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    19.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    𝕿𝖔𝖏𝖎 𝖝 𝕽𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝖝 𝕸𝖊𝖌𝖚𝖒𝖎

    Includes: incest, exhibitionism, creampie, oral (giving), face-fucking, lots and lots of praise, belly bulge, cervix fucking

    Word count: 983 words

    Something was going on. Megumi concluded after the hearing the soft pitter patter of your feet for the nth time that month. He knew that you were at that age where you wanted to be independent.

    No longer the little girl that cowered behind him when someone intimidates you. No longer the little girl that came to him for help to get something from a high shelf. It was like you had no use for him now. He knew that was all part of growing up.

    But this, the sneaking out at night, the slight occasional wince every time you try walk, the ‘bug bites’… he knew this was completely unrelated. And he had a hunch that it was somehow connected to the person that decided to interfere with their lives a few months ago.

    Fushiguro Toji, who suddenly wanted to rekindle his broken relationship with his kids had the audacity to show his face in front of them after abandoning them. But with your incessant begging, Megumi decided to give him a second chance. Even though he acted like he didn’t like Toji’s company, he liked having someone who he can call ‘dad’ around. Besides, you looked so much happier nowadays.

    But that still didn’t explain your behavior. Megumi had already deduced that your actions were related to Toji, yet he still couldn’t connect the dots. So he decided to confront you about it. He was left utterly hopeless after you brushed him off, a bright genuine smile adorning your beautiful face. He chose to let it go. After all, what mattered to him the most was your happiness. But he could care less about Toji and was determined to approach him. He opted to wait until it was after midnight, when he heard you leave your room.

    Megumi quickly went to his father only to end up slack-jawed at the sight that greeted him the moment he stepped foot into the room. His father was casually sitting on the bed, fully clothed while a nude you was bouncing on his cock, your hands desperately hugging your father’s neck.

    Megumi couldn’t tear his eyes away from the place where you were nearly getting split in half, his father’s giant cock that you were impaling yourself on.

    “Ah Megumi, you’re here. Took you a while, huh.” His father teased with a smug grin, his large hands coming up to fondle your ass, parting the soft masses of flesh, giving Megumi an even clearer view that made his pants tighten.

    “Why don’t you show your brother how much of a big girl you are.” Your father cooed in your ears, his hips thrusting on their own, your stomach getting slightly distended due to his girth that penetrated past your cervix.

    “Fuck.” Cursing under his breath, Toji came inside you. Filling you up with his seed, his own daughters tightness making it difficult to hold back as he pushed his hips further. You felt you tummy bloat with the amount of cum your father flooded you with, the warmth spreading across your stomach, a sigh of pure bliss when you felt his last spurts of cum paint your insides.

    “Come on now. Show him that you’re a big girl now.” You carefully slid off your fathers cock, your neck craning to look at your brother, who had an obvious bulge in his pants and an awestruck look to complete it. You used your hands to part your ass, showing Megumi the sloppy trail of cum that left your hole.

    “Look, onii-chan. I’m a big girl now.” You exclaimed happily, yelping when Toji slapped your ass. “Now now, don’t waste daddy’s cum.” He scooped up the sticky mixture of both of your juices, pushing them inside your cunt once more. He gave one more pat to your ass before pulling you back to look at him.

    “Why don’t you go help your brother. He looks like he could use it.” Before Megumi could protest, you were already on your knees, your teeth slowly dragging down his zipper. You gasped when his cock finally broke free of it’s confines.

    It wasn’t big like Toji’s, but it was definitely pretty. His tip was already weeping pearly drops of pre-cum, two pulsing veins ran up his cock to his pink mushroom head. His balls were heavy with cum, probably because he doesn’t masturbate a lot.

    “Wa- wait! You don’t have to-!” He was cut of when you engulfed his entire length in your mouth, your tongue swirling around his sensitive head, sucking in all the pre. “Shit!”

    Your hair was grasped by his hands, tilting your head so you could look at him. Your big doe eyes, rimmed with unshed stared up innocently at him, in contrast to your mouth, which was stuffed full of his cock. You looked so… “pretty.” He whispered, beginning to maneuver your head so he could fuck your mouth.

    “Open your mouth wider, baby.” You did as he asked, widening your mouth, engulfing his two large sacs into your wet cavern that made him throw his head back, his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

    “Fuck, baby. So good at this!” His praise only managed to further rule you up. Your fingers came to your hole, fingering your self, Toji’s cum providing as an excellent lubricant. The squelching noises from your pussy was drowned out by Megumi, who’s moans were getting louder as he neared his orgasm.

    “M’ coming, coming, cooooming!” With a loud groan, he came, his cum sliding down your sore throat. “Mmm, swallow, baby.” As compliant as always, you did as he asked, swallowing his thick hot cum and showing your mouth afterwards.

    “Good girl.” You received a gentle caress on your cheek, only to be pulled towards the bed by your father. “You don’t get to relax yet, little one. The nights only just begun. Perhaps we should let your brother join this time.”

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    Badass Sorceress!Reader HC’s

    My brainrots of ideas and I’m also bored so here. Feedback is welcomed as always, if this does well I’ll continue w/ more HC’s/scenarios ty ty smooch smooches 💛🤎🤍

    Description: fem!reader, she/her, scenarios, HC’s, hints/mentions of abuse/manipulation, overall nothing too graphic, stinky grammar, spoilers!

    ❂ Default Fighting Style: Katana (because who doesn’t love swords yuh), versatile cursed techniques + cursed energy is used with/without the sword, reversed cursed technique (we need more jjk healers yes pls).

    ❂ Grade Status: Special Grade or Nearly: she’d been pushed to the brink of working and improving by her clan to become the best - resulting not only her personality but her efforts.

    ❂ Tokyo Student (because I like Tokyo Tech better no hard feelings I love Kyoto but I’m biased-).

    ❂ First Impressions: Probably doesn’t open up at the moment meeting her peers considering that her clan had been secluding her from the outside world (with only a couple short lived escapism's as a child), comes off distant and stoic at first, but really is awkward has best intentions. Quite expressive after getting comfortable.

    Best Traits

    ❂ The Most Forthright: Most of the characters don’t express into words of how they feel, at least in the moment - reader naturally voices her thoughts and opinions, a bit more blunt than the others. Honest and transparent to her closest friends because she trusts and cares for them - honesty is a kindness and respect she has for them, as well as she would presume to be truthful mutually. She had to become so sincere, given that her clan had been so secretive and devious, she despised that - resulting her characteristic.

    ❂ Leadership: After leaving the clan, reader would more likely gain a consciousness of leadership considering she’s chosen her own path differing from those who sought out for her (more for themselves - f*ck the clan) a future more dim. Uses what the clan had taught her to mold the skills of herself but more importantly reader’s loved ones. Most go for her advice, especially in training since she knows a thing or two about (a lot more than two, duh).

    ❂ Unwavering Trust: If Yuuji says he can do it, she’ll believe him. Would base it more on fact and evidence to exceed her predictions first, but overall has an unyielding confidence in those she confides in. Has full-fledge faith Megumi will let go of whatever insecurities he has to unleash his full potential. From one girl to another, never doubts Nobara’s skills as a strong countryside woman 🤝 ladies supporting ladies~

    ❂ Learner at Heart: Wants to learn anything to be better at, (especially social cues, will need the most learning out of that 🤭) whatever she knows she’ll use as an advantage.

    Flawed Traits

    ❂ Blunt: Considering she’s the most straightforward, her bluntness can sting - might hurt someone’s feelings by accident lmao, she means well and good, anyone that gets easily irritable will have not so fun fun time with her.

    ❂ Expectations: Reader just has high expectations for the ones she cares about. Training with the others, she may put them through hell just to see an ounce of improvement. Ironic it is since the (l/n) clan had expected the most out of her only to deliver more than what she could have for herself. The only difference is: she wants her friends to have the benefits, not herself.She’ll have to reconsider her standards.

    ❂ Too Selfless: Because she cares more about the people around her, reader can forget to tend to her own needs. Maybe she picked the bad habit up from her upsetting past, no one to truly care for her. Will definitely get scolded by Nobara and Megumi about it. Encouraged by Yuuji to take care of herself more often.

    ❂ Kinda Dumb, Like Really: Reader may not pick up social cues like flirting and what-not at first. Tips and help provided by yours truly, Nobara and Yuuji (how would he know, girls don’t like him apparently 😔). THEY’RE GONNA PULL A FORMATION A, B, & C ON HER, BUT WILL SHE EVEN KNOW???

    ❂ Lowkey Crazy: Wouldn’t be a sorceress if she wasn’t crazy. And not the manic crazy, the silence is louder than words crazy. Yenno, that type beat.

    Overall: No filtered Small Brain, Jujutsu Sorceress Big Brain and 💪, Heart Softer Than a Puppy

    Relationships W/ the Others

    ❂ Yuuji Protection Team Leader: after meeting the boy many refer as the vessel of the deadliest king of curses, she had to find out herself what he was like… which he is nothing like the others had said about him. “You’re a Dandelion” she would tell Yuuji upon meeting him after awhile. The strawberry haired boy would be a bit perplexed at what she had said, but would ultimately see it as compliment! If he’s not complaining, then neither is she. The duo, would have conversations about anything and everything. Anyone that comes across them conversing will have no idea what they’re talking about. But they always seem like they’re having an interesting talk! Yuuji will definitely want to protect (y/n) since he considers, but he lacks tact, and she’ll have no problem saving his behind.

    ❂ Shikigami Enthusiast: A bit concerned at the sight of the shadowed figured animals at first. Never seeing or even having pets at the (l/n) estate, (y/n) would be a bit curious at Fushiguro’s summonings. “You’ll get used to it..” he’d murmur. Even if reader is somewhat agitated about whether it’s the rabbits or the towering Nue, he silently coaxes the sorceress. Eventually warms up to them (he probably had to summon them more often for her to feel comfortable to be around). Megumi will occasionally release the bunnies if reader is stoked enough. Will always summon black and white (rip 🥺) dogs. It’s nice to know someone else is also fond of his shikigami. Lowkey he’s taking pride in reader’s interests. Also lowkey interested in what kind of people are the (l/n) clan, your powers, and how (y/n) has remained composed, from the outside, considering their line of work.

    ❂ Kugisaki’s Confidant: “We have some work to do..” is something the straw-doll user would say to (y/n) whenever she hadn’t picked up something. Will give fashion advice, get’s mani' and petit' w/. As (y/n) gives curse fighting advice, Nobara will freely give love advice, how to deal with a b* named Mai, fashion advice - the copper-haired girl is happy enough that her friend listens and takes her tips seriously. Will gut someone like a fish if anyone were to say or even look wrong at her new friend. Nobara will vent (complain mostly) to (y/n), it’s nice to be heard while giving thoughtful ideas, even if she’s asking more related questions, Kugisaki will happily oblige to answer. Eventually it becomes a habit that (y/n) will ask the other female sorcerer if she wants to go to the city - most of the time it’s to take a break from the work otherwise it’ll be the most random times. Give Nobara sometime, and she’s ready to go! She likes reader’s spontaneity. Anytime with (y/n), is a fun time yay.

    ❂ Junpei Protection Team Advocate: If you were reading the manga chapter blindfolded, or stared at the episode eyes closed, you would know that Junpei Yoshino is DEAD :( ! But for the sake of serotonin, he’s alive and protected by Yuuji and (y/n). Reader would want the newer sorcerer to work with her more so that he can fight for himself. Gives Junpei a reason to believe he can be still be happy making as many friends, while learning more about himself from the eyes of reader.

    ❂ Sword Spars: Yuuta and (y/n) first meeting would be nice (unless Rika says otherwise). They have interests in Katana, and all types of swords. Respects her a lot despite being older than reader. Yuuta is just a nice guy, what’s more to say? “Are you really related to Gojo” reader will only ponder outloud to Yuuta, considering the biggest contrasts of them both are quite evident.

    ❂ Zenin-Senpai's Favorite: Maki wouldn’t admit it, but (y/n) is probably her favorite first year next to Nobara. She cannot only relate to her younger peer, but admires her naturally strong will. Definitely teases her just to get a reaction. But ultimately has confidence in the younger’s skill. Has the most fun with training since (y/n) is a challenge to take!

    ❂ Toge & Panda & Their Pupil: Teach her all the bad humor in the world. Like trash memes will be the hardest thing for reader to understand. They find it funny that she won’t understand fully at first, not in a condescending way but utterly because it’s her willingness to want to know. Toge shows her all the YouTube videos he watches, Panda teaches her all the things about panda’s and why’re they’re ultimately the best species on the planet. The black and white fur-ball also gives great advice on the opponents they will need to fight in the tourney’s. Actually, bet Toge and Panda do the most gossip, about EVERYONE. “What’s said in the circle, stays in the circle!” The speech user and tall fluff will get scolded harshly (gets beaten up for it too oops) by Maki and Nobara. Develops sarcasm because of the troublesome duo. Le gasp.

    ❂ Gojo Sucks: Unlike our helpful group of friends, Satoru would say things with double meaning just to confused reader. She knows he does it on purpose. She doesn’t know what he references most of the time. Will ask questions to then just get teased more and as the menacingly teacher will change the subject. Earns him a pour :c what the hell just tell her what you meant man. Just doesn't find him funny at all. She'll only white lie about something when she says she doesn't have concerns for him, to then be honest again. "Well, I'm just worried since you're pretty weak and all. You just don't seem like a person who would get the job done," and genuinely doesn't believe Gojo is the strongest. And unfortunately for (y/n), will get formation b’d on by him a lot of the time and then understands how embarrassing it can really get from there. Gojo Satoru is one hell of a father figure, that’s for sure.

    Thank you for reading I hope the pillow you sleep on is cool on both sides~

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    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    one of the funniest scenes in jjk, perhaps unintentionally, is that whole sequence when megumi is literally staring toji in the face and it never once occurs to him to question if they’re related

    #jujutsu kaisen#jjk#jjk spoilers#megumi fushiguro#toji fushiguro #like that is literally big you megumi #please look in a mirror and back at toji #maybe it was intentional. knowing gege #jjk manga#fushiguro megumi#fushiguro toji
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    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    having 4 arms is awesome

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  • incorrect-jujutsu-kaisen-quotes
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Yuji: You gotta live more in the moment! Today is a gift!

    Megumi: Is there a receipt?

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  • catkir
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Princess Megumi🐺Part 7✨

    The beginning ①

    The first time Megumi and Itadori met.

    Part two will be finished next month I think😭✌️

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  • n0bamak1s
    19.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    whisper of the heart- megumi fushiguro x reader

    summary: you begin to take notice of the name “megumi fushiguro” on all the tops of your library checkout cards. a semi-retelling of whisper of the heart featuring you and megumi. (genre: fluff, high school au, meet cute)

    warnings: none! except maybe slightly ooc megumi

    word count: 3.2k

    a/n: hi everyone! ty all again for being so patient with me publishing this. i’ve been very busy with college apps lately, but i’m gonna try to keep this blog as active as i can while balancing it with school life. anyways, i had a lot of fun writing this, but i’m definitely not used to writing megumi, so feel free to leave feedback ^^ i also changed some details from the original movie and left it a bit open ended, so feel free to let me know if you want a part 2!

    “who the hell is megumi fushiguro?”

    your gaze was fixed on the faded ink reading the now all too familiar characters. the characters spelling out a name that managed to keep showing up on the yellow tinted checkout cards tucked into the books you borrowed.

    nobara glanced over your shoulder, inspecting the piece of cardstock tucked between your fingers. wrinkling her nose in disgust, she plucked the card from you, holding it closer to her face.

    “whoever it is, they have terrible handwriting.” she stuck her nose up, turning back to you with a playful smile. “i don’t know how you managed to get ‘megumi fushiguro’ out of that chicken scratch.” a face of mock distress crossed her features as she did air quotes around the name, as if she couldn’t believe such a delicate name would be given to someone with such handwriting. she’s always had a tendency to be a bit over dramatic about trivial stuff like this.

    with nothing more than a huff in response, you snatched back the card, tucking it neatly back into your library book. your fingers grazed the worn down cover for a moment, gliding along the slight tears around the corners and the stiffness of the yellowing pages.

    ‘i wonder how many of these creases came from megumi fushiguro?’

    “whoever it is, it seems like that name shows up in every book i check out in the library.”

    nobara kicked a rock as she walked, leaving a small cloud of dust around her feet. “maybe you’re just imagining it. you always stay up so late doing whatever the hell it is you do in your free time that you’ve probably begun to hallucinate.” she nudged you playfully, eliciting a dead pan expression from you.

    “i’m serious nobara. i mean, i’ve never really believed in fate but there’s no way it’s completely coincidental!”

    she raised an eyebrow, as if to say you can’t be serious. “i think you’ve been reading too many romance novels, for all you know this person could totally be just some weird old guy with nothing better to do than visit the library.”

    “hey!” you acted as if that last bit was a personal attack on you, and knowing nobara it probably was. “i’m not saying this megumi fushiguro person is my soulmate or anything, i just think it’s a very strange coincidence.” you shrugged off your backpack as you talked, putting away your book. noticing the suspiciously light weight of your bag, you rummaged your fingers around for a moment to find that your sketchbook had gone missing.


    nobara turned to you, perceptive as ever of your suddenly altered demeanor. “forget something again?” it was almost annoying sometimes how well she knew you. was it really that obvious?

    “just my sketchbook,” your hands rifled through your bag one final time to make sure you really didn’t have it “probably left it on the park bench or something, it’ll just be a minute to get it.” you turned to her with a sheepish smile, silently pleading her to follow you there. she stared blankly at you for a moment, probably having one of her internal monologues about how lucky you were to have her as a friend, before rolling her eyes and following suit.

    “this better be quick, i have places to be you know!”

    “no you don’t.” you turned around before you could meet her melodramatic glare.

    behind you, you could hear her huff of dissatisfaction, though she made no move to leave, reassuming her position next to you, giving you a gentle nudge as she brushed next to you.

    as you walked, the sunlight peeking between trees framing your pathway began to warm your face, highlighting the ends of your eyelashes and the tops of your cheeks with the warm glow of the first hints of summer time. for a moment, you closed your eyes, letting yourself be enveloped in it, before your fleeting thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a bike coming in your direction. you felt as if you’d jump out of your own skin in that moment, hearing a “move out of the way!” from a husky, disembodied voice.

    it probably looked pretty ridiculous how you jumped out of the way, kicking up a fleeting cloud of dust as you avoided the sudden presence of the biker. grounding yourself, your eyes flickered up to the source of the voice, being met with the gaze of stormy blue eyes, framed by long, dark eyelashes that nobara would most definitely be envious of. taking in the boy’s whole figure, your eyes were drawn to the messy black hair atop his head, formed at the ends into contradictorily gentle looking spikes. the sleeves of his white button down were rolled up taut around his forearms, leading your gaze to his hands wrapped tightly around the bike handles.

    oh, right. he’s still biking.

    you turned your focus back to keeping to your side of the path momentarily, before the sight of your name written atop the sketchbook peeking out of his bag came into your field of vision as he continued to move past you. before you had time to think rationally, you turned to his now retreating form, breaking into a jog, kicking up a few more dust clouds as you did.

    ignoring nobara’s incredulous calling of your name, you tried to call to the boy who had no intention of slowing down. “excuse me!” you cupped a hand around your mouth, hoping to project your voice louder. “hey!” the irritation in your voice was clear, but you breathed a small sigh of relief as the bike slowed to a stop, and the spike headed boy turned to your direction.

    after an awkward moment of your continued jogging to him while he stood with a blank expression, you stopped in front of him, an accusatory look grazing your features.

    “i think you have something of mine.” you tried your best to imitate the confident attitude you always admired from nobara, placing a hand on your hip and using the other one to point to his bag. his gaze followed the direction of where you pointed, his eyebrows raised while the rest of his face remained stagnant.

    “oh, this?” he tugged the cardboard covered sketchbook out of the pocket it had been placed in, examining the cover. his eyes flickered between your name written in the top corner, and your currently annoyed looking face, as if he was playing some sort of word association game. you simply nodded in response, anticipation clear in your actions.

    as he held out the sketchbook to you, he leaned down so his face was closer to you, as if to tell you a secret, voice low and eyes trained on you. “you should be more careful next time. you’re lucky i’m nice enough to not just steal this from you right now.”

    you didn’t have an explanation as to why your heart began to race.

    taking your silence as a response, he pushed it into your hands, his fingers brushing against yours gently. “nice drawings by the way, i recognize your friend over there from the portrait you drew of her on the first page.” his face remained stoic as he pointed at nobara, who was tapping her foot in boredom.

    face warm from embarrassment, you snatched the sketchbook from where his hands lingered on it, muttering a bitter sounding “thanks” before stalking over to nobara once more, who looked relieved that she’d finally be able to go wherever it was she was going to.

    “what an asshole.” you glared at him over your shoulder as he biked away, your gaze lingering a second too long for someone so insistent on hating him. nobara shook her head in response, clearly annoyed at your own obliviousness after witnessing the whole interaction.

    a smug smile crossed her soft features. “maybe that’s megumi fushiguro.”

    you raised a brow as you glanced at her. “as if!”

    despite your insistence on your distaste for the mystery boy, he managed to have flooded your thoughts. ‘he must be using sorcery or something to keep himself on my mind, weirdo.’

    still, you couldn’t deny how just a few more of your portraits were accented by ocean blue eyes, or pointed ends to the different mops of hair you sketched. how did you manage to keep attracting mystery people into your life?

    when you returned to the library, you gripped a thick science fiction novel, the pages brushing your soft fingers as your marched it up to the checkout counter. as the librarian wrote the date on a small piece of cardstock, you took note of the fact that your name would be the first one there. had megumi fushiguro missed out on this one?

    a pleasant smile stretched across your face as the librarian handed the book back to you. scrawling your name at the top of the checkout card, your eyes flickered to a stamp of ink beneath the slot for it.

    donated by fushiguro.

    of course it was.

    the library door squeaked quietly as you pushed it open, one hand on the door, and the other placing your new book in your backpack. zipping it up and throwing it over your shoulder, you were met with the feeling of a dog sniffing your leg. your eyes trailed down to a dog almost akin to a small polar bear brushing its nose against your calf. reaching your hand to scratch softly against the back of his head, you coo gently at the not-so-little little guy.

    “what’s got you all by yourself buddy?” an involuntary smile creeps onto your face at how he calms at your pats.

    wordlessly, obviously considering this is a dog, he turns and walks a few steps forward, before pausing and tilting just his fur covered face toward you, egging you on to follow him just as you had the other day with nobara. you considered for a moment, before shrugging and giving in to his pretty minimal amount of convincing. nobara would be out getting lunch with maki today anyways, so you could use something to do today. after all, it could be fate.

    it was almost as if you were one of those people who walked their dog without a lash, but in reality, it was more like the dog was walking you as it lead you down tall, sidewalk-lined hills and through parks filled with young parents having picnics with their children and couples going on walks. you wondered to yourself if this was a worthwhile excursion, was he just leading you to a dead end, or worse, was he some dog trained by a gang to lure people into danger?

    after walking a few minutes more, you found out the spot you were being lead to was, in fact, even worse then both the possibilities you’d been brainstorming in your head, when you were met at the bottom of another hill with the stoic expression of that spike head. his eyes softened at the sight of the dog, a ghost of a smile tugging at his lips that quickly vanished as he met your gaze, his eyes hardened in contrast with the bashfulness that shone on his cheeks.

    “oh, you found him. thanks for that.” he cleared his throat awkwardly, shifting his gaze back to the dog. you shifted your weight from one foot to the other. to be fair though, what did you expect you’d do when you found where the dog was leading you?

    “i should probably go.” your usually collected demeanor had been replaced with that of a puppy with its tail tucked between its legs. with a stiff wave, you took your leave, turning on your heel.

    “wait.” his voice wavered, as if trying to catch himself before he spoke. “i can walk you home if you want. it’s the least i can do after you got him home.” he forced a smile onto his face, though it made him look more constipated than inviting. what happened to the snarky, aloof boy who had handed you your sketchbook just a few days ago?

    still, you nodded, lips pressed into a line that you hoped resembled somewhat of a smile. surely, you should have been more worried about his sudden change in demeanor, but the relieved expression on his face seemed to soothe your nerves a bit. he assumed a spot next to you, tucking his hands in his pants pockets.

    “your little buddy there lead me all over the city trying to find you, so i don’t exactly know how to get home from here, but maybe you can just lead me to the library.” you turned so you faced him, now aware of the close proximity between you two. nobara would probably laugh in your face if she could witness the moment you paused, stunned by the eye contact he made with you under his thick eyelashes. had you been perceptive enough in the moment, you may have noticed the blush creeping up his face. he nodded his head, which was already tilted down to face you fully, with eyes hazy and lips slightly parted.

    “it’s just this way, i’ll show you.” he removed his hand from its pocket to point up the hill that had brought you to him in the first place. you gripped the straps of your backpack and faced in the direction he pointed to obediently, hoping to ignore the weird tension in the air. what could you talk to him about?

    before you could continue your internal dilemma, he cleared his throat again. “you seem to like the library a lot, huh?”

    by god was this boy terrible at small talk.

    “i guess i do, but i don’t know how you came to that conclusion considering i only just brought up the library.” you cocked an eyebrow as you looked at him, probably sounding more annoyed than you’d intended.

    he smiled knowingly at you, a hint of disbelief on his features as he raised his eyebrows. “i guess you wouldn’t know since your nose is always buried in a book, but i see you there like every day.”

    your eyebrows furrowed so they practically touched, trying to rack your memory for seeing him in the library. “i’m sure i’d be able to recognize you if you did.” you were completely oblivious to the implications of how memorable you found him that laced your statement.

    he shrugged nonchalantly. “believe it or not. i even tried sitting down in front of you a few times, but you were always too focused on your books to notice.” his smile was almost bittersweet as you waited by a stoplight. before you could respond, he continued. “it’s kind of admirable though. i think it’s nice that you’re so passionate about your books.”

    you took a chance to look at him, really look at him, for the first time since you’d glared at him biking by. he held your gaze, eyes gentle. there was absolutely no way this was the same boy carrying your sketchbook in his bag from a few days ago.

    “well if you think i’m so nice, what was with you trying to be all smart about my sketchbook?” ever the stubborn one, you were.

    he shrugged his shoulders, shoving his hands back in his pockets. “you really should be more careful of your stuff. i was just letting you know. it’s not like i would have put in that effort for just anyone’s sketchbook. i guess i was just trying to make sure you wouldn’t lose it again. sorry if i offended you.”

    the way he was blushing would have made any bypasser believe he’d just asked you to marry him.

    “it’s just…” he continued “after seeing you in the library all the time, i thought you were really impressive. i thought if i tried to return your sketchbook, i could impress you too.” he kicked a rock that touched the edge of his sneaker.

    “why would you wanna impress me?” your obliviousness was excruciating for the poor boy, though it was completely sincere on your end.

    “you know, for someone so smart, you really are dense.” he pursed his lips, feigning annoyance. “and here i was thinking i was so obvious.”

    at this point, you were nearing the library, and suddenly desperate to continue this conversation that you would have been dreading at the start of this walk.

    “when it was obvious you weren’t gonna look up from your book, i tried checking out as many books as i could to get on your radar.” his smile had a weird hint of sadness behind it. you stayed silent, piecing together facts in your head.

    “recognize the name megumi fushiguro?”


    it pained you for a moment to know you’d have to tell nobara she was right.

    “you’re megumi fushiguro?” your eyebrows shot up in surprise, mouth slightly agape. he seemed to stifle a laugh at your expression.

    “i mean, what were you expecting?” he looked a little too smug for someone who was too scared to talk to you in the library.

    “some weird old person, probably.” you shrugged, still with an incredulous look on your face. “i’m glad it wasn’t though.”

    “oh?” he really did have a nice smile. “i guess you’re glad it was me then.” even he was unsure of this sudden confidence.

    you pondered his question for a moment, but your body moved before your brain did, nodding your head slowly. he seemed to loosen up then, hands out of his pockets again, making you aware of how close you stood to him with the way his fingers brushed yours every few steps. a slight sadness filled your being as you stopped in front of those squeaky library doors that suddenly seemed so uninviting.

    “i’ll tell you what then,” he started confidently, juxtaposing the bashful way he avoided eye contact with you all of a sudden “come to the library again tomorrow, and i’ll meet you there. really meet you this time, not just walking past your table. i can show you my favorites there and you can show me yours, it’ll be…fun.” he looked up almost worriedly for your reaction, slightly angry at himself for his sudden shyness, you seemed to have quite the effect on him.

    there was a beat of silence, and he almost cut the tension in the air by taking back his request and booking it back home. before he could fully hatch his master escape plan, you reached over to grab his hand, his slender fingers lacing through yours. you gave it a light squeeze, and swore you could feel him jump a little at the contact.

    “i’d like that a lot,” you looked in his eyes, which had gone from defensive to doe like in just your five words “megumi fushiguro.” he loved the way his name sounded coming from you. his anticipation cracked into a smile as he squeezed your hand back, and you prided yourself on getting to make him smile again.

    “i’ll see you tomorrow, then.” he leaned down slightly as he said it, reminiscent of how he had scolded you about your sketchbook just a few days ago. you nodded in response, unable to stop the giddy smile stretching across your face.

    tomorrow couldn’t come any faster.

    #megumi fushiguro x reader #fushiguro megumi x reader #fushiguro x reader #megumi x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk x reader #jjk headcanons#jjk imagines#megumi fushiguro#jujutsu kaisen
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  • pretendshoes
    19.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    first years online class but gojo just streams cuz he can

    literally using his six eyes for a video game & almost tricking nanami into commentating for him


    it looks dead help me improve

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  • cervleann
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ━imagine being Toji's partner. you love him so much, you'll do anything for him. taking care of Megumi when he was away, cleaning, cooking. attending to his injuries at any hour. but still, with all the effort, you put into your relationship something was missing. he barely kissed you not to mention he always turned you off. refusing your desires for him, for his body, for his touch. it got to a point he didn't even pay attention to what you were saying. always staring at a certain spot on the wall. turning to see what it was, your soul left your body. it was a photo of him and his ex-wife. so this was it. he didn't love you, he never had. the only woman in his life was her, not you

    (a/n: school started and im kinda trying to find a way to balance it and posting here)

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  • chubby-salty-bukosan
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Gojo: I learned some very valuable lessons from this.

    Nanami: I'm guessing they are all horrible distortions on the lesson you actually should've taken away.

    Gojo: Death isn't real, and I'm basically God.

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  • lesbucci
    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Autocorrect JJK

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  • sodacanwritings
    19.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ”If it appears to you that I don't give a fuck, you have excellent intuition.“

    — Megumi Fushiguro

    #jjk quotes — sdc #jujutsu kaisen#jjk#megumi fushiguro#fushiguro megumi#megumi#fushiguro#jjk megumi#megumi jjk #jjk megumi fushiguro #jjk fushiguro megumi #fushiguro jjk#jjk fushiguro #jujutsu kaisen megumi
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  • tomonari-nue
    19.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    it’s basically canon that Megumi looks just like Toji by Gojo, so do you ever think that the older Megumi got, the taller he grew, the more his shoulders filled out, the more his face lost it’s baby fat – do you think Gojo ever saw him from the corner of his eye and just kind of. freezes for a second. bc instead of seeing this wild-haired, sullen teenage boy, he sees a man who didn’t hesitate to pull a gun on an innocent girl. he sees a man who’s entire side he blew off. he sees this man dying with blood soaking his clothes and he panics a little bc the hair seemed a little too wild, the shoulders a little too narrow, the arms too scrawny.

    Gojo is haunted by a ghost who lives in the shape of a boy he cares for.

    #jjk spoilers #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #gojo satoru#fushiguro megumi#fushiguro toji #cursed technique: headcanons #making myself scream over this #gojo has so much trauma and refuses to unload any of it on the kids and i love him #but by god please talk to a therapist already
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  • somthingcool
    19.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Gojo and megumi head Canons

    Teen Gojo teaches baby Megumi how to take shot with those little jello fruit cups while Gojo is doing Jell-O shots. And that’s how he decided that he wants to be a teacher.

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  • xyixxesx
    19.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I also think that getting your nails done with Megumi.

    whether it’s going to the nail salon where he gets the same color of your acrylics or at home where you give both you and him a manicure. 

    you frequently do black and deeper shades per his request. he never declines and would absolutely pay every single time if you let him. 

    a pretty gentleman with pretty nails. we love. ): <3  

    #megumi#megumi fushiguro#fushiguro #megumi x reader #fushiguro x reader #jjk#Jujutsu Kaisen #jujutsu kaisen imagine #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen oneshot
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  • eboymegumi
    19.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    megumi headcanons for a modern universe!

    • he can cook minimum things, he isn’t that useless. but he’s not gonna be Picasso at baking

    • he can’t bake, he tried to bake yuuji a cake for his birthday.

    • let’s not talk abt that

    • he paints his nails black, mainly with that one nail polish where you don’t bite your nails because he has this habit of biting his nails when he’s stressed, but now he just folds them:)

    • he’s a solid student, he’s able to complete assignments and shit, but he still does struggle at certain classes and needs to put way more effort into them

    • but that doesn’t change the fact that he is very.. uh. aggressive to people who break rules. or people who hurt others ( he hurts the people who hurt others ok )

    • bandage across his cheek that yuuji puts there <3

    • baggy clothes eboy

    • loudly listens to music

    • at least one earbud in at all times

    • really worn out converse

    • a pure contrast to affordable - fashionista nobara and… yuuji

    • gojo drops him off every single day. and honks his horn. until megumi says bye verbally

    • yuujis & nobaras awkward lanky best friend

    • has had the same book bag for years

    #modern jjk au #fushiguro megumi#yuuji itadori#kugisaki nobara#hcs #fushiguro megumi hcs
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  • justheax
    19.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Sometimes, love can pertain to sacrificing others for the ones you cherish deeply.” You explained. 

    “But I cherish you whole-heartedly!” his muffled voice of hurt pricked your arms as he kept rubbing those pale cheeks of his while burying it more, starved by the love of his parents. 

    “But sometimes, the one you cherished the most is what you must sacrifice—another form of love masked behind the brutal reality of life.” You spoke as you gently raised his chin to meet your serious gaze.

    Y/N, the wife of Fushiguro Toji, and the mother of Fushiguro Megumi, finally unraveled her side of the story as she told an in-depth perspective of how and what really happened when a man of a large frame and a scar on his mouth was sent to kill her but ended as her son's father and her husband before reaching the arc of Gojo's past.

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