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  • Question: How did you feel the first time you saw Gotham city? I’d be so excited.

    Joaquin: It was New York.


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    i’ve been craving some fem!dom x arthur/joker smut fics, but there’s an incredible shortage of them on this site.

    sometimes i’m just in the mood to dom little arty boy, ya feel??


    if so, i’ll post some headcanons and y’all can vote on what you want first.

    #joaquin phoenix joker #joaquin phoenix#joker smut#arthur fleck #arthur fleck x reader #arthur fleck x reader smut #joker x reader smut #joaquin phoenix x reader #joker fleck #joker fleck x reader #joker fleck smut #arthur fleck smut
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  • Did I ever tell you guys that Joaquin Phoenix looks exactly like my Irish history professor… because he does and I can’t unsee it. Dr. G if you have figured out how to turn on your desktop computer… I hope you don’t realize this for yourself. I’m not kidding. If Joaquin Phoenix had a Wexford County accent, taught classes on Colonial America, the French Revolution, Ireland, and didn’t know how to use a computer, he would be my professor. Not a single week goes by without me remembering this cursed realization. 

    The only picture I have of Dr. G is of him with a baseball cap on backward for a silly professors picture at the History Nation cookout in 2019… But the statement still stands… 

    (Feb 17 2020)

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    So no one was gonna tell me??

    #Joaquin Phoenix#brother bear #was no one gonna mention this?? #i was obsessed with that movie #my meme #dont repost without permission you squares #meme
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  • Circus Act - 12




    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

    The party was a disaster. Sandy had been staying with Arthur for a few days.

    His sleeping habits didn’t really effect her own, because she was very much awake and on guard all the time.

    Sandy was just wearing her nightgown, when she heard something rustling in the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen, confused and a little bit scared, but soon realized it was Arthur.

    He had shoved himself into the refrigerator. Sandy opened the door to see Arthur staring blankly at her, whilst shivering from the cold.

    “Arthur,” Sandy whispered, “please come to bed.”

    Arthur just turned his head. His eyes were puffy from crying and laughing.

    “Arthur, please. This is killing me.” Sandy cried. She dropped to her knees, sobbing in front of Arthur.

    He hated seeing her cry. He didn’t want Sandy to cry anymore. He wanted her to laugh, and be happy. It was so hard for him to be happy, that he just wanted to make someone happy.

    Arthur wrapped his cold arms around her shoulders, pulling himself from out of the refrigerator.

    Sandy looked up with Arthur with puffy eyes. Arthur kissed her softly, still being aware that she was still emotionally distraught.

    Sandy kissed back, feeling all fear, sadness, and frustration disappear. Arthur had his way on making Sandy feel good.

    She felt his hands on her body as he led her into the bedroom.

    Arthur was still sexually inexperienced. He studied Sandy as she removed her nightgown.

    Arthur was still greatly enamored by her. There were still cuts and bruises all over her.

    Sandy studied Arthur as he removed his briefs, and positioned himself in front of her. Arthur had bruises and cuts all over him too.

    “Arthur.” Sandy moaned.

    Yes. He was in her. The feeling overwhelmed him as he pushed in and out of her.

    The pleasure overwhelmed Sandy as well. Her cries and moans shook the apartment wall. She closed her eyes tightly, feeling the pleasure build up in her abdomen.

    Arthur couldn’t take it anymore. He was close.

    Arthur closed his eyes tight, filling Sandy up with his warmth.

    Sandy became flushed, and released all the tension she had building up, flowing in waves of pleasure.

    After the rush ended, the two of them held each other close.

    Sandy woke up to the phone ringing. She was tempted to just pull it off the wall. Her violent tendencies seem to be getting worse and worse.

    Arthur got up, picking up the phone. “Who is this?” He answered.

    “Hi, Mr. Fleck. My name is Shirley Woods. I’m the show booker from Live! With Murray Franklin. Is this Arthur?” The voice asked.

    “Yes.” He answered quietly.

    Arthur talked an the phone for a good minute or so, before Sandy walked into the kitchen, surprising Arthur with a kiss.

    “What was that about?” Sandy said, throwing her arms around Arthur’s neck.

    Arthur smirked, slightly as he hung up the phone. “Murray wants me on the show.” He said in disbelief.

    Sandy smiled wide. “That’s incredible, Arthur.”

    Arthur nodded. He felt like he was dreaming the whole thing.

    Sandy smiled, kissing him on the nose.

    “You’re gonna knock them dead, Arthur. You’re the funniest guy in Gotham.” She giggled.

    Sandy drove to a small playground. She had dropped Arthur off at Arkham State Hospital to recover his mother’s files. Sandy didn’t want to go in with him, because Arkham was still fresh in her brain. She promised Arthur that she’d pick him up.

    Sandy sat on a bench, watching the children play.

    A young boy who looked all beaten and battered up was crying by the swing set.

    Sandy walked up to the poor boy. “Hey, why are you crying?” She asked.

    The boy looked up at her. He seemed to have darling green eyes, almost like Arthur’s.

    “I’m not crying,” the boy fibbed, “I’m laughing.”

    Sandy could see that he was lying. “It’s ok.” She whispered.

    The boy stopped crying. He was holding a little clown doll, which had a missing eye.

    “What’s your name, dear?” Sandy asked, kneeling to the boy’s level.

    “Jack.” The boy answered.

    “That’s a nice name.” Sandy said, smiling.

    A drunken man stumbled up to the two of them and began yelling at the boy. “You bastard!! When will you ever learn? Come on, boy.”

    The boy winced as he was grabbed by the man.

    “Sir, where are you going with that boy? He obviously doesn’t want to go with you.” Sandy confronted the man.

    Another lady got in the confrontation. “Is there a problem here?”

    “Yeah, this bitch right here won’t let me take my son home.” The man jabbed a finger in her chest.

    “Well, your son was just over there crying his eyes out.” Sandy yelled.

    The little boy was still wincing at his arm.

    “See, he’s obviously in pain.” She said, pointing at the boy.

    The lady next Sandy tapped on her shoulder. “I think you should go get your own kid, and leave.”

    Sandy was left speechless. She began to say something, but it just wouldn’t come out.

    “I don’t have a kid.” She said, finally.

    Sandy so desperately wanted a child. Scenes from the day she lost her child came back to her.

    She remembered being in the bathroom, coughing up blood. She remembered Dennis pounding on the door, yelling at her. She remembered breaking the news to her family that she lost it.

    That’s when Dennis laughed.

    He laughed at her pain.

    Then, Des pretended to care, just so she could get fucked by Dennis.

    Sandy couldn’t forget it.

    “Excuse me? Excuse me, miss? If you don’t have a child, why are you at a children’s park?” The lady yelled, trying to get Sandy’s attention.

    Sandy didn’t say anything, without a second thought, she lunged at the guy.

    Her mind when blank. Her hands became bloodied. Sandy would’ve killed him if it wasn’t for the lady pulling her off him.

    It began raining. Sandy drove up to Arthur’s apartment, wet and bloody.

    Arthur walked back home, soaking wet. He felt abandoned, and helpless. Sandy didn’t pick him up.

    She walked into his apartment, taking off her coat.

    Arthur didn’t acknowledge her presence. Sandy lit a cigarette and sat on the couch with him.

    He didn’t notice the dried blood on her pants.

    “Why didn’t you come pick me up?” Arthur asked.

    “I couldn’t.” Sandy said.

    “It was all true. What Thomas said.” Arthur handed Sandy the files he stole from the hospital.

    Sandy looked through the files. As she looked through them, tears began to fall from her cheeks.

    Soon she began to laugh, uncontrollably. This wasn’t the laugh Arthur loved to hear. This laugh was hurtful.

    “I’m so sorry, Arthur.” Sandy cried. “I’ve given up being happy. Maybe if I just try laughing, it’ll work.”

    Sandy began to laugh into Arthur’s shoulder, which had trigger him into laughing as well.

    Taglist: @princessgeekface, @memory-mortis, @gloomyladyy, @mama-mischief, @jokerflecker, @joker-flecked-me, @mr–clown.

    #joker 2019 #joker arthur fleck #arthur fleck#joker movie#joaquin phoenix#joker film #arthur fleck x reader #arthur fleck x oc #joker x reader #joker x oc #oc: sandra dolere
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    Move over, Magic Mike.

    #joker#joker 2019 #joaquin phoenix joker #joker joaquin phoenix #joker fanart#joaquin phoenix #what have i done #please forgive me joaquin lmao
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    Originally posted by ewanmcgregorz

    So there’s him….


    Originally posted by arthvrfleck

    …this guy


    Originally posted by daily-joker

    And him…


    Originally posted by monsieurphantom

    Can’t forget about him…


    Originally posted by pricingvincent

    Or this psycho…


    Originally posted by disneygiphy

    (Well..to be fair…I was in Disney last summer and they had a villians party and the guy playing him was amazing…so I became a fan!)


    Originally posted by nedfigglehorn

    Loved him in Drive.


    Originally posted by king-of-the-outpost

    Where my fandom of him began…


    Originally posted by therantygeek

    …and him!

    So you get the point…I enjoy villians I love thinking of them in sexy ways…they are characters…they do not exist in real life. I have the right to do so.


    Originally posted by tripfairground

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  • #arthur fleck#joker 2019#joaquin phoenix #taking into account i'm a writer #its so embarrassing that this answer made no sense #sorry#Anonymous
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  • Joker tells Murray the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise.

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    Joker (2019) dir. Todd Phillips

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  • Part 1, part 2

    Enjoy !  (I found this picture he’s so beautiful on that one !!)


    You were glad that the hospital had provided you some fresh clothes for you to go home. Although they were a bit itchy, it will do until you arrive home where you will be able to wear your own clothes. You looked at your face in the mirror, you had a band-aid on the side, they had told you that you had stiches to take off in a few weeks, you had a few cuts and bruises on your temple and left cheek but nothing that should mark you forever. What a shame they had cut a part of your hair to treat the wound, you though. You suddenly jumped at the sound of someone knocking at your door it was probably Joe.

    “Come in!” you invited, smiling, quickly fixing your hair before turning to face him. However, your smile faded, you didn´t expect to see Joe in such a poor state, his hair were disheveled, he was wearing a long sweatshirt, he had bags under his eyes, he briefly made eye contact with you and you noticed how exhausted he looked.  

    “Joe are you alright?” you asked him with a worried frown, he nodded avoiding your gaze; something had happened to him since yesterday but could have possibly make a big man like him look so miserable?

    “C´mon let´s bring you home.” he said with a raspy voice, briefly touching your shoulder to get you moving, you didn’t ask him again as he didn’t seem to want to talk.

    The ride was silent, Joe didn´t speak a word, you were upset and continued to wonder what had happened to him overnight; he had seemed quite well yesterday. You hoped you weren’t the cause of his poor state. You finally arrived at your house, it was small, and covered in white wood plank, there was even some flowers growing on the grass; you thought it was a funny sight, a big guy like Joe in such a cute little house. Then, he led you to the entrance, you were excited to see if the inside of the house was similar to the outside.

    “Alright, welcome home” he declared trying to make it sound joyful but you heard the sigh in his tone, he sounded terribly tired.

    You walked around, exploring the place, it was a really nice little house, with a small but practical kitchen made of wooden furniture; then you stepped into the living room which was full of light, there was a sofa full of pillows and tartan rugs, it looked very comfy. Your eyes noticed pictures hanging on the wall behind, you approached to look at them, it was photos of you and Joe.  

    “You always loved to take pictures of us.” he said as he came come to stand next to you; he scratched his head then, he lifted his arm and pointed at the first photo; you had an arm passed around his shoulders, your head against his, Joe had a big smile on his face, his eyes were shinning with happiness.  

    “That´s the day where you officially accepted to be my girlfriend, you were so excited that you took a photo and send it to your parents.” he described with a nostalgic smile, you laughed in return, it was totally you to do this.

    The second photo was the two of you kissing, in bed apparently. You blushed; it was such a strange feeling to see yourself in intimate moment with someone but not remembering them…still, you both looked so cute and in love.

    “That’s huh…it was on my birthday, probably my favorite picture.” he explained with a lump in his throat, his eyes were wet, starting to fill with emotion “you had gotten up early without me noticing…and you had brought me breakfast in bed, I think we stayed in there the whole day” he sadly chuckled, you gave him a sympathetic smile, you wished you could make him feel better. Then, your eyes landed on the third photo and it broke your heart.

    “Our wedding I presume” you murmured, you both looked so happy on that day, staring lovingly in each other’s eyes, while holding hands. You had a gorgeous dress with a veil made of lace and he wore a very chic three-piece suit, you both looked so beautiful. Marrying had always been one of your dearest wishes, you tried to imagine how that day went, the excitement in the morning and a bit nervousness, and then walking to him, nervously waiting with the priest, your family moved by your happy smile, then the dancing after the ceremony and the wedding night…

    “Yeah” the reply of Joe was barely audible, the more he went through the photos, the more it hurt him, you wished you could put an end to his suffering, remember and happily carry on with your life where you left it. You continued to go through the photos on the wall and each time, it became harder for Joe to speak and harder for you to respond.

    “Yeah that’s it, you have more photos in your laptop if you wish to see more. I wrote your password on a paper next to it.” he told you still avoiding your gaze as if the sight of you itself was unbearable; and you didn’t hold it against him.

    “Thanks Joe” you mumbled with guilt. He sighed looking at the stairs leading to the bedroom, he had one more thing to do; yesterday under the stress, he didn’t take all the clothes he needed for his stay at the hotel.

    “Alright, the house is all yours. I have to finish packing up my stuff and I’ll leave.” he gulped as he started to walk away from you. You nodded and watched him as he headed upstairs, his eyes looking at his feet, his back bent. But frankly you didn’t what else you could do for him; it wasn’t easy for you either. You went to the kitchen; you were hungry and you were glad that you didn’t have to eat the food the hospital anymore. You opened the fridge but there wasn’t much left, you’ll have to go grocery shopping soon; so, you opened the cupboards and smiled as you found something to your taste, a peanut butter sandwich will be perfect.  

    After making it, while biting into it you walked around the house, looking at the different items, your coats, shoes, then you decided to head upstairs. Joe had told you there was your room, a bathroom and another room which you used sometimes to work and as a personal library. You could go in the study while he was in the bedroom. However, as you climbed the stairs, you stopped as you thought you heard something unfamiliar. You listened closely trying to determine what it was; until you recognized the sound of muffled cries, was Joe crying? Of course, it was him, nobody else was there. You could have ignored it and leave him time to recover but you felt like you couldn’t leave him like this, remembering him or not, he was your husband, suffering because of your memory loss. When you arrived upstairs, you noticed that the door wasn’t fully closed, so slowly, you pushed the door open.

    “Joe…” you softly called, but he didn’t answer, instead his cries became louder at the sound of your voice. He was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed, he was panting as if he couldn’t breathe, he was struggling to take his shirt off, he felt constricted, he felt crushed by everything around him; you realized he was having a panic attack, how could you be so stupid and believe he wouldn’t mind going away from his own home because his wife didn’t recognize him?! How could you be so selfish! To make things worse, you noticed the many scars he had on his body, where are they from? Some of them were so big that he must have went under terrible pain; then you saw the fresh cuts on his forearm and these were unmistakable, he had mutilated himself last night and that’s why he didn’t look well this morning.

    This made you realize how of a broken man he was, what did he went through to end like this? You had assumed so many wrong things about him and now you were regretting it. No, you couldn’t leave him like this, he needed your help and that was the least you could do. You crouched down in front of him and took his hands in yours, your thumb soothingly stroking his palm.

    “Joe, look at me.” you tried, but he didn´t hear you so you spoke again those words louder and with conviction which made him react and pushed him out of his thoughts. His eyes were pleading you not to hurt him further, but this time you will do everything to make him feel better.

    “Joe, I need you to breathe with me, okay?” you told him clearly so he would keep listening to you; he nodded, a tear running down his face.  

    “Alright breathe in and out.” you instructed “That´s right, keep looking into my eyes” you encouraged him with a smile, as minutes passed, you progressively slowed down your breathing rhythm, and it worked he followed your rhythm, and as you managed to stop his panic attack your hands didn´t leave him, you kept looking at each other and it felt like you didn’t even need to speak to understand the other. Then, you leaned forward putting your arms around his neck in a tight hug, he reciprocated the gesture, his strong arms wrapping around your waist, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

    “Please, don´t hurt yourself Joe, I´m sorry” you murmured against his ear, caressing his hair. You stayed in his embrace for several minutes, you realized how nice it felt, you could feel his love and devotion to you and it seemed that you had formed a strong with him before the accident. And you had dared to ask him to leave you.

    “You don´t have to leave just yet, you can stay a bit more with me. Let´s have dinner together, if you’d like?” you offered and you saw hope in his eyes and relief not be thrown out just yet.

    You help him to put his shirt back on afterwards and led him to sit in the kitchen, you didn’t want him to leave your side in case he tried something worse. You felt so responsible for his state that you felt the need to protect him and care for him until he got better. You made him a warm cup of milk with honey, it something your grandma always gave you when you were upset, so it should work with him too. As he drank his milk, you prepared a quick and filling dinner, nothing like good food to brighten your day! The meal was mostly silent, apart from Joe looking at you from times to time and telling how good the food tasted; you had smiled flattered by his compliment and happy that you were helping him, at least a bit.

    “Thank you for dinner, I´ll better be going to the hotel now” he declared with very little conviction after dinner, he didn´t want to leave, not after this nice moment you had spent together. Actually, you didn’t feel like staying alone tonight either, the both of you needed a presence, some comfort.

    “Joe, wait! I think you can stay here; I mean I want you to stay.” you blurted out, his brows furrowed, he looked at you with confusion, were you truly changing your mind?

    “I feel better with you now, so…maybe you could sleep on the sofa?” you felt a bit embarrassed to say it like this but Joe´s face instantly relaxed and had tenderness in his eyes.

    “That would be great.” he replied softly. The sofa was quite comfortable and even if you had offered him to sleep on the floor he would have accepted, it felt like progress to him, maybe he could make fall in love with him again! So, he hurried back at the hotel to pick-up his belongings, and he felt determined to win you back.

    When he entered the house once again, he saw you prepare the couch for him, adding a cover, and arranging the pillows; that was such a nice attention from you and he craved to hold you again and kiss your face for this.

    “I hope you won´t feel cold” you worried, you wished you had more to offer him.

    “Don´t worry about it, it´s perfect. Thank you Y/N.” replied Joe moved by your behavior; it felt good to be noticed and cared for.

    “Alright then…goodnight Joe” you wished him with a shy smile, he felt hypnotized, so much that he didn´t even answered you. And as he went to bed, Joe was smiling, this day had gone a lot better than he had ever expected. And Joe had never slept so well since the accident.  

    You got more comfortable around him as each day passed, his presence was soothing. You even started to kiss him goodnight on the cheek; for you it might seem a small gesture but for Joe it meant the world. You were no longer running away from his touch and showed him that you appreciated his presence, and it only gave him more hope to win you back.

    Every morning you found Joe already awake and preparing your breakfast, he knew what was your favorite food in the morning and that was so sweet, you were starting to understand why you had fell for a man like him. He was truly caring and he also looked like a big fluffy teddy bear, especially as you watched him prepare breakfast, his hair were untied, he was wearing a large sweatpants and hoodie, he actually looked so warm and comfy that you imagined yourself in his arms. You only realized you had gone daydreaming about this when he turned his head and met your eyes. You instantly felt blush creep on your cheeks, he had caught you.

    “See something you like?” he teased you amused and pleased. You opened and closed your mouth several times, you had never expected him to flirt with you, not that you complained.

    “Yes?” you replied embarrassed, you didn´t know what else to answer, a small smirk formed on his lips and didn´t leave his face as he brought you your plate and sat down next to you. You lowered your eyes and focused on your meal, you face was burning which you thought was stupid, like he was supposed to be your husband and you were getting flustered like a schoolgirl. Joe stayed silent, enjoying watching you eat the food he had prepared for you, it almost felt normal, as if nothing had happened, he felt so close to bring you back and yet there were so many things ahead before reaching the state of the relationship you had before; and he needed to it to continue living like the oxygen to breathe.

    “Y/N I was wondering something.” he started, his voice lower than he wanted to, you lifted your head and met his eyes.

    “Hmmm? What is it?” you asked genuinely clueless about what he wanted to talk about. He suddenly seemed nervous; his heart was beating fast, he never thought he would have to go through that again.

    “Now that we are in better terms. I was thinking that maybe we could try to do something together.” he finally declared, gosh his heart was racing, what if he had scared you again?

    “Like a date?” you lifted your eyebrows, to be honest you were a bit surprised, of course you were appreciating his company now and let’s face it you loved looking at him and he was surely eager to have you back as his wife. But it still felt like you didn’t know him enough…  

    “Yeah dating.” he hoped he didn’t make you feel forced, but he didn’t see why you wouldn’t fall in love with again, he had just caught you dreamingly staring at him; all of these were positive indicators!  You thought for a bit as he looked at you waiting for an answer; yeah, maybe a date could help you to know him better, it would be the only way to make your situation evolve.

    “Alright I’ll go on a date with you Joe.” you formerly answered with a soft smile, the moment felt very romantic and intimate. To your great pleasure you saw relief Joe’s face and a happy smiled formed on his lips as his eyes filled with affection.

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    let me

    love you

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