22.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
THE PENTHOUSE : WAR IN LIFE seok-hoon x male reader  summary

Rin is the younger brother of Logan lee , he is 17 years old and goes to a performing arts high school in America , but when he heard that his adopted sister “anna” was bullied by a bunch of rich kids because she lied about going to a collage , so when Rin and Logan heard about anna’s death they knew they had to make the people who killed anna live a miserable life , so they started packing to move to Korea to get revenge on there sister’s death which was later on preannounced that she had killed her self , Logan and Rin didn’t believe in any of those nonsense, anna lived a happy life why would she just end it all , that’s what Rin and Logan are trying to find out . 

do you want me to make this a one-shot or a whole fanfic ? 

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