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    Jonerys // Painter and Model AU

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    Escaping a Yandere Daenerys Targaryen would Include....

    Oh, Shes furious alright, Her alliances and children never seen her so verbally upset. She didn't know what You were capable of Playing the Soft and Submissive act. She knew there was a fire inside of You. She could sense it. But She didn't wish to assume things upon you, due to you being a great spouse towards her. Now, She seeks Honor for Letting her Guard down. She will applaud you. Spiritually and Mentally. She Clearly had no hope You would ever escape. Due to Herself being the Mother of the World's Deadliest Beings should Already tell you that There was no point of Escaping Her Wrath.
    Ser Jorah along with Jon Snow had delivered the news to her. The Word spreaded through Winter Fell when She crossed with the Khalaser. When The news got to her, She was lost. "Whoever told You the message is False. My Y/N would never." She said as Drogon had roared behind The White Haired Female at Jorah from the sentence. Drogon admired you. If Daenerys loved You, Drogon did, Along with Rhaergal and Viserion. When She was walking towards Your chambers with a Baby Dragon on her shoulder. She would unlock the door with her eyes focused on the baby on her shoulder. "Hey N/N, Would You like to see the...." She spoke as She turned her gaze towards the empty room as She extended the 'The' in the sentence. She furrowed her brows in confusion as She travelled the room. "Darling?" Her voice echoed the empty walls of the bathroom.
    She kept Searching. Scavenging. 'Til She saw a Open window. No, No, No, No, No, No, NO! You are supposed to be here! With Her! You should be laying down, Begging at her feet to allow Her to let you come. Did You really escape? After all The faith and trust She put? She sighed as the baby dragon let out whirrs. "Do not Fright, Little One. You will meet your other parent." Dany reassured. Not only to the Critter but to herself mainly. She was the Mother of Dragons. Which makes You their second parent; Due to You both being Married. Something that will happen soon. "Do you see the Truth?" Said a Male voice. Daenerys turned her gaze towards Jorah who just walked in. "Were you not taught how to Knock?" She spat back with fury. Jorah just remained stoic and sighed. He could tell that She was frustrated with Your escape.
    "Didn't stop with Y/N." Jorah said as Daenerys walked over to the open window. "Do you wish to Scold me about Those I cherish?" Asked the Targaryen. "I wish that You will learn from those You Cherish. How your actions have consequences." Said The Elder Male as His hands went behind his torso. Dany furiously turned and Stomped to the Male with her nostrils flared with rage as The Dragon on her shoulder had been confused. "Hear Me, Jorah; I hadn't been nothing but a Good Lover and Queen to My People and to My Darling. Y/N just hasn't seen that." Daenerys said as She approached the open window before scanning whatever Tracks you left. "Every Horse, Every Lurker, Every Dragon and Eyes on the Street." Daenerys said as She turned her whirl-wide fury towards Jorah. "Find My Y/N!" She snarled with gritted teeth and nostrils flared.
    You were running the busy roads of Winterfell with Jon. He had assisted you with Your escape. It was hard because He commanded You to jump from a Long Fall Window. It was Hard; You were genuinely surprised He caught You. Well, You landed on Him. You both Ran. Trying to Get to the Gate. You heard Men chanting with War Cries and Horses. "Jon...." You muttered. "Come. Swiftly." Jon ordered. You followed His furry coat until You stopped at his Horse. "A Horse?" You said questionably. "Y/N. Take the Horse, It will cross the Narrow Sea and You will travel towards the Dothrakian Sea. Where No Khalaser will be seen." Jon said as He rubbed the Mane of the Horse. You nodded before raising a Brow. "But What about You?" You asked.
    Jon looked down at the Ground with a Sigh. "I am accepting My Fate." He answered. "Jon, No. I am not going to allow You to sentenced to death from My Treason." You said with crossed arms. "Y/N, We came a long way to argue. Go!" He yelled. You gritted your teeth. Attempting to Deny fact that He had been correct. You nodded your head furiously as You swung your leg over the Black Horse before grabbing Its Reigns. "Stay safe." Jon said as He gave a kiss on your forehead before turning towards the Horse then patting the It's Snout. The Horse began to move as You steadied Your body. You turned your head to see Jon unleashing his Blade from It's Sheath and Letting a War Cry then Running towards the Horde of Men.
    You brows furrowed. You needed to get to the Bank of the Sea. You needed to Let Jon's sacrifice to be honorable. Yanking the Horse's Reigns; You signaled it to speed up. "Heeyah!" You yelled as You yanked its reigns again. You were out of Winter-fell. Passing the Cherry Blossom tree and into the empty plains and roads. Your brows were furrowed as You couldn't help but think of the Kiss You and Jon shared. You gritted your teeth as tears fell furiously. You were too angry yet depressed at the same time. You wished You didn't leave him. Who knows what punishment He was sentenced to; All for Your sake. You lowered your body closer to the Horse to allow less weight. It had been speeding up as Your bag with belongings was tightened around your shoulders.
    You heard a snarl. Not just any snarl but Multiple. You head a growl. You rose a brow as You searched all over. You looking for the source of the sound. You then heard a roar above. Your eyes widen as You whipped your head to the sky behind to see the Three Dragons. "Drogon?!" You yelled as Rheagal swooped down attempting to grab the horse. You squinted your sight to see a familiar sliver head in a Blue Silk Dress on the neck of Drogon. "Daenerys.." You muttered furiously. "Heeyah!" You chanter before yanking the horse's reigns as It sped up. You knew You couldn't out run a Dragon. But You could ware it out a bit. "Come on, Come on." You muttered as The Horse dodged one of Viserion's fireballs. You grunted as The Horse let our pained whinnies. You soothed the pain by allowing your fingers to dance along the Mane.
    You were doing fine, Until You felt something hot yet hard burn your back. It had enough damage to knock You and The Horse down to the hard concrete. You let out an agony filled screamed as The Horse whined in pain. You grunted, Attempted to pull yourself Up. You heard Two, Then Four then Six large bangs. You moved the dirt out of Your face. Your eyes widen turning slowly to see Daenerys walking towards You. She wore a custom made Winter Fell Dress with sleeves to survive the winter. She had textures to resemble Dragon scales. You accepted it as Your shoulders dropped in disappointment. "Do You see what happens when You attempt something as Stressful as Escaping, My Darling?" She asked as She stared down at You with Her Violet eyes darkening slowly.
    Her Sliver hair blew with braids on the sides. Her boots had been shown as The Dress moved with the wind to reveal the baggy leggings. "I-I..." You blurted breathlessly. "I will never submit to You!" You yelled. Drogon landed behind Daenerys while Rhaegal and Viserion had been on the sides. All preventing You and The Horse to escape. You grunted as She stared at you, Cupping Your chin. ''See, My Dear. The Conquences of Actions are a deep price. Sadly Jon paid it for You.'' She said as Drogon roared behind her, Cleary unimpressed by Your actions. ''What did You do to Him.'' You muttered before yanking her hand away. ''The Hell did You do to Him!'' You yelled as You stood up. ''Silence!" She yelled as You cowered down. ''I am Your Lover; You only chance of Survival!'' She stated as She furiously stepped in front of You. You grunted as You kneeled while crying; Thinking of Jon. ''You are Mine.'' She said as She crouched down to Your Height.
    ''I am not Yours!'' You yelled before getting a harsh slap to the face. Your eyes widen as You slowly turned Your gaze to the Violet eyed Fury. "You are Mine! You will submit and when You do, You'll accept Your role by my side!" She yelled in Your face as You gritted Your teeth at Her. "Go to Hell by Yourself!" You screamed back with the same anger You shared with Jon's departure. "You cannot escape." She simply stated with a calming manner as She forced You to Your feet. You attempted to fight out of Her grip but You knew Her Dragons for Children would easily Find You. Your shoulders dropped as Viserion had at the horse You were given from Jon. You looked down in shame along with hard tears. Daenerys had put You on Drogon's neck before boarding Herself on also. "We will discuss a fitting punishment later, My Love." She stated as Her Three Children, Now Your Children took off to the Skies. "Never forget Your role, Y/N. For it is the reason Why you continue living." Daenerys said as You faced her back.
    There was no hope. No Chance of Escaping the Mother of Dragons herself. No matter How skilled You has been; You could never escape the Dragon Chains..
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    I’m just sitting here thinking about how some believe Dany was the love, and Westeros and Jon’s family were the duty..

    This doesn’t make sense, and for many reasons.. 

    For starters, some of that was twisted in the end. Many people got this from Tyrion’s line “duty is the death of love.” Umm this line isn’t even in the books, therefore some more shitty writing they just added in there at the last minute. The main quote comes from Aemon, when having to choose, which gets brought up when Jon wants to go help Rob. However, I like the details in the books a bit more.

    -Before getting to my point, don’t you just love how much of a smart ass Jon is in the books? Moving on..

    So here’s Aemon talking to Jon about choosing. But the last line is very specific and is obviously going to mean something later.

    “Tell me, Jon, If the day should ever come when your lord father must needs choose between honor on the one hand and those he loves on the other, what would he do?”

    Especially since Jon didn’t choose at that time, he ends up choosing his duty and stays. Some can argue that once again Jon must choose duty over love with Ygritte, so that’s done and dealt with when Jon leaves her. However, none of these are being compared to Aemons specific words here. He’s talking about family and love. Kit did an interview and specifically said he chooses who he loves the most in the end, and why he did it. Also this..

    This is on the website explaining that line a bit more. Again there’s that family aspect in there. And the most interesting part is choosing duty or family= love?? This makes me feel like Dany was and always will be the duty, and Starks are the LOVE here. If family were the duty the quote would never exist, or be compared to when Jon has to make that tough decision with going and helping Rob. It’s based off of the Starks choosing, and it always seems to fall back on them choosing love in the end. Ned did it for Sansa back in season 1. The most honorable man gives up his honor for the love he has for his daughter. Jon finally chooses in the end and it was never Dany, Dany’s not even in the love aspect of any of this, she’s all duty. What’s even more funny about all this is Jon huffs and puffs at the end of the last episode and says “love is the death of duty” when having to decide. Which means he has to kill her for his loved ones. Yet Tyrion’s bullshit of a line gets added in there to switch it up, so people are sure it means he kills his love for them. And even though they added that in there, I’m almost 100 percent sure Dany will be the duty once again in the books.. Or else Dany’s betrayal for love wouldn’t exist as well!

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    Heading towards her wedding in Kings Landing in the midst of war, Sansa’s galley is captured by the fearsome Northern privateer Captain Crow. She could tell him she’s the daughter of Lord Stark but what might this former pirate do if he learns she’s betrothed to King Joffrey?

    Jon has sailed the Narrow Sea and beyond since he was a small boy taken by his Uncle Benjen to sea after his mother’s passing. As a privateer, he sails his ship to serve the North’s war efforts and line his crew’s pockets with money from the prizes they capture … but he may find it’s his heart in danger of capture when he meets Sansa.

    Captain Crow & the Runaway Bride by @vivilove-jonsa

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    Jon Snow - Rerekina

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    #top 5 problematic cringe jon snow moments let's go #asoiaf#ask#anonymous
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    The Wolf, The Stag and The Snake (Book 1)

    A Song of Ice and Fire Fanfiction


    This fanfiction is about three girls who lives in Westeros and how their lives changed when the War began. Follow Antea Stark, Cassandra Baratheon and Cyel Sand in their adventures. There is more you have just to wait and see. This fanfiction follows only the books.

    Chapter 21


    Cyel had woken up ealier than usual that morning. It was hunting day and Robb had asked her to go with them too. Cyel had always liked hawking with Antea and Sansa. Antea enjoyed riding more that anything else those morning, while Sansa had been great training her hawk. Cyel liked hawking so much because all of them spent mornings together, not devided by their daily schedules.

    Cyel yawned while bying her long black hair into a braid. She was really tired, she staied up more then ususal to put Rickon to bed and with Shaggydog who kept howling it had been almost impossible. But the youngest Stark didn’t really know how to stay still. Robb was supposed to do that, but the Maester had something important to tell the young lord of Winterfell, so Robb had asked her to go to Rickon. She loved that little boy, but sometimes she wished he was just a little bit quiter.

    Cyel then fixed her purple dress making sure everything was in place before taking the cape that the Starks had given to her as a present for her birthday in her hands. Her fingers lingered on the grey fur, loving the feeling. She smiled looking at it before exiting the room careful not to wake up her mother still fast asleep. She looked at Phelya for a moment before closing the door. Her mother was everyday better, just headaches sometimes, but luckily she wasn’t pale anyomore and she was stronger. She had even started to walk around the castle. Bran and Robb had been very sweet the first day she broke her fast with them again after so long; Robb had accompanied Phelya from her room to the main hall and Bran had passed her fish and waffle before taking some for himself. Cyel thanked the Seven everyday for being so fortunate to have the Starks in her life. Not everyone was so kind.

    “Good morning, my lords” she said with a smile walking in the main hall, where Bran was already set down with the four guardsmen that would have accompanied them hunting that morning.

    “Good morning lady Cyel” said Joseth, the new master of horse, said to her kindly still chewing his breakfast. She smiled at him bowing her head lightly before sitting greaciusly next to Bran.

    “Hello, Cyel” he said finishing sipping his milk.

    “Are you happy to go hunting?” she asked starting to break her fast.

    “I’m happy I can ride outside the yard” he answered. Finally the saddle for Bran was ready and he rode around the yard everyday. His horse was very smart and beautiful, her name was Dancer and she was two years old. It had been beautiful seeing how Bran was able to ride again, it made him happy; it made him feel similar to his older brothers, who he always looked up to. She couldn’t believe she had to thank a Lannister for that. That man of Lannister had made Bran a gift after the Kingslayer had pushed him out of a window.

    “Cyel, are you alright?” Bran’s voice made her turn seeing the little lord looking at her with his curious eyes.

    “Yes” she said shooking her head “I’m just a bit sleepy, that’s all” suddenly something brushed at the side of her leg and when she looked down, the girl saw Summer putting his muzzle on her lap, studying her with his golden eyes.

    What do you know? Sometimes Cyel really wished that direwolf could talk.

    She shook her head once again petting his fur gently and with a smile she turned to Bran “They are sure growing up fast” all three direwolves were everyday stronger and bigger. Shaggydog was becoming the biggest among them and even the scariest. He growled at everyone that wasn’t Rickon and his deep green eyes starteled her sometimes. Grey Wind was becoming faster by the days and Summer even though was the leaner of his brothers seemed to be very smart.

    “He is smart” Bran said proudly making his direwolf look at him fondly “Sometimes I feel like he understands me. Like he knows things” then Bran looked at her with a light blush, before turning shooking his shoulders “I think he is the smartest” Cyel smiled at him being so proud.

    “He howled last night” Bran said thoughtfully “He seemed really sad”

    “Summer too?” she asked, Bran nodded with a small frown “Shaggydog seemed more agitated than usual”

    “Him too..” Bran muttered with a pencive expression. Cyel found herself doing the same, everythime those direwolves howled and sang all together something had happened. She looked down to Summer who was resting his muzzle on Bran’s lap.

    What do you know?

    The snow was starting to fall more frequently with the days passing by, it was juat a faint of white, but it started to cover the fields all around them. Small snowflakes were melting against them, they weren’t many, but as ususal the snow marveled Cyel. She looked at her hawk resting on her extended arm. She had decided to call him Sun due his almost golden plumage. He was there erect looking around almost marveled.

    “Are we ready?” Robb asked ahead of the party, next to Bran.

    “Aye, my lord” the men said enthusiastically. Cyel looked at them, before fixing her gaze to the young lord speaking to Bran that nodded his head. Robb looked at him proudly before kicking his horse to walk. Cyel heard Bran giving the order to Dancer that started to walk immediately. The girl smiled before looking at Sun, moving her arm to make him fly. She watched the hawk fly high, before making move her horse.

    It was a bit of a long way to the Wolf’s Wood; they had to walk through the village, passing the market square always full of people. When the villagers spotted the two Stark boys they bowed their heads, suddenly one of them dropped a piece of wood they had in their hands in the moment they spotted Grey Wind and Summer with them. Robb was greeting each of them while Bran was smiling at them. Cyel looked at them proudly, wishing that lady Catelyn could be there to look at her sons. They have grown up so fast, Cyel wondered if the same was happening to her.

    Suddenly Theon Greyjoy called two names, making Cyel turn her head. She saw two girls smiling bowing their heads, but one of them, the youngest, turned blushed and covered her face.

    “Sweet Kyra” Theon said to Robb with his usual laugh “She squirms like a weasel in bed, but with just a word in the street she blushes pink as a maid” Cyel wasn’t far from them so she had hear Theon’s words and she couldn’t help but blush and turn her head.

    “Did I ever tell you about the night that she and Bessa-” but Robb stopped Theon.

    “Not where  my brother can hear, Theon” Theon smiled looking at Bran that looked ahead of him for all the way. He probably had heard, he was close to them too, but he ignored Theon’s comments and Cyel was impressed.

    Robb moved coser to his younger brother, while Theon got closer to Cyel with his usual cocky smile.

    “What’s the matter, little one?” Theon asked making the girl roll her eyes “You’re suddenly flushed”

    “Now I understand why many people say it’s just a joke for you” she answered looking at the older boy seriously. Theon blinked his eyes in confusion.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Antea” Cyel had always believed that Theon had true feelings for her friend; of course she knew he enjoyed women company, but hearing his comment it was like every girl was the same in his eyes. She didn’t like that; if he was so fond of Antea then he should have eyes just for her, Sansa would have said that and Cyel agreed.

    “That’s none of your business, Cyel” he answered bitterly.

    Cyel scrolled her shoulders before making move her horse faster following Bran and Robb who had quickened their pace.

    Their horses galloped away from the winter town, the two direwolves were close behind the Stark brothers that not long after had put a good distance from them. Cyel could see Robb talking to Bran, but something was different from before; they weren’t smiling, they were talking seriously like two men. They were so joyful that day. She hoped everything was fine.

    “Theon” she said reining in beside the older boy, who looked ahead of him.

    “What is it?” he asked almost annoyed.

    Cyel ignored him and kept talking “Has something happened?” she asked looking the two Starks leading the party “Robb looks so serious”

    Theon turned his head to look at her showing his cocky smirk “It’s nothing that a little girl should think about, those are men’s talk”

    Cyel bit her lip “A lady can still give advises” she insisted but Theon laughed.

    “We are not obliged to listen to them, so why ask them?” he eyed her with a strange look before making his horse move faster to go next to Robb.

    Cyel wondered if there was truth in his words. Lord Stark had always involved lady Catelyn and he listened to her words, and at Dorne everyone thought of women as they did for men. Was really that the life of a lady? Shutting her mouth and listen to what men wanted? Was it possible that they thought so little of them? Her mother had never been married and Cyel didn’t spend all her day with lady Catelyn, how could she know how a wife was treated by her husband?

    “Are you alright, Cyel?” asked Maester Luwin riding on his donkey.

    Cyel smiled sadly “They don’t want me with them” she said blushing feeling stupid for saying that out loud.

    “Theon said that?” the old man asked kindly, but a frown was visible on his forehead. Cyel looked down.

    The Maester took a breath “Theon Greyjoy is one of a kind” he said looking ahead of him “He’s never been good at handle his anger… or his every feelings for the metter” the man turned to her with a smile “It shouldn’t affect you that much” Theon was probably angry for what she had said before about Antea… but did he really just said those words just to hurt her?

    “What a nice necklace” the Maester said pointing at the pendant that Bran had given to her “I’ve noticed you wear it very often” almost always actually, Cyel never get separed from it. She really loved that necklace.

    “I’m sure Bran would mind your absence” he said after a moment with a serious expression. Cyel looked ahead to the Stark boys and Theon and with a nod to Maester Luwin she made move her horse faster.  

    “I wish Mother was back” Cyel heard Bran saying when she got closer, he seemed really pensive “Does Maester Luwin say to call the banners too?”

    Banners?  Calling the banners meant to go to war. What was happening?

    “The master is timid as an old woman?” said Theon making Cyel frown.

    “Father always listened to his counsel” Bran said directly to his brother “Mother too”

    “I listen to him” Robb insisted “I listen to everyone” Bran looked down, his eyes were sad and a strange feeling grew in Cyel’s chest. He was so happy before, now they were talking about war… something very bad must have happened.

    “The wind is raising” Cyel said reining closer to Bran who turned to her “It’s becoming a bit cold” she saw gratitude in Bran’s eyes then he turned to Robb.

    “Cyel’s right, can we go back?” he asked.

    Robb glanced around “We need to find the wolves. Can you stand to go a bit longer?”

    “I can go as long as you can” Bran said without hesitation before turning to Cyel “Cyel is it alright for you?”

    “If you’re cold I’ll send you back with someone” Robb said kindly to her, but Cyel shook her head gracefully.

    “It’s alright” she said “I can stand a bit of cold” Robb nodded before moving his horse to walk faster. Cyel turned to Bran, a glimps of sadness was still in his eyes.

    “Are you alright, Bran?” she asked carefully. He nodded his head lightly, but she know it was not true.

    They galloped in silence and she really didn’t want to push him to talk. Robb fastened his pace and Bran followed him quickly. Cyel looked at him riding ahead. What made him so sad?

    “Can I ask you what happened, or am I too little to know why you were talking about banners?” Cyel asked Theon when he got closer.

    “I told you, that’s not what a short lady need to worry about” Theon said with a smirk.

    Cyel ignored his comment about her stature before speaking again “I’m young, but I’m not foolish” she said “I know what calling the bannermen means. If the North is going to war it’s because something had happened to lord Stark” she was extreamly serious right now “He is my lord and Brandon’s father, I want to know what happened”

    “You’re so annoying”  then Theon took a breath “Lord Eddard has been attacked in King’s Landing and I think we should go to war” Cyel gasped. Someone had hurt lord Stark… why? Who had attacked him? The situation was serious, if Robb wanted to call the bannermen that meant that the attacker was someone important, someone from an important family. Lannisters.

    She felt angry again, they were hurting the Starks more and more. But was it wise to declare war to the Capital? The Lannisters were the richest family in Westeros and one of them was even married to the King. Moreover attacking when lord Stark and his daughters were still in King’s Landing would put them in danger. She understood why the Stark brothers were so tense before.

    “Do you see lord Stark?” Cyel looked up when one of the guardsmen spoke.

    “Bran’s not here too” she said glancing around, worry filled her “We should go and look for them”

    “Don’t worry” Theon said carefully taking and arrow from his quiver eyeing something in the woods “Robb knows these woods, and those wolves are with them” he shoot his arrow and after a moment Cyel heard something fall. Theon was a great archer, one of the best, there was no time he didn’t hit what he was shooting at.

    Sun had came back with an hare in his clows. He leave it to Cyel and he flew away again, but when Sun come back again and Bran and Robb weren’t there still made Cyel worried even more.

    “They had been out there for too long” she said looking in the woods, it was even becoming colder “Theon, please let’s look for them” Theon was glancing around too, before turning to the girl.

    “Don’t be so worried, it’s alright” he said less cocky then usual.

    “You are worried too” she said making him took a breath.

    “Aye” he said before turning to the men “Let’s split up, but Terreth took Cyel back”

    Cyel’s eyes widened “What? Why?”

    Theon took a breath “I can’t look for them and think about you. Robb and Bran would never leave me alone if you’d get hurt. Go” Cyel bit her lips, even Theon thought that something was wrong and that made her even more worried, she wanted to look for them, to find Bran and Robb but if someone else was there she didn’t know how she could have helped Theon and the guardsmen.

    “Alright, but be careful” she said “And please, Theon bring them back”

    “Don’t worry” he said before kicking his horse to start a quick pace. Even Maester Luwin had gone and that made her worried. What if they’ve go injured.

    Cyel waited in Winterfel great hall, pacing all the perimeter of the room torturing her hands. She couldn’t stay still, she hated that feeling of worry, the feeling of not knowing. But Bran and Robb had their wolves, those creature could never let anything bad happen to the Stark boys. She had saw what had happened to the last one that tried to hurt Bran.

    Suddenly loud steps echoed in the corridors. When she ran out the hall, she saw Robb and Theon walk towards her, behind them the guardsmen were fallowing and with them there was a very tall person, with an hostile face. The person was covered in ragged clothes and fur… a wildling. Only when they got closer Cyel realized that the wildling was a woman. What was she doing there?

    “Robb” she exclaimed relieved running to the young lord, who smiled tiredly to her “I was so worried! What happened?” Cyel asked looking at the wildling woman.

    “We got attacked” he said, nodding to his guardsman to take away the woman.

    “Attacked?” she repeated glancing around worried.

    “A group of wildligns attacked Bran” at Robb’s words Cyel’s breath stopped.

    “Where is he? Is he alright?” the girl asked urgently.

    “He is fine” Robb said side eyeing Theon with a reproachful look. The older boy just looked away in silence, while Cyel was still torturing her hands in worry.

    “Weren’t you with him?” she asked.

    Robb looked at her for a moment before answering “No” Cyel frowned in confusion “I’ve found him almost immediately”

    “But we saved the both of them at the end” Theon said earning an annoyed look from Robb.  

    “Where is he?” she asked again making Robb turn to her.

    “He is in his room” he said “Maester Luwin is taking care of him” than something did happened. She excused herself from Robb and she walked fast towards Bran’s room. She had had a strange feeling since she had seen him ride away. She thought that with Robb he would have been safe, why did they got separed? What if something worst had happened?

    The girl ran up the stairs that lead to Bran’s chamber as fast as she could and when she arrived before the door master Luwin was walking out of the room with Hodor behind him.

    “Maester” she called walking closer to the man “Robb told me Bran got attacked. Is everything alright?” she had talked so fastly she wasn’t even sure that the Maester had understood her. But he smiled nodding his head.

    “Yes, Cyel. I’ve just cleaned his wound” Cyel bit her lip.

    “What happened?” she asked.

    “Bran got attacked by a group of wildlings coming form north, but luckly nothing serious happened” he said “Bran just got scratched on his leg, but the cut is not deep”

    Thank the Gods, she thought starting to breath normally again.

    “You can go and visit him if you want” the maester said kindly.

    “If I may” at her answer, Luwin step aside making room for her to enter the room. Cyel knocked on the wood of the door to announce her presence, she opened the door and entered in the room. Bran was sitting on his bed, his back was lying against the wooden headbord and Summer had his muzzle on Bran’s lap. The boy looked up when she entered and he smiled at her.

    “Hi, Cyel” he said.

    Cyel walked closer to the bed and she set on the chair next to it “I’ve heard what happened. Are you alright?”

    Bran nodded looking at his leg “I’m fine, I think. It really doesn’t hurt” Cyel nodded her head. She was glad that nothing worst had happened to him.

    “They came from beyond the Wall. They wanted to go South” Bran said after a moment of silence. It was strange, there were some wildlings in the North, but those beyond the Wall were another kind, more ruthless more dangerous, but they never got close to Winterfell. Why did they want to go South?

    “But I really don’t know if the South is a safe place” Cyel looked closer to him but she let him speak “A raven came from King’s Landing last night, Robb told me this morning” He looked up to her seriously and worried

    “Father got seriously injuried on a leg and apparently an horse fell on him” Cyel’s eyes widened in shock.

    “Oh Gods, how that happened?” she asked.

    “According to Alyn, the Kingslayer attacked Father and his men” Bran said sadly “Wyl, Heward and Jory had been killed” A gasp left the girl’s lips. All those men, she knew all of the since she had arrived in Winterfell and Jory… Jory Cassel was one of the men that lord Stark trusted the most and he was so kind with them children; he had frequently brought the boys to fish in the lake in the Wolf’s Wood, and he brought all of them on field trips when they all started to learn how to ride. He was a loyal and brave man and the Kingslayer had killed him, and he attempt to kill lord Stark. She understood now why Theon wanted for Robb to call their bannermen. But declaring war to the Lannister with lord Stark, Sansa and Arya in the South wasn’t wise.

    Suddenly she heard Bran gasp and when she turned she saw him clanging his chest with his hand.

    “Bran?” she said “Bran what is it?” he seemed to have trouble breathing

    “I…I don’t know” he breathed “I just… I need some air” Cyel quicly got up to the window, while Summer looked Bran worried too. When Cyel got back to the bed, she saw Bran that was still finding difficulties to breath, so she took his hand.

    “Bran, look at me” she said calmly trying not to agitate him even more “Hey it’s alright” she said forcing a little smile “Count with me” Bran nodded his head, clanging on Cyel hand and he started to count with Cyel; after a moment his breathing had gone back to normal and he took a long breath in confusion.

    “Thank you” he said turning to Cyel with confusion still in his eyes, while Summer start licking his hand “How did you know how to do it?” Bran asked.

    Cyel smiled putting a strand of hair behind her ear “My little sister Dorea suffers of night terrors and Tyene calms her down like that” Bran nodded his head again before relizing they were still holding hands, so he pulled away with a little smile.

    “Do you want me to call for maester Luwin?” she asked. It was really strange what had happened; Bran had never suffered of those kind of attacks, his healt was perfect. She wondered what had happened.

    “No, I’m fine” he said “I’m sorry if I made you worried, maybe it was just bad thoughts” he wanted to reassured her but he wasn’t sure himself. Cyel could understand how worried he could feel for his father, she knew what it felt to be afaid of loosing a parent.

    “Do you think Father is going to be fine, Cyel?” Bran asked suddenly “Robb said that the maester was taking care of him, but…” he took a breath “I just hope he is going to be fine. And the girls too”

    She wanted to tell him he was right, but she knew he didn’t want for her to lie to him.

    “I hope so, Bran” she said taking a breath.

    “Theon wants for Robb to call the bannermen” Bran said “If Robb agrees it’ll mean war”

    Cyel closed her eyes in sadness “Sometimes I wish we were older” she admitted  “Maybe we would understand better”

    “I’m already eight and you’re twelve” Bran said “It’s not so different from fifhteen and I’m the heir to Winterfell after Robb. We understand” he assured and she was surprised by his seriousness and maturity “It’s just a difficult choice to make, but I feel that everything is going to change either way”  

    She couldn’t bare the thought of what was happening. Why the Lannisters were doing all of this so suddenly? The Kingslayer had tried to kill Bran and now he tried to kill lord Stark. What was happening? Robb was over the edge, very confused of what was right to do.

    We are just children, Cyel thought sadly.

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    "In this dread hour, a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him."

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    AU where Sansa became Queen of the Seven Kingdoms alongside Jon

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    "Even in Winterfell, as a kid before the wolves, Jon was the bastard. He was the odd one out. The rest of them are all brothers and sisters. He's only a half-brother, so he's not as closely tied to them ... So he's of them, he's part of the family, he's part of the siblings, but he's a little bit apart too. Ghost is very similar to that. He's the albino, he's the one who makes no noise, so he's related to the other direwolves but one apart as well."

    —George R. R. Martin

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    thank you for the support for my Paz drawing. honestly i haven’t wanted to post art in a while (hence no tiktoks) bc my digital art is bleh compared to so much of what y’all make and it was hard to feel like I was making any progress on it (though I definitely have!) but with my traditional art, the only progress I compare to is myself so I feel more comfy doing it. tldr thanks and I will be making more soon :)

    Here have a Jon & Ygritte I drew 2.5 years ago compared to my Paz from today 🥰 (under the same bad lighting lol)

    Also my digital vs traditional art Wolffe (both in my “style”)

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    Jon + Danaerys + kisses

    requested by anon

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    Day 15: Outpost

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    Arya: What do you think Rickon will do for a distraction?

    Jon: He’ll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do.

    {Building explodes and several car alarms go off}

    Jon: ... or he could do that.

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    Prince of the North. Edmond, son of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark, character from fanfic "The Path of the Ice Dragon". I presents him externally, as Timothee Chalamet. Aquarelle and colour pencils.

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