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    Poliedro de Caracas, Venezuela - 1981 (?)

    By Peter Hince.

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    #queen incorrect quotes #john deacon x reader #john deacon#caption#name insert
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    #fallout 4 #fallout 4 hancock #fallout 4 headcanons #deacon fallout 4 #fallout 4 curie #fallout 4 cait #fallout 4 john hancock #fallout 4 companions #robert maccready#paladin danse#piper wright#x6 88#nick valentine#preston garvey
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    The Miracle

    Rating: Mature

    Fandoms: Queen (Band), Bohemian Rhapsody (Movie 2018)

    Relationships: John Deacon/Freddie Mercury

    Characters: Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Roger Taylor (Queen)Brian May, Veronica Tetzlaff, Robert Deacon, Laura Deacon, Michael Deacon, Original Characters

    Additional Tags: Gay, Mpreg, Big Gay Love Story Family, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Fluff and Smut, Smut, Alpha John Deacon, Omega Freddie Mercury, Hot Space Era, Freddie have many cats, Scandal, Paparazzi are assholes, John is the best father, a story with much fluff, Eventual Smut, Romance, Drama & Romance, Protective John Deacon, Pregnancy, Miracle Pregnancy, Gay Couple, Freddie is a lucky man, Top John Deacon, Bottom Freddie Mercury, fictitious explanations alternative universe

    Summary: Freddie Mercury and John Deacon are couple. John adore the kids and he wishes he had a lot of children, but what would happen if a miracle fell on this couple? Mpreg +18

    Read on Ao3


    Part 1: One romance, one scandal

    Part 2: Sweet love

    Part 3: One day like family

    Part 4: Crazy desire

    Part 5: Anniversary

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    roger taylor with long hair, this is the post.

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    His short hair 😩

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    Pls I thought I got off Queen tumblr 😭😭😭

    #i don’t hate them but I kinda do? and not on a personal level but more on a ‘im not going to idolize old white men anymore’ #again not about freddie #but I got into them bc of the movie and the MOVIE WASNT EVEN ACCURATE LMAO #I love them but hate them #also I’m tired of seeing ‘baby 🥺🥺🥺’ and it’s John Deacon with crunchy ass hair #freddie this isn’t about u #but ur on thin mcfreaking ice
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    30.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Queen in suits

    Do not repost without my premission! But rebloging is fine thank you 😊

    #queen#queen fanart#freddie Mercury#john deacon#roger taylor#brian may#my art#suits#1930s suits #based on illustrations i found #sorry if i havnt posted art in a while #and sorry of its bad #i tried#70s queen
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    I found family where it's most unlikely to be

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    Roger Taylor x Fem. Reader

    (No one asked for this but i have an idea so i write it.)

    (Summary : The reader (you) and roger had a son together... And... just read the entire story :D )

    Pairing : Roger Taylor x Reader

    Warning : Cheating, Cursing (i guess)

    7 Years Earlier

    "You found someone more exciting, the next second, you were gone!" I choked. "Y/n please, let me explain... Love?" Roger pleaded try'na hold my hand but i push him away.

    "You fucked other chick! That's enough explaination." I sobbed. "And maybe I'm just not as interesting, as the girls you had before!" I added.

    "I'm sorry, y/n!" He kneeled. "Don't tell me you're sorry, feel sorry for yourself, 'Cause someday I'll be everything to somebody else. And you'll be the one who's crying" I exclaimed.

    7 Years Later

    It's been 7 years since i gave birth with my only son, Blaise And it's also 7 years ago after i broke up with the only man i loved the most, Roger.

    Yes, i didn't get the chance to tell him that we had a child together. It's not that i'm scared to lose my child or share him with his father. In fact i can't be anymore happier when my son met his dad. it's just so hard for me to see him again. There's still pain.

    I'm scared that i will get emotional when i see him again. I know that i'd be lying if i tell you that i don't love him anymore, because i do. I still really do.

    As Blaise growing up, he start asking more about his father. I'm just making up excuses, like he's somewhere else, he'll be back soon. (Maybe) He even heard Queen's songs. He liked it. So did i. He even saw Roger from the tv.

    He told me that... "Mom, look at that man! People in our school said i look like him. Do you think i look just like him?" He cheerfully asked. I smiled and nod. "Yes Blaisey, you do." Yes son. Of course. He is your father.

    "Hey mom, are you crying?" Blaise pat my shoulder softly in comforting manner. "Did i say something bad mom? I'm sorry mom." He apologize with a frown visible in his face. "No Blaisey, don't worry." I smiled. In fact, i'm happy and i do really want him to meet his father, but what if didn't liked him. I don't wanna hurt my child. Our child.

    Even though he doesn't have a father, i'm glad that i raised him well.

    "Are you sure, mom?" He cupped my face with his tiny hands. "Yes, Blaisey. Mom is fine. You know what, since it's a sunny day, let's grab some ice cream! You want that?" I suggest. His eyes widened and jumped around excitedly.

    "Yes mom! I love that! Mom i want chocolate and caramel!" He mentioned. "Of course, you can have that." I chuckled as i picked up the keys. "Let's get going then!" I stated and i extended my hand for him to hold.

    As we head inside the car and drove to the nearest ice cream parlor. It's just a 10-12 minutes drive away. As we arrived there, i parked the car on a safe parking lot and i carried Blaise as we head inside the shop.

    We ordered the same flavor of ice cream. Chocolate-Caramel Ice Cream. We sat there while eating our ice cream and there's some people entered the shop, i didn't bother to look until i heard familiar voices.

    "Hey mom! That was the drummer from the band!" Blaise pointed at obviously. Roger.

    So i decided to look who's behind us. My eyes landed right at the man i fall inlove with 7 years ago.

    As Roger noticed us. So did the others.

    And they walked towards our direction. "Oh, hi y/n darling. It's been a while." Freddie greeted me and pulled me for a hug which i gladly accepted. "We missed you, y/n." Brian hugged me too and so did Deacy. Roger and i have a past, so it's uh awkward. So we just shake hands, to be formal. "It's been a while." Roger smiled awkwardly. "Yeah it is."

    "Who's this handsome young lad?" Deacy smiled dearingly whilst looking at grubby Blaise, i picked up a tissue and wiped this nose, cheeks and lips with ice cream stains.

    "Be careful, Blaisey. You don't want mom to get mad if you got stain in your shirts right?" I asked and he just nod and continue eating, but more careful this time.

    I looked at Roger, he can't help staring at Blaise. Whenever he look at me it seems like he wanted to know something. I guess i know what it is.

    "Uh to answer your question, he is my son." I smiled. "What how?" Brian asked who seems surprised.

    "Of course me plus a man, Bri." I giggled so did the others. "Yeah i mean i know that, but with who?" He looked at me and Roger.

    "I won't be surprised if you tell me that, he is Roger's. He got Rog complexions you know, darling." Freddie shrugged. "Uh, yeah fred. He is." I smiled. Look at Freddie and back at Roger. "He is the father." I added.

    Roger smiled happily. His smile is different. That smile is happier that i've ever saw before. "Mom? Did father came back?" Blaise asked innocently. I think he remembered what i always told him. Before i could i answer.

    "Yeah, Blaise!" Roger smiled and sat next to our son. "I'm back!" Roger cheered.

    "Oh! You are my father?! You know, sir i often see you on the tv and mom said you're the most handsome bloke!" Blaise admitted. Shit. Now i'm red as tomato caused by embarrassment and Roger being around.

    Blaise sudden confession caused the four lads crackle. Roger smirked and winked at me.

    "I mean, could you blame me?" i shrugged. "Your mom is the prettiest too, Blaisey..." Roger said to Blaise but it feels like it's for me more, cause he's staring at me.

    "Let's go lads! Let's leave the family to have their little reunion here... We gotta go, y/n. See you soon, darling." Freddie winked at me and waved goodbye at Blaise. He waved back. "Good-Bye Y/n! Lil Blaise!" Deacy and Bri said in unison as they followed Freddie.

    "Why didn't you tell me y/n?" Roger asked. "Cause i don't think you'll be happy, i mean look at you! You're a successful rockstar. I don't wanna ruin that, and first of all we broke up." I explained.

    "Who said you and Blaise will ruin it? I'm the one who's jerk who ruined you and him because i cheated. trust me y/n i do really regret that. I do regret doing that dumb thing. I swear i do look for you, but your neighbor said you moved away. I'm not happy when i lose you. I'm miserable. Whenever someone try'na kiss me, i just get deja vu. I feel like i'm cheating on you when i tried to be with someone else. I'm nothing without you love." Confessed.

    Whilst reaching for my hand for him to hold.

    "Blaise changed my life. In a good way. Still thank you to you." I respond.

    "Y/n, can we start again?" He asked. "Promise me one thing." I mumbled. "What is it, Y/n?" Roger asked. "Don't mess this up." I answered.

    "I won't. I promise, y/n. I love you!" He promised. "Let's head home?" He added.

    I nod.

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    HOME — Roger Taylor

    Resumen: Cuando tus padres te echan de casa, sin trabajo y ningún tipo de dinero, tienes suerte de que dos personas casi tan locas como tú, decidan que seas su compañera de piso.

    Advertencias: ninguna. Quizá un poco de angustia por disfunciones familiares. Y mucho amor por Freddie y Roger siendo domésticos.

    Palabras: 1.506

    "Amor, ¿crees que necesitarás esto?" Freddie saca del armario un vestido demasiado bonito de flores.

    "Supongo que no. Es pleno invierno, necesito lo esencial, me están echando de casa, ¿recuerdas?" Abres la bolsa más grande que encuentras, en algún momento la usaste en tu viaje a holanda hace unos años.

    "¡Pero es demasiado bonito!"

    "Freddie, mi espacio es limitado, necesito ropa de invierno."

    El moreno se deja caer en la cama con el vestido aún entre sus manos. No piensa rendirse sin luchar lo suficiente. Le parece increible que simplemente vayas a dejar ese vestido atrás.

    "¿Y qué harás en verano?" Intenta razonar.

    "No sé Freddie... Quizá pueda sacrificar alguno de mis pantalones y cortarlos." Consigues varios de tus jerseys más gordos y los metes en la bolsa, junto algunas camisetas y cuatro pantalones. Con un poco de imaginación puedes conjuntar esas prendas en unos ocho looks diferentes.

    Freddie aprovecha que vuelves tu vista al armario para meter el vestido debajo de la ropa en la bolsa.

    "¿Y dónde irás?"

    "Freddie" Estás demasiado agobiada pensando en cosas óptimas que sean necesarias para tu supervivencia a partir de ahora. "Pensé que venías para ayudarme, no para agregar presión a mis hombros." Lo tomas de la mano para que se levante de la cama.

    "Perdona. Solo me preocupo." Pasea su vista por tus baldas llenas de libros, vinilos, y cosas varias. "¿Llevarás algunos libros?"

    "Supongo que los de la universidad. No creo que pueda llevar más." Metiendo tu neceser con tus productos de aseo, peines, y algo de maquillaje terminas de llenar la primera bolsa. "Quizá me lleve mi edición especial de Mujercitas."

    "Tienes también la de Orgullo y Prejuicio, El Hobbit y tu colección de vinilos"


    "Si, si, solo lo esencial"

    Al final terminas sacando una mochila mediana y caes en la tentación de llevarte algunas libretas, una pequeña caja con tus recuerdos más simbólicos como fotos, collares, algunos pósters de cantantes que te gustan y una manta que te bordó tu abuela. Freddie no se puede resistir y carga en sus brazos tu colección de vinilos y los libros.

    "¿Qué? Vas a dejarlos aquí... En mi casa nos hace falta decoración, estás invitada a venir y usarlo cuando quieras" Te ríes y echando un último vistazo a lo que era tu habitación, y cierras la puerta. "Entonces... ¿dónde pasarás la noche?"

    "Supongo que podré ir a casa de mi amiga Lucy. Quizá me deje quedarme un par de días, hasta que encuentre un trabajo y un departamento."

    "El trabajo está muy mal en Londres"

    "Gracias Freddie"

    "Los alquileres no son baratos" Salís a la calle siendo recibidos por el frío invierno.

    "Freddie, necesito palabras de aliento no..."

    "Ven a vivir conmigo"

    Conociste a Freddie hace unos meses. Era verano, y acudiste con tus amigas a un pub, queríais beber un poco y pasar un buen rato. Pero tus amigas quizá bebieron demasiado, y terminaste sola en el pub, agobiada buscando a dos chicas borrachas.

    Un hombre más o menos mayor, y borracho intentó sobrepasarse contigo en mitad de la pista de baile, realmente estabas angustiada y a punto de llorar cuando Freddie lo vió todo. Y con su aire de meterse en los asuntos que no son suyos, empujó al chico y le dió un puñetazo en la mandíbula. En ese momento pensaste que estabas muerta. Un chico delgado, demasiado alto y a primera vista afeminado acababa de golpear a un borracho que era dos veces él. Pero te sorprendieron sus golpes.

    Una hora después mientras te invitó a una cerveza, (la odias, pero estaba siendo amable y oh dios, hacía meses que un chico guapo no te invitaba a nada), te contó sobre las clases de boxeo que tomó de niño. En ese momento aprendiste a no prejuzgar nunca más. Además de agradecerle por siempre que decidiese ayudar. Había mucha gente en ese pub que vió tu angustia y nadie hizo nada. Solo él.

    "Soy un hombre criado por mi madre y mi abuela. Y crecí con mi hermana. Supongo que mi padre me hubiese golpeado si no tuviese respeto por las mujeres."

    En ese momento sonreiste y lo supiste. Querías a ese hombre con tu vida.

    "Nada comparado con la paliza de mi abuela, ella sí que sabe boxear" bromeó.

    "¿Qué dices Freddie?" Te detienes en mitad de la calle con las dos enormes bolsas descansando en el suelo.

    "Vamos... No tienes donde ir, el piso es pequeño, tendré que hacerte algo de espacio, podemos compartir cama, no creo que el sofá sea muy cómodo. Y no te cobraré alquiler, quizá solo saques la basura y limpies la cocina."


    "Tengo un compañero de piso, es ruidoso, no tiene filtro y dice lo que piensa en todo momento, a veces toca la batería y sabe cocinar huevos cocidos. Es bastante divertido, ya te dije que tenías que conocerlo." Habla emocionado mientras toma una de tus bolsas, a pesar de llevar algunas de tus pertenencias en las manos. "Será divertido"

    "No sé Freddie..."

    "No creo que tengas más opciones..." Te mira con esos ojos y esa sonrisa tan bonita que tiene. Y sabe que te tiene en el bote.

    "Supongo que os podría cocinar como compensación" Freddie grita cuando aceptas su propuesta y rápidamente tomáis un autobús hasta su casa.

    El piso de Freddie es realmente pequeño, en eso no mentía. Lo primero que ves cuando abre la puerta es un pequeño pasillo, no entran dos personas a la vez, y después de ese medio metro de pasillo dónde tienen un perchero con varios abrigos, llegáis a un pequeño salón con un mueble, una televisión, un tocadiscos y dos sillones viejos acompañando un sofá. Está lleno de ropa, revistas, libretas y una guitarra apoyada en el suelo contra el sofá. A la derecha hay una cocina pequeña, y siguiendo el pasillo hay dos habitaciones, una a cada lado del pasillo, y al final un baño.

    "No es demasiado increible." Freddie admite. "Pero somos felices aquí"

    "Es increible Freddie" A pesar de ser una caja de zapatos y demasiado desordenada grita hogar por todas las esquinas.

    "Te llevaré a mi habitación. Te dejaré dos cajones de mi cómoda y dos de mi armario. Conseguiré de nuestro mercadillo un burro para tu ropa. No creo que a Roger le importe"

    Justo en ese momento la puerta del piso se abre, y entra una cabellera rubia con un cigarro entre sus labios. Cuando te ve casi deja caer el cigarro al suelo.

    "¡Rog! Estás en casa" Freddie grita acercándose a su amigo.

    "¿Qué es todo esto?" Pregunta viendo las bolsas en el suelo

    "¡Tengo una nueva compañera de habitación!" En ese momento Roger tiene una expresión de sorpresa que hace que sientas pánico. Estoy en la calle, piensas.

    "Freddie... ¿Podemos hablar?... En privado" Coge a su amigo por la chaqueta y lo empuja a la cocina.

    En un principio te sientes un poco ofendida, pero lo entiendes. Freddie es una persona muy impulsiva, y puedes entender que a una persona normal no le haga mucha gracia llegar a su casa, y que su compañero de piso haya invitado a alguien a quedarse.

    "¿Quién es ella?" Te hace gracia que aún con la puerta cerrada, el departamento es tan pequeño y con las paredes tan finas que puedes escuchar la conversación

    "Es mi amiga Mackenzie"

    "Eso no explica que sea nuestra nueva compañera de piso"

    "Es mi compañera de habitación" Puntúa Freddie el acento en 'mi'.

    "Es una habitación dentro del piso"

    "Vale" Freddie se rinde. "Sus padres la han echado. Su situación es muy precaria, solo mira sus bolsas. Son solo dos, y una mochila con sus pertenencias.

    A Roger no le tomó mucho empatizar contigo. Él se fue de casa en las mismas condiciones salvo que él quería independencia, a él nunca lo echaron. Pero sabe lo que es no tener medios y sufrir para llegar a final de mes.

    "Solo... La próxima vez avísame cuando una chica guapa vaya a ser nuestra compañera de piso"

    Cuando los chicos salen de la cocina, ambos tienen una sonrisa en sus rostros, y en ese momento te das cuenta de que puede que no tengas mucho, pero eres afortunada de tener un techo compartido, con una cama a medias con Freddie, y un chico con una sonrisa preciosa.

    "Será bueno tener ayuda femenina en casa" En ese momento reparas en el chico rubio, no parece mucho más mayor que tú. Tiene una sonrisa preciosa y unos ojos azules que desprenden felicidad. "Soy Roger"

    Extiende su mano hacia ti para que la tomes en un saludo.


    "Bueno Mackenzie" Roger pasa su brazo por tus hombros, acercándote a él "Cómo podrás ver somos unos desastres y nos cuesta mucho ganar dinero para pagar este apartamento tan pequeño, pero nos las arreglaremos." Toma una de tus bolsas para ayudarte a instalarte. "Bienvenida a la vida adulta, no es la gran cosa, pero nos lo pasaremos bien" Y cuando miras su sonrisa, le crees. Vivir con ellos será toda una aventura.

    #roger taylor #roger taylor fanfic #roger taylor imagine #roger taylor x reader #roger taylor x Y/N #freddie mercury#brian may#john deacon#queen#queen imagines#queen band#ben hardy #ben hardy x reader #ben hardy fic #ben hardy imagine #ben hardy fanfic #cute#domestic couple#Gwilym lee#rami malek#joe mazzello
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    Queen live at Montreal Forum in Montreal, QC, Canada - July 21, 1982


    Brian May would later recall Hot Space as a "failed attempt at doing funk properly." After listening particularly to side A of Hot Space, many North American fans saw Queen as having shifted from being leaders and trend-setters to being followers, and that they simply no longer rocked. However, the live band Queen (they always were essentially two different bands, as much of their music had to be rearranged to suit the live environment) still did rock, as the Hot Space material translated to the live environment very well. Tonight, and on this tour as a whole, the band put more energy into performing the newer material than the old.

    Unlike past tours, most reviews of their concerts on the 'Rock N' America' Tour were very positive, often speaking of the technical aspects of the show. Indeed, Queen continued to be leaders in their stage presentation. The lighting rig had once again been upgraded and was state-of-the-art for the time. The light show worked to its maximum potential during Brian's guitar solo, providing dazzling effects in sync with certain bits of what he was playing.

    American rocker Billy Squier would support Queen at every show on what would be their final tour of North America. Brian May would end up playing guitar on Billy's next album, a song called "(Another) 1984." Some people in the crowd booed Squier tonight, but generally speaking the reviews of his set on this tour were complimentary.

    On keyboards, Morgan Fisher has been replaced by Fred Mandel. Fred would remain with the band for the rest of the year, and would also play piano on "Man On The Prowl" on Queen's next album, The Works. Interestingly enough, Freddie doesn't introduce Mandel at the first couple shows, while he introduced Morgan Fisher at every show in Europe.

    They have dropped The Hero and wisely open with Rock It, as they are well aware of how successful The Game was on this side of the Atlantic. For this opening show of the tour, Queen would show their confidence in the new material by playing six songs from Hot Space.

    Brian's opening night jitters kick in early as he begins the concert by playing Rock It in D instead of A. When Freddie sings the first line, he knows it's way too high, and says to Brian, "wrong key!" Brian then seamlessly switches to the arpeggiated A chord and then they get the show rolling. They play the song a key lower than the original probably to ensure Freddie sings it well every night. For much of the tour, the coda of Rock It merges into a brief snippet of the fast version of We Will Rock You. Action This Day follows, making this tour the only time they would effectively open the show with two Roger Taylor songs.

    Somebody To Love appears only occasionally on this tour, and Love Of My Life wouldn't be played at all. Calling All Girls, however, has been introduced to the set, as it has recently been released as a single - the first Queen single penned by Roger Taylor. Although this song wouldn't bring them much success, Roger would write two massively successful songs in the next few years - Radio Ga Ga and A Kind Of Magic. The latter would be a number one hit in dozens of countries in 1986, making Queen the only band whose members all wrote a number one song.

    Body Language is a huge hit on this side of the Atlantic, so the band feel it's right to use it as the first encore number. It definitely goes down well, unlike its brief stint in the setlist in Europe. They opt for a more concise version of the song without the first verse or the drawn-out ending. I have spoken with many people who saw Queen on this tour, many of whom didn't like much of the Hot Space album - but the common thread between them all was how great the new songs sounded on stage, particularly Body Language.

    Megadeth/Eidolon drummer Shawn Drover attended this show, aged 16 at the time.

    The show is comparatively shorter than on previous tours, as the band are on stage for about 90-95 minutes each night.

    For the rest of 1982, Roger Taylor's bass drum skin would be of the artwork from his solo single My Country.

    The first picture was submitted by Maxime Guay. The second one was taken by Tracy Runas.


    Fan Stories

    “Hey I forgot to mention...the stub is for rouge 47 loge J siege 9. I was visiting an army buddy on my way to Nova Scotia that lived in Montreal. We were just walking around old Montreal and up St. Catherine’s ave, as we neared the forum we saw this fellow dragging a portable sign out to the street. It said QUEEN concert tonight....tickets available (in French but it was to that affect), the guy said that the stage was all erected and lighting in place and the seats just became avail. I believe he said there were around 200 scattered seats in all. Also I pulled my stub back just as the usher tried to tear it, QUEEN appears in full lol.” - John Kennington
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    “when Goliath gone missing, Freddie had offered a £1000 reward. Then I found him asleep in the jacuzzi bathroom. I ran down to find Freddie, he came up, took one look at Goliath asleep in the marble washbin and let out a hysterical scream” -Jim

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    Queen The Greatest - "Queen: 1980: Queen At The Movies - Take 1: Flash Gordon (Episode 20)".

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