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  • magicrainbowkitties
    29.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So I was supposed to just find this? And NOT use it as a meme template? I don't think so.

    Oh and here's the original template because I'm generous like that

    #scarecrow#jonathan crane #yeehaw fear gas #idk what this is from or where it came from #i found it on Google Images while searching for references #but its perfect #hroo hraa
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  • jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear
    29.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Oh shit, he’s serious now.

    Batman: The Dark Knight #13 || Scanned at 300dpi
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  • strawberrypincushion
    29.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Fences: Part 5

    Jonathan didn’t need to wait long as the dark knight soon entered his field of vision.

    Stepping from one shadow to the next, Batman made his way down the hall, and he turned his head slowly from side to side as though he were searching for something unseen in the dim lighting of the house.

    Jonathan held his breath and waited as the dark knight drew nearer. Perhaps if Batman didn’t see him, he could make a break for it, though he doubted it would be that easy.

    The dark knight’s head continued to swivel about, and a few seconds later, he came to a halt before turning fully to face where Jonathan was standing quietly in the shadows – and he pierced Jonathan with a familiar disapproving glare.

    Sighing, Jonathan pinched the bridge of his nose as the dark knight moved forward in his direction, and he scowled as the caped crusader reached into his tactical belt for a weapon - it seemed he was always prepared for violence and welcomed the opportunity to resort to it - no matter the situation.

    “Come along quietly, Crane.” Batman snarled. “I don’t have time for your tricks tonight.”

    Jonathan stepped out of the shadows – unsure of where Alba had gone, he decided it wouldn’t hurt to keep the dark knight occupied for the moment. “I have to say, that’s quite an offer – but I’m going to have to refuse.” He said, contempt rolling off his tongue.

    The dark knight didn’t bother with a response. Instead, he began to circle Jonathan, much like a vulture.

    When he stepped to the side though, the light glinted off the batarangs that were being held tightly between his gloved fingers, and Jonathan narrowed his eyes – he knew from personal experience that getting hit with one of those wasn’t pleasant – which meant he would need to be careful. As such, Jonathan stepped in tandem with his adversary; and watching the dark knight’s movements carefully, he darted to the side as the caped crusader flung his arm forward, and the batarangs whisked past Jonathan’s head, embedding into the wall behind him.

    “Such hostility Batman,” Jonathan jeered. “I haven’t done anything, and yet here you are. Like an annoying weed that keeps coming back, time and time again.”

    “You broke out of Arkham, and it’s Halloween. You must be planning something.” The dark knight accused, and reaching into his utility belt, he pulled out the rolled up fraudulent release papers that Jonathan had forged.

    Without care, the dark knight tossed the papers onto the ground, and they rolled a few inches before coming to a stop between the two men.

    “Oh yes, well. That time’s come and gone I’m afraid. I’ve already done what I set out to do.” Jonathan stated nonchalantly, his gaze never wavering from the dark knight.

    “And what is that exactly?” Batman growled, glaring distrustfully.

    “You tell me detective.” Jonathan said, tilting his head to the side imploringly and his eyes flicked down to the papers, just briefly – perhaps they were the reason why Batman was so riled up? – it seemed the dark knight always assumed the worst of him.

    “Where is Ms. Rosen?” Batman demanded.

    Ah, then perhaps not? Jonathan thought, frowning. What could the dark knight possibly want with Alba? Nothing good, he was sure of that.

    “She’s been reported missing.” The dark knight continued, “Apparently, she disappeared from a gala not too long ago.” he stated and stalking forward he made to corner Jonathan.

    The dark knight froze however as Jonathan, using the momentary lapse in conversation, grabbed at one of the batarangs, and yanking it out of the wall he threw it – but not at him – instead he aimed upwards and the light above them shattered as he hit his target.

    The dark knight threw an arm up to block the glass from the light exploding and when he lowered his arm, Jonathan was nowhere in sight.


    Skulking through the house, Jonathan locked a door behind him as he debated on which route to take and whether he should try and grab some of his things when he heard a loud crashing noise come from behind him and the wood of the door began to splinter.

    Making up his mind, Jonathan decided it best to just find Alba and run. He broke into a sprint, but he barely made it down the hall and around the corner when a pair of heavy combat boots slammed into him, knocking him to the ground. He gasped as the wind was knocked out of his lungs and he saw stars as his head banged roughly against the hardwood floor.

    Suddenly, he was flipped over so he was lying on his back, and the dark knight hovered above him, looking displeased.

    “And, just to clarify it was being hosted by WayneTech. Ring any bells, Scarecrow?” Batman said, continuing his interrogation as he pinned Jonathan down to the floor by his throat. His other hand was pulled back into a fist that rested inches from Jonathan’s face.

    Jonathan gagged and began to choke. The dark knight switched his grip so he could speak, though he yanked Jonathan up by his hair instead.

    “I…just wanted to see her.” Jonathan said, wheezing, and he spoke haltingly as the dark knight searched his face. Reading his expression, Batman lowered his fist a fraction of an inch as he concluded that Jonathan was telling the truth.

    “So, Ms. Rosen is around here somewhere.” He surmised. In the next second, however he was glaring down at Jonathan again. “Is she the one distributing your fear toxin tonight?” the dark knight growled, accusation clear in his tone as he hauled Jonathan up, this time by the lapels of his jacket.

    Jonathan nearly scoffed at the implication – that he was simply using himself as bait, while Alba the dirty work - instead though he exhaled, and he fought the urge to roll his eyes at his adversary. Mockery wouldn’t help here, even if it would make him feel better.

    “Of course not. That would disrupt her life.” Jonathan stated as he coughed before eyeing the caped crusader, giving him a dour look. “There’s no plan, no scheme. There’s not even any fear toxin set to go off nearby tonight. Like I said, I just wanted to see her.”

    “And that’s it?” the dark knight pressed, disbelieving. He didn’t tighten his grip on Jonathan, but he didn’t loosen it either.

    “And that’s it.” Jonathan repeated, and he jerked slightly in the dark knight’s grip, trying to free himself. “She happened to be in an inconvenient place, so I staged a… rescue if you would.”

    “A kidnapping is more like it.” the dark knight replied, unamused.

    “Call it what you will, detective. The point is that’s all there is too it. Nothing more.” Jonathan huffed, getting annoyed.

    The dark knight scowled at him, “She’s not here on the premises is she. She’s somewhere else nearby.”

    “How very clever detective, you worked it out.” Jonathan sneered as the caped crusader let go of him - for the moment – and he scrambled, picking himself up off the floor as best he could.

    Brushing himself off, Jonathan began inspecting himself for wounds, and he sighed when he looked down. Catching sight of the state his clothes were in Jonathan internally groused (not that they had been in that great of condition to begin with) but they now looked worse for wear even more so due to the beating he had taken, however minimal it had been.

    He snapped his head up however as the dark knight spoke, grabbing his attention.

    “Ms. Rosen’s colleagues have been wondering where she is.” Batman stated as he turned his head from one side to another and he pressed a button on the side of his cowl. “She disappeared after talking with a stranger for all they know.”

    Jonathan scowled at the implication, and he clenched his fists. “You’re here to take her away.”

    “I’m here to return Ms. Rosen to the party you took her from.” The dark knight clarified. “As I said, people are wondering where she disappeared off too, and-” he paused however, as a third party entered the conversation, and Jonathan’s eyes widened as Alba’s voice sounded from around the corner, addressing the dark knight. They widened further still as she stated that she left willingly, and Jonathan wilted as she talked. It seemed she was determined to condemn herself through virtue of his company; consequences be damned.

    And worst of all, he could do nothing to dissuade her.

    “Dear...” he murmured as she stepped forward, surprising him, as she planted herself between him and the dark knight.

    Jonathan winced however as Batman’s eyes – entirely white behind the helmet – narrowed in his direction as he spoke. He hadn’t meant to say that.

    Jonathan mentally kicked himself. Perhaps the dark knight had only guessed at the extent of his relationship with Alba, and here he was giving him confirmation – potentially worsening the situation for the both of them.

    Turning to her, Jonathan grimaced as Alba continued to talk, explaining the situation on her end. And, as she did, Jonathan was sure the world’s greatest detective could hear the slight waver in her voice and saw the tenseness in her shoulders as she tried to keep herself from shaking - after all, he had noticed.

    The dark knight simply glared down at Alba as she tapered off, but he said nothing. Silence passed between the two parties, and finally, after what felt like a lifetime, he spoke.

    “Midnight.” He stated ominously and leaning forward he dipped his head to be at eye level with Alba.

    Alba furrowed her eyebrows and Jonathan placed a hand on her shoulder. Tugging gently, he pulled her backwards and stepped in front of her.

    Now with some space between Alba and the dark knight, Jonathan hissed at the other man. “What?”

    The dark knight matched Jonathan’s glare easily and he spoke, clarifying his statement. “Bring her back to the gala – before midnight.”

    Jonathan was tempted to reply with ‘or what’ but he knew better than to push his luck with the dark knight; by all accounts and purposes he was being generous.

    As such, he clenched his jaw but nodded tersely and the dark knight stepped back, disappearing into the shadows of the house.


    Jonathan sighed as the dark knight departed and he waited a few seconds before reaching for Alba, who was in the process of mirroring his movements. Relief threatening to shut him down, Jonathan dropped his head and buried his face in the crook of Alba’s neck. He clutched at her, gripping her frame tightly, and he was very much content to stay that way, but he had to relax his hold somewhat when Alba complained about his nails digging into her skin, and he mumbled an apology.

    Alba, meanwhile, checked him over vigorously for wounds, and she winced at seeing the red marks – courtesy of the dark knight’s manhandling - that were starting to blossom around his neck as they peeked up through the collar of his shirt.

    Jonathan groaned as he put a hand up and touched the marks gingerly: though he had gotten lucky this time around, the encounter with the dark knight had still turned violent, adding fresh pain onto the previous marks that were still in the process of healing, and he tensed up somewhat at the thought that the old wounds hadn’t begun to scar over just yet – and now he had even more to add to the collection.

    Jonathan froze however as he was pulled from his thoughts by Alba’s touch, and it took him a second to register that she was hugging him; and he sighed, grateful that she was trying to soothe him as she ran her hands up and down his back.

    Returning the hug, Jonathan felt himself relax completely against Alba as she rubbed the heel of her palm in slow circles over the small of his back; and he inhaled her scent before letting out a shuddering breath, moaning softly as she continued to massage his aches, dulling the pain.

    A moment went by, and Jonathan frowned as Alba started to shake against him. He waited to see if it would pass, and when she continued to shiver with no signs of stopping, he began to fret.

    Indecisive, Jonathan felt torn between consoling her and reassuring himself – and so, he oscillated. One minute he tried to assuage her anxiety and demanded to know if she was alright, and in the next he pressed his lips to every inch of exposed skin he could find to convince himself that she was still there with him.

    After a short while Alba’s shivering subsided and Jonathan moved his head from where it was buried in her hair and he murmured in her ear, “That was very brave of you - I’m quite proud.” He admitted. “Conquering one’s fear is no easy feat.”

    Alba blinked, surprised at his words, and in seconds she pressed herself back against him fiercely. “I’m not losing you.” she stated vehemently, tightening her hold on him and Jonathan let out a breathless laugh.

    “What’s gotten into you?” he inquired.

    “I’m tired of worrying.” Alba stated. Her voice became quiet. “…And I just got you back.”

    “Mm.” Jonathan said in understanding – he felt the same way. He cupped her cheek. “I’ve missed you.” he said softly as he looked into her eyes.

    Alba kissed his jaw in response. “I missed you too.”

    Pulling back from the hug, Jonathan gave her a soft look. “You, okay?” he asked again. Despite her challenging the Batman’s accusations, Jonathan had seen how she reacted to his presence – a conditioned response he was sure – and an unfortunate side effect of their encounters when crossing paths, but still …. it bothered him.

    In any case, Alba nodded, and she leaned back into him for comfort.

    Jonathan sighed, glad that the danger seemed to be over with – but he frowned as the lights above them began flickering and he groaned in frustration. Resting his hands in Alba’s for a few seconds, he waited to see if the lights might stay on and when they continued to flicker, he decided to go and grab a flashlight and moments later the lights went out completely.

    Alba raised an eyebrow at him as he came back and laced their fingers together.

    Jonathan shrugged as he pointed the flashlight in front of them. “What? Did you think I was going to suggest splitting up?” he said giving her a lopsided smile.

    Alba shook her head and she smiled slightly as she squeezed his hand. “I like to think I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that’s a bad idea.”


    Wandering down the corridors of the house Jonathan turned a corner when suddenly Alba’s hand slipped from his, and for a moment he thought nothing of it, but when she didn’t grab back onto him, he reached back for her in the darkness. He fumbled though and failed to locate her in the vast emptiness. Growing worried Jonathan turned around completely only to find Alba wasn’t following behind him.

    Frowning, Jonathan chewed the inside of his cheek before calling out.

    “Alba?” he questioned as he rounded a corner, backtracking his steps as a flurry of worrisome thoughts ran through his mind: Was the dark knight the cause of the lights going out? Had Alba decided to go off on her own, and gotten captured? Subsequently, had the dark knight lied to him and taken her away anyway? And - would he be going back to Arkham after all?

    The lights flickered again, and Jonathan froze as behind him he heard the soft scuffling of shoes and he turned to see Alba creeping up behind him as the lights turned back on again momentarily.

    Blinking, Jonathan noted the slight disappointed look on Alba’s face as though he ruined the punchline to a joke she didn’t get to finish telling. As such, it only took him a second or so to put two and two together.

    “Darling, were you trying to scare me?” he asked, amusement ringing in his tone.

    Alba huffed and scrunched up her shoulders as she crossed her arms, and she mumbled a response that Jonathan had to strain to hear. “Maybe.”

    Jonathan peered at her over his glasses, and he laughed softly while shaking his head, and stepping forward, he took her hands in his. Leaning forward he brushed his lips against her forehead. “Consider me terrified.”

    Alba rolled her eyes at him and playfully elbowed him. “You don’t need to humor me. I know you weren’t scared.”

    “Quite the contrary,” Jonathan said as they resumed their walk to the utility room. “I thought perhaps you might’ve been kidnapped.”

    Alba peered up at him and she frowned at seeing the serious look on Jonathan’s face.

    Reaching forward, Alba put an arm out in front of Jonathan to get him to stop moving, but he simply sidestepped her and keep walking, much to her annoyance.

    Avoiding looking in her direction, Jonathan began stepping down the basement stairs, but he was forced to stop as Alba reached out again and this time, she grabbed ahold of him tightly.

    Jonathan sighed. “What is it?” he asked, turning back to look up at her as she stood a few inches above him at the top of the stairs.

    “Something’s bothering you.” Alba stated seriously. She frowned. “And I wish you would tell me what it is.”

    Jonathan bit his tongue and sighed unhappily as Alba gave him a stern look, and he shifted uncomfortably in place, choosing to stare down pointedly at the stairs as a sense of disquiet passed between them.

    Alba waited and finally Jonathan spoke, though his voice came out barely above a whisper. “I just want you safe.”

    Alba’s expression softened and she stepped towards him, only to forget the ledge to the stairs was much closer than she thought, and unable to see where it was due to the dark, she tripped and collided into Jonathan, who reacted quickly by reaching out a steadying hand towards the wall, stopping them both from falling. She winced as he caught her. “Sorry,”

    Jonathan cleared his throat. “Let’s uh, maybe get down the stairs in one piece, hmm?” he said gently, flicking his eyes down to the basement floor.

    Alba nodded and she grabbed onto the handrail for security.

    A few minutes later Jonathan set about flicking switches on the power breaker in the utility room with Alba’s help and they waited for the lights to turn back on. When they did, both breathed a sigh of relief, though they decided to wait a few minutes more to make sure the power would stay on before returning upstairs.


    “I think he’s gone.” Alba stated as Jonathan rechecked the last of the rooms in the house.

    “Perhaps, but I want to be sure.” Jonathan replied, feeling uneasy at the thought of the dark knight still lurking about.

    Eyeing him, Alba stood up from where she was leaning against a doorway and stepping forward, she wrapped her arms around his torso and squeezed. A quiet sigh passed between Jonathan’s lips as she did this and he reached up to place his hands over where hers rested.

    “You really want to spend the rest of the deadline we have in searching the whole house - again?” Alba asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow. According to her watch they only had a few hours left. 

    Jonathan shook his head and ran his hands over his face – he didn’t really - but that didn’t also mean his worry was without merit either.

    “Come on, you’ve checked like three times already.” Alba reassured, letting go of her hold on him to place a hand on his shoulder. “Why don’t we go make dinner or something?”

    “I…” Jonathan began speaking but he tapered off, letting the rest of the sentence hang in the air unspoken, as his stomach grumbled – neither of them had eaten the small offerings back at the gala - and Jonathan was reminded of how hungry he was.

    Alba stepped around him and she began making her way over to the kitchen. Intent on seeing what she could find, she turned her head to the side to address him, and she spoke over her shoulder. “Join me if you want, I’m going to make dinner,”  she stated, shoving her hands into her dress pockets.

    “Maybe that’s not such a bad idea.” Jonathan sighed, muttering to himself before following her as his stomach growled again.


    Walking through the house, Jonathan inwardly sighed as he eyed one of the clocks on the wall and, registering the passing time, he rested a hand against his abdomen as his stomach turned at the unwelcome reminder. Groaning softly in annoyance, Jonathan added pressure and slid his fingers up and down slowly to ease the pain that was starting to accumulate, and he entered the bedroom before stepping into the small closet off to the side of the room.

    Deciding to change into something more comfortable, Jonathan loosened his tie and removed it before placing it on the top of a small basket, and he made quick work of the buttons on his waistcoat. Discarding that as well, Jonathan placed it in the same pile as his suit jacket and he began undoing the buttons of his dress shirt with careful precision. (The clothes were old after all, and despite seeing better days, Jonathan wanted to try and keep the clothes in good condition a while longer) – if possible.

    Turning in the closet, Jonathan began searching for something that wasn’t a suit and when he couldn’t find anything he made to exit the closet only to run into Alba - who nearly jumped in surprise as she all but ran into him - and Jonathan reached out to steady her by placing his hands on her upper arms.

    Releasing her, Jonathan walked over to a dresser in the bedroom.

    Opening it, he began pawing through the few clothing items he had before finally choosing something, and he drew the sweater down over his head.

    As he did though he noticed that Alba had appeared next to him, and he rolled his shoulders before eyeing her curiously as she looked him over, taking in his new outfit.

    Watching her curiously, Jonathan blinked in surprise as Alba turned her attention to the dresser and began rooting through it before finding a few of the ties he had stored away.

    Selecting one, Alba turned to him and drew it around his neck. Tightening the knot, Alba peered up at him and seeing the quizzical look he was giving her, she provided an explanation.

    “I’m just so used to you wearing a tie – it’s kind of odd to see you without one.” She explained, and Jonathan gave her a small smile as she reached up to place her hands on his shoulders and she added a small amount of pressure, giving him the impression that she wanted him to lean down slightly so she could kiss him. He was appreciative of her doing this rather than just pulling on the tie – which was what he was used to her doing – as in this case, doing so would serve only to exacerbate the marks around his neck, which neither of them wanted.

    Smiling, Jonathan kissed Alba back and as she backed up, he followed her to the bed.


    Settling next to her, Jonathan laid down and removed his glasses to set them on the bedside table, and he rubbed a hand over his throat, massaging it as it still felt raw from earlier. Sighing, Jonathan pondered on how long it might take for the new marks to heal, and he rolled over to face Alba, groaning quietly as he did.

    Shifting to lay closer to her Jonathan smiled as she too moved closer until their noses were almost touching; and as their breath mingled together; he rested a hand on one side of Alba’s face, cupping her cheek as she leaned forward to close the distance between them.

    “So, can we talk about what you said earlier?” Alba inquired after breaking off the kiss. She raised an eyebrow at him and propped her head up by placing a fist against her cheek and by digging an elbow into the mattress.

    Jonathan sighed and grunting softly he rolled onto his back to stare at the ceiling.

    “I suppose this is about my comment earlier on wanting to keep you safe.” He remarked, turning his head slightly to look at her, while still avoiding her gaze.

    Alba nodded and Jonathan took a moment before speaking, and he rested a hand against his chest, his voice wavering as he spoke. “I… I don’t want to lose you.”

    Alba watched as Jonathan scrunched up his face as though he was in pain and she blinked as she came to an understanding. Tentatively, she reached over and cupped the side of Jonathan’s face and he sighed deeply before turning his head to finally look at her. “You’re scared?” she implored gently.

    Jonathan looked uncomfortable. “I…” he was sorely tempted to deny her words – he wasn’t afraid. Couldn’t be. Shouldn’t be.

    And yet…

    As with any fear - his had grown, evolved, even. Over the past few months alone his fondness for Alba had only increased, and Jonathan found that the more time they spent together the simple worry and concern he felt for her had slowly become a weight that was bearing down heavy on his shoulders.

    He supposed that when he wasn’t looking, somehow, a small twinge of fear had wormed its way into his heart, and the thought of losing her paralyzed him as he realized he loved her.

    Jonathan took a shuddering breath, and he buried his face in her lap. Alba sighed and ran her fingers through his hair and slowly, Jonathan nodded.

    “I’m not going to leave; you know that right?” Alba said, looking down at him and after a pause, Jonathan nodded again.

    “I just don’t know….” Jonathan stammered before groaning in frustration. It wasn’t like him to not be in control of the situation – or his feelings.  

    “You can’t predict the future.”  Alba retorted evenly and Jonathan wrapped his arms around her middle and he held onto her as though she was anchoring him to the spot. He made a small noise of disagreement though and after a second, he turned his head to peer up at her. “… what if something happens. What if you got hurt…” he trailed off before speaking again, “It would be my fault.”

    “Is that what your worried about?” Alba questioned. Jonathan didn’t reply, though he tightened his hold on her.

    Alba pursed her lips. She knew he had his fair share of enemies – aside from the dark knight – so his worry wasn’t completely unfounded, but she also knew that it wouldn’t do him any good if he was constantly worrying.

    She froze however as Jonathan spoke again.

    “Can we please change the subject?” Jonathan asked suddenly, eyeing the clock.

    Alba frowned but nodded and they came to a silent agreement. “We’ll talk about this eventually.” She stated firmly and once more Jonathan nodded, though he looked unhappy about it.

    For the next twenty minutes or so they spoke in hushed tones, making idle small talk to preserve a sense of normalcy as Jonathan asked about Alba’s individual research outside of work and she inquired more about what things might be like if he went back to teaching.  

    “It’ll be midnight pretty soon.” Alba stated as she eyed the clock on the wall during a lull in the conversation. Looking over his shoulder to follow Alba’s line of sight, Jonathan made a reluctant noise of agreement, though he noted that despite the encroaching deadline, she still snuggled into his side, causing him to smile. As such, he too ignored the clock for a moment, choosing instead to rest his chin on top of her head; and he laced their fingers together before drawing her hand to his mouth. Placing a quick kiss on her knuckles, Jonathan settled further back against the pillows comfortably and he kept her hand on top of his chest.

    A few minutes passed by, and Alba nudged him, causing a rumbling noise to emit from Jonathan’s chest as he shifted around before yawning tiredly - he had been in the process of falling asleep – and he wrapped his arms around Alba as she reached up to trail her fingers along his collarbone before kissing his cheek.

    Jonathan inwardly groaned as he thought about how he wanted nothing more than to fall asleep at that moment, but he had made a deal, and would abide by the agreement he had made with the dark knight. And so, after a few more minutes of savoring the quiet he stirred in place and untangled himself from Alba’s embrace, albeit reluctantly.

    Sitting up, Jonathan held out a hand to Alba, who took it.

    She went to collect her things and as they left the house Jonathan wondered about the coming days – after all Batman had not dragged him back to Arkham as he thought he would, and he had not taken Alba away either.

    Meditating on this newly afforded freedom Jonathan thought that perhaps he might try to keep it that way, and he held onto the thought that perhaps the future wasn’t as bleak as he imagined it to be as he once again assisted Alba in getting back onto the horse. For if he managed to stay out of Arkham and off the dark knight’s radar, then perhaps he could get some proper research done for his work…

    Though it was merely a hypothetical at the moment, it seemed feasible. However, Jonathan knew it would depend on the coming days – he would just have to wait and see.


    “What do we have here?” A familiar sultry voice questioned over the dark knight’s shoulder. Catwoman perched next to him on the rooftop he was stationed on, and she jutted her chin forward. Down below she spotted Crane and the woman he was with earlier riding a horse through Gotham’s streets - frightening a few onlookers and drunkards who were still out in the process.

    She followed the caped crusader as he jumped from one rooftop to the next, following the couple from above.

    “I’m just making sure that a certain someone is abiding by the agreement we made.” The dark knight replied tartly as they landed on the next roof. “And to make sure they don’t do anything stupid.”

    “Uh-huh.” Catwoman replied, disbelief in her voice.

    “Why are you here?” the dark knight questioned, not turning to look at her – he kept his gaze locked firmly below. “Weren’t you attending the Wayne Halloween Gala?”

    Catwoman checked her nails. “I got bored. And my date disappeared. Not very gentlemanly if you ask me.”

    As they dropped down onto the next roof the dark knight and Catwoman perched near the side, and they watched as Crane stopped the horse by the corner of the building where the gala was being held.

    The two waited in silence and watched Crane disappear in short order after saying goodbye to Alba Rosen.

    “Are you going after him?” Catwoman questioned as she turned her head to follow Crane’s direction.

    The dark knight’s response surprised her.

    “No. He did as he promised and besides,” Batman said, turning to face Catwoman. “There are other criminals out tonight.”

    Catwoman feigned a look of shock and placed a hand over her chest while giving him an affronted look. “I hope you’re not referring to me.”

    “That depends,” The dark knight replied evenly. “On what you’re doing.”

    “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Catwoman said, smirking. And, shuffling backwards she retreated a few feet away from him before stepping off the edge of the roof.

    The dark knight heard the crack of a whip and his cape fluttered in the wind as he turned away from where Catwoman had been standing moments before.


    Dick Grayson was waiting for him when he returned. “Hey, what happened?” he leaned in conspiratorially. “Is Scarecrow back in Arkham?”

    Strangely enough, Bruce shook his head. He hadn’t found any other incriminating evidence at the farmhouse while searching around – no fear toxin, no formulas, not even a replacement Scarecrow mask as he had expected to find. Aside from breaking out of Arkham, (and waltzing into his party with a stolen invitation), Crane hadn’t actively committed any other notable crimes that night. And, as he had told Catwoman earlier, there were other criminals causing mayhem that needed tending to. 

    In short, he couldn’t afford to wait around.

    “What about your date?” Dick asked, eyeing Bruce quizzically.

    Bruce shook his head, “Disappeared.” He stated as he rubbed one hand over his wrist thoughtfully. His cufflinks had been there earlier, he was sure; now they were gone.

    “Maybe she went trick or treating.” Dick joked.

    “I doubt that.” Bruce replied, scoffing.

    Dick shrugged. And Bruce turned to face his son. “So, what excuse did you come up with this time?”

    Dick smiled and waved a hand over in Lois’s direction where she and Clark were standing, mingling with the other party guests.

    “Oh, don’t you worry. I got you covered.” Dick replied, giving Bruce a cheeky grin.

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    Things Jonathan Crane Likes

    Vintage medical equipment

    Books (obviously)

    Harley Quinn’s peach pie

    Libraries and their librarians

    Old antique shops

    Guns, but only for hunting purposes

    The forest and all it’s animals

    Jervis Tetch’s tea parties (without the mind control)

    Haunted Houses

    Fall Hayrides

    The history behind kirkbride asylums

    The fact that Edward Nygma never gives up

    All things Halloween


    #Jonathan Crane#Scarecrow#The Scarecrow #Things Jonathan Crane Crane Likes #I think I've done this before #but have it again lol #a good list of stuff #Text Posts
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    28.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Comics where Scarecrow is campy and fun but also sinister and mad scientist-y, lots of hroo hraa and “queer grasshopper leaps” and generally a good story to go along with good art

    Comics where Scarecrow is cannon fodder, killed off in one panel or used simply to fill a space where they need the gotham rogues. Also the art is crap

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  • beccabracadabra
    28.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I’m done for tonight, hopefully I’ll finish it tomorrow ?

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  • beccabracadabra
    28.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Let’s go for something soft…

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  • mystery-of-arkham-asylum
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mystery's Incorrect Conversations

    Jonathan: What are you on about? You love it here! Mystery: I'm not sure I do. I think I've just developed Stockholm Syndrome. Edward: We can make Harley clear you on that one. Jervis: But Harley won't lie about a thing like that.

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  • sunaddicted
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Catching up on Titans and I gotta ask - am I the only one who's thoroughly enjoying this portrayal of Scarecrow?

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  • pidgeydraws
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    peek-a-boo with Craw

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  • magicrainbowkitties
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Some masters of fear are just plain scary. Others hit you in that "I'm never sleeping again because this fucker's coming for me."

    I leave it to the counsel to decide which is which.

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  • ever-green-art
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Roughsketch of my own scarecrow design. Its inspired from the animated series design I'll color them in later on if anyone is interested in seeing that

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  • jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    Haunted Knight || Scanned at 300dpi
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  • karp-actually
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    EPIC SCRIDDLER COLLAB with @acrylic-kettle!!!!!!

    they did the sketch I finished it up!!! yea!

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