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  • pitter-patter-esikars
    20.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    the only reason joseph didnt die and ended up breaking the joestar curse of dying young and horribly, is because he didn't want to disappoint his granny.

    #joseph was about to accept his fate and went 'wait i cant make erina cry' and then just never died #some say he's still wandering the world in part 8 as senile as ever #joseph joestar never died he just tucked his arms into his body and rolled away for a bit nbd #txt #idrc if he actually did technically break the joestar family curse of early devastating death but he sure just refused to die! #and i am insistent that its because of erina and no other reason. erina is the sole thing holding the joestar line together #she must be SO buff in heaven
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  • ladykailolu
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I guess I never talked about Johnny's perspective over Mela, his husband Gyro's cousin, running away from the altar just to get hitched to Jodie and live under the radar for a while. I say this because here Jodie is Johnny's cousin, like 1st or 2nd or something like that, and they contact each other every now and again but they're not too close.

    Well, anyway, Gyro tries to contact Mela but all of her contact areas have been shut down, like social media profiles and the like and she's not answering any calls or texts. But some of the Zeppeli fam know about Jodie and saw how close Mela was to her, so they try seeking out this "Jodie Joestar" for more information. Including Johnny at Gyro's insistence. He calls, he texts, he emails, he asks for information from Jodie's parents and all, but he can't find much information.

    Until he goes to Jodie's old house and catches her packing up her stuff. She's alone, probably by design, and clearly surprised to see Johnny there who has connections to the Zeppeli family and thus could serve as an outlet for them to find Mela. Jodie says nothing, of course, and brushes Johnny off with her silence, denial, and even walks past him (careful to not make eye contact) and resume packing and loading her things into the car.

    Johnny promises not to share this information with the Zeppeli family, including even Gyro, because he wants to know if at least Jodie is alright. He insists that Jodie at least tell him if Mela is ok too so he can qualm Gyro's concerns, but Jodie hardly trusts him. She loves Mela and considers anybody who has ties to her family to be suspect, so she keeps her mouth shut. Until the very end where she at least admits that Mela is ok, but she won't tell how she knows this or where Mela is, no matter how much Johnny presses her.

    #johnny joestar#jodie joestar#jjba #mela aspesi zeppeli #gyro zeppeli#jjba oc #the zeppeli family
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  • bobafox25
    15.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    yall speedwagon wants you to know that you're doing amazing and wants you to have a good day! <3

    #speedwagon #robert e o speedwagon #jojos bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo fanart #jojo no kimyō na bōken #jjba#jjba fanart#jojo art#jonathan joestar#joestar family#hirohiko araki #jjba part 1 #jojo part 1 #jjba part 2 #jojo part 2 #battle tendancy#wholesome#pen sketch#traditional art#sketch#doodle#myartstyle#my artwork #i wanted to put another tag for no reason lmao
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  • schadenfredde
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fredd does art? NON DUCK ART? In this day and age?? More likely than you think!

    @tempest-loupnoir and I made an AU where Jonathan lives and goes on adventures with Erina and Speedwagon.

    Here's a scribble of them awakening their Stands for the first time! (yes Erina is the only functioning braincell of the relationship that's why she gets the punchy Stand)

    #jojo's bizzarre adventure #jojo bizarre adventure #jojo kimyou na bouken #jjba#jonathan joestar#erina pendleton #robert e o speedwagon #phantom blood#jonaeriwagon #kinda? #it's queerplatonic on Speedwagon's end #i headcanonned Speedwagon to be aroace #would still die for his family though #freddart#my art
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  • jojofinatic
    11.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I’m sorry guys but it just has to happen…..I need a Yandere that has kids with their darling. Like they already have kids, but maybe girly tried to escape with the kids so they tie her down to give her another 👹or maybe she already has Stockholm syndrome and it’s just a fluff piece of them spending time with their children.✨

    Regardless, I need one and I need it now. So instead of completing the pieces I should be completing I will continue procrastinating! 😌 Now what character should I write this with and what story line should it have? You can send in requests for the character you like to see, or a request for the character and a situation if you have on in mind (following the rules ofc), or just comment on this post :) I’m feeling family 🥳 Menu

    #but think about it #a Yandere family #omg wait if everyone in the family is a Yandere for each other #oh shit I just got an idea #try picking characters I haven’t done enough of like I’m pretty sure I’ve written half of this blog about Josuke #i’m thinking #I’m thinking Bruno cause Bruno is naturally paternal #ok Jonathan Joestar for sure is an option without a doubt #maybe I should do speedwagon🎶 #or even Kira #Okuyasu#rohan kishibe#melone jojo#melone jjba#jojo risotto#jjba risotto#prosciutto jjba #there’s so many character I could do for different reasons #tw kidnap mention #tw baby trapping #tw stockholm syndrome #tw yandere#yandere father#Jojoverse #jojo's bizarre adventure #reader insert #yandere x reader #jojo x reader #tw: noncon#yandere
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  • ladykailolu
    26.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Rambling time!:

    After Mela ran away from the altar during her wedding to Armani and raj off to elope with her girlfriend Jodie, she laid low and quiet for months. The Zeppeli family was in quite the uproar and of course, they looked around fruitlessly for information about Mela's whereabouts. Mela knew all this would happen and so she also knew she couldn't access the money in her bank account. Armani forced her to agree to a prenup and so her account was merged with his. If she withdrew money, he would surely know and therefore would know where to find her. So, for some quick cash, she sold everything she had on her person: her jewelry (including a very expensive engagement ring), shoes, even the bridal dress she wore until she had nothing left and borrowed clothes from Jodie. Jodie wore a smaller size than Mela, but she was also fond of oversized hoodies and sweaters, so Mela wore those more comfortably.

    Mela gave up everything to be with Jodie, to take a chance and the leap of faith that Jodie would lead her into happiness.

    Additionally, Mela took precautions to stay undetectable. She turned off her phone completely and refused to turn it on for months in the fear that her family would ask the police to track her calls. She also didn't want Armani finding out where she hid because she feared he would knock on their front door, force himself inside, and beat the hell out of Jodie them drag her back home.

    While she knew it was the better thing to do, she was hurt by it all. She was close to two of her younger cousins, Gyro and Caesar, and while she knew that they meant well, they couldn't help her back out of the situation. So she understood that she had to take matters into her own hands for once. Still, she wishes that she could call only them to let them know that she's alright and alive and healthy living in a small home, perfectly sized, with a wonderful and amazing woman. She wanted them to know that she was finally happy with her life. She could only imagine the text messages sent by them and missed calls from them waiting for her when she next turns on her phone.

    As she lounges on her shared bed with Jodie, she looks to the blank screen of her phone and decides that it's time. It's been months now after she suddenly disappeared so she hoped the family had quieted down by now. First, however, she has Jodie address two letters to them (she figured that anyone in the family would recognize her handwriting right away and open up the letters she wanted only Gyro and Caesar to see, so she has Jodie write the address in her stead because they wouldn't recognize the handwriting and thus wouldn't pry into it). One afternoon, she writes two letters, one to Caesar and another to Gyro, which say pretty much the same information. She wants to see them again and so she includes her new address with the insistence that they do not disclose this information to anyone else. She also writes that she hadn't looked at her phone since the wedding and apologizes for not reading the text messages or answering any missed calls they sent her. She understands how worried they must have felt towards her and mentions that she still loves both of them as an older sister would love her little brothers. She tells them not to call or text to confirm because she won't look at her phone for a little while. Instead, she gives them information on how to reach her through social media--through one of Jodie's private social media accounts.

    A week or so later after mailing them out, Jodie confirms that she received DMs from two people who referenced those letters and Mela is delighted to know that it's her cousins trying to reach out to her. They plan out a little visit, and soon after at the next opportunity, Gyro and Caesar visit Mela at her new home, relieved that she's alive and unhurt.

    To be honest, Jodie is a little intimidated by them, but Mela reassures her that there's nothing to be afraid of about them. She knows them well and understand that they wouldn't hurt either of them.

    Gyro and Caesar also know that they can't convince Mela to return. It was a bit of a shock for them to hear Mela stubbornly insist that she remains in hiding for now and refuse to contact any other family member since she was known for being obedient. And she won't apologize either for her choice, despite knowing how she wounded her family who must be so worried about her. She still loves them, but she had to make this choice for herself to preserve her own happiness.

    #mela aspesi zeppeli #jodie joestar#caesar zeppeli#gyro zeppeli#jjba#jjba oc #the zeppeli family
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  • biprincecharming
    26.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    ;;_;; I didn't know the old Joestar guy* was actually senile I thought Jotaro was just trying to clown on his grandpa ;;0;;

    ** his name is Joseph I forgot lol

    #cried irl once i realized Speedwagon set up everything for this family even when they got old #just bc he was so in love with the first joestar guy
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  • ladykailolu
    24.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Mela moonlights as a dancer and singer for late night shows at private adult clubs where she wears skimpy and dazzling outfits like this: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn11.bigcommerce.com%2Fs-07991%2Fimages%2Fstencil%2F1280x1280%2Fproducts%2F690%2F58546%2FSexy_Iridescent_Burlesque_Purple_Sequin_Leotard_Silver_Bead_Fringe_BL0423_7__25580.1605669864.jpg%3Fc%3D2&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.charismatico.com%2Fsexy-iridescent-burlesque-purple-sequin-leotard-silver-bead-fringe%2F&tbnid=cSt5iVcCsv_sXM&vet=1&docid=xeYxcevFrQqzWM&w=960&h=1280&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim

    She dances with Jodie on stage once while singing "After Hours" by the Weeknd. Jodie dances in front, grinding her ass onto Mela's lap as they sway from side to side when Mela gets to the lyric, "Oh baby, where are you now when I need you most?~"

    The Zeppeli family has no idea that she does this, but if they did, they would demand that she stops since the image is so far away from the image of a proper lady they want her to be. She doesn't care though. She's having fun with the love of her life in one of the very few places she can truly be herself and love Jodie.

    #mela aspesi zeppeli #jodie joestar#jjba#jjba oc #the zeppeli family
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  • ladykailolu
    24.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    So I was googling up some panels of SBR, specifically about Gyro's past, and relearned that the steel balls were created for peace and not for pain. The rotation technique was designed to heal people's hearts and bring them into peace, and we know that Gregorio's teachings stress that the user must reject sentiments, the one weakness in their technique.

    So I was also thinking, how could this translate to the jjbaxbotw AU? Well, the spin and steel balls were used in the distant past to create the guardians, the Divine Beasts, and other highly advanced technology that brought Hyrule into prosperity and defeated Calamity DIO. But in the end, the chief engineer of the Zeppeli family, Mela Aspesi Zeppeli, opened her heart to DIO's Malice when she saw how Jodie's heart broke when their King massacred her people. She was highly sentimental towards Jodie and loved her with her whole heart and soul. Jodie came to her one day and cried in her arms, and during that time, Mela vowed to see revenge for her love.

    But sentiments paved the way for Malice to corrupt Mela and thus the technique of the spin. I was thinking that after Mela was mummified and sealed within the 5th Divine Beast, the other Zeppeli architects and engineers passed down the lesson to be wary of sentiments and never forget that they serve the King and, above all, the Goddess Hylia. Over time, this became translated to reject all sentiments to preserve the technique of the spin and protect it and its great ower from the influence of DIO.

    And perhaps it was Mela's sentiment towards Jodie that open3d the door for DIO to take control of the guardians And bring Hyrule to its knees.

    Idk just a thought.

    #jjba #mela aspesi zeppeli #the legend of zelda #breath of the wild #jjbaxbotw#jjba oc#jodie joestar#gregorio zeppeli #the zeppeli family
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  • ladykailolu
    24.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    You know....I always thought it was cute and poetic how the Zeppelis and the Joestars teamed up across generations (and universes) to take down evil, and I thought, you know, what if they did it again in this jjbaxzelda AU? Like, the friendship of the Joestar family and the Zeppeli family go way back, way WAAAAAAAY back over 10,000 years to two young women in love but kept apart by their sacred duties given to them by the King of Hyrule at the time. And bother were expected to have children to preserve their bloodlines for the next time Calamity DIO appears.

    In the end, Jodie died of natural causes in her old age, and Mela was given the great honor of being selected to be mummified within the Fifth Divine Beast and await the return of the chosen Joestar hero when Calamity DIO comes forth again. After Jodie’s death and burial within the dusty halls of the Forgotten Temple, Mela deems that her time has come, so she is escorted to the Divine Beast hidden far underground to practice her meditation and slowly become a living corpse, asleep in intense prayer for 10,000 years.

    Flash forward to the present day, and the Zeppeli family and Joestar family are allies. Poetically, Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli are married, something that their distant ancestors could not do yet wanted more than anything, Caesar Zeppeli and Joseph Joestar are amicable friends at times but fierce rivals more often than not, and Jonathan Joestar and Will A. Zeppeli have a friendly student-teacher relationship. All seemed well between them, but the Zeppelis still knew that they served the King of Hyrule above all else. While they payed great respect to the Goddess Hylia, they served the king in Her Name, and observed this fact, especially when the prophecy was made clear that Calamity DIO would rise again. Gregorio, perhaps, took this role most solemnly and did not interact with others much outside of official duties.

    Then arrives the Great Calamity, and while the Zeppelis survive, the Joestar lineage was nearly wiped out. Through the actions of Caesar and Gyro under the guidance of Princess Zelda, the last of the Joestars was saved, but the future was bleak at best. The guardians, built by the Zeppeli ancestors, left Hyrule in burning ruins, and caused much of the blame and anger by the surviving peoples cast upon the Zeppelis. They were ashamed by their string of failures and for the short term, retreated into the secluded mountains of West Necluda, being wary of all outsiders. During the next 100 years, the memories of the Joestar family nearly faded from conscious memory--some Hylian scholars are familiar with the name and are knowledgeable in the contributions of such a family, but none of them recall any survivors of that family emerging from the Calamity. Only 100 years after the end of the greatest civilization on the continent would a Joestar walk upon the ground again and into the footsteps of their ancestor Jodie.

    Unfortunately, some of the secrets of the Zeppeli ancestors were lost in the ages, but Mela left behind some enduring clues to point her descendants in the right direction. One such treasure is the diamond circlet Mela once wore that could be used to develop weapons against the guardians. Another are little visions given to both Gyro and Caesar to direct Jocelyn, the Joestar survivor, towards the Fifth Divine Beast to undertake the Divine Trial.

    Wow, I love to ramble lol

    #Gyro Zeppeli#Caesar Zeppeli #Mela Aspesi Zeppeli #jjba #the legend of zelda #breath of the wild #jjbaxzelda#jjbaxbotw #the Zeppeli family #Jodie Joestar#jjba oc #will anthonio zeppeli #jonathan joestar#Gregorio Zeppeli
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  • ladykailolu
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    @oreocookiezzz So I was wondering of ways that could help Sadie heal from trauma and I thought, well, if she hates her father and has mixed feelings of her mother, maybe her half-sisters would help? Granted, they have not been through the same trauma: I'm assuming that Paxe grew up in a hapoy childhood with her mother and at least saw her father Gyro every now and again. It kinda saddened her to not be able to see her dad in public and play with him like all the other kids can. But then he left and her mother died and she had nowhere else to go but chase him. But she knew her mother and had good relations with her, and maybe Sadie would be mad jelly about it.

    Then there's Maggie who never knew her mother because she didn't want the child even before she was born. She gave little Maggie up and Gyro took her in (Maggie I think is the first of his children he took in with Sadie being the last). So maybe Maggie would have hard feelings against her mother for leaving her, but even still, she would have positive memories of her father, let alone memories at all about him.

    So maybe Sadie can't connect with her sisters because of this. On the other hand, maybe she does connect a bit because each of the girls still resentment towards their father for various reasons: Paxe never wanted him to leave and didn't understand why he left and stayed with Johnny over her mother, and Maggie catches wind that her father too didn't want her at first and took her in out of guilt and he may secretly hate her for existing. Something like that.

    What do you think?

    #gyro zeppeli #paxe amalia zeppeli #sadie tinsley maddlin #maggie nichole joestar zeppeli #jjba#jjba oc #the bastard zeppeli daughters #the zeppeli family
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  • speedwagonstan
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #hz would make his great grandfather proud #especially helping the joestar like that #emporio: *goes into a long explanation of rykiel's ability* #rykiel: the heck?? #emporio: just following the family tradition #ask
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  • kirisharkima
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    If Dio Brando finished law school


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  • ladykailolu
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    @oreocookiezzz Jodie Joestar just being towered over by both Gyro and Caesar that she feels both very small and very intimidated by these strong and powerful Italian men. She doesn't even know what to expect when she opened the front door and saw those men glaring down at her, looking like they were about to brush past her and swat her aside like a leaf. "Well, who is it, Jodie? Who is at the door?" Mela asks from the kitchen and draws the attention of the men. Trembling a bit, Jodie calls to the kitchen,

    "M-Mela! It's for you!" The young Zeppeli woman enters into the men's sights and lightens up at the very sight of them. She rushes up to them and gives each one a long, tight hug and a light kiss on the cheek then insists that they come inside the house. Meanwhile, Jodie tries to shuffle away and disappear underneath the glare and dismissive looks of the men, but Mela swoops in and puts her back into the light by saying,

    "This is my girlfriend, Jodie Joestar. She's so sweet, sweeter than even the pies that she bakes. You'll just adore her." But when Jodie felt their eyes scanning over her, she felt like she was being slowly vaporized.

    #mela aspesi zeppeli #jodie joestar#gyro zeppeli#caesar zeppeli#jjba#jjba oc #the zeppeli family
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  • goddang-ken
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    +I just wanna be the one you love+

    A random ass indulgent story based off the discord convo about giorno with a mean older sister

    |Warnings: unwanted foot job ha, unrequited feelings, incest, mean older sister |

    Nee-San always tells him to stay out of her room while she goes out, but his curiosity gets the best of him, and he decides to enter the room anyways.

    He snoops around her room rooting through your closet and dressers and his eyes catch the thrown clothes across your bed as he walks closer to investigate the items Picking up random pieces here and there and his Conscience gets the best of him. Brining up the stray piece of clothing closer to his nose, he takes in a deep breath before exhaling and inhaling again. The scent is so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time, only getting faint whiffs of the perfume when you storm pass him. A wave of longing and desperation is washing over him And he starts stripping his clothing off one by one

    He grips your nightgown close to his chest, cherishing the feel of the fabric against his bare skin before slipping it over his head and down his chest. A faint blush rides from his chest as he smooths his hands down his body, the thought of knowing the very same fabric was against your bare skin too makes him shiver in delight.

    Unbeknownst to him, you’ve come home early angered at the sight of your door cracked open knowing well that your younger brother had disobeyed your orders Slamming the door open, your breath gets caught in your throat at the sight of him wearing your clothing. He flinches at the sight of you and his stomach drops as a look of desperation flashes across his face. Shaking fingers clumsily grip the edge of the dress, he tries to get the offending garment of his body. His body is flushed hot with embarrassment as he tries to pull the dress over his head, but he feels your fingers forced the fabric back down. He stares at you, shocked that you stopped him. A wave of nausea plagued him as he tries to think about how you’re going to punish him for not only sneaking into your room when you specifically told him not to, but also catching him wearing your clothes like some kind of pervert.

    Cold hands harshly grip his shoulders before he’s slams into the ground, flinching at the rough impact. His eyes following your figure as you pace back and forth. A deep look of concentration is on your face, he locks eyes with you for a second before you scoff and watches as you nod your head side-to-side. He’s soon staring at your retreating back as you make your way to your dresser, shifting through the items displayed before your fingers stop, griping a small golden cylinder. A wicked smirk is played out against your lips as you walk closer to him, keeping all eye contact as you squat down in-front of his trembling figure. He’s always been pretty even for male standards, you muse, Chuckling softly as he flinches at the slight your raised hand, instantly turning his head to the side and raising his shoulders up. He closes his eyes tightly, bracing for the sting of a slap against his cheek, but instead he feels your fingers dig into the fat of his cheeks as you yank him back toward you.

    A look of puzzlement crosses his face as he eyes the golden Capsule you hold up to his lips, eyes widening into panic when he sees the vermilion head poking out, smoothly gliding across his bottom lip before he jerks his head away smearing the paste across his lips and onto his cheek. His hand shoots up, gripping your wrist as he tries to shove the offending appendage away. Anger flooded his veins as he tries to stand,, but resistance is futile when he feels the sting of your slap against him. Forcing him back down, you continue your task, ignoring his pointless squirming underneath you and the feel of his nails digging into your skin as he tries to dodge the head of the lipstick.

    You stand proudly taking in the sight of your ruined and embarrassed brother, his stare is venomous even with glossy eyes teeming with tears threatening to overflow. He tries to push himself off the ground, thinking your torment him of over, but the harsh feel of the heel of your foot against his chest has him gasping for breath as he lays spread out against of the floor. The mocking tone of your voice catches his ear, “if you don’t want to wear lipstick maybe you shouldn’t look like a girl”.

    He feels your toes lift the dress off his groin as he instinctively closes his legs, swatting at your foot. Ridicule is heavy in your voice when you ask if he got hard while putting makeup on him. Lifting his face up toward you outrage is all but clear on his face, A huff escapes his lips as careless anger has him spreading his legs once more proudly showing off that he did in fact, not have an erection.

    Your lips split into a wicked grin as you tug his legs out from underneath him, hooking them into your arms as you place your foot back onto his groin. A harsh blush is flushed across his face as he tries to yank your fingers off from the meat of his thighs, squirming as he feels the heel of your foot rub against him. Eye eyes widened in a panic, dread begins to fill his body when he feels himself getting harder with each push you have against him. He hears you hum before you open your mouth. “I thought you said you weren’t hard?”

    The taunt has his clenching his eyes shut, and his eyebrows pulled down as he swallows harshly. He can’t deny the immense pleasure he’s getting but the aggravated thought that you’re forcing this on him has him whimpering into a closed fist, unknowing raising his hips to meet the up-and-down moment of your foot.

    Desperation is clear when he tilts his head back slightly, catching your eyes when he looks down from his nose, letting his mouth hang loose open before closing several times. He releases his iron grip on your legs shyly trailing his fingers over his chest, hesitantly brushing against his pebbled nipples Red in the face, he reluctantly spread his legs even more, giving you access to the head of his dick. The feel of pressing against his sensitive weeping head has him jerking against you, raising his hips faster to meet your thrusts. He curls in on himself, hands flying back to his nipples pinching them as he cums. His hearing turns into a muffled ring muting his senses and a whine escapes his lips when he forces them shut.

    You quickly let go of his trembling legs, he falls back to the ground staring up at the ceiling as he tries to catch his breath. His face is blank, drunk off the feeling of your love he’s always longed for. He turns his head, eyeing you with so much love as you walk to his side.


    The angry look on your face has sent his high crashing quickly. He frowns slightly watching your lips move, he hasn’t gotten his hearing back quite yet.

    His blank, fucked out expression has you feeling much more annoyed than expected. Angered, you rear your foot back, and slam it into his side sending him scrambling away from you. Yelping, Tears soak his eyes as he gazes up at you in shock. You jaw tightens grinding your teeth you're ordering him to take off your clothes and get to out. The request has him scooting back further in shock. His brows lowered before pulling together as his mouth draws downward. The dark thought crosses his mind that this interaction must’ve been some kind of cruel prank you and your friends decided to pull on him has him ripping the dress off his body moving frantically as if it was burning him, angered and embarrassed, he throws the nightgown down. Standing and roughly pushing pass you he hurriedly grabs his discarded clothes furiously slamming your door shut. His angry stomps echo throughout the empty hallways before hearing the door to his room slam shut.

    #non con #tw.incest #tw:incest#giorno giovanna#jjba #jjba part 5 #jjba x reader #x reader #giorno x reader #giorno x y/n #reader insert#sister reader#joestar family #tw.hate #tw unrequited love #tw.foot job #tw.footjob #jojo golden wind #jojo smut#reader angst#giorno angst#jjba angst #jojos bizzare adventure x reader #jojos bizarre adventure
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  • room611
    17.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    it all makes sense now

    #im shadowbanned on tiktok so im gonna be here for a bit 😞 #this is why gyro loved him ik it 😩 #he carried his family technique this whole time w/o knowing it #Johnny's Big Can #steel ball run #johnny joestar#gyro zeppeli#jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #jojo thots
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  • teapotcherry
    13.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ⭐(Pls reblog) Josephine Joestar💚🐸 part 9 jojo??👀💗💗💗💚

    My girl, shes new but I love her♡ leave ur opinions and questions about Josephine!^_^♡

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  • k1llerqueenbitesthedust
    08.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Stone Ocean is comingggg!!!!

    #stone ocean#jolyne joestar#jolyne kujo #jojo's bizarre adventure #icons anime #jojos bizzare adventure fanart #jojo fandom#jotaro icons#jotaro kujo #jojos bizarre adventure #jjba jolyne #jolyne my beloved #jojo jolyne#kujo family#kujojolyne#anime icons
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  • pitter-patter-esikars
    05.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    im of the opinion that jonathan would be proud of all his descendants for saving the world and he would have a really easy time picking out their best qualities to encourage them but i ALSO think he would pick joseph up and take him on a world-wide tour to make him apologize to anyone he even SLIGHTLY inconvenienced

    #jonathan: i love all my descendants theyre all great! #also jonathan: joseph i need you to apologize to that poor woman straizo held hostage RIGHT now young mister #he might be deeply confused by giorno but hes still a joestar so i think jonathan would be proud of him for doing good #even if his version of good is in the brando family business of being a tiny bit evil #txt #just thinkin about phantom blood. bros jonathan may be 'boring' but hes also too good for us and he had to walk so jolyne could punt ppl!
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  • diobrandossucculenttitties
    30.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Jonathan: At my funeral, the audience will watch my favorite comfort movie and who ever checks their phone first gets disinherited.

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