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  • So 👏🏾it👏🏾went👏🏾down! The #linkedin #gethired event is live and the link will be in the bio! Big thanks to @andrewmseaman for hosting this global event! I am so grateful and see it as an honor for the opportunity to serve #jobseeker nation.


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  • Coming Tuesday, my #salarynegotiation discussion with @embracechangenyc! Her advice for #woc is useful to keep your pay relevant even in this #covid19 pandemic.






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  • This is a preview of my latest @prezicom video. We talk a lot about professionals being #laidoff, how about those who are #fired? Feeling defeated? Get out of your head into action! I will include the link to the entire video in the comments.






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  • @prezicom created magnificent slides from a @jobhuntorg article I wrote a few months back. I narrated the clip below. I will include the link to entire article in the comments.
    #jobadvice #careertips #jobtips #jobchange #careerchange #personalbranding #job #jobs #jobsearch #career #careers #careeradvice #workplace #hr #humanresources #interviews #interviewtips #personalbrandingtips #personalbrand #education #training #employment #workforce #careerdevelopment #careeradvancement #wfh #workfromhome #covi̇d19 #covid (at Far Southwest Side, Chicago, Illinois)

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  • When everything feels surreal.

    Enjoying good food

    No troubles from work or personal life

    No worries for the time being

    Just sitting opposite the one I love

    Laughing, talking, spilling my heart out with no care

    Now that I’m transitioning, will I be losing out, or am I going for something I should ask for a long time ago?

    If I never try, I never know. I don’t know if it’s a good change, but it sure is the right one

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  • Long Term Care will always be my first ‘true love’ within my career! However, the truth about nursing is, you never truly know just how burned out you are within a specialty until you make a career transition that takes you completely out of your comfort zone and allows you to fall in love all over again 👵🏻👴🏻👩🏼‍⚕️🌻

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  • This… is honestly how I’ve been feeling as of late.

    I’m in a situation where my fiance makes A LOT more money than I do… and normally , that really wouldn’t bother me except that… I’m hardly able to make dents in my own debt let alone start helping him save for our wedding and future house. Also, his current job won’t last forever and in a handful of years we’ll likely be in the same boat. 

    When I lived abroad, I was making roughly 31k a year. Not a whole lot but more than enough to feel like I had no troubles. For whatever reason though, I never saved money. I was spending it as fast as I was earning it. And damn do I regret that now. 

    In the 2 years that I’ve been back in the states, I’ve moved in with my Ex in a state I wasn’t native to, was confronted with the issue of “experience not equaling a Masters”, broke up with said Ex and moved back to my home state, started the job hunt yet again, and found new love. 

    Now the jobs that I have now (3 of them) I actually quite enjoy. I work part-part time at two libraries and work unboxing freight at a store in the mornings before going to the libraries. If I went full time into the unboxing job, I’d probably make enough to do more than take tiny chips out of my debt. But here’s the rub.


    i 100% enjoy going to work every day. I get to be surrounded by books and really interesting people. The main issue is that… they pay peanuts. That’s why most of the clerk staff is made up of kids in high school or college or who are retired. I’m one of the exceptions. When I was hired, I was told that they may be adding a night time manager and that they hire from the inside. And boy, did I fall for that bate. IT’s been over a year and still no position. 

    So now I find myself at a crossroads. I don’t hate my job, but it also doesn’t pay enough. I could get a job that pays more and has benefits and would allow me contribute more financially to my relationship and pay off my debts… but I worry that it will cost me my soul. 

    I can’t stop this nagging feeling that I’m SUPPOSED to be doing something I love… but that I can actually make a living at…. and I’m not talking a lot… like 20-25k a year would be great. Every time I try to wedge my way further into the library, that “Masters Needed” door gets slammed in my face and when I consider going back to school , the logical side of my brain tells me that taking on that kind of extra debt would be irresponsible at this juncture in my life (what with a wedding and kids very possible in the next 5 years on top of how long it would take for me to actually score a job with a Library Sciences degree)

    So i’m left here…. wanting to do just MORE…. but having NO CLUE as to what “more” even is. And I know I can’t be the only one. I know I’m not the only one who has ever gone through something like this. 

    So how do you handle this sudden, nagging feeling? How do you at 30, with little money to your name, but experience in a handful of different fields…. start anew?  Find your path? 

    I’m still working on the answer… and I’m not stopping until I do. 

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  • I’m about 70% sure I am going to quit my job. How do I leave something that has been literally one of the most stable things in my life? It was my comfort zone when I literally wanted to leave everything behind. This is a tough choice, every time I think about quitting I feel some sadness, but I do feel guilty for not giving my all in my new job because of the lack of hours.

    When I think about my old job, I’ll miss many of the people.. and I’ll miss being depended on. And I’ll miss the recognition of when we do well. But I won’t miss them extreme stress. I won’t miss the emotional drain, and miscommunication constantly. I won’t miss the under appreciation, and I won’t miss the long, late hours.

    It’s extremely tough. I want what’s best for everyone, and I know it’s not the best for the retail store for me to leave. I know it’s not the best for the doctors office for me to not give my undivided attention. And I know it’s not the best for me to juggle 2 jobs frantically.

    Wow I just realized this is my first post of 2017 😁

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  • I have an interview tomorrow morning at the doctors office my best friend works at. I’m kind of nervous, because it’s literally the complete opposite of what I do now, and the fact I’m still going to be working at my other job regardless if I get the position or not, is kind of daunting. I’ve changed a complete 180 from last year around this time to even almost 2 years.

    I worked full time at my job and loved being the supervisor, I only took online classes. I thought this job would be the rest of my life, even if I moved up and now I barely survive that place everyday. I’m so scared to have a giant leap of change, that I won’t get that job when I’ve been talking to my bosses at work and they’re okay with the change for once.

    I’m hoping if I get the job, I like it. I know I’m going to feel so useless at first, I have such a weird thought process of feeling useless and undesirable even if I am new at something, and I know I shouldn’t, but for at least the first month I will. I hope I don’t fuck up anything too bad, I just want to do my best and do good for the people I don’t even work with yet and the doctor I’ve barely talked to. It’s strange I care so much about a situation that hasn’t even been confirmed yet. Or people I don’t owe anything to yet, or even have a connection with yet.

    I’ve heard a lot of great things through my best friend about this place; most of the coworkers are great. The most toxic one got fired which was great for the work environment. I need a new environment to make me feel happy about what I’m doing again. I know I’m surely intimidated by the medical experience.. but I’m not going to let that dull my personality for this interview. Maybe I’ll hate the job at first, and maybe the people will make everything worth all the hours I will be putting in, along with being a full time student for the first time since freshmen year.

    The manager that probably understands me the most, said I didn’t really need this job for my resume, which i probably don’t because I’m a marketing major, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with expanding knowledge. I’m glad that I at least have this opportunity, to change something FINALLY even though I’m board line having ulcer aches about it half the time.

    I’m thankful for my best fiend, she’s asked me a few time if I wanted to work there, and I’ve declined a few times because I was scared and comfortable, but I’m glad she didn’t give up on me and believes I deserve more appreciation and a better work environment for how hard I bust my ASS everyday I’m there 💕

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  • #bridging #switchover #overarrangement #jobchange

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  • The last time I was stressed out was last week when my supervisor/close friend told me she was officially moving on to bigger and better things! I want to say that in most cases, I probably wouldn’t be stressed out but excited and happy of what will come seeing that I will now assume her position; but in the company that I work for and in the company that I work in, I was surely not excited to be alone. 

    But like everything in life, time passed and it passed. As I was trained and constantly reminded that everything would be okay, I stopped being such a wimp and was ready to take everything on! I started to see this as a door closing, a window opening type-of-situation and slowly felt my nerves calm and more with each second. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t her leaving but me having the fear of taking on a title I felt I wasn’t yet prepared for. It’s a reminder that life can come at you so unexpectedly and either you can embrace it or you can completely let it overwhelm you.

    It took a while, but I’m starting to embrace it.

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  • I restarted my old job yesterday and it just felt a little weird and kinda sad, it’s changed a lot and has gotten pretty quiet there. I’m leaving a salon job where everyone but me enjoyed what they did, and everyone was nice and we all get along. I’m now at a stale processing department that gives me a stable paycheck and nice hours. That’s my trade off for now I guess. I really would like to get some goals under my belt so I can move on with my job and career. Until then this job will do, it’s probably the most decent pay for a part time job that I can find.

    This is my morning and work schedule:

    • 6:00am Wake up
    • 6:15am Start walking the pup
    • 7:00am Get home and start getting ready for work/pack lunch and drinks
    • 7:50am Dog proof home
    • 7:55am Leave for work!
    • 8:30am Arrive to work
    • 1:30pm Leave work and head to next job
    • 2:30pm Work until appointments are done
    • 7:00pm Approximate time I’ll arrive home, some days earlier some days later.

    That’s my schedule until the end of the year. I did that for 6 long months, I was so tired and drained by the end of it. Now I don’t know why I’m left with this depressed feeling. I think it’s because I feel useless and not bringing much money in? Hmm… I hope this feeling goes away soon.

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    • *Reminisent of before* (Char obs Lu/Ciel)
    • Me: Okay, pre job change quest completed... now...
    • Char: NOT AGAIN!
    • *48 hours later*
    • Char: *Is a skeleton*
    • Me: Ah got it, oh wait.... nvm.
    • *Skeleton falls apart*
    • Dx
    • (Btw, making decision on the day of, so this may or may not actually happen. LuCiel is already Capped. Just want make sure I pick the right job since I am only making 1 LU/CIEL and it will only be 1 JOB PATH (Meaning that if I go DL or Nob I'm staying that char and not using $20+ to job change ticket.))
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  • Looking to change jobs…any suggestions? My past experience ranges from IT Management, Creative Director, Photographer, Social Media Manager. Don’t laugh at the last one. I’m thinking of doing something completely different. I think? 

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  • A new challenge

    That’s the subject line I used when I sent a note Tuesday to the 200+ closest sources and work friends who aren’t actually part of the newsroom editorial staff. Changes are coming to my life. I’m embracing the new last name – the one no one misspells. I’m going to the almighty dark side of public relations but continuing a focus on education at the boutique San Francisco firm.

    Today, a former mayor hugged me and looked at my belly. She “knew” that a new challenge meant I was about to be a mom. Ha! (To be clear… I’m not with child. But, if I look it, please let me know. I’ll get in some extra boot camp sessions.) After fighting back the desire to down a drink, I hugged her, smiled and told her about my new job.

    My life change will include set hours, new responsibilities, dressing better and a different job title. The best part about the change, commuting with Chris and seeing him more often. As I get closer to my last week at the paper, there are lots of phone calls and emails. Fewer people are offering tips or requesting coverage. Many have wonderfully kind things to say about working with me. Most have questions for me.

    What will I do after leaving the paper? Who will take my place? Do they know they have big shoes to fill?

    It’s been quite humbling, actually.

    There are many things I’ll miss about being a reporter. People look at you in this amazingly unique way when you respond with reporter as your job title. It’s as if you’re some sort of untouchable. Others think of it as scary, before I won them over with a quip about the “scary” girl before them. It always worked.

    I’ll miss the frequency with which I meet interesting, noteworthy people. Noteworthy in my own mind, not by the standards of the greater public. I’ve collected interesting people during my nearly eight years with a byline at the Daily Journal.

    Chris, my husband, is probably my favorite of that group. I remember seeing a cute boy at a busy bar on an assignment and thinking, “I’ll never meet him.” Now he’s a fixture in my day-to-day. Right now, he’s in the corner, gaming online with his brothers – thank you Skype.

    Dana, one of my best friends, gave her support when it came to hiring me. I was a quiet intern at the time, or so she thought. She gets hitched in a couple weeks and I’m honored to stand by her side and laugh at the horrible dates and endless pitchers of margaritas it took to get to this place.

    There are inspirational individuals who remind me never to stop learning or exploring. My coworkers helped me understand the necessity for joking in the face of life’s serious challenges and low moments.

    I can now easily read politicians or the motives of those who call. It’s super simple to research a topic or approach a stranger with a question. There is no longer a fear of what might be shared by those I meet.

    Despite years of endless questions, curiosity remains as one of my best attributes.

    I still want to meet people, to learn more, to know more.

    Hopefully, as a new member of Larson Communications, I’ll be able to not only continue those things but also keep up with those who have helped shape who I am now.  

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  • So, I have this job, and in my job, I stab people. Not in the literal sense, but in the life saving sense I suppose. 

    Its new to me. Seriously, I’m still in training. 

    I was so over the surgery aspect of my life (being on call, dealing with some people that had more drama than a reality tv show), so I moved on. I stayed in the medical field, which is something I have not grown to love as much. I miss the feeling of happiness at a job. I had it once before and maybe it was from me being young or something, but I miss that feeling.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I really do like the new job, but I feel like there is something missing. I just haven’t put my finger on it just yet. 

    I work in Dialysis now. 

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