´ω`●)

    Oh anyway :


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  • everyyuuta
    31.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Jujutsu Kaisen vol. 0 ch. 1

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  • lokescurse
    31.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Akutami-sensei: You’re not supposed to like Naoya.

    Me & the other Naoya simps:

    #Gege: *Itachi Uchiha voice* To test my abilities #anyway have this low effort meme #Naoya Zenin#Jujutsu Kaisen#JJK#shitposting#thirstposting #I hope someone else hasn't beaten me to this one in particular lmfao #let's face it I'm queuet
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  • littleholmes
    31.07.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    random but sometimes I feel like getting into a new series is like I’m at lunch with friends eating hot pot and between watching anime and reading manga my plate is full of content and the table is covered and I’m dipping and eating because the broth and food are so good and just when I don’t think I can add another thing, I’m like aight, pass me some of that jujustu kaisen

    #I’m rambling #I have so many on my plate that either just finished or are on break or have chapters and eps coming like my plate is full #and idk why but I’m about to add some more #link click#bnha #dr. stone #shiguang daili ren #shi guang daili ren #moriarty the patriot #sk8#jujutsu kaisen#jjk#bnha vigilantes #this isn’t even all of them #given manga#given#anime#manga#fruits basket#food wars #the promised neverland #one punch man #enn enn no shouboutai
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  • rintah0e
    31.07.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    🪴 finished art pieces, doodles, sketches, practice pieces, etc. - ryōmen sukuna and bakugō katsuki finished art piece

    a v v v messy drawing of sukuna, cause i fucked up half way but was to stubborn to give up. i’m very perfectionistic, so letting loose without having to worry about lil’ details and the cleanliness was challenging but also relieving :>

    also this is the finished piece of my bakugou drawing from last post and might i say that i’m a bit proud of the end result

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  • thegremlincrowsnest
    31.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    This is my addition to the Coming This Summer Collab by Tteokdoroki

    All reader inserts are poc, chubby and ftm! All reader inserts will use he/him and they/them pronouns unlessed specified! 

    CW: pussy, vaginal sex, very vanilla in all honesty

    Desire to us 

    Was like a double death

    Swift dying

    Kento Nanami does not want to go to the beach. He would love to stay inside and bake his bread in peace. But he can never say no to Yuji, and he wanted to make sure Gojo doesn’t corrupt the young pink-haired boy. Now here he is, standing with Gojo and his three students looking for some acquaintance of Gojo’s. Suddenly, as his eyes scan across the semi crowded beach, he sees...


    Radiating like fresh amber in the summer sun, skin so warm and inviting. Kento watches you climb out of the ocean, resembling the birth of Aphrodite with how your braids draped over your chest. He watches the beads of water travel over the valley of your buxom form and disappear into your swimsuit. Oh, how he wants to taste the salt off your skin and the sweetness of your- 

    “Nanamin!” A voice yelled. 

    The voice shakes Kento of his growing erotic thoughts and he jumps, turning to Yuji and Gojo. The former wears a concerned look while the latter has the most devilish of grins. 

    “I see you found him, Kento~,” Gojo says as he drapes an arm over Kento’s shoulder. 

    “He’s a pretty little thing, ain’t he,” Gojo whispers, “lucky man, Kento, I can’t imagine how tight that pussy must be”

    Before he can threaten the snow haired pervert, he’s being pushed towards a cabana. Inside, he can finally take in the Adonis that has captured him. There standing in the shade - you, his partner of years that he hasn’t seen in months. 

    Of our mingled breath,


    Of an unknown strange perfume

    Your smile rivals the beauty of the harvest moon. He can’t hear anything as Gojo and the teenagers speak to you; he is still absorbed in how you look.  It has been so long, he now worries if his last memories of you two together have faded in accuracy. 

    His body is on fire with how you drink him in. Umber eyes - that he swore could hold the secrets to the universe in them - rake over his body. You’re just as parched from the time apart; your thighs press together as you remember the last time. 

    “Oh Kento, you look like you’re burning up!” you exclaim as you take a cold water bottle from a cooler and bring it to his face. Kento is suddenly very aware of how close you are and of the snitch that exposed his current thoughts. Cock strained against his swim trunks, he silently thanks you for the save. The smell of shea butter and frankincense fills his senses as he looks down at you. Your breasts are barely contained in your suit, and he admires the swell of your hips and thighs. He wants to sink his fingers into them, feel the warmth of your freshly sun kissed skin as he devours you.  

    Yuji is about to walk over before Gojo steps in. 

    “Let’s go, children! Nanamin will be in good hands,” he rambles as he pushes the students out of the cabana before sending a wink your way. 

    You both let out a small laugh before hugging each other. You bury your faces in each other, just happy to be in each other’s arms. Pulling back, he holds your face in his hands, rubbing the apples of your cheeks. He can’t help the small smile that graces his features. Your brows furrow as you look up at him.

     “Kento...is everything ok?”

    “I’m sorry, I just keep getting lost in your eyes. They hold the universe in them,” he mutters to himself, forgetting he isn’t just saying it in his head. Your face heats, you press your thighs together as you feel the smooth baritone of his voice strike through you. You chuckle and pull him over to lay down, placing a cold towel on his forehead. 

    “I think you’re overheating, Kento” 

    You pat another cold cloth on his cheeks, neck, and chest, and you both relax into a comfortable silence. 

    “You don’t have to stay, I’ll be fine.” 

    “So you can get another eye full of me soaking wet.” 

        By nightfall, Kento had pulled together enough courage to ask you to take a walk with him. The moon is full, shining bright against the ocean and illuminating the beach just enough, framing you as you enjoy each other’s company in light of the moon and stars. Eventually you decide to try and push the limits gently. 

    “Have you ever gone skinny dipping?” 

        Before he can get a word out, you strip yourself of your bathing suit, and you smile up at him before walking towards the water. 

    “Come on Kento~ Play with me,” you coo as you walk about waist deep. Watching as Kento also strips of his clothing, you giggle as he gently folds them before turning to you. Your breath catches in your throat as you see him bare. With his fair skin illuminated by the moonlight, you try to calm yourself at the sight of scars and muscle. As he walks closer to you, you move back, giggling as you dive into the ocean, teasing him to catch you. This only lasts for a moment before his large, scared hands grab your waist. Pulling your back against his chest, he whispers; “I’ve got you” 

    Deep baritone vibrations fill your ears, causing you to whimper softly. 

        He chuckles as he lets his hands roam your front gently. 

    “May I?” he asks. You quickly nod, whining a soft “yes” as he grips your breast. He massages them gently before pinching and pulling on your nipples. He lets one hand travel down, groping your thick thighs and love handles before reaching forward to between your legs. He licks his lips as he feels your wetness.

     “Naughty boy, teasing me all day and now you’re all wet?” 

        You giggle before spreading your legs further for him, “you had every opportunity to grab~” 

        He only chuckles as he lifts you out of the water, hauling you over his shoulder as he struts out of the water. Setting you down on your feet, he unfolds his button up floral shirt before covering you with it. 

    “Let’s get you to the hotel room. I don’t wish to share you with anyone, not the ocean, the moon, or their many stars,” he murmurs before kissing you gently on the lips. Your face heats up and you can’t stop the flurry of giggles that erupt from your throat. 

    “You can’t say something so poetic after groping me” 

    Kento smirks before kissing you again. 

        You stand in front of the mirror, freshly out of the shower and gently drying your braids with an old shirt. Kento walks up and stands behind you, kissing your shoulder as he lets his hands roam your body. He kisses under your ear.

    “You bewitch me every moment I lay my eyes on you. I’ve missed you so much,” he mumbles.

    You melt into his touch, whimpering as his coarse hands grasp at your soft flesh. He bends you over, kissing the back of your neck before he presses a finger to your entrance, using his thumb to rub your clit he slides two fingers in, and relishes in your soft gasps and moans and he gently begins to stretch you apart. 

        He’s hypnotized at the sight of his fingers entering you. Why should you miss out on such a sight? He moves you over to the bed, pushes your thighs back, and he dives his fingers in again. Quickly thrusting, he can’t help the growl that escapes him. His cock throbs against his stomach as he watches you come undone beneath him. Hair strewn about, drool escaping plump lips as your thighs shiver and twitch. Your voice is like ambrosia, your skin like warm milk and honey. 

    He is intoxicated by you and wants more. 

        He leans over you and pets your head gently as he lifts your face to his. You can’t help but cum on his fingers again, so skilled and confident as they play with your most sensitive of spaces. It’s been so long that it feels like the first time all over again. After some time, Kento reaches his limit; he stands up between your legs, cock hard and dripping precum onto your thigh. 

    “May I?”  he asks as he spreads your legs more. You nod as you spread your lips apart for him. 

    “Please Kento, I need you so bad,” you whimper. 

        Ever so slowly, he enters you, gritting his teeth as he feels your tight walls constrict around his cock. Your thighs shiver as he pushes inch by inch inside until his balls press against your ass. You wrap your arms and legs around him, desperate to be as close as you can as you feel him start to pull out. He kisses your neck, beginning a slow pace, grinding against you when he’s all the way.

        The room fills with a melody of moans, whimpers, and soft slapping of heavy balls. Your body shivers as orgasm after orgasm is milked from you with no remorse. His soft baritone coaxes you to let go, to embrace the abyss of pleasure that only he can send you to. 

    “Such a good boy, so sweet and tight for me. I love you. I love you so much,” he repeats like a mantra. Your nails dig into his shoulders, desperately trying to hold onto something, anything as he pounds you into oblivion. 

        Kento’s cock throbs as he nears his end. Pulling back, he cups your face, looking you in the eye. You try to keep your eyes open, leaning into his touch. 

    “Let go with me, fall apart for me, my song, I’m right here to catch you,” he pants as his grip on your hip tightens. Your legs tighten around him as you pull him closer. Foreheads pressed together, panting and breathing in each other, your eyes roll back as you finally let go. Clenching around him tightly, you moan to the heavens, gripping his body like a vice.

        As he cums inside of you with a growl, he holds you close to him. Shaking as he feels his balls clench, he pulls back to give you air, petting your face and helping you come down. 

    Between us quickly

    In a naked


    (Poem by Langston Hughs) 

    #cernunnos thoughts#cernunnos writing #ftm!reader #poc!reader #jjba smut#jjk #jjk x reader #jjk nanami#jjk fanfic #nanami x reader #jujutsu kaisen nanami #nanami smut#nanami kento#tteokdoroki
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  • charismandal
    31.07.2021 - 50 minutes ago
    It will be this, always, for as long as he will let me

    Madeline Miller, The Song Of Achilles

    #mmmh im doing too much fluff these last days #that’s suspicious #like four hours #itafushi#itadori yuuji#fushiguro megumi#jjk#jujutsu kaisen
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  • arceyoxidized
    31.07.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    i just imagine itadori begging both gojo and nanami to dance to super junior's sorry sorry

    #tun tun tun tunun tun tunun tun #sorry sorry sorry nnnmne i dont know the lyrics #but just imagine nanami dancing it tho😩 #gojo would either butcher it or nail it #there is no in between #and then nanamin would be doing it lazily after the countless begging #but even so..👀 #he'd look so good dancing it🤧 #nanami kento#gojo satoru#satoru gojo#kento nanami#yuuji itadori#itadori yuuji#jjk #jujutsu kaisen x reader #[🍋.lmntalks]
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  • arceyoxidized
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    time to rot you there for the rest of your life

    #unless?👀 #time to simp over jjk charas #[🍋.lmntalks]
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  • idsitonthat
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i had a dream that i had a huge penis (i identity as a cis girl) and it was straight up a foot and a half long and all i did for the whole dream was just try out different sex toys and dracula was there flying about

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  • froggoinred
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the second years :)

    when yuta's anime design dropped i knew i had to draw the whole squad together,, i care them sm

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