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  • Circus Act - 12




    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

    The party was a disaster. Sandy had been staying with Arthur for a few days.

    His sleeping habits didn’t really effect her own, because she was very much awake and on guard all the time.

    Sandy was just wearing her nightgown, when she heard something rustling in the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen, confused and a little bit scared, but soon realized it was Arthur.

    He had shoved himself into the refrigerator. Sandy opened the door to see Arthur staring blankly at her, whilst shivering from the cold.

    “Arthur,” Sandy whispered, “please come to bed.”

    Arthur just turned his head. His eyes were puffy from crying and laughing.

    “Arthur, please. This is killing me.” Sandy cried. She dropped to her knees, sobbing in front of Arthur.

    He hated seeing her cry. He didn’t want Sandy to cry anymore. He wanted her to laugh, and be happy. It was so hard for him to be happy, that he just wanted to make someone happy.

    Arthur wrapped his cold arms around her shoulders, pulling himself from out of the refrigerator.

    Sandy looked up with Arthur with puffy eyes. Arthur kissed her softly, still being aware that she was still emotionally distraught.

    Sandy kissed back, feeling all fear, sadness, and frustration disappear. Arthur had his way on making Sandy feel good.

    She felt his hands on her body as he led her into the bedroom.

    Arthur was still sexually inexperienced. He studied Sandy as she removed her nightgown.

    Arthur was still greatly enamored by her. There were still cuts and bruises all over her.

    Sandy studied Arthur as he removed his briefs, and positioned himself in front of her. Arthur had bruises and cuts all over him too.

    “Arthur.” Sandy moaned.

    Yes. He was in her. The feeling overwhelmed him as he pushed in and out of her.

    The pleasure overwhelmed Sandy as well. Her cries and moans shook the apartment wall. She closed her eyes tightly, feeling the pleasure build up in her abdomen.

    Arthur couldn’t take it anymore. He was close.

    Arthur closed his eyes tight, filling Sandy up with his warmth.

    Sandy became flushed, and released all the tension she had building up, flowing in waves of pleasure.

    After the rush ended, the two of them held each other close.

    Sandy woke up to the phone ringing. She was tempted to just pull it off the wall. Her violent tendencies seem to be getting worse and worse.

    Arthur got up, picking up the phone. “Who is this?” He answered.

    “Hi, Mr. Fleck. My name is Shirley Woods. I’m the show booker from Live! With Murray Franklin. Is this Arthur?” The voice asked.

    “Yes.” He answered quietly.

    Arthur talked an the phone for a good minute or so, before Sandy walked into the kitchen, surprising Arthur with a kiss.

    “What was that about?” Sandy said, throwing her arms around Arthur’s neck.

    Arthur smirked, slightly as he hung up the phone. “Murray wants me on the show.” He said in disbelief.

    Sandy smiled wide. “That’s incredible, Arthur.”

    Arthur nodded. He felt like he was dreaming the whole thing.

    Sandy smiled, kissing him on the nose.

    “You’re gonna knock them dead, Arthur. You’re the funniest guy in Gotham.” She giggled.

    Sandy drove to a small playground. She had dropped Arthur off at Arkham State Hospital to recover his mother’s files. Sandy didn’t want to go in with him, because Arkham was still fresh in her brain. She promised Arthur that she’d pick him up.

    Sandy sat on a bench, watching the children play.

    A young boy who looked all beaten and battered up was crying by the swing set.

    Sandy walked up to the poor boy. “Hey, why are you crying?” She asked.

    The boy looked up at her. He seemed to have darling green eyes, almost like Arthur’s.

    “I’m not crying,” the boy fibbed, “I’m laughing.”

    Sandy could see that he was lying. “It’s ok.” She whispered.

    The boy stopped crying. He was holding a little clown doll, which had a missing eye.

    “What’s your name, dear?” Sandy asked, kneeling to the boy’s level.

    “Jack.” The boy answered.

    “That’s a nice name.” Sandy said, smiling.

    A drunken man stumbled up to the two of them and began yelling at the boy. “You bastard!! When will you ever learn? Come on, boy.”

    The boy winced as he was grabbed by the man.

    “Sir, where are you going with that boy? He obviously doesn’t want to go with you.” Sandy confronted the man.

    Another lady got in the confrontation. “Is there a problem here?”

    “Yeah, this bitch right here won’t let me take my son home.” The man jabbed a finger in her chest.

    “Well, your son was just over there crying his eyes out.” Sandy yelled.

    The little boy was still wincing at his arm.

    “See, he’s obviously in pain.” She said, pointing at the boy.

    The lady next Sandy tapped on her shoulder. “I think you should go get your own kid, and leave.”

    Sandy was left speechless. She began to say something, but it just wouldn’t come out.

    “I don’t have a kid.” She said, finally.

    Sandy so desperately wanted a child. Scenes from the day she lost her child came back to her.

    She remembered being in the bathroom, coughing up blood. She remembered Dennis pounding on the door, yelling at her. She remembered breaking the news to her family that she lost it.

    That’s when Dennis laughed.

    He laughed at her pain.

    Then, Des pretended to care, just so she could get fucked by Dennis.

    Sandy couldn’t forget it.

    “Excuse me? Excuse me, miss? If you don’t have a child, why are you at a children’s park?” The lady yelled, trying to get Sandy’s attention.

    Sandy didn’t say anything, without a second thought, she lunged at the guy.

    Her mind when blank. Her hands became bloodied. Sandy would’ve killed him if it wasn’t for the lady pulling her off him.

    It began raining. Sandy drove up to Arthur’s apartment, wet and bloody.

    Arthur walked back home, soaking wet. He felt abandoned, and helpless. Sandy didn’t pick him up.

    She walked into his apartment, taking off her coat.

    Arthur didn’t acknowledge her presence. Sandy lit a cigarette and sat on the couch with him.

    He didn’t notice the dried blood on her pants.

    “Why didn’t you come pick me up?” Arthur asked.

    “I couldn’t.” Sandy said.

    “It was all true. What Thomas said.” Arthur handed Sandy the files he stole from the hospital.

    Sandy looked through the files. As she looked through them, tears began to fall from her cheeks.

    Soon she began to laugh, uncontrollably. This wasn’t the laugh Arthur loved to hear. This laugh was hurtful.

    “I’m so sorry, Arthur.” Sandy cried. “I’ve given up being happy. Maybe if I just try laughing, it’ll work.”

    Sandy began to laugh into Arthur’s shoulder, which had trigger him into laughing as well.

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  • Smile, though your heart is aching.

    Requested by: anonymous

    A/n: to another request I’m doing (you know who you are) I’m so sorry it’s taking so long! :((

    Mood swings were a pretty normal thing with you. But they were always short ones. You feel sad, listen to depressing music, and move on. That’s just how you were… normally.

    Keyword- normally.

    Today was just one of those days. It seemed like everything was going wrong. Your hair just didn’t cooperate the way you wanted it to. At work, your co-workers and boss kept yelling at you for the simplest mistakes. They even called you a mistake.

    After an excruciating eight hours, you got into your car and drove back home. You knew Arthur would be there waiting for you; leaned back into the couch with his knees bouncing. Like normal.

    You went back inside, and unsurprisingly, there he was, leaned back into the seat with his knees bouncing. His seagreen eyes quickly made his way towards your now shaking figure. You held it in all day; you just couldn’t keep it in anymore.

    And Arthur saw that.

    But he didn’t know what was wrong.

    “Hey- hey!” Arthur exclaimed, before he basically sprinted over to you. He cupped his cold hands around your cheeks and examined your teary eyes.

    “My (Y/n).” His lips read before he pulled you into a gentle- yet firm hug. You wasted no time and quickly hugged back. You shoved your face into his shoulder.

    Without warning, Arthur moved down, to the point where his arms were wrapped around your waist. You were confused, until you felt your figure being lifted up. Arthur was picking you up. It surprised you that he could- considering how skinny he was.

    “Shh…” He hummed into your ear, before he walked back to the couch. He sat down; you now being in his lap. His knees still bounced slightly.

    He placed his finger under your chin and furrowed his brows in worry. “What is it, (Y/n)?” He whispered. This only made the emotions come out even harder. Arthur felt your shaking and he quickly pulled you back into his warm arms. You hiccuped shoved your face into side of his neck. As you were crying, your shaking intensified. This worried Arthur even more.

    “Hey- hey…” He cooed, before squeezing the hug tighter. “It’s okay.” He whispered into your hair. “Smile, though your heart is aching…” He hummed as he gently rocked you back and forth. “Smile, even though it’s breaking…”

    “I’m a mess up, Arthur…” You whimpered into his hair. “A m-mistake…” You sobbed.

    This caused Arthur to stiffen. A lot. He inhaled sharply through his nose and closed his eyes. His eyebrows furrowed a small bit.

    “Look at me, (Y/n).” His soft, raspy voice spoke. The way it sounded so caring, yet so concerned, sent a shiver down your spine.

    Shakily, you removed your face from his neck and looked down at him. You looked so hurt. Your eyes were red and puffy, along with your tear stained and rosy cheeks. It pained Arthur to look you in the eyes, but he did.

    “I never want to hear that again. Do you understand me?” He kept that soft and serious, raspy tone. “Who on Earth told you that?”

    “N-no one…” You lied. A quick, painful sounding giggle escaped from Arthur’s lips, causing him to stiffen up even more. His eyes kept a serious and concerned look, but they also held a tad bit of fear. He didn’t want to have another laughing fit.

    “M-my boss and co-workers. They told me that…” You whimpered and hung your head down low. Arthur’s cold fingers quickly placed under your chin, and lifted your head back up to look at him.

    “Should I just change, Arthur?” You asked before he had time to answer your previous statement. “It would make everyone happy…”

    Arthur’s eyes squeezed shut and his lips were pressed firmly together. He took a few deep breaths through his nose. After he did this, his seagreen eyes made direct eye contact with your (e/c) ones, which made your heart flutter.

    “No.” He said seriously as he shook his head. “No, you shouldn’t.”

    After you wiped your eyes, you shivered. “C-can you hug me again? Please?” You asked shyly. You hated asking, but you loved it in Arthur’s arms. You felt so safe and warm, and you even loved the slight scent of smoke that you could smell from his jacket.

    Arthur didn’t need to be asked twice.

    He pulled you into his chest and gently rocked you back and forth. After about ten minutes of this, when you calmed down, Arthur told you the jokes that he had come up with, to completely cheer you up. After all, he couldn’t go to sleep without seeing you smile.

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  • I’m kind of amazed that Joker and Sonic The Hedgehog - two movies that nobody had faith in, myself included - were both successful and good. I ought to check them out sometime.

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  • 🤡

    🤡Put on a happy face🤡

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  • Imagine

    Arthur looking over at you to make sure you’re really there and each time giving you that utter look of love

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  • In other news, the Joker movie is terrifying and also fantastic.

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  • “I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it’s a fucking comedy.”

    ~ Arthur Fleck

    Joker (2019)🃏

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    Soft and sad Arthur

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  • Joker is back again, but this time is a design for my mom cover cellphone as a gift for her birthday that was exactly on Valentine Day uwu ❤️

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    Harley Quinn 💕⚡️

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    ☁️⭐️🌙 I did these little cartoony sketches a while ago but never knew what to do with them so here they are! :)

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    Arthur Fleck Eating Some Chocolate Truffles 😋

    Cursive by: @maskymask204 😀 (My twin sister)

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