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    itadori yuuji x fem! reader

    word count // 5k

    aged up characters - nsfw, minors do not interact

    playlists // one (for the fluff) / two (for the sex lmao)

    cw // friends to lovers, mutual pining, fantasizing, fingering, dry humping, orgasm denial/edging (?) (self imposed tho), clothed sex, ripping clothes, soft/emotional sex, lots of fluff and sap


    what happens when your best friend notices a hole in your leggings during an innocent game of cards?


    this was supposed to be a drabble based on an ask @what-the-fucdge-rin​ sent me about how the jjk men would react to you wearing leggings with holes in them ... but i got carried away and wrote this in a lovesick stupor bc i simply cannot get this man out of my head LMAO

    full text

    Yuuji’s just finished his turn, setting his card — a two of hearts — at the top of the pile of cards that’s positioned between the two of you. He has to keep fixing the pile, because the cards keep sliding around haphazardly each time either of you makes a little movement on the mattress.

    Why you decided that the two of you should play cards on your bed — and not on a flat surface, like the dining table — beats him. But he guesses it doesn’t really matter if he has to keep fixing the cards. He’ll always indulge you, no matter the situation — if only to see the smile on your face when he gives in after some whining.

    Yuuji watches closely as you look between the two of hearts and your hand of cards. His turns are always quick; he’s impulsive — always listening to his first instinct, always setting down the first card that speaks to him.

    He’s studying you as you consider your options. You’re not impulsive like he is; your turns almost always take longer. But he doesn’t care how much time you take; in fact, the more the better. Because that means he has more time to look at you. He could let hours pass like this — watching you think.

    Not that he could ever tell you that. You look up at him suddenly, and he looks away, sheepish.

    “What?” you ask.


    “I thought you were looking at me.”

    “Oh,” he stammers, thinking of an excuse. “Well… I was, because you’re taking forever,” he blurts.

    “Forever? Shut up,” you scoff, flustered. “That’s why I’m gonna win.”

    He suppresses a smile; you look back down at your hand.

    It’s just a few moments later that Yuuji sees it. He’s not looking on purpose; he just finds his eyes drawn to the area between your legs when you adjust to fold your legs in front of you, because there’s a sudden flash of red there. The pile of cards between you has shifted again, but this time, he’s too distracted to fix it. Right now, he’s looking — with burning cheeks — at the bright red lace of your panties peeking out obviously through a hole right in the crotch of your black leggings.

    He tears his eyes away, looking sheepishly for something else in the room to fix his eyes on. He really didn’t mean to look. He doesn’t want to look at you — his best friend of years — like that. He feels like a bit of a scumbag for doing it, and his cheeks are still burning.

    But there’s an instinctual part of him that can’t help but wonder what exactly those panties look like under your leggings. He chews his lip, wondering what kind of panties they are, how they look on your figure. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s thought about something like this.

    He could throttle himself. What’s he doing? He clears his throat guiltily, watching you fix the disorderly pile before setting your own card down. When you look back up at him, smiling warmly, he pales for a moment. He feels odd — suddenly weak in the knees at all of the fondness in your expression, so much of it that he swears he feels his heart skip a beat.

    He gulps. He should probably tell you about it, right? The… panties?

    “You have — you have —” he blathers, trailing off. A hole in your crotch? That sounds weird. He laughs nervously and scratches his head, thinking about the best way to phrase it. But, before he can do that, he finds his eyes drawn — involuntarily — back between your legs for a fraction of a second.

    Yuuji averts his gaze quickly, but to his chagrin, you’ve already seen.

    “Huh?” You’re looking between your legs now, and you see it — that little hole through which your bright panties are glaring obviously. “Oh!”

    He feels awful for embarrassing you. Maybe he should’ve just kept his mouth shut. But at the same time, some wicked part of him thinks you look so cute, all flustered and embarrassed like that. He feels his heart clench in his chest.

    “Why were you looking?” you blurt, flustered.

    “I don’t know,” he yammers, blushing and baffled, “why are you wearing holey leggings?”

    “It’s not like I knew, dummy!”

    Yuuji’s blushing hard now, averting his eyes. He opens his mouth to say something, but he doesn’t really know what to say, so he closes it again, clearing his throat awkwardly. As if he could hide behind them, he lifts his cards up to his face — pretending that he’s studying them. He gives it a good effort; he really tries to think about the cards in his hand. But, as it turns out, the only thing his mind can focus on is the red lace between your thighs. His brain is going haywire, conjuring up an image of you in a cute, bright red set.

    He thinks he’d die on the spot if he saw you in something like that. You, of all people. His cheeks are burning so hot he thinks they might catch on fire. They keep getting hotter as the blood rushes to his face.

    With panic, Yuuji realizes that there’s blood rushing somewhere else, too — right between his legs. He feels awful; he’s so worked up over those images in his head, and now he can’t get them out.

    Why the hell is the fabric of his shorts so thin? He’s cursing himself for wearing athletic shorts. Couldn’t have he worn something thicker? Something that wouldn’t give away the growing shape of his dick away so easily? Desperately, he’s trying to distract himself — to curb the rush of blood between his legs. But, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t scrub that image of you in lingerie from his mind. His shorts are getting uncomfortably tight, and he’s still pretending to study his cards, avoiding your eyes. He hopes to god you’re not noticing what’s happening between his legs.


    Your tone is a little breathless. A little strange. Sheepishly, he lowers his cards — looking at you, wide-eyed and flustered. His stomach drops when he realizes that your eyes are fixed on his crotch, where his dick is stiffening on his thigh, straining against his shorts.

    “Why are you looking?” he blurts.

    “How can I not?” you exclaim. “You’re — you’re…”

    You both stare at each other for a long moment — equally flustered, with the pile of cards between you falling into chaos.

    Yuuji’s mind is falling into chaos, too. Maybe he’s used to acting on impulse with most things. But this isn’t most things. This is you. So right now he’s thinking about what he should do. Should he make the first move, after all these years? After never having the courage to?

    And what if you’re not interested? He can’t fully read the look on your face. What if you don’t want him? It must’ve been weird, right? Catching him staring at your crotch, watching him get hard out of nowhere? He feels bad; he must’ve made you uncomfortable.

    “I’m sor—“ he starts. But he trails off, watching your hand dart forward suddenly. He doesn’t really know what’s happening as he watches you grab a fistful of his shirt. For a moment, he marvels at how small your hand is against his chest. And then he finds himself yanked forward by the fabric of his shirt.

    It takes his muddled mind a moment to process what you’re doing. But he gives under the force, lets you pull him further and further forward. And it’s only when your mouths meet — his lips crashing against yours — that he really gets it. That he understands: you’re the one acting on impulse, for once.

    His head feels foggy, feverish. His heart is pounding in his chest. For a moment, he doesn’t even think this is real; he wonders if his mind conjured it up, a culmination of all of his desire for you. No, he thinks. The feeling of your lips, so soft against his, the smell of your shampoo, your fingers wrapping up in his hair and pulling slightly — it’s all, undoubtedly, real.

    It’s real, and you’re pulling him further over you. He gives, shifts his weight over you, pushing you down onto the bed. Beneath you, beneath him, the cards scattered over the bed bend and warp, ruined — but it doesn’t really matter, does it? Because this is what he’s been wanting, waiting for, needing.

    He’s surprised to feel you part your lips, to feel you pushing your tongue into his mouth. But he reciprocates, enthusiastic and eager. His first taste of you is hungry and messy and desperate — his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. He runs his rough hand up your side, brings it up and up until it’s resting on your chest and he’s cupping you through your bra.

    Is this okay? he murmurs through sloppy kisses. Can I touch you?

    And, of course, the answer is yes. You’re rewarded with a rough squeeze. A needy, clothed thrust follows; he pushes you down into the mattress, ruins the cards beneath you further.

    Touch me, but…

    For a moment, he pauses. He’s afraid that he’s done something wrong, that he’s hurt you. But then you’re grabbing his wrist.

    Here, you’re saying, guiding his hand between your legs. Right here, okay?

    He mumbles a hasty okay into your mouth, runs his fingers over the damp fabric between your thighs. There’s a soft moan in response. He can’t believe how needy you are, how much you want it — just as much as him. He wonders if you’ve been wanting it for all these years, just like he has.

    Yuuji’s fingers on the fabric are gentle at first. Slow. And, then, as your soft moans go to his head, the urgency behind them increases. He’s so hard, aching, precum leaking down his thigh. It’s the desperation that’s getting to him — the fervent way your tongue explores his mouth, your fingers tugging lightly at his hair, the way you’re spreading your legs wider for him. He thinks the way you buck your hips upward each time his fingers graze over your clit is so cute. That you must be so sensitive, especially under all of these layers of clothing. And he wants them off.

    So when his fingers catch that little hole in your leggings — the one that started all of this — he finds his impulse taking over. He knows he probably shouldn’t, but he does it anyway: curls his finger into that little split in the fabric, rips it a little wider.

    He doesn’t think you’ve noticed yet; your soft moans are euphoric, drowning out the sounds of the slowly ripping fabric. He thrusts a little harder, a little needier. The impact pushes you down into the mattress, bending the cards beneath your bodies a little more.

    Yuuji’s trying his best to hold back, because he wants to be gentle with you, but he’s never really been the type to practice self-restraint. And his patience is wearing thin; it’s been so long, so long — years of wanting you. He can’t wait any longer, not even for your leggings to come down. And that’s why, while he’s slipping his tongue deeper into your mouth, he’s also slipping his rough fingers further into the tear in the fabric between your legs.

    His stomach is all knotted up — desire, nerves. The sweet sounds that keep spilling from your mouth into his are getting him high, buzzing in his head. He just can’t help it anymore — and so he finds himself hooking his fingers around the tear and pulling, sudden and rough.

    The fabric of your leggings gives easily under the force with a loud rip.

    While you let out a little cry of surprise, he’s pulling back to glance feverishly between your thighs. He’s ripped a hole the size of his palm, and what he can see through it sends butterflies rolling through his stomach and another rush of blood between his legs. Your exposed thigh, your panties — and a big damp spot right in the middle of them.

    You’re pinching his cheek, scolding him about the leggings (They’re actually expensive, you know?!) but he can hear the breathiness in your voice still, the anticipation. And when he looks back up to your face to murmur a sheepish apology — I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll buy you new ones, I promise — he finds that you’re smiling. And as another swarm of butterflies makes its way through his chest at all the emotion in that smile, you’re knotting your hands back in his hair and pulling his face back down to yours.

    Of course, like always — he gives. This time, it’s with no resistance. He indulges you completely, lets you pull his face down until your lips are meeting again. He’d give you anything you want. Everything. This is exactly what he’s been waiting for.

    This time, he takes control. He parts his lips as soon as they meet yours, kisses you deeply — with a hunger that’s built up over years. He’s feverish and hazy as he rips the hole in your leggings further open, tearing the fabric to expose your inner thighs more. And when he’s exposed enough of you, he runs his curious fingers up your inner thighs — squeezing, touching, rubbing until you’re gasping.

    Heavy breaths — exchanged from your mouth to his, and then back again. They’re shaky, full of so much emotion he thinks he could drown in it.

    He wants to. He wants to let all of these emotions through for the very first time, to let them take over. To drown in you and all of these feelings for you.

    Yuuji brings his calloused fingers between your thighs and presses them — gently, at first, hesitantly — to the lace over your slit. Feels just how wet you are for him. A nervous, shaky exhale leaves his mouth. A soft laugh. You want him this much.

    Maybe he really could drown in you.

    Yuuji wants to play with you for a little while. He’s always liked to toy with you, to tease. He does it often — in almost every interaction — because he likes to see the little pout that always crosses your face. He’s always thought it was so cute. He thinks he’ll tease right now…

    But the thought is short lived. As soon as he runs his fingers over your clit through your panties, a soft moan tumbles from your lips, and another rush of wetness dampens your panties. That’s it for him; he’d be insane to wait a second longer.

    So he finds himself pushing his tongue deeper into your mouth, fumbling clumsily now with your panties — his self control completely thrown to the wayside. He pulls them roughly to the side, hears a stitch pop. He murmurs another apology, but it’s swallowed between sloppy kisses.

    He’s always a little rougher than intended.

    That poor pretty lace. But it’s alright, isn’t it? Because he’ll get you something even prettier after the two of you inevitably ruin these: you dripping all over them, him ripping the lace apart. He’ll get you something as pretty as you, because that’s exactly what you deserve.

    He wants to give you everything you deserve. Every single thing you want. He’s thinking this as you start to moan desperately for him. He’ll give you what you want right now; how could he ever deny you this?

    But, still, before he touches you — really touches you, for the very first time — he asks.

    “Can I?”

    It’s a breathy, hasty murmur into your mouth. And it’s heavy, because he knows there’s no going back after what’s to come.

    Not that he’d ever want to go back to any moment before this. He waits for permission with his fingers hovering over your pussy. He can feel the heat of it just inches away, and his dick is aching against his thigh.

    You nod, grabbing his wrist again to guide his hand forward. Slowly. His breaths pick up; he’s aching for you so much that he can’t help but thrust down against your thigh. Just to relieve a little of the aching in his dick, just to get some friction on it. To his surprise, you reward that action with the sweetest little murmur. The sound goes straight to his dick, gets him harder as you bring his hand forward. The little space between the two of you that his hand is crossing feels both impossibly vast and impossibly small.

    And then, finally, he feels the heat of you against his fingers.

    The wetness of you — velvety, soft. He feels your breaths catch in his mouth as he drags his fingers through your pussy. Feels your hips buck up, little noises spilling from your mouth that are getting him drunk. His mind is buzzing; his dick is twitching in his shorts. He wants to hear more. To hear you better. So he pulls back a little, starts to trail sloppy kisses down your chin, down your neck. He litters them across your throat, leaves them over your skin, like a gift.

    “Oh, baby,” he slurs against your neck. “You’re so, so wet.”

    You mumble something unintelligible. Almost a plea. He’s slow and gentle on your clit; you’re bucking upward, desperate for more. You don’t have to say anything, because he knows what you want. Even if you can’t form the words, even if he hasn’t known you like this before, he knows you like the back of his hand. He knows from the look on your face, from the tone of your voice, exactly what you need — so he gives it to you.

    He sinks a finger into you. Feels you suck him in, your walls dripping wet and fluttering. He gets higher on the sweet noises you make as you part around him — pliant, malleable, desperate. He shudders against your throat, thrusts down again.

    You ask for another. So he obliges, sucking softly on your neck as he sinks another finger into your pussy. He can feel your walls stretching around his fingers, then clenching. You’re getting wetter with each moment that passes. Needier. And he needs you too, so badly. There’s so much precum dripping out of his dick that he’s soaked through his shorts. He feels like he’s harder than he’s ever been.

    Your pussy feels so good around his fingers. He’s dying to get all of this slippery heat — all of the twitching, dripping wetness of your insides — around his dick. He knows it’ll feel amazing, better than anything he’s ever felt.

    But there’s another need that’s beginning to overwhelm that. It’s not the carnal intensity of needing to fuck you; it’s an overhwelming, heightening arousal that builds lazily with each pump and curl of his fingers inside of you, with each soft moan that you gift him with in response. Pleasing you, even if it means denying himself — it’s a feeling unlike any other. More than anything, he realizes that he just wants to please you.

    To make you feel good. So, as much as he wants to be inside of you, he’ll wait a little longer — until you’re ready for him to give you what you need. Until you’re even wetter, until you’re stretched around his fingers, until it’ll feel best for you.

    It’s always been you, hasn’t it? Anything for you.

    So he takes his time stretching you out. His kisses are deep and hungry, betraying how much he really needs you. But he’ll deny himself until you’re ready — sinking his fingers into your pussy over and over again, high on the sweet noises each curl elicits from your pretty mouth. He pushes them in deep — all the way to the knuckle, feels you gasp and twitch around him.

    He’s eager when he curls his fingers, maybe even a little rough — so enamored with how good you feel inside, with how your walls twitch and weep around his fingers. But you’re responding to that roughness, to the intensity of his fingers stroking over your g spot.

    As your back starts to arch off the bed, he stops sucking your neck to ask, softly, almost innocently, Is it good? Do you like it? Does it feel okay?

    And you answer, So good, so good, just like that, keep going.

    He thinks that he might not even last to fuck you — that he might cum just from listening to your soft whimpers.

    So when you reach between his legs, fumbling with his shorts between hazy gasps, he thinks that he really won’t last. Not with the way you’re taking his dick out — hard, hot and dripping — and wrapping your soft, warm hand around it. Not with the way you’re dragging the precum down it, that first wet stroke sending a shudder down his entire body. And when you start to pump your hand down his aching dick, with precum dribbling out of the tip and saturating the shredded fabric of your leggings, he has to grit his teeth to stop his orgasm from building.

    He moans feverishly against your neck, still pumping his fingers into your pussy. He can barely focus; his head is cloudy, and his breaths are catching as he feels your soft, slick hands pump up and down his dick.

    I want you so bad, baby, I can’t even take it, he murmurs against your throat, breathless.

    He needs you so much. The feeling of your hands on his dick, the way you’re stroking it quickly — sloppy pumps as his wet fingers squelch inside of you, still curling roughly — is driving him insane. He’s losing his composure; you’re bringing him to the brink quickly.

    So he begs, gasps, Slow down. Slow down, please, I don’t want to cum yet.

    He wants to last. He wants to feel you around him before you make him cum. He knows he can make you feel even better, if he can just last until he’s inside you. And you’re so, so wet around his fingers. So wet that he thinks you’re ready for him.

    He wants to make you feel even better, if you’re ready for it — wants to stretch you out more, fill you up more. He wants to hear how your sweet moans will sound when he’s moving in and out of your pussy. When he’s making you feel so good.

    But the two of you are already both so close. You’re starting to clamp down on his fingers, and the feeling is sending him right to the edge. He’s whimpering softly, gritting his teeth as he tries to ignore that heightening, cresting pleasure.

    At this point, he just wants to last until you cum, even if he’s not inside you when it happens.

    But then he hears you murmur, Wait, I want, I want…

    What do you want, baby?

    I want you inside me.

    He shudders. Feels his dick stiffen more under your grasp. That’s not something he’d ever thought he would hear you say. He’s painfully hard now; it’s a desire that he knows won’t be relieved until he’s inside you.

    But, still, he asks feverishly, as he adjusts above you, Are you sure?

    Of course you are — nodding, biting your lip, looking up at him desperately. And how could he ever say no to you? He doesn’t even know how long he’ll last when he gets inside, but he wants to give you this. So he slips his fingers out of you, slowly, all of your arousal dripping off of them.

    Okay, he says breathily, wrapping his hand around his dick, stroking the slick wetness of you down it. He shudders, looking down at your face, studying you closely. It’s okay?

    You nod again, impatient as he levels himself over you. He looks between your thighs, positions his dick to your fluttering entrance. For a moment, he just marvels at the wet mess between your legs. He takes it all in with a shaky inhale, and a look of feverish fascination on his blushing face: your leggings torn to shreds, your inner thighs exposed and glistening wet.

    And when he positions the dripping tip of his dick against your slit — seeping with arousal, fluttering with anticipation — it sucks him in slightly, ready for him. You let out a little sigh that sends his mind reeling; he’s just barely inside of you and he can already feel your walls fluttering around him.

    He doesn’t move. He just stalls there, barely in. Because he needs to capture this moment. His nerves have his heart in his throat, but he has to look at your face. Has to study all the bliss there in this moment — because you’re so pretty, the prettiest thing he’s seen. His head is foggy, faraway, but his heart is right here, pounding hard in his chest at this promise: to be inside of you, to have you completely.

    He’s breathing hard — suffocating on the tension in this moment, listening to his heartbeat race.

    And, like always, you break the tension. Soothe his nerves. You’re still flustered, but your mouth turns up in a smile that has his stomach in knots.

    Softly, affectionately, and with all the tenderness in the world, you laugh, “I want you. I want this. It’s okay. Put it in already, dummy.”

    He laughs too, with his cheeks burning and his heart racing with anticipation.

    “Okay, baby,” he says breathily. “Okay.” And he thinks, Anything for you, anything you want, absolutely anything.

    So he rests his weight on his forearms, his nose brushing against yours as he lowers his lips back down. Your tongues intertwine, sloppy, breaths heavy and desperate as he sinks down into your pussy for the very first time.

    He feels that tight wetness envelop him. Feels every inch of his dick hugged tight, your walls fluttering and parting, giving easily for him as he pushes you open around him. You’re so wet for him, so ready — warm and pliant and so, so good. He shudders, feels the tension building again.

    And when he sinks all the way into you, you moan. Soft and sweet, pleasured, better than anything he’s ever heard. The feeling of you, the sound of you — all of you is so good that it draws a little gasp, a breathless little moan from his own mouth. You’re sucking him in, greedy and clenching.

    And now that he’s bottomed out, buried all the way inside of you, feeling your walls pulse around him — he wants to make sure it’s okay for you. That he’s not hurting you before he starts to move.

    So he pulls back, just slightly, almost nervous to look at you — even after all of these years. Blushing, he murmurs, Does it feel okay?

    Beneath him, you nod hazily. He can tell you’re lost in pleasure already — eyelashes fluttering, struggling to look up at him as you clench up around him. Your hands are knotted up in his hair, pulling on it needily. So he obliges — pulls out again, sinks in all the way. You’re enveloping him, completely, deeply — the both of you moaning softly each time he buries his dick all the way inside.

    He thinks you look so pretty in this moment. You always look pretty to him, but this is different. Familiar, but brand new. As he feels your legs wrap around him, as your eyes flutter shut, he watches all the ways your face contorts with each movement. Your face — every angle so familiar, memorized, well-loved — but brand new. Loved, now, in a new way, in a situation he’s only ever dreamt of.

    It’s an image he’ll never forget.

    “It’s more than okay,” you’re murmuring hazily.

    “Good,” he says breathily.

    Yuuji feels you disentangle your hands from his hair to bring them to the sides of his face. You cradle it, and the simple action is filled with so much affection, so much tenderness, that a lump forms in his throat. He feels something inside of him break, feels emotions pour out. He’s inside of you — you. And you’re smiling up at him, and your thumb is tracing down the scar on the side of his mouth, and he’s feeling things he’s never felt. That look on your face: adoration, fondness, and longing to match his — longing that he’d never noticed until right this moment. It’s so plain on your face that he wonders how he could’ve ever missed it.

    You run your thumb over his scar one more time, and, right before you pull his face back down to yours, he hears you murmur something.

    “I’ve only wanted it forever.”

    He swallows over the lump in his throat, feels his eyes burn. Forever.

    “Forever,” he repeats against your mouth. His voice cracks at the end of the word, and his lips brush against yours. Soft, tender. “Me too,” he says quietly.

    Forever. Right before he parts your lips with his again, he smiles. He can’t believe, after all these years, all it took was a pair of leggings.

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    2 Hours Before the Race

    Rated R | Minors DNI

    Sukuna’s hand had been tapping a steady rhythm on his girlfriend’s thigh on the way to tonight’s race. Her fingers fiddled with the knitting needles in her hand, her focus split between eyeing the muscles in his forearm every time he turned the wheel and turning the blue yarn by her feet into a cozy scarf.

    Inside the blood-red car, the sound of the engine dominated all noise. Sukuna preferred it like this, the silence allows him to get in the right headspace to murder the competition. Bunny also took the silence to mentally prepare for the crowds and noise that came with illegal activities like street racing and being her man’s number one fan. A spot several people were dying to take.

    Outside the car on the black asphalt, racers and fanatics crowded the street. The excitement was palpable, the all too familiar scent of burning rubber, gasoline, smoke, and booze infiltrated the car. Vehicles of all types lined up the street. Every color imaginable shined under the streetlights. She could see Gojo’s arctic blue specialized corvette, surrounded by his gaggle of groupies. A couple of cars down, revving like the monster its owner wanted it to be, was Mahito’s Frankenstein creation of a car.

    Sukuna pulled up to his usual slot, the slot that everyone in the underworld knew to never steal, and backed in with ease. The couple looked through his illegally tinted windows, to everyone jeering for them to come out. Sukuna sucked his teeth.

    “Ready Kuna?”

    “Not yet, babe.” Bunny looked up from her project to find the driver’s seat reclined and said driver sporting a wolfish grin. “Let me get some more luck, little Bunny.” His girl scoffed but put her needles down. She wasn’t an exhibitionist like Sukuna was, mostly due to her occupation. Can’t have a local school librarian get caught being raunchy with her law-breaking boyfriend. Still, it never hurt to ask.

    “You’re so insatiable. Like an incubus or sex demon, I swear.” Bunny said, tying her soft lofts back into a ponytail. “I’ll never understand the audacity of men.” She grumbled while leaning over to unzip his pants. A hand, freshly wet with saliva, stroked Sukuna’s flesh from half-mast to fully stiff.

    Before beginning, Bunny looked up at her boyfriend, finding his hungry red eyes take in their position. He looked at her like a predator does its prey; like how a wolf does to his bunny. Shivers ran down her arms. His eyes soften ever so slightly, so discreet anyone who didn’t know him like Bunny did, would have missed it.

    “You’re so good for me, Bunny.”

    “Whatever.” Bunny looked back down before he could see the uptick at the corners of her lips. She suckled at his tip before giving him another look. “You better scream my name so loud everyone outside can hear.”

    “Make me.”

    #junkyard piece#junkyard tease#sukuna simp#ryomen sukuna#jjk sukuna#sukuna smut#sukuna #sukuna x oc #sukuna x black oc #sukuna x black reader #sukuna x y/n #sukuna x reader #jjk x reader #jjk x black reader #jjk x poc!reader #jjk imagines #black!oc #black!reader #black writers #sukuna x female reader
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  • shimaatr
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    My Black But Blue Sea

    "Remember the time you said love is the most twisted curse Satoru? You were right; it made me strong, but stronger than a broken heart that you made of mine," She said.

    The story is about one of the 9 Cursed Womb: Death Paintings who finds herself in Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College on a rainy day after a series of events.

    Genre: heavy angst, sad love story, maybe tragedy, violence, lonely hearts, broken souls, +18.

    Tags/Warnings: mentions of trauma, mentions of depression, mentions of suicide attempts, cheating, blood, rape, etc.

    You can read my story on Wattpad and AO3 too.

    List Of Chapters:

    Chapter 1: https://shimaatr.tumblr.com/post/664927092651261952/my-black-but-blue-sea-chapter-1
    Chapter 2: https://shimaatr.tumblr.com/post/665050407516684290/my-black-but-blue-sea-chapter-2
    Chapter 3: https://shimaatr.tumblr.com/post/665230521370116096/my-black-but-blue-sea-chapter-3
    Chapter 4: https://shimaatr.tumblr.com/post/665290808366350336/my-black-but-blue-sea-chapter-4
    Chapter 5:
    Chapter 6:
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  • asimpforkitansuna
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Available characters: Nanami, Toji, Megumi, Gojo, Inumaki, Yuta, Sukuna

    Nanami - a night with him *fluff*

    Megumi - skincare *fluff*

    Inumaki - hidden truth *fluff*

    Gojo - Addicted *lemon*

    Toji - Punishment *lemon*

    Yuta - loyal *angst/fluff*

    Gojo - annoying cat *fluff*

    Toji - pregnancy *slight angst/fluff*

    Gojo - stray cat *lemon*

    Additional chapter

    When you ignore them *all of the characters*

    When someone approach you *all of the characters*

    Where they kisses you *all of the characters*

    These are available at wattpad on my acc asimpforkitansuna

    I accept request!

    Author Yua-chan

    #fushiguro megumi #nanami kento x reader #nanami kento smut #gojou satoru #jujutsu kaisen smut #toji fushiguro #inumaki x reader #sukuna#jujutsu kaisen#jjk
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  • satosuguslut
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Rich housewife reader and canonically poor Toji is possibly my favorite AU ever, and why???

    Reader is unsatisfied by her husband, who stopped treating her as a lover years ago and now is seemingly married to his job where he spends A LOT of time with his young perky assistant

    Toji starts off the relationship as an employee, a bodyguard for reader as her husband travels often for work and reader is scared of being home alone in such a huge house

    Toji only does it for the money, at first, and reader finds him to be an asshole, extremely rude and brute with his only good charm being his looks

    This all changes when somebody actually DOES come for reader, I mean… They have a lot of money, maybe too much… You think it’s all clean??? Wrong, definitely some shady drug scheme going down and his loyal wife of 5 terrible years was about to take the fall for it

    But— Toji annihilates him easier than a knife through butter that has been baking in the sun like a pale girl on spring break. He plays it off like it’s nothing but… he just… murdered someone? How could it be nothing???

    Reader doesn’t question how he takes care of the body and waits in shock at home for his return, not really sure what to say so instead just runs up to him and beats his chest with small fists talking about “That was reckless! Illegal! You could have gotten hurt, Toji, you could have gotten—“

    “Oh yeah? Hurt? Would that make ya upset, doll?” and he is so fucking smug, wrapping his arms testily around reader’s back as he looks down at her

    “What? No? Yes. Yes, obviously yes. Don’t be dense.”

    “How cute, you like me don’t you? Come on, I did my job well too, hmm? Gonna tell your husband? Maybe he’ll write me a fatter check.”

    But he’s obviously teasing, though it would be genuine if he hadn’t actually cared about you so much, which is displayed by the way he sighs after saying it, “But you’re okay? That must have been scary for you, right?”

    “I’m okay Toji, thank you,” and he rubs your back as you hug him back, resting your cheek against his pec as he rubs your back slowly, thinking to himself that he’s never held something so fragile in his arms like this before— you’re so… precious

    “I’m going to stay outside your door tonight, that’ll make you feel safe, mm?”

    “Yeah it would,” you nod into him, pausing to make a risky choice that you luckily don’t regret, “But you could just… come inside too, the bed is big enough and I just don’t want to be alone is all.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    AND BOOM! relationship formed and the sex is incredible. Look I’d write it if I wasn’t chronically depressed and unmotivated— but you get the point :)

    #elli: rambles #toji x reader #toji smut#jjk smut #jjk x reader #jjk x you #jjk x y/n #long post
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  • semisgroupie
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Day 16: Pregnancy Kink | Toji Fushiguro

    Toji Fushiguro x Fem. Reader

    Warnings: pregnancy/breeding kink, unprotected sex, creampie, mentions of pregnancy, mating press, no prep

    Word Count: 711 words

    Synopsis: seeing you holding your neighbor’s baby sparked something in Toji that you have never seen before

    Kinktober Masterlist | Taglist Form

    The urge came to him at one of the worst moments, you were holding your neighbor’s newborn baby. Cooing at him and letting the baby babble and play with your fingers and Toji couldn’t help but let his mind wander.

    He couldn’t help but imagine how you’d look all swollen with his child, seeing you waddle around the house. He couldn’t wait to see you with that pregnant glow, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you then.

    Once the two of you got back in the house he pounced on you, kissing you feverishly and practically ripping your clothes off of you until the two of you were in the bedroom.

    “What’s gotten into you?”

    You couldn’t help but question him, he’s never been like this. Without even answering your question he leaned back down to kiss you, his thick fingers moving down to rub firm circles on your clit and tease your entrance.

    After a little bit of teasing he pulled back and looked at his fingers, a smirk growing on his scarred lips.

    “Look at this,” he pulled his fingers apart looking at the translucent strings that connected them before putting them back together. “Looks like you’re just as eager as I am. Ready to get pregnant?”

    Your eyes widened at his question, yes you wanted kids and have discussed it with him but you didn’t think he wanted them now.

    “I-I didn’t know you wanted a kid so soon.”

    He chuckled and leaned down to kiss you again while he pumped his cock, “well seeing you today got me a little excited. If you don’t want this just tell me and I’ll stop.” Of course deep down he didn’t want to stop, he wanted to get you pregnant but he didn’t want to scare you off into saying no.

    You shook your head and spread your legs for him to slot himself between, “I want this, I want you to get me pregnant.”

    He let out a low sigh of relief and slowly pushed himself inside you, once he bottomed out he hooked his hands under your thighs and pushed them up so your knees were firmly pressed against your chest. You looked so pretty like this and he knew you would look even prettier when you were pregnant.

    He started thrusting holding onto your thighs tightly as he started pumping in and out of you, his cock was snug against your cervix each time he bottomed out in you. He loosened his grip on your thighs as he sped up his thrusts opting for spreading them so he could watch your breasts bounce in time with his thrusts.

    Soon they'll be filled with milk to feed his child and they would be so sensitive and leak. Oh how he couldn’t wait for that, he couldn’t wait to toy with them while you rested, maybe even help you soothe the ache by latching onto your breasts and drinking the milk while he fucked you.

    “Fuck baby, you’re gonna look so pretty when you’re pregnant. I can’t wait to see you full with my child. Maybe I’ll keep getting you pregnant over and over, just give me a bunch of little rugrats running around. Gonna keep you nice and full.”

    You clamped around him tightly at the mention of him keeping you pregnant. His thrusts grew faster as you clamped around him tighter. His pubic bone brushed against your clit with each thrust, bringing you closer to your orgasm. His grunts and groans got louder with each time you clamped around him. It took no time for you to cum around his cock.

    “I’m gonna get you pregnant baby, gonna stuff you full with my cum and get you pregnant.”

    “Please! Wanna have your baby! Please!”

    Your nails dug into his arms and he soon pushed his hips against yours filling you with his cum, ropes of his cum filled you up and he reached over to grab a pillow to put under your hips. Still panting he started thrusting again, lifting your legs even higher and folding you in half.

    “Gotta make sure you get pregnant baby, gonna stuff you with as many loads as I can. We’re in for a long night.”

    Kinktober Taglist: @messofavs @thithesandofferings @violet-memento @slutawara @ruemensukuna @https-inarizaki @xo-lynx​ @megumitodoroki @angelashido​ @bigdaddyzawa​ @hq-girl-next-door ​ @loyal-to-my-dilf @imitski ​@starlessnyx @rosesandtoshi @aitanii @yamigooops @tirzamisu @misslovingpearl @omiikeii @inu1gf(strike through means I can’t tag you)

    #semisgroupie kinktober#kinktober 2021#toji smut #jjk toji smut #jjk smut #jujutsu kaisen smut #tw pregnancy #tw breeding kink #tw unprotected sex #we’re gonna act like I posted this on time
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    [ 🤍 — FLUFF , 🥀 — SMUT , CRACK — 🖤 ]








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  • thecrowcern
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Fall for me. - Demon!Gojo


    CW: Monster fucking, anal, anal play, tail used as a peenis, mild-corruption

    Wc: 1.09k

    Note: Sorry about this being so late! I’ve been having some financial issues that made me so stressed I got sick (still am a bit) But I promise my Ushijima fic will be up tomorrow! Also barely beta read, sorry about any mistakes!

    As the fall wind blows and the leaves turn from vibrant greens to warm yellows, you know you’ll see him again. Snow white hair and turquoise eyes that could ensnare you with a single glance. A powerful demon who absolutely loves to torment you and you specifically. Why?

    “Because you didn’t grovel!” the demon whined


    “When I appeared you weren’t impressed at all! No cowering, no begging and pleading. You ruined the fun…”

    You roll your eyes as the all-powerful demon mopes around your living room. “You know you can just move into the complex right?” you question as you package some cookies for your guests. Checking your list and counting it twice.

    “Because my dear, my calling is out in the wild” He scoffed, walking towards you. Wrapping his arms around your middle he nuzzled his face in your curls. Breathing in your scent he suppresses a shiver. “Plus. You’re too addicting.”

    “Too addicting? From a demon I take that as a compliment.” you teased with a smile. Gojo watched as you packed your baskets, enamored with the care and precision you give to each and every one. He’s jealous of the love and attention you give others, but he’d never say. Tilting your head towards him with a smile he says, “Hey, give me some attention too” Leaning down he kisses your lips gently, cupping the side of your face. You lean into his kiss, moaning softly at the sharp taste of cinnamon on his tongue. Pressing your back against the counter he hikes up your thighs around his waist.

    “As light as a feather,” he says as he grips the fat of your thick thighs. You look away, heat rising to your cheeks as he kisses your neck. “Don’t be embarrassed now babycakes, you’ll never be too heavy for me~”

    Carrying you to the bedroom he kneads your ass, slender tail whipping back and forth happily at the sounds you make. “So soft,” he says as he lays you onto the plush sheets of the bed. Pulling down your tank top he groans at how your breast spill out. Sucking on a nipple immediately, he grinds his cock against your pussy lips. Groaning into your flesh as he feels your fingers grip his hair. “Pull harder baby, I miss those magic fingers of yours” you oblige, pulling at his silver locks as he pulls your shorts down.

    Marking your breast with sharp teeth and smooth lips, you arch your back off the bed towards his mouth. “Will this be the day, my mochi?” Kissing down your mound he spreads your pussy lips. “Will you fall, my Angel?” Before you can respond he latched onto your clit. Suckling gently as he holds onto your thighs, loving how they feel pressed up against his face. He lets you ride him, indulge in your pleasure as he watches your body squirm. Sliding a finger into you he's mesmerized at how easy you take him in, how your pussy gushes at the slightest movement.

    “S-atoru~ please more!” he’s upon you in an instant, rubbing the head of his cock against your slick folds. “I’d tease you for being so needy, but I’d be a hypocrite” he moans softly. You hold under your knees, pulling your legs to your chest as he humps your pussy. Moments like this were when you could truly admire him, arms weaved with black vines, like gloves almost. Markings on his body that almost resemble Sukunas from your memory. His bat-like wings spread out as he feels his cock throb at your scent. “You smell like fall, mochi makes my cock fucking rock hard”

    You whimper under his intense gaze, his cerulean eyes bore into yours, desperate to see you submit to him. His fur-clad legs brush against yours, ticking you as he pushes into you. Wiping drool with the back of his hand he watches as your pussy devours him. Sinking to the base with ease. His tail gently slides up your body, flicking your nipples quickly as he starts pounding into you. Loving how your legs twitch and shake, how your toes curl and your voice rises an octave as his tail flicks your clit. “Beautiful my Angel, so beautiful”

    Your eyes fill with tears as he teases you, stopping his movements as he feels your cunt tighten around his cock. “You’re not cumming until I say so puppy, gotta have you beg for it” you scoff stop his statement, wrapping your legs tightly around his small waist you flip the both of you. Landing him on his back you begin to ride him, holding his arms to the bed as you bounce on his cock. “I think you forget ~Nngh~ who’s in charge here Satoru” you stifle a chuckle at how his eyes roll back. He plants his hooves into the bed, thrusting up as he holds onto your hips.

    “That’s my Angel, fall with me Angel, such a good boy all the time”

    You whine as you grind against him, his influence is slow but effective, filling your mind with lusty haze. His nails drag across your skin, sending fire through your blood. His tail gathers slick from your pussy, smearing it against your ass. You whimper at the sensation, feeling it gently press inside of you. You push back, riding both his cock and his tail, desperately trying not to cum. “Gonna fall soon puppy, can feel it”

    “S-shut up Satoru,”

    Suddenly his tail began to grow in size, getting thicker and thicker as he thrusts faster I to you. Your head hit his chest and he wrapped both arms around your middle. Holding you down as he pistons his hips, his balls slapping against your ass. His tail twice in size stretches your ass, thrusting into you with the same intensity, your mind breaks as you feel your orgasm punch through you. Clawing at his chest you moan, “Sato~ gonna cum, fuck my ass harder please!”

    His smile turns crazed as he holds your face with one hand. The other grabbing your ass, pushing you down in his cock. “That’s it, my Angel! Slip into that pleasure, fall for me” and you did. Body shaking as you squirt against his body, “Cumming!!” he moans out as he presses deep as he can. Creaming your cunt with his thick warm load. As the two of you catch your breath he kisses your hair. Happy to be in your arms once more, but sad knowing he must leave once again.


    Please support the Crow if you can!

    Taglist: @tokyosghoul

    Network Blogs: @planetonet @http-404-error-unknown

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  • euphoriauxs
    16.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    [ OCT 15 ] MASSAGES | kento nanami

    + pairing: kento nanami x fem!reader

    + warnings: nsfw/suggestive content, massages, overall soft and non explicit

    + notes: sorry this was doodoofart☹️ i couldn’t write this yesterday or this morning so i got this really quickly. hopefully today’s will be posted soon as well:)

    “y’know, i should really quit my job.” you lightened the mood as you gently massaged the knot in your shoulder where you sat on your bed. having nearly gotten off a half an hour ago, kento had already gotten dinner on the table for the both of you but it was postponed for just a few minutes while you changed into comfortable clothes. he leaned on the doorway to the connected bathroom, cracking a smile once you did.

    he held a bottle of warming oil in his hand that laid lazily on his forearm, waiting for you to ask for it. “maybe you should. a break can’t hurt.” offered kento, pushing himself upright and seating himself on the bed next to you. his calloused hand brushed gently over your back, index finger sliding underneath the strap of your bra. “want me to give you a massage?” he asked, finger lingering on your clothing as he waited for a reply.

    you hummed in thought. dinner would surely be cold by the time he was done but you never could resist his wonderful massages. kento’s hands were strong considering he was a jujutsu sorcerer - among the highest ranked at jujutsu tech currently. he would probably finish in less than twenty minutes since the pain had already begun to settle.


    he lowered your white button up down until he was able to slide it off of you and slid your black bra strap out of the way to expose your shoulder blade. he settled behind you, legs spreading to accommodate your sitting form. with your back facing him he was unable to see the furious blush on your face. sure, you had been married to the man for almost two years but you never failed to grow unreasonably shy with physical affection.

    he splashed a bit of the vanilla scented warming oil in his palm, screwing the cap back on and spreading the stuff onto both of his hands. the pressure on your shoulder startled you and you tensed lightly. “calm down, honey, ‘ts just me.” he teased lightly. you relaxed under his warm palm, feeling him find his grip on your shoulder and begin to knead the knot out. it was an odd mix of pain and pleasure and you found yourself fighting back a relieved moan.

    even if you had let it slip, you highly doubted kento would be an ass about it and tease you. it was all natural, he would probably say.

    “a little higher.” you instructed when you’d felt him begin to lose the spot. he listened well, locating the tight spot and rubbing. this time, though, he’d caught you off guard and you didn’t have time to catch your voice. a weak moan filled the silence and you could have sworn you felt kento pause for just a millisecond. “sorry, it just slipped out.” you attempted to brush it off.

    kento hummed, resuming his magic on your muscles. when you’d lulled your head to the side he knew it was working. his strong thumb was slowly easing the pain in your back and you leaned unconsciously into his touch. “kento,” you whimpered out his name under your breath.

    “it feels that good?” you could hear the smile in his voice though his movements remained stagnant. you only nodded biting back whines and moans.

    kento was never a man to tease but he must have a change of heart when you felt a gentle blow on the back of your neck. your body jolted and he laughed softly. “nanami!” you craned your neck to send him a playful glare.

    though his brown hooded eyes looked a hint darker than before. his disheveled blond hair hung over his forehead nicely.

    “you know,” you spoke lowly as you leaned towards his face, eyeing his lips, “some time off from work doesn’t sound too bad.”

    this was so bad😭😭😭 -r

    #jujutsu kaisen kinktober #jujutsu kaisen#jujutsu sorcerer #jujutsu kaisen smut #nanami kento #kento x reader #jjk nanami #nanami x y/n #jujutsu kaisen nanami #nanami kento smut #jjk#jjk smut#nanamin #jjk x reader #kinktober
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  • fxshigurosbae
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago


    ▎summary: Y/N’s a brat, Toji is into her, that’s it, you can see where this is going.

    ✚ pairing: toji x fem reader

    ✚ warnings: NSFW, overstimulation, fingering, rough sex and detailed smut.

    “Then your mistake was thinking there is something impossible for me to do.” Toji always makes moves on you and yet for some reason you can’t just give in, it’s not that he isn’t attractive, it’s probably his personality.

    “Then your mistake was thinking there is something impossible for me to do.” Toji always makes moves on you and yet for some reason you can’t just give in, it’s not that he isn’t attractive, it’s probably his personality.

    “Then your mistake was thinking there is something impossible for me to do.” Toji always makes moves on you and yet for some reason you can’t just give in, it’s not that he isn’t attractive, it’s probably his personality.

    “You’re way too cocky.” He chuckled, putting his hands beside your body, supporting himself on the shelves behind you.

    “I know.”

    “Step aside, please.” Your heartbeat fastened, cheeks slightly warming from such closeness.

    “What if I don’t? What will you do?” Toji teased, his back curving to stare right at your eyes, staying on the same height as your face.

    “Toji.” You accidentally called.

    “Yes, darling?” He had a smirk on the corner of his lips, his eyes were hypnotizing.

    “Shut up.”

    “Make me, or are you too scared?” Toji whispered the last words, he knew how to annoy you, your faces were inches apart but suddenly he pulled you by the jaw, attaching both your lips together. His hand was huge compared to your facial structure, the touch on your skin was warm.

    You pulled away, completely embarrassed yet couldn’t say anything, breathing heavily and entirely submissive to him. Toji chuckled at your reaction, moving his hand to the back of your head, gripping onto your hair and pulling you once again, beginning to make out, his unoccupied hand moved to your lower back, gripping onto the middle of your ass, leading your legs to squish together and you lean back against the shelves.

    You gasped at his sudden grips, letting his tongue enter your mouth, you didn’t even have time to fight, he was already in charge since the beginning. You were struggling to keep up, having his hand roam around your waist and ass. Finally he pulled away, a string of saliva connecting your tongues.

    Toji let you take a few breaths, his hand now moving towards your thigh, sneaking under your skirt and lowered it, along with your thong easily. You squished your legs together in sudden shyness but he spread them, the other hand holding onto your waist, his body was closer to yours as well, being able to feel his warmth. He was silent for now, his middle finger ran from inner thigh to your sensitive clit precisely.

    “You’re soaking wet, are you really that excited?” He pulled out his hand to show your liquids sliding down his palm, chuckling again but you couldn’t say anything, his hand returned to the same spot, making you gasp and breathing hitch.

    Toji’s middle and ring fingers began circling your sensitive spot perfectly, leading your back to slightly arch and chest obviously go up and down, letting out an accidental whine.

    “What a lewd sound.” Toji teased, his pace fastening and one of your hands which was gripping onto the table, grabbed his wrist yet it didn’t affect him at all. You were just to flushed and embarrassed to let him see you that way. “What? Want me to stop?” He asked, still going.

    “N-No.” You mumbled, toes curling slightly and legs trying to shut together. Toji smirked, kissing your neck and sucking the skin, definitely leaving hickeys all over it, which made you moan, lowly yet he was getting there.

    With enough stimulation on your clit, Toji suddenly entered those two fingers inside your pussy, finally leading you to whine louder unexpectedly.

    His fingers were long and thick, your walls quickly wrapping around them as he curled them, fingering you in and out, speeding up his pace just a little, getting the best spots.

    You whined more frequently now. Your head laying on his wide shoulder, wrapping both your arms around him. Your back arched and it made it a little harder from Toji to finger you yet he didn’t give up. Your legs were trembling, making your body slide down a bit.

    “If you’re like this with my fingers, I want to see how you’ll react with my cock inside you.” He whispered in your ear, sending shivers all down your spine.

    “S-Shut up.” You repeated, that being the only phrase you could say. His fingers finding the best spot, hitting it perfectly, fastening so quickly his pace it was surprising, being able to hear the wet loud noises from your cunt mix with your upcoming whines.

    “You’re wrapped around my fingers now, naughty slut.” He knew you were about to cum yet he didn’t slow down any bit, your moans were intense, feeling your entire body shake as you were driven to your first orgasm, yelling loudly as you squirted all over his fingers but still he didn’t stop.

    He was punishing your bratty actions, overstimulating you, pumping your insides as faster as before, letting all your weight lean on him. Moaning, shaking and your nails digging over his clothed back.

    “Toji! Toji!” You whined his name, it was becoming too intense and your second orgasm was about to come, he also knew that. It was so sudden, you just felt your body tremble once again, squirting even more, covering his hand on your liquids, dripping even more on the ground. Your legs unable to keep still, your mouth widening, silently coming down your high. Finally, he stopped and pulled out his fingers, your pussy even had a heart beat, it felt like it was burning.

    “I’m not done yet.” The man quickly removed his pants, as well as underwear, revealing his hard cock, it was thick and long, your heart beat fastened even more, wondering if it’d fit.

    He chuckled at how focused you were on it, grabbing one of your legs to get you out of your trance and hold it by the side of his waist. Your eyes fixated on his, holding eye contact.

    You felt his cock align with your entrance and thrust inside harshly, your body trembled, not even being all the way in, you fell forward, wrapping your arms around his shoulders again.

    Toji unexpectedly began pounding inside you, without letting you at least adjust, it hurt so bad yet it was such a good pleasurable pain, it was due to the overstimulation.

    “Fuck, fuck! F-Fuck!” You whined repeatedly, feeling the leg on the floor fail to keep you standing which led Toji to grab it and wrap around his waist as well, now he held them, it was easier to fuck you that way, he bounced you up and down as well as moving his hips, thrusting even deeper, hitting the best spots once again.

    You yelled in pain and pleasure, whining his name all over again, digging nails, arching your back, you heard his low sexy moans on your ear.

    “You always complain and get mad at me, yet now, you’re begging for my cock.” He slightly struggled to speak, your skin clapped loudly, echoing all over the place, he stopped bouncing your body to fully thrust harshly in and out of your nearly destroyed cunt.

    Your legs were so far apart they became numb yet you didn’t care because you were about to cum once again.

    “Toji! I-I—

    “I know.” He interrupted you, like before, not slowing down his pace, letting you yell more and more, squirting for the third time, he still kept going, letting you suffer, you were getting exhausted and the pain was unbearable yet the pleasure was even greater.

    “Dirty whore.” He teased, you gripped onto the hair on the back of his head as he began bouncing your body up and down again, you were a moaning mess, choking over your own moans, getting even hornier as you heard him groan your name once, groan a little more, bite your neck, your walls clenched around his cock more as it twitched inside.

    “Fuck m-me h-harder!” You begged at the last second, Toji accepted the challenge, bouncing your body while pounding so hard, his cock went all the way through, feeling as if it penetrated your uterus, skin smacking harder and louder, your pussy felt like ripping apart. “Ah! Y-Yeah! Toji!” You yelled once again for the last time before finally emptying your liquids, squirting so violently, your body squirmed and shook, gripping onto anything there was close, being so overstimulated it was leading you nearly unconscious.

    His pace finally became sloppy, hearing a long groan as he fulfilled your insides with his warm load of cum, so much that even after seconds, he pulled out and came a little more on your folds, liquids dripping all over the floor, making a pond of cum.

    Toji leaned against the shelves, letting go off your legs that were loosely wrapped around his waist, still your arms wouldn’t let go off his shoulders. You both breathed heavily, waiting to calm down.

    “I still hate you.” You lied.

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  • venussins
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago


    ♡ cw/tw: sex work (escort services and prostitution), mentions of drugs, mentions of sex, hurt, no comfort, suggestive, no established relationship, one-sided pining, not proofread and I wrote this quickly so it might be a bit lacking in some aspects.

    ♡ pairing: choso x reader

    ♡ word count: 1.4 k

    A slight burn. That’s what Choso feels on his upper back. You accidentally dug your nails into his back and shoulders earlier, when he was pounding into you so deeply, that you had to tell him that it was too deep.

    Now all that is left from the heated moment are the scratch marks you’ve left behind, as well as the remnants of stifling air circulating around the both of you.

    The heat that was surging through every fiber of his being has died down for the most part, leaving behind a simmering buzz in his limbs.

    He takes another drag of his cigarette – a bad habit he promises to drop every time you meet up with him, but he never manages to do so.

    You don’t mind the taste of it when you press your lips against his own, so he doesn’t see any big motivation in changing his habits.

    Maybe that is also the reason as to why his relationship with you has been stagnant for a while now.

    Dark eyes flit to where you’re sitting at the edge of the bed. Quietly, he moves to roll over onto his stomach, winding his arms around your waist in a dire attempt to keep you close.

    A quick glance and a charming curl of your lips – that is all the reaction you show him before you return to focus on your little handheld mirror again.

    Choso rubs his cheek against your side, his arms holding you securely, but not too tightly.

    He knows that you’d feel trapped and he doesn’t want to make you feel that way.

    Yet he longs to tightens his hold on you regardless, wanting to keep you to himself. The reality of his current situation doesn’t flee his mind.

    The man knows that trapping you or forcing you to stay with him would be irrational and impossible anyway.

    Taking a chance, he sighs before speaking, “Do you have to go?”

    Chuckling, you lower your hand – the one that is not busy holding the mirror up to your face – to pat his head, before grabbing your favorite tube of mascara.

    “Business is business, love. My clients don’t take too kindly to any delays in their schedules,” you answer, brushing the black color onto your lashes and putting the tube to the side.

    Rummaging in your pouch, you finally find your favorite red lipstick, grabbing it and taking off the lid.

    Your eyes travel down to the man’s face, looking him in the eye as you continue,

    “Not everyone is as nice as you are, Choso. I appreciate your kindness, but don’t stick your nose into my business.”

    Like a sharpened knife, your words slice into his heart and Choso groggily gets up from the bed to stand in front of you.

    Clad in only his briefs, he is a sight to behold. Appreciating his chiseled physique, you let your gaze travel over his toned torso until you end up looking at his face.

    When he finally has your undivided attention, the tall man bends down, kneeling in front of you. A big hand engulfs your wrist, lipstick almost threatening to fall out of your hand.

    His thumb rubs slow, steady circles into the skin of your inner wrist as he thoughtfully eyes your expression.

    “You know that I love you, right? This kind of work… you don’t need to keep doing it,” he pleads with you.

    Expression softening at his words, you carefully put down the mirror.

    Your hand moves to lay against his cheek and a feeling of soft warmth surges through you, at the way he nuzzles his face into your palm.

    Nonetheless, your next words come out detached and cold, “I can’t do that, Cho – love doesn’t pay my bills, work does.”

    Choso lets go of your wrist in order to run his hand through his hair. His exasperation is clearly visible on his face, the handsome lines of it are twisted into an expression of dejection.

    Your palm on his cheek is warm against his cold skin – It feels torrid to him.

    Uncomfortable in a way that makes him feel unsure as to what he wants. Does he want to flee from this sensation? Or does he seek your warmth?

    It’s conflicting, akin to drug addiction. He knows how cold he’ll feel as soon as you walk out of that door again, yet he is also painfully aware of the fact, that continuing to see you like this will not do him any good.

    Quite the opposite.

    Absent-mindedly you tilt his face upwards, so you can take a closer look at him. Presenting the lipstick to him, you share your thoughts with the man, “Red lipstick would suit you. Can I put it on your lips? We can always take it off later, so… won’t you indulge me?”

    As soon as you blink down at him in that coquettish way he never seems to get used to, he caves in and nods quietly. Anything. He'd do anything for you and he fears that you are aware of this.

    Breathing in deeply, as you lean forward, he relishes in the way you smell.

    Underneath the smell of sex and cigarettes, he can smell a trace of his perfume on you. At least that is what he tells himself over and over again, while you carefully apply the color to his lips.

    “All done,” the words fall from your lips in a whisper. You stay close to his face, your lips curving up in a mischievous smile. Ah, you’re just too enchanting.

    “Do I look all pretty now?” he jokes, his voice a low, even tone. There’s a hint of playfulness in his eyes, his hands squeezing at your hips teasingly.

    You make a face as if you’re truly thinking about his question, breaking out into a fit of giggles, when his fingers move up to your sides.

    Your response leaves you in a breathless exhale, “Yes, yes! You’re always p-pretty – Stop that!”.

    A low chuckle rumbles in his chest and he ceases his attack on you. His eyes roam over your body, while you catch your breath. Without saying anything, he moves forward to press a kiss against your inner thigh, close to the material of your panties.

    “You won’t mind if I smudge the lipstick you put on me, right? Don't want to sabotage your hard work” he questions in a tone that lets you know he'll do it anyway before he continues, leaving another kiss on the skin of your thigh.

    Quick fingers move to lift the oversized shirt you’re wearing – his shirt – before pressing a kiss against your lower stomach, right above the line of your underwear.

    The red mark his lips leave satiate the need to mark you up. For now at least. You never allow him to mark you in any way. Plausible, considering your line of work.

    You weren’t his and you never would be.

    At least he has this way of marking you as his now, even if it wasn’t permanent.

    He scoffs at how ironic this is. These lipstick stains were just like his hold on you – they would not last.

    You send him a questioning look and he is quick to explain, the lie falling from his lips with practiced ease, “This lipstick might suit you better after all. See how pretty it looks on your skin, hm?”

    Swallowing his hurt and frustration was something he was used to, so you don’t notice the way you dig into his wounds every time you look at him in such a loving way as you do now.

    “Mhm, aren’t you a charmer? I still have some time before I have to leave,” that you bury your hand in his hair, while he presses his lips against your thighs, just shy of where you want him to touch you.

    “Want to go for another round?”

    All he can do is nod and comply, his desire overwhelming him as he makes quick work of helping you out of your clothes.

    He’d reprimand himself again later when the sheets feel cold and his bed is empty. He'd promise himself not to seek you out or to call you again, only to end up crawling back to you once again.

    Choso will always be back for another round, another glance of yours, laced with perfectly feigned affection, directed at him and another night filled with the lie he comforts his heart with.

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  • kofic
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    paring: gojo satoru × reader

    genre: angst; smut; enemies to lovers?

    warnings: +18; cursing; adult themes

    authors note: this was a request on enemies to lovers with some tension? its why is slow burn but then again its my longest smut i think? like i tried setting a reason why they are the way they are but idk if its enough? eh

    𓍯 new beginnings in the city of your dreams; beginnings that attacked folded and twisted your insides just as mentally but also physically; Satoru is a menace so he'll get what he deserves

    a month; it took a whole month settling in this new city that was supposed to cure all your stress; the tension; all the negativity that was loaded on your back ever since you remember; all your life; all you knew was this need to move soon the paycheck was secured; what made the chance more possible was your job same as the sport you advanced in at; brazilian jiu jitsu

    one month flew by fast; work; little sightseeing here and there - getting accustomed to the magnetizing city of Tokyo; then back to your prime love that was your sport; discovering new cafes; then again just spending sundays at the comfort of your home overlooking the city; warm cup of green tee; life finally started to take on a form; form you longed for so long; life was good for the time being

    for the time being alright; three weeks into the second month you were met with new beginnings that started having serious impact on the pleasantness of your stay here; beginnings that started attacking; folding and twisting your insides just as mentally but also physically; beginnings that left you drained; longing for the softness of your pillows; and all the pent up frustration you let into them so the neighbors dont hear your anger that seemed to stuck up every night after your practice

    what you didnt see coming was this new person you were subjected to in your class; that is Gojo Satoru; word was he left the material art school 2 years ago out of self reasons; the school; however; was ready to welcome him any time he wanted being their top notch jujutsu combatant; winning; securing spots in various national and international tournaments for them; word was he was their favorite

    you were annoyed just by all this alone; you are fine with people being praised; recognized for what they are good at; but not to the point they were worshiped like gods; to points where others success had to suffer; and thats exactly what happened to you in the following months upon his arrival

    they treated him like hes their prime and shine; Satoru was already bathing in the fame of the black belt; you on the other hand worked hard to even participate in contests and even though you won most of the important ones during your practice of jiu jitsu; people still seemed to consider you unfit for the sport; mostly cause you were female

    the months ahead you brought wins few more times when your school was competing with other very prestigious schools in Japan but the recognition always somehow was placed on the males in the group; especially no other then Gojo himself; this started to irritate you to points it was affecting your overall wellbeing; at this point all the respect you had for him; as someone who really worked hard to get to where he is; started to sink; even die; just cause the level of arrogance around him; more or less your hatred for him started to grow

    “considering all the wins of this year we finally came up with a conclusion who we are going to send to China next month. this was a very tough decision so we picked four candidates out of which in the next two weeks, with disciplined and respectful wins; just two will be selected and then send there. give the best”

    one of the lucky ones was you; you were very grateful for the opportunity; you worked hard and getting recognized was something; though how were you going to win against these three other alpha males which honestly were the top tiers you’ve ever to compete against; thus far

    sweat; blood and tears; were what filled the next two weeks; practicing afterhours; after midnight; you were draining yourself

    week before the match against them just after midnight someone walked up into your practice room; Satoru; seeing you stretching; attacking air; whatever the fuck you were doing; got him excited; he loved to tease; he loved seeing people lose to him; and he knew you were going to lose this; no way you were winning against them; no fucking way

    “well well”

    “what are you doing here?”

    “what? i cant be here?”

    “its late”

    “id say the same. why are you draining yourself at these hours? is it really worth it? you gonna lose anyway”

    “yeah and here comes you to say exactly that? how are you so sure im gonna lose?”

    “very easily pretty girl you dont have the full strength to win against any of us”  -  smirks; the name he gives you causes even more anger in you; everything next he adds gets you even more irritated; he disgusts you; quite simple

    “and why we dont put that to the test?”  -  you were going far your comfort zone at this point; why would you suggest him this; he always wins over; why were you subjecting to him? your mouth was faster then your head

    “what? like now?”  -  that smug smirk on his face never leaving

    “yeah like now. are you afraid?”

    “dont be silly”  -  silly was him thinking he can get you cornered; silly for thinking you were not as tough just cause you were a pretty little thing; so pretty; so pretty? he sat there for a hot minute dwelling on this thought; what now? how are you suddenly pretty to him? hell nah  -  “lets”

    jiu jitsu on its own was very dangerous and heavy sport; regardless it deriving form 'ju' which meant 'gentle' and 'jutsu' meaning 'art'; essentially described into the 'gentle art'; which for a moment got Satoru thinking its name alone described you very well

    one match; just endure him for 10 minutes; just 10 fucking minutes y/n; i beg; win this  -  you were so obsessed with winning against him not cause you were better or he was better; wining at this point was tied to just making each other feel less; doubt yourselves; fucking be on each others throats

    the hybrid of techniques that incorporated grips; strangles; joint locks; all these making the bodies be glued to one another; so close; so awfully close; rapid breaths; rage filling in the lungs; you were sure you had to win against him no matter the coast; and you did; Gojo done did everything but you were so determined to point he saw the fire in your eyes; your dark orbs; you had him at one of the toughest submissions in jiu jitsu that is 'gogoplata'; you executed the move so sleekly he didnt even see it coming; once you locked him in; the odds of him finding a way to wiggle himself out of it were low to none; so its how he lost; this choke is executed from bottom guard position; making you the bottom; legs all over him and his face buried in your chest; you hold in this position for few seconds; seconds prolonging into a minute

    “just tap out Satoru”  -  theres degradation in your voice; you were coating in his despair; and he absolutely hated you for it

    “i can still turn the game around”  -  him mumbling in your chest you can almost hear him

    “the fuck you cant. just accept you lost”

    and he did; he did tap out but you were still somehow unaware he did accept to losing; your chock on him getting tighter

    “fuck y/n”  -  he screamed; causing certain somethings in your belly start dancing

    you loosened the grip you had on him for him immediately to pin your hands above your head; it was so easy for him to do it from this position; he saw a crack of opportunity and he seized it; looking deep into your eyes; droplets of his salty sweat ending up on your face; all felt badly intimate; his blue crystal eyes piercing through yours; eyebrows frowned; him fuming; no way he just lost to you; no to you of everyone; not to you who challenged him; his face; your face; both painted red; you cant really say if it was cause both of you were hot cause of the match or something far more concerning

    the way not only your face was rosy but the paint was lingering though your whole body from what he could still notice while breaking eye contact with you; the rosy paint was covering your now exposed neck cause of the deep v neck of the white uniform; white and pink he thinks; you were like the last petal of the most beautiful rose that says “she loves me” even though your whole attitude was “she loves me not”; he chuckled himself at the thought which made you curious

    “whats so funny”


    “you did just lost right?”

    “yeah but i might just won something else”

    of course you were not dumb to whatever was going on; him close; his print pocking your leg; the tension to whatever this was got you little aroused; you hated yourself at the thought right there and then but how could you when his body felt so right hovering above you? you wanted him ... nono theres no fucking way

    contradicting yourself all whilst his stare slowly started lowering; exploring parts of your skin; each by inch; savoring; engraving them to his memory; everything thats exposed to him; everything he could steal from you without your consent; so sweet; everything he could save for himself for later (damn man what for will i need this info of her in my head) he thinks; though regardless his ruling he could only utilize you were completely bare under this uniform; just the thought of you naked had him close his eyes for a second and try wiggle out the scene but like before seems you still have him on a chokehold; his member growing harder each passing minute; all his thoughts contaminated; polluted; filthy

    his grip on your hands was starting to hurt; although it felt so right to wish for him to never let go you just had to let him know it was becoming too much

    “it hurts”  -  your words come in abruptly

    “hurts what?”  -  unaware of what you mean; deep in his own world of you; lost in your essence

    you throw your head backwards to let him notice the tight grip on your hands for him to only realize you exposing your neck fully to him; chest raised; back arched; were you doing this on purpose? his dick throbbed at the need of him to latch onto your neck so bad; so bad it was making him upset; finally recollected himself and did let go of your hands just to pull them to your head level and have you caged for the next minute for whatever shenanigans was going through his head

    that was the longest most intimate one minute you ever had to hold and drink in someones face; though neither of you judged this to be wrong considering your disliking for one other; you simply didnt judged it at all; a mutual minute you both were holding on for dear life; a minute the two of you somewhere deep down never wanted to end; a minute where the both of you saw your two lives intertwined; bliss; upon its end neither of you felt any sense of regret; neither of you spoke anything pass that; only thing left was for you to gather up from the floor; change and go home

    go home and continue off where it stopped; both of you coming to each others names; each others faces; Satoru bringing in each and every memory of you he saved for later; it felt contradictory to your 'supposed' hate you held for one other; which what made it even more lustful; exciting; hot

    you couldnt focus the whole next day at work; all went to shit; showing up late; zillion mistakes; spilling your coffee; you were at your limit with your fucking thoughts and needs for Satoru; an internal fight with yourself that what you felt was solely a sexual need that can be seen through without him getting involved; that you got this; and that is no way you’ve become so needy for him all of a sudden; you disliked the guy for fucks sake; no way he turned you into something needy; something wholly unlike yourself; making your skin into a livewire; constantly sparking with the memory of him

    in whole truth neither did Satoru had any better day than you; his internal backlash was just as hard as yours; yet full of lust; for him the memory of you brought his blood to just beneath the surface of his skin; making him run hot; making him burn for your touch

    standing across each other tonight you were going to fight one another again; fuck your luck being paired with him; if you lose this you gonna lose your biggest chance in participating in this long awaited contest; you both put up a great fight; great fight my ass; you lost; you were so mad at him just as you were mad with yourself; theres no way you lost this time when you had to win; got you thinking all that happened last week and all the presence he build up in your head made you lose this; he made you this way; his poison in your body; you absolutely hated Gojo Satoru

    from then on; like the both of you sensed it was better to stay away from one another just so you avoid argumentative conversations which usually in the past would led to lot of high pitched voices; filling the room with negativity; even though you werent much fond of one another you still shared the same love for the sport; the same diligence; respect; compassion and you knew the others there didnt need to suffer cause of your differences

    it went onto next three months without having to be paired with him in a match; but there were fluctuations; of course you were gonna fight him again; that day was just as same where you couldnt pull yourself from the thoughts of him; you and him barely ever were in same class; barely see each other; but its like he lived in you; like he sat camp somewhere deep in you without even be in you

    that night it was him who won again; you were beaten; won; won by him again; main point of jiu jitsu its that it teaches you how to control your centre of gravity against that of the attacker; but guess what you have lost any gravity; you were leaning then straight up falling; you had no centre; in jiu jitsu the fighter takes control but most importantly finishes the fight without hurting the other person; but guess what again; Satoru did the opposite; he did not only hurt your ego but also stirred chain of feelings you cant stop; you are not sure how you can still have so much trouble being in the same room with him

    not only Satoru felt the same; not only he fought with feelings and saved memory spots of you in his head; but he felt bad you lost two times to him and he couldnt do anything about that just because this was a sport and it was just as important to him; as bad you were hurting in a way so did he; though he was never sure what to do; this game you two were playing was a puzzle to him he cant solve alone; he knew of the sexual tension but he couldnt just go off of that and show up at your door asking for something you might and probably dont want; especially after everything you had to go through; though his need for you was there; flaming

    fast forward he felt his heart skip a beat upon realizing you both were going to attend the same birthday; mutual friend from your class; just that he can see you again; guy was old enough to have teen feels but regardless he did; made him grossed out for a moment; only hope he had was you not showing up with another person; he would of hated himself for all his life if that was to happen

    to his luck you didnt; you showed up looking more beautiful then even; he knew he wanted you immediately; no doubt in his mind; you kept on giving him cold shoulder the whole night

    with his sole presence in the room it was like the room was lit up; Satoru was the moon of the night; his bright eyes; his bright hair; everything about him was so ethereal; so bright; it hurt to your fucking guts; the certain somethings he caused dancing in you few months ago were there dancing all along that tonight seemed to want to rip you open from the inside

    he cornered you this time at the balcony overlooking over the grand city of Tokyo; the pink neon signs making his attractiveness intoxicating; he was like a drug you wanna take without thinking; drug setting into each and very cell of your body; all this lust between you two bound to explode at a moment

    after what felt like another long minute of your common silent stares he finally let his words slip first

    “missed you” … “badly”  -  the way this word slides from his lips - theres a vast possibility of you probably missing it out if you werent so close to him; like something he treasured for you only but wasnt entirely sure you were ready to hear it; it came with a sense of venerability


    “wasnt sure you were feeling the same way. after everything you know”

    you look away from him not sure how to let him know what you had form him was grand; so grand it was embarrassing even; you still didnt felt safe letting everything out for him in case he was just gonna knock you over again and move onto the next match; and it scared you; your expectations you have set on him were already high; you wanted him yours but you just wasnt sure if hes that type of guy

    as if hes sensing you backing up into your own shell; his hand lands on your lower back; pulling you even closer claiming you his; forever and ever and ever

    “lets get out of here”  -  he says; doesnt even question you; little dialog you might think but the two of you already knew you were getting out of there together ever since you set foot though the door half an hour ago; the party just a mare excuse for the both of you; an excuse for him to be deep in you - you might see the heavens

    how are you to justify an animalistic need that been building up and building up for months? reasonable to say you both cant wait; you get into the car for him to admit

    “i cant. i cant wait y/n! i cant drive you home. i need you ... like now ... fuck”  -  your hand on his tight just causing more of his hasty breathing; his eyes almost pleading

    “so what? ... like we move behind?”

    “i dont know? yes? … “i dont wanna to be it like that but its been too lon-“

    you damn fucking know its been too long you shut him up by taking him deep inside; only thing filling the car are his moans and your gags on his cock; his cock aroused; sprang free; hard and big and swollen; he wanted you badly its only obvious

    “thats a big thing”  -  you tease

    “please you have no idea how much fantasies i had to live through without you”

    “mmmh like what?”  -  you kept on bopping your head; holding him by his base; making sure you lick all that was under his cock and balls; you then learned most probably one of his favorite sports you kept lapping there; edging him off; stroking his cock slowly to drive him to his breaking point for then to slower your pace but grip him even tighter  -  “like what?”  -  you repeat more loudly

    “like how your tits might look with my cum on them”

    “we ... cant really do that ... right now”

    “i know”

    “but you can let me know when you’re about to fucking come so i drink up every last fucking drop of it”

    and he did and you swallowed it all like the champ you are; maybe you were losing to him in jiu jitsu but sure he was weathering beneath your touch now; for the time being that is; not until you were at yours and he was taking the whole control

    for now; for now you had to settle on whatever space this car of his gave you; it wasnt much but what filled the air was far more glorious and real; you wish for nothing more

    “can i admit to something?” 


    “all i kept thinking at my work meeting today was kneeling in front of you” -  you giggle and so does he

    “but we too werent able to do that”

    “i know”

    there was so much you both were gonna do to each other that counted days and months and years and years; but that night you had him; deep; slow and intense until you both were shaking from the pleasure Satoru wanted you spread out and panting; coming hard and loud against him; though this time you didnt cried it all into your pillow but you let it all loud so even the neighbors knew he was making you feel so good

    it was only okay to come violently with the way he fucked into you; you digging your nails into his shoulders; scratching his back; leaving marks; so fucking animalistic and unsensitive of you damaging his skin; so light; so soft to the touch; so sweet and agonizingly beautiful

    him grabbing your hands with his own; his blue eyes staring into you; kissing you again as he pulled and pushed back in; his pace slow; so slow and painful; he fucked you like this for all the days he lost; grunts leaving his mouth as you wrapped your legs around his waist; nearing the end he gripped on your hands even more tightly; breathed heavily against your neck kissing your collarbone as you both came

    “you were so loud last night”  -  he teases as you lay into his arms that locked you so tight as if you going to escape; radiating warmth and comfort

    “yeah no shit. ive been holding in myself too its not just you Satoru”

    “can you ride me?” 

    “always straight to the point”

    “just like my jiu jitsu moves”  -  he smiles as you adjust your legs on either side of him

    the moment you start to grind on his cock; hands planted on his chest; its now Satoru who gets loud; you relish in the sounds hes making; fingers in his hair; drawing his mouth to your breast; his lips kissing gently at a puckered nipple before his tongue gets involved; licking a tight circle around the bud before he latches onto it and sucks

    you kept fucking him; the walls of your cunt clenching him tight; downbad hard; alternating between grinding and bouncing on his cock; you focus on his mouth; watching the wet licks of his tongue on your nipple; the way his lips looked so much more pink and delicate as he sucked your tit; its overwhelming

    “shit!”  -  he cries out; squeezing his eyes shut; hips bucking up to meet your thrusts but hes wilding and hes sloppy; so very desperate that he throws you off rhythm  -  “fuck, fuck, just like that ...”  -  he gasps; words spilling out over your tit; bruised by his insistent kissing; licking; sucking

    “make me fucking cum”  -  you gasp  - “please ... please ...”

    hes desperately panting; lips still sucking; its desperately animalistic meeting of skin; quivering and clenching and throbbing; sloppily coming together in rough; pulsating waves until the tension finally snaps

    you come first; blood rushing through to your head; your cunt rhythmically squeezes and releases in hot gushes over Satoru’s cock which then makes him come loudly; head falling back on the pillow; jerking up into you to fill you up to the hilt with his cum

    “did you just tapped out again Satoru?” -  you coo down to him; rocking your hips nice and slow to ride out both of your highs together  -  “that felt good hmm?”

    he nods wordlessly at you; eyes squeezed shut

    “no because you came so much”  -  you giggle looking down at the mess of white fluids leaking where your bodies still connected

    #gojo satoru#brainrot#jjk#jujutsu kaisen#gojo smut#gojo angst#jjk fic #enemies to lovers #gojo satoru smut #gojo x y/n #gojo scenario #gojo satoru x reader #gojo satoru x y/n #gojo satoru x you #gojo satoru fanfic #gojo fic#jjk imagines#jjk gojo#jjk fanart#jjk smut#jjk angst #jjk fic rec #jjk fanfic#gojo saturo #jjk x you #jjk x y/n #jjk x reader #satoru x y/n #jjk headcanons#jjk drabbles
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  • doveypink
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    last breath [choso kamo]

    summary: choso arrives to claim your soul. word count: 0.9k warnings: smut, mentions of illness and death a/n: this is for @tohokuu’s halloween collab! send her some love <3

    You know you’re dying. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when you are coughing up blood everyday and practically crawling out of bed every morning due to your inability to stand without toppling over. You know your time is coming soon, so why are you letting yourself get worked up over it?

    It’s late into the night — two in the morning, if you recall correctly — and you let a few tears slip down your cheeks. You just want this to be over with already; how long must you suffer before you’ve had enough?

    “Rough night?”

    You jump at the unfamiliar voice cascading through your home. Your eyes jump around the room, searching for whoever is intruding. “Who are you? What are you—?”

    A figure emerges from the shadowy corner of your room. The man wears a dark robe with a hood to cover his face, and his movements are strange; you stare in awe when it appears as though he’s gliding across the room.

    “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to take you,” the man says.

    “Take me…? I don’t understand.” You have no choice but to listen as the man speaks; his voice is oddly inviting despite your initial unease, and even if you wanted to run, you know it would be for naught.

    “You’re sick, yes? I can take away your illness, but in exchange, you will meet your end,” he says slowly.

    It takes a moment for his words to make sense. “You’re here to kill me?”

    “Not kill,” the reaper clarifies. “I take the soul from your body. That’s all. But first, you have to tell me if you’re ready.”

    You hesitate. There is nothing wrong with dying, and you are sure you want to go, yet you still feel anxious. “I want to go, but I’m afraid,” you admit.

    The reaper hums. “Everyone is,” he says. “Would you like me to ease your mind?”

    Once you nod, the reaper lowers his hood to reveal his face. There is a look of surprise on your features upon realizing that the reaper wasn’t some evil, grotesque-looking monster, but a rather handsome man. His hair is as black as ink, tied up in twin buns as loose strands frame his high cheekbones. A straight line of black is painted across his nose, and his eyes look tired yet kind. The reaper discards his cloak, allowing it to pool to the floor. The reaper lightly pushes you to lay back against your bed. His hands trace down your body, over the slope of your neck and across your stomach and past your thighs; your breath shudders, and you feel strength returning to your muscles.

    “How do you feel?” he wonders.

    “Healthy,” you marvel. “Like I used to.”

    The man hums, hands running over the soft flesh of your thighs. You make no movements, fixated on the lustful look in his eyes and his icy touch on your burning skin.

    He squeezes slightly before kissing your inner thigh, heat pooling down below. You can’t find your voice to complain when he’s pulling off your clothes, his cold breath dancing across your skin. You can’t complain when your hands are buried in his hair, crying out as his tongue works like magic, sending sparks of pleasure up your spine. Your back arches and you feel yourself release again and again — when was the last time you felt this good?

    Shockingly, you do not feel an ounce of shame for allowing this man to touch you. He is leading you to your death, after all; you are certain that others would not have allowed such things at a time like this. Still, you feel a sick sense of relief to know that your anxieties about the end of your life have evaporated, replaced by the image of an attractive man buried between your thighs.

    When he crawls up your body and parts your legs, you don’t need to think twice before he’s inside you. Your nails are raking his back, leaving trails of pink across his pale skin. His breaths are as quick as the snap of his hips, chilling you despite the growing heat you feel inside your body. It’s all a blur as the reaper lifts you closer to him, burying his cock within you as your legs shake.

    “Y-Your name,” you suddenly say, panting with the incoming high of your orgasm. “I want to know your name.”

    The reaper says nothing besides a grunt; you don’t think he cares to answer you. “Cum,” he says instead. You do as he says, gasping as the man continues to push inside you, riding out his own orgasm as his cock twitches. He slips out with ease, admiring the mess you’ve made, and carefully lays you against the bed. There’s a sensation as if you are sinking further, further, and further still into the mattress. The reaper hovers over you, his hair sticking out every which way like tendrils of wet ink on a page. “Choso,” he says softly as the corners of your vision begin to fade to black. “That’s my name.”

    The darkness slips over you like a fog, invading your skin and seeping into your lungs. It is terrifying to be engulfed so suddenly. At least Choso is beautiful, you think. The dark infests your brain, and your last breath tastes of his name on your tongue.

    #dove writes#dove spice#c: choso #choso x reader #choso kamo x reader #choso imagine#choso smut #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk smut #jujutsu kaisen smut #noooo choso don’t fck me to deathhhh aaaaaahhh #if y’all see that tag no u don’t <3
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  • uminozerol
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    i wanna write a YuujixMegumi piece but idk 😭 there's soo much to possibly write about too like fluff or smut or both ugh send help. should i do one y'all?

    if this gets one note im doing it

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  • shiwhore
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    cw || dubcon, somnophilia, breeding kink, yandere(ish?) todo, kinda baby trapping, the formatting of these paragrpahs is :/ it’s just word vomit, unedited, also i was supposed to make him 100x more obsessed and stalkerish bc i was inspired by the show 'You' :), but it came out more tame than i intended :(

    pairing || todo x reader

    word count || 2.2k

    Todo didn’t mean to fall in love with you, it just happened.

    It had been a normal day, nothing significant about it at all besides the fact it had been a bit colder than usual. Todo had been walking across the quad to head to football practice; duffle bag slung over his shoulder and a chatty Yuuji trailing beside him. He had been barely listening to the conversation, too caught up in his thoughts of what he was going to eat for lunch, and that’s how he hadn’t seen you rushing towards him, your face shoved in your phone as you furiously typed.

    You had run right into him, an ‘oof’ leaving you as you hit his chest, arms flailing as you stumbled back, and he had curled an arm around your waist and hauled you up against him. “Sorry ‘bout that, didn’t see you coming” You had looked up at him with shocked eyes, lips parted, and that’s when he felt it—that connection, that spark, that all encompassing feeling of warmth spreading in his chest. He knew what it was, he had felt it too many times to not know.

    You had squirmed out of his hold, nose upturned as you cursed at him for holding onto you, and he had swooned as he watched you pick up your dropped phone, another swarm of curses leaving you as you noticed the crack on the screen. He had been quick to offer to replace it, barely waiting for you to answer before he was opening up his Venmo and asking for your information, and you had gave it to him, still grumbling under your breath even when the payment hit your account. He had thought you’d thank him, thought you’d look up at him with doe eyes as you threw your arms around him in gratitude, thought you’d fall in love with him just like he had with you, but you had just given him a nasty look and stomped past him, saying something about being late for your ‘stupid, shitty job’.

    A job that he had quickly found with the help of some guys on his team—you were a barista. Todo hated coffee—he preferred to stick with more healthier drinks—but he found himself in line every day that you were on shift, flashing you a big smile as he ordered a plain black coffee. He never missed the hint of irritation in your eyes when you saw him in line, lips moving as you spoke to yourself, and he never missed the crinkle of your nose when he ordered the same thing, day after day. You always kept it professional, even when he’d try and chat you up at the register—his only chance to speak with you since he had yet to see you on campus again—always brushing him off with a “sorry, sir, but you can’t hold up the line”. But one day you didn’t.

    He had come after practice, right when you were getting off, and he had ordered yet another black coffee, even adding in a muffin because he had noticed that you always had one on your breaks. He had been prepared to be given yet another cold shoulder when he had asked how your day had been, so when you had given him a tired look, shoulders sagging and lips downturned, and said “this had been the worst fucking day of your life” he had nearly choked on his spit. It had been the longest sentence you had ever spoken to him, but he didn’t have a chance to bask in that fact when your eyes had welled up with tears, the cup of coffee in your hand nearly falling from your trembling. He had grabbed it from you and guided you to sit down at a table, thankful you had been given the closing shift tonight, and took the seat across from you as you cried into your hands. He didn’t say anything, not knowing what to say, but you had eventually sobbed out what the problem was. Something about a failed exam, a sick aunt, and a cheating boyfriend—a boyfriend. You had a boyfriend—an ex-boyfriend, because surely you wouldn’t be dumb enough to stay with the piece of shit, and after some prodding he found out he was right, you had kicked him out of your shared apartment—but that had brought forth another problem; rent. You had been splitting the cost with him, and now you were fucked, so you thought.

    “I’m looking for a room”. Todo hadn’t been looking for a room, he hated having roommates—too many people in his space made him uncomfortable, but he wouldn't mind living with you, not at all. He had expected a resounding ‘no’ and was running through the list of people in his head that could maybe take the room instead, but you had surprised him with a shaky ‘yes’, the desperation you felt clear in your face. He, once again, had to quell his excitement as you both went over details, the muffin he had bought being given to you, and that was the first time you had smiled at him—and God, it was beautiful. You were beautiful. Puffy eyes decorated with dark circles from not sleeping as much as you should, eyeliner smeared across the tops of your cheeks from your incessant wiping, and lips swollen and pink from you biting down on them to try and muffle your sobs. You were beautiful. You were his.

    You had opened up to him day by day, that grouchy, icy exterior you seemed to have with everyone vanishing the more he got to know you. While he had thought the bitchy attitude was cute, this was even cuter—watching you ramble on and on about whatever had managed to piss you off that day, and it was a lot he noticed, it was easy to get on your bad side, and he was glad to know that it wasn’t anything personal when you had brushed him off time and time again. That’s just how you were, but not anymore; you greeted him in the morning with a smile, two cups of coffee in hand, and he’d smile back and thank you, noticing over time that the coffee wasn’t all that bad, or maybe it was just because he had always had it when he was with you, and nothing could truly be bad if you were around.

    Todo learned a lot of things about you; he learned that you were majoring in Computer Science, a degree that bored you but was guaranteed to pay well upon graduation. He learned that you were on the debate team, and suddenly it made sense why you were always prepared to prove your point with facts at the ready whenever he said something you disagreed with. He learned that you liked to walk around in nothing but panties and a t-shirt, not the least bit bothered when his eyes would linger on your legs, or when you’d turn around and catch his eyes on your ass—you’d just quirk up an eyebrow before playfully rolling your eyes. He learned that you slept in even less—nothing to be exact. That one had been an accident. Todo always had trouble falling sleep at night, and he’d usually drink a warm glass of milk to help him, a fact you’d scrunched your nose up at in distaste when you learned about it.

    He had passed by your bedroom door, which you always kept open for some reason, and you had left your light on this night, allowing him to clearly make out you laying on your back, covers thrown to the side and bare body out for him to see. He had tried to look away, tried to keep walking, tried to pretend like his cock hadn’t stiffened up in his joggers as he let his eyes roam over you; over your breasts that rose and fell with each breath you took, nipples pebbled from the blasting AC, over your gapped thighs where he was able to see the lips of your pussy, but not clearly enough for him to be satisfied—and that’s how he found himself where he was now, crouching over your bed with one hand trailing down your body, his other fisting his cock as he battled to keep in his groans of pleasure.

    He took a breast in his hand, thumb ghosting over your nipple, and he sucked in a sharp breath when a small moan left your mouth, your back arching up into his touch. His eyes darted up to your face to make sure you were sleeping, because while he fully believed that you were his, he knew this was wrong, that he shouldn’t be doing this—but fuck how couldn’t he? When even in your sleep you let out soft, cute little moans, head gently thrashing side to side as his fingers toyed with your clit, thick digits rolling the hard nub around as he watched slick drip from your entrance, puffy lips coated in your essence. How couldn’t he want to bend his head down and swipe his tongue up your slit, a deep groan leaving him at your taste? How couldn’t he want to suck your clit into his mouth? How couldn’t he want to sink a finger into you, feeling your tight walls immediately clamp down on him? And after he did that—after he felt the way your pussy had felt on his fingers, he had to feel that same sensation on his cock. He had to know what it felt like to sink balls deep into you, to feel those velvety walls wrap around him, to feel your juices coat his dick and drip off of his balls, to feel you cum around him, to feel himself cum inside you as he fucked it in deeper.

    “Todo,” A sharp gasp brought his attention down to you, his eyes meeting yours, a storm of emotions raging inside your own; he wasn’t sure about each one, but he was certain he saw love reflected in them, of course he did, because he loved you, and after all this time there was no way you didn’t reciprocate the feeling. “Todo!”

    Your nails sunk into his forearms and he groaned, his head dropping down so he could rest his forehead against yours, pushing his hips forward, fat cock bullying its way into you. He moaned out your name, face flushing as he felt you contract around him, felt you struggle to take him all the way in, felt your hands hesitate on his shoulders, not knowing whether to push him away or pull him in closer. He decided for you, slipping his arms between you and the mattress as he hugged you to him, pushing up onto his knees for a better angle, and began to fuck into you; starting off slow and shallow to give you time to adjust before his thrusts turned fast, deep, and hard, a choked gasp leaving you each time his balls slapped against your ass.

    Angry hisses of ‘stop’ and ‘get off’ turned into needy cries of ‘more’ and ‘todo, please’ as you cupped the back of his neck, tears hanging onto your lashes as he fucked you into the mattress, the only sounds present being the squeaking of the bed springs, his grunts each time you pulled at his hair or he thrusted in deep, and your soft cries and moans. He dips his head low, his mouth slanting over yours, and feels goosebumps erupt all over his skin as you kiss him back, your lips parting to allow his tongue to freely roam inside. He’s crying now, crying because you feel the same; he can feel it in the way you kiss him, the way your fingers tangle in his hair, the way the heels of your feet dig into his lower back, desperate for him to be closer—and he was desperate for it too with the way he rutted into you, his arms unwinding from your waist to caress your sides, fingers digging into the soft flesh as he held you in place, hips smacking into you as he picked up the pace. He was close, and you were too, and he couldn’t wait to see the expression on your face when you came, little pussy spasming and creaming around his cock.

    God, he wanted it—needed it, and he got it when he ran his tongue along the roof of your mouth, swallowing down your mewls and whines as your cunt clamped down on him, walls coaxing him into his own orgasm, hot spurts of cum filling you up, but he kept thrusting into you, wanting to get it as deep as possible—needing to. It wasn’t until his hand splayed across your stomach that he realized what the urge inside him was—that urge to get his seed as deep inside you so that it’d stick, so that next month he wouldn’t have to hear about your period cramps. And you wanted it too with the way you threw your head back and caressed his shoulders, your hands gliding across the skin slicked with sweat. You wanted this, you wanted him, and he was ecstatic, because you were stuck with him now, the both of you.

    #todo x reader #todo aoi x reader #jjk x reader #jjk smut#tw//dubcon #y'all ever post a fic and know its bad #jujutsu kaisen smut #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk x you
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