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  • Diagnosis: Love (29)


    It was 3 PM when you arrived at the gym. You almost had given up on the idea of coming when you found out you’d be working out on your own but your head was such a mess that the need to blow out steam out weighed your distaste for working out alone.

    You couldn’t help but smile once you noticed how empty the gym was at this time of the day, skipping like a little schoolgirl as you made your way to one of those machines you’d always been too self-conscious to try. The truth was that you had no idea how it worked, you saw people using it befoee, sure, but using it yourself was a whole other story. You just didn’t want to be in your zone, doing you, and worry about some random guy that claims he’s a gym expert coming in and telling you all the ways in which you’re doing it wrong.

    “Need some help with that?”

    You took a big breath, ready to tell the random guy to get lost when you noticed you knew said guy. “Oh Johnny, it’s you.”

    “Thought it was some guy ready to hit on you?”

    “Yeah,” you confessed, feeling a little embarrassed.

    Johnny was drinking some water from his black metal bottle and your eyes couldn’t help but follow the movement. A little bit spilled from his mouth and trailed down his neck all the way to his soaked grey t-shirt.

    “Y/N?” His voice broke you out of the state of hypnosis his swollen pecks previously had you in.

    “I’m sorry, what?”

    “I was saying that that machine can be very tricky to use if you’re a beginner. Do you want me to help you?”

    “Oh no, you’re in the middle of your training, I don’t want to bother you.”

    “You’re not bothering at all, I just finished.”

    “Oh…then okay.”

    You sat on the machine and felt your pulse quicken as Johnny placed himself right behind you, his hands guiding your arms to the right position.

    “Alright, put your arms like this. Don’t forget to tighten your core.”

    His hand soon made contact with your exposed stomach, showing you exactly what he meant.

    You hadn’t even started the exercise and your body was already burning up. You hadn’t seen Johnny since you found out he liked you and now you couldn’t stop thinking about it. How were you to remain calm when you knew the way he was subtly touching you right now wasn’t platonic? How could you not get aroused when he softly mumbled words of encouragement that could also be used in a sexual environment? How could you not want to forget everything and jump him right here when you almost had your ass pressed to his crotch as he helped you stretch your back on a mat? You didn’t even have a clue how you went from that machine to the mat, you just knew that if you didn’t put an end to this “training session” you might end up hurting somebody.

    “Oof, I’m exhausted. I really need a shower. See you later? Bye.” You were just spitting out words. Anything you could think off that could be used as an excuse to leave. You didn’t even let him say anything, you just picked up your towel and purple water bottle and left for the locker room.

    When you entered the room with the little symbol on the door that signified “girls” you couldn’t help but sigh, your hand resting on your chest.

    “What are you doing Y/N?” You commented to yourself as you went to your bag to check your phone.

    Your chest tightened as you saw that you had recieved a text from Jaehyun, feeling a bit guilty about the situation you were putting him in.

    You didn’t even read the notification, you just saw his name, unlocked the phone and opened the text message.


    Y/N is the new nurse at NCT Hospital - the best hospital in the country. She was expecting it to be a big step in her career, but ‘Bad Boy’ Doctor Johnny Suh and 'Valentine’ Pediatrician Jeong Jaehyun take her by surprise.

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  • <NCTzen 127-JAPAN NEWS>

    We are doing an enrollment campaign which you can get a trading card of the picture taken on the LOVEHOLIC release date!

    Here is a 2-shot of Johnny and Jaehyun taken during the shooting of trading cards’ pictures Please look forward to a solo shot for trading cards as well !

    The campaign lasts till 2021/3/31 (Wednesday)! For more detail


    210227 | NCT JAPAN’s Twitter update with Johnny and Jaehyun

    Translated by nctnews

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  • NCT127 x MEN’S NON-NO


    The pictures turned out really cool so please look forward to them!


    210227 | Yuta’s Instagram update with NCT 127 (1, 2)

    Translated by nctnews

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  • Honey | mark lee


    Originally posted by markjae6

    • synopsis: your johnnys little sister who is visiting and you need a place to sleep so mark offers his room. while you’re staying there mark notices your lotion and quickly becomes attracted to it. I hate writing summaries for stories I promise the story is better than it sounds
    • pairing: mark lee x female!reader
    • genre: fluff
    • warning: mark can’t stop talking about your lotion oml
    • a/n: I actually have the lotion that inspired this story and can confirm it smells amazing. I also have the lip gloss and can confirm everything that’s said in the story about it. oh and the lotion is from the brand pink if you wanted to know ;)
    • word count: 3.6k

    you were staying with johnny and his bandmates for a week and let’s just say… it was rough in terms of sleeping arrangements. the first few days you’d slept in the living room and then tried to sleep in johnnys room, neither of which worked out in your favor. the couch in the living room was too uncomfortable, all you did was toss and turn all night, and johnnys room, well the problem wasn’t his room at all, it was him. johnny snores very loud, too loud for your liking. see, you knew this before you slept in his room but you still wanted to try it, desperate to get some sleep but it just didn’t work and that’s why you’re here now. in marks room.

    he offered to let you sleep in his room after he found out about the sleep trouble you’d been having. you were happy with this because you felt comfortable with mark, of course, you felt comfortable talking with the other members but you just didn’t feel comfortable enough to sleep in their beds.

    you didn’t know how you’d grown to feel at ease with mark, to be honest. it could’ve been from all the stories you heard about him over time. johnny had told you many stories about how crazy the boy was when you guys talked on the phone. it would have you cracking up at how silly this boy seemed, you just thought, ‘I have to meet him sometime’ and now here you were, in his room. mark was way more chill than the stories made him out to be which disappointed you but at the same time made you feel pleasant. he was also way cuter in person… wait did you really just say that?

    “is that honey scented lotion?” marks voice sounds through the once quiet atmosphere. he shuts the bathroom door behind him and sits down on the bed, sitting a little away from you. your heart drops at the sound of his voice mainly because he scared you but also because you thought mark was attractive… ‘can you stop saying that?’ you mentally punched yourself.

    “uh… yeah, how did you know?” you continue to rub the lotion down your freshly washed legs. mark let you use his shower, a clean washcloth, towel, and clothes. all of which were his if you failed to notice. he gave you a black fitted shirt, that was exactly his size of course. he didn’t wanna give one of his baggy shirts because it would’ve been way too big on you. he paired the shirt with red basketball shorts. you had to pull the drawstring as tight to your waist as you could get it, it was a tiny bit loose but overall it fit. although the pant legs were airy and loose but you didn’t mind it, you actually preferred it. you kind of liked wearing his clothes, to be honest, and you’ll happily admit that.

    “I can smell y/n” he giggles and pulls out his guitar.

    “right” you laugh and finish off by rubbing the lotion on your arms. “done” you smile and put the lotion back in your bag.

    “thanks again for the clothes mark” you stand up and look at him.

    “anytime,” he looks you up and down, smiling. “but dude for real that lotion smells really good” he begins to pluck at the strings, tuning the guitar.

    “that’s why I bought it but thank you mark lee,” you say in a different tone from your usual one and lay down on the opposite side of his bed. your back was against the comforter and your legs were bent up in front of you at an obtuse angle. you open your phone and go straight to instagram.

    “yo, I should make a song about honey lotion,” he says like it’s the greatest discovery he’s ever made. he doesn’t say anything further and the beautiful sound of the guitar flows through the atmosphere.

    “do you want me to get you some?” you chuckle and turn off your phone, crawling, literally, crawling over to where he was sitting. you place yourself beside him and watch his fingers move against the strings.

    “no I like it on you better,” he says with no hesitation. you smile softly at that and cheeks begin to burn until he slaps his palm flat against the guitar to stop the sound from bouncing off the walls. you widen your eyes, surprised by his action and he looks at you in amazement. “yooo that’s good” he nods his head multiple times.

    “what’s good?” you laugh.

    “that lotion” he looks down and takes your frame in from a closer angle, damn did you look adorable in his clothes. “uh, do you think I could…”


    “smell you? is that weird or…”

    “no,” you chuckle. okay it was a little weird but you weren’t gonna let this opportunity slip through your fingers. “smell away” you tilt your head up. he leans in slowly and once his nose touches your neck he breathes you in like your oxygen.

    you could feel all the hairs stick up on your body, becoming alert by the new feeling. you could feel his breath against your skin; the way he breathed you in and then released the breath, repeating this process about 3 times. you had to bite your lip the whole time, not wanting it to be known how much the small action was affecting you.

    “daaaammn that’s really good,” he says after he pulls away. you smile and nod, pressing your lips into a thin line. that was such a tease and you knew it but did he? was the question. “that’s definitely gonna be a song” he turns his attention to the guitar once more and starts to play the chords, trying to find the right sound for the song. meanwhile, you mentally sighed and decided to just pay attention to the newly made song.

    the words song started to flow out of his mouth and the chords worked so well in it. you were into it, to say the least, you bobbed your head slowly to the song. mark had a great voice for a rapper. he was a man of many talents and you’ve seen this over the time you’ve stayed here. you might’ve also watched a few music videos before you came here but that wasn’t the point, the point was that mark is super talented.

    the last few lines were about how you were in his clothes, sitting beside him, and smelling good. you can’t help but blush slightly and feel butterflies cloud your stomach. you furrow your eyebrows, that was strange. did you- you didn’t like mark… right?

    you were pulled out of your thoughts when you heard the chords come to a stop. he turns and looks at you, “how was that?”

    “it was very good mark” you smile and raise your hand for a high-five, he grins from ear to ear and gladly returns it. his hand doesn’t retract from yours though, it stays there, pressed against yours. you both look at your joined hands and you make the move to slide your fingers between his and interlock them. mark then interlocks his fingers with yours and looks up at you. although you can’t bring yourself to look him in the eyes so instead, you look down at your lap.

    “look at me, please,” he says softly. the softness of his voice makes your heart melt and you do as he says. his eyes shined so brightly in this moment as if you were seeing the whole galaxy. he looked at you as though he was looking at an angel. you were so pretty to him, he offered you his room, one because he truly did want you to sleep well, two, because you were pretty and he may have had a tiny crush on you, and three, because he didn’t want the other members to get to you before he did. yeah, mark was a little jealous so what? he wanted you all to himself whether he knew it or not.

    “hey, y/n are you hungry?” johnny voice breaks the quietness from outside the room. you immediately jumped away from mark, startling the poor boy in front of you and that’s when johnny pops his head in the room.

    “uh… no” you look at johnny and give him a tight-lipped smile. johnny nods and then shifts his eyes between the both of you, cringing.

    “what’s going on in here?” he narrows his eyes. you eyes look at mark just as his look at yours, trying to come up with an answer.



    “mark was just showing me a song” you smile at johnny. “it’s called…” you look at mark.

    “honey” mark adds on and smiles at johnny.

    “that’s it” you point to johnny and laugh. “you guys should make it and put it on an album” you look at mark.

    “maybe” marks shrugs, his cheeks beginning to turn a light pink color, and he looks down at the guitar.

    “you both are strange as hell, this is why you’ll be great friends- are those marks clothes?” johnny looks down at your clothes.

    “yeah, he let me borrow them because all my clothes are in the washer” you press your lips into a thin line.

    “hmm… okay well have fun kids- wait no don’t have fun but have fun- you know what the fuck I mean” he huffs and turns on his heel heading to the door. you and mark look at each other laughing loudly at what johnny said. “good night mark, night lil sis” johnny says as he exits the room. you and mark utter a good night and johnny shuts the door at that. it’s quiet for a few seconds, only hearing the sound of footsteps retreating from the door.

    “well then…” mark looks at you and sighs.

    “well then…” you repeat and sighs along with him.

    “what do you wanna do now?”

    “I don’t know but what I do know is my lips are dry” you get up and go over to your bag, grabbing your lip gloss and putting it on. you hear an awkward laugh fall from marks mouth and the sound of random strings being plucked. once you were done you return to your spot next to him, placing your phone on your right thigh and from then he looks up from the guitar.

    “does it have a smell?” he asks, looking at your lips attentively.

    “you tell me” you tilt your head up, indicating that he should smell the lip gloss on your lips. he carefully puts his nose up to your lips and you shift your eyes up to the ceiling. you could once again feel his breath coming through his nose as he breathes out but you didn’t mind it one bit.

    “is that…” he sniffs once again and then releases. “honey?”

    “yes” you smile and that makes him pull away. he looks at you with bright eyes at first until he really processed it, within seconds he was clapping his hands loudly, weird giggles falling from his mouth, and his whole body was shaking with laughter. was it that funny? you didn’t know but you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing with him, you couldn’t help that his laughter was contagious.

    in the process, he notices your phone beginning to slip of your thigh and his spidey reflexes come through. he leans over to you, catching it successfully but while he was doing that you noticed his guitar about to fall so you leaned over at the same time as he and stopped it before it fell. before either of you could comprehend it your lips planted on each others. you both stayed there for a few seconds, neither of you making a single movement, trying to process what just happened and when you do, you both pull away now only a few inches away from each others face not wanting to let go of the things that had almost fallen before.

    “nice catch” you chuckle, your lips hovering over his. if you were being honest your heart was beating so fast in this moment but you doing a good job at not showing it.

    “you too,” he smiles. his warm breath hitting your lips. if mark was being honest too his heart was doing the same thing, there were too many butterflies to count in his stomach. he could’ve passed out in this moment but there was no way he was gonna miss the opportunity to be this close to you. “the lip gloss smells good tho, just like straight honey from the jar”

    “yes, exactly like it” you bit your lip softly and he looks down at your lips.

    “I wish it tasted like it tho” he then looks up at your eyes.

    “I know that sucks, it doesn’t have much of a taste” you feel your phone ding and you immediately pull away to check it. he takes his hand off your phone and places it on his guitar and you take that as a signal to take your hand off his guitar and open your phone. it was from johnny.

    ‘do you like mark?’

    you sharply inhale at the question on your screen. mark notices this action.

    “what is it?” he leans in to look at your phone but you hurriedly retract it from his sight.

    “uh… it’s nothing” you smile forcefully. “it was just a notification telling me that my period is late” a little white lie wasn’t gonna hurt anyone. you shrug and press your lips together. he pulls away at that and you silently let out a breath of relief pulling your phone back in front of you.

    “oh… wait doesn’t that mean-”

    “nope, haven’t had sex in a little bit” you unlock your phone and go to yours and johnnys messages.

    “oh,” he nods and goes back to strumming his guitar. mark would be lying if he said your statement didn’t make him the least bit happy. it meant there weren’t any other guys at the moment or at least that you weren’t fucking them and that made him feel good.

    you took that as an opportunity to text johnny back, replying hesitantly with a yes. after you send it you sigh and close your eyes. you hear your phone ding again and immediately pick it up.

    ‘okay, I trust you. he’s a good guy y/n. if I would choose anyone for you to date it would be him.’

    you grin widely at that, replying to johnny. mark doesn’t miss the smile on your face or the way you typing away at your phone. he had to wonder who you were texting. he hated to admit it but he was jealous, he didn’t like the thought of someone else making you smile but he just decided to brush off and not assume things. after all, he was pretty sure he won, you were in his clothes, in his room, on his bed, and on top of it all he ended up scoring an accidental kiss too.

    mark was on top of the world right now. there was no way he was gonna let something so small get in the way of how he was feeling in the moment or his feelings for you.

    “I don’t know about you but i’m tired” you sigh, closing your phone.

    “yeah me too” he puts his guitar back in the case and zips it up. he then looks at you and then at the bed. “uh… I guess i’ll sleep on this side and you can sleep on the other side. we can turn away from each other if that makes you feel better” he gives you a closed-mouth smile. you nod at that and crawl over to the other side. you open the comforter and get it in, putting your phone on the shelf above his bed.

    mark gets up to turn off the light and then returns to the bed, getting under the covers. although you both were physically turned away from each other, your minds weren’t. you were thinking about mark and mark was thinking about you. you and him were thinking about the same things too. the kiss. you both couldn’t believe that it happened in the first place.

    ‘his lips were so soft and sweet’

    ‘her lips were so soft and gentle’

    “good night y/n” marks tender voice break the quiet and dark atmosphere.

    “good night mark” you softly reply and close your eyes. that was a great way to end the night.


    the first thing you noticed was a firm chest under your head, and that’s when you felt the tight grip around your waist. you looked down slightly and saw light-toned arms wrapped around your waist, that wasn’t all you noticed though. your eyes shifted further down and you saw two pairs of legs intertwined with each other. you were confused until you heard soft breaths. mark.

    you look up, careful to not move too much since you didn’t want to wake him. his head was turned to the side so you could only see half of his face. wow, did he look handsome even while sleeping. you took this time to observe his features. he was beautiful, the most notable parts of his face in this moment were, his hair that was sticking out in different directions although, most of it was resting on his forehead. the prominent beauty mark on his cheek that you so desperately wanted to kiss, and finally his lips, oh god his lips. you really wanted to land a kiss on them but you didn’t want to wake him up.

    why couldn’t he just be yours? johnny already approved so that was one less thing to worry about. besides, you wouldn’t mind flying out here once in a while, it was a win-win situation. you got to see your brother and mark at the same time. it would be perfect. you smile at the thought and look down. maybe just maybe.


    bonus: when mark wakes up that morning

    “y/n?” the voice sounds from under your you. you look up and mark is looking down at you. damn was his morning voice deep, it sent vibrations throughout your body.


    “pinch me,” he says lazily, you furrow your eyebrows but do as he says, pinching him. he hisses and his hand flys to his arm, rubbing the spot. “yup, not dreaming” he pulls you closer to him, turning both of you onto your sides and hugs you. your heart feels like it’s about to burst right then and there.

    now you were sure mark liked you back.

    “what was that for?” you chuckle in the crook of his neck.

    “nothing I just wanted to make sure this was real” you feel his lips curve up into a smile, and you can’t help but smile in return. there was a stillness in the atmosphere, both of you enjoying each other’s company. your mind starts to run, your thoughts filling with mark, and only him. everything felt so right with him, this hug/cuddle thing, the kiss, the eye contact, the physical touch. everything. he was so damn cute too, both sexy and adorable, how could someone be both at the same time- you wanted this more than ever and you knew that wholeheartedly now.

    “your nickname should be honey,” mark says randomly and digs his head deeper into the crook of your neck.

    “because of my lotion and lip gloss?” you ask and he hums a yes.

    “mark, do-” johnny opens the door and sees the two of you cuddled up. you didn’t bother to move away from mark but mark did. he tried to move away and pretend that nothing happened just like last night but he couldn’t. you had a death grip on him once you felt him try to move away. he whispered your name wanting to let you know that johnny was coming but you ignored him and that’s why johnny was now looking at the two of you cuddled together.

    “johnny it’s not what it-”

    “I already know and i’m okay with it” johnny is standing by the door, leaning against it.

    “wait what?! how?” mark turns his head away from the crook of your neck and looks at the door.

    “I asked y/n if she liked you and she told me yes,” mark looks at you with wide eyes, not believing what he said was true but you confirm it by nodding. “I told her, if I could choose anyone for her to date, it would be you.”

    mark looks back at johnny with a small smile. “thank you johnny”

    “you got it little bro but what I actually came here for was to ask if you wanted honey?” johnny was asking if mark wanted honey in his tea but that’s not what marks brain thought about.

    mark grins and looks at you. “yeah,” he stares into your eyes for some time. “yeah I want honey” johnny nods and walks away from the room.

    neither of you bothered to try and move away from the other, continuing to stare into each other’s eyes.

    “what are we?” you ask softly.

    “whatever you wanna be” he rubs your back gently, his heart beginning to race.

    “well… I wanna date you” you say softly. he pulls away from you to look you in the eyes. his eyes were showing you the whole galaxy, that’s how bright his eyes were.

    “I want to date you too” he smiles. you felt your heart racing, you don’t say anything, instead, place your hands on hand on his cheek and pulling him in for a kiss, a real one this time, you know, the one where you both are deliberately participating ;)

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  • NCT127 Reaction:

    NCT127 when their S/O is angry with them



    To be honest, after snapping at you, Taeil would feel a bit sad. He would not be able to exactly understand what does he feel but he’d feel really sad about it. After calming himself down, he would walk upto you and seeing you face away from him, he would understand that he had hurt your feelings. He would decide to make it up to you no matter what. He would be such a sweetheart and prepare you your favourite dish, set up the dinner table and prepare a perfect evening for you.

    “I know just a sorry is not enough love, but I think that’s the only word which I can sincerely say to you. I am really sorry, please try to forgive me”


    I think more than anger Johnny would always feel pissed off but snapping at you would really make him feel like crap. He just got angry at that moment but he would never really mean to hurt you. He would walk in the room and try to make a conversation with you but seeing you ignoring him would make him realise that this time he truly had hurt you. The moment you pass by his side, he would hold your wrist to make you stop. You would look in his eyes for the first time after the incident and you will know that he’s sorry. A small soft smile would be placed on his lips and he would nod a bit as if to ask you just for one chance to talk. Seeing his sad eyes would make you melt a bit isn’t it?

    “Please talk to me baby. I am really sorry for what happened last time. I did not mean it. I was pissed off. But right now when you passed by my side without even sparing me a glance made me feel as if I am losing a huge part of myself. A wave of hurt settled in me and I could not even explain that feeling. Please forgive me. Please don’t walk away from me love”


    If he had hurt you he would feel the pain too. When he’s angry, he really can be mad for hours but if somebody is disappointed or angry because of him, he would feel really bad about it. Seeing you being mad at him would break his heart. Trust me, he would be very harsh on himself for hurting you but wouldn’t let you see that. He would be stealing glances at you and would want to talk with you but seeing you ignoring him would make him feel sad. All his doubts and insecurities would rush in and he would close himself in his room. After few days he would come back to you to earn your forgiveness.

    “I know it’s not easy to forgive me love and also I am not asking for your forgiveness, I am just requesting a chance from you love, please give me just one chance to earn your forgiveness because forgiveness cannot be granted but it should be earned and I am ready to do whatever you want me to do if it will lead you to accept my apology”


    Yuta might be angry at you because of a misunderstanding but realising that it was none of your fault, he would feel bad and very frustrated. He would want to make it upto you but seeing you not even sparing him a glance would make him question as to what to do. For few days he would just observe you from afar and you would feel his stares from across the room. He would want just an opportunity to be alone with you but seeing you completely ignoring his existence would make it difficult. Finally grabbing a chance, when he would see you alone in the room, he would immediately give you a back hug and a breath of relief would escape through his lips.

    “You have been ignoring me like a plague. I know I have hurt you but please don’t do this to me. I know you felt my stares all these days, but not even a glance at me love? Please don’t do this, I am really sorry, I really am..”


    He actually have a very balanced personality, he’s strong but also a very soft boy. After snapping at you he would walk away and try to relax himself. Coming back, seeing that you are not replying to his words he would immediately know that he messed up. Seeing your sad eyes would make his heart hurt. He would just freeze and stand there for few moments, his eyes a bit watery. Immediately he would hug you. You would try to get out of his hold because you were mad at him but more than that hurt because of him but he would not let you go. He would bury his head in your neck and hold you a bit tighter and protectively.

    “I messed it up isn’t it? I promised you that I will always protect you and never let anyone hurt you but when I saw your sad eyes, I just froze. I realised my promises but then this time it was me, It was me who had hurt you so tell me love, how would I protect you from me?”


    You won’t hear from him for days after he snapped at you. You would just feel as if he vanished. You would be mad, angry and frustrated at him but you would just not know where did he go and why is he not taking any step towards you. But to be honest he would close himself off because he would’ve realised that he had hurt your heart. He would just close himself off completely. For days he would not face you, not because he’s scared that you would be mad at him but instead he would be scared of you walking away from him. Facing you after days, he would have a small smile on his face and even your anger would’ve died down to an extent. He would extend his hand towards you and he would be soo worried and afraid that you might not take it. You would turn to leave but immediately he would grab your arm and make you face him.

    “Give me a chance please. Don’t walk away. Let’s just talk this out, okay? please. I am sorry”


    Soft soft soft. Yes! Literally he’s a soft boy. But after getting angry at you just because of a misunderstanding he would be mad at himself. He would be like ‘why did I do that! I have hurt her, I am stupid! Just soo stupid!’ After taking few deep breaths he would come to you to apologise but seeing you giving him a cold shoulder would make him feel hurt and he would treat himself all the more badly. He would leave and immediately close himself in his room and would not see you for days. He would shout at himself and be disappointed in himself.

    “Jungwoo you have hurt her, you are pathetic! Why did you do that?! Just a misunderstanding and you forgot what all the things she did for you! But no, I won’t let her walk away from me, I love her, I just can’t let her go. I would try my best to earn her forgiveness! Yes I would!”


    He would be frustrated and pissed off at himself after snapping at you for no reason. He would be completely mad at himself. But being strong enough, he would dust his pants off and stand up to talk to you. While entering the room, when you just pass by him and give him a glare, it would be just a proof to his doubts and confirm that he messed up. He would take a deep breath and before you leave the room he would stand in front of you. You would try your best to walk past him but he would block your way completely. Getting tired, you would huff out in annoyance while trying to cover up the hurt you feel deep down. Mark’s eyes would soften and he would smile a bit expecting the same from you but when you don’t, a wave of pain would settle in those dark orbs.

    “Will you please forgive me love? I know it’s not easy but actually I can explain. I was just caught up in the moment and I got angry at you. I am really sorry. I know I have hurt you but can you please give me one chance?”


    It would not take much time for him to apologise to you because he truly knows when he messes up or hurts someone, especially his loved ones and he does not have any ego if he had hurt his special ones. He would be the type to apologise first or immediately if it’s his cherished ones who are hurt because of him. Seeing you giving him a cold shoulder would instantly make him realise that he had hurt your feelings. When you ignore him and not spare him a glance, he would immediately hug you tightly and shower your face with kisses. You would try to break out of his hold but he would continue doing that.

    “I won’t leave you unless you forgive me. But, keeping this aside, I-I want to say that I am sorry love. I just wanted to lighten up your mood right now but i very well know the hurt that you feel. I know it’s because of me. I should not have been like that and be mad at you for a mere misunderstanding and so all I want to say is that please take your time to forgive me. I know it’s difficult but till then I would try my best to earn it and be the best man for you”


    Requested by my very good friend @dundun-baby @aquamoonchaii I love you lots love!!

    𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @starrdustville @cupidluvstarrz @ex0tic-vgh @thechoppersan @urowngoddess @namjoons-wife98 @illusion-ships @vampirateking @rr0zu @najatheangel @julyemeralds-deactivated2021022 @astrorising @purplepsycho03 @himitsu-luna @emuava @tarotruself @mairah-shaikh @dundun-baby @aquamoonchaii @vera-liscious please send an ask or message if you would like to be removed or be added in the taglist💕

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  • Hello! It’s been a while, i’m sorry. My home situation has been the worst and my mental health wasn’t good either, so i took some time for myself. But i feel better again so i decided to post again. Thank you for your patience. 

    ♡Pairing: Johnny x reader 
    ♡Genre: Fluff
    ♡Warnings: Kinda suggestive at the end, idk
    ♡Based on my quiet down au ut can be read without reading the au

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  • Diagnosis: Love (28)


    Y/N is the new nurse at NCT Hospital - the best hospital in the country. She was expecting it to be a big step in her career, but ‘Bad Boy’ Doctor Johnny Suh and 'Valentine’ Pediatrician Jeong Jaehyun take her by surprise.

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    Everyday @ 11 PM GMT

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  • image

    @1-800-seo // jessii hi!! here i have a moodboard for u <3 i hope u like it!

    //scenario// The harder you pushed the closer you got to him, through the wall. Your ideal man, on the other side of the screen. Though you were much closer than you realized, Johnny could already see the top of your head reaching through the screen. An arm stuck through it quickly, swinging around to hold onto something. Johnny grabbed your arm, and started pulling you through the screen. You pushed as hard as you could, you already had come so far, you were sure you would plop right through. And you were right, falling through the screen onto Johnny. Right on top of him, the eye contact was full of surprise and tension. You now actually were together with your online boyfriend.

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  • 1:21 pm — “is that my hoodie your wearing?”

    “yeah, why?“ you shrug and look down at the huge sweater engulfing your figure.

    “nothing, you look cute” johnny shoots you a smile and returns his focus to the tv in front of him.

    you furrow your eyebrows. it was a little weird to be honest but you don’t think twice of it. your feet begin to move, almost taking you out of the living room.

    “oh and y/n?” johnny says making you come to a halt. “put my hoodie back where you found it” he doesn’t spare you a glance.

    you chuckle at that and nod.

    after all, what were best friends for?

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  • Doyoung: I just can’t live with that. I just cant support how he chooses to be.

    Johnny: Haechan, can’t help he’s a Gemini.

    Doyoung: I just can’t support that decision. It’s fine for Taeil. But Haechan? Absolutely not.

    Haechan: I’m going to spit in your mouth while you sleep.

    Doyoung: See, I can’t live with him.

    Haechan: Then move bitch.

    Johnny: Guys calm down, Doyoung it would be best if you left for a few days.

    Doyoung: I might leave forever.

    Haechan: Please do so. Please do it. I want nothing more for your ass to leave forever.

    Taeyong: *watching while eating cereal* It’s like the Bad Girls Club was never cancelled.

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  • okay johnny’s relay was the best so far because the hairdressers were really charming and funny

    #as the daughter of a hairdresser #johnny#johnny suh#nct#nct 2020
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  • johnny’s unhelpful and incomplete guide to dyeing your hair at a hair salon 💇‍♂️

    #johnny#nctinc#johnny suh#nct#nct 127#mine #i feel scammed not seeing the end result #also made something similar like this last year with the neo zone albums #and thought it would fit for this chaotic relay as well
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  • San, calling Yeosang: Yeosang! Guess who joined a cult!

    Taeyong, sighing: For the last time NCT is NOT a cult

    Johnny: And we really don’t want want you here

    Mark: Can you come pick him up? He’s refusing to leave

    Yeosang:… Y’all can keep him

    Yeosang: *hangs up*

    #ateez incorrect quotes #ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #incorrect ateez #ateez incorrect texts #incorrect ateez texts #incorrect nct quotes #incorrect nct texts #taeyong#san#mark lee#johnny suh#yeosang
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    im ready for the johnny relay cam🧍🏻‍♀️

    #last time i wasn’t prepared but this time im ready! #he has me by the throat #my twitter layout is literally johnny after a shower how was i supposed to be prepared for that?? #johnny suh#nct johnny#nct 127#nct
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  • Diagnosis: Love (27)


    Y/N is the new nurse at NCT Hospital - the best hospital in the country. She was expecting it to be a big step in her career, but ‘Bad Boy’ Doctor Johnny Suh and 'Valentine’ Pediatrician Jeong Jaehyun take her by surprise.

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