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  • gloucester-poppy
    05.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    AU but it’s just Melchior as a VTuber who plays 3H and cries happy tears whenever Lorenz is on screen

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  • gloucester-poppy
    05.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I realized my pfp has Melchior with his old haircolor, I need to draw but I am also SHOCKED and DISGUSTED that I have to draw to get a new pfp /lh

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  • 666crybabybitch666
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    soooo many customers at work today made a point of saying my name that it was super off putting lol, granted i had my name tag on but to be called Jo (a nickname) by a random stranger caught me off fucking guard and it happened like atleast 10 more times

    #my names too long for my name tag and in general so they just call me jo but like i’m not used to other people calling me that #just my coworkers and my family
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  • enby-abed-my-beloved
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    okay here's an idea: mythic quest on april fools.

    brad and jo and michelle stay overnight at the office to move everybody's belongings three inches to the left. it was jo's idea and she had to drag brad and michelle into it because they didnt want to spend anymore time at work that necessary but it's worth it when they get to watch everyone walking into/tripping over everything all day.

    eventually ian gets tired of being made a fool out of walking into things and holds a staff meeting to find out who did it. only, nobody is quite sure about what's been done. because everything looks exactly the same but he keeps tripping over so he eventually concludes that someone drugged him (without even hearing that everyone else at mq is bumping into things too)

    C.W. turns into a walmart watson and tries 2 document The Case Of The Bruised Legs, dave is insisting that everyone should get back to work and poppy reassures ian that he isnt drugged, but that all the furniture has been moved overnight (bc shes smart like that)

    so then, to david's despair and brad's glee, mq is put on emergency lockdown as ian and poppy decide to interrogate all the staff for alibis on where they were that night. cue brad, jo, and michelle cackling in the distance because they havent been accused...yet.

    brad is the first to get called into the room, and it's- in his own words- like a kidzbop parody of sherlock holmes mixed with an inspector calls. ian shines a light in his eyes as poppy asks him questions about where he was, how strong he is, what his favourite colour is, ("how the fuck is that relevant?" "it's not but i figure this is the only time im gonna actually learn something about you so-") and stuff like that. ofc he doesnt crack and leaves the room with a smug smile. jo and michelle are pretty much the same altho jo screams a lot and michelle's interview is just

    poppy: DID U DO IT MICHELLE???

    ian: answer honestly.

    michelle: why tf would i stay at work later than i have to? dumb fucks. *walks out*

    they dont find out who did it and eventually have to let everyone go home.

    ian and poppy dont give up so easily and r still trying to figure out the culprit(s) weeks after the stunt; C.W. hates how his story has an unsatisfying ending; and david is just tired of their bullshit.

    of course, they never figure it out, and to this day nobody knows who the pranksters are, and what they're planning for next april fools

    #THIS MAKES NO SENSE BUT LIKE #HAVE IT HAVE MY BRAIN DUMP #mq#mythic quest #mythic quest ravens banquet #also poppy puts security cameras up next april fools but michelle hacks into them and disables them. jo also smashes one and leaves it on #poppys desk as a warning #brad bakshi#poppy li #jo mythic quest #michelle mythic quest #ian grimm #what is cws tag guys help #uhm#david brittlesbee #david...im so sorry bro the chaos is extreme in this one
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  • talesfromaurea
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    Title:  Session 1 - The Stolen Seal
    Characters:  Sakrattars, Jo, Kaja, Leif, Amale
    Summary:  The companions reach the crossroads town of Orium and find themselves short on money.  They decide to team up with two other people on a job tracking down a stolen object for the local Dominus.  Stick around until the end for a secret...
    Word count:  ~5300
    Warnings:  Violence, death, alcohol
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    Taglist (ask to be added/removed): @writeblrfantasy​, @a-wild-bloog, @ashen-crest​

    It was a few uneventful days after the run-in with the bounty hunters when the companions reached Orium.  Situated at the point where the Calthian mainland jutted out into the Aurelian peninsula, Orium was a lively crossroads town with the way to Aurea in the south, Barsicum to the east, and Illaria to the west.  But, though many travelers passed through Orium, the town never seemed to reach the grandeur of other imperial cities.

    During the last leg of their journey, Jo’s arrow wound had become swollen and tender but she kept insisting that it was fine.  It took both Kaja’s worry and Sakrattars’ urging to convince her to see a healer once they entered town.  The doctor unwrapped the dirty bandages from Jo’s arm with a grimace.  It was a lengthy and painful process to clean, stitch, and dress the infected injury, the doctor chastising Jo for pulling out the arrow herself as she sewed the wound shut.  Jo grumbled under her breath but accepted the scolding.  Sakrattars had the distinct feeling that this wasn’t the first time she had done something like this nor would it be the last, and based on the doctor’s expression she felt the same way.

    Once Jo was patched up, it soon became clear that they had another problem on their hands.  Jo and Sakrattars pooled their last remaining coins and could not find an inn that they could afford to stay at.

    “This is the fourth inn we’ve tried.”  Sakrattars whispered to Jo.  “I doubt we’ll find any cheaper.”

    “Do you have anything you can sell?” Jo asked, eying him.  “Those robes look pretty expensive.”

    “No way.” Sakrattars crossed his arms as if Jo might try to take them from him in that very moment.  “What about your cestuses?”

    Jo’s expression darkened.  “Since you’re apparently a wizard who can’t use magic, these cestuses are the only real defense we have.”

    “I can use magic.”  Sakrattars retorted, wounded.

    “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    “Excuse me.”  The maid interrupted.  She smiled and waved when they looked over.  “I couldn’t help overhearing.”

    Sakrattars bowed.  “I’m sorry, we’ll be on our way—”

    “Before you do, I thought I’d share something you might find useful.”  The woman stopped her sweeping and lowered her voice.  “I don’t normally do this but, well, you’re a warrior, aren’t you?”  She nodded at Jo, gesturing to her hair.  It was true — Jo kept her wavy red hair in the traditional Culacalli warrior style: shaved on the right and long on the left.  “I grew up outside Castrum Solis in Cadia and, well, let’s just say I owe a lot to natiuhan warriors.  The word is that the Dominus was robbed a few days ago.  He’s looking for someone to help track down some items that were taken.  I hear that there’s a handsome reward in it for the person who does.”

    “The Dominus, huh?”  Jo rubbed her chin.  “Thanks for the tip.”

    When they were back out on the street, Jo and Sakrattars found an unobtrusive spot in an alley to discuss their options.  

    “Do you know anything about the Dominus?”  Jo asked.

    “Not a lot.”  Sakrattars leaned against the wall, deep in thought.  “I believe his name is Gaius Praetia.  He’s a very private man, rarely appears in public and hires his own personal guards rather than drawing from the imperial watch.  But I’ve never heard anything bad about him.  On the contrary, I’ve only heard people talk about him as fair and just.  Kind, even.”

    “So, if he offers a reward for these stolen items—”

    “—I have no reason to think he wouldn’t follow through.” Sakrattars finished.

    “Well, what are we waiting for?  Hm?  Kaja?  Where did you get those?”

    Both looked down to see Kaja mindlessly munching on a handful of dates.  She pointed towards a stand in the bustling market square.

    Jo sighed.  “What did we talk about before?  You can’t just take things.  You’ll attract attention.”

    “No one saw.”  Kaja said innocently.  Jo rubbed her temples in exasperation.

    “Is this why you’re wanted?”  Sakrattars asked Jo, gesturing to Kaja incredulously.  “Stealing?”

    “Let it go, elf.”  Jo said.  “Let’s go see the Dominus.”



    The Dominus’ mansion was located in a quiet part of Orium, far from the town center and the crowds.  In the place of inns, shops, and cramped apartment buildings were palatial homes of wealthy residents and immaculate pleasure gardens lining the narrow cobblestone streets.  Every so often, Sakrattars would catch a highborn lady discreetly eyeing the dirty hem of his robes or curling her lip at the sight of Kaja’s tattered wool cloak.  Jo, in a total reversal of how she was perceived in common neighborhoods, mostly escaped notice.  It was not unusual for the affluent to hire natiuhans as personal guards, after all, and as far as anyone knew Jo was likely on her way to escort some noble on business to Aurea.  What she was doing in the company of those urchins was the bigger mystery in their world.

    Two men stood guard in front of the gate to the Dominus’ mansion.  They were draped not in the golden dragon sigil of the Aurean Empire but in the Dominus’ family colors, swords at their hips.

    Sakrattars grabbed Jo’s arm.  “We can’t just walk in there.  We’ll have to make an appointment for an audience.”

    “Yeah, yeah.”  Jo shook the elf off and approached the guards.  “Men!  I’m here to see the Dominus.”



    “The Dominus did not tell us to expect a visit from a natiuhan today.  Nor anyone by the name of Jo.”  The guard rested his palm on the pommel of his sword.

    “I’m here to discuss business.  Heard the Dominus is looking for something.  I intend to get it back for him.”

    The guard was not inspired.  “You’ll need to request an audience and come back at the specified time.”

    “Excellent idea.” Sakrattars agreed.  “Let’s make that appointment—”

    “You see, I’m here now.”  Jo stepped closer to the guards, her shadow engulfing them.  The plumes on their helmets barely reached her shoulders.  “And I would like to see him now.”

    “Sorry, we cannot allow it.”

    “I’m not asking for your permission.  Although, it would be better for everyone if you helped us instead of trying to stop us.”  She suddenly clenched her fist around her cestus and swung at the second guard, hitting the stone gate pillar behind him.  The guard shook where he stood, shards of rock and mortar dust bouncing off his helmet with a soft plinking sound.  The other guard stared, wide-eyed in fear.  Sakrattars heaved an exasperated sigh.  So much for keeping a low profile.

    “One moment please, ma’am.”  The guard disappeared behind the gate for several minutes.  The guard who had been treated to Jo’s “diplomacy” stood stock-still, nervously glancing between Jo and the courtyard beyond the gate. Kaja picked up a piece of rock that Jo had chipped off the pillar and tried to put it back where it had broken.  When she couldn’t reach the spot, she settled on wedging it between two stones lower down.

    The guard reappeared and beckoned the party through the gate.  “The Dominus will see you now.  Luckily, he is available.”  He stressed this last point, looking severely at Jo.

    The mansion was grand inside, filled with fine tapestries and paintings, but lacking in the trappings that would make it feel like a home.  There were no staff hurrying about as one would expect in a Dominus’ household, most of the doors were closed, and the candles were dimly lit. Sometimes the party would see a cowled figure, robed in the Dominus’ colors, standing guard outside of a particular room. They never reacted, merely stood silently as the companions were escorted by, their faces hidden deep in the shadows of their hoods.

    The guard ushered them into the audience chamber and took his leave, visibly relieved to be rid of them.  

    “Jo the natiuhan and party.” The herald announced as they approached the dais. Upon it sat the Dominus, a middle-aged man with greying hair and fine wrinkles around his brown eyes.

    “Dom Praetia.” Sakrattars acknowledged, bowing his head in respect.  “My name is Sakrattars Mistwood.”

    The Dominus sat up in his chair.  “Sakrattars, you have the bearing of a noble. Where are you from?”

    “Arvisian Bay, Dominus.”  He replied.  “We are not nobility, although my father is a member of the Merchant’s Council.”  At this, Jo swung her head in his direction.  Sakrattars could feel her eyes shooting daggers into him but he resisted meeting her gaze.

    “Very well.”  The Dominus reclined again.  “And who is this child?”

    “Her name is Kaja.”  Sakrattars interjected before the little zmaj could speak. “She is, uh, my cousin.”

    Gaius Praetia looked long and hard at Kaja in silence.  Sakrattars hoped he wouldn’t question the fact that they looked nothing alike in features or complexion and breathed a quiet sigh of relief when the Dominus moved on.  “I see.  And why are you here?”

    “We heard that you were robbed recently.”  Jo said.  “And that you’re offering a reward to anyone who can return the stolen items to you.”

    The Dominus nodded.  “That is true.  Well, partially.  There is only one item that was taken: my seal.”

    “A seal?”  Sakrattars repeated, his eyebrow quirking.  Of all the items he could think of being stolen from an affluent household, a seal ranked far below expectation.

    “Yes, it is made of solid gold and has been in my family for generations.  You can understand why I’d want to see it safely returned.  I’m offering fifty gold pieces to whoever can retrieve it.”

    “Do you have any idea who might have taken it?”  Jo asked.

    “We’ve already caught the thief.”  The Dominus looked beyond the party for a moment.  “Ah, Decanus Hjalmarsson.  Perfect timing.”

    They turned to see a man entering the audience chamber with a confident swagger.  “He isn’t talking, Dominus, I’m not sure—”  Then the man noticed the party and his face beamed.  “A natiuhan!  Just what I need!”

    Taking note of the man’s accent and the way he wore braids in his blond beard, Sakrattars surmised that he must be from Stjornugaard — and a long way from home.  Stjornugaard was a kingdom in the far north of the continent, way beyond the reach of the Aurean Empire.  The people who lived there were thought to be a serious and solemn bunch, a product of their long and harsh winters.  But this man smiled jovially at them, a warm red glow flushing his pale ivory cheeks.

    “Decanus Leif Hjalmarsson.”  The herald introduced, a bit miffed that no one had waited for his announcement.

    “Decanus Hjalmarsson is in my employ.”  The Dominus explained to the party. “He’s currently tasked with interrogating the thief regarding the whereabouts of my seal.  Which sounds like you have not been successful at?”

    Leif gave a good-natured chuckle and shrugged.  “He doesn’t want to rat out his buyers.  But he might change his mind if a natiuhan were to ask him.”  He looked shrewdly at Jo.  As Leif delivered the rest of his report to the Dominus, Jo grabbed Sakrattars’ shoulder and spun him around to face her.

    “You’re rich?” She whispered angrily.  “We’ve been sleeping in dirt and you’re rich?”

    “You think I’d be telling fortunes in the market if I was rich?”  Sakrattars snapped back.  “My father is in charge of the family’s wealth and we haven’t spoken in years.”

    “Well why don’t you start speaking to him?”

    “What?  No!”

    Jo rolled her eyes and groaned.

    “Can we count on your assistance with the prisoner?”  The Dominus asked, addressing Jo once more.

    She gave Sakrattars one last scathing glare then turned her attention back to the dais.  “If I help, then we can expect that reward?”  

    “Yes, if you bring me my seal then it’s yours.”

    “Great.  Let’s go then.”



    “You know, I’ve never talked with a natiuhan before.”  Leif rambled as he led them to the dungeons.  “I’d love to spar with you one day.  I thought my muscles were impressive but look at yours!” 

    Sakrattars expected Jo to react with the usual contempt but, on the contrary, the corner of her lip turned up in a small grin.

    “I’m not sure you’d like the outcome of that match, Decanus.”

    “No need to call me that, I’m not in the auxilia anymore.  Leif is fine.  And you might be surprised.”

    “Ha!”  Jo snorted. “I like your spirit.”

    When they arrived, Leif gestured to Sakrattars and Kaja.  “Are you sure the fancy elf and the girl wouldn’t rather wait outside?”

    “Fancy elf?”  Sakrattars exclaimed, insulted.

    “You’re an elf.  You’re fancy.”  Leif pinched the fabric of Sakrattars’ fine robes and rubbed the cloth between his fingers.  “Fancy elf.”

    Sakrattars wrested his sleeve away from Leif, fuming but unable to think of anything to say in retaliation.

    Jo considered it for a moment, then decided against having Kaja waiting on the street defenseless.  They hadn’t had any more encounters with hunters but anything could happen at any time and Jo wanted to be ready for it. “We go together.”

    Leif shrugged and ushered them in.  The dungeon was hot and humid and smelled worse than an unkept barn, suffering from a lack of windows and air flow.

    “I’m back.  Just like I said I would be.”  Leif spoke to a young man in one of the cells.  “And I brought a friend.”  Jo stepped forward, casually cracking her knuckles as she did.  The thief’s eyes widened for a brief moment but he swiftly regained control of his emotions.

    “I’d start talking if I were you.”  Jo suggested.

    “You don’t scare me.”

    “I should.” 

    “Look.  Is your buyer really worth all this protection?”  Leif coaxed.  “The Dominus is a good man.  If you tell us what we want to know, he might even spare you.”

    “How noble.”

    “Open the cell.”  Jo sighed.  Leif fumbled with the key, letting the situation sink into the thief’s mind.  Still, he didn’t speak.  The key had barely turned the lock when Jo kicked the door open with a startling metallic rattle.  The thief jumped but didn’t have time to otherwise react before Jo grabbed him around his neck and slammed him into the wall, his feet dangling above the ground, scrambling for purchase.

    “Fine.  Fine!”  The thief choked, tapping on Jo’s forearm in a bid to get her to let him go.  She didn’t budge.  “His name is— gah!  Lucius!  He’s a merchant, just left— just left for Barsicum.”  He gasped.  Jo dropped him and he fell to his knees, clutching his throat and coughing.

    Leif smiled benignly.  “When you say ‘just’?”

    “I mean he probably left yesterday.”  The thief wheezed.  “Can’t have gotten far.”

    “Thank you, sir.”  Leif relocked the cell once Jo was out.  “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

    The young man grumbled in response.

    “How are we going to find this guy?” Sakrattars asked once they left the dungeon.  “Go up the road and hope we find a merchant named Lucius?”

    “If that’s what it takes.”  Jo replied.

    “No, we’re going to need some more help.”  Leif shook his head, then grinned. “And I know just the guy.”



    The sun was setting by the time they reached the Honorable Bone tavern.   Inside, it was loud and lively, filled with patrons who had just gotten off shift and were looking for drinks and good times.  Kaja yawned, resisting the heavy feeling on her eyelids so she could observe the crowd.  The hustle and bustle of city life no longer shocked her but she still found fascination in it: the way people would break into song, others dancing to the rhythm, crashing into each other, beer flying, and laughter blending into the noisy hum of socialization. 

    “He’s always here in the evening.” Leif called over his shoulder, while expertly shoving his way through a group of people.  “Ah, there he is.  Amale!”

    Sitting alone at a back table was a lycaeon.  The dogmen were a rare sight, indeed none of the three companions had ever seen one before.  This one had mottled black, orange, and white fur and wore a hood over his head with slits for his large, bat-like ears— ears that swiveled towards Leif upon hearing his name.

    “Hey Amale.”  Leif pulled up a chair and sat across from him.  “I’ve got a job.”

    Amale flicked an ear, bringing a bowl of beer up to his muzzle and lapping at it.  Kaja watched, completely captivated.  He noticed her from the corner of his eye, then set the bowl down when it became clear that she wouldn’t stop staring. Sakrattars nudged Kaja’s shoulder and shook his head at her in disapproval.

    “You heard that the Dominus’ seal was stolen, right?  Well we’ve got a tip on who might have it now.  Problem is, he’s already left town.  We need someone to help us track him.”  Leif waved down a barmaid and ordered three more beers (in mugs) plus a fruit juice for Kaja.  He took a few moments to flirt with the barmaid, leaving her with a smile and blush as she went to fetch the order.  By the time Leif turned his attention back to the conversion, Amale’s ears were flattened back in annoyance.  Leif cleared his throat.  “These are the people who are coming along too.”

    “A child?”  Amale asked dubiously, his voice unexpectedly deep and gruff.

    Leif laughed, grabbing his mug of beer from the barmaid’s tray and taking a long swig.  “Don’t underestimate her.”  He winked at Kaja, but the little zmaj was too busy inspecting her cup of fruit juice to notice.  She sniffed it, then took a small sip.  Once it hit her tongue and she tasted the fresh sweet grapes, her eyes pinned and her face lit up.  Amale’s impassive gaze lingered on her a moment longer, then he looked back to Leif.  He didn’t appear to be convinced but seemed willing to let it go so Leif continued.  “Her name is Kaja.  The natiuhan is Jo and the elf is Sakrattars.  This is Amale Inyoni, we worked together in the auxilia a couple years back and we’ve been friends ever since.”

    Amale nodded in polite greeting.  “When?”

    “Tomorrow morning.  We want to catch up with this guy.”


    “Great!”  Leif downed some more beer.  “Since we’re here, we might as well enjoy a few more rounds, eh?”

    “Only if you’re paying.”  Jo teased.

    “Ha!  Tell you what, I’ll pay if you can out drink me!”

    Jo smiled into her mug.  “Better get out your purse then.”

    The night ended with Jo and Amale carrying Leif out of the tavern.  He made a valiant effort, no one could dispute that, even drinking Sakrattars’ beer when it became clear that he didn’t want it.  But in the end, he was no match for Jo.  “Takes more than this water to get a natiuhan drunk!” She proclaimed victoriously — never mind that her face was hot and her words slurred.

    Amale led them to Leif’s apartment, which was right next door to his own, and helped put his old friend to bed.  “We’ll meet in the morning.” He said and took his leave, a bit of a wobble in his step.

    “So where are we going to go?” Sakrattars finally asked.  Kaja sat down on the floor of Leif’s apartment, leaning against the wall and closing her eyes.

    “Kaja’s got the right idea, let’s just stay here. We’re all leaving together in the morning, right?” Jo settled down next to her.

    “Uh, we can’t just stay in his apartment uninvited.”

    “Look at him.” Jo gestured to the bed where Leif was snoring soundly, a stream of drool running down his cheek. “I don’t think he’ll mind.”

    Sakrattars shifted his weight, uncomfortable with the idea but even more uncomfortable with the thought of sleeping on the street.  He found a corner of the room to bed down and didn’t wake until the sunlight streamed through the window the next day.



    “Just like old times, eh Amale?”  Leif said, holding his hand to his head.  “Out on a job together, you tracking, me walking off the night before…”

    Amale’s ears flattened back.

    “Alright, alright, I’ll let you work.”

    The party had left Orium a few hours before and were making their way down a barely-used dirt road that wove its way through the thick woods of northern Aurelia.  Amale suspected that a merchant carrying stolen goods, especially high profile stolen goods, might not want to take the main roads.  His suspicion solidified when he found fresh cart tracks on what amounted to little more than a game trail.  No sane person would attempt to pull a cart down such a path unless they were doing something illicit.

    Amale darted ahead, vanishing through the brush with barely a rustle.

    “So how did you three end up working together?”  Leif asked amiably.

    “Kaja is my ward.”  Jo replied.  “The elf is helping me.”

    “And how old are you, girl?”  Leif stooped his head down to Kaja’s level.

    Kaja looked away shyly.  “Um, forty years.”

    Leif guffawed.  “I like your humor!”

    Sakrattars pursed his lips, not so certain that Kaja was making a joke.

    “Leif.”  Amale emerged from the forest.  “You’ll want to see this.”

    They followed Amale to a tipped pull cart, goods strewn about every which way.  The blood-soaked body of a man was splayed face down in the dirt, stab wounds on his back.

    “Looks like someone found Lucius before we did.”  Jo commented grimly, using her hand to gently shield Kaja’s face away from the dead man.

    “Search the cart.”  Leif ordered.  But, as they expected, the Dominus’ seal was nowhere to be found.  

    “There’s a trail.”  Amale said.  “They didn’t bother trying to cover their tracks.”

    Amale led the party off the path and into the trees, urging them to be careful of where they walked.  Sakrattars sighed, hiking up his robes the best he could to avoid getting the hems even more caked in mud.  Kaja proved to not only be silent, but at ease with traveling through dense overgrowth quickly.  Amale observed her quietly, flicking an ear in what one could assume was recognition.  It wasn’t long until they approached a small clearing at the base of a rocky outcropping.

    Four kobolds sat together at the mouth of a shallow cave, skewered rabbits roasting on spits over a fire.  A mess of objects and scraps from previous meals littered the area.  They appeared to be in the middle of a heated discussion.  Kaja and Sakrattars exchanged glances, both understanding that they were speaking draconic albeit a strange barking version of it.

    “Why not keep it?”  One asked.  

    “The Master said to bring it to him.”  Another answered.  “He will be angry if we keep it.”

    “He never said bring it to him.” The first one argued.  “He said to find it for him. We have found it.”

    “I suppose…”

    Jo signaled to Sakrattars to stay with Kaja.  Amale drew his bow and nocked an arrow, tip-toeing into position for a more advantageous shot.  He needed to be ready in case negotiations soured.  He chose each step carefully, setting his paw down only when he was absolutely sure nothing beneath it would make a sound.  Once he was at the right angle, he lifted his bow and drew back the string.

    “Did you hear that?”  A kobold hissed, all four looking in Amale’s direction.

    Leif took the opportunity to emerge from the brush, Jo at his side.  He lifted his hands to show that he wasn’t brandishing a weapon.  “We’ve come to take you back to Orium for the murder of that man, and to return the item you stole.”  Leif said.  “Surrender and we can go back peacefully.”

    The kobolds looked at each other then scrambled to grab their weapons.  Leif shrugged and unsheathed his shortsword.

    It was then that Sakrattars saw Kaja do something unexpected.  She quickly raised her hand, her fingers moving in an arcane symbol.  She pointed to a grove of trees on the opposite side of the clearing and suddenly everyone could hear a man loudly singing a bawdy tavern song in the bushes.  Sakrattars’ jaw dropped.  The kobolds turned towards the singing in bewilderment.  Amale let loose his arrow but only managed to hit one of the kobolds in the calf, his concentration broken by the sudden and unexpected noise.  Jo charged forward without hesitation, leaving a baffled Leif behind.  It only took him a moment to recover from his initial confusion and then he too entered the fray, determined to deal with this unknown person after they handled the kobolds.  Amale put his bow away and drew two kukris from the sheathes on his back, vanishing once more into the brush.

    The sight of a natiuhan bearing down on them was enough to make the kobolds consider their next moves very carefully.  With only four of them, one now wounded, it was unlikely that they could take her down.  But on the other hand, their backs were literally to a wall and there was nowhere to run.  Then they saw Leif behind Jo and decided that this human might be an easier target.  One drew Jo’s attention while the other two slipped past her heading straight for Leif.  One of the two raised a dagger wet with poison.  If she could only nick him, it should be enough to incapacitate him temporarily and then he could be used as a hostage against the natiuhan.

    Leif saw the kobolds coming his way and planted his feet, taking a defensive stance.  The one with the dagger lunged forward and swung at Leif but he easily parried the blow with the buckler strapped to his left forearm.  But the kobold had sneakily switched the dagger to her other hand, intending to slash at Leif’s exposed armpit.  Just then, a spray of acid landed across the kobold’s eyes, blinding her and forcing her to abandon her strike.  She staggered backwards, trying in vain to wipe the stinging acid off of her face, then Leif ran her through with his sword.  The second kobold, terrified by the death of his comrade, took the opportunity to run off into the woods.  Leif turned around to see Sakrattars standing there panting heavily, his hands still in an arcane gesture.

    “So the fancy elf knows some magic after all.”  Leif grinned.

    Meanwhile, Amale had jumped out of the woods upon the injured kobold, slashing with his kukris.  She tried to fend him off but soon lost the struggle.  The last kobold, seeing his partners slain and Jo readying a strike, threw his hands up in surrender.

    “Take whatever you want.”  He croaked in common.  “Just let me go.”

    Jo and Leif exchanged looks.

    “We’re looking for something in particular.”  Leif said.  “A gold seal.”

    “Ah yes, the shiny thing.”  The kobold nodded towards a pile on the ground.  “It’s in there.”

    Amale’s eyes trailed suspiciously to the objects.  He bent down to riffle through it.  With everyone distracted, the kobold made a run for it.

    “Not here.”  Amale confirmed.

    Jo pursued the fleeing kobold, swiftly catching up to him.  She grabbed the back of his tunic and lifted him off the ground.  He thrashed around, his claws and tail slashing the air.

    “Let me go!”  He protested as Jo frisked him.

    “Here it is!”  She called, holding up the seal for the others to see.

    “That’s a relief.”  Leif sighed, helping Jo to restrain the kobold so they could bring him back to Orium to answer for his crimes.  “But what about the other man that was here?  The singing one.”

    Kaja raised her hand timidly.

    “That was you?  How did you do that?”  Leif raised an eyebrow.

    “Magic.”  Sakrattars said, facing Kaja.  “You know magic, don’t you?”

    Kaja nodded once.  Leif and Amale looked at each other in surprise.  

    “Well, we have the seal now.”  Jo changed the subject.  “Let’s get back to Orium and collect our money.”  She handed off the seal to Sakrattars.  “Here, you hold onto this.”  She smiled mischievously.  “Fancy elf.”

    Sakrattars rolled his eyes, thoroughly displeased at this new nickname.  “Wait.” He said, inspecting the seal more closely.  “That’s odd.”

    “What, don’t tell me it isn’t the Dominus’ after all?” 

    “No, it’s just...” He held the seal in an upturned palm and passed his other hand above it while chanting a few words.  “This seal has a spell on it.  And not just any spell.  A very powerful one.”  Kaja stared it, transfixed.  She, too, could sense the magic radiating from it.

    Leif twisted one of the braids in his beard, considering this information.  “Why would you need to put a spell on a seal?”

    “You wouldn’t.”  Sakrattars shook his head.  “At least not for any reason I know of.”

    “What spell is it?”  Jo asked.

    “I can’t tell.  It’s way beyond my skill level to understand.”

    The party stood in silence then Jo shrugged.  “Who cares then, let’s just return it and get our reward.”

    But as they walked back to town, Sakrattars couldn’t help but wonder what the spell could possibly be.



    The Dominus was glad to have his family’s gold seal back safe and sound.  As promised, he paid them fifty gold pieces.  Leif forfeited any share of it, stating that he was already receiving payment from the Dominus separately for leading the investigation.  As Jo and Amale watched the accountant count out the coins, Sakrattars stood with the Dominus in awkward silence.  Not knowing what to say, his eyes searched the room for something — anything — to comment on.

    “That portrait is quite striking.”  He said.  “The traditional dress suits you well, Dominus.”

    The Dominus glanced up at the painting in question.  “I appreciate your compliment but this is my great-grandfather, Basilius Praetia.”

    “Ah, of course.”  Sakrattars flushed in embarrassment from his mistake.  “There’s a strong family resemblance.”

    “That’s what I’ve been told.”  The Dominus chuckled.

    Once Jo was satisfied that the amount had been paid in full, the party was escorted from the mansion.

    “It was a true pleasure working with you.”  Leif held out his hand to Jo. “Everything they say about natiuhan warriors is true.  Or at least you live up to the reputation.”

    “You’re not so bad yourself.”  Jo took his hand and shook it firmly.

    “What will you do now?”

    “We’re on our way to Aurea but we’ll need to save up some more money first.” Jo said.  Then an idea came to her.  “Do you know anyone who’s hiring?”



    Dominus Gaius Praetia placed the gold seal in a secret vault behind a tapestry in his chamber.  He was about to close the door when he paused and recited the words to a spell.  A glowing aura of green necrotic magic appeared around the seal, dripping and roiling like fell acid.  Satisfied, the Dominus turned the lock and tucked the key safely into a pocket.  He couldn’t afford any more incidents like this one.  If those vile demon cultists had gotten their hands on it... well, he didn’t want to think about what they could have made him do.  Just the idea of them touching it made him feel sick.

    In the middle of the dim and gloomy room was the seal thief, tied to a chair.  He was drifting in and out of consciousness, dazed from loss of blood.  The Dominus approached the thief, leaning down to inspect his prey.  Why waste perfectly good souls on feeding erratic demons, who were prone to outbursts of emotions and fits of desire, when thralls made flawless servants?  He would never be able to understand the Irkallu.  

    The thief opened his eyes when he felt the Dominus’ hand on his shoulder, his vision barely coming into focus.  

    The last thing he saw was a flash of sharp teeth and then darkness eternal.

    #tales from aurea #TFA writing tag #watch the moment jo rolled a nat 20 on intimidation as the very first dice roll of the entire campaign #can sakrattars in fact use magic? time to find out...
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  • lauriemarch
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    i’m watching supernatural for the first time and i’m unashamed to say that i want a young jared padalecki to rail me. yes i know about the cracker tweet. he’s still hot and gives me gender envy

    #I WON’T TAG THIS. this is for y’all only #jo (jordyn) march
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  • lauriemarch
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    i’m a simple woman. i see two female characters and i want them to kiss

    #they’re always lesbians your honor #what do i tag these as #gay#lesbians #jo march is a lesbian #queer women
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  • shedirectr
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    gru vc: MY GORL .......
    #𝜈.    ooc . #jo rewatches fam #this doesnt count as a spoiler so i wont tag that
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  • gloucester-poppy
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    When fellow selfshippers are so IN LOVE with their f/os and you're just sitting there like "YES I want to SUPPORT y'all, you're ADORABLE"

    #💜 tag: begone jo
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  • gloucester-poppy
    02.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    "I enjoy [character]"

    Friend: "Good, they're lucky to have you :)"

    "I have suddenly never met this person in my life /lh"

    #💜 tag: begone jo
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  • kyjoraven
    02.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    @princelukeorgana has requested lore in her amazing reblog tags on this post, so lore you shall receive! I’ll be posting the stories behind each of my OC’s lightsaber designs today💕✨

    Tbh this got me so excited, you have no idea😭❤️ Your tags are always the best. I’ve been working on some visual guides the last few days since seeing this, so hopefully you like it! I always love doing stuff like this.

    #your analysis on their sabers is so so so good #believe me when i say #i have spent SO long on these lightsaber designs and trying to make them match their stories🤣 #even though it’s super nerdy and a part of me is like whyyy #the other (bigger) part of me is like LORE you say???? #YESSSSS#jo tag💕#amazing mutuals
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    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    * alexander tag dump

    *    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   visage   ❯    ━━   ❝   So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  !   *    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   paragraphs   ❯    ━━   ❝    So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  !   *    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   answered   ❯    ━━   ❝   So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  !   *    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   isims   ❯    ━━   ❝  So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  !   *    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮  desires ❯    ━━   ❝    So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  !  

    ( update 05/03 ):

    *    ⟢  FLOWER     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝   it's just i'm constantly on the cusp of tryin' to kiss you !   *    ⟢  OPHELIA     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝    and if you were my little girl id do whatever i could do  !   *    ⟢  ARIANA     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝    i'm curious about you you seem so innocent !   *    ⟢  AMELIA     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝   now its three in the morning and im trying to change your mind  !   *    ⟢  JO    ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝   when you become untouchable you're unable to touch !  

    #*    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   visage   ❯    ━━   ❝   So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  ! #*    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   paragraphs   ❯    ━━   ❝    So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  ! #*    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   answered   ❯    ━━   ❝    So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  ! #*    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮   isims   ❯    ━━   ❝  So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  ! #*    ⟢  ALEXANDER     ❮  desires ❯    ━━   ❝    So many eager young bunnies that I'd like to pursue  ! #*    ⟢  FLOWER     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝   it's just i'm constantly on the cusp of tryin' to kiss you ! #*    ⟢  OPHELIA     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝    and if you were my little girl id do whatever i could do  ! #*    ⟢  ARIANA     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝    i'm curious about you you seem so innocent ! #*    ⟢  AMELIA     ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝   now its three in the morning and im trying to change your mind  ! #*    ⟢  JO    ❮  relationship tag ❯    ━━   ❝   when you become untouchable you're unable to touch !
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  • frevandrest
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago
    #ask#anonymous#robespierre #barras mocking fouche for his hair colour #doesn't mean he wouldn't mock maxime for his #not that i know of #but maxime did not mock fouche for his hair colour #or any specific physical feature as in 'the dude's ugly' #it was more 'his physical appearance reveals wickedness within" #or something along those lines #barras was more 6th grade sort of playground insults #'ha ha jo is ugly and so is his wife' #how old are you barras? #twelve? #that being said maxime was not kind to fouche's appearance either #so idk what to say #but #i still refuse to make a fouche tag
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  • ratraves
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago
    #we are vibing (: #jo is co fronting w me if u wanna say hi! :D #also letting u know so u can tag cursing n stuffy #tommy.txt #joanna.txt
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  • gloucester-poppy
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago


    What if

    What if I (just maybe) k*ss the noble boy

    #💜 tag: purple love (lorenz tag) #💜 tag: begone jo
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  • ratcarney
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    ✨ songs i’ve had on repeat ✨

    omg ty @evergardenwall !! i don’t usually do these but this one is very cute ^_^

    1. cherry blossom by kyle dion

    2. paradise by rude-a

    3. freak show by punkinloveee + h3artcrush

    4. cherry by rina sawayama

    5. montero (cmbyn) by lil nas x

    6. she’s my collar by gorillaz + kali uchis

    don’t say shit abt the two cherry songs. I KNOW. i KNOW

    tagging: @liquoricecrow @wishiwasntstillhere (you tagged me in something a million years ago and i never did it i’m SORRY) @notesofarichlycolorednight @dammitsammy @thirteens-earring @reloaderror

    #obviously you don’t HAVE to do this. it’s just me sending u a little kiss. mwah #tag game #killshot was so close to being on there but it was number seven 😔 #jo.posts #jo.@
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  • warcrimegwen
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    It was this 2-second shot that made me think maybe Staci deserves rights

    #she’s so cute and hopefull awwww I feel so bad for her #PLXBFJSHSHDHSHSHSHDHSGZH#total drama#i post#Staci #good news my Jo tag is almost caught up to my Noah and Gwen tags
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  • steelgrayrain
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. put your favourite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs then tag ten people (or as many as you wish!)

    Thanks for the tag @formulazero !!

    So I have shuffled my driving playlist “promise I won’t throw my phone” and here’s what came up!

    Lamb - GARNiDELiA

    Roses Are Falling - Orville Peck

    I’m Like a Lawyer With the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off - Fall Out Boy

    Roller Mobster - Carpenter Brut

    Mis//Understanding - We Came As Romans

    Hearts - Bird Bear Hare and Fish

    Like Real People Do - Hozier

    Somebody to Love - Queen

    Pale Shelter - Tears For Fears

    Easy Lover - Phil Collins and Philip Bailey

    So obviously that’s a whole mixed bag. I’m tagging @renaultz @plantmuffin and @racinglesbian and if you see this and want to try it, I’m tagging you!

    #tag game #ask about why it’s named that if you dare #jo post
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  • jo-dracona
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    You know you’ve got a good one when you show him your small skull collection with no real prompting or like caveat, and not only does he think they’re cool, but he starts naming them when you mention that you realize they don’t have names.

    And the funniest thing is that last night he confessed to me

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  • vcdette
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    @reggiealexs gona make me cry this fine afternoon

    #ftg jo#kody tag #SHE DREW FAN ART OF MY FROG I WILL CRY
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