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  • prlatin
    27.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    You know... I'm watching Nana again and it's one of the best animes i have ever watched.

    Btw, simping for Osaki Nana 👉👈✨❤️🌹as always lol.

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  • fendaira
    26.07.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #a witchs hopeless wish #A Witch's Hope That Can't Be Fulfilled #A Witch's Hope That Can't Come True #The Hopeless Desire of a Witch #josei#posaposa#Haecheong#manga#mangacap#manhwa#manhwacap#webtoon
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  • rinharu-purple
    26.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Gavin's birthday countdown pt. 7

    Today is my cheat day, because I'm going to post something from S2 (I need to write a @cheri-translates appreciation post at some point 💝) . And you know what? I'm going to cheat one more time.

    In my answer as to why I love Gavin so much here, I've mentioned that his taken aback attitude in intimacy paired with his unpredictability is one of the things I love the most about him.

    It's a rare occasion, but sometimes Gavin gets borderline assertive as his eyes darken, his dopamine levels peak, his thought focus on one core thing and his most primitive core reemerges. That Gavin is a beast going in for feast and you're his prey.

    Spoilers from Obsession Date ahead!


    #4 Doing these things at a time like this, I'm really...

    Remember February 2021, a glorious arc as we Gavin-stans were blessed with not one both two high level spice dates one of which accompanied by an even steamer ASMR. Good times...

    There is no need telling what happened afterwards and how some just couldn't handle the unfettered Gavin, as he's taken his gloves off for once in his life. That's exactly what I've meant with "not everyone can handle this Gavin;))

    I'm not going to delve into the date, because it deserves a full scale analysis. But let us focus on Gavin's actions for a second:

    - He is on a critical undercover mission with STF.

    - He hasn't seen MC for over a month because of that.

    - He meets MC while he is still undercover.

    - He meets MC while he is still undercover with another male!

    - He tries his upmost best to stay away, but today is our lucky day 😈

    - He pulls MC unexpectedly into a hidden corner and even before she knows, he is all out, devouring her, occupying her presence in a whole, literally not even letting her take a breath in peace. He can't hold back nor will he hold back. MC too is overwhelmed with lust and oxytocin. A full fledged lavish of spice.

    Even this whole thing is titillating, I found it the most seducing as Gavin whispers in a husky tone: "Doing these things at a time like this. I'm really... ".

    This is his moment of realization, meaning he was in a state of euphoria up to this point, having almost lost control and going with the flow of his desires. Despite having gone to such lengths, he halts on his tracks, reminds himself who he his and what he's doing and calms himself down.

    I don't know, this level of self control right after a delirious foreplay, it tells a lot about Gavin's inner strength and for me it's just extremely sexy 🔞☢️

    For part 6 you can click here

    Stay tuned for the last three spots starting tomorrow.


    #Mlqc spoilers#sensuality#Hot stuff #mlqc gavin smut #Mlqc#mlqc#mlqc gavin #mlqc bai qi #mlqc haku #mlqc baek gi #mr love queen's choice #koi to producer #I need some new Canon Gavin smut #Gavin's birthday 2021 #Smut#Josei
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  • sinful-liesel
    26.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    MLQC Official Merch GO No.96 - USA & Worldwide ✨

    Hello! I’m hosting a group order for Mr. Love Queen’s Choice Gavin 2021 Birthday Official Merchandise! ★  


    Order Form: bit.ly/3BFtj1V

    Order Deadline: August 04 (11PM CST)

    Paypal, Ko-Fi, Venmo & Google Pay 🆗

    Additional details such as pricing, etc. can be found in the order form. Please let me know if there are any errors or if you have any questions!

    Reblogs & shares are appreciated too! ❤ #lieselGOs

    ── ⋆ PRODUCT DETAILS ⋆ ──

    Gavin 2021 Birthday Goods:

    Double-Sided Acrylic Stand

    Can Badge


    Chibi Acrylic Keychain

    Birthday Necklace Set

    To view the order form, you will have to copy and paste the link manually or click the link in the “source” at the bottom of the post.

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  • nuumilk
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    im glad i managed to draw the crow/raven well! but okay, what is the difference between a raven and a crow. to me they are both black birds?

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  • nuumilk
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    this was for an art project assigned at school. i decided to go with a "mystical" theme

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  • nuumilk
    26.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    this was inspired by jubellian from "father i don't want to get married" <33

    #manga#manhwa #father i dont want to get married #jubellian #the villainess is a marionette #aesthetic#kawaii#cute#shoujo#josei#artist #artists of color #art on tumblr #artists on tumblr #medibang paint #clip studio paint #noragami#junji ito#ito junji
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  • amogoiaba
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #surprise it's another #ikoku nikki#screenshot#josei#manga cap#tomoko yamashita #my loneliness is a desert
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  • offbeat-manga-ships
    25.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    GENDERLESS DANSHI NI AI SARETE IMASU. / ジェンダーレス男子に愛されています。 / MY ANDROGYNOUS BOYFRIEND by Tamekou / ためこう • chapter 1

    #despite the title it doesn't seem like this is a canonical non binary character #genderless danshi ni ai sarete imasu. #tamekou #my androgynous boyfriend #josei manga#joseiedit#mangacap#mypost#myedit #f x m #fem male #taller f x shorter m #genderbender#gb: mtf
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  • rinharu-purple
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Gavin's birthday countdown pt. 5

    I don't know about you, but I was hoping for a more romantic date for Gavin's 2021 birthday in CN server. No doubt that the story is sweet and heartwarming. But much like last year's R&S also this year's back story is pretty heartbreaking and I gotta tell you, I can't even bear seeing adult Gavin suffer so seeing a child Gavin going through rough stuff is not what Im hoping for his birthday. Especially in comparison to other LIs childhood birthdays. The date and the Asmr are written with extreme caution and... well... It's. A let down. Combined with the. Arious mistakes made on his karma, I feel let down as a fan and am waiting for a juicy compensation. Otherwise I might delete the game soon, since there has been too many fiasco over the next couple of months. Maybe the new VA could lift my spirits up some.

    Gavin has been a delicate soul without any trace of egoism even as a child and its just devastating to see him being mishandled by random strangers. I hope Papergames give us some strong, confident and dominant Gavin soon. (the new chapters should be around the corner btw.)

    Without further ado... Something to cheer you up on my spot 6 is...


    #6 His angelic smile

    Probably because of all the trauma he's suffered during his life, Gavin is a very serious guy with an intimitading aura.

    Most of his Karmas are with a neutral or a slightly smiling face expression. But wen Gavin truly smiles, it radiates such a heavenly energy that one can forget all of her troubles. He looks so angelic that it can't be worldly! It is very seldom, so whenever there is a smiling karma of him, I make sure to treasure it.

    My favorite one, though, isn't even a karma but from an event which has been canceled (ref. What a shame Papergames vol. III CH. 7 Page 707). Thank you very much @cheri-cheri for telling me back then where this awesome pic originates from💝

    Funfact: Also for this moment, there is a post. This time by MC


    For part 4 let me take you here

    #5 spot here

    #gavin x mc #mlqc#mlqc gavin #mlqc bai qi #mlqc haku #mlqc baek gi #mr love queen's choice #koi to producer #gavin appreciation #Gavin's birthday 2021 #Angelic smile#Otome games#Anime guys #Handsome anime guys #Romance#Josei
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  • ch3ukl1
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago
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