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    18.06.2021 - 16 hours ago
    You are the stars of the night and the lighthouse to lead us. (cr. namuspromised)
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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ♥︎ Kiss and Make-up ♥︎

    Kiss and Make-up || idol!jungkook x makeup artist! Reader {♥︎ ✗ ☺︎}


    To get closer to your dream of becoming an idol, you take a job to be a makeup artist for the one and only k-pop group BTS. One day you have a run-in with jungkook, and your world begins to shift.

    Warnings: sexual themes, mild language, substance use.

    @flamingoworld- y/n’s spam account

    @animallover101- Jungkook’s spam account

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    Three💋: I love flamingos



    kiss and make-up masterlist

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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #I’m honestly not completely convinced any of muster was real 😳 #bts are absolutely insane like I don’t know how they keep glowing up every .02 seconds it isn’t good for my heart 😭💖 #anon#asks#joonie anon #sorry for responding late I was on a mini trip!! ✨
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    made for each other

    #namkook #they were made for each other #tiny#joonie#koo
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    2021 BTS MUSTER Sowoozoo | June 2021
    Mini Photocards (complete set)

    Kim Namjoon 💜

    #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTSMUSTER_Sowoozoo

    copyright: BigHit Entertainment/HYBE photo scans: @comma_bts

    #BTS#방탄소년단#Kim Namjoon#Namjoon#RM#Joonie #2021 BTS MUSTER Sowoozoo #Sowoozoo #Sowoozoo Mini Photocards #bts Photocards#BTS scans #2021 BTS FESTA #BTS 8th Anniversary #BTS 8th Birthday #210613
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    He is everything I want in life

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    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    ♥︎ Seven Deadly Sins ♥︎ ot7

    ♥︎ One ♥︎


    Summary: The seven princes of hell, who are the embodiment of the seven deadly sins, are sent on a mission to find the human with the purest soul. The prince who successfully retrieves the pure soul will become the next king..but what happens when all 7 of the princes fall in love with the beautiful soul?

    ♥︎ Pairings: ot7 x OC (original character)

    ♥︎ Genre: fantasy; fluff, smut, angst

    ♥︎Word Count: 4.0k

    ♥︎ Warnings: smut/sexual scenes and situations, heavy language, polyamory

    ♥︎Rating: Mature (18+)

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    The world is a hellish place, that's for sure.

    Everywhere you look, you see some form of evil. Whether it be someone spending too much on a purse, or someone looking at themselves in the mirror thinking that they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    The thing is, most of these humans don't realize what they're doing. They show little-to-no respect or gratefulness for the things they have. Most of them believe that they need more. That one dollar isn't enough. So then if they had a million...would that not be enough either?

    It's all a race. For example, two brothers racing to have a better life when in reality they're just wasting it away to receive superficial things that will just be gone when they leave this world. It's idiotic, and self-centered. If people actually thought about how well they have it, they wouldn't sin. And well, every single human being sins on this planet. It's what makes it go around.

    The person sitting next to you at a restaurant just ate his girlfriend's food of her plate. The waiter is stealing another waiters tip money. The owner of the restaurant is sleeping with someone else's wife. The customer threw his drink at the waitress because his food was too cold. The group of teenagers won't get up to leave to make room for the next group. Sin. It's all around. And there's no escaping it.

    Well, unless you're the Pure Soul.

    Choi Nari. Her name means Lily in English. And the name lily means "purity."

    She's known for her ethereal looks, and cascading long black hair that flows so softly. She's sent from heaven, but has no idea of her origins. She only believes she's a human just like everyone else. And lives a life filled with peace and love.

    She never harmed a single soul in all of her lifetimes. Once every hundred years, she is reborn, and every one of those years, she's avoided the devil, whom wants her all to himself. The reason? Well, you always want what you can't have, right? The devil is all sins, himself.

    This reincarnation, however, will be a bit different. There's something different about her, and the only way she'll be able to avoid the devil is if she avoids sin.

    The devil has his own plans, though. Hell stop at nothing to have her. He will send all of his seven sons to earth, for they need to bring her back alive so he could deal with her. And the son that successfully brings her back, will become the next king of hell.

    His sons were the embodiment of the seven deadly sins. And his goal was to make the Pure Soul suffer all seven of them, and make her sin to have her all for himself.

    If this plan works, he'd successfully take away all the food in the world. So, he hopes all seven of his boys will not falter at her beauty.


    "You what us to do what?" Yoongi huffed at his father, crossing his arms over his chest. "Hell no, I'm not fucking leaving my soft bed for that."

    Yoongi is the prince of laziness, and definitely lived up to his title. He dreamed of living as a rock in his next life, but sadly, his next life was never going to occur. He was immortal. There was ways he could die, though. But for now, the best he could do was imagine he was a rock while he slept.

    The devil growled. "Sloth, you dare to deny me?"

    All seven of the boys were gathered in the throne room, where the devil sat on a large chair that floated on flames. The room was all black, with a bit of red detailing.

    The devil was very old. He wanted to retire the throne to one of his sons, but he didn't know which one he should give it to. They were all so untrustworthy and well, the only one who he probably could trust was the one who envisions himself as a rock. That's just sad.

    When Yoongi didn't answer him, The devil's voice boomed across the high-ceilings. "God damnit sloth! You're so slow sometimes."

    Smiling, Yoongi winked at his father. "It's what I do best, dad."

    Still fuming, the devil looked towards his oldest son, who was currently eating a bowl of noodles. "I-how did you even get those?" He smacked a hand to his head, sighing. This was ridiculous.

    Jin didn't even answer. He just kept slurping his noodles until his father got mad enough to move on with what he was saying.

    "Listen, my sons. I need you to retrieve the Pure Soul."

    "The pure soul?" Jimin smirked. "That hot ass chick from heaven?"

    The devil smiled viciously. "Yes, that's right." Rubbing his hands together, he raised an eyebrow. "And son, I give you full permission to seduce her in any way." He laughed, knowing she wouldn't be able to cave in from his charm.

    "So, she's hot? Does she need money?" Taehyung smirked as well, crossing his arms. "I could give her anything in the world."

    This was getting out of hand. All he needed was for his boys to bring her back here. "Okay. Anyway, you have 100 days to bring this beast back here, got it? And none of you dare to get attached to her, or you'll be dead meat." He huffed, praying they wouldn't turn against him. Heh, praying. He hasn't done that in a while.

    "She couldn't be any near attractive as me, father." Namjoon smiled. "You have nothing to worry about."

    The devil hoped that were true, but he knew how beautiful this woman was, and also knew that his sons have never seen anyone like her. Even Lust, who's slept with countless demons and everything in between. He's never seen a pure soul. And even the devil himself wouldn't be able to resist.

    “So, what do we get if we bring her back?” Taehyung smirked, looking at his brothers. They all looked as if they didn’t care. Well, except Jimin. He just wanted something to fuck. But Taehyung knew what he wanted. And what he wanted was to take his father’s place. His greed was strong for it, and wouldn’t stop for anything or anyone.

    The devil smiled. Finally. He should’ve known it was going to be greed. He couldn’t turn down anything especially if he’ll get something out of it. “Well, the throne, of course.” He shrugged his arms upward, a sneer on his lips. “That is, if you earn it.”

    “Oh, believe me, father. I will.” He laughed, looking towards his younger brother, Jungkook.

    Jungkook was starting to get mad. He absolutely hated it when Taehyung would get whatever he wanted. It just wasn’t fair. As his eyes began to fade from a dark brown to a vibrant red, the prince of envy patted his shoulder. “Down, boy.”

    His eyes faded back to their usual color. Envy was nice, when he wasn’t jealous. He was a sweetheart, and always seemed to be able to calm him down. He goes by Hobi, but his name is Hoseok.

    “Alright. Now. Are you guys ready.” The devil growled impatiently. “Do you have everything you need?”

    Every one of his sons nodded, except Yoongi. He was now sleeping while standing up. Was that even possible?

    “Sloth!” The devil sneered, just waking him enough to blink. “Dammit I don’t even—Do you have everything you need?”

    Yawning, he opened his mouth to mumble “have everything for what?”

    Silence broke out among them. “You…you know what..just fucking go.” With the flick of his hand, the boys were now transported through time to the planet earth, where they now need to search for the Pure Soul. But wait..how will they find her?


    South Korea

    Spring time, 2021

    The trees were blossoming. The beautiful colors of whites and pinks danced as the petals fell to the ground. Nari was enchanted with them. Their beauty was astounding. She wished she was like them, to be so graceful, even while they fell.

    Her favorite season was spring. She lived a full twenty five years of life constantly waiting for spring to come back around every year. She loved to see the flowers bloom, and all the aromas of different plants. She wished she was one. They never had to worry about anything. They just looked pretty.

    She never had any friends to share her happiness with. She always wished for some, praying to god that she won't be alone anymore. Was there a reason why she was? Was it because she always agreed with everyone? Was it because she was too nice?

    Well, she was too nice, but she had no control over that. It's just how she was made. She didn't know she was from heaven. She only knew that her family died when she was small, and doesn't remember them. So she was alone in this world, lost and left to find her way through life. She only wished she had someone to love unconditionally, just like the couples she'd see as she'll walk down the streets.

    Nari made her way back to her small apartment. It was perfect for her though. Just enough space for her to cohabitate with her cat, Mochi. There was one bedroom, and a living space that combined with the kitchen. A tiny bathroom was across from her room, but it was big enough to have a full-sized tub in it. She did like baths more than showers, anyway.

    As she walked into her bedroom, her cat was sprawled out on its back on the bed, purring as it slept. Mochi was a happy cat, and loved belly rubs and being held. She’s never had a cat that loved as much attention as mochi did, and he was the type of cat that never wanted to leave her side.

    “Hello, mochi mochi.” She smiled, giving him a little pet. “How’s my cutie?” The cat let out a large yawn, then started to stretch out his paws. “Ah. Big stretch.” She chuckled, letting the cat continue to sleep and walked over to her desk in front of the window.

    All over it was scattered drawings and short poems she’d write when she was bored. There was something off with her, though, and she knew it. She always wondered why she flowed with everything that went on around her. No matter what it was, she’d agree with it. That includes relationships.

    Nari has never been in one. Despite how stunningly beautiful she was, no one would give her the time of day. She also didn’t know her own beauty, which might be part of the reason. But was she meant to live alone in this world? Was that her purpose?

    Feeling upset with herself, she walked over to her full-body mirror. There she stood, her long white dress flowed down past her knees, and her long black hair fell down towards her backside. She curled the ends of it today, feeling happy with the way it looked. Her eyes were a hazel type color, but closer to green that black. Her lips were a soft pink, that plumped and were Un-chapped. 

    She was beautiful. No one would be able resist her. And now, the reason she’s never had a significant other was because she never let herself notice that someone was trying. That could be because god hated the idea of it. Her soul purpose was to keep sin away from taking over the world. He never expected her to start thinking for herself. She’s been reincarnated since the beginning of time. So why is she starting to think for herself?

     She spent 25 years of life without any sexual activity. Without anything special in her life. She never had a family, and works as an ice cream shop cashier. There’s nothing to her life. No purpose. She wanted to change that. But as soon as that thought went through her head, it left like a flicker of light.


    “Dude, this is absolutely ridiculous.” Yoongi huffed once again, just wanting to rest. “How are we supposed to find her.”

    “Yeah.” Taehyung sighed, holding pink petals in his hands that were falling down from the branches above. “Anyway, what are these things?”

    “I wonder if they taste good.” Jin giggled as he stuffed a few in his mouth. Spitting them out after a few chews, he shook his head. “Nope. Not good.”

    Namjoon was sitting down on the ground with his legs crossed. There were lots of people walking by, and he noticed a man fixing his hair in the camera of his phone. Smirking, he closed his eyes and made the man see himself in a new light. Too bad that new light was for him to think too highly of himself. The man then tossed his phone onto the ground and walked away, thinking he was too good to have one.

    “Damn, Joon. We just got here.” Hoseok muttered. “Let’s just stick to our task.”

    Nodding, Jungkook spoke up. “Yeah, let’s find this girl so we don’t combust.”

    Jin side-eyes him. “What do you mean, combust?”

    “Well, you were too busy eating to even pay attention to father.” Jk rolled his eyes at his hyung. Leaning up against one of the trees, he smirked. “Father said he’ll kill us if we don’t find the girl.”

    Jin bursts out in laughter. “Yeah, right. As if he—wait you’re serious?” His face turned from playful to worried. “I—oh, you are serious.”

    “We need a plan.” Taehyung dropped the flower petals off his palm and dusted them off. “I say we split up.”

    “It’ll be an uneven number then.” Jimin pointed out, who seemed to be in and out of the conversation. There were plenty of pretty girls walking around, and he was turning himself on. “Anyway, I just want something to fuck. I’ve never fucked a human before..”

    Ignoring Jimin, Namjoon agreed with Tae. “Yeah, Tae, I think we should do that too.” He pointed to Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung. “You guys go one way, we’ll go the other.”

    Yoongi was surprisingly awake, and agreed also. “Alright. That’s good with me. As long as I don’t gotta do any work.”

    As the boys set on to where they needed to be, little did they know that Nari passed them out as she was walking to work.

    They kept walking, and Taehyung noticed a brand new car roll up to the curb. Smirking, he left the group to go check it out.

    He walked around it with his arms behind his back, looking it over. He must’ve looked off because the owner of the car came out and asked what he needed.

    Wrong question.

    “What do I need, you ask?” Tae smiled down at the man. “What I need..is this car.” He smirked, his eyes turning into an icy blue. He wanted it, and he’ll get it. The man proceeded to give him the keys and stood stationary, and Taehyung called over Jimin and Jungkook.

    “Let’s go boys!” He yelled, and hopped into the drivers seat. He didn’t even know how to drive, but he’ll make himself.

    “That was fucking sick, hyung!” Jimin high-fived hun as Jungkook sat in the back with a frown on his face.

    Jimin noticed. “What’s wrong, Jk?” He asked him, turning back towards him in the leather seat.

    “I wanted that fucking seat.” He hissed at him, sending daggers through his eyes. This made Jimin nervously laugh, and he turned back around.

    “Anyway!” Jimin changed the subject. “Where should we look for her? What does she even look like, anyway?”

    As Tae drove, he described her. “Well, she has long black hair and a bright soul. We should be able to see who she is the minute our eyes land on her.”

    “Ah.” Jimin nodded. “Well, the minute my eyes land on her is the minute I’ll fuck her.”

    “Jesus, Jimin. Lay off the sex for once. Some of us need it too.” Jungkook growled from the back seat.

    This made Jimin laugh. “Yeah, as if anyone would be attracted to your wrath ass.”

    “Don’t piss him off, Jimin. I really want a peaceful ride.” Tae huffed, stepping on the gas. “I say we look around a shopping mall. Girls like shopping here too, right?”

    “I like shopping.” Jk muttered under his breath.

    “I say we should go to a park or something.” Jimin chimed in.

    Taehyung scrunched his nose. “The fuck is a park?”

    Letting it pass, they decided to drive to the nearest mall, while the older brothers were currently walking by foot to find her.

    “Do you think she’ll like me? I think she’ll love me. I mean, who wouldn’t? Look at me!” Joon laughed, talking himself up as they walked amongst the humans. “I’m getting all the stares!”

    “Um, no. I think it’s actually Yoongi. He looks like he’s dead.” Hoseok chimed, holding in his laughter.

    Yoongi was sleepwalking. He couldn’t keep his head up, and was nearly walking like a zombie. He was catching all the eyes around him and Namjoon thought it was all for him. Well, he was most certainly attractive. But he wasn’t the reason for the stares.

    Pouting, Namjoon rolled his eyes. “I’m sure I’m the reason for some of them at least.”

    “Oh my god! Look! It’s a noodle restaurant!” Jin excitedly chanted, jumping up and down. He was a grown man, and looked like he was a kid at a candy store. “Let’s go!”

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea—hey!” Hoseok got cut off as Jin grabbed ahold of his shirt.

    All four of them sat down at a table, their legs too long for the chairs. All seven of the boys were above six feet tall. That was because Satan was nearly seven feet.

    “Do you think that the other boys found the girl yet?” Namjoon said as he chomped on the noodles. The noodles that they weren’t going to be able to pay for.

    “Nah.” Yoongi said, shaking his head. “But if they did, good for them I guess.”

    Jin was already on his fifth bowl. “I don’t really want to be king anyway. I just came here for the food.”

    “Jesus fuck.” Hobi grunted. The soup part was too hot for him. “This is fucking spicy. Why is it spicy?”

    “Maybe because you got the chili powder.” Jin chuckled, grabbing Hoseok’s bowl. “Here, I’ll eat it.”

    Hoseok glared at him with a frown. “I don’t know how you’re so skinny.”

    “Alright guys.” Joon clapped. “We should get a move on with finding her.”

    When no one responded to him, he sighed, shaking his head. “Maybe I should’ve picked a better group.”

    As Joon was thinking this, Taehyung was thinking the same thing.

    “Alright, where is Jimin at now?” Tae sighed, putting a hand up to his head as they stood in the middle of the mall. They looked like giants amongst all of the people there, making them stand out even more. Jungkook stood next to Tae, also wondering where Jimin went.

    “All I know is that he said something about going to flirt with the cute girls.” Kook stated, shaking his head. “I don’t know which cute girls he was talking about, though.”

    “Oh my god. It’s never ending with him. We can’t bring him anywhere.”

    It was silent for a moment, until Jungkook spoke up again. “Do you ever get so mad that you just want to kill them?”

    Taehyung looked at him, blinking. “I can’t take you anywhere, either.”

    While Taehyung was having an existential crisis, Nari was three stores down from him in her cute ice cream shop.

    A few cute boys walked in, and ordered some ice cream. As she gathered their order, one of them kept asking for her number. “My number? Like a phone number?” She mumbled, scrunching her eyebrows.

    “Yes.” The cute boy nodded, a smile on his face when he thinks he’s getting it.

    “Ah, that. Well, I don’t have a phone.” She smiled at him, and continued to scoop his ice cream. The bus’s friends all laughed at this, making the one who asked get upset.

    “Listen here you little bitch.” The boy reached over to grab her by the neck, making her confused as to why he freaked out. She just said she didn’t have a phone. As he pulled her against the glass of the ice cream stand, someone’s voice boomed through the shop.

    “Hey hey, that’s no way to treat a lady.” The boy said playfully, making the boy who was holding Nari falter. “Well, only when you’re in bed, I guess.”

    His hair was a dark blue, almost black. His eyes nearly looked as if they were a pink of some sort, but maybe he was wearing contacts.

    After that comment, the blue haired man stood face-to-face with the asshole who held Nari. Letting her go, he turned toward him. “Who the fuck are you?” He said, his two friends standing behind him with crossed arms.

    The mysterious man didn’t even look over at Nari. He just glared at the boy. In came two more boys, who immediately walked over to the mysterious guy. One of them had longer hair than the other, but both of them had black hair. All three of them were unusually tall, and looks as if they had no fear. The longer haired guy spoke up. “I’ll beat your ass so hard you won’t be able to walk.”

    The three other boys seemed to get a bit scared, knowing they had no chance against these guys. Nari stood there, in awe of their beauty. She never had thoughts of anyone like this. They were all so beautiful, she just wanted to know more. She wanted to know why they were standing up for her.

    As the three childish boys ran out of the store, Nari caught eyes with the blue haired boy, who immediately dropped his jaw.

    Jimin couldn’t believe his eyes. There she stood, the most beautiful soul of the human race. Her long locks were held back by a scrunchie, and her eyes were lined with black eyeliner. She was so beautiful, he couldn’t help but stare. He wanted her.

    Taehyung felt the same way as well. How in the world could a creature like this exist in the world. Is this way his father wanted her? He began to experience dirty thoughts, some of them pertaining to keeping her all to himself. That could be because of who he was—Greed. He wanted her. He wanted her bad.

    Jungkook was quietly staring, his eyes open wide. He’s never experienced this feeling before, but to be fair, he’s never seen someone so beautiful in all his years of life. He wished to have something so passionately, and that something was her. He didn’t care that his brothers were also infatuated with her, he wanted her all to himself, too.

    Nari didn’t even know what she had done to the boys. She had no idea that she was made just to compel the sins themselves.

    What was she supposed to do now? Was she supposed to thank them? She really had no idea. But before she had the opportunity to say anything, one of the boys said something first.

    “Well, we finally meet.” Taehyung smirked. “Choi Nari. The Pure Soul.”

    “The..the what?”


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    kim namjoon icons

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    There's this something soft about Namjoon that makes me wanna hop on a plan, drag him out of his studio on a rainy night, wander aimlessly on the streets of Seoul while I hold his hand.

    Hold his hand and take a slow stroll on a park while it drizzles, tell him he did good and how much proud he made us feel.

    Tell him it's okay to not feel enough sometimes, it only makes us human. It's okay not to feel okay, to not be strong all the time, that we need break sometimes too.

    Tell him, I never knew who he really was and for that I'm sorry but I really didn't need to, that I'm just happy to know he existed.

    Tell him and not look at him because I'm sure I'd be crying.

    There's something that makes me wanna engulf him in a bear hug when I walk him back home, tuck him in bed, ask him to do this often- take long walks with someone he loved, whenever he could if that's what made him happy. I would tell him to be happy.

    And then I would hop back on a airplane, come back home so I can sleep in peace.

    There's something about Namjoon, that you don't just feel attracted to fantasize about. Something that makes you feel the unyielding urge to protect. This man leaves an imprint that's hard to wash off.

    Not that I would ever try.

    Joonie, Thanks for existing.

    #namjoon the best boy #kim namjoon#Our Joonie#BTS
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    #be honest w ur counselors they’re (usually) there to help u and want the best!!!!! #joonie-mono#answered
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