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  • yslkook
    17.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    next part of mind of mine is so much drama...and for who

    #it's for the sake of establishing family dynamics #jks sister doesnt like oc<3
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  • trashynishiki
    17.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #jk i follow god not the other way around but it sounds catchy sjhhjs #asks #pokemon catcher 🦋
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  • 7theaven
    17.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #( CAN I ADD TORI'S APARTMENT  ???? i mean jk ) #*      ◞    [    ⋆彡   ]     ﹕     study  /  meta       ──           sparring into the ground you run on #( but i think these would be her choices if ff world she'd say costa del sol definitely ) #( also the last one biased CAUSE BRAZIL where i live i'll support 24/7 even if i hate my president ... it rhymed ) #hanoikari #*      ◞    [    ⋆彡   ]     ﹕     mail  /  remitee       ──       check the correspondence for an addressed epistle
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  • kikothedragoncat
    17.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    The contrast of clowns vs mimes is so unintentionally funny. Not even in a ha ha funny clown way just-

    Spoon, the big colourful funny man who likes to hop around like a hare who just drank 3 caramel iced lattes and sing about the entire history of the meaning of friendship and family. And then there’s Mundane Marqueece Critón, his emo French cousin who hasn’t slept in 4 days and WILL light you on fire.

    Imagine the clown reading out the mime’s sign language and being really extra about it

    Marqueece: “👌✊✋👇🤌🤙👌🤟✊”

    Spoon: *dramatic gasp* “He says” pause “HOHO YOURE A BITCH :D”

    #clowns#clown#clown core#mime #clown vs mime #nah jk they’re cousins #they’re like a little duo #crime fighting clowns
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  • cisbinary
    16.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    i have many thoughts i can't wait to get vagued one moment let me get on my laptop

    #dial tone #jk actually unlike you all i don't actively create problems #''you all'' not being my mutuals btw i meant. well. u know
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  • princessbloosompepperdoolevonyum
    16.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    (Warning, there are moments where I mention r*pe and d**th threats)

    If we effect women’s rights, then we are also effecting trans women’s rights too. If we do this we are hurting women and trans women.

    If we say listen to transgender people, but we don’t and speak for them and get angry at every little thing. Then we don’t really care about they feel or think.

    If we say there’s no wrong way of being a man or woman, but get mad at them for not being the stereotypes we know. Then we don’t care about who they are.

    Trans people are people and we should be respectful towards them. We should not stand up for people who lie about being transgender and hurt other people and get away with their bad actions. They should be hold accountable.

    Trans people are just people who are trying to live their best life’s. We should be supporting them and love them for who they are because they’re just people.

    No one should give a author death threats. No one should have interview her ex abusive husband. No should threaten someone’s life because they criticize gender. No should make gay and lesbian people feel guilty for not wanting to date someone trans.

    No should say all terfs should die or get raped because they’re worried about women’s rights. No one should make trans people evil. No one should make women evil. No one should let men tell women gay, lesbian, bi, pan, trans and everyone else in this wonderful rainbow of love what they should and shouldn’t say, what are and aren’t their rights.

    And finally. If you have bad friends or in a bad relationship, who do this and try to make themselves look like good person who don’t care about others in a kind or compassionate way, then dump their ass. I’ll be your new friend.

    Happy pride everyone. Be kind and loving to everyone.🏳️‍🌈

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  • wangjakang
    16.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    There’s only two moves for mark

    #markiplier #jk I love you pls don’t hate me
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  • shiftperception
    16.06.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    ah yes my favorite unova moment, an entire character

    #jk big mood #N is my favorite Unova moment too #unova#n harmonia
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  • 93daegu
    16.06.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Still With You

    the low noise i hear coming from the air conditioner;

    if i didn’t have even this,

    i think i’d actually fall apart

    – Jungkook

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  • bmblboop
    16.06.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    “I’m five-foot-one (5’ 1”). Do you know how hard it is to find capris that aren’t pants?”

    - Nora Valkyrie

    #incorrect rwby quotes #my memes#rwby memes#nora valkyrie #the real reason she wears skirts jk
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  • stanfordbound
    16.06.2021 - 59 minutes ago
    Sam: is giant nerd.
    #( facts. ) #// he said FUCK JK ROWLING AND HER UNIVERSE but the fanfiction/fanart people can stay.  They're cool.
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  • saraileeb
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #jinkook#myfanfic#bts fanfic #Jin was a merman #JK is a hunter #mates discussed #jin is trying #minors do not interact
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  • bitchesofostwick
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ut*rus hurty

    #owie #someone kiss it better #jk#UNLESS 👁
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  • red-bow-tie3
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    날 스치는 그대의 옅은 그 목소리

    내 이름을 한 번만 더 불러주세요... ❤️

    (I'm still affected by the concert guys! I couldn't stop myself from drawing something inspired by Sowoozoo Day 1 😭😭😭)

    (P.s. and then the second day *hyperventilating* when JK sang "Still with you" please ... Omg ...)

    (P.s.2 like and reblog if you save 😊)

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  • jkicon
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    like or reblog if you save!

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  • akaashiscupofwater
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #jk im on the toontown rewritten one and the markiplier one but i never go on them #asks for kat or something
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  • sunflwrxclouds
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Exes and O’s

    Pilot Chapter

    Pairing: Stripper!Reader Insert x Jeon Jungkook

    Genre: E2l, Ex2l, EwB

    Summary: After an embarrassing moment at campus, while working, your ex-boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook just happens to show up, finding out about your little secret.

    Chapter Warnings: Mentions of Abuse, Angst, Slut Shaming, Hurt, Mentions of a Toxic Relationship, and Language.

    Word Count: 1,464

    Chapters: 1 2

    Author's Note: Hello :) Just wanted to let you know that I have completely edited this chapter completely, so there may be a few typos here and there, but I will get to working on fixing them :) This chapter is also kind of like a Pilot chapter, so tell me how it is :) It might be a bit outdated since I wrote this last year, but it’s all good


    You remember when you first started dating Jihoon, he was sweet, took care of you, and made sure no one messed with you. But now, he’s everything BUT that. He hits you almost daily and makes you have sex with him almost everyday. You always wondered what caused him to change. Was it a front he put up to get you to become his girlfriend? To trust him? You didn’t know. But what you did know was that you hate the life you’re living now.

    You wanted to leave him -- you really did, but you can’t. He’s the only one you have, the only one supports you -- financially that is.

    “I should be grateful, he’s only doing this because he loves me” you once tried convincing yourself, but it slowly stopped working. “I can’t keep living off of him”, you told yourself one day, which is how you got your job as a stripper.

    Surprisingly enough, when you told Jihoon about your new job as a stripper, he reacted well, saying “As long as you don’t cheat on me, I don’t care.”


    You loved stripping. It eases your mind, helps you escape reality, and you get to hangout with your best friends, who are also strippers, Eunha, Soo-young, and Hye-soo. At first, you didn’t want them to know that you’re being abused. You wanted to look brave, seductive, and fearless in front of them. Just as they look like to you.

    But, eventually they found out after Eunha caught you covering up one of your bruises in a, what you thought was empty, bathroom. Compelling you to confess.

    From then on, they had been secretly helping you make a plan to leave your soon ex-boyfriend, Jihoon. You made enough money for about a year's worth of rent, plus extra money to spend on necessities. Hye-soo and Soo-young helped you find a good apartment at a decent price for you. You decided that you were going to just leave everything at Jihoon’s house, and just buy entirely new stuff.

    And finally, todays the day that the plan will go into effect. After school, you’ll head home to get ready for work, and after that, you’ll head to your new place, and cut Jihoon off -- for good.


    “Hey Yoongi” I greeted, “Morning, ___, I got hot chocolate” he says as he hands the warm drink to you. You thank him and then begin walking to the lecture hall.

    Yoongi is your only friend at this university. He’s the only one, besides your boyfriend who knows about your stripping job. Unfortunately, you still had not told him about the situation you were in at the moment. ___ wanted to tell him, but if he did, chaos would break loose, because he loves her like a sister.

    Arriving at the hall, you instantly notice your ex-boyfriend Jungkook, sitting in your seat, again. It’s been a little bit over a year since Jungkook suddenly broke up with her, and everything was decent for a few months, until recently for the past few weeks, he’s been getting on your nerves. Doing little things to mess with you. Like bumping into you in hallways and, like he’s doing now, taking your seat.

    “Move.” you say as you walk up to Jungkook. “I don’t think I have to. Why don’t you just sit next to Yoongi?” he asks.

    “Because, Yoongi is sitting with his boyfriend.” you tell him. “Well, not my fault, just sit next to me, the professor will be here pretty soon, and you know what happens if you’re not already sitting when he gets here.” he tells you.

    Rolling your eyes, you put your things on the table and slump in the chair next to Jungkook.

    As soon as you sit down, the professor enters, and class starts.


    While taking notes, you feel something pinching your thighs. You look down to see Jungkook’s hand pinching it.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” You hiss.

    “What do you mean, ___? I’m not doing anything” Jungkook mutters back as he starts pinching your thighs harder.

    You decide to ignore him, and go on with the lecture, not risking getting in trouble by the professor.

    After what seems like forever, the lecture ends with you annoyed, because throughout that whole lecture, Jungkook did everything to get on your nerves. From caressing your thighs, to kicking you. Hard. You really hated him.

    After you leave the lecture hall you walk right up to Jungkook. “What is your problem? Why won’t you leave me alone?” You demand.

    “I have no problem with you,” He mutters.

    ‘You know that's a damn lie. Leave me the fuck alone, and stop pestering me.” you state. You begin to walk away until you hear him respond.

    “Why would I mess with a slut, like you?” he spits out.

    Turning around slowly and walking back to where you just left from, you respond. “The fuck did you just call me?” you asked him, trying to breathe through it.

    “A slut” he spits out. At this point, people around you are watching. But, at that moment you were only focused on him.

    Why did he call you a slut? What did you do to become a slut? Did he happen to be at the club you worked at? No, you would have immediately noticed, right? But, working there doesn’t make you a slut.

    Suddenly, it feels as though your hand is burning.

    Hearing people gasp around you, it’s when you realized -- you slapped him.

    You slapped Jungkook.

    After realizing what you had just done, you bolt, attempting to escape all the stares you were getting from people in the hallway. Yoongi runs after you, not even realizing what just happened due to him just leaving the lecture hall.

    You don’t bother telling him, making up some lame excuse about your stomach.

    You knew you had fucked up big time.


    The second you walk into the club, you’re instantly hit with the overwhelming smell of alcohol and sweat. You greet everyone, and meet up with Hye=soo, Eunha, and Soo-young in the locker room.

    “Today’s going to be really busy for everyone. Especially for you Red” said a dancer

    Red is ___’s alias in the club, wanting to create a barrier between her stripper life and her personal life, she uses that name in the club.

    “Yea, I heard that someone booked you for 2 hours” Soo-young said

    “2 HOURS? Plus my stage? Gosh.” ___ exclaimed.

    “Well, I should get ready, I know it’ll be a long night”

    As you leave, your friends, you get ready to head up on stage for your first number.

    After putting on your one piece, you head on to the stage to perform.

    As you walk onto the stage, the club quiets down. Everyone in the crowd fervently watched, waiting for the esteemed Red to perform. Even in the back, where the bar was located, customers and the bartender watched.


    Cueing the music and lights, you start moving your hips to the red lights and music, crouching down and opening your legs wide. Lost in a trans, you move your body beautifully, as if you were a feather floating down to the ground.

    You walk towards the pole, starting with a Peter Pan, and falling down into a split abruptly.

    After performing a few more tricks on the pole, you head to the stairs to walk down to one of the men sitting on the seats.

    Walking up to one man, you sit on his lap, unable to see his face with his hair in the way, you start to grind on him slowly.

    Whispering in his ear sensually, you ask “Why don’t you move your hair out the way, so I can see your handsome face, baby?”

    While gripping on to your waist with one hand, and with the other, he brushes his wet hair out of the way.

    *yall probably already know who it is, just imagine iconic 190711*

    Immediately stopping you quietly gasp.

    “Jungkook? What are you doing here? It’s not what it looks like..”

    “Babygirl, it's exactly what it looks like.”

    Out of words you just… stare

    “Ah ah ah, keep going, or I’m not paying you for the private stage I booked later on.” he said as he smirked.

    Hesitantly, you continue letting him slightly guide you, feeling his growing hard-on, and feeling your own self get wetter and wetter.

    No, you don’t want that. You tell yourself, quickly getting off of him, you head back onto the stage to complete your final number.

    Grinding and dancing some more, you complete your stage, quickly running off into the locker room.

    Standing in the empty locker room….

    That's it! Cliffhanger lol. Next Chapter should be out in a week or so :)

    #bts jungkook#jungkook#jungkook smut#bts#bts smut #jeon jungkook smut #jeon jungkook#jk smut#jk #jeon jeonguk smut #angst#hurt/comfort#jungkook angst #jungkook x reader #jungkook x reader smut #jk x reader smut #jk x reader #bts x reader #bts x reader smut #jk angst#jungkook fanfic #jungkook fanfic smut #jk fanfic #stripperau! #enemies to lovers #exes to lovers #enemies with benefits
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  • bangtanhome
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #feedback#fic:penpals#love-mail#sweet-anon #AAAAA the chefs kiss??? i dont think i deserve that but thank u truly #yall are so nice. stop ill get attached T_T #jk im attached already
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