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  • alexander: no.

    hercules: yes.

    laurens: probably not.

    hercules: most definitely.

    lafayette: maybe.

    alexander: possibly.

    laurens: quite likely.

    lafayette: not certain.


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  • Disclaimer: This Is a modern AU about the characters and the personalities that Lin Manuel Miranda wrote, so this may not be historically accurate to how they acted, This is about those characters children, who are OCs made by Me and nobody else, please do not use without my permission

    Warnings: Racism, Homophobia, strong language, Violence and detailed mentions of Violence, other real world issues like addiction, financial Instability, immigration etc, alsO, SEXUAL INNUENDOS AND NODS TOWARDS CHARACTERS DOING THE SEXY TIME BUT IT NEVER ACTUALLY TALKS ABOUT IT BUT ITS OBVIOUS IT HAPPENS-

    Characters: Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, Marquis De Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Eliza Hamilton, Archie Hamilton, Julius Laurens, Hale Mulligan, Mateo Lafayette, Juno Madison, Trystan Jefferson. Peggy schuyler, Angelica Schuyler

    Notes: Jefferson and Lafayette are Twins in this AU, Lafayette was adopted at birth by a french family because their mother couldn’t handle twins, Mateo was raised in France, and can now speak pretty good english. Jefferson and Talyn lived in France for a while with Lafayette and Mateo but later moved back to New York, Talyn can speak french and is already very familliar with Lafayette and his little cousin Mateo (Mateo is the youngest of this AU), John is married to Peggy Schuyler, Angelica is living in London. NOW INCLUDES FRENCH TO ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS! 


    Originally posted by inejghafta

    June. GSCE Picking time for the year 3s; Mateo (I really dunno if Americans do GSCEs or if they’re called something different but you chose them in year three of secondary school and do them in year five and it determines whether you get to stay for 6th form or not, kinda). Mateo, Lafayette, Mulligan and Hale were sat around the table at Mulligan’s apartment. “Okay- So we’re all here because Lafayette and I are Mateo’s Dads, and Hale, You’re Mateo’s brother I think we should be together as a family to discuss GCSE choices, don’t you agree?” Mulligan sighed, Mateo was looking at the ground nervously, bouncing his knee as Hale placed a hand on Mateo’s shoulder as a comfort. Lafayette and Hale both nodded instantly, but Mateo took a second to agree due to zoning out. “Okay, I’m glad we’re all on the same page, the first thing we need to address, Mateo, what are your plans for the future?”.

    “Go to drama school, get a degree and maybe get to broadway?” “Thats a really good goal, Mateo, Whats your fall back if that doesn’t work out?” “Baking, either work with Papa or open another Lafayette’s bakery somewhere else” “Thats a great plan!”. Lafayette smiled “My boy has ‘is future planned out!”. “So you definitely wanna graduate?” “Oui” “Alright, thats great! We’ll put Drama and Home Economics as your first two choices, you have three more places left, You wanna do double award science?” “Yeah, Mr Lee said he thinks i could pass with flying colours, and he wants to see me in his double award class” “Alright, that takes up two spots so you have one le-” “Geography” “Ahahalrighty, thats it!”. “What about E’glish math and sc-” “They’re mandatory, automatic, i guess, he has five slots to pick his own preferences” “Ahhh Okay”.

    “Mateo, dude, You’re gonna be fine!” Hale smiled, giving Mateo a small hug after noticing the boy’s nervous tendencies play up again. Mateo nodded “I’m scared, what’ll i do after you go off to university in August, Hale?-” “You’ll be fine, you’re a great kid, and i’ll be here at the weekends, and i’ll call you every day, but we still have two months so don’t worry about it, yeah?”….. “Yeah, yeah, right” Mateo nodded. Hale nodded, hugging him again “I’ll leave you the hoodie, yeah, you know what i mean, the one you always steal, and i’ll spray it with some of my aftershave so it smells like me, and I’ll make a recording on your phone of me singing that song i always sing you so that when you panic, or need help falling asleep, I’m always there, okay?”. Mateo teared up, whispering “Okay”. 

    Mateo’s other older brother, his biological one, George was in his last year of Uni in England, he was due to move home over the summer and start his job as the new Science teacher at Mateo’s school. Mateo and George are super close, don’t get me wrong, but Mateo would much rather that Hale stayed, he couldn’t imagine how Trystan felt with Juno going away. It was worse because next year, Archie and Julius left for uni, Then the year after that, Trystan, and then Mateo the year after that. Mateo felt completely overwhelmed, everything was happening so quickly, it didn’t feel right, He didn’t like it at all. He wanted it all to stay the same.

    He wanted Everyone to stay here, in New York

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  • hi, lovelies!

    i haven’t written in a long time, and this is an idea i’ve had for a while.

    i’m dedicating this drabble to @accidentally-a-writer because they’re going through some tough things right now and i want to try and help them feel just a little bit better by giving them something (sorry this is sad) :)

    TW// implied depression and suicidal ideation


    “Are you feeling any better today?”

    Alexander’s head snapped up from the computer screen. His eyes met John’s which were laced with concern and some other emotion Alex couldn’t pin point.



    “I asked if you’ve felt well today.”

    Right. That was the question. No. He hadn’t felt well today. He hadn’t felt well in a long time. His brain never truly felt right anymore. What was the question..?

    A hand landed on his shoulder and he jumped.

    “Do you want me to stay with you?”

    Did he?

    He shook his head. “No, go to class. I’ll be fine on my own.”

    He wasn’t fine on his own. As soon as the dorm door closed behind John, Alexander felt a pit of dread settle deep in his gut. He looked back at his laptop and the blank Doc that was open.


    He slammed it shut. He couldn’t do this today. It wasn’t right anymore. Nothing was truly right anymore.

    He went for a walk.

    It was cold. But he didn’t really feel the cold anymore. He never really felt anything anymore. Should he feel chilly right now?

    He’s standing on a bridge, it’s above a large drop to rushing water. It’s probably cold.

    His phone vibrates. He ignores it. His fingers are too cold to move anyway. He leans over the bridge. A fall from this hieght would probably kill him. Hm.

    His phone vibrates. He starts and looks around. Oh.

    He walks back to the dorm and is met with John’s concerned eyes once more.

    And he’ll do it again tomorrow.

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    hamilton characters’ personalities. Canon, Fanon and Historical

    Hamilton shit:

    Canon hamilton: pretty happy all over, talks a lot, weirdly quirky

    Fanon hamilton: depressed twitter monster who lives off of coffee, really annoying

    History hamilton: depressed asshole, really annoying

    Canon laurens: loud boy, very fun, pretty brave too, basically a happy knight

    Fanon laurens: kinda quiet from my experience, depressed (again??? They really be projecting)

    History laurens: i have no idea lmao

    Canon lafayette: french, pretty badass, kinda has two sides, bloodthirsty and happy

    Fanon lafayette: obsessed with france a n d america, pretty femenine, kinda has two sides bloodthirsty and happy, flirty

    History lafayette: from what i know he’s a very happy person but also must have been a good leader, flirty

    Canon mulligan: loud. Likes sex???? Big and clunky

    Fanon mulligan: loud. Likes sex. Soft????? Big and clunky. A fucking grizzly bear

    History mulligan: i dont fucking know he was a tailor spy and had a slave named ca-something

    Canon burr: talk less smile more

    Fanon burr: talk less smile more but hate the world

    History burr: pretty chill i think, human disaster, makes bad choices

    Canon washington: serious man. Tough. Admirable. Loud

    Fanon washington: washingdad. Tired of everyone’s bullshit

    History washington: serious man. Soft spoken. Tired of everyone’s bullshit let the man retire

    *conviniently forgets the schuyler sisters*

    Canon jefferson: flamboyant bitch. Likes sex??????? Arrogant. Evil but like hot evil

    Fanon jefferson: FLAMBOYANT BITCH. Flirt flirt. Anxietyyyyyy. Pretty arrogant still. Whiney. Evil but like hot evil

    History jefferson: ew. Shy. Bad with women. Totally a nice guy like reina said. Evil and like ugly evil

    1776 jefferson haha surprise: shy. Big nerd. He plays the violin. LET ME SEE MY WIFE.

    Canon madison: i cant describe it- rigid? Doesnt draw attention to himself. Cough cough cough. Very serious. Evil but like hot evil

    Fanon madison version 1: shy, soft, usually depressed, average brained, cough cough cough. Not evil??

    Fanon madison version 2: ver serious. I dont take your bullshit vibes. Lowkey scary. Cynical. Evil but like hot evil. Cough cough

    History madison: very quiet. Doesnt draw attention to himself. Pretty funny according to people. Depressed. Very depressed. Mastermind. Evil but like ugly evil. Cough cough cough

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  • #These descriptions are wild #John Laurens#Alexander Hamilton#Tench Tilghman #Robert Hanson Harrison #Richard Kidder Meade #James McHenry#quote
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  • Alexander: I want to fuck you

    Laurens: Jeez, way to be a caveman.

    Alexander: 𝐼 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓉𝑜 𝒻𝓊𝒸𝓀 𝓎𝑜𝓊

    #incorrect hamilton quotes #hamilton lams#lams#alexander hamilton#john laurens#hamilton #has this been done before?
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  • Laurens: Would you kiss me for 20 dollars?

    Madison: Why are you asking?

    Laurens: just curious

    Madison: Yeah, I guess???

    Laurens: *slams 20 dollars on the table* Well, would you look at that-

    #oh hey more rarepair stuff #hamilton#hamilton musical #hamilton: an american musical #hamilton incorrect quotes #incorrect hamilton quotes #incorrect hamilquotes#john laurens#james madison#laurmads #laurens x madison #madison x laurens
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    #lams erasure#lams#john laurens#alexander hamilton #hamilton the musical #need that clout i am stagnating
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    Miku binder Thomas Jefferson stans come get y’all juice

    #it’s 2am and my brain is rotting #hamilton #lin manuel miranda #I’m sorry#alexander hamilton#john laurens #I can’t stop thinking #brain goes bing bing bong #say no to this #reynolds pamphlet #it just doesn’t make SENSE OTHERWISE OK #maybe I’m giving this white man too much credit idk #miku binder thomas jefferson
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  • Right in the centre of my mind: 06.1. In my head I did everything right

    Thomas Jefferson X Black!O.C



    1. Mentions of sex
    2. Swearing/cursing
    3. Mentions of alcohol use


    5 years.

    That’s how long Iman doesn’t speak to Thomas for. Her reasoning? She didn’t need that kind of emotional scarring at such a young age. It’s easy for her to distance herself because she stops taking the bus. Her mother is suprised by this decision but Iman seems sure about it. It doesn’t take much effort to pretend he doesn’t exist at school because after all, he’s a year older. She changes her number and always makes sure she’s never home on weekends.

    After his senior year, she thinks she’s made it out alive after she hears that he’ll be moving to France. But he doesn’t. Instead Lafayette does and Thomas goes to Yale. Coming around the neighborhood every second weekend. Even becoming friends with her friends and hanging out at the shack more often.

    She can barely breathe anymore. His presence intoxicates her every time, so immediately when he shows up, she goes home. It doesn’t stop her heart from falling though. Doesn’t matter who she dates or goes to senior prom with. He’s right in the centre of her mind.

    So she goes to Oxford after high school. Doesn’t tell anyone about it either.

    She dates twice. Both girls.

    The first one is Henrietta Fox-Strangeways. Otherwise known as Harriet. Comes from a Christian home which suprises Iman. Absolute rebel with a cause, activist for LGBTQ+ rights, social studies major, vegan and all around nice girl. They only last 3 months. They don’t talk after the breakup.

    The second one is Amelia Osborne. Skater girl, dance major, music minor, lives to break the rules, tattoo artist by night (they met when Iman was getting the words “Emotional sexual bender” in Japanese under her boob with Harriet), party animal, but generally also a nice girl. They last 1 year. They remain close friends (with benefits) after the breakup.

    Harriet and Iman broke up because of her lack of commitment and sudden closeness with Amelia. While Amelia and Iman break up due conflicts of interest.

    That’s what both girls believed.

    Iman knew they both somewhat ended because she couldn’t stop thinking about Thomas.

    So she doesn’t return home after Freshman year. Instead she spends her summer in an apartment she’s sharing with Angelica Schuyler, getting wasted with the British.

    Sophomore year rolls around pretty quickly and she re-establishes communication with her friends in New York. She’d have to go back eventually so why not reconnect with them.

    She explains herself and they accept her bullshit excuse with open arms. Which is why it’s not awkward when she spends the next summer in New York. She thankfully never encounters Thomas at the shack. She does however encounter Lafayette. Who, if Iman was being honest looked far better than he did in high school.

    They reconnect, but it’s mostly physical. Coincidentally, they’ve both sworn off relationships for a while. But it doesn’t stop them from having casual sex.

    For a second, she forgets about Thomas.

    For the first time in 5 years, her heart, mind and soul are at peace.

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    Let me know if you wanna be on the taglist❤️

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  • Hamilton: Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you.

    Laurens: I think you’re cooler than a vintage cassette, too!

    #source: be more chill #oh christ bmc is taking over my life #so is hamilton #hamilton #hamilton: an american musical #incorrect hamilton quotes #hamilton: the musical #incorrect hamilton#hamilton musical #hamilton incorrect quotes #incorrect hamilquotes#alexander hamilton#john laurens#hamilton memes#hamilmemes#lams#incorrect lams #incorrect lams quotes #lams memes#oh also #source: alexander hamilton
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    “Laurens in South Carolina, redefining bravery”

    Someone suggested I draw Laurens with wings and it was an opportunity too good to miss out on

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  • Everyone else, basics 🙄 (joking): John Laurens was Gay, obviously.

    Me: Haha, Demiromantic Graysexual headcanon go brrrrr

    #i legitimately believe this #it's literally fine if you don't lol #i just think there's also a little evidence of him being attracted to women #i still think he had a very strong preference for men tho #i dunno tell me what you think :) #i'm really scared the history fandom is going to cancel me for this lmao #sorry but i do believe he had a deep genuine care for martha #platonic but still #i believr there's a chance he could've fallen in love with her with more time #this is just for fun tho #if any of you accuse me of mlm erasure i swear to fuck- #john laurens#hamilton #historical john laurens #american revolution
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  • the sexual tension between the sc house of reps and john laurens..

    #/j#/joke#john laurens #historical john laurens #sc house of reps #amrev #sorry for the small spam that’s gonna come up soon #john speaks
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  • would john laurens unsouth his south carolina

    #john laurens #historical john laurens #amrev#john speaks
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  • no one:

    john laurens, abandoning his pregnant wife: bye bye bestie

    #john laurens#amrev #historical john laurens #john speaks
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  • why the fuck do i find it so fucking funny that john laurens’ wife died a year before john laurens died

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