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    23.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I'm out in the countryside rn and all I can imagine is Johnny and Gyro riding around like cowboys and chillin'.

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  • steelsmr
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    shhhh be quiet johnny is sleeping 🤫

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    23.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    “But what do you do when there’s this great divide?”

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    22.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Another day another Johnny

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  • momokujo
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • ellery-six
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lol my Gyro looks more affronted than in the original panel 😆 I love him he’s so funny 🤣

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  • hathairjohnny
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #my writing #oh my god this took 7ever to finish #and IDK if it's even a good story #I'm just posting it to be done with it LOL #diego brando#johnny joestar
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  • jjbaloveblog
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Welcome :

    This blog may contain NSFW/18+ contents for OC x Cannon / Self-Shipping.

    Call me Cher or Jam or Cha Cha any names that you're comfortable with, pronounce are they/she/he

    We will taking JJBA Fandom only. (Parts : 1-8)

    Random Experience i will write I have write or Roleplay in NSFW for 3/4 years, but i still sounds like a 10 year old writing, since i don't know many English, that language is not my first language.


    Racist, (hating other people for their race).
    If you support MAPs or is one.
    LGBTQ+ Phobic.
    Minors , please re-consider if you're getting trouble don't blame, i gave you warning (because I know some minors (like under 14 [legal age in Italy] or something) still going to read this blog.
    Please respect other people, because in this world there's so many countries and cultures, thank you.


    You can send your desires via ask, for example your lusting over the character from jjba, i might gave some in character responses to you.
    You can write your sinful texts here.
    NSFW/SFW I don't care.
    I accept AU, Headcanons, and Prompts.
    I'll aged up Characters, but different story if the Characters are like Anne or Hayato, I WILL STRICTLY NOT AGE UP.
    I might delete some asks if it's too graphic or just made me uncomfortable.


    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8
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  • king-nothings-crown
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    My Foremost - You’re the Reason I Came This Far

    Summary: Johnny and Gyro find themselves stuck in a new town with little money. With new jobs, they start to lose hope. Not wanting to give up, Gyro continues to push himself for Johnny's sake first and foremost. This all comes to a halt when Gyro suddenly gets sick, and Johnny eventually finds himself caring for his friend, and then snuggling with him to keep him warm. There's a lot of mixed emotions when you're suddenly put in that spot, and Johnny isn't so sure how to feel, meanwhile, Gyro might be starting to figure out feelings of his own.

    Words: 8231

    Content:  whump, dehydration, minor emetophobia, minor heat exhaustion, collapsing, fainting, nausea, depressing thoughts and feelings, caretaking, whumpee turn caretaker, caretaker turn whumpee, illness, fever, minor starvation, touch-starvation, fluff, minor blood, glass related cuts, mutual pining, hard labor, sharing one bed, cuddling, just two friends trying to sort out their feelings

    Ten bronze coins are tossed onto the wooden table, Gyro stands before it, a calmed expression on his face despite the unending disappointment that plagued his mind.

    “We need to make a choice,” Gyro begins. From below, sitting at the table is Johnny, his forehead placed against folded hands. “We need to decide if we’re eating dinner, or staying in here another night.”

    It’s the same old conundrum they've had before; eat or stay warm and safe.

    “This hotel costs eight of these to stay each night,” Gyro continues, “We can easily use two of these breads to get ourselves a loaf of bread, which we can then split in half and share. Or we can spend them all right now and guarantee that we are able to stay in this hotel room for another night.”

    Johnny remains silent, his expression remains the same throughout Gyro’s speech- disappointment, defeat; his frown has practically been sewn into his face for several days now.

    “It’s hot outside, and last time we were out there we not only got robbed but got into that fight which broke my arm.” Now is the point where Gyro feels disappointed, guilty even. They had just saved up money and the two decided to camp outside the town. It was a huge mistake they would not forget. They were ganged up on, and nearly sold ‘For their beauty', as one of the men put it. As to what exactly that meant, the two men feared to know. Johnny had insisted they see a doctor, since they were desperate to treat their wounds before infection took place. It took up all their money, not even Gyro’s knowledge from being a surgeon was able to save them with the limited supplies they had at the time.

    Gyro internally snapped at himself, seeing Johnny's expression continue to seem so distant was enough to convince the man that now more than ever he needed to be strong, even if it’s only in appearance. “Due to that, I’d like us to remain indoors during the nighttime hours. So, we need to make a choice tonight. Dinner, or staying here?”

    The choice would be obvious, it should be obvious, giving how excited they were at the idea of finally eating tonight. A rumor floated around at Johnny’s workplace, ‘We’ll get a raise,’ he was told. It was not only a lie, but he got a pay decrease. This town is failing, the people are depressed and starving. It isn't uncommon to see people wandering outside all skin and bones. They have to get out of here, they have been slowly saving up to rebuild their necessary survival supplies again, but after that incident they had to start all over. The next town would be weeks away, and the surrounding land is infamous for having very little life.

    “Either way we’re screwed,” Johnny finally speaks up. He sighs, removing his forehead from his hands and placing them onto the table. “I guess, it’s kind of a waste to eat before bed, we’ll just be hungry again by morning anyway.”

    “Yeah, when you put it like that you're not wrong.”

    Johnny’s sight remains downward at the table, he can feel his friend looking at him, but he doesn't have the energy to even pretend to be alright. “I really don’t think we can survive here. I’ve never been so hungry in my life.”

    Gyro takes a moment to allow Johnny’s words to sink in, not because he wanted to hear them, but because he himself is starting to get too tired to think of any way to help Johnny out. A new joke just isn't coming to him, and the last witty joke he came up with Johnny hardly even acknowledged. That on its own said a lot, since Johnny has always been nothing but amused and supportive of Gyro’s, quite hilarious if he says so himself, jokes. Plus, if there’s anything that Gyro should keep in mind it's that there's a time in a place. He has been resorting to using such silly entertainment because he's at the point where he himself is seeing a bad end to reality. Gyro may be a man who enjoys silly antics, but he understands that in these times he has to be a strong pillar for the other man. After all, Johnny has dealt with major depressive episodes and feelings of defeat several times on their journeys, but when the man really wants something, even Gyro feels a little terrified how determined the other man can be.

    As of late, Johnny has shown little emotion outside of sadness, sometimes he just completely shuts down and shows no emotion at all. It’s getting really hard for Gyro to keep the man’s spirit at even an ok level, and it’s even harder on his emotions to see him get this way. Gyro has mad respect for Johnny, even if he is prone to feelings of anxiety and defeat, his sheer strength is still in there, somewhere, and Gyro believes that if he could just get Johnny a good meal and a guaranteed stay at this hotel, that it will eventually come flooding back. After all, the two want to get back home, if they can find the president of this world, then perhaps they can convince him to use his parallel dimensional powers to send them back and away from this hell.

    “We should get to bed,” Gyro suggests, “I know it's been hard sleeping lately, I’ll try to find a second job. When we get some money we can treat ourselves to some fancy wine, eh?”

    There's not even a tiny hint of a smile, Gyro could honestly frown himself. “Yeah,” is Johnny’s only response before standing up and getting himself to their single shared bed.

    Gyro follows suit, removing his hat and placing it on the now turned off night lamp as he snuggles beside Johnny underneath the covers. Gyro remains fixated on Johnny, usually the man would sleep with his back toward Gyro and there was nothing unusual about it, but, something about this display as of late has made Gyro almost feel distanced from the man. He wanted Johnny to sleep facing his way, and even he wasn't sure exactly why.

    Well, it'll be hard to sleep with the hunger pangs accompanied by racing thoughts, but the two men need to try. They just need to keep trying, that's all they can do.


    Johnny's job isn't easy, it is a job he got easily, given his display of upper body strength, something unusual to see in the men of this town. He is a miner of sorts, given a pickaxe and shovel and forced to hit rocks and dig dirt all day and into the early night. Weirdly enough, the things he and the crew were mining were these expensive looking gems, despite their appearance however, they are worthless to sell. The gems are a form of power supply, used to power electricity for the town, without it, the town would be too poor to afford keeping their lights on at night. It was a revolutionary find when first discovered, Johnny was told, but given how easy they are to find, and just how powerful they are, they are basically worth nothing.

    It’s hard labor, and as of late the team has been split in two, the second half now digging at a different site outside of town in an effort to locate new sources of water. Apparently there's a large water supply deep into the earth’s surface, and for half a year long before Gyro and Johnny’s arrival to this world, the town has been prioritizing on finding this hidden, supposed water supply. There’s been little luck, but it would bring great life to the land if found.

    Johnny leans weakly against a large boulder, finding his breath hard to catch. It’s summer here, it’s hot, much too hot to be doing labor. He swallows hard, finding his mouth extremely parched already. His clothes stick to his skin uncomfortably. Gently, he uses shaky fingers to tug at the fabric over and over in an attempt to cool off his skin, he then exhales a breath he wasn't even aware he was holding. This is too much, he needs a drink, or he fears his throat may close up. Unfortunately, the man who was put in charge of this particular site is much more strict than the one in charge of the water team. With water being as scarce as it is, everyone has to work a certain amount of time before being allowed water. Luckily, however, the man in charge isn't allowed to be as strict with workers taking a moment to fall onto their knees, or pass out for that matter. Since it’s such a common thing to see people suddenly just fall over, a law was put in place stating that no one is allowed to discriminate or scold anyone from taking a short break every now and again.

    As he takes a moment to bask in the tiny shade, a deep, queasy feeling slides around within Johnny’s guts, his head is spinning, and he lifts up a hand, noticing just how badly it’s shaking. He and Gyro ate breakfast, but it was only some bread that they shared. Not only was it not enough, but it felt like it was already out of his system by the time he arrived at work. His stomach growls angrily, and a huge wave of nausea hits him like a raging bull. Johnny quickly clamps a hand over his mouth as the nausea progressively gets worse. Next thing he knows, he's running to the other side of the boulder out of sight and spitting up the little remains in his stomach. His throat’s on fire, and the hot liquid that was expelled from his mouth left behind a sour, sickening taste. Despite having spat up, his body does not feel any better, and his stomach practically clenches with feelings like he’s going to be sick again. 

    With his legs shaking, Johnny collapses, allowing his body to cough and sputter, the nausea is never ending, and despite his guts tying themselves into heavy knots, he doesn't actually spit up again, which only leaves him frustrated. What was going to be another day at work where Johnny felt no emotions is quickly turning into a day where pure defeat stabs him repeatedly in his chest. His fingers angrily dig into the sand, and tears freely fall from his face. He wants to isolate himself, just go back into the hotel room and hide himself away. He asks himself, is there even a point in all this?

    An image of Gyro flashes in Johnny’s mind. Even in these hard times, Johnny greatly appreciates and admires the way the man’s been handling himself. Guilt begins to seep into Johnny as he starts to truly realize just how pathetic he has been as of late. Even now that he's walking again, Johnny finds himself still pathetic. He’s frustrated, he could kick and scream with how frustrated he is. He can tell he's being a pain, a burden even, yet Gyro continues to smile, even if Johnny can tell it’s half assed. He thinks to himself, just how much of a useless burden he's been, and how ungrateful he has shown himself to be as of late. Here’s the man who gave him a reason to go on and Johnny still has yet to show any proper gratitude. Why does Gyro even bother to stick around him? Why does the man even bother talking to him? Why does the other man even like him at all? Johnny sniffs and muses to himself how, just when he was starting to feel alive again, it all came crashing down. Slowly, he makes his way onto his feet, his body continues to shake nearly uncontrollably, but he has to go on. At this point, he may as well fight if for any reason for Gyro- that man still likes Johnny enough to remain at his side, above that the man still likes him enough to talk to him, to like him, to show him any form of human decency and respect that no one has ever given him before.

    Johnny fought tooth and nail time and time again when he and Gyro were being persuaded by those terrorists during the race, he tells himself that not much has changed, that the world is still against him and that he must fight. But he can only listen so much, the possibility of him and Gyro slowly starving to death is very real, that is, if dehydration doesn't kill Johnny today.


    Gyro is like Johnny in that his upper body strength alone was able to guarantee him a job here, except unlike Johnny, who was working intensely with shovels and pickaxes, Gyro is working in a farmer's field. The endurance required is very heavy on his body, especially given how hot today in particular is, but it’s not as if he has to do a lot of heavy lifting. In fact, other than occasionally lifting heavy boxes full of, rather poorly produced, produce and buckets, as well as oats and water to the animals, he simply works at carefully tending to plants and picking anything that's ready.

    It’s still hard work, and above that it’s even harder on his emotions as each day it seems that more and more food just fails to grow or gets ravenously eaten by animals. There’s little protection for the plants, with many of the guard dogs themselves beginning to grow skinny and weak. It’s depressing work, so much food fails to grow properly, sometimes they show promise then promptly die the next day. When promising food is gone too soon, that's probably the hardest part of the job.

    Every day has become mundane and the same, depressing even. Gyro wants to go back home as much as Johnny, and despite his strong standing, anxiety has been filling his chest nowadays. He wonders how long it'll take for them to get home. They had all their stuff stolen, and the moment they start saving money for new supplies it immediately all gets stolen again. Remembering just how close they were to being able to survive a trip across the land only to have that snatched from them left a huge hole in Gyro’s heart. Canned food was oddly expensive, pasta? Even more expensive. Everyday Gyro puts himself in charge to carefully go over all their money and supplies, he thinks extensively and plans the days down to the finest detail, something he never thought he'd have to do, something that he hates doing, but to relieve stress for the sake of them both, Gyro has taken on the role to do such. He’s even studied the map down to the finest details, that little piece of information actually amused Johnny when the man caught him sitting at the table, a mug of coffee in-hand, eyes practically stuckfast to the old, worn paper.

    Boy does Gyro ever miss coffee, they had some when they first settled here, being that it was left over from their other world, but they have yet to see any coffee in this world, Gyro is sure even if they saw some it would be an unholy amount of money. That seems too fitting for this world.

    Now with Johnny getting a pay decrease, Gyro decides to take it upon himself to work even harder. The farmer gave Gyro the ok to stay longer, but after his usual shift the pay would be cut down by half. As disheartening as it was to hear, Gyro reluctantly agreed to it. He was understanding of the man’s position and thought process, but he still cursed about it under his breath. Still, he is glad to be allowed extra money all the same. They just need to survive another day tomorrow, and the two of them can eat and continue to stock up on tools and supplies they'll need to last them a long journey. It’s just such a shame no one around is willing to sell any horses.

    The process is slow, and the setback has left the two men in a state of pure hell, but Gyro is confident that very soon they'll pick themselves back up. In fact, he feels his emotions take a small positive rise as he remembers the small bit of extra money he will bring back to their hotel room. It won't be much, but extra money means more meals, maybe they can even afford another bath, a luxury that only comes to those on top of the food chain, given how scarce water is.

    But, Gyro then remembers something he did not want to have to tackle again. He and Johnny will likely be forced to sleep outside tonight, as they were only able to afford one more night at the hotel. It’s an issue he was gonna tackle on a whim once they got there, but knowing that he's going to have to figure out how they'll stay safe causes all the previous feelings of bliss to vanish all at once. He could try begging, at this point Gyro is sure he and Johnny are in a bad enough state where they may as well beg if it comes down to it, but he has a feeling a lot of begging happens in this town, so he doubts the hotel owner would even be affected.

    Gyro plucks at a tomato, it takes him a moment to realize this, but, this particular tomato is nearly perfect in every regard. The firmness, the shape, the texture, it’s the most perfect thing he's seen from this farm. A miracle sits right before him within his grasp, he wasn't so superstitious to believe that this was some ‘sign’ or something, but it alone is enough to convince Gyro once again that things could get better, and that something good can come from bad experiences. He and Johnny will make it through this, they have to, they managed to win the race together before Valentine sent them to this world, the prize money was theirs which meant Gyro would be able to go back home. He thinks about asking Johnny if he'd like to come with, it’s a big suggestion, but when the time is right, Gyro genuinely wants to discuss it with the other man. Unless...Johnny has other plans now. Admittedly, the thought of the two of them separating leaves Gyro feeling a little disheartened, but at the same time, Johnny deserves to build a new life for himself, and he knows he can do it.

    Besides, Johnny once admitted to Gyro that he hopes to get married and start a family one day. It wasn't something he expected, in fact, Gyro was quite shocked at the revelation, but at the same time, he can almost see it. Johnny has matured a lot during their journey, and as thankful as Johnny is to Gyro, Gyro wants to sit down with the man and remind him that, at the end of the day, change truly comes from within. Much of Johnny’s growth was his own will, even if Gyro is his inspiration. In a way, Gyro actually admires the way Johnny has a set goal, something he himself can only do so much, given his family line and duty. Gyro grins a little, perhaps Johnny doesn't realize the fact that he admires him as well to some extent. In fact, the main reason he's even working so hard is Johnny first, himself second, and the overall goal of them getting back home third. 

    He just wants to see Johnny happy again. All those nights where the two played games, spoke, and slept under the stars may be coming to an end, but they'll forever rest in Gyro’s heart as his fondest memories. Had Johnny not followed him that day things would have gone completely differently. Their encounter was by chance, and it was even further by chance that Johnny just so happened to touch Gyro’s steel balls, but he will forever be grateful that it happened.

    Ah, this emotion. Gyro stops and stares forward for a moment, perplexed and amused by the mixed concoction that rests within him. Sadness, longing, happiness. It’s odd, but he’s unsure which one he's feeling, perhaps all three? He’s hardly even sure how to describe it. Johnny remains on his mind, almost as if the man now lives in his head with no cost. He wants to see him again, he wants to sing songs and tell him jokes again. If he’s to do that, he needs to clear his mind, focus himself, but it’s hard these days, thanks to unending stress mixed with dread and anxiety. Yet, Gyro is slowly beginning to realize that, despite the intense heat, his body is beginning to relax a little. 

    ‘Johnny, you bastard.’

    Well, anything to help the day go by faster.


    It’s well into the evening and Johnny is panicked that Gyro isn't in the hotel room. He’s been sitting and waiting at the small table for half an hour. His thoughts race, did Gyro get kidnapped on his way here? Did he get injured? Is he ok? His hands are shaking, and he stands up suddenly, nearly falling back over as a brief dizziness and blackness takes over. He pushes past that and slams the door open, rushing out of the small building and back out into the town. It's dangerous at night, he realizes this, so all he can do is pray to not get jumped. Johnny knows where the farm is, he and Gyro made sure to show each other the locations of their occupations as soon as they could in case something should happen.

    He’s running, the late summer air is heavy with humidity, his muscles ache, and his body is weak. Johnny pushes past all this, frightened at the possibility that Gyro could very well be leaving him all alone in this world. His heart races, he’s pleading, ‘Oh please don’t let something happen to him.’

    That's when Johnny trips, falling straight down hands first into a pile of glass. Immediately, he flinches with a surprised shout. With his panicked mind unable to think, he uses his knees to boost himself off to the side in an attempt to get away from the glass, but he realized too late that his hazy mind instinctively put his hands out to catch himself from falling completely onto the ground. Tiny glass shards dig into his skin and he swears at his own stupidity. Johnny hoists himself onto his feet and stares down at the damage, there’s blood seeping out in a perfect river on his right hand, as a rather large piece rests there. He counts at least six other tiny shards, each with little blood bubbles that drip faintly, splashing a little bit of onto the ground below. Johnny swears again and takes off again into the direction toward the farm Gyro works at. As he runs, he starts plucking the tiny glass shards out, but his shaky fingers are unsteady, not being helped by running. He’s unable to properly get any of the shards out, save for the large one, which he yanks out with a near sickening wet, slicking sound. It bleeds, and it stings, but his mind is still much too focused on getting back to Gyro.

    That’s when Johnny hears his name called, and his head whips around to see Gyro several feet away from him. “Gyro!”

    “Hey,” Gyro is quite surprised as Johnny rushes to his side, “why are you out here? We promised each other we'd always go straight home after work.”

    “You weren't there!” Johnny practically shouts, a hint of frustration laces his voice. “Where were you?!”

    “Johnny,” Gyro chuckles nervously, “what’s with you? It’s only been about thirty minutes. I was just doing some overtime.”

    “Don’t scare me like that! I don't know what I’d do if you left me alone…” he looks away from Gyro’s gaze, his eyes threatening to water. He feels just so pathetic.

    “I know. I’m sorry,” Gyro sighs. “It was a decision made today just on the spot. Still, I was hoping the extra work time would be longer than just thirty minutes.” Then, Gyro’s ears catch a rather faint splashing sound, and upon looking down, he notices several, tiny splashes of blood falling from Johnny’s hand, as well as one spot that appears to be bleeding more. “Johnny! What happened,” with no further thoughts, Gyro reaches down and gently grasps at Johnny’s finger tips, lifting them so his palms are up to get a better look at the man’s hands.

    “I tripped and fell into some glass, just my luck.” Johnny explains.

    “Oh, Johnny.” Gyro sighs again, “Come on, let’s get you back into the hotel room.”

    “That reminds me, aren't we getting kicked out tonight?”

    “Let’s just see how long it takes until they notice, yeah? We need to treat your wounds.”


    Medical supplies were the first they bought once they started to rebuild their stock from the ground up. For moments like these, which were bound to happen sooner or later. It was a good decision on their part, they almost went with hunting stuff first.

    “It'll sting a little,” Gyro gently dabs the open wounds, causing Johnny to flinch. Of course, this sorta treatment is nothing new to either of them, as they've been repeatedly attacked again and again back at home, as well as suffered many injuries. They've grown used to it, yet Johnny finds it harder to deal with the pain now than ever, despite the wounds being some of the more minor ones he's had in a while all things considered.

    Gyro is silent as he continues to treat Johnny's wounds, shards of glass were much easier to remove thanks to the tweezers. Johnny felt guilty throughout the whole ordeal, but watching Gyro’s calmed expression as he treated him helped ease him even if the slightest.

    Johnny's hands are warm, Gyro noted to himself. He reaches down toward the bucket at his feet and rings out the washcloth. Gently, he works on one hand, placing the back of Johnny's hand within his own palm as he gingerly scrubs the blood away with the cloth. Gyro’s mind was focused earlier when he was picking out the shards, but now that he has Johnny's hand in his own, he’s finding his mind starting to slip. His heart picks up the pace, beating just a little bit faster. Excitement mixed with slight anxiety bubbles in his lower gut, while scrubbing away the blood, Gyro gently brings up his thumb and brushes it against Johnny’s palm, carefully avoiding the cuts, though for what purpose he did this he’s not even entirely sure himself. 

    How come...he can't look Johnny in the face all of a sudden? 

    “Thank you, Gyro.” Johnny’s voice breaks the silence. “But I think you got this hand clean.”

    Gyro’s mind falls back down to earth. He wants to kick himself. “Right, now the other. Once this one’s clean we’re going to bandage them up.”

    Johnny agrees, raising up the other hand, which Gyro grasps softly. For a moment, the two sat there, Gyro just looking down at Johnny’s bloodied hand. There was something about the way Gyro softly grasped at his hand that made Johnny almost feel warm and even protected. 


    “Oh, sorry.”

    Johnny raises an eyebrow, “You seem spaced out. You alright?”

    “Yeah,” with that, Gyro begins to work at cleaning up Johnny’s second hand. Neither wanted to admit it, but they were both feeling a strange mix of confusion and warmth.

    Gyro almost can’t help but realize just how nice, domestic even, this situation feels as he willingly continues to tend to Johnny’s bloodied hands.

    “Hey,” Gyro speaks up, in that low tone that he only ever used when he is about to get serious. “I think things will be alright, if we just stick together.”

    Johnny takes a moment to let the words hang, “Yeah, of course. But work for me tomorrow will be a pain in the ass.”

    “Oh, that’s right. These wounds will probably hurt for a few days.”

    Johnny sighs, “As if things couldn't get any worse.”

    Gyro begins to work on bandaging Johnny's now cleaned wounds, as he does, his expression remains focused. Johnny frowns.

    “I’m sorry, Gyro.”

    “Hm? What for?”

    “Well, you were being positive just now. I went and ruined it again.”

    With Johnny’s palms now gingerly wrapped up, Gyro sits up straight. “I tried to make sure they were tied up in such a way that you wouldn't have an issue with your hand feeling constricted.”

    For some reason, Johnny can't help but feel rejected that Gyro seemingly ignored his apology. He knows the man doesn't mean anything by it, if anything he acknowledges they each have their own ways of showing appreciation or forgiveness. But Johnny still wishes Gyro would just give him some sort of response after he apologized. Perhaps it’s selfish of him, and Johnny almost wanted to kick himself for thinking so selfishly, especially since Gyro does so much for him.

    “Thank you, Gyro.”

    Gyro flashes Johnny a smile, “Hey, I have something for you.”

    “Hm? What is it?”

    Gyro makes his way back over to their shared bed where a small, brown sack rested. He makes his way back over to the table and sits back before it. The man is clearly elated as he reaches into the bag, and Johnny can't help but widen his eyes at the thought that Gyro probably brought back-


    It’s only two ears of corn, but to the two men it may as well be a godsend. They have hardly eaten in days, typically surviving off one meal every other day. They are completely famished.

    “Sorry, I still need to wash and cook them,” Gyro admits with a small chuckle. 

    “Well hurry up then,” Johnny demands in a monotone voice. “You should've mentioned this sooner. I was getting worried I’d have to starve another night.”

    “Alright, alright! Sheesh, I tend to your wounds, and bring you home food and I get yelled at!” Gyro flashes Johnny another smile, the one Johnny flashes back looks oddly weak and forced. It stings the man a little and he frowns. “Hey, I was only joking, you know.”

    “I know,” Johnny assures, trying his best to continue to force his weak smile. Still, despite his words, Johnny feels a slight sting in his chest. “I know. I appreciate it. But how did you get that corn?” 

    Gyro begins to set up the fireplace, fanning the air and getting the hotel-provided pots ready. “I took them. I was the last one there. They looked so nice, how can I not?”

    Johnny moves his chair closer to the fireplace and stares intently, a little bit of drool leaks from the corner of his lips. Gyro isn’t looking much better, as some of his saliva falls to the floor before he’s able to wipe it away.

    Minutes go by, Gyro is sitting on the bed reading a book, Johnny’s gaze remains fixed on the corn being cooked. “You know it’s gonna cook slower if you stare at it the whole time,” Gyro jokes.

    “I think it’s done soon,” Johnny claims.

    “You sure you're not just too eager?”

    “At this point I don’t care if it’s a little undercooked, I need it in my stomach, now.”

    “I understand, I’m feeling the same. Let’s take them out, and put out the damn fire, it’s too hot for fire.”

    Eagerly, Johnny begins to remove the pot from its place above the fireplace, Gyro helps with putting out the fire. The two sit at the table, and they're very quick to dig into their corn. Saying it's one of the best meals they've ever had is an understatement. They finish in no time, sighing with satisfaction at finally having food in their bellies.

    “Somehow that plain corn was perfect on its own.” Johnny mentions.

    “Well, I once heard that hunger is the best spice,” Gyro claims. “Anyway, I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

    “Yeah, me too.”


    When Johnny woke up that morning, Gyro was not there. There was a note on the table, explaining that he went to work a bit early. Johnny brushes it off and goes to work. The cuts in his hands stung worse than last night, and the moment he held his pickaxe he knew right away that these wounds won't be healing anytime soon. Somehow, even with the bandages being firm in their place, the sturdy wooden pole still sat highly uncomfortable within his grasp. He’s able to push past the pain, though reluctantly and even a little angrily.

    His right hand’s palm delivers a particular sting, and Johnny grimaces as he feels it throb. With a sigh, he decides to sneak behind the large boulder off to the side and allows himself a small break. Now sitting down, Johnny raises his hand up and gazes intently at it. His thoughts drift back to Gyro, remembering the way the other man had gently held his hands last night.

    Wait, why is he thinking about that? Johnny can't seem to give himself a proper answer, but he allows his thoughts to further wander. Gyro was so gentle, typically, whenever the two got injured they tended to their own injuries, a few times Gyro simply gave Johnny advice on how to properly tend to them. There was one time where Gyro put his best medical knowledge to help Johnny, back when Johnny got shot so many times that he nearly died. Ah, he remembers that weird situation- thanks to the president’s Stand, it was Valentine, Dio, and Wekapipo who all shot him at the same time.

    “Joestar, you're taking too many breaks!” Johnny frowns in frustration, it was only his first break of the day. He isn't going to argue with the man, at least not yet. He picks his pickaxe back up and goes back to the area where started working. Right away, his right hand begins to throb and sting. He figures the best way to get this day over with is to keep his mind occupied. Naturally, he starts thinking of Gyro again; what types of conversations should he bring up with his friend? There’s still a lot about him that he doesn't know, and a lot about himself he wants to share. Though, usually nowadays the two are too tired to sit down and talk properly, perhaps, Johnny thinks, he can try to initiate a conversation with Gyro as they lay in bed together.

    He blinks and thrusts his shovel into the dirt. His mind remains stuck at that concept, and it only just now occurred to him how weird that was; how they just shared that small bed. Johnny has been told he himself is a rather still sleeper, but Gyro as of late has been moving around a lot, usually just tossing and turning, and as much as Johnny didn't want to admit, he was awoken several nights because of this.

    Johnny stops, now that he thinks about it, he has been told he's a still sleeper, and yet he wakes up every morning facing Gyro. The thought never occurred to him now, but Johnny begins to ponder over the idea that perhaps he is the one who moves around a lot and wakes up Gyro. He figures he’ll inquire the man about it tonight, for now, his mind does rest itself a little easy knowing that tonight, if all goes according to plan, he and Gyro will just lay in bed together, having conversations like they used to.

    His face feels a little warm all of a sudden, despite the weather being oddly much cooler today.


    It’s been an hour and Gyro hasn't come back. He did say in the note this morning he may be out late, but Johnny can't help but worry. Not only is it dangerous at night, but Johnny is worried that Gyro wouldn't be getting good sleep. Plus, he just wants to see the man, talk to him, crawl in bed and feel his warmth beside him.

    Ah, perhaps he's letting his thoughts run too much. Gyro would probably find it weird if Johnny said that out loud. Right? Surely. His heart races a little, much to his perplexion. A hand is lifted up and placed into his chest gingerly, the hard thumps radiate against his injured hand, and he wonders exactly what is it that has got him so excited? He won't deny he likes being around Gyro, but he is worried that maybe he's starting to get a little weird with it.

    No, he pushes that thought away. It's nothing like that. Gyro gives him respect, cares about him, confides in him, talks to him. They're good friends. They've been through a lot together: long days that dragged on, intense horse racing that required the utmost concentration, and of course they've been attacked and almost died on several occasions. It's no wonder they'll naturally have some form of comfort in each other. But, still, there's something more than just that: they're friends. Good friends. Great friends even if Johnny says so himself. He wants to be closer to Gyro. He wants to know more. He wants to know everything from the most random fact as the man’s favorite insect to his most personal philosophical thoughts on life itself. Johnny wants to share that sort of thing with him too.

    Just where is Gyro? Johnny frowns. He misses him. His body feels oddly sensitive, and as he slips into bed, he begins to gently cradle his body in his own arms. His arms are oddly chilled, faintly, he swears he can feel someone gently touching them if he thinks hard enough. He wants Gyro to touch him, not in a sexual way, though that thought has also popped up on some...rather frustrating and heated nights Johnny has had. Rather, he just wants some reassuring touches. Gyro hasn't done it since they arrived in this world, Johnny realizes he was really taking advantage of the times during the race when Gyro was more touchy. It would just be little assuring pats, or perhaps he got shocked by something and simply put his hand on Johnny’s shoulder. It wasn't an often thing, and the first few months Johnny thought little of it. Then, one day, Gyro brought Johnny in close in an attempt to almost protect him, the situation wasn't even grave, yet Gyro almost went and gave Johnny a hug that day.

    Perhaps, it's time he's more honest with himself. As his thoughts continue to race, his heart beats faster. Johnny's already come to the conclusion that despite his past trauma with people, he wants to get married, settle down, and have kids. Of course, he’d kiss his wife each and every single day. That thought was nice. So Johnny begins to ask himself: is it specifically Gyro? Or does he want affection in general?

    He sighs. This is getting too complicated. His eyes glance at his beaten-up watch. Gyro should've been home an hour and a half ago. Maybe it’s best he turns in for the night, after all, if Johnny were to start talking he fears he may try to discuss this mess.

    The door slams open, Johnny jumps and sees Gyro standing only for a brief moment before collapsing at the doorway.

    “Gyro!” Johnny rushes onto his feet and toward the door, Gyro remains slumped as Johnny wraps his arms around the man and attempts to help him to his feet. “Come on, let's get you to bed. What happened?” Upon further inspection, Gyro didn't appear injured. Johnny places the tips of his fingers against Gyro’s forehead and feels how hot he is. “You have a fever. Come on, Gyro, my legs aren't strong enough yet for me to carry you.”

    “Johnny…” Gyro mumbles.

    “Hey, stay with me, come on.” Weakly, Gyro begins to budge the tiniest bit and Johnny uses all the strength he can muster to help get his friend to the bed. 

    His breathing is shallow and ragged. Unfortunately, they don’t really have a lot of ways of dealing with illness. Johnny wracks his brain before remembering the bucket and cloth. Quickly, Johnny begins to run the cold water in order to fill the bucket. He’s back at Gyro’s side in mere seconds, gingerly moving the man’s bangs out from his face before wringing the cloth out and placing it on his forehead.

    “You ok, Gyro?”

    Gyro mumbles a little ‘Yeah’ and Johnny is relieved to hear him still responding. He moves a chair next to the bed and sits for a few minutes, just watching his friend breath in and out through his mouth. Johnny begins to wonder if this is his fault to some extent, after all, Gyro has been working so hard for them both, even going so far to keep a more positive attitude than he has during this whole ordeal.

    Well, he’s tired too, Johnny figures he should get some sleep and see how Gyro is in the morning. Slowly, Johnny lifts himself off the seat and makes his way to the other side of the bed and underneath the covers.



    Johnny vaguely hears the word in his sleep.

    There’s a small groan, then something large suddenly lands on Johnny’s side, startling him awake. His eyes fling open, and he's greeted with his face mere inches away from Gyro’s. He flushes and backs off as much as he can, but given how tiny the bed is, he isn't able to get very far. That's when he notices the large arm that drapes over him. His breath hitches as Gyro begins to slowly move himself closer.

    “Uh, hey, Gyro? You awake?”

    Gyro is silent, and next thing Johnny knows, Gyro starts to shift his position so that his face is resting right against Johnny’s chest.


    The arm begins to pull Johnny in, and Johnny’s heart starts to race as Gyro holds that position. He’s unsure what to do, or even how to think.


    Johnny looks down at his friend as he feels his body tremble slightly, ah, he’s cold. If only they had extra blankets, Johnny recalls having a real awful cold once in his early teen years, the trembles were the worst part of it. He imagines Gyro is possibly going through something like that now.

    He doesn't watch to catch Gyro’s cold, but he decides the best course of action is to help further warm him up. Slowly, Johnny moves his arm from underneath Gyro’s arm and drapes it atop his friend.  It’s awkward, and Johnny's heart does not settle despite him desperately hoping it would, but as the minutes drag on, his mind becomes less frantic, and he starts to feel a gentle warmth rush along his insides. Something about this is...actually quite nice. The corners of Johnny's mouth go up, he debates on it for a moment, but decides to tighten his arm around Gyro just a little harder. 

    He tries to justify to himself, ‘It’s to keep him warm,’ but even he knows. He's enjoying this sudden affection, even if it's only because Gyro seems to be slightly delusional from his fever.

    In no time at all, Johnny’s breathing becomes slower and deeper as he drifts off into slumber. 


    He faintly heard it in his sleep. Loud, rapid heartbeats. Upon waking up that morning, Gyro is immediately assaulted with persistent chills that leave him wanting to stay underneath the covers. He frowns and notices Johnny sitting at the table, drinking a cup of water. 

    “Damn it, my head. Johnny, good morning.”

    Johnny looks at his friend, in a nonchalant voice he says a simple “Oh, morning.”

    “I’m feeling really sick today. Think I caught a cold.”

    “Yeah, you came in and collapsed right at the door frame. I had to drag you to bed.”

    “Oh? I don’t remember. I only barely remember making my way back to the hotel to be honest.”

    Johnny looks away, feeling slightly embarrassed, “Oh, so you have no recollection of last night?”

    “Afraid not. Well, I had this strange dream. I was in this tundra, it was snowing hard. I was so cold, Johnny. I was walking, trying to look for warmth. That's when I found a cave. The cave was oddly very warm, unnaturally so. But inside the cave was this rapid thumping sound, almost like a heartbeat.”

    Johnny didn't think he could feel this embarrassed. “Oh?” He raises the mug to his lips, anxiously taking a small sip of his water. 

    “Yeah. It was a little weird at first, but it became oddly soothing. I was warm, and I was happy.” Gyro reaches to the back of his head and rubs it, “I feel a little silly saying this, I guess it's from the cold, but I kinda want to go back to that cave.”

    Johnny’s face breaks into a grin, in an effort to hide it, he raises the mug back to his lips.

    “Hey, Johnny.”


    “I keep forgetting to tell you this, but I learned a little silly fact about you.”

    “What's that?”

    “When you sleep, you seem to have a habit of grabbing the closest thing to you. It was kinda funny at first, I’d get out of bed and put random objects in front of you to see if you'd grab it. You'd do it every time!” Gyro laughs a little. Johnny didn't think he could feel any more embarrassed than he already is. “So, nearly every night as of late you'd been grabbing me. I wake up nearly every day with you clinging to me. Sometimes, you act like a kid, it's quite amusing.”

    “I...do that?”

    “Sure do. Only as of late. Also, you snore, loudly.”

    “I do?”

    “Ok, I was lying about that last part.” Gyro laughs again.

    Johnny narrows his eyebrows, “Well, there were several nights you'd talk in your sleep. Not to mention lately you’ve been moving around a lot at night as well.”

    Gyro waves his hand, “Yeah, yeah. I knew about that already.”

    Johnny smiles. Little moments like this take Johnny back to before they arrive at this world, before they became broke and mostly homeless.

    “Wait, shit. We haven't been paying for our room.” Johnny notes.

    “That can wait, hey Johnny. Can you get me the spare blanket? I’m freezing!”

    “We don't have a spare blanket, Gyro.”

    “Hm, I guess the next best option is for you to be my second blanket, yeah?”

    Johnny’s mind swears and he prays his face doesn't start flushing. “Shut up, I’m going to try to get some soup today. You stay here, don’t go to work today, understand? You've been pushing yourself.”

    “Sure, sure. Will you be ok?”

    “Yes,” Johnny makes his way over to the bed and places his fingertips upon Gyro’s forehead. “You're not burning up at least.”

    “I did just say I was cold.”

    “Well, you had a fever last night, I’m just checking.”

    All of a sudden, Gyro wraps his arms around Johnny's waist and practically yanks the man into bed, Johnny now laying awkwardly over his friend. 

    “Gyro?! What the hell?!”

    “I said I was cold.”

    “Yeah but- I have to go to work.”

    “Screw work, take the day off. You work tirelessly too. I don’t want you to get sick as well.”

    Johnny’s mind is panicked and conflicted at the sudden actions of his friend. He’s unsure what to make of the situation, moreover he's not even sure of his own feelings.

    Feelings...just what does he think of Gyro? He's not even sure.

    “Ok, if you're that cold.” Gyro releases Johnny and he begins to make his way back under the covers. “But only for a bit, because now I want hot soup too.”

    “Hey, Johnny.”


    “I thought what you did last night was really nice.”

    Johnny blinks, “Huh? Wait a second.”

    “Yeah, the way you hesitated before tightening your arm around me. It was nice.”

    “So you do remember?! You bastard.”

    Gyro laughs, “I only just did! Still, thank you, really. I cannot stress enough just how much that means to me.”

    Johnny rolls his eyes, “Yeah, yeah. I was hardly left with any choice though.”

    “But, really, if you ever want any hugs or anything, you can just ask.”


    “I mean, I kind of…” Gyro’s voice trails off. “Never mind. I’m feeling weak, so I’m going to go back to sleep. Goodnight.”

    “Hey, wait a second now. What were you gonna say just now?” Johnny sits up in the bed and looks over only to see Gyro’s eyes closed. “Hey, you did not fall asleep that quickly.”

    No response. Johnny sighs. Oh well, it's fine like this. Johnny figures he'll settle on his feelings at some point. As Johnny settles back down into the bed, Gyro can't help but smile stupidly to himself. He thinks he’s starting to understand his feelings a little bit more.

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    3 different versions of this piece because i’m indecisive and can’t stand any of them


    (click for quality)

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    Sadie-Mae: *starts crying*

    Johnny: Aww, Gyro, she’s crying.

    Gyro: Don’t fall for it, Johnny! That girl is a class act in deception.

    Sadie-Mae: >:(

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    Johnny vs Axl Ro

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    this happened fr araki told me

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    Switching gears a bit on my account. I’m gonna be posting my JJBA arts. This ones a bit older from a few months ago. Also full disclosure, I do headcanon both Johnny Joestar and Joseph as trans masc (Along with some other JoJo’s). If you are not ok with that then this page is not for you. I ship GyJo and CaeJose and both ships I have a ship child for. Both of these OC’S are NOT from mpreg and are born from transgender males. I will try my best to tag correctly and try not to trigger anyone if I do pregnancy art in the future. Thank you all <3

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    these are real hoestar hours

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    sometimes a couple can be a cowboy and a dinosaur in love

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    🧸🍵 STEEL BALL RUN LAYOUTS . . . !!!

    like or reblog if you use/save 🗯

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