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  • he’s spitting?? ew yuck

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  • drew my fave mr. j’s (and a harley) while listening to this, as one does

    (honorable mention to cameron monaghan as jerome from gotham and lego joker ❤️)

    #joker#the joker#john doe#harley quinn#telltale batman #the dark knight #batman the animated series #joaquin joker isnt actually a fave but i love his look #that color scheme is chef kiss #i gave harley a suit too since i watched joker 2019 and birds of prey in the same weekend
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  • Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.

    “Gotham’s hell. Gotham’s hell. The Joker is insane! If you don’t want to die like Jason Todd, you better run away!”

    #my writing#head-canon#batman#joker#jason todd #sorry not sorry #incorrect jingle bells lyrics
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  • image
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  • Honestly the biggest mistake in both seasons of Telltale’s Batman is not having a permanent hug button for characters like Harvey, Alfred, and John- Like wtf-


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  • concept: skin care with Arthur, applying the cream on each other’s skin and laughing childlike at how funny we are with this cream all over our faces like two silly lovers who don’t need anything else but these simple moments together

    #I spend my time imagining the intimacy of our days #yes #make it happen #it's not too much to ask #arthur fleck#joker#joker 2019#joaquin phoenix#Jokerownsmysoul
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  • well, harley quinn season 2 is streaming, but not in my country. so, let’s just watch season 1 again, as if i didn’t already did twice, like… just right before quarantine 😶

    #dc harley quinn #harley quinn #harley quinn animated series #harley x ivy #harleen quinzel#dc universe #birds of prey #poison ivy#pamela isley#batman#joker
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  • • Jerome started waking Bruce up in the morning or in the middle of the night (because he was bored or/and couldn’t sleep), with kisses that would tend to get more and more intense until they lead to something else (if you know what I mean) or until Bruce interrupts them, convincing Jerome that would reward him later. In time, Bruce would pick up this habit, but his kisses would be much sweeter and smoother. Both love this simple moments.

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  • After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord.

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  • Hey Batsy…

    Drew joker and I love how he turned out  ^^

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  • 1 year ago today the trailer was released.

    seriously I don’t think a trailer has ever impacted me and made me totally ecstatic for a single film as much as this one did. I ended up making this blog later on that month because of how much it was consuming me and dang i’m so glad i did. still a masterpiece.

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  • Artie falls in love with you / Arthur Fleck short story

    Disclaimer: Suicidal thoughts, sex, drunk Arthur, romantic, sweet

    “How…how many kisses?“

    Arthur was lying on the couch, burying his face in the pillow. The two of you went out on a date for the third time today and you were truly in love with him.

    “Just tell me sweetheart, how many?“ He mumbled. The couple glasses of wine werent a good idea considering that he was on his medication and was never really drunk before. You felt kinda bad about his condition right now. But you really tried to get him out of his apartment and did choose a good restaurant to finally get him to eat something. He never ate propery and looked kinda starved. Also a side effect of his meds. You felt good, watching him eating half a plate today, so you ordered some wine,too.

    You kneed in front of the couch to made sure he’s comfortable, petting his soft, sweaty curls “What do you mean?“

    He smirked at you “How many smoochies will I get from you tonight?“ His face lighted up looking at you. His childlike grin made your knees weak every time.

    You kept on playin with his hair “Many,Arthur.“

    “But how much?“

    He tried to get up and kiss you on the cheek, making kissing noises and almost fell from the couch “Oooops“ he buried his face in your neck “I almost fell. Good thing I fell in your arms,huh?“ His breath felt hot against your skin. The smell of his hair felt like home. “Yeah Arthur, I’m afraid you’re a bit drunk.“

    Arthurs smile grew even more “I’m not drunk. I just love you so much and need to know how many?“ A sloppy kiss on the corner of your lips.


    He sunk back into his pillow “Wow, thats a lot!“

    You took the blankets and covered him with it “Just try to get some sleep,okay? You will get all the kisses when you’re sober again“.

    He crawled up under the sheets, his beautiful face lookin slightly weathered. “Hey (YN) wanna hear a Joke? “


    “So this man comes into an libary“ he chuckles in his pillow already.

    “…and asks for a book on how to commit suicide.

    And the libarian said  Fuck off, you won`t bring it back”

    He can`t help but laugh about his own joke. His dark homor said more about himself than you wanted to admit but you were very drawn to his view of things. He always seemed to feel everything with an intensivity you have never seen on someone else before. Eighter if he was happy or sad. When you met him he told you he never felt happy in his whole life but you felt like it changed dramatically since you dated. Knowing that he was all alone by himself, expect from living with his mother his whole life still breaks your heart. Never have you met someone more caring. He loves to make late night conversations while cuddeling up under the blankets, about everything that was going on in his head. Sometimes he had troubles explaining what he was trying to say but you loved his way of observing things around him. He payed attention wo every datail. You admired him, which he couldnt understand. He loved to be seen and he loved that you listened to him carefully. But he still wasnt sure why you loved him so much. You guess he wasnt used to this kind of attantion.

    “Thats a good one,Arthur!”

    He was getting sleepy “Yeah… you know what (YN) there are many more jokes in my journal, you know? I want you to read it. ”

    “The jokes?”

    “The whole thing”

    His eyes got heavier now.

    “There are not only jokes in it” his eyes tried to focus on you “I was writing about you,too.I want you to read it”

    Your hand slit under the blanket to caress his chest “About me? Really?”

    “Yeah” the scar on his upper lip liftet when he did that smirk and it always made you blush. He even managed to make you blush while lying drunk on the couch. You felt kinda bad by getting turned on seeing him in this condition.

    “I dont know Arthur, I feel like this is kinda personal. I dont want to disturb your privacy by reading your journal.

    "Just do it!”

    “Artie, you`re drunk. What if you dont want me to read it anymore in the morning?”

    He was leaning  over to give you sloppy kisses again “Thats why I want you to read it now.” He is pointing his finger at you “Hey, wanna hear another one?”

    You gave him a soft kiss on his forehead “Get some sleep, Arthur. You need to rest now”

    He falls back into the pillow and falls asleep with a smile on his face.

    After you made sure he fell asleep you looked at his diary. He really said he wanted you to read it. And that he wrote about you.

    You werent sure if you should take a look. This felt so personal. On the other hand… You were more than curious about what he might thought of you. You just started dating and had your first kiss some days ago. He was a really good kisser. You guessed he didnt really knew what to do at first but he was so emotionally involved. He seemed to soak up every second of the moment. Like he really wanted this. He was right there in the moment with you, which you loved.After the kiss he confessed that he never was with a woman before and you think he was a bit ashamed about it. But he still wanted you to know. You didnt mind. You thought it was cute actually. And you wanted nothing more than being his first. You would love him all night. Like he deserved to be loved.

    Another stare at his diary. You put my hands on the cover. Arthur Fleck case number 064823. Sure he had some problems. But you wanted the both of you  to figure them out together. You wanted to hold his hand when he was in the waiting room to attent his appointments. You still werent sure what the exact diagnose was. You didnt wanted to upset him by asking too much about it. But you knew that he took anti depressants and anti psychotics.

    You opened the first page of his diary. Some jokes, really dark ones. Mostly about death.

    You turned the pages. Observations about homeless people. More dark jokes. Sad thoughts about being left alone.  You didnt really read all of it cuz it still felt like you were disturbing his privacy. So you tried to find the pages which are written about you and searched for your name to pop up and there is was.

    Your name was written in big, red letters that looed like lipstick. With a big smiley. Your heart jumped out of my chest when you saw it. There was something so cute about it and you imagined him drawing this the night, after you met.

    You took a deep breath and started to read as your hands were shaking.

    “Today I met the sweetest girl. She was new in my neighborhood and seemed to be different from all those aweful bricks here in Gotham. She has a nice smile. An authentic one. Not like my own smile, which is never authentic for so many reasons. I dont even know what a real smile is. But when I saw her , I smiled and for the first time in my entire life  it felt like a real smile.

    So she had those big packages to carry and i was just standing there, staring at her and suddenly she asked me for help. I was never been asked for help before. People tend to ignore and avoid me a lot. So I was very pleased to help her with her packages. We got into an conversation and I told her a joke. And she was laughing. I love it when people laugh at my jokes. I mean, I wanna do stand up comedy so bad. I need people to think that I`m funny. And I know I am. —smiley face—

    Anyway, I felt like finally someone sees me. The next day she came up to me when I was about to get to th pharmacy and she asked me out on a date. I couldnt belive it at first. I have never been on a date before. I was kinda nerveaus. Why would a beautiful, young woman like she is go out with me?

    Of course I said yes.

    I was dreaming about this for so long. Maybe she could be my girlsfriend. This would be a dream come true. I already told her that I have some issues, because she asked me why I was going to the city and I didnt thought twice and told her I have to buy my anti psychotics. I know that this wasnt a good move but it seems like it didnt scare her away. Well, she doesnt know how bad it really is by now.

    I really hope that this time she is real and I`m not having visions or daydreams again.

    Sometimes its hard to tell.

    Some days I even think the meds make it even worse. But at the same time I am afraid to go off my meds. I did it once and I did some bad shit. I even ended up in Arkham for a very long time. Which wasnt that bad really.

    Sometimes I think I felt better when I was locked up.

    Not being able to leave my room, being with my thoughts all day, drifting away in daydreams gives me comfort. Its like ignoring the cold, dark world outside. The world doesnt care about me anyway. So why should I? The sad thing is, I still do care. I thought about ending my own life so amny times. Almost every day. But I never really tried it. Its just a game I play with myself.

    How long? How long until it is not a game anymore?

    How long till I have the guts to do it?

    Oh man, I`m drifting away again. I wanted to talk about the GIRL!!!

    She`s gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

    I wish I could kiss her. I`m 35 and I hadnt had my first kiss yet. Its TIME!

    I tried it once with this girls from scool i was in love with but I got so nerveaus that I started to laugh at her face and she thought I was laughing at her. Yeah well… she ended up punching me in the face and I never tried it ever since.

    But I dreamed about it a lot. How would it feel to have someones lips pressed against yours? Softly and intense. To taste someones tongue in your mouth, to just melt into each other.I would never stop. I feel like a kiss is a connection on a higher level and I really wanna experience it with someone.

    I got some other fantasies,too.

    They`re pretty dirty and I dont feel like I can talk about them right now.

    So i`m gonna quit writing for today and hope that the girl isnt already sick of me.

    You turned the page and took a look at Arthur. He was humming in his sleep. Looking peaceful. All the words in his diary overwhelmed you up to a point where you didnt know what to think anymore. You hoped he enjoyed his first kiss. You really hoped your kiss was worth the wait.

    The next page was just black scribbles all over the pages. Little drawings of people and cats. A lot of cats.

    The next page was written on again.

    "Today I woke up and wanted to die. I don`t even know why. It was just a gut feeling. I was miserable andthe darkness was caving in on me. But then I thought about the girls I just met and that she really seemed to like me. So I decited not to kill myself. Not today.”

    You thought about putting the diary aside. This was a lil too much for you. You didnt knew he was in such a dark place mentally. You were kinda scared but  couldnt stop reading eighter.

    “So…I remembered her kiss, my first kiss and this memory was so strong. I am sure it wasnt just imagined. This time I am sure it was real. It has to be. I wanted to distract myself from suicidal thoughts and started to touch myself while thinking of her. Maybe I should write her a love letter. Or bring her flowers. Or both. I think I`ll do both. Anyway, I touched myself while thinking about sleeping with her and I finally felt something again. I tried so many times but my meds wouldnt let me cum. It barely happens. Thinking about her kiss, her hands in my hair, on my thights, between my legs…. and her sweet voice on my ear helped me a lot. I felt passion and  love and  I came so hard, you wouldnt even wanna know. I hope Penny was asleep and didnt noticed anything. This would be embarrassing as hell. I surely made some noises.

    I imagined that I took her hand and made her dance all through the living room to Frank Sinatra songs and we got closer and kissed. She told me how much she loved me and how much she wanted me. I held her face in my hands and kissed her so hard, all my make up smeared up on her beautiful face. I am always wearing clown make up in my sexual fantasies. It makes me more confident.  

    She just grabbed me and took my clothes off, threw them all over the room, threw me on the bed and covered my body with kisses. I felt loved for the first time in my life and all I wanted was to be inside her. To wear her like a coat that keeps me warm. I imagined her being on top of me, whispering in my ear how much she wants me to fuck her.  And yeah I know in reality she would have dominated me for sure. But in my imagination I just got on top of her and made love to her till she was out of breath. I could almost feel her breath in my neck, feel her sweet, soft hands all over me. It was just so real.  I wish it was real.

    Could it become real some day?

    My body was reacting in a way I didnt even knew was possible before.

    I want to expercience it again. With even more details.

    I think i wil get back to bed and try it one more time.

    And afterwards I will write her a letter. Or two.

    I just wish she never leaves again.”

    Blank page

    Another blank page.

    You put the diary aside and got up on the couch.

    You crawled up under his blanket and felt the warmth of his tiney, fragile body which you want to hold for the rest of your life.

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  • The Silly Putty

    My contribution to the April Fool’s set.

    You can find this entire bundle on my Patreon

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  • Do you know which love story has a happy ending?

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  • image

    carnival makeup, 2/2

    (plus me in the process off getting it off lmao)

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