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  • goobydoobyprophet
    21.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Tentative Kinship

    The day that Toji goes to the Gojo Household to see the one, Gojo Satoru. But the experience wasn’t quite like what he imagined it would be.


    "Hey you, old man."

    Toji stopped. Sandaled feet halting beneath the lowly hanging branches of the enormous maple tree, it's orange leaves twirling and swirling in the autumn wind. He looked up, brow pinched with a single thought at the forefront of his mind, 'Old man?'

    Lifting his gaze he surveyed the trees, eyes lazily roving over the beams and limbs of the trees searching for the owner of the haughty voice.

    Any other day he would have ignored it. Kept pace with whatever destination was in mind; to the dark confines of his futon in his damp and drafty room, to the cheap bottle of rice liquor he snagged from the servant's quarters when no one was looking. Anywhere he couldn't hear the voices or feel the eyes cast on him like hot coals digging into his back.

    Any other day he would have kept walking. But today, things were a little different.

    The old bastards decided to take a trip to the Gojo clan's for diplomatic reasons, whatever the fuck that meant. The two families had been at each other's throats for centuries; displaying a petty showmanship of a civil front. But Toji knew better, fuck it the entire jujutsu world knew better. Underhanded dealings, underworld associations, assassinations-- all in the hopes to rid one of each other. That was the nature of the tepid alliance formed between the two monoliths. 

    But none of that mattered to Toji. No, jujutsu society could collapse overnight for all he cared and he'd still sleep soundly through it all. What piqued his curiosity was the Gojo family's heir, Gojo Satoru. Whispers of his techniques and gifts would leak through shoji screens as he passed along the veranda, the words following and sticking to his footsteps. And when the frequency and abundance of the rumors and talks intensified, Toji decided he'd get a look at the brat himself.

    Having arrived at the household, it was no surprise that he was told to wait outside of the joint-meeting room, having been barred entrance by his older cousins and uncle. And so he waited, and waited, listening to the droning meeting of the geezers, their forked tongues clashing with one another before delving into long stretches of silence. 

    Growing bored of the standoff, Toji decided to wander the Gojo premises to kill some time. They could’ve been at it for the next hour or so by the looks of it.

    But now… he nearly scoffed, the irony of their meeting being here of all places. Not in a fancy meeting room, where the two families were at odds. Where the stark difference of their positions and values within their respective families so palpable you could take a handful of it from the air.

    No, fate didn't work that way.

    Here he was, legs dangling from the largest, girthiest limb, looking down at him with a dignified tilt of his head, this was no doubt the prized Gojo brat.

    And Toji was suddenly made aware of his own appearance. Hands hanging loosely in the opening front of his yukata, the cheap material which scratched at his arms and sides. It was an old thing, possibly a hand-me-down from one of his older cousins. An after thought of clothing pieced together at the last moment. Fitting the entrails in a formal suit and parading it out in public, wouldn't be above the Zen'in way after all. People at least had the decency to clean entrails.

    His eyes roved over the brat's form; a clean set of robes fit for a prince. The silks and textiles of the clothing, a range of powder blues dusted about the background of white like that of freshly fallen snow, the trimmings of the sleeves, a glistening silver that practically gleamed in the orange hues of the setting sun.

    And those piercing blue pits, digging into his soul. ‘Creepy brat.’

    With one last lingering look, Toji turned on his heel and walked back in the direction he came.

    "Wha- Hey!"

    Toji kept walking, each stride taken growing longer by the minute. He'd never openly admit it, but those eyes left a chilling feel in his spine, like those pupils reached in, probing and prodding at the inner machinations of his being.

    There was a loud thud behind him and the crunching of leaves beneath a small set of steps, closing in behind him.


    The voice grew louder, the quick patter of footsteps clopped and crunched after him.

    Toji's pace grew quicker, strides growing longer and longer until he broke into a brisk walk, the hands in the front of his kimono slipped out at some point as an irritated frown broke across his face.

    "Stop right there!"

    Toji kept going, his hands at his side moving at a quick pace as the footsteps behind him broke into a jog. Almost out of here.'

    The Gojo brat's footsteps broke off suddenly, and the boy's presence all but disappeared behind him.

    Before he was able to whip his head around, the blue eyed youth appeared before him in a spurt. Body fluttering into existence within a flurry white and blues. He blinked up at him, his small mouth twisted in annoyance, "I said stop."

    Toji raised an eyebrow, having taken a few cautionary steps back before finally speaking, "What do you want?" ‘Of course he can teleport.’ 

    The Gojo brat tilted his head, those uncanny eyes staring unblinkingly at Toji. His skin prickled, that probing feeling was back, "Who are you?"

    "What's it to you?"

    "You were by my tree, in my yard within my premises, I have every right to ask you." He responded primly, not stumbling over a single word. This brat couldn't be older than eight at most. 'Creepy.'

    He turned his head to the side and shoved his hands into the fronts of his yukata, feeling somewhat obliged to answer. The kid wasn't wrong after all, "Here on family business."

    The brat snorted, crossing his arms, and shot him a sardonic look, "You're with the Zen'in?"

    Toji’s gaze ambled to the trees to the right of them in lazy interest, "What of it?"

    "I knew the Zen'in were weak but I didn't think it was this bad."

    Toji almost snorted at the comment. What he wouldn't pay to watch this brat say that directly to his shitty uncle's face. But there was an implication there that he couldn't shake from the back of his head, "What're you talking about?"

    "What's with your aura?

    Toji flinched, a bristle of nerves ran up his arms in a wave of pin-pricks. Sharp, biting, "The hell you talking about?"

    The brat blinked at him, eyes staring deeply at a particular point within his chest, and jutted his chin towards it, "There, people usually have a presence at their core, there's this swirling thing bundled at the center and moves and fluctuates depending on what the person's doing. But you..." He lowered his eyes towards his stomach, then moved his gaze towards his extremities, Toji felt like a mounted moth, his limbs pinned by this boy's stare, "There's nothing there, no flow, no movement. Nothing. Like you don't exist."

    There was a snapping tension within Toji's jaw, he clenched his teeth so tight the muscles in his cheeks were screaming. Everything within him told him to leave, to turn his back on this little brat and wash his hands of him and this whole fucking world, that decides the worth of a person based on their inherent traits and inborn talents.

    Some were just born lucky it seems.

    Suddenly he tension bled from his body, his fists unfurled and the muscles in his jaw and shoulders relaxed.

    "Yeah, you're right, there's nothing here," Toji looked up at the brat, a pitiful smile curved up on the side of his face, "And I bet you feel like you hit the jackpot when looking at me."

    He was so tired.

    He lifted his gaze to the tree they walked from, the leaves still whirling in the light breeze, the oranges and reds of the dying sun bled the sky and created a scenic backdrop for the Gojo clan's prince, staring at him with his unflinchingly cool gaze.

    The boy blinked slowly, then brought his gaze to look at his own shadow that stretched between the two of them, the dark head nearly touching at Toji's feet.

    "Not really." His mouth moved then, a small voice, strained and so different from the haughty tempo he used when following him, “At least you can live how you want.”

    A stretch of silence lay between them, not even the trees, wind or leaves made a sound, as though everything around these two were suspended in time.  

    Toji stared down at the boy to whom mountains bow to, and felt himself sinking. Something sat in his chest, growing heavier and heavier until he couldn't even bear the weight of his own arms. 

    He brought eyes towards the Gojo heir’s face; a solemn breeze blew through his white hair and rustled his clothes and Toji was almost sure he was sparkling.

    With one last glance, he turned and walked. Off the premises of the garden, and away from the child of legends. There were no small footsteps following him by the time he reached the Gojo clan’s boundary, the sun having submerged it’s head under the blanket of darkness. 

    Pocketing his hands, Toji walked straight into the bowels of the night, back towards his rusted cage. 

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  • moochi
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    higuruma having a kendall roy moment in a bathtub with his clothes on is so fitting and funny to me

    #hes an ambiguous disorder man too #jjk manga spoilers
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  • fangtoothboy
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “itadori is naruto lol” no he’s fucking mitsuki

    #jjk spoilers #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #idk anything about boruto except that orochimaru is pardoned of all crime and gets to keep doing his human experiments #and sends one of them to ninja school and thats very funny #I want kenjaku to get the same ending they forgive his crimes #and he gets to be a pta mom and attends yuuji's parent teacher conferences at jujutsu tech #jjk#naruto#boruto
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  • jadequarze
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Phantom (eye) pain

    💥  [Ko-fi | Redbubble | Twitter | Youtube | INPRNT] can be found in pinned post.    

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  • matsvrin
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #anon.asks #i hope this answered your question! i can link more posts talking about this if you’d like #jjk#jjk spoilers#satosugu#jjk meta#gojo#geto
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  • matsvrin
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    satoru has to live with the grief of only loving suguru after he left for good.

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  • honeylemonboba
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Kinokuniya just put up a jjk stand and

    I’m having flashbacks


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  • loyaldis
    21.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Yuji called him big brother

    I should work.

    Instead I'm doodling whatsapp sticker

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  • jadequarze
    21.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #asks#anonymous #jjk manga spoilers #those kids needs fuckin therapy #both physically and mentally #im just making nobara hc while shes not here #im cautiously hoping tbh that she'll be back #but anything can happen tbf
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  • senorita-patita
    21.10.2021 - 12 hours ago


    #patita talks#jjk spoilers #it's like a boogery green too. disgusting!! #AND WHY IS TENGEN DRESSED LIKE A CHEAP FRATBOY UNDER THOSE ROBES #mamma mia........ 🧍‍♀️ #if I could read japanese I'd be very interested in what it says for all those objects #but I'm illiterate so I'm pointing and laughing at the idea that the TOJI WORM is purple with SPACE inside it #talk about a glorified storage space #i guess I never thought about any of them in color... least of all Tengen?? Blue Tengen?????
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  • senorita-patita
    21.10.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #patita talks#jjk#jjk spoilers#hiromi higuruma #hiromi is sending that kid straight to jail if it's the last thing he does >:) #me twiddling my thumbs: soooooo............ when are we seeing hiromi again 😳 #hello Mr Higuruma I'd like to know what happened in that courtroom and what you've been doing to get those 100 points #i just wanted an excuse to talk abt him for a moment I rlly rlly wanna see him again soon 👀😋😏
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  • getougender
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    if the higher ups find out that yuuji is alive they’re going to take it out on yuuta

    #okkotsu yuuta#itadori yuuji#jjk spoilers #[adds yuuta to the list of characters whose outlook is not looking good] #temoe talks
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  • trappist-1p
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Hey JJK fandom I made a playlist for what Geto's up to after the prequel hope you like it ~

    #jjk #jjk manga spoilers #jjk spoilers#jujutsu kaisen#geto suguru#kenjaku #to be clear this is a very bad joke #also i havent interacted with this fandom before so i hope yall are cool #by me
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  • getougender
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    i think we deserve to see gojou getting freed from the box and going on a bloody rampage as a treat and as consolation for everything else akutami has and will continue to put us through

    #thought a little too hard about itadori’s fate again and now i’m sad #gojou satoru#temoe talks#jjk spoilers #jujutsu kaisen spoilers
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  • jadequarze
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    You know what I just thought of,

    Do you reckon that nobara can’t hear very well on her left ear due to the blast, with nerves being damaged... Imma take that as my hc,

    #jade rambles #me who havent study biology since hs #i swear theres going to be health implication from all those injuries but im no expert #jjk manga spoiler
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  • rengokunico
    21.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    In light of the new info on Tengen's appearance, I can't stop laughing at these panels.

    Tengen.... Sir, you're blue. Your skin tone is a primary color. That's not how aging works!

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  • rengokunico
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I haven't seen anyone talk about the dad joke Gege dropped on us.

    There's a galaxy inside the worm. It stores things. It's full of space.

    #im gonna lose it #jujutsu kaisen#jjk spoilers
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  • procrastination-lady
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #like yes i do think they would be friends though #jjk spoilers#anna🐧#inbox mail
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  • littleholmes
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I’m sure this has been discussed but I can’t stop thinking about Yuji curling up in a ball in the middle of the Shibuya fight and crying and almost fully giving up. It’s just so heartbreaking and idk realistic? to have this character who is gentle and cares deeply about everyone and has been through so much in a short amount of time with the weight of everything on his shoulders to just break down as the gravity and trauma and stress of every crisis that occurs that night hits him. He’s hugging himself, sobbing, apologizing, pleading, beating himself up because he couldn’t save more people, and it’s just oof.

    Often in shonen we have teens put in these life or death, literally fight to live and fight to save everyone, situations and we get moments when the characters react but something about Yuji having this moment mid-battle hits different. I mean look at this kid

    (Also, how long was Yuji basically on his own while his grandpa was in the hospital because the way he’s clutching himself is similar to that of someone who has had to rely on themselves for comfort, particularly at a young age, but I digress.)

    Yuji has fought so hard and then everything that happens before this happens and it’s beyond more than he can take. He couldn’t help his friends or senseis or senpais, he’s struggling to beat Mahito, and he just can’t anymore. All he can do is cry and hold himself and try to self-soothe because he can’t even forgive himself let alone fight more right now. It’s painful and cathartic because we’ve been running along with these characters in this Shibuya shitshow and to have a character break down about the events in the thick of it is like a breath, a moment of yeah, all of this really is a lot and it’s not okay.

    This arc is intense, but these panels were like a punch. All I could say Oh, Yuji and wish I could give him a hug.

    #jjk analysis#jujutsu kaisen #the shibuya incident #jjk#yuuji itadori#yuji itadori #idk i’m rambling #itadori yuji#itadori yuuji#jjk meta#jjk yuji#jjk yuuji#jjk manga #jjk manga spoilers #jujustu kaisen spoilers #jujutsu kaisen manga #jujutsu kaisen meta #jujutsu kaisen analysis #jjk angst #jujutsu kaisen angst #shibuya arc #the shibuya arc
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