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    just a little headcanon/mini fic for your sunday night. I write a lot of these in the group chat (usually just rambles, this is more polished than most) so if you’d like to see more let me know :)

    Week 7

    Her body aches with every step she takes. Her head pounds, the sharp angles of her jaw and shoulders are wound tightly, the contours of her back ache and her hips burn. The soles of her feet feel like they’re on fire as she slips her shoes off, depositing them into the bucket by the door.

    “You okay?”

    She shakes her head, taking three steps towards the couch before she all but collapses onto it. Her body relaxes only slightly as she curls into the plush material.

    “Listen I know that it’s been hard-“


    “Okay I won’t. But you need to take care of yourself Jo,” Link pads over to the couch, sitting on the edge and patting her back affectionately. “You look like a bus hit you.”

    “I feel like a bus hit me.”

    Jo finally chances a look up at Link, his expression filled with pity. She loathes the look, especially now, but brushes it off.

    “I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon.”

    “Please don’t do the whole ‘giving false hope to the sad woman whose husband left her’ thing. It’s embarrassing when you do it.”

    With a sigh Link stands and grabs his keys, “I just came by to drop dinner off for you. See you in the morning?”

    She barely mumbles out a response before she’s slinking into the couch cushions, eyes closing as she easily falls into a restless sleep.

    Her dreams are… confusing. At first she can only see Alex standing across from her, his stupid smirk and his tousled hair and his eyes twinkling the way they always would when she walked into a room. It almost made her want to wake up and end the dream so she wouldn’t have to be taunted by the thought of him. But then the picture shifts and there’s little hands grabbing at her waist. When she looks down, expecting to see Ellis or Bailey she sees a little girl with dark curls and bright hazel eyes and a smirk… A smirk Jo knows all too well.

    This makes her bolt upright, back protesting at the quick movement as she attempts to catch her breath. She glances at the date on her phone, trying to do quick math in her head but her brain is overwhelmed. Instead Jo does the only thing she can think of.

    “Hey you’ve reached Alex. Leave a message.”

    “Hi. It’s me. I know… I know you probably haven’t listened to any of my messages so this one will probably be ignored too but… But I miss you and I just had the strangest dream and… I want a baby. With you. It’s taken me a while to get there but I do want that, want this. I don’t know what I’m saying, I just worked a 12 hour shift and I can’t see straight and I think I missed my period but I don’t know for sure and I miss you. So much. So… I know you’ll never hear this so there’s no point in saying goodbye but… Goodbye. I love you.”

    Week 9

    Link is getting suspicious. Meredith is too, when she can be bothered with anyone else’s problems. Schmitt is giving her weird looks and Carina has taken to staring her down every time she so much as walks down the hallway.

    It’s exhausting, warding off her friends with ‘I’m fine’ and ‘I promise I don’t need to be recommitted’ and ‘I’m just tired’ because she needs someone, anyone, to vent to. Instead of confiding in her friends though, Jo finds solace in leaving messages for her husband who is still nowhere to be found.

    “Hey you’ve reached Alex. Leave a message.”

    “Hey it’s me again,” Jo lets out a sigh as she settles into bed, one hand running down her face. “It has been a long day. Long week actually. And I am so freaking sick, I can barely keep anything down besides cucumbers with cream cheese. I know, I don’t know what that’s about. But I just wanted to call and let you know that I miss you and I really really wish you were here. More than anything else I wish you were here holding my hand. Okay, that’s all. I love you.”

    Week 12

    She’s given up all hope of Alex returning. Link tells her not to think like that but she can’t help that that’s where her mind goes. She wishes he was here, to hold her and rub her back and tell her she’s doing a good job. But he’s not and she spends every morning slumped against the cool tile of the bathroom floor wishing he was.

    That’s where she finds herself this morning, leaning against the porcelain bathtub taking slow and steady breaths to try and refrain from getting sick again. Her eyes are dropping as she clicks on his name, the all too familiar ringtone echoing through the empty bathroom.

    “Hey you’ve reached Alex. Leave a message.”

    “Hi. I’m just calling to say I love you, even if you did leave me here with no answers. I would give… anything for you to call me back or to just text and say that you’re okay or… I don’t know why I keep hoping you’re okay because if you are I am going to be so pissed at you. Anyways,” Jo pauses, the constricting feeling rising up her chest again. The phone clatters noisily to the floor as she dives for the toilet, bile burning her throat as she blindly slaps at her phone trying to end the call. Knowing her luck the only voicemail Alex would listen to would be the one where she’s throwing her guts up.

    As the sick feeling finally subsides Jo moves back to her position against the bathtub, one hand cradling the now prominent swell of her stomach, “You are giving me a run for my money little one. You’re already keeping me on my toes just like your daddy. He’d be so excited about you if he were here, he’s been trying to knock me up since… Well since forever.”

    Jo attempts to hold her tears back as she sits in silence. She doesn’t know where Alex is or what he’s doing but she just prays that eventually he’ll come home to her. Imagining having to raise a baby without him is a torture she doesn’t like to put herself through but it’s one that she often finds herself entertaining.

    “No matter what, you’ve got me kid. I’m never leaving you.”

    Week 15

    “Karev, you have a consult in the pit,” Bailey barely looks up from her tablet as she relays the news. “And after that you’re done for the day.”

    Jo furrows her eyebrows, checking her watch, “It’s only noon, I’m on till 10 tonight.”

    “And I do not need you after you do this consult. Go home, get your sleep in while you still can,” Bailey’s eyes flick down to Jo’s rounded abdomen, then back to her face. “Enjoy your day off Karev.”

    As she rides the elevator Jo tries to rack her mind for anything she might’ve done to warrant a day off, but comes up empty. Deciding not to question the decision anymore, she figures out where she’s going and quickly scans over the chart.

    “Hi I’m Doctor Karev, let’s take a look at these-,” Jo freezes in the doorway of the exam room, clipboard falling out of her hands as she stares at the man before her. “Oh my god…”

    Alex tries his best to muster up a smile but the cuts and bruises across his face make it difficult, “Hey there, sorry we have to meet up again like this.”

    Alex’s arm is in a sling and his face looks thin and beaten to hell with hollow cheeks and a dark bruise under his left eye. With her husband in front of her for the first time in almost three months Jo finds herself stunned at the state he’s in.

    “You… Oh my god, Alex,” Jo snaps out of her daze and rushes forward, taking Alex’s face in her hands. He stares up at her with tears in his eyes as she examines his injuries. “What happened? Who did this to you? Are you in trouble? Oh my god is this why you haven’t been answering my calls? Alex-“

    “I’m fine, I’ve already been looked over,” Alex settles his free hand on Jo’s hip, bringing her closer to him. “I’m sorry I didn’t call, my mom had my phone and she was supposed to call you. I listened to all your voicemails yesterday while they were stitching me up.”

    Jo meets Alex’s eyes, tears welling up in her own as she finally takes in the fact that he’s sitting in front of her, “What happened? If you were with your mom, who did this to you?”

    “I was with her, but I was really out there to get Aaron into a facility. He’s been struggling… Well it’s a long story. It took me weeks of fighting with his insurance company to get him into a place that could handle him, he did all of this to me. But we can talk about that later,” Alex leans up and gently presses his lips to Jo’s cheek. “How are you?”

    “Me?! Alex, your arm is in a sling!”

    “You left me a message and you were throwing up and…,” Alex keeps his eyes locked with Jo’s as his hand floats from her hip to her ever growing baby bump. “Jo, I’m so sorry I left you to handle this by yourself. I swear to you I’m not leaving your side again and I’m so sorry that I never called you back or explained what was happening. Things just moved so fast and-“

    Jo wastes no time in pressing her lips against Alex’s, pulling him against her as best as she can with his injured arm and her bump. When she pulls back they’re both steadily crying, knowing that they’ve been through hell without the other.

    “I’m so glad you’re back, I don’t know what I would’ve done without you,” Jo sniffles, leaning her forehead against Alex’s. “You’re okay though? I mean, as okay as you can be?”

    Alex nods and Jo can’t help but to melt into his side as he speaks, “It’s a long story, but I promise you’ll have time to hear it while we catch up. I’m not leaving your side for at least two full days.”

    “You won’t hear any complaints from us,” Jo eyes Alex as he keeps his gaze on her growing bump. She cups his cheek softly, tilting his head up so their eyes lock as she speaks, “I love you. I’m so glad you’re back.”

    “I’ll always come back to you Jo.”

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    Please Check out my latest couple edit from Grey's.


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    rewatching grey’s is wild, because Jo is like “I have absolutely no interest in you” to Alex, and I’m like, babe, that’s your future husband, but ok

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    You Guys Got Married

    Missing scenes from 9x10
    (I’m new to fic writing, so this might be a bit messy. Also might be a bit jumpy.)
    Stole a quote from Grey's Anatomy 14x19
    2.1k words
    Read here or on AO3
    Special thanks to @lady-rhaesnow for encouraging me!

    Hailey’s bare form was sitting cross legged running a hand over her husband’s back from where he was splayed on the bed. Jay woke up at her touch. It wasn’t her intention to wake him up, but it’s not like she wasn’t ok with it.

    He grinned up at her, “Amazing view.”

    Chuckling, Hailey smacked his arm, “Shut up.”

    “How’s your back?”


    “Hm, sorry about that.”

    “I’m not complaining.”

    “Really?” Hailey asked with a devious tone.

    Jay chuckled at her antics and tugged her down to kiss her properly. She wriggled down and tucked herself into him. Growing cold, she pulled the sheets up around herself. Jay snaked an arm around her waist. At the feeling of his ring dragging up and down her back, Hailey’s mind drifted to the events of the previous night, and the feeling of his ring all over her body. She felt it against her neck when he held her jaw to kiss her, on the small of her back when he pulled her closer, on her thigh when he pushed her legs apart, on her hip when he held her in place, and on her chest as his hands raked down her body.

    It was involuntary. She smiled at the feeling.

    Jay smiled back at her with a raised eyebrow, “What?”

    “Your ring.”

    Seeing he still didn’t understand, Hailey continued, “I can feel your ring.”

    Laying face to face, her hand was flat against his chest, staring at her own ring. Jay curled a finger under her chin to tilt her face toward him. The kiss was gentle, full of promise. They smiled into it, unable to help themselves with the ridiculous happiness they both felt.

    Hailey was sitting on the counter in Jay’s button down watching him move about the kitchen when their phones buzzed in unison.

    Groaning, she turned hers over, “Missing tender age.”

    Hailey jumped off the counter and Jay turned the stove off.

    Pulling on her boots, Hailey looked at her ring again, “Are we going to tell them?”

    “Eventually. Let’s find this kid. Then, we can worry about it.”

    Jay leaned down to kiss her forehead before they headed out the door.

    "Hailey, talk to the mom. We need more info."


    Voight's eyes fell to Hailey’s hands as she unfolded her gloves to put them on. Noticing her ring, he looked to her partner's hand. As soon as Jay saw Voight’s eyes follow Hailey's hands, he knew what was coming next.

    "You guys got married."

    "Yeah, we did," Jay replied, an almost smug look crossing his features. Aside from them both being immensely private people, there was a child missing, so he didn't think saying anything more was warranted.

    He glanced between Voight and Kevin. Hailey beamed. He was proud to have married her.

    "What the hell? Congratulations," Kevin interrupted his thoughts.

    Jay glanced back at Voight before following Kevin.

    Jay and Kevin, having been paired to interview nearby sex offenders, were headed to Kevin’s Charger.

    “I didn’t know you and Upton were engaged.”

    Jay, sort of taken aback, said, “We didn’t tell anyone. And getting married when we did was kind of a spur of the moment thing.”

    “I’m happy for ya, man.”

    “Thanks, man. Means a lot.”

    Kevin clapped Jay on the shoulder, giving him a honest smile before making his way to the driver’s side.

    Whether Kim and Adam were too preoccupied with the case or noticed her ring and didn’t say anything, Hailey was grateful. She hated being the center of attention. She also thought that Jay should be there for the conversation.

    Meeting back at the scene, the team stood discussing the results of their interviews. Adam was rambling. Kim was standing across from Jay when she noticed his ring, his thumbs tucked into his pockets.

    She waited until Adam finished his spiel, “Jay,” Kim said, a grin on her face.

    “Huh?” He looked at her, genuinely interested.

    “You have something on your hand.”

    “Hm?” for a split second, he didn’t know what she meant. He looked down at his hands, brows furrowed. He smirked.

    Looking to Hailey for permission and seeing her smile, “Hah, Hailey and I got married.”

    He didn’t bother masking the exhilaration and pride he was overcome with. Hailey beamed yet again. He loved that smile, her dimples and her eyes shining. He was thrilled to know he was the reason for her happiness and vice versa.

    “Oh, my God! Congratulations!” Kim said, pulling Hailey into a hug before moving to Jay.

    Adam sported a smile. He hugged Hailey before shaking Jay’s hand and patting him on the back, “Congrats, man.”

    “Thanks,” Jay said returning the hug.

    Kevin and Voight remained in the background. Kevin stood admiring the happiness he saw in his teammates.

    “Hey, this isn’t about us. Let’s find this kid,” Hailey said.

    “We’re getting drinks and talking about this after we close this case,” Adam announced.

    Adam and Hailey had fun while they were together, but they both knew, even at the time, that it would never last; it was just something fun. Their hearts belonged to another. Despite whatever they had going between them years ago, they remained close friends.

    Jay and Hailey exchanged a glance and chuckled.

    “Fine,” Hailey said, trying not to laugh.

    Running point from the district, Jay and Hailey were on their way back to the bullpen.

    “Chuckles, Goldilocks,” Trudy barked from her post behind the front entrance desk.

    Jay looked in her direction, “What’s up, Sarge?”

    “Something you want to tell me?”

    He looked to Hailey and back to Trudy, “You know, don’t you?”

    “Come on, I know everything around here.”

    Jay and Hailey smiled sheepishly.

    “Congratulations,” the desk sergeant said, sporting a rare smile.

    “Thanks, Sarge,” Hailey said from where she was standing next to Jay.

    “You’ve been together about a year?” she asked.

    Hailey looked at Jay, having yet another silent conversation. Trudy did, somehow, seem to know everything about everyone at 21.

    “Yeah, about that,” Jay said.

    “Are you doing anything to celebrate?” the older woman inquired.

    “Ruz insisted we go for drinks,” Hailey explained, “We might have a party or something later on.”

    “When you do, count me in.”

    “Understood, Sarge,” Jay quipped.

    When Hailey met Trudy as a child, she had been in awe of her, a strong and independent woman that dedicated her life to protecting others. She inspired Hailey to become a cop. She saw Officer Platt as what she wanted to be. Hailey hadn’t seen her in years, not until she worked the bank robbery with Intelligence four years ago. Since joining Intelligence, Trudy became somewhat of a mother figure to Hailey. She didn’t have children of her own; the officers under her command became her children. Some more so than others.

    This woman, who Hailey met as a child and hadn’t seen again for years, was such a driving force in her life. She inspired her to become a cop. Being a cop led her to a bank robbery, and that bank robbery led her to the best person she’d ever met, her husband. So, in short, it would mean the world to Hailey to have Trudy there to celebrate the best thing that ever happened to her.

    Gathered at Molly’s, Kim and Hailey were sitting next to each other, the guys gathered on the opposite side of the table.

    “You don’t tell us you’re together, let us figure it out for ourselves. Then, you get married and didn’t tell any of us-”

    “We didn’t tell anyone. We didn’t even plan on getting married last night,” Hailey retorted.

    “You got married and came into work the next day,” Kim said, almost chuckling.

    Hailey raised an eyebrow at her.

    “That’s such a Jay and Hailey thing to do.”

    “What?” Hailey asked with a confused smile knowing Kim was about to share some sort of quirk between her and Jay that she’d never noticed.

    “You’re both so stoic, it had to be months before any of us figured out you guys were together, you both never talk about your personal lives, even before you were together. It’s so like you to get married and come into work the next day without saying a word,” Kim laughed

    Hailey gave her an amused “whatever” kind of look before taking a sip of her beer.

    Drawing his attention away from Adam and Kevin, not that they really had much of it, Jay looked at Hailey. He couldn’t help but admire her beauty. She was absolutely gorgeous. He got lost in the blue of her eyes more often than he cared to admit. Momentarily turning away from Kim, somehow knowing he was looking at her, she smiled back at him. That was another thing he loved about her: her smile. He could tell when it was genuine. Her eyes lit up, the creases around her eyes showed, her dimples became apparent. That was how she looked now. Her hand was wrapped around the base of her beer bottle. Jay couldn’t help but notice her ring. He wasn’t used to seeing it there, and he wasn’t sure he ever would be. The feeling he had when he looked at her, he didn’t want to get used to that either.

    Back at home, Jay was standing with his back to the door of their bedroom taking his watch off. Setting it on his nightstand, he felt Hailey press herself against his bare back, wrapping her arms around his torso. He reached his hand to lay over her arms.

    “I love you,” he said before pulling her arms apart just enough to turn to face her.

    “I love you, too.”

    Jay placed a hand on her waist, the other on her jaw. Hailey felt his ring against her skin again, and it made her smile.

    When Jay told Hailey he loved her for the first time, her composure was nonexistent. She ran out of her apartment to avoid him and caught a case. That night, through tears, she told him why. She explained her past experiences with the phrase, and when she expected him to leave, he told her they’d figure it out and held her until they both felt relief. She finally said those three words back to Jay, and it was the best feeling. He’d known for years that he loved her, in one capacity or another, but actually telling her and having her say it back, was a kind of contentment and happiness he hadn’t experienced before. She trusted him.

    Now, Hailey was standing in front of him, in his arms. His partner. The woman he loved. His wife.

    “I still can’t believe you married me,” Jay murmured, peering into Hailey’s eyes.

    She couldn’t manage a response, so she tucked her head against his chest. She listened to his heartbeat, comforted by his arms around her and by his scent encompassing her. Jay kissed her hair before laying his cheek against the top of her head.

    They stayed intertwined until Hailey pulled back to look up at her husband. Jay’s hand returned to her jaw.



    “I want to take your last name.”

    “What?” Jay sputtered, “You serious?”

    “I’ve never had the last name of someone who’s loved me. So yeah, I’m serious. I want to take your name.”

    “I look at you and I see forever. You’ve stayed through everything, but you didn’t do it out of a sense of duty or because you felt like you had to. You did it because you truly loved me. You’ve never hurt me, and I know you never would. You’re the only man I’ve ever felt completely safe with. I trust you, and I love you,” she took a breath, “I never thought I would be here. Happy and safe, married and wanting to take my husband’s last name, but you did that. You make me feel safe, you love me unconditionally, and you’ve never hesitated to protect me.”

    Jay thought the same about her. She saw him at his worst, and she stayed. She could have kicked his ass to the curb so many times, but she didn’t. Because she loved him unconditionally. He wasn’t one to cry very often, but a tear escaped his eye. Hailey it away with her thumb. He loved this woman with everything he had. When he proposed to her proposal, he told her he was old fashioned, but he never expected her to take his name. Truthfully, he hadn’t really thought about it at all.

    He leaned down to kiss her, almost not being able to because of his smile.

    Eventually, she signed the paperwork: Hailey Anne Halstead.

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    I think the reason I’m kind of into jolink is because I never really cared for jolex or amelink I mean they were cute ships but it never really clicked for me

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    I'm actually team #nolink thanks ✌️

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    With all the heartbreak you can’t convince me that these two aren’t swifty besties

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    People are saying it’s gross if jolink start dating because they said they are like siblings but they forget that Jo said the exact same thing about Alex

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    As Cool As I Am (FF.N) COMPLETE!

    When Meredith Grey realizes that almost no one in her life now knows that she’s bisexual, she decides to change that. In the process of coming out to Grey Sloan Memorial, she starts to see her past, present, and future differently, especially because everyone seems to have the same question: Did Ellis Grey know?

    Chapter Seven (FF.N)

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    So Much For My Happy Ending

    Chapter One of Three: Let's Talk This Over.

    Words: 3194

    Summary: After the events in ‘Today Was a Fairy Tale,' Jo goes to Kansas to talk to Alex and tell him that she deserved the happy ending that he promised her when he married her.

    Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy.

    Relationship: Alex Karev/Jo Wilson, Alex Karev/Izzie Stevens (Mentioned). 

    Characters: Alex Karev and Jo Wilson.

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences (subject to change)

    Additional Tags: Angst, Reunions, Feels, Hurt No Comfort, Unhappy Ending.

    Read at AO3

    Read at FFN

    AN: Hey, I’m kinda back. I’m editing some old stuff and starting to write again little by little. So I originally write all of this and most of a sequel all one day, the day after ‘Today Was a Fairy Tale.’ and I hope you all enjoy or not, it is pretty angsty.

    Thanks to @kidneys4karev for Beta reading this chapter.


    Admittedly Jo knew what she was doing was a little crazy, which was why she asked Link to watch Luna that morning. What Link said stirred something inside of her, it made her realize how different her life could have been if he had admitted he loved her back then. It was like he took the snow globe of her life and shook it up. Now, she was standing in the middle of a snowfall as the water swirled around her. After Link rejected her, she realized that she didn't want him to love her, she wanted Alex. The man who was supposed to be her happily ever after. 

    She had lied and told herself that she had gotten closure, from Alex’s letter but in reality, she didn't. Jo always felt like she let him go too easily. She just accepted the letter and the papers and in her grief, she let Alex go. For the first time since their divorce, she truly got angry that he had left her, that he had married her, that he said forever to her, and then he left her. It should have been a surprise when she did something a little impulsive.

    “Ma’am, how can I help you?” The gate agent at the desk smiled at her as Jo realized she was next in line. She stepped up to the desk, gripping the little bag she had packed that held a few toiletries and a change of clothes. That's all that she would need. 

    “Um, are there any flights to Kansas City leaving today?” Jo asked, fiddling with the cuff of her jacket, the same way she used to play with the rings on her fingers. They hadn’t been there in a long time.

    “Yes, I have a flight to Kansas City leaving in about 45 minutes. I think they still have a few seats left. Would you also like to book a return trip or is this just one way?” The brunette, whose name tag said Cara, looked up at her for a reply, but for some reason, the question made her pause.

    “Um, yes. I need a flight back to Seattle. Is there something tonight?” Jo asked. Of course, she had to come back to Seattle. Her daughter was here, and she wouldn't ever abandon Luna, not even for Alex.

    “There's a red-eye flight back at 11:30 pm. Is that alright?” Cara smiled at her with that polite retail smile that Jo knew all too well from her days at the Crab Shack. 

    “That's perfect,” Jo said, matching her polite smile. 

    “Alright, here is your boarding pass. Your flight is over at gate C15 and will depart at 9:45 a.m. Have a good trip.” 

    “Thank you,” Jo said, glancing down at her boarding pass before she walked away.

    She walked over to the security checkpoint and suddenly, she was standing in the exact spot she stood over a year ago. It was the very place where she had said goodbye to Alex for the last time. The moment that she said goodbye to him was burned in her mind. He hadn't wanted her to go to the airport with him, he insisted that he take a cab, but she insisted that she drive him. 

    She remembered the way he plastered on a smile for her and the way that she didn't read into it too much. She believed his lie about going to visit his mom, and she believed that the worry and the painful expression across his face were because he was worried about her. She believed him when he kissed her goodbye and said that he would be back in a few weeks. He let her pull him in and hug him tightly, for a moment too long, and he kissed her one last time. One selfish last time, taking her love, knowing he was leaving her. Then he got on a plane and left her. 

    Yet, here she was again. 

    She stood there, frozen, staring at the other side of the security line where she last saw him disappear into the crowd. And yet, here she was chasing after him again.

    The day she almost lost Luna, Jo let herself get angry about their divorce. She screamed and cried and threw crap at the walls. Finally, she grabbed one of Alex's books from his bedside table and she threw it so hard that she put a dent in the bathroom door. Luckily, Levi and Helm didn’t ask her about it when they came home.

    Then she took her anger and let it fuel her fight for Luna. Yet, her anger at Alex never truly went away. It was that anger that led her to SeaTac, but it was her need for true closure that led her on the plane to Kansas. The flight was long, and the wait let her think this through, but it didn’t lessen her resolve. 

    Soon enough, she was on the road in a rental car with the GPS set for Alex, or rather Izzie and Alex’s address. She didn’t know if he would be there until she pulled up to Izzie's perfect little farmhouse. There she saw one car parked in front of the house in the driveway. Alex’s car. He left his Audi in Seattle with her, but he loved that car so much that she wasn't surprised to see a similar one, if not a newer version, sitting in the driveway. 

    Jo parked her rental car next to his, and it was in that moment that she realized that she was truly there in Kansas. Here she was staring at Izzie Steven’s home, now Alex's home too, and it was everything she ever imagined it would be. It was the perfect little farmhouse decorated for Christmas with lights up on the eaves and garland wrapped around the porch, with lights and red bows. A perfect little wreath hung up on the door, and there was even a large inflatable Rudolph in the yard. Alex always said that he wanted an inflatable Rudolph whenever they looked at Christmas decorations at the hardware store, but they never had the room for it. They never had a yard. 

    He really did get everything he wanted when he left her, and for a second, that broke her all over again. She was filled with regret for coming here, but it made her angry too because she would have given Alex all of this if he had only asked. If he had told her he wanted a house in the suburbs, she would have moved in a second. They even discussed having a baby that Christmas, a month before he left. 

    Yet, they both agreed to wait. Alex had just started his new job as Chief at Pac-North, and Jo was still on all her antidepressants, and she wanted to make sure she was stable before going through the hormonal roller coaster of a pregnancy. Still, it was something they both wanted. It was something they could have had. If he had stayed with her, if he had loved her, but he didn't. Instead, he chased after his ex-wife. 

    Jo let her anger fuel her enough to get out of the car, stomp up the driveway to the house, and bang on the door. She slammed her fist on the pristine door, avoiding the wreath that sparkled with tinsel. Then, just as she raised her fist to bang on it again, the door opened.

    In an instant, there he was, standing in front of her. Alex was standing in front of her again for the first time in a year. 

    “Jo?” Alex asked, staring at her in disbelief as his lips parted.

    “Hi,” Jo said, letting him take her breath away. He was still so very much her Alex and yet, he had changed so much. 

    His hair was grayer, that was obvious. She used to tease him about the little gray hairs in his hair or his beard, and he always said that chasing after her made him feel younger than he really was. Still, she used to catch him secretly dying his hair in the bathroom. He would always push her out when he saw her, ashamed yet playful, laughing with her as she teased him about being an old man. 

    Now, he truly did look older, more so than the year that had passed. His beard was checkered with gray, more than the brown that she knew and loved. Yet he still wore one of his favorite shirts, a wrinkled, long sleeved dark green tee with two buttons undone at the top. His hair had grown out, too his wild curls tangled in a mess on the top of his head. It made her wonder if he had just gotten up, despite it being mid-afternoon, because that was what his hair looked like in the mornings. 

    “Hi Jo,” Alex said, staring at her just as much as she was staring at him. 

    It was then that she realized how different she must have looked, with her hair cut short and dyed bleach blond. She reached out to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear from where it had fallen into her face. She could have truly thrown him for a loop if she had shown up in the pink scrubs she wore now. She wondered if she should tell him she had changed specialties too. 

    So much time had passed. Both of them had changed so much in just a year, and she realized just how crazy she was to show up on his doorstep. Yet, if she didn't say this to him now, she never would, and if she ran away from him now, she would never be able to face him again.

    “I deserved my happy ending!” Jo said, sounding less confident than she intended to. Still, she stood her ground and took a deep breath, letting all of the anger that she had for him fill her. 

    Alex seemed to know what she was talking about as he looked down, shame filling his face. “Jo, I'm sorry,”

    “I don't want your apologies. You said enough of those when you took the coward's way out and sent a letter to me instead of talking to me like a fucking person,” Jo said, her words filled with hatred as she threw them at him. “I deserve more than just a letter.”

    “I know,” Alex said, his voice soft and filled with regret that she wasn't ready to receive.

    “If you know that, then why did you send it to me,” Jo yelled, not caring if Izzie was home to hear her. 

    Although she realized she did care if the twins heard her. It was a school day, but Alex could have been home with one of them, and they didn't deserve to see someone yell at their dad. They were her almost step-kids, her should have been step-kids. Yet, Alex didn’t close the front door nor ask her to whisper. He caught her staring inside the house and he seemed to know what she was thinking. He always seemed to read her so well.

    “Nobody else is home,” Alex said as she looked back at him. “And I was trying to make it easy for you.”

    “You think I want easy, Alex? Loving you has never been easy, but I did it because I wanted to, because I loved you with all of my heart! I was willing to fight for you, but you never fought for me.”

    “That's not true,” Alex insisted, finally having the courage to look her in the eye.

    “It is! It is because if you would have fought for me, you would have never left me,” Jo argued, fixing him with a glare. “You said that you loved me, you fucking married me, you said forever with me. You said you wanted a happy ending with me. I deserved a happy ending with you! I let you walk away from me, but that was a mistake. You made a mistake in leaving me, and if all I ever do is say that to you, if the last moment that we ever have together is me yelling at you on this porch and fucking Kansas, then so be it! Because I deserve better from you, Alex Karev!” 

    Jo screamed his name with every ounce of anguish that she had inside of her, and despite the tears that had welled up in her eyes, she gritted her teeth to keep her composure. He didn't deserve to see her break down. He didn't deserve to know that he broke her again a year later. That she was still broken because of everything he had done to her. 

    “I know,” Alex said again, but he didn't look away from her. Instead, he just held her gaze with soft brown eyes that made her want to fall to her knees. “And I'm sorry I….”

    “Don't you dare say that you didn't have better to give me!” Jo truly cried out now, the words of her birth mother ringing in her ears. She knew that if she heard it from him, she would truly break, and she couldn't do that. She had to be strong enough to go home to Luna. She had to.

    “I wasn't,” Alex said in a soft tone with a shake of his head. He reached out to her, lifting up his hand as if he wanted to touch her but holding back as he just grasped the air in front of her. “You are right, you deserved better from me. You deserved more than a letter, you deserved this. You deserved a conversation and I was too much of a coward to give that to you.” 

    Hearing that brought the tears that she had been holding back spilling over in her eyes. She closed her eyes as she pulled up the cuffs of her shirt to quickly wipe them away. She still had more to say to him, despite the lump in her throat that made it hard to speak.

    “Then why didn't you?” Jo asked, her voice breaking as she cried before taking a deep breath and continuing. “Why didn't you tell me about Izzie and the twins? Why didn't you come back to me? Did you think that I wouldn't let you see them? Because I would have moved to Kansas with you, Alex. I would have moved heaven and earth so you could be with them.” 

    “I know that too. I know that you would have upended your life for me, but I don't want you to,” Alex said, with a little shake of his head as he stared at her, and that hurt too. “I know that you would have come with me, but you have a life in Seattle. You have your career and your family there, Meredith and Link. I knew that if you came here, you'd be miserable. That you’d eventually go back to Seattle and that I couldn't go with you. I knew that if I went back to you, I would have never been able to let you go. So I figured I'd save us inevitably and….” 

    “Divorce me before I could divorce you,” Jo said, finishing his sentence as she took a second to pause and take in the look on his face. She could see the hurt in his eyes and the truth in his words, but he was wrong. “Did you really think that I would have left you? That I would have hated you and Kansas so much that I would have left you?” 

    “Yes,” Alex said, truly believing it.

    Jo shook her head, “Well, clearly you don't know me at all, Alex because I would have never left you. I loved you too much to ever leave you.”

    Alex didn't say anything, just looked into her eyes. He took in her words for a moment before he looked down with a simple nod of his head. Tears collected in his eyes as he realized how wrong he was. 

    “I took a pregnancy test a week after you left,” Jo said, watching his eyes grow wide as he glanced up at her. His lips parted and she knew what was on the tip of his tongue. “It was negative, but you know how crazy it is to track my period. I didn't realize I was late until I was rummaging through the cabinet under the sink for toilet paper and stumbled upon the tampons. I realized that I hadn't gotten my period in a while, so I ran out and grabbed the first test I could find. I was so sure that I was pregnant that I didn't believe it when it was negative. I went to Grey-Sloan, and I marched into Carina's office and demanded an exam. She made an appointment for me the next day, and she ran a blood test that afternoon, but it was negative too. I always wondered what would have happened if it had been positive.”

    “I would have come back to you in an instant,” Alex said, stepping forward to reach out to her, but Jo took a step back.

    “So you would have stayed with me for a baby and for no other reason?” Jo asked. She had to know, she decided, as she brushed away the tears that had started to fall again.

    “No,” Alex said, looking up at her, desperate for her to believe him. “I would have stayed with you because I truly loved you, Jo. You were my wife. I loved you more than I've ever loved anybody else. I would have stayed with you, I should have stayed with you. Maybe it would have worked out, maybe not, but I should have tried.”

    “Yeah, you should have,” Jo said with a little nod, but there was no malice in her voice, only regret. 

    They stared at each other again and Jo realized she had nothing more to say to him. She could have said a thousand things. She could have told him about Luna and her life now. She could have told him she switched to OB. That she found happiness in bringing new life into the world and helping the people who did so. She could have told him that she was happy now, but not as happy as she could have been with him. 

    Jo could have said she wanted him back, but she didn't. Despite how much she wanted to. 

    She realized there was no fixing this, that the pain and the anger and the heartbreak was just too great. No matter how much she missed him, no matter how much she wanted to, they couldn't fix this. So she took a step back. 

    She saw the hurt and the heartbreak in Alex's face when she did, as he realized she was walking away from him. Jo reached back as she felt the railing, and she knew she had to turn to go down the steps, but still, she didn't. She still wanted this moment to last a little while longer.

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    This is placed in season 17A without the Covid storyline as I don't acknowledge what happened to amelink after that (it's a joke, i joke sometimes.)

    Inspired by Taylor Swift's song, “Lover.”

    — Have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?

    “How could I ask you out on a date after you told me I was a rebound?” Link chuckled as he sliced his food.

    “I thought you were,” she retorted, “there’s a difference.”

    Link insisted, sneering at her, "No, there's no difference at all." Of course, he knew what she was saying, but he thought it was amusing how defensive she was about it.

    "No, there most certainly is," she said, grinning as she saw Link place the nicely sliced meat on her plate. "Look, I've barely known you. For all we know, you could be a serial killer.”

    Link paused for a moment and chuckled at her wit. "You decided to accuse me of being a serial killer out of all the things you could accuse me of?" Amelia slowly nodded as she ate her food. “You actually make a valid point; surgeons are assumed to be skilled with knives.” He continued

    “Should I be scared?” Amelia mocked him.

    He shook his head and took a moment to swallow his food. “I'm just an orthopedic surgeon taking a neurosurgeon out on a date because she requested for it.” Link joked, causing Amelia to roll her eyes.

    “You're funny,” she said, sarcastically.

    Along the quiet streets heading to where they had parked, Amelia smiled at how peaceful it was. The lights were dimmed and everything was just perfect.

    "You didn't ask me anything," Amelia said, realizing she was the only one who kept questioning him.

    “C’mon, you've got to get to know me.” She softly laughs, smacking his arm. He smiled and reached out to take her hand, which she happily accepted. “I know how your eyes glisten whenever you see or hear something you love. Like brain surgery, people walking their dogs, or the mention of your favorite food after a long day,” he started, “Your favorite color is blue but you love seeing green as you said it was pleasing to the eyes.“ Amelia nodded, quite impressed. “You don't admit it but you love dad jokes, you even make one without realizing it.”

    “You know every single word to any Taylor Swift song,” he continued, “And you do this superhero pose whenever you deal with a difficult case.” Link even imitated the legendary pose which made her laugh. “You say you don't cook but you make really good waffles.” Amelia rolled her eyes when he mentioned the waffles. It's not even real food compared to what he had made for her but the fact that he appreciates it, warmed her heart.

    “You love wearing comfortable sweaters more than anything else.” He looked at her and smiled. “I could go on if you want.” Amelia shook her head, clearly impressed.

    “That's enough for tonight.” She said, smiling as she leaned on to his shoulder, walking towards their car.

    That was a year ago.

    Amelia and Link hadn't gone out on a date ever since they had Scout. It's either they didn't want to leave him, or they have busy schedules. Valentine's was around the corner and it was only today that Link got to have a day off.

    He could tell Amelia was awake, so he turned to her and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "Good morning," he whispered softly as he ran his fingers through her hair. "Good morning," Amelia said, a broad grin on her face. She adores it when Link greets her in the mornings with kisses on the cheek.

    Amelia looked at how bright it already was outside and groaned at the thought of going to work. She kissed him back on the cheek and gathered all her energy to stand up. “Early day at work for me, but you enjoy your day off, okay?”

    Link smiled at her from their bed and had an impulsive thought. “Will you come home early?” He asked, quite excited about this idea he has on mind.

    “I guess so, why?”

    “How about we go on a date? Just the two of us, at our favorite restaurant.” Link said, watching her face light up as her eyes glistened when he pitched the idea.

    “Today?” She asked

    “Yes, since I'm fully occupied during Valentine's Day. You don't have to worry about anything. I'll book the restaurant and prepare your clothes, you just get home safe.” He said, eager to hear her answer.

    “How about Scout?”

    “I'll find someone trustworthy enough to watch him while we're out.”

    Link smiled and walked towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Go on a date with me, please?” He asked and gently pecked her lips. “Okay,” She chuckled, kissing him back.

    Amelia had to go and he was alone with Scout at the house. Link went through all his contacts and websites finding an available restaurant for them to dine but all were booked.

    “Amelia loves the idea of going out on a date and I want this one to be special, you know. It's Valentine's week and we hadn't been on dates since Scout but every restaurant is fully booked and busy this entire week, apparently.” He said watching his last resort confirmed they're fully occupied.

    “Just be Atticus Lincoln, you love cooking.” Jo reminded him on the other line. “I'm sure she'd love everything you do for her, effort is what matters you know.” She continued.

    “You really think so?” He asked, quite doubting about his plan B.

    “I'm sure,” Link could hear Bailey calling her for a surgery. “I've got work to do, just do you, okay? I'm gonna head to Meredith's to pick up Scout immediately after work. I'm sure you'll do great.” Jo abruptly ended the call before he could even speak and it was up to him again.

    “It's just you and me, little guy. We have to impress mommy.” He said turning to Scout for emotional support.

    The preparation took him all day, from cooking to preparing the venue. Meredith and the kids unexpectedly came home early and decided to help. Jo had arrived a few minutes after them and Meredith decided to stay at the loft for a while so they can have the entire house to themselves. Amelia and Link had taken care of the kids when she's not around, she figured it was the least she can do.

    "All right, good luck. It's not like you're proposing.” Jo rubbed his back and said, "Relax a little."

    "You're right," he said as he stood there watching them leave. A few minutes later, he heard Amelia's car pull into the driveway.

    “I thought we were—” Amelia didn't get a chance to finish her sentence as she stepped into the backyard, completely fascinated by the set up. The fairy lights set the perfect lighting for the perfect evening and the petals that led to their table made her smile. She wasn't the only one fascinated, Link was entirely stunned at how beautiful she was in her red dress and high heels. Her hair was on a bun and she wore jewelry that complimented her entire look.

    “I'm sorry. I know you expected a fancy restaurant with some fancy food but they were all booked for the entire week. I wanted this to be special for the both of—” Amelia interrupted him with a soft kiss on the lips and glanced at the entire place again.

    “My eyes glisten whenever I see something I love. That says a lot about what I'm feeling right now.” She said, cupping his face with her eyes evidently shining over the dimmed lights.

    "Did you do everything by yourself?" " Link helped her to sit, and he took a seat next to her.

    "Meredith and the kids helped out, as did Scout. He did a fantastic job," he exclaimed.

    "I can tell," Amelia said cynically, her eyes almost hidden beneath her laughter.

    Amelia felt her heart warm as she saw all her favorite dishes on the table.

    “I'm sure you did this all by yourself.” She confidently said knowing no one else cooks in the house aside from Link.

    They started eating and talked about their day. Link enjoys listening to Amelia talk. Hell, he could do that all day. She complained about her patients, ranted about how the residents tested her patience, and everything that has happened at the hospital.

    Link sneakily operated on the music as they were talking. It was one of her favorite song, and it seemed fitting for their little date.

    Amelia smiled as soon as she recognized the song. “You love Taylor Swift now?” She teased as she wiped the sides of her mouth.

    Link slowly nodded admitting to her accusation. It's hard not to love Taylor when her music is the only one he hears every day whenever he's with Amelia. “But I love the person who loves Taylor, more.” Amelia blushed at what he said.

    Link stood up and reached out for her hand. “It's my favorite part.” He said

    “Oh, you have a favorite part now?” She laughed and hold on to him.

    Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?

    With every guitar string scar on my hand

    “Will you dance with me?” He asked

    Amelia wrapped her arms around his nape and his around her waist. She couldn't stop smiling at how strangely romantic this was. She hasn't had this experience with anyone before, and she confesses it makes her feel soft.

    I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover

    My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue

    “We made out here.” Amelia laughed, remembering the night they had at this exact place.

    “We did.”

    “A multipurpose backyard?”

    “I guess.” Link slowly spun her around and and took her back to his arms, swiftly.

    All's well that ends well to end up with you

    Swear to be overdramatic and true to my lover

    “Thank you.” Amelia whispered as she hugged him while they danced slowly.


    “For being the best dad Scout could ever have. For loving us both and taking care of everyone at the house.” Amelia felt severely grateful to have him in her life. It was like having a gift of a lifetime.

    “I guess I should thank you for choosing me as your rebound?” He joked that earned him a smack on the arm.

    “You have to seriously let that go.” She said glaring at him. “But I am.” Amelia scanned his face and he was genuinely sincere about it.

    “I wouldn't have had this beautiful family with my son's explicitly beautiful mother.“ He winked at her.


    Can I go where you go?

    Can we always be this close forever and ever?

    “I love you.” She said and rested her head on his chest. Amelia could hear his heart beating and she smiled at that little yet very important detail.

    “I love you most.” He kissed his head and enjoyed the rest of the song.

    It was the most ideal date she could have wished for, but anything with him is already perfect.

    As they stayed there, embracing each other, the song faded out, and they were entirely overshadowed by the wonderful night and their love for each other.

    a/n: everything's canon in my head including amelia as a taylor stan! <3

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    I will scream it at the top of my lungs for the rest of my life:


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