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    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ enhypen with their desi s/o at a desi wedding ft. aunties ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚


    let's get things straight he is prolly vv respective

    u make him wear a punjabi, thinks he looks good in it but won't admit it (*pretends to be shocked*)

    he's v reserved, an u know that one nosy auntie every desi child hates? she tells u that he's too quite

    ur parents think he's a decent guy

    seunggie thinks u look like the most beautiful woman in the world when u wear traditional clothing 

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷✎JAY*ੈ✩‧₊˚⍣ ೋ

    kind of is just.......there?

    he just stays their standing next to u and maybe is close to one of ur cousins

    all the kids think he's the hot uncle (i mean they aren't wrong-)

    the aunties always gossip about him

    complains about looking bad in traditional clothing but then he's obsessed

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷✎JAKE*ੈ✩‧₊˚⍣ ೋ

    istg at this point ur family loves him than u

    LOVES traditional clothing

    the kids are crazy close to him

    all the single girls have a crush on him

    ur parents would prolly disown u if u break up with him

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷✎SUNGHOON*ੈ✩‧₊˚⍣ ೋ


    ok bhai he's vv awkward

    he's labeled as the mysterious uncle

    ur parents just think he's shy

    thinks traditional clothing is cool (aww 🥺)

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷✎SUNOO*ੈ✩‧₊˚⍣ ೋ

    gossips with the aunties

    like i'm not even joking he does that a lot

    ur parents think he's friendly

    if the aunties try to insult u or say smth bad about, he WILL defend u and sass tf out of the auntie

    trys to teach the kids aegyo but it looks like he's bullying them (LMAO)

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷✎JUNGWON*ੈ✩‧₊˚⍣ ೋ

    learns about desi culture a lot

    he really likes the decorations

    trys to impress ur parents bcoz he wants to get married to u in the future (i'm not crying u are)

    made u take 100 photos of him wearing traditional attire

    makes friends with a few of ur cousins just to impress u 🥺

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷✎NI-KI*ੈ✩‧₊˚⍣ ೋ

    is a bit too excited for it

    GUSHS over everything

    is kind of confused when everyone eats with they're hands but u offer to feed him (sweet gf y/n)

    is OBSESSED with the dancing

    he gets along with the kids the most bcoz ✨chaotic energy ✨

    tagging my fellow desi people <3: @0912005 @wonjaems @jaemssna

    #enhypen #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x you #enhypen x desi! reader #x reader#x y/n#x you#enhypen fluff#enhypen headcanons#lee heeseung #lee heeseung x reader #park jongseong #park jongseong x reader #shim jake #shim jake x reader #jake x you #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon#kim sunoo #kim sunoo x reader #yang jungwon #yang jungwon x reader #riki nishimura #riki nishimura x reader
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  • maeum-your
    19.01.2022 - 21 hours ago


    CHAPTER 8 | shhh they don't know that i know this hack... PLS I'M GONNA KMS!!!

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    summary: y/n hates rich people and park jongseong is no exception. they have been academic rivals since freshman year (which he doesn't like to acknowledge) and always argue about the dumbest of things. but what happens when y/n's brother jungwon joins the dance team led by jay and their friend groups begin to mingle?

    updates: monday-friday at 7 a.m KST

    tag list (open):
    @sophiko22 @missmadwoman @jungwons-rat @msxflower @minato-ariato @person-standing @blessed-sky @staysstrays @xayaya @jaywonlix @nar-nia @bekah931215
    #ningning fcking icon taking one for the team #jay is probably scarred for life #park jongseong scenario #park jongseong scenarios #park jongseong imagines #park jongseong social media au #park jongseong socmed au #park jongseong smut #park jongseong smau #park jongseong fluff #park jongseong angst #park jongseong x reader #park jongseong #enhypen park jongseong #enhypen jay #enhypen jay park #enhypen scenario#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen imagines#enhypen socmed#enhypen fluff#enhypen#enhypen smut#enhypen angst #enhypen park jongseong scenarios #kpop scenarios#kpop scenario
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  • wonamour
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ❨ ♡ ❩﹕─ happy heart day! ▸ an enhypen one-shot series

    i. lee heeseung ‧ i love you, yes it’s true about a month ahead of valentine's day, heeseung begins opening his locker and arriving at his desk to find love letters written in neat handwriting just for him. so, of course, the only natural thing is to find out who it is and try not to fall in love with the anonymous person that wrote such sweet words for him.

    ii. park jongseong ‧ the secret recipe for love having a roommate that always insists on cooking for you is amazing, having a roommate that cooks like michelin chef is a blessing which is why you're head over heels with your roommate, jay. and with valentine's day rolling around, who knows what he'll cook up?

    iii. sim jaeyun ‧ won’t you smile? i’m shooting a movie jake has always loved to document the beautiful moments in his life, camera in hand during family outings and candid pictures taken of you during your dates. and this valentine's day, he wants you to know that you are the beautiful forever in his life.

    iv. park sunghoon ‧ rent a valentine another valentine’s day, another day of being reminded by your mom that you are still excruciatingly single. enter park sunghoon, your chemistry partner, your new (fake) boyfriend.

    v. kim sunoo ‧ the psychology of all things love psychology is supposed to be easy. sunoo's done everything– he's taken notes, pulled all nighters to study, and gone into the teacher's office hours for help. so why is he failing every test? maybe it's because he's a little too busy staring wistfully at you, his deskmate.

    vi. yang jungwon ‧ strawberry moon, one scoop the new ice cream shop down the street has a special valentine's day flavor and word on the street is that couples get discounts on valentine's day. jungwon has been dying to try this new flavor so he turns to you, his best friend, for some help.

    vii. nishimura riki ‧ put your hand in mine nishimura riki has been your best friend for as long as he can remember– probably since you accidentally hit him with a block in preschool. he's always been an affectionate person, clinging to you whenever he can so why is he suddenly getting butterflies when he holds your hand?

    [ ♡﹕─ lily's letter for you !! here's a little something for valentine's day ^^ this probably won't be done by valentine's day but we can hope :< send an ask or comment to be on the taglist (which i will update later because i'm at school right now) ?! ]

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  • missmadwoman
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Afterglow Part Eleven



    "It's all on me, just don't go. Meet me in the afterglow."
    Summary: It's been 2 months since your break up with your boyfriend. It was not pretty, neither of you has contacted each other since. That is until a thread you make about rating your ex's using Taylor Swift songs reaches him.
    Pairing: Park Sunghoon x female reader.
    Taglist: [Open] @hiqhkey @mykalon @jakesim-p @wanlore @rielleluvs @enxnesblog @ourschan {just ask or reply, whatever you want.}
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  • postalenha
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    41. anything


    TAGLIST, open @yourlocalhotgf @hoonstrology @ddeonuism @witheeseung @starryjongseong @one800127 @jaemimpulsive @rikibae @ncityy04 @ryu-naa @curryramyeon @hyuckworld @enhacolor @xoxojayd3n @mishtidoie @jungw8ns @n1k1tty @primorange @sprngfeverr @youreverydayzebra @bayoleta @nikisjpg @jaycenzo @heeslut @she-is-dreaming @kyleeanne @mymeloem19 @enhafika @fairieweb @hobistigma @sunghonkers @itsamemarioo @dear-dreamie @taejinxkoya @baekhyunstruly @diestheticu @woniebae @softforqiankun @iamnotgrootiamthor @yougeans @strawberriki @lilliansun @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @mahalau @bang-bang-bangtxn @you-njinhwang @wccycc @13isacoolnumber @mochisnlix @msxflower @missmadwoman @oharella

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  • maiverie
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    doublespeak — ft. park jongseong (masterlist)

    —keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

    synopsis: there’s nobody you detest more than park jongseong—he’s obnoxious, he’s rude, and he always manages to top you in every single class. while you pride yourself as one of the smartest students in your school, there’s something you can’t quite figure out the formula for—the explosive chemistry between you and your (hot) enemy.

    ⿻ title: doublespeak

    ⿻ characters: park jongseong (enhypen) x you

    ⿻ genres: romance, fluff, comedy, high school

    ⿻ au(s): academic rivals, “i wanna punch him except he’s really fucking hot fml” au, jay being an annoying, cocky asshole

    ⿻ contents: frenemies to lovers, constant bickering & banter, childish arguments, studying fluff, suggestive themes, smartass jay w brains

    ⿻ warnings: swearing, lowercase intended

    author’s note: my first jay fic! <3 my fav trope is enemies to lovers so i’ve been dying to write something like this T^T i legit had so much fun writing all the banter and felt the “frenemies” vibe was cute! anyway i really hope u guys enjoy it!! :>

    ≡ chapters

    ❝ chapter one: piggy ❝ chapter two: 21/22 jan ’22 ❝ chapter three ❝ chapter four

    ≡ notes

    · please support me via liking, reblogging w tags & interacting! ♡ · taglist is open :> just leave an ask, reply, or dm! ♡ · update schedule: (hopefully) every 7 days! · thank you so much for reading :>

    ≡ taglist

    @minkyeos @lhsng @kyleeanne @fqiryyang @hoonstrology @jayk2025 @jungkookieyoongs @joohyukki @acciomylove @eclecticeggknightpsychic @rae-blogging

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  • hoes4hoseok
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    enhypen as fearless (taylor's version)

    txt version

    lmfao this was made on impulse and I wanted to share w someone other than @lethekoo (ty again for your help 💗) so HERE YOU GO ! also ps I didn’t read this over and just realized that I say the same phrase like 15 times IM SORRY

    jungwon as love story

    “don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess; it’s a love story, baby, just say yes”

    jungwon just gives me that “i’m not gonna fall in love lmfao 😝” vibe but then if he actually did he’d be super sappy and an absolute romantic


    sunoo as hey stephen

    “‘cause I can’t help it if you look like an angel, can’t help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain”

    okay this one literally is not up for debate bc it’s what birthed this whole idea

    he’s a total angel and I know he’s got people lined up and having a crush on him would be so frustrating because I mean WHO WOULDN’T

    “I can’t help myself” yeah I wouldn’t be able to either

    he’s also very much the type to appreciate a good serenade so there.

    jay as tell me why

    “i know that you see what you’re doing to me, tell me why”

    OKAY this is less about the lyrics and more about the whole vibe because it’s all so high energy and demanding and I feel like it counters jays personality so well


    actually this doesn’t fit as well as it did when I first thought of it LOL but I’m keeping it anyways because it fits in my heart 🤞 please validate me. or correct me idk

    jake as jump then fall

    “we’re on the phone and without a warning, I realize your laugh is the best sound I have ever heard”

    I had a slightly hard time choosing this bc jake fits this album really well but eventually landed on this song

    mostly because jake seems like the type to tell his s/o “you’re not in my way, you’re by my side” YKWIM?? they’d be partners in crime do-gooding (is that even a word?? ofc)

    and also I know his laugh is super cute so that was final.

    ni-ki as untouchable

    “in the middle of the night, when I’m in this dream, it’s like a million little stars spelling out your name”

    this was also very hard but for the opposite reason; ni-ki probably fits fearless less than some of the other members but sal suggested this song and I agreed!

    man I really don’t know how to explain these um but ni-ki seems like the type to be very untouchable and he seems like the type to have his name spelled in little stars 👍

    sunghoon as mr. perfectly fine

    “it takes everything in me just to get up each day, but it’s wonderful to see that you’re okay”


    uhh sunghoon seems like the type to get over people quickly but if not, he’d be really good at pretending that he was

    he would make sure his ex knew he was thriving 🪦💔

    heeseung as that’s when

    “that’s when, when I wake up in the morning, that’s when, when it’s sunny or stormin’”

    heeseung would probably wait for someone if he thinks they’re perfect for him

    he seems like the type to forgive his s/o or learn from the mistake if it was on him?? the point is, his relationships are likely to last longer if that’s true. i’m not making any sense at this point UHH THANKS FOR READING 😚

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  • maeum-your
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    CHAPTER 7 | seasoned with a little bit of hypocrisy and misogyny

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    summary: y/n hates rich people and park jongseong is no exception. they have been academic rivals since freshman year (which he doesn't like to acknowledge) and always argue about the dumbest of things. but what happens when y/n's brother jungwon joins the dance team led by jay and their friend groups begin to mingle?

    updates: monday-friday at 7 a.m KST

    tag list (open):
    @sophiko22 @missmadwoman @jungwons-rat @msxflower @minato-ariato @person-standing @blessed-sky @staysstrays @xayaya @jaywonlix @nar-nia @bekah931215
    #jungwon and y/n having a little sibling bonding moment #more harry potter stuff 🥴 #park jongseong scenarios #park jongseong scenario #park jongseong imagines #park jongseong fluff #park jongseong smut #park jongseong angst #park jongseong social media au #park jongseong socmed au #park jongseong smau #park jongseong x reader #park jongseong#enhypen#enhypen scenario#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen imagines #enhypen socmed au #enhypen smut#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst #enhypen park jongseong #enhypen jay #enhypen jay park #enhypen park jongseong scenarios #kpop scenarios
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  • jongsungs
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    book club groups

    virgins media


    consists of

    sunoo kim, jungwon yang, riki nishimura
    heeseung lee, 20, english literature major, acquainted with y/n, thinks she's nice and doesn't really have a general opinion of her other than she's pretty. horribly failing english lit, unsure why he took it (to get the girls), and breaks his back trying to understand what the fuck a hendiadys is. part of the football team w jake. tends to run around the school looking for sunghoon who always misses practice. wishes sunghoon would turn up to practice.
    jongseong/jay park, 19, fashion major, friends with yeonjun, respects him. dislikes y/n after a certain incident that occurred in the library that hurt his pride. does not have the best personality but is a decent human being at some point. has a brilliant rep in hybe university for his group and his looks and fashion. tends to speak in sudden outbursts. wishes some of his 'fans' would leave him alone.
    jaeyun/jake shim, 19, nuclear physics major, captain of the football team. absolutely loves and hates sunghoon because sunghoon is one of his best players but never goes to fucking practice. does nuclear physics because niki wanted to take nuclear physics lol. tends to speak in english when he's stressed. wishes that he could stay in college forever so he doesn't have to get a job.
    sunghoon park, 19, business major, absolutely hates the subject but its a cakewalk, part of the football team, just never turns up to practice because he hates running. he purposely hides from heeseung when jake sends him off to find him. goes to the library because the atmosphere is "therapeutic". tends to pick at his nails. wishes he took economics because it sounds fancier than business.

    taglist: @msxflower @jisungsquirrelhabits @enhacolor @knivqs @yizhoutv @nyangjjunie @c9tnoos

    #book club [smau] #jongsungs#kpop#enhypen#txt#enhypen smau#txt smau #park jongseong smau #park jongseong angst #park jongseong fluff #choi yeonjun smau #choi yeonjun angst #choi yeonjun fluff #park jongseong x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #jay x reader #jay imagines#jay scenarios#jay fluff#jay angst#jay smau #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun imagines#yeonjun scenarios#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun angst#yeonjun smau #enhypen x reader #txt x reader
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  • jaeyunverse
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    [7:23 p.m.] You loved your boyfriend very much, but at that moment, you were about one second away from strangling him to death.

    “Jay, I’m cooking!” you whined and jabbed your elbow backwards in an attempt to get rid of him. “Stop distracting me! Your parents will be here any minute now and I cannot afford to let this soup burn.”

    Tightening his grip around your waist, Jay snuggled his nose deeper into the crook of your neck. He shook his head in refusal and mumbled,

    “But I missed you so much.”

    You rolled your eyes, ignoring the goosebumps that erupted across your tender skin when his hot breath came in contact with it. “You were gone for a few weeks, Jay. It wasn’t that long.”

    Your boyfriend, along with six of his close friends from high school, had gone on a vacation. The boys had promised each other that once they graduated from college, they would get together one last time before life decided to tear them apart for good. Jay had only returned from the two-week reunion earlier that day.

    He had invited you along, but you had refused firmly. Had been offended, actually. You weren’t one of those overly clingy people who couldn’t leave their partners alone, and having your boyfriend ask you to accompany him on a trip that was exclusive for him and his high-school friends had been insulting.

    While the two of you were in a serious relationship of three years, you both had separate lives and things you’d rather do without each other.

    “It was that long,” Jay defended himself and placed a soft kiss right below your ear. You couldn’t help but arch your neck to the side, craving more. Even though the two of you had spent the better part of the day cuddling, you weren’t really satisfied.

    Apparently, neither was Jay, because he accepted your invitation right away. He began placing open-mouthed kisses on your exposed shoulder, working his way up to your neck and jaw.

    Gently grabbing your face with a hand, he made you look at him. You shifted so that your hips were pressed against the kitchen counter behind you, and your chest was flush against his.

    Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him close. Jay’s head dipped, his lips immediately capturing yours in a desperate haze.

    He removed the hand that was cupping your cheek and snaked his arms around your waist. Tilting his head and pressing his lips harder against yours, he deepened the kiss.

    You made a small sound of protest, causing Jay to back up immediately. Concerned, he asked, “What’s the matter? Did I do something wrong? Did you not want to kiss me? Holy shit, Y/N, I’m so sorry—”

    He stopped talking when you turned off the stove and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him a few feet away.

    “There was a boiling pot of soup behind me, lover boy. Wouldn’t want any accidents happening, would we now?” you mocked and placed your hand on his nape, slowly dragging it upwards until it was lost in his tangle of black hair. “You looked like you were really into it.”

    Jay huffed a laugh and rested his forehead against yours, relief evident on his face. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just—I really did miss you, you know?”

    You smiled, nodding in understanding and were about to continue what your boyfriend had started when the shrill sound of the doorbell reverberated through your apartment. The two of you exchanged a look. While your gaze was filled with uncertainty, Jay's was full of reassurance.

    Cupping your cheeks in both his palms, he looked deep into your eyes. “You’ve met them twice before, okay? You’ve already made a great impression and they love you so much. This is going to be awesome.”

    You took a deep breath and nodded. Jay slipped his hand into yours and together, you made your way to the front door.

    “Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Park,” you greeted the couple and held the door open for them, a genuine smile on your lips. “It’s so good to meet you again.”

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  • kpoptrashlord-007
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Candy Hearts;; PJS

    Word Count;; 1.8k

    Genre;; Fluff! College AU

    Pairing;; Jay x Reader


    College is a time for studying and planning for your future… so why must Jay insist on winning your heart? And why are you considering letting him?


    None! <3
    Oh, I guess Reader is a bit of a tsundere


    Based off the prompt ‘Candy Hearts’ from my Valentine’s Day prompt list~

    My Masterlist

       He’s a dark fleck in contrast to the dull grey building he’s loitering against. Sunlight lingers on his black jacket, absorbing into the leather while leaving a bright glow that catches the eyes of passersby. It’s hard to see him in clear detail from your elevated angle but his jeans appear ripped and his shoes look designer. Or at least they’re a very interesting shade of red - a burgundy that morphs into the blaring red of a stop sign. They’re eye-catching. Sort of like Jay himself.

       Calling it a day, you toss your lab paperwork into your bag and turn off the computer. There’s no point sticking around when you can’t focus. Knowing Jay is waiting outside to ambush you the second you leave the library dampens your ability to pay attention. Not because he’s anything special (he’s just a guy, albeit a very attractive one) but because you’d rather just get the interaction over and done with.

       Taking the steps two at a time while shooting off a quick text to your roommate, you risk stopping on the second floor landing to search for him again. It’d be just your luck that he’d catch you staring. You’d never hear the end of it. To your surprise, however, he’s moved. There’s no sign of him. Part of you wants to be angry that you left early for no good reason but another is glad to be saved from the awkward encounter. Allowing yourself to slow down, the tension you didn’t realise was building in your neck is released and your heartbeat evens out. How he’s able to elicit such a reaction from you is a mystery in itself.

       You’ve known Jay for quite a few years and, to put it simply, he’s no fine wine. Unlike most people who mature from high school to college, he’s somehow managed to regress. His entire wardrobe underwent a change from sweater vests to leather. He even ditched the glasses for a set of contacts to shed his old ‘persona’. Everything he wears is worth more than you're willing to dish out on a car let alone a piece of clothing. It’s served him well enough, though; all the ladies are head over heels in love with him and his newfound attitude problems.

       The moment you near the building’s main exit, you’re submerged into cold regret. Considering how long you’ve known Jay you should have realised he’d never give up without annoying you, not when the opportunity is within walking distance. Hopping out of the direct sunlight, he relocated to the bench next to the glass doors - right between you and freedom.

       Debating whether or not the trek to the other exit is worth the effort, the opportune moment to escape presents itself in the form of three beautiful girls. They’re on a warpath toward Jay and their ringleader has a giant teddy bear in tow. Several students are following behind them, cautious but curious about who their target may be.

       Pushing the door open inch by inch to minimise any sounds and sudden movement, you wait for them to reach him. Even if he doesn’t accept her affection (because why would he? He’s always reminding you how he only has eyes for you, after all) he’ll be distracted long enough for you to slip by. You watch them like a hawk, focusing on the minute micro-expressions that flash across their flawless faces, all while slinking out the door.

       The one in the middle is too pretty to be real. To complement an already ethereal appearance, her outfit is also immaculate. She looks like a goddess, to be quite frank, with the confidence to match. Commanding the wind to bend to her will, her steady confession cuts through the breeze loud and clear. More importantly, however, her presence is forceful enough to garner even Jay’s attention. Usually disinterested and nonchalant, he’s staring at the bear with genuine fascination. Now if she could just buy you enough time to close the door and disappear into the crowd…

       It shouldn’t be a problem. Between the three (her friends are standing behind her in a supportive triangle formation), his line of sight toward you is hindered. There’s gaps, but there’s no chance he’ll-

       A sudden gust encircles you. It leaves a sheen of dirt on your skin while tugging at the edges of your shirt, lifting it high enough to show a sliver of flesh. The wind isn’t super strong but it’s full of dust particles and while most wouldn’t prioritise the library’s carpet over themselves (especially considering how much traffic they get in a day), you’re not most people. Unfortunately.

       Closing your eyes to shield yourself from the debris, you ease the door shut. It’s no easy task with the wind working against you. Once it’s secured, realisation dawns on you. You could (and most definitely should) have gone back inside. There’d be at least twenty… no, more like thirty less seconds worth of dust seeping into your pores.

       Once the wind settles down, your eyes drift open. Leaves and dandelion seeds float around your body, saying their ‘goodbye’ before riding the breeze straight toward… Jay.

       He reaches for a flower petal, guiding it to fall into the palm of his hand. Like a magnet, his gaze is drawn to you. There’s ambient noise that resembles the girls’ voices but they’re muted. All that’s left is the gentle thudding of your heartbeat within your chest. It’s loud and obnoxious and you pray the wind doesn’t carry it to his ears, baring your soul to him.

       When he stands, the spell he has over you begins to waver but only by a fraction. The simple fact that it doesn’t break is what prompts you to flee. It takes all your willpower to turn around, to cut the tether and be free of him if just for the remainder of the day. Picking out dead leaves from your hair as you walk, you quicken your pace upon hearing a series of footfalls gaining ground. They’re – or rather he’s – persistent. And even though you’ve undergone a myriad of emotions and varying levels of hope since then, you’ve returned to your original belief: this interaction is inevitable.

       He’s inevitable.

       “Hey,” he shouts, the deep timbre of his voice sending a shiver down your spine as he calls your name.

       Relinquishing yourself to his tenacity, you hold fast long enough to find a corner to turn for some privacy. The path leads you to the miniature garden behind the library. Featuring a small pond that is filled with little tadpoles that you plain adore, it attracts birds and dragonflies year-round and is shaded by the cosiest pergola on campus. Despite the librarian raving about it to anyone that will listen, no one hangs out in this area. Perhaps it’s too rural, or too slimy and natural.

       Jay catches up to you the moment you stop within the safety of the pergola. His feet patter against the wooden planks. It’s a soothing sound, one that isn’t often heard in a world turned to concrete. He leans against the railing while you gaze down at the pond and its ever rotating cycle of life. The serenity of the moment doesn’t last and soon the hairs on your neck start to rise. He’s watching you, and when you turn to meet his stare you can’t help but roll your eyes at the smirk gracing his face.

       “How forward of you.” His voice is akin to liquid caramel, smooth and addicting. Sticking his tongue against the inside of his cheek, he checks you out from head to toe. “Getting me alone like this. What’s next, babe? Lunch?”

       “Gross. Don’t call me ‘babe’.”

       “How do you feel about Thai?”

       “Is there something you wanted or were you just waiting for me like a creep for fun?”

       “Creep?” His mouth drops open and he scoffs, placing his hand on his chest in indignation. “I’m romantic!”

       “Go annoy someone else,” you sigh, backing away from him.

       “Wait!” he says, reaching to grab your retreating arm but stopping before his skin touches yours. Even so you pause and allow him the time he needs to pull a bag out of his pocket. “At least take this.”

       It’s wrapped with a pink ribbon and the clear plastic is decorated with red hearts. Inside are candy hearts of all different sizes and colours. The most noticeable detail, however, is that it’s been opened already. In fact, the bag looks half-empty. He holds it out for you to grab, raising his brows with a nod in encouragement.

       Deciding to humour him, you accept the ‘gift’. “What is it?”

       “It’s for Valentine’s.”

       “A bag of half-eaten candy?” He nods. “No, thank you.”

       As you’re returning the so-called gift, a smile starts to inch its way across his face. You don’t have time to ponder it before he’s taken the bag back. There’s playful exuberance in his eyes as he cradles the bag against his chest, faking a swoon as he bites his lower lip and holds the back of his hand against his forehead. You don’t know his angle and you should just walk away but he’s captured your curiosity.

       “What are you doing?”

       “You’re giving me candy on Valentine’s Day?” Groaning in exasperation, you squeeze your eyes shut and let your head roll back. Your mouth falls open to refute his insinuation but the words die on your tongue. Closing the distance, his arms wrap around your waist as the wood beneath you both creaks. He pulls you into a tight hug and you tense at the suddenness of it all. His breath is warm against your ear, and you’re hesitant to open your eyes and face him when he’s so close. “You’re so cute, babe, even with all these leaves in your hair.”

       “Nice chat.” Putting your hands against his chest, you try to push him out of your space but falter, warmth rushing to your cheeks. Not only is he too strong to move, his chest is firm. Like, really firm. It’s not something you’ve noticed before and now that you have, it’s something you won’t forget. You hate it. The last thing you need is another reason to think about him. “I have to… do something. At home.”

       He quirks his eyebrow. “We could do it together.”

       “Goodbye, Jongseong.”

       Taking the cue, he releases you from his hold but not without first pecking your forehead. The moment his arms fall away from you, a coldness settles in their place. Determined not to give in to his charm and throw yourself back within his embrace, you instead turn with a dismissive wave and head back the way you came. He doesn’t give chase this time, but his voice echoes within the stone walls of your heart.

       “See you tomorrow, babe, for our first official date.”

       “Don’t waste your time!”

       It’s pointless to try to dissuade him… but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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  • wonamour
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    ☁️﹕─ easing your insecurities w/ enhypen ⊹ ݁ ִ  ۫

    pairing: ot7 & reader. genre: angst, comfort. warnings: reader is insecure but specific insecurities aren't mentioned. word count: 822 words. terms of endearment: none.

    heeseung understands, he understands the weight of insecurity and he does all that he can to ease that weight off of you. he encourages you to cry all your feelings out, to talk about your feelings to him when you are ready to do so and ensures you comfortingly that he will support you every step of the way in embracing your insecurities. he kisses you softly and reassuringly, making a point of acknowledging your insecurities as just another beautiful part of you and not something you should run from or fear.

    jay cooks for you. it’s his first instinct when he finds you curled up on the couch, remnants of crystalline tears still evident on your cheeks. he sets down your favorite comfort meal on the coffee table in front of you, a recipe he has engrained in his memory since you taught him how to cook it, and gently feeds you little spoonfuls. he smiles warmly at you every time you take a bite and when you finally begin to open up, pouring your heart out to him, he praises you for being so brave and thanks you for trusting him. he promises that he’ll do all that he can to help you overcome the insecurities, step by step, and from that night on, his presence feels safer than ever.

    jake envelopes you in a hug before his brain can process it. it’s warm and comforting and you can’t help but melt into his embrace as you cry. he is the first to speak, because he doesn’t want to pressure you into feeling like you have to. but he finds that it’s easiest for him to comfort you with words so he talks about his experiences with insecurities. he wants you to know that it’s normal to be insecure, he wants you to know that he understands how you feel. and bit by bit, day by day, he encourages you to open up about your own struggles, amending you when you do so, and every day, he never fails to wake up and tell you that he’s so proud of you for everything that you do.

    sunghoon panics, seeing you look at him with tired eyes, sniffling. he rushes to sit by your side, engulfing you in his arms and pulling you into his lap so he can look at you clearly. you are now the only thought in his mind and his only focus is on comforting you. he kisses your hands softly, holding them close together in his. he cannot bring himself to talk but his touch is soothing and so full of love that you understand all that he wants to say but can’t. his gaze, so full of adoration for you, never wavers from your eyes as he whispers the quietest “i love you”.

    sunoo drops everything to wrap his arms around you and hold you close to him. his heart dropped at the sight of the pain and hurt that weighed so heavily in your heart but he caressed you gently, his touch as light as a feather. he helps you to your bed, making sure to tuck you in warmly between the sheets and lays beside you, kissing you occasionally. plays with your hair, and tells you everything he loves about you. the next day, you find a jar of folded origami hearts, each with their own little love letter written inside, each and every single one of them dedicated to you.

    jungwon is right by your side, a warm cup of tea in his head and he offers you his shoulder to cry on and his words to comfort you. he doesn’t say much until your sobs have died down or until you lapse into silence. he’d take your hands into his own, gently rubbing his thumb over your skin and allows you to lay his head against his chest and when you’re comfortable, he whispers all the things he loves about you and lets you drift to sleep to the sound of his soft spoken words of reassurance and pure love.

    ni-ki flails around, scared to hurt you in such a vulnerable state. he might not say anything for the first few minutes that he finds you crying in his bedroom but eventually finds it within himself to gently take you into his arms and kiss the top of your head. his fingers cup your cheeks, wiping your tears away ever so softly. he leaves you only for a second, to open the top drawer of his dresser, where you know he keeps his art supplies. he sits down next to you and pushes strands of hair out of your face, handing you a small painting. an acrylic piece of you, smiling beautifully at the park that you had gone to an your first date. it’s an entirely wordless gesture that makes you smile softly and makes his eyes shine with love.

    permanent taglist: @soobin-chois

    [ ♡ — so... i've got a permanent taglist now ^^ fill out this form to be added and as always feedback is always appreciated bc it makes me happy :> ]

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  • jongsungs
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    book club groups

    breakfast club


    consists of

    y/n l/n
    suji choi
    daeun noh
    sunoo kim, 18, photography major, part of the photography club with huening kai but has never spoken to him because "the hoe never turns up". knows y/n through daeun because she was his model for a project that he got an A+ on, and now owes his life to her. him and suji watch k-dramas together in the library when she's not asleep or when y/n hasn't left yet. tends to forget his bag. wishes he learned a language instead of photography.
    jungwon yang, 18, astrophysics major just like soobin, sometimes leeches the answers off of him because soobin is really good at astrophysics. goes to the library because daeun paid him to so that y/n wouldn't be lonely, although he would've gone anyways (free money??). tends to speak at the worst times. wishes his bank account was as heavy as his bag.
    riki nishimura, 18, nuclear physics major, good at science and thought he would be allowed to make little explosions in class (spoiler: he's not). stays in the library because y/n knows where all the good books are for his courses and she's also a fun senior to be around. tends to never bring his glasses with him because they don't make him look nice. wishes to become a famous scientist so they can make a movie about him and his discoveries and how they changed mankind. wonders why nobody calls him niki.

    taglist: @msxflower @enhacolor @jisungsquirrelhabits @yizhoutv @nyangjjunie @c9tnoos

    #book club [smau] #jongsungs#kpop#enhypen#txt#enhypen smau#txt smau#kpop smau #park jongseong angst #park jongseong fluff #park jongseong smau #choi yeonjun angst #choi yeonjun fluff #choi yeonjun smau #txt fluff#txt angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst #park jongseong x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #jay scenarios#jay imagines#jay fluff#jay angst#yeonjun scenarios#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun angst
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  • maeum-your
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago


    CHAPTER 6 | his kneecaps are junggone?

    < previous | next >


    summary: y/n hates rich people and park jongseong is no exception. they have been academic rivals since freshman year (which he doesn't like to acknowledge) and always argue about the dumbest of things. but what happens when y/n's brother jungwon joins the dance team led by jay and their friend groups begin to mingle?

    updates: monday-friday at 7 a.m KST

    tag list (open):
    @sophiko22 @missmadwoman @jungwons-rat @msxflower @minato-ariato @person-standing @enskysky @staysstrays @xayaya @jaywonlix @nar-nia
    #riki and jungwon besties <3 #y/n was challenging her inner chamber of secrets!ron #park jongseong scenarios #park jongseong scenario #park jongseong imagines #park jongseong #park jongseong fluff #park jongseong smut #park jongseong angst #park jongseong social media au #park jongseong socmed au #park jongseong smau #park jongseong x reader #enhypen scenarios#enhypen scenario#enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff#enhypen smut#enhypen#enhypen angst#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen park jongseong #enhypen jay #enhypen jay park #kpop#kpop scenarios#kpop scenario
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  • sbnchaos
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Rock with You | Masterlist

    ㄖ—synposis: A band formed in a high school’s basement accidentally goes viral online. The band wants to start performing outside of their school’s auditorium but the problem is they need permission from the school, someone with connections outside of the school and maybe someone to co-manage all of the outside of school performances.

    Who better to ask than the school’s council president Kim Y/n. Just one problem. They’re the band’s leader and lead guitarist two-year long crush.

    ㄖ—genre: smau series, high school au, fluff, crack and some angst
    ㄖ—pairing: guitarist!jay x gn!yn (sunoo is their younger brother)
    ㄖ—warnings: swearing, mentions of food in some chapters, dirty jokes. And my broken sense of humour (I’ll give warnings for the certain chapters) to be added more as the story goes.
    ㄖ—featuring: simp!jay, enhypen, maknae line of txt (sorry beomgyu), itzy (mainly yuna but the others are there too)
    + yn and Sunoo are siblings in this au but I never said anything about blood-related or anything like that. so this can be more inclusive to others
    + 01 and 02 are in the same grade. 03 and 04 same grade. And then just riki.
    + I have commitment issues I’ll do my best to finish this
    Send ask to be added to taglist

    ㄖ—updates: weekdays (I’ll try my best)

    ㄖ—status: starting soon

    ㄖ—start: February 7th 2022

    ㄖ—end: ??

    Teaser || who are you ?
    profiles 1 || y/n simp club and Sunoo
    profiles 2 || BLOCKBUSTER BITCHES
    part 1 || sunghoon the simp-shamer
    part 2 || @GOD WTF
    part 3 || I brag about you
    part 4 || you broke the president
    part 5 || naruto run
    part 6 || we’ve been dating for three years
    part 7 || black card
    part 8 || IM RICH
    part 9 || only jongseong
    part 10 || chemistry pick up lines
    part 11 || a storm coming
    part 12 || 😚 😘 💋
    part 13 || STRANGER DANGER
    #enhypen#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#enhypen jay#enhypen jongseong #enhypen social media au #enhypen social au #enhypen smau#jay smau #jay park smau #jay x reader #enhypen x reader #jongseong x reader #park jongseong x reader #jongseong smau #park jongseong smau #jay fluff#jay imagines#jay scenarios#jongseong fluff#jongseong imagines#jongseong scenarios
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  • jongsungs
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    book club groups

    barbie and the diamond castle


    consists of

    y/n l/n
    yeonjun choi, 22, fashion major but is barely passing, has been friends with y/n since he was 16, but did not properly speak to her until she was 17. likes to design clothes in his free time in the library in his special seat that absolutely no one can steal. tends to bring snacks in the library although it is heavily forbidden. wishes to become an entrepreneur.
    soobin choi, 21, astrophysics major, disgustingly nerdy, has no idea why he chose that major other than the fact physics was the only subject he was good at but now hates himself and cries in the library on the seat next to yeonjun's. tends to eat the snacks that yeonjun brings in the library and cry whilst eating them. wishes to work at nasa.
    beomgyu choi, 20, psychology major, yeah unexpected but he's really good at reading people and empathising which is the only reason he became a psychology major (regrets it obviously), never actually studies but still gets good grades??? only goes to the library to flirt w y/n because he knows of y/n's humungous crush on yeonjun. tends to make theories ab people and their personality he meets and loses his mind when he gets it right. wishes to never have taken psychology.
    taehyun kang, 19, law major (💀), good intuition, the only one in the group with logic and common sense, has to speak for everyone when in public because they will definitely embarrass thenselves. surprisingly does not know about y/n's crush on yeonjun because he spends 90% of his time ACTUALLY studying in the library across soobin and yeonjun. tends to chew on the end of his pen. wishes to become a judge so he can wear those cool wigs.
    kai kamal huening, 19, photography major, has way too much free time, takes photos for the campus newspaper and it part of the photography club but never actually goes because everyone there is intimidating. visits the library because taehyun is in the library and is trying to persuade taehyun to be his model for his next project. tends to ramble when he's nervous. wishes to work at a big fashion magazine as a photographer.

    taglist: @msxflower @enhacolor @jisungsquirrelhabits @yizhoutv @nyangjjunie @c9tnoos

    #book club [smau] #jongsungs#kpop#enhypen#txt#kpop smau#enhypen smau#txt smau #park jongseong fluff #park jongseong angst #choi yeonjun fluff #choi yeonjun angst #park jongseong x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #jay smau#jay imagines#jay scenarios#jay enhypen#yeonjun smau#yeonjun imagines#yeonjun scenarios #enhypen x reader #txt x reader
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  • missmadwoman
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Afterglow Part Ten.



    "It's all on me, just don't go. Meet me in the afterglow."
    Summary: It's been 2 months since your break up with your boyfriend. It was not pretty, neither of you has contacted each other since. That is until a thread you make about rating your ex's using Taylor Swift songs reaches him.
    Pairing: Park Sunghoon x female reader.
    Taglist: [Open] @hiqhkey @mykalon @jakesim-p @wanlore @rielleluvs @enxnesblog {just ask or reply, whatever you want.}
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  • missmadwoman
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Peace 2: Nox.


    Summary: [a HP au] Park Jay is from a prestigious pureblood family. He is intimidating, everyone but his friends are afraid of him. Han YN, the muggleborn Slytherin. YN bumps into him one day and from there their fates seemed intertwined.

    Pairing: Park Jay x f! Reader.

    Taglist: OPEN. @enxnesblog @staysstrays @lightningdaze @woniecore Send an ask/reply to be added.

    Authors Note: That's all I'm posting of Peace today. The next chapter of Afterglow will be posted at 4 as usual. I'll figure out a posting schedule for Peace after my lecture today. PLEASE (I'm begging 😂😭) leave thoughts and opinions...
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  • missmadwoman
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Peace 1: Lumos.

    «Previous ‡ Masterlist ‡Next»

    Summary: [a HP au] Park Jay is from a prestigious pureblood family. He is intimidating, everyone but his friends are afraid of him. Choi YN, the muggleborn Slytherin. YN bumps into him one day and from there their fates seemed intertwined.

    Pairing: Park Jay x f! Reader.

    Tropes/Genre: Strangers to lovers. Sunshine/Grumpy pair. Slow burn? (Imma try) comedy, angst, fluff.

    Taglist: OPEN. @enxnesblog @staysstrays @lightningdaze @woniecore Send an ask/reply to be added.

    So I'm posting parts 1 and 2 today. I couldn't wait 😂. Thoughts opinions are very much appreciated ❤️.

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