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  • John: a girl… just asked me… for dinner

    Alex: Ooo free dinner

    John: Alex, I dont like girls

    Alex: but you like food.

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  • Hamilton soundtrack every day? Yes.

    Hamilton soundtrack at least twice a day? Also Yes.

    Hamilton fanfiction? Read? Yes.

    Hamilton fanfiction? written? Also Yes.

    Images? Duh.

    Will I always love Hamilton? YES!

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    Jeggy Fusion!!

    Honestly these two is a recipe for disaster

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    John and Angelica Fusion!!

    They fused on accident at Alex’s wedding because they’re both SadTM

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  • If I’m absent it’s mostly cause I went and got myself hopelessly addicted to Song of Alexander by @ciceroprofacto which is so far excellent. I’m in for the hurt/comfort and angst and FEELINGS and glacial slow burn, I’m especially in for the historical accuracy and the insane amounts of research that must have gone into it, the dynamics are some of the best I’ve read, it’s generally super well-written, it has all the good stuff a story needs for me to enjoy it, and just. ugh. I know I’m gushing shamelessly but. so good. I’m afraid of being caught up. And I need to get more people into it.

    Seriously, I have this huge stupid grin plastered over my face while I read it because I love it so much, I have lost sleep because I had to finish a chapter, and I’m pretty sure I’ll reread it a LOT. Even if it’s never completed, no regrets. One of the reading highlights of 2020 for me :)

    Now I need to make an ao3 account so I can leave some long detailed comments ❤️

    #SoA #Song of Alexander #Alexander Hamilton#John Laurens#amrev#Van rambles #not something i'd normally mention #but i've been reviewing books for 2+ years #so when i say this is the good shit #i MEAN it #though gods help me if any reviewer peeps stumble upon this heap of amrev shitposting #seriously though it's so good #I might do fan art
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  • Race, at the beginning of the Seize the Day dance break: Alright, boys, this is what I’m talkin’ about.

    My brain: All right, all right, that’s what I’m talking about! Now, everyone, give it up for the maid of honor, Angelica Schuyler!

    The last sane part of me: Don’t forget from whence you came…

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    • Washington: Is anyone going to tell me what’s going on here?!
    • John: It’s kinda complicated, but Alex-
    • Washington: Got it. Forget I asked.
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    • Lafayette: You are driving me crazy! No wonder your fake husband moved to Hong Kong!
    • Laurens: He moved for business!
    #gilbert du motier marquis de lafayette #john laurens #incorrect hamilton quotes #source: how i met your mother #rip
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  • Alexander: I’m fine.

    John: Oh, you’re fine? Good, I’ll put that on your tombstone. ‘He said he was fine. He was wrong’

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    • Hamilton, on the phone: so when are you coming back?.......because I miss you-
    • [Eliza sits next to Hamilton]
    • George, to Lafayette: wait, whos he talking to?
    • Laurens, in the next room: Ill be back soon! You want me to bring you a pretzel?
    #hamliza#alexander hamilton#john laurens#george washington #gilbert du motier marquis de lafayette #in a world where the historians are right and they were really just best buds #incorrect hamilton quotes #source: how i met your mother
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    • Laurens, Calling Hamilton: Hey! How's my favorite lawyer? other than incredibly handsome?
    • Hamilton: Hey, dad- I mean George.
    • Laurens: ... No, its John.
    • Hamilton: ......What do you need?
    #alexander hamilton#john laurens#george washingdad #incorrect hamilton quotes #source: how i met your mother
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    • John: I love it when Alex uses unnecessarily long words for common things like brushing your teeth and washing up.
    • Hercules: Yes, it is gratifyingly erudite.
    • John: It's not as cute when you do it.
    • Hercules, sighing: I am cognizant of that fact.
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  • Ao3 fic author note: hey guys!!’ I hit a wall with this story but I’m not abandoning it! I will be back!”-feb 2017

    Ao3 fic readers: pack it up y’all we lost another one

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    • Eliza: I'm sorry, john, but I've been trying to tell you for years!
    • [Laurens Scoffs]
    • Eliza: This "bacon allergy" is just something your father made up so you would eat healthy!
    • Laurens: It is not! I'm just allergic to alot of things!
    • Eliza: Like what?
    • Laurens: Bacon!
    • Laurens: and everything at McDonalds....
    • Laurens: and.....being attracted to guys.....
    • Laurens: and not saying thank you....?
    • Laurens: Oh my god, He lied to me!
    #Elizabeth schuyler#john laurens #these two are the real Bffs\ #source: how i met your mother #henry laurens being problematic #laurens is a sheltered child #raised horribly honestly #incorrect hamilton quotes #Eliza knows best
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    • Jefferson: Here's what I would say about the dishes if I were Johns husband.
    • ************************************************
    • [Jefferson enters the apartment]
    • Laurens: Thomas, you're home!
    • [Laurens and Jefferson explicitly make out]
    • *********************************************
    • Hamilton: dude!
    • Jefferson: What is it?
    • Hamilton: Just, Ugh, get to the point!
    • ******************************************
    • [Laurens passes Jefferson a drink]
    • Jefferson: Thanks, Doll.
    • [Jefferson finishes his drink and sets it on the countertop]
    • Laurens: Are you gonna wash that?
    • Jefferson: I'm glad you bring that up. No. And here's why.
    • [Jefferson sits and pats his knee, Laurens sits on his lap happily]
    • Jefferson: John, I know you don't like a dirty sink, but does that make it my job to keep it clean?
    • [Laurens considers this]
    • Jefferson: I mean, If one day I look up at the living room ceiling and think, "Hey, Id like a replica of the Sistine Chapel up there." Would it be your job to paint it?
    • Laurens: Well, no. Of course not.
    • Jefferson: Exactly! so, Baby, by the same logic, if you don't like looking at a sink full of dishes, shouldn't it be your job to clean them?
    • Laurens: Wow. Thanks for explaining that. I get so confused.
    • Jefferson: That's because you're short.
    • ********************************************
    • Hamilton: Hey!
    • ********************************************
    • [Laurens and Jefferson laugh]
    • Laurens: I don't even know why we're laughing!
    • Jefferson: Of course you don't!
    • [Laurens and Jefferson make out explicitly....again]
    • ***********************************************
    • Lafayette: You are kidding me...
    • Hamilton: ....Hang on, Laf......Lets hear the man out...
    • Jefferson: Once I have his attention, its time to bring out the big guns.
    • *************************************************
    • Jefferson: look, I love you. But, Baby, with the little energy I have left after work, I want to shower you with love, not wash some silly dishes.
    • Laurens: You're right, I'll do the dishes!....right after I do this...
    • [Laurens turns on music and dances for Jefferson]
    • ****************************************************
    • Lafayette: You cannot seriously believe that would happen....
    • [Lafayette taps Hamilton's shoulder]
    • Lafayette: Are you going to hit him, or should I?
    • Hamilton: .......He's right.
    • Lafayette: Wh- No, He is not! Alex, look at me. Do not get drawn into Thomas Jefferson's circus tent of funhouse mirrors and flawed logic! This is exactly how you got that earring back in '03! And you hate Thomas!
    • Jefferson: Heh. that earring looked cool.
    • Hamilton: It DID look cool, didn't it?
    • Lafayette: Hamilton, Stay with me! Thomas is wrong!
    • Hamilton: .....No, he isn't. I hate doing my dishes right away.
    • Lafayette: You said you don't mind!
    • Hamilton: I hate it, Laf! I hate it with a boundless, burning fury! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!
    • Jefferson: You're welcome.
    • [Jefferson leaves]
    • Lafayette: Slap bet this does not work.
    • Hamilton: You're on.
    • [Later]
    • Laurens: Can you do the dishes, please?
    • Hamilton: John, I'm glad that you bring that up...No.
    • Laurens: ...
    • Hamilton: And here's why.
    • [Hamilton sits on a stool and pats his knee, beckoning Laurens to sit on his lap. Laurens is just confused. Hamilton gestures to his knee again, Laurens stares blankly]
    • Hamilton: Okay...
    • Laurens: ....
    • Hamilton: so, its like this, okay?... yeah, sure. you want me to go ahead and wash... my dish.
    • [Laurens nods]
    • Hamilton: but maybe i want you to paint the ceiling, right?
    • Laurens: wh-
    • Hamilton: Maybe i should say..."okay, yeah. I'll wash my dish, if you get up there, and you just- you paint naked babies on the ceiling!"
    • Laurens: huh?
    • ***********************************************
    • Lafayette and Jefferson, being told the story by Hamilton: huh?
    • Hamilton: I don't know what happened. I'm a lawyer, I argue for a living, but when it comes to john I just get all flustered. H-How could you not? I mean, the boys all eyes and, like, freckles.
    • Jefferson: What happened to the "I'm tired after a long day and I just want to spend my leftover energy showering you with love" argument?
    • Hamilton: I.... should have written that...down.
    • ***********************************************
    • Hamilton: Look, John, I........I make more money than you!
    • Laurens: Excuse me?!
    • Hamilton: uh.....dance for me.
    • ******************************************************
    • Lafayette: Oh, Alex......No.
    • Jefferson: Hamilton.... you dumbass.
    • Hamilton: To make a long story short, he kicked me out and i need a place to stay.
    • [Lafayette slaps Hamilton]
    • Lafayette: you can stay with me, Idiot.
    #thomas jeffershit#thomas jefferson#alexander hamilton#john laurens #marquis de lafayette #gilbert du motier marquis de lafayette #incorrect hamilton quotes #source: how i met your mother #i cant believe ya done this #oh no#im sorry
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    Lams Fusion!!

    It just looks like Philip I-

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  • Ask me questions if you wanna!

    #hamilton an american musical #john laurens#musicals #lin manuel miranda #lams#eliza schuyler#lafayette#george washington #hamilton x jefferson
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  • The 18th century lasted from 12:00 am (0:00 am) January 1, 1701 until 11:59 am (23:59) December 31, 1800. This century consisted of the most extravagant clothing and hair, the rule of four kings bearing the same name, and new ideals coming to light that would set the foundations for emancipation, equal rights, women’s suffrage, and LGBTQ+ rights. The American Revolution played a crucial part in this, as the document that the war was fought over proclaimed the basic rights of man gifted by god: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. As my focus is on the wars and society between 1754 and 1863, I will begin my historical documentation with the War for American Independence, what caused it, and the fashions and society of the period it took place during. 

    This period is by far my favorite, as the most influential men, women and people of the time have either been glorified, or forgotten, just as the clothing and other definitive aspects of the era have been grossly misconstrued. 

    Thus begins my blog.

    #18th century#1700s#1700s fashion#american revolution #french and indian war #18th century fashion #the declaration of independence #american war of independence #war of american independence #history#american history#alexander hamilton#george washington#john laurens #marquis de lafayette #thomas jefferson#james madison#aaron burr#tench tilghman#john adams
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