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    Winter 1899--

    Elijah Coates married Jordan Johnson at the First Baptist Church of Willow Creek. The few churchgoers who dared to whisper about the small bump under Jordan’s dress quickly hushed upon receiving a look from the groom’s mother.
    No one in attendance at the wedding could deny that the pair were truly in love. The young couple could not keep their eyes off each other, and their smiles seemed to fill up the small church.
    #Black History Challenge #sims 4 black history challenge #sims 4 decades challenge #ts4 decades challenge #ts4 historical #sims 4 historical #1890s#Coates#Elijah Coates#Jordan Johnson#Coates legacy
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    He’s an idiot

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    #hphm#hogwarts mystery #harry potter hogwarts mystery #hp hogwarts mystery #hogwarts mystery mc #salem jordan#merula snyde #salem x merula
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    20.01.2022 - 53 minutes ago
    #hphm#hogwarts mystery #harry potter hogwarts mystery #hp hogwarts mystery #hogwarts mystery mc #merula snyde#salem jordan #salem x merula #talbott winger#thalia dyer #thalia x talbott
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    20.01.2022 - 56 minutes ago


    Part Five

    Words: 1846

    Pairing: Leonard McCoy/Fem!OC

    Characters: Jordan Kirk (OC), Leonard McCoy, Jim Kirk

    Star Trek AOS; Academy Era; Third-year

    Leonard kept to his word, the annoyance that used to radiate from him was virtually gone. Not all gone, she deduced. He was still irritated with certain things, but the smile that he granted her just a few moments before was something of a rare commodity and she was sure that it was something he never let people see.

    Warnings: swearing, bickering (more will be added as this progresses)

    Disclaimer: Don’t own Star Trek… (wish I did)

    A/N: This was FUN and I was laughing as I reread it over and over. It’s a little shorter than the previous parts, but just as good. Enjoy!


    Jordan was on her way to the hospital for her morning shift when she received a comm from Jim to meet him at his dorm. It was a little after 08:00 when she stepped into the third floor of her brother’s dorm building, the hall quiet as much of its occupants were in classes or away. Reaching the last door of the hall, she pressed the chime to announce her arrival, and the door slid open, revealing a disgruntled Jim, hair in disarray, a large pout on his lips.

    “Stop pouting. It doesn’t become you,” Jordan chided with an arched eyebrow as Jim stepped to the side to allow her entrance. She walked in, settling in the small common area of the room.

    “I failed.” Jordan whipped around to stare at her brother, a frown deep on her features.

    “You did the Kobayashi Maru again?” When he nodded as his response to her, she groaned loudly. “I told you.”

    Jim scoffed. “Shut up.”

    She crossed her arms as she watched him shuffle his feet. “Don’t be childish.”

    “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

    “You don’t listen, you damn fool,” Leonard’s voice called out from the closed bathroom door and Jordan stifled a laugh. He walked out barefoot with a towel around his neck, his hair slightly damp from his recent shower, clad only in his undershirt and his red cadet trousers. Jordan inhaled sharply as she averted her eyes, her heart hammering against her chest. Leonard stood next to her as he eyed Jim with a leering smirk.

    “I thought I had it,” Jim whined once more as he sat on the edge of his bed. “I was so close.”

    “I told you that it can’t be beaten.”

    Leonard nodded his head in agreement to Jordan’s words. “You’ve made a fool of yourself for just takin’ it again.”

    Jordan laughed. “He’s right.”

    “Hold on,” Jim chimed in, his face crunched up in confusion as he stared at Jordan and Leonard. “Are you two actually agreeing without biting each other’s heads off?”

    “We know when we’re right, Jim,” Jordan pointed out and turned to Leonard, her eyes lightly playful as a smile formed on her lips. “Am I correct, doctor?”

    Leonard returned the smile, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down his throat. “Absolutely darlin’.”

    Her eyes caressed his face, coming down to his lips, and the urge to reach out and run her thumb over them burst in her veins. She cleared her throat and turned to Jim, who’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

    “I’ve got to go. My rotation starts in twenty minutes.” She walked over to the door and activated the opening sequence. She turned, nodding to Jim and Leonard. “See you there, Leonard.”

    Jim scoffed as he watched the door close after his sister walked out.

    “What the hell was that?”

    “I don’t know where you’re gettin’ at with that question.”

    “You were fucking each other with your eyes. It’s disturbing.”

    “Damn it Jim, no! What the hell kind of statement is that?”

    “Did you two snort something at the hospital then? I want whatever you guys are having.”


    It was very late at night when the chime rang through Jordan’s dorm. Laying on her stomach as she hugged her pillow, she groaned and she snuggled deeper into her mattress. In the fogginess of sleep, her mind started to drift off again when the chime rang once more, followed by a bellowing laugh on the other side of the door.

    “Damn it Jim! Keep quiet!” Leonard’s voice.

    Jordan’s eyes sprang open as she lifted herself on her elbows and glanced at the chronometer on her bedside table.

    01:51. What the fuck.

    She slid out of bed as she ordered the lights on, grabbing her robe that hung on the chair in the small dinette. Sliding her arms in to cover her flimsy tank top and boy-shorts and smoothing a hand over her unruly hair, she activated the opening sequence and the door opened. The sight before her made her blink in confusion.

    A very drunk, very drenched Jim leaned against the doorframe giggling like a schoolgirl, his soaked arm around Leonard’s shoulders, who was very sober, extremely irritated, and equally drenched from head to toe. If it weren’t for the unusual circumstances, Jordan would say that Leonard was incredibly easy on the eyes, even though he had the semblance of a wet noodle.

    “Oh god,” Jordan gasped as she ushered them into her dorm, leaning her head out to see if there was anyone in the hallway. She closed the door, locking it with her voice, and turned to the two men. “What did he do now?”

    Her brother giggled once more as Leonard grunted. “The infant decided to drink like an idiot and picked a fight with three burly cadets at the bar in downtown. Then I found him just as he dived into that damn fountain in the courtyard to take a swim. I had to drag his sorry ass out of there before the campus authorities showed up. He told me your dorm was closer.”

    “Damn it Jim! I guess you both can crash here for tonight. Follow me.” Jordan ran into her bathroom, grabbing her used towel from the end of her bed in the process, Leonard in tow with Jim.

    “I told you Jojo, you sound just like him,” Jim laughed, sitting down on the toilet as Jordan ran a towel over his head. Leonard snorted, a spew of colorful phrases slipping from his lips as he shrugged off his wet jacket and hung it on the hook of the adjacent wall.

    “We’re doctors, Jim, and shut up before I punch you.”

    Jim whined as she pulled off his shirt. “Come on my little sister, you have to admit it.”

    “The only thing I’ll admit is that you need to sleep off this drunken mess,” she chided him as she reached into the small closet behind her and pulled out a clean oversized shirt that she kept for him. She shoved it in his arms and continued digging in her closet until she found his old high school shorts behind the extra towels. “High time you picked to get yourself drunk. You’ll have a nasty headache in the morning. Try not to fall on your ass when you change out of your pants.”

    “That’s why I have you and Bones in my life,” Jim said in a sing-song voice, earning a roll of eyes from her as she grabbed a clean towel and closed the door behind her. Leonard stood in the small hallway with her, his lips pursed in annoyance.

    “Damn infantile idiot.”

    “I’m sorry Leonard,” she mumbled as she held out the towel to him. He took it with nimble fingers and rubbed his hair in a frantic movement.

    “It’s okay Jordan. He’s done this plenty of times since we’ve been roomin’ together.”

    Jordan leaned against the doorframe, watching him with curious eyes. With his jacket removed, the soaked shirt clung to the muscles of his chest and abdomen, leaving Jordan with heated thoughts racing through her mind. She shook her head as heat pricked the skin of her neck and rubbed her face to feign sleepiness.

    Jim’s grunt was heard from the other side of the door, signaling that he finally dressed himself, and Jordan stepped away as the door opened, Jim tumbling out and landing on Leonard’s chest.

    “Come on you idiot!” he scolded as he grabbed Jim by the cuff of his clean shirt, dragging him to the common area and depositing him on Jordan’s unmade bed. Jim landed faced down, and within seconds, he was snoring loudly against the pillow, his legs dangling off the edge of the mattress.

    “He’ll sleep like the dead until morning,” Jordan giggled as she pushed her brother’s legs on the bed and covered him with her quilt.

    “Don’t I know it?” Leonard responded and wrapped the towel over his shoulders. “Thanks for answerin’ the door.”

    Jordan slightly nodded as she crossed her arms over her chest. “He’s my brother and you’re his friend. There’s no reason for us not to get along. Besides, I think we’ve been doing rather well these last couple of days.”

    “I suppose you’re right.”

    He smiled at her, a small dimple forming on his right cheek.

    There it was again, god damn it.

    Jordan almost swooned.

    “I think we can be friends.” She tilted her head to the side and held out her hand to him in a truce. “Deal?”

    “Deal,” he murmured as he took her hand in his larger one, his thumb caressing the back of her hand in a soft circular motion, earning a deep shiver from her. His hand felt callused against hers but the warmth he radiated was enough to engulf her and the urge to never let go was prominent.

    “You’re going to catch a cold in those wet clothes,” Jordan said as she cleared her throat and let go of his hand, “I think I have another set of clothes you can change into.”

    Leonard nodded. “That would be nice. Thanks.”

    As she walked back into the bathroom to search in the small closet, she inhaled a deep breath, her heart pounding frantically against her chest. Leonard kept to his word, the annoyance that used to radiate from him was virtually gone. Not all gone, she deduced. He was still irritated with certain things, but the smile that he granted her just a few moments before was something of a rare commodity and she was sure that it was something he never let people see.

    She dug into her closet once more, pulling out an oversized ‘University of Iowa’ sweatshirt along with a pair of sleep shorts that belonged to Jim.

    “Don’t you have a roommate?” she heard Leonard’s voice call out from the common area.

    Jordan laughed as she collected Jim’s soggy clothes and hung them over the edge of her bathtub. “No, I don’t. The perks of being young and bright.”

    She set the clean clothes on the small vanity next to the sink along with another clean towel and walked back to the room. “I’ve set something out for you in there, and before you ask, the shorts were triple-washed and the sweatshirt is big enough to fit the two of us in it.”

    Leonard rewarded her with another dimpled smile and disappeared into the bathroom.

    That damn dimple. She was a goner.

    Jordan sat down on the small sofa across from her bed, pulling the robe tighter against her body. She eyed the chronometer and sighed.


    Jordan crossed her arms as she heard the bathroom door open, Leonard stepping out from the hallway in dry clothes. The two eyed Jim on the bed as he let out a strangled snore, shuffling under the covers and continued to sleep. Jordan snickered and stood up.

    “I can’t sleep now. Would you like some coffee?” she asked. “It’s not replicated, I promise.”

    “Sure, why not?”


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    Honestly? I kind of want Tal-Rho/Morgan Edge to pull a Peter Hale. I think we could use another psycho yet lovable uncle. His relationship with the twins could be hilarious.

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    #muse talk#anon #i’ve actually only watched jordan’s pov fully through! #back when it first came out i actually watched parts of toms #but i can’t remember it much
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    Killmonger (by Penett Penett)

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    Book Review: Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

    Book Review: Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

    Welcome to the book review blog series by the team behind the podcast Teaching my Cat to Read. In this blog series the team discuss books they’ve read, and what they thought about them! (This is reposted as part of our TBT series, it was origionally published 20th December 2020) A Series of Extraordinary Depth Title of book/Series: Wheel of Time Author: Robert Jordan (finished by Brandon…

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    Jordan Elsass Shares Instagram Story wishing Bitsie Tulloch on Her Birthday 🎂


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    I know it's been a while but... tbh i'll never stop making lilyjordan edits 🥺

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    SUPERMAN AND LOIS - 2x02 “The Ties That Bind”

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    #michael b. jordan
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    سماء عمّان 🧡

    عمّان حبيبتي 🧡

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    Get Out (2017, US)

     • Dirección: Jordan Peele

     • Guion: Jordan Peele

     • Cinematografía: Toby Oliver

     • Cast: Daniel Kaluuya

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    Posted @withregram • @villettejane It is my first week of school and working and i have never been this exhausted😅Much LOVE to @elizabetholg19 at school w me & @jendawn1988 at work 💙💓💜🙏

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    Mat: How do people not swear? Like where does their bloody anger go? How do they bloody show their flaming enthusiasm? Burn me, what if they stub their toe? Like saying golly gosh isn't really going to cut it, Talmanes.

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