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  • Theres power bottoms and power tops but i think we can all agree that Dio is a power verse

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  • Dio sniffs coke on Jonathan’s dick

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    Kind of “OC” version of Dio Brando

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  • “ I will take the body of the only man i respect

    And live in eternal glory

    that is the destiny laid out for me

    live on as my body, Jojo. “

    “ And i bid you welcome, new, eternal body! “

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  • #dio brando#jonathan joestar#jjba #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo phantom blood
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    Phantom Blood - Chapter 29, Day 529. - Curse of the Dark Knight.

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  • Okay I’ve seen a lot of people talking about a part 9 Jojo, especially Shizuka, but just hear me out.

    Part 9 Jojo is Joey Tribbiani from Friends

    #jojo’s bizarre adventure #jjba #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo part 9 #jonathan joestar#joey tribbiani#friends #this all came just from me referring to jonathan as ‘joey joestar’ #and i was like YES JOEY FROM FRIENDS #he’s like joseph but even dumber #no thoughts head empty #mod kabu
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  • その悪魔の運命定め (the fate of the devil) capobucci

    idk why, but i made a mashup of “Deal with the Devil” (Kakegurui OP) and “Sono Chi no Sadame” (JJBA: Phantom Blood OP). i hope you all enjoy :)

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  • image

    The pure jojo 🥺😔

    Also his honeymoon outfit is super cute

    (Tap picture for better quality)

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  • goosewing x jonathan joestar

    make it a thing

    #count duckula #doctor von goosewing #JJBA#jonathan joestar #please ignore me
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  • Aren’t you tired of going ape shit? Don’t you just want to be nice?

    -Jonathan, to everyone he meets

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  • jojo195

    #JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #jjba#jjba fanart#jonathan joestar#joseph joestar#jotaro kujo#my art #this took a while and now i can focus on other stuff huhu
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  • watching the last episode of sdc and during the theme song my roommate referred to jonathan and dio as “the original fuckers”

    #jjba #not a ship post btw #they didn't mean it like that #jonathan joestar#dio brando #kono dio da #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyō na bōken #jojo part 3 #jojo part 1 #stardust crusaders#phantom blood
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  • + jojo’s bizarre adventure edition (parts 1-3)

    what each of them are like in a relationship 


    - The sweetest bf. He’s very respectful of you, if not a bit traditional in his views. For example, if you identify as more feminine, he’s going to insist on needing to protect you, and defend your virtue. Of course, Jonathan’s a big man, and his arms are great at both comforting you and intimidating those who have lesser intentions towards you, but sometimes you need remind him that you’re not a damsel in distress. That you can take care of yourself. He struggles to not be overbearing.

    - He’s literally so thoughtful, though. He’ll send you bouquets, and bring you trinkets that remind him of you from his trips. He’s always so happy to mention you’re his S/O too? Some guys like to think of their relationships as the chain to their balls, but for Jonathan, he’s honestly ridiculously happy to have you in his life. He never complains about you. A very pure man. 

    - He is possibly the easiest person to get along with in a relationship. Whenever you fight, it’s usually you that gets riled up, because once Jonathan feels the tension rising, he immediately quiets down. He’ll let you fling words at him. He just… much rather take the brunt of your anger than risk saying something awful and losing you as his S/O. To be honest, it’s quite hard to stay mad at him when he’s wrapping you in his embrace and murmuring soft apologies. He’ll apologize first even if it isn’t his fault. 

    - You can bet he doesn’t want Dio around you. He can’t trust Dio’s intentions towards you, especially once it’s known that the two of you are together. Of course, if you insist on meeting his adoptive brother, he’ll let you, but at the first sign of any underhanded behavior, Joseph has few qualms about duking it out with Dio then and there. 

    - If you’re ever down or in pain, Jonathan is right there for you! He would gladly dote after you when you’re sick. In fact, he quite likes the roles being reversed. You’re always patching him up whenever he gets in a scrap with Dio, but he very much appreciates getting to do the same for you. Just… don’t let him make you soup. Jonathan is a disaster in the kitchen, probably due to him never actually having to cook. His food either tastes bland and unseasoned, or like… pure salt. There’s never an in between with him. 


    - Does Dio have the capacity to care for someone other than himself? He wields an incredibly egotistic vision of the world, but… he sees you as someone to help him attain power. Something integral to his goals. He tries his best to rationalize his feelings for you, since it’s difficult for Dio to admit to himself that his feelings for you are based on more than just your use to him. No, you’re a necessary component to his life. 

    - The only person he has a high regard for is Jonathan, and that’s because he’s consistently proved his worth to him. You draw his attention in much the same manner, as someone who’s unlike the others. While Dio likes to think of himself as above all others, he has to admit you…. are quite possibly as close to his equal as someone can be.

    - He’ll probably turn you if you aren’t a vampire already. There’s no way he’s letting something as demeaning as death take you from him.

    - Dio calls you his pet often. It’s part mocking, partly referencing your devotion to him. His nicknames for you always have a tinge of sarcasm to them? He especially likes to call you names that he knows you dislike. There’s nothing he enjoys more than watching you grow irate with him. He likes an S/O with some sass. It makes it that much more satisfying when he punishes you for it. 

    - He will never really say, “I love you.” The words feel foreign to him, and after all he’s done, is he capable of such a weak, human emotion as love? As far as he’s concerned, you belong to him, and that’s the only definition to your relationship he needs. He prizes you above all his other followers, and everyone assumes you’re together from how quickly Dio will intimidate someone who so much as makes a move on you.

    - A relationship with Dio is probably not the healthiest. He doesn’t quite understand love the way that normal people do, but at the very least, he would never lay a hand on you. It reminds him too much of his vile father. He does, however, see you as a possession. Once you pledge your loyalty to Dio, there’s no way he’s letting you leave him. He also thinks that no one else in the world is good enough for you, so why should you lower yourself to be with another? In a strange way, he’s afraid of losing you. 

    - But… he can’t deny that when he’s disintegrating, the last thing he thinks of is you. And how the two of you were so close to achieving the perfect world. And how something as trivial as death means he’ll never see you again. The thought fills him with rage.


    - GOD HE’S SUCH A TROLL. He doesn’t have much experience in relationships so he’s not sure how to flirt with anyone normally. So he settles for teasing the shit out of you and annoying you to the no end. Honestly, at one point, you figure you’re more of a pincushion to Joseph than a love interest, but after a few too drinks post-Hamon training, he might let it slip that your lips look tasty, and he’s thought of kissing them before? In that exact wording.

    - Joseph keeps you on your toes. He’s an unpredictable guy. He has the strangest ideas for dates, whether that is… sneaking into theaters to see how many movies you can watch for free, or having a picnic in his old treehouse, or sneaking into the highest penthouse in New York to watch fireworks, which… some of these end disastrously. 

    - He’s heard of all these romantic gestures, but he’s not sure how to put them into action. Do you want flowers? A candlelit dinner? The nine yards? While that is more Caesar’s thing–the absolute sap he is–Joseph tries. For you, he’ll try anything. But he somehow gets it all wrong. The flowers turn out to be weeds, the candle falls over and he almost sets the table on fire, etc. He just… has the worst luck. Give him brownie points for trying. 

    - BUT HE REALLY CARES OKAY. You’re the only person that can get under his usually self-assured manner and fluster him. He just has trouble showing you how much he cares. He tries to compensate by acting like even more of an ass around you. He gets pretty uh, reliant on your compliments, and gets pouty when you don’t pay attention to him. 

    - The first kiss is also disastrous. Joseph probably tries to make up for his lack of experience by pulling all these moves he read about in a magazine. Probably ends up clacking his teeth against yours. Most likely bites his tongue. Or your lip, hard enough to make it bleed. He just ends up cursing and huffy. You might have to take the lead. 

    - He definitely likes to show off to you. He’ll make sure to flex when you’re around, and wear even tighter shorter shirts. And if you just so happen to see him shirtless, he’ll ask if you’re enjoying the view, and if so, why don’t you come show him? He’s shameless. 


    - BUBBLE BOY. Listen, he is the most romantic of the bunch. Caesar was raised in Italy, and is as smooth a talker as they come. He also has some pretty firm beliefs about love and romance, and treats all of his partners with the utmost respect.

    - I feel like his flirting tendencies come from a place of deep longing? He’s deeply appreciative of life, love included, but he’s always been keenly aware that his grandfather died far too young, and part of him is also worried about that? Dying early, without living a fulfilling enough life. It eats away at him, and every time his relationships go sour that fear of his rears its ugly head. So he doubles his efforts, flirts with even more people in order to find someone who feels like home. 

    - That being said, it takes a special someone to read past that. He puts the same moves on everyone, but it keeps him on his toes if you manage to outdo his romantic advances. Even more than flirting, Caesar loves being flirted with. He’s usually the one doing the pursuing. He’s down for a challenge.

    - Caesar has a lot of experience, so he knows what he wants in a relationship, but he never wants you to feel rushed or pressured into anything. He is fine with waiting as you take however much time you need to process your feelings. Even though he flirts around, he always enters relationships with the goal of eventually settling down, so he wants to make sure you’re also willing to commit, especially since a lot of his past relationships have ended once he realized they weren’t in it for the long haul. 

    - Very much the type to go all out for your anniversaries. He’s a rose petals, chocolate-dipped strawberries, bottle of champagne kind of guy. He goes the extra mile. But he doesn’t just do that for occasions. Caesar is the kind of lover who always enjoys indulging, and when you’ve had a rough day at work, you can bet he’s got a bubble bath drawn, your favorite wine handy, and him waiting in the tub for you to join. He’ll wash your hair, scrub your back, and overall just try to get you to unwind. He’s a very tactile guy. 

    - Also into the aesthetic. God, have you seen the way he dresses? He’d love if you let him decide on your outfits. Or even if you take him shopping with you, to ask for his advice. He thinks it’s a highest honor. He also loves seeing his S/O wearing clothes he’s bought for them. ;)


    - Look. If you thought Joseph was emotionally constipated, Jotaro is doubly so.

    - He’s definitely an actions over words guy. To be honest, the amount of times you’ll hear “I love you” from him in your relationship? Very few. You can count them on your hand. The way he sees it, if he’s with you, you should know he cares about you? He doesn’t need to tell you. 

    - He’s a difficult person to be in a relationship with. Very taciturn. He expects you to have a great deal of independence, since he can’t always be coddling you. But.. the way he looks at you is somewhat gentle? He might always act like you’re a nuisance, but…. his good griefs are a bit less biting when they’re geared towards you. You need to patient to be with Jotaro, and very good at reading between the lines. 

    - He gets sooooo blushy with PDA. He hates it. Don’t even try. The only thing that can get under his skin is his S/O coddling up to him, pining over him. He might just call you annoying and brush you off, but yes, that is a blush on his face. No, you’re not allowed to point that out. As he gets older, he’s less bristly about it. But by far, Jotaro enjoys affection the most at home. He’s an incredibly private person, so he’s not comfortable with anyone seeing how… soft he is for you in public. In the confines of your home, he can relax a little. He grows used to having you by his side. You don’t have to be talking to each other—in fact, he prefers the silence—but just having you physically next to him, the two of you enjoying each other’s presence while you do your own thing? He’s into that. He’ll absentmindedly keep his hand on yours, or on your thigh. Just little, cute ways to show affection.

    - While he’s gone on work or business trips often, he’ll call you every couple of days right before you head to bed, and ask about your day. For Jotaro, someone who doesn’t communicate often, this is a big move for him. He likes to unwind before bed with the sound of your voice. If he’s home from a trip, he’ll do the same, but with you curled against him. He’ll ask you about your day, mundane things, things that he really doesn’t care about other people saying, but with you… he pays attention to every word, playing with your hair and humming lightly.

    - If you’re having a really awful day, Jotaro can tell. He’s not the best at comfort, since he himself deals with his own emotions by burying them and denying their existence, but he wants to be your pillar. He’ll order your favorite takeout, and rent one of those cheesy movies you like. He won’t let anything slip other than having it all ready before calling you down from your room, but he cares in the way he does things for you. 

    - He also enjoys how much smaller you are than him. Holding you in his arms feeds into his protective instincts. The day Jotaro lets you spoon him is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He grumbles and gripes, but he actually very much enjoys it. Seeing his much smaller S/O cuddle up to him and nuzzle into his back makes him feel all warm and tingly, and–good grief, don’t you dare point out he’s blushing again. 


    - While Kakyoin recognizes his attraction to you, it takes him awhile to process his feelings. For so long, he’s only really looked out for himself, and Hierophant Green. He’s not sure how to interpret his overwhelming urge to know everything about you? At first he chalks it up to curiosity–as a member of the SDC, it’s natural to want to get to know you better. But when Polnareff points out that Kakyoin seems obsessed with you, that’s when he starts examining his feelings.

    - He probably develops feelings for you as one of the only people who can see his Stand. He loves your intelligence, and your wit. But also, your kindness. The way you’re always looking out for everyone. He is a bit envious that you seem to be able to form connections with everyone so easily, as someone who’s quite introverted and keeps to himself, but it movitates him to make his connection with you even more special.

    - Once he realizes his feelings for you, he devises an action plan. He always feels more assured of himself when he has a plan in place. He tries not to focus on how nervous you make him feel. How his mouth goes dry, and how his words stumble. Kakyoin is smart, and he knows he can play to his strengths. He’s very gentlemanly, and he pays keen attention. You’ll be surprised that he remembers the smallest details about you, from your favorite dish to your most embarrassing secret.

    - He’s also not averse to teasing you a little? He’s pretty playful with his crush. He likes to say things that make you blush. Whether it’s calling you pet names that like dear or darling, or surprising you with a trinket he found that reminded him of you.

    - He would really appreciate having an S/O who’s also a close friend. Kakyoin has trouble letting people in, and he unknowingly does things that keeps them at arm’s length. Having someone willing to break down those walls and get to know the real him is something he yearns for. While opening up to you isn’t something that happens overnight, he deeply appreciates your patience and persistence in getting closer to him, and you’re one of the only people who he unveils his heart to.

    - Fighting brings out the worst in him. When Kakyoin is angry, he tends to give you the cold shoulder. He can also say some pretty harsh things, since he’s used to pushing people away. Once he’s calmed down enough, he’s deeply apologetic. He realizes that the bonds he makes with people are worth treasuring, regardless of who’s right or wrong. Honestly, you assuring him that you’ll still be there, even when he pulls shit like this, is enough to get him emotional.

    - He thinks it’s pretty powerful to say he loves you. It’s very strange, too. He didn’t think he would ever find someone that could understand him, and in turn, that he could bare his heart to. But more than words, he tries to show you he loves you in different ways. Leaving you sonnets, taking care of you when you’re sick, etc. He’ll even teach you to play some of his video games if you suck at them. 

    - Kakyoin is a huge nerd. He likes museum dates, and probably subscribe to science magazines. Your parents think he’s incredibly charming. Hell, they probably like him more than you do.

    - If you tell him you can tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue, he’ll be intrigued, and ask for a demonstration ;)


    - He is so!! damn smug that you’re together omg. Yes, of course, Mr. Joestar, Polnareff has a stunning S/O. Yeah, Jotaro, bet you’re jealous. Polnareff is a man-child. 

    - He highkey tries to show off when you’re around? He wants to be the best in your eyes. He’s not shy about flexing his muscles, or even forgoing a shirt altogether in your presence. He trains with his stand to get even stronger so you can gush over him.

    - God, he gets such a dumb, lovestruck look on his face whenever you kiss him in public. He has trouble keeping his hands off of you once you get started. Like his hands will drag your hips to him, trails kisses down your neck. Joseph’s probably gonna make a sly comment, like, “You kids should get a room,” while Jotaro grunts his signature, “good fucking grief, I agree with the old man.” Polnareff has no shame. His S/O is hot, and he’s young and raring to go.

    - He’s very whipped for his S/O. Polnareff has found it difficult to find someone to put up with him, so you bet he’s going to treasure you. He’s always speaking up on your behalf, too, it’s a little endearing but also embarrassing.

    “Mr. Joestar, I don’t think (Y/N) is comfortable with these accommodations!”
    “Polnareff, you dog, you just want them all to yourself.”
    “Heh… do you blame me! Look how adorable mon cœur is~”

    - He’s pretty self-conscious about what you think of his hair, clothes, and fashion, so he greatly appreciates any compliments. He literally beams the entire day if you tell him how handsome he looks oh my god.

    - He’s a fun bf overall! He likes to go on fun dates, like to amusement parks, carnivals, etc. He’s pretty dramatic, and knows how to liven things up, so it’s fun to watch him make a scene once someone drops a water balloon on his hair.

    - He’s got some attachment issues. He’s lost so many people in his life–his mom, his sister, Avdol, Iggy. Some nights he clutches you close to him, as if he’s scared you’ll also disappear. In the morning, he tries to deny it, by saying that he was just afraid you were cold, but it’s not hard to see through it.

    - You’re a source of great inner strength for him. You’re one of the only things he has to hold onto. Because of that, he does his best to not let any problems or conflicts simmer. Of course, Polnareff has his own issues with dealing with everything on his own, and keeping things from you. He holds a lot of guilt for the people he’s let down, and those who gave up their lives for him. Sometimes you have to remind him that he’s not alone in the world, because when he’s in a dark place, he thinks that way. :((( 

    - For anniversaries, Polnareff tries to get you incredibly meaningful gifts. He thinks gifts are best when they’re specific for the person. He probably will gift you a scrapbook of the memories you’ve made together, etc. He is super happy to receive anything homemade from you. Even if it’s not the best quality. He cherishes everything you give him.

    - He’d love to own a cute little cottage with you somewhere in the French countryside, maybe with a pet dog. Dogs seem to hate Polnareff though. 

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  • came up with a stand for jonathan cuz “hermit purple 2″ is boring. their name is stargazer (thanks dodger!)

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