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    » Ateez: Choi Jongho
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    who's the one? | part 02: the autopsy

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    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    A/N ♡: i hope to upload an interview with each of them every day of the week, but we'll see ! any feedback is appreciated ☺

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    💌 taglist: @beomiebear5 @ynghn @beegyuz @alexaaaaaaaaa2121212 @bloom-bloom-pow @nabihwa @vitaminhyunjin @sunflower-euphro @wooyoung-a [status: open! (send an ask/dm to be added)]

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    13.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Fix It

    Time Traveler!Yeosang
    Ateez Masterlist Here

    Yeosang stand there, looking at you with a beautiful wedding dress.

    Smile widely on your wedding day but it’s not with him

    Yeosang think he should be happy for you but he can’t

    He regret it a lot

    He can’t stand to see you with another guy

    He should be there with you, you should be his but he is too late.

    Yeosang ran out from that place, it’s hurt him so much to see you there with someone else.

    He let the tears falling down

    He walk even though he don’t know where to go, he keep his head down looking at the street.

    “Hey young boy”

    He look up, trying to find the owner of the voice.

    But no one there, he is alone in that park.

    His eyes found a box on the ground, he reach the box. His hand slowly open it and found am old style small clock and a piece of paper.

    ‘Grab this clock, close your eyes it will bring you to the time in your life that you want to fix’

    It’s sound stupid but yeosang feel like his brain can’t function properly. He need this kind of stupid thing to back to the time where he should told you that he love you so much.

    His hand reach it, and he close his eyes.

    His mind play the memories, the time he should told you that he love you so much.


    He heard that, he heard that voice.

    “Hey sangie, are you alright”


    Yeosang open his eyes, he see you stand there in front of him.

    You wear a school uniform, he look down scanning himself. Trying to process everything, it’s seems so unbelievable.

    “Hey hey, what’s wrong?”

    You slightly panic, he shook his head get up from the bench.

    He give you a warm smile looking at your figure, he’s back.

    Back to the time where you two is such a good friend, the time he want to told you he love you so much.

    You always love him too, but he never show you that he feel the same.

    A week, month, year.

    You can’t told him too because yeosang always keep silent about his feeling, you both just feeling scare for nothing.

    You feel tired of waiting so this day you want to make sure, if he don’t feel the same you’ll let him go.

    San ask you out this morning, you don’t answer him yet. You want to tell yeosang about this, you want him to stop you to go out with San.

    Yeosang remember this day he didn’t told you anything because he scare.

    He think that you like San, he think that San can make you happier than him.

    But not this time, he take you hand drag you to nearest coffee shop.

    Sit down on your favorite spot, he feel nervous but he need to be brave.

    “San ask me out”

    You look up trying to see his reaction, yeosang playing his finger.

    “Don’t go”

    He look up to you, straight into your eyes.

    He don’t want you leave him alone again

    “I don’t want you to go out with him”

    Yeosang remember the wedding dress that you wear, a smile in your face but it’s not with him.

    You smilling to your soon to be husband San.


    Yeosang slowly reach your hand, he should. He should do this.

    “Because i love you”

    “I don’t want you to date another man, please just look at me.”

    He finally let that words out from his mouth.

    He let out all the words that he want you to know, he want you to understand his feeling.

    He don’t like it when you smilling to another man ever again.

    And everything turn dark

    “Sangiee, are you alright?”

    He open his eyes once again found himself in the different place again.

    But this time you with a wedding dress in front of him.

    The scenario change, he stand there with you on you guys wedding day.

    He slowly scan everything around him, every people that come giving him a congratulations smile.

    Yeosang standing there beside you.

    Sometimes a simple words can change the scenario of your life

    What will happen if i told you this? Or what will happen if i don’t say it to you?

    And what memories that you want to fix in your life?

    (Tag list): @luvkhj @racheloveyunho

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    Well hello kids. I like mans and this account is only about mans. Shall we begin? — @kboyzworld

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  • kboyzworld
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Well hello kids. I like mans and this account is only about mans. Shall we begin? — @kboyzworld

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    jongho ✸ kstars4climate

    for @applejongho​
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    ponytail jjong 💛

    for @applejongho
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    not him starring right into my soul

    #his voice is fire 🔥🔥 #gif#ateez#atz#jongho #fireworks im the one #ateez jongho
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    JH 🧸 [210613] Universe FNS Time Capsule “A tired teddy bear on the set... Let’s hurry up and get up again!! 🧡”

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    I hate you c.jh

    8.open your legs and don't dare to close them

    10. stay still

    14. ah you cant take it anymore how cute

    Paring: non.idol! Jongho, fem!reader

    Genre: smut

    Warnings : swearing a lot,

    Disclaimer : i don't see jonho as this type of person , but it's just an imagine, oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex

    You hated parties like that. Parties that everyone in the school was , you liked more small parties not this. Especially with him , he was in every corner making out with every girl you could imagine. It was 2 am most of the kids have left but you know somewhere now the true party is gonna start. It didn't take long until a kid scream “ lets play truth or dare” almost all the kids that have left behind did a big circle “y/n come it's gonna have fun” your friend pull you to the circle “ no i am fine i will just watch” you took your hand “ oh it’s the girl scared that she has to do something she doesn't like “ jongho joked around and the whole room laughet. You hated him more than you can imagine “ no i am not scared but I will be discussed if I have to do something with you” you smirked when the whole room again burst into laughter, and Jongho seemed annoyed “ha you think that i want to play with a slut like you” he said “ i am the slut here , will you haven't stop making out with every girl in the party” you were furious “guys guys please stop is a party don’t start y/n sit there if you dont wanna play and jongho sit your ass down and stop being a dick” one classmate stop the both of you. After half an hour more kids left so you were like 20 to 30 kids there. You stand up to go to the barthoom, you open a door and it was a room where the bathroom is , you were lost in, you turned and you saw jongho in front of you. He pushed at you a wall “ listen know you little , never again go against me understand” he was mad “why what you would do to me, everyone thinks you are big and fearless but you are just dick”. He took you by your hand. He opened the door and threw you to the bed. “do you really want to see what i am gonna do to you if you ever get on my nerves”. He removed his shirt and you were amazed his abs are something else for sure.” what you like what see babe girl” he joked his smirk was so obvious “ no but i am imprest you have a good body” his smirk left his face he fell on the bed ,your face on his one hand and he kissed you roughly. The kiss was so intense saying that he hates you. He pulled back to catch his breath “ I hate you” you said while you removed your shirt “me too “ he said. You both started removing every piece of clothes. He came closer and started kissing you again, his hands were everywhere touching every place of your body, your hand on the back of his neck. He started kissing your neck. He knew what to do. He pinch your nipple and your head falls back while you moaned. While he was going down on you and kissing every part of your body he still could hear him say he was hating you. You hated him too but how he made you feel right now was on another level. “Open your legs and don't dare to close them “you did as he asked you. He started licking your clit “ahh jongho” you moaned his finger parting your lips while he licked your juices. He continued eating you out when he put one finger inside he punched once and twice and he put two immediately “oh look i already put two finger and for sure you can take one more”. Now that his fingers were inside you his lips were mostly on your clit licking it and at the same time he even gave it a small bite. He bit once and you closed your legs. He was so nice with his tongue , he took your things and pushed them apart “ i said stay still”. He continues eating out for some time and after he stands up his fingers are still inside you going in and out. He removed the finger and he licked them , he lined up with you whole his head right at the entrance “ i still hate you” he said while going in “ahh jongho yo- you are big ,ahh” he just smirked cuz he knew he was big. Bigger than any other boy that had fucked you. He started at a slow pace. Even though it was slow he was big, your nails were scaring his back. After some minutes he started going faster and rougher. You just have started but you were about to come with his skills “jongho i-i am about ahh “ he trusts got harder “ oh so soon babe doll but i just got in you “ the smirk never leaving his face. Your

    eyes were closed when you came. You clenched so hard that jongho had to stop. You heard him whisper “ahh stop clenching” . After some time when you relaxed he started going harder than before and this time every thrush he was hitting your spot. The bed was starting to hit the wall and you think one time you heard one cracking sound but you didn't care right now.” jogho ahh please omg” it was too much “ what you don't like it “he smiled “ no no its too much please “ your eyes were going on the back of your head “ ahh you can’t take it anymore how cute, doll face”. He didn’t stop but he got even faster “ just a little more doll face'' .Some minutes after his head fell on your neck moaning while he came inside you. It was a warm feeling. He removed himself but his cum was dripping he pussed it right in and you clenched to keep everything inside. He started Caress your cheek and hold your waist , he kissed you again but this was different. He was soft and he had a warm emotion. He connects your forehead “please be mine” he catches you out of guard “what you push yourself on your elbows “ please be mine ,y/n” you nodded and this you were the one kissing him. You put back your clothes, he lifted you up and he put you up his shoulder “jongho pur me down please “ you screamed. He just slap your butt and say a no . he god to the leaving room and you saw that the rest of the kids were there “ guys did you had fun we all could hear you” you just hide on jongho’s back you were so red “ we are living “ jongho announced and he let you down in front of his car “ lets go to mr home doll face” he kissed you one more time before he got inside


    I hope you like it

    Taglist @ddeonghwva @multidreams-and-desires @mychicagodaddyjohnny @sunsethw4 @shinyddeonghwa @spinstersisters @seongsangsgf @yunhospuppy @yungisstar1117 @yunhofingers @a-soft-hornytiny

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    13.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    why isn't Jongho in the '00s collab group yet???

    #ateez#jongho #this is a crime
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    13.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Ateez Time Capsules on universe

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    13.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I hate tik tok because I see a video and after boom

    FInAly Now iTs mY TiMe

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    13.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    [📷] Mnet Kingdom: Legendary War 'Boy's Diary' Behind Photo

    Proud master singer Haribo Jongho's sweet voice

    With the decorated "Boy's Diary" at the end, Kingdom, bye!👋

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    13.06.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #anon#answered #i don't care how my hair turned up in the end i would let mingi do it #hwa and joong will try to make as nice and pretty as possible i can see this #san and yunho hmm these two probably would just comb and put random clips #let's not talk about woo #hahaha i mean i won't let him even if he wanted to #he's gonna messed it up for the fun of it and say it looked nice because he styled it smh #yeo and jongho probably gets flustered to even try and just pat your head instead or ruffle it every now and then #kpop#kpop mtl
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    kneading kitten.

    hybrid!wooyoung small drabble.
    this is also for poc people. y’all need more attention rn.

    tw// boobs(??)

    you were laying down, doing nothing expect on your phone, scrolling on social media and being bored, until that’s when wooyoung(you’re cat hybrid) came along and jumped on the bed.

    "hi~" he dragged the “hi” out and laid on top of your slightly chubby stomach, thinking about how he was so lucky to get such a beautiful dark skinned goddess as his owner, making eye to eye contact with your boobs. "hi woo." you said, not paying the cat hybrid no mind.

    he slid his hand up your shirt, fiddling with your already erected buds, starting to knead and purr. he buried his face onto your stomach, continuing to knead your chest, his purr shaking his whole frame.

    #nct #sub!ateez #sub!bts #sub!jungkook #sub!monsta x #sub!nct #sub!skz #sub!tbz #sub!txt #sub!wooyoung #sub!hongjoong #sub!mingi #sub!san #sub!jongho #sub!yunho #sub!seonghwa #sub!yeosang #sub!blackpink #sub!kun #sub!kpop #sub!exo #sub!idol #sub!felix #sub!taeyong #sub!taeil #sub!taemin #sub!twice #sub!taehyung #dom!reader
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