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    17.01.2022 - 54 minutes ago

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  • lalil
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #jjba #jjba stardust crusaders #jjba part 3 #jjba headcanons #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo part 3 #jojo sdc#sdc#jotaro headcanons#jjba jotaro#jjba kakyoin#kakyoin headcanons#jjba polnareff#polnareff headcanons#muhammad avdol#avdol headcanons#jjba avdol #old joseph headcanons #old joseph joestar #part 3 polnareff #part 3 jotaro #part 3 joseph #stardust crusaders headcanons #soft headcanons
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  • dilfartist
    17.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Jotaro unconsciously rolls his eyes. Josuke had been talking everyone's ear off since they had arrived at the Deux Magot café. All this talking would soon give Jotaro a massive headache, though it was nice to finally get off work. Josuke suddenly stops talking, his pointer finger tracing around the edge of the teacup he drank. "I haven't gotten the slightest clue about what I'll eat." Josuke and Okuyasu had been to the café so often anything on the menu seemed icky.

    "Okuyasu, did you find anything new?" Josuke asked, laying his head on the table. Okuyasu shook his head no. He flipped through the pages for what seemed like an eternity. Joseph smiled as he watched his son, he hadn't been the best father towards Josuke, but it was refreshing to see him now. Joseph noticed his menu off the table: where had it gone off?

    Shizuka let out a little coo: in her mouth was the menu. She had recently started to grow teeth. She constantly had items she wasn't supposed to have in her mouth. Joseph smiled, "Now, now, Shizuka. You can't put that in your mouth." he gently grabbed the menu out of the infant's mouth. She let out a small cry, "How about some ice cream?" Shizuka clapped her hands at the mention of the sweet treat. "Great idea Mr. Joestar! We'll get the new ice cream on the menu!" Okyuasu grabbed Josuke and points out the ice cream sundae.

    Josuke grabs the menu and looks at the dessert. "Hey, my aunt would enjoy this!" Everyone's attention was Josuke. Koichi was the first to speak, "Josuke, you have an aunt?" Josuke smiles sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck, "Yeah. Never realized I've never mentioned her. She has been on a business trip. That's the reason you've never met her." Koichi appeared intreated about the mysterious woman, "What's her name?"


    Jotaro and Joesph both exchange each other look at shock from that name. "How do you know that name?" The whole table was startled from the sudden stern tone of the Oldman. "I just said she was my aunt?" Josuke said as if his father was an idiot. "I need you to explain to me how your mother knows her."

    The table was mute: Josuke sighs, "My mom met her when she was 16. She had moved here by herself with no family members or guardians, so my mother decided to help her since she was so young."

    Jotaro searched in his coat for an item. He pulled it out and flipped it upside down, pushing it towards Josuke. Josuke hesitantly grabbed it and examed the item.

    It was a photograph of his Aunt. She was next to both jotaro, his father, and a cheerful woman with blonde hair that was unrecognizable. "Y/n is my sister. This is a photograph from 1987 before she had run away from our home."

    Josuke was stunned. His Aunt was his Niece.

    "Josuke. I know you don't owe me anything. For heaven's sake, I owe you so much. But, I need you to give me her address. I need to see my grandchild again." Josuke was slightly tentative. He slouched in his chair, grabbing Joseph's hand, he wrote down an address to the house isn't hard to find it down a few blocks from my house. I'm not sure she's home, but if you're lucky she is."

    Joseph passes Shizuku over to Jotaro and makes his way towards a near bus stop.


    The knife slices through the mozzarella swiftly, you had decided to cook the meal josuke had written to you. Josuke had written in one of his many letters about a restaurant with an amazing dish. You wanted to cook it before you feed it to josuke. Josuke had always loved your cooking, secretly he enjoyed your cooking more than he did his mother's. You had learned your cooking skills through your mother, Holly.

    Looking to your left, you had framed a picture of your mother, brother, and grandfather. They were obsessed with you, and it was the reason for your runaway, but you still loved them. Would you go back to them? No.

    You sigh, looking back at your ingredients. You had to slice the tomatoes now. You picked the knife back up and placed the tomato back onto the cutting board. The chime of the doorbell grabs your attention. Maybe it was Josuke.

    You place the knife back down on the cutting board. You open the front door swiftly, expecting to see your beloved nephew. “Ah, josuke! You made it just in time.”

    Josephs's eyes are practically popping out of their sockets, his mouth is agape. “Y/n..?”, you both have a long staring contest. You notice tears forming in his eyes. “Grampa.”

    His eyes looked inside your house, signaling that he wanted to come in. you let him in, welcoming him into the kitchen. He pulled a chair from the kitchen table and sat down.

    You pour him a cup of tea and place it on the table. Before he picks it up, you are quick to warn him, “it's hot, be careful.”, he softly smiles. He blows the tea attempting to cool down the temperature.

    You sit in front of him, looking down at your hands. You were the first to speak, “Grampa, I'm sorry.”, Joseph was confused by your apology. “Why are you apologizing. I should be the one to do so.” he placed a hand on top of yours.

    “Y/n, Princess. I’m sorry for the way I treated you and your brother.” You grinned. “That’s all I've wanted to hear you say.”

    Joseph became awkward. “Would you be able to visit your mother and Suzi?”, you thought about it. He seemed honestly apologetic. “Yeah...I miss them.” You gave your grandfather a big hug making sure to squeeze the last of the life he had left out of him.

    “Would you like to eat something?” you asked, he nods eagerly. “Yes. I'm very hungry.”

    Little did you know Joseph hadn't changed. He still was his old overprotective self. This time you wouldn't escape. He was sure of it. Especially with the help of his son. He could tell his son felt the same way he did about you.

    While you make his plate you wonder how he found your address. “Hey, how’d you find my address?”, “Josuke gave it to me.” surprised, you question how he knew josuke.

    “Trust me, dear. It's a long story.”

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  • silvernights123
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Caesar, putting dishes away: Joseph-fuck off, I'm trying to load the dish washer

    Joseph: So am I

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  • dilfartist
    17.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    A/n: this was literally supposed to be posted on New Years. Now it’s being posted.

    December 24th, 1988.

    Tonight was New years Eve. You were spending tonight at your grandfather’s: Your family is taking pictures at the count down, your mother has always loved the celebrations in New York.

    “Y/n look! They're selling these cute dog keychains!” Your mother points out. She picks the keychain off of the rack and shows you. The key chain had a little puppy on it. It looked like Iggy. You nod, acknowledging the item. “That kinda looks like Iggy, doesn't it?” your grandfather said behind you. His voice was soft, a bit awkward; it was the first time he had spoken to you face to face since the feud between the both of you. “Yeah...” your voice trails off.

    “Y/n…” your grandfather speaks. “I need to talk to you.” A firm calloused hand positions upon your shoulder. Holly looks at Jotaro, “come on, Jotaro. I think I see a place to take pictures!” she directs Jotaro away from us. Your Grandfather lets out a rough sigh, “Let’s go someplace less crowded.” He mumbles. You both stroll over towards a quiet area.

    You both stand in a more peaceful area. The only sound heard was the waves from the ocean. “Y/n.” his voice is soft as if he was attempting his best not to frighten you. “This whole situation, we need to put it behind us.”

    You huff folding your arms. “Why should I?” your Grandfather groans giving you the usual scowl he has when you are difficult. “Because y/n. You barely even talk to me or anyone in your family anymore. And your reason for it is petty and foolish.”

    You are tired of explaining this to him. It's as if your words go through one ear and out the other. “Here we go again!” you throw your hands up in the air in defeat, “I'm not overeating! You killed my boyfriend, you treat me unfairly compared to Jotaro, and you can't seem to leave me the fuck alone.”

    He presses a hand to his forehead, “y/n. I'm trying to talk to you about our problem. Don't use that tone at me.”

    You scoff, putting your hands into your pockets. “The only reason I care so much is that you are my grandchild. Jotaro is responsible. I know he’ll be able to take care of himself. But you are my princess.”

    You snap your fingers at his statement, “see! You admit it, you treat me differently from Jojo! You are obsessed with me.” you begin to walk closer, poking at his chest as you talk, “You’re not even my real Grandfather! I was adopted into this family! Even if you see me as a family member, I will never see you as one! I bet my real grandfather is 100 times better than you!”

    His large calloused hand grips your hand firmly, his grip was sure to leave a bruise. You winced as he got into your face, he looked as if he was about to speak but he never did. He let go of your hand and turned away. You could swear you'd seen tears pouring from his eyes due to the lighting of the moon. “The count down is about to start.” he pushed by you not turning to look back at you.

    Watching him fade into the crowd makes you rethink your plan. Your stomach curls from the guilt of hurting your grandfather’s feelings. Should you run away?

    Yes! What about all of the stuff he has put you through?! If you don't, he’ll never leave you alone! You had to go through with the plan.

    Weeks of non-stop working, Christmas money from family members, and helping around with minor problems gave you enough money to escape your family. With your money, you'd be able to buy a plane or train.

    It was now or never. You ran to a passing taxi and jumped into the car. You didn't care where you went. You needed to leave.

    “Where to?” the driver asks in a deep gruff voice. You take the passport from your pocket, “could you take me to the airport.”

    You were going to live in a town named Morioh. Kakyion had told you about the small town he had grown up in.


    “Happy new year!” The crowd cheers as the ball dropped, starting the new year. Joseph gives Suzi Q a gentle kiss on the lips. “Happy new year, darling.” They shared a smile. Holly hugged her son. He returned the hug, a little embarrassed.

    Joseph turned to tell his granddaughter a happy new year, yet she wasn’t anywhere in sight. “Y/n?” He shouted to catch your attention. When you didn't answer back, everyone searched for you. They hoped you had lost your way in the crowd.

    Joseph blamed himself that night: for once, he believed he was in the wrong.

    #jjba x reader #jojo x reader #yandere jojo's bizarre adventure #yandere jjba#yandere jojo #jjba stardust crusaders #jojo’s bizzare adventure x reader #jotaro x reader #yandere joseph joestar #joseph joestar
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  • dongiovannaswife
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    The Jojos as memes I have saved in a very specific folder:




    translation: i like the sound you make when you stfu




    #there are two reasons behind this post: i'm high on meds and trying to prove a point to no one in particular... just myself landka #jojo's bizarre adventure #jjba#jonathan joestar#joseph joestar#jotaro kujo#josuke higashikata#giorno giovanna#jolyne kujo #jojo no kimyou na bouken
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  • kakyoinshappycherry
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Headcanons about how the Stardust Crusaders get their beauty sleep cause I can't get mine.

    Jotaro sleeps like a rock. Physically capable of falling asleep standing. Five blankets. His office is very cold because as soon as the temperature rises to a humanly comfortable level, he's zzzzz. There isn't a bone in his body that doesn't crackle when he wakes up.

    Joseph sleeps best to the sound of TV, but wakes up immediately if someone switches the channel, complaining that hey, he was watching that documentary! Takes up as much space as the bed allows. Always wakes up with a start, sometimes breaks the alarm clock by accident.

    Kakyoin buries his face into the pillow and pulls the blanket over himself like a fortress. Pajamas. Takes way too long falling asleep because he's trying to calculate how much sleep he'll get if he falls asleep right now. Has colorful dreams, sometimes nightmares too - can't remember anything in the morning though.

    Avdol is a cautious light sleeper. Very strict schedule. The earliest bird, no pun intended. Full of energy as soon as the sun rises, absolute toast by 9PM. Doesn't snore, but occasionally hums in agreement or disagreement. Causes confusion.

    Polnareff sleeps like it's either a hobby or a competitive sport. Talks in his sleep, in French, but it's mostly just "putain" over and over with different degrees of pissed-off-ness. Tosses and turns like he's running or fighting, a very busy dreamer, always has some kind of action going on in that hot head of his. Actually remembers most of his dreams, and oh boy are they insane. "Hey, Jotaro, I had a dream where you became a pink bird that only spoke in riddles, and if I didn't get the answer right you'd ora-ora my soul and send it into the pink hell dimension, isn't that crazy?". Has at least three alarms but oversleeps anyway. Grabs the closest thing next to him while he sleeps, hugs it like a teddy bear, knows about this habit of his and is not ashamed. Likes soft things, big hotel beds, pillows. In the desert, when it's cold, would scoot closer to others for warmth, because fuck toxic masculinity, right?

    Iggy sleeps wherever the heck he wants, all day, any day, every day. Preferably on someone's face. Bites anything that even comes close to waking him up. Likes cold weather, almost bit Polnareff's nose off once for trying to initiate a hug (accidentally, of course - told ya he grabs the closest thing to himself). Snores. Sometimes woofs, but, like, in a cute way.

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  • yanderememes
    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #yandere jjba#yandere #yandere jojo's bizarre adventure #yandere jojo x reader #yandere giorno #yandere jonathan joestar #yandere joseph joestar #yandere josuke#yandere jotaro#yandere jolyne #yandere johnny joestar #jonathan joestar x reader #jonathan joestar#joseph joestar #joseph joestar x reader #jotaro x reader #jotaro kujo#giorno giovanna #giorno x reader #jolyne kujo #jolyne x reader #johnny joestar x reader #johnny joestar#ask#sluttbuttsstuff
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    17.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    B I Z A R R E

    #jjba #jojo’s bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken #stardust crusaders#joseph joestar #jean pierre polnareff #mohammed avdol#noriaki kakyoin#Kakyoin#jotaro kujo#sdc#manga#quinnreadsjjba
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    16.01.2022 - 20 hours ago
    #anime #jojos bizarre adventure #jjba #jjba x reader #jjba headcanons#jjba smut#polnareff #jean pierre polnareff #polnareff x reader #polnareff headcanons#polnareff hcs#joseph joestar #joseph x reader #joseph Headcanons#joseph hcs#Oldseph #oldseph x reader #Oldseph Headcanons
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  • lemon-lime-limbo
    16.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    prompt 11 with young joseph joestar

    pebbles | a joseph oneshot

    note: i love young joseph! i changed the prompt a little bit i hope u don't mind <3 edit: this is my last prompt for this month! i've totally burnt out, but i may do this again another time! <3
    pairing: joseph x gn! reader
    warnings: none!
    word count: 472
    genre: fluff!
    reblogs/shares appreciated!
    ps. this is part of my january prompt list! check it out here!

    You roll your eyes in frustration when you press send, sending Joseph a text that reads, “Can’t go out tonight. I’m grounded.” Flopping on your bed, you tap your pencil on your lip, the problems on your math homework much more difficult than they were in class, although they might have been a little easier if you had paid attention to your teacher’s instructions yesterday.

    Joseph’s response comes in, setting your phone off with a ping, but you ignore it, knowing it’s probably only an attempt to convince you to sneak out your window again. Except the last time you were going to do just that, you discovered your second story window was a distance too high for you to feasibly fall, and that Joseph wasn’t quite tall enough — or strong enough — to catch you, so instead you gave up and canceled your date altogether. Your phone pings again so you get up to read the texts. “Are your parents in the living room?” the first one says. “Well?”

    Squinting, you type out your response: “Yeah, why?” He doesn’t send another text, so you ignore his previous message, disregarding it as just Joseph being Joseph. Unfortunately for you, your math homework is infinitely less interesting than the date you had planned, the looming due date not enough to keep you motivated to do it.

    A few minutes later, something hits your window, startling you into standing up. It happens again, something hitting your window, as someone had thrown something at it. Maybe it’s the neighbor’s kid. Dramatically throwing open your curtains, you glance down at your front lawn and catch sight of Joseph, standing like a fool underneath your window with a handful of small rocks. You yank open your window and stick your head out. “What the hell are you doing here?” you whisper harshly.

    He laughs, tossing the pebbles on the ground. “I’m here to pick you up for our date.”

    “I told you, I’m grounded! I can’t go, as much as I want to.”

    “Just go out your window.” He puts his arms out in front of him. “I’ll catch you,” he adds with a wink.

    You sigh. “What if my parents catch me?”

    “What more can they do to you? Just c’mon,” he says, gesturing to you again.

    “I can’t. My parents, they’ll-” you say, hanging your head. He nods in understanding, and picks up his phone off the ground beside him. Joseph presses something, and the phone starts playing a song, one that you’ve heard a hundred times. You gasp. “That’s our song!”

    He laughs again. “I know that. Does that convince you?”

    Rolling your eyes playfully, you nod. “Yeah, it does. You promise you’ll catch me?”

    “I promise,” he says, stepping closer to your window as you swing a leg over the windowsill. “I’ll catch you.”

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  • daisanfar
    16.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    thanks to tiktok sounds i have some ideas to draw with my beloved 💋❤️ stardust crusaders❤️💋

    #jjba #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo#jotaro kujo#noriaki kakyoin #jean pierre polnareff #joseph joestar#stardust crusaders #jojo stardust crusaders
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  • cult-of-oldseph
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago
    #old joseph joestar #old joseph joestar x reader #oldseph x reader #minors dni#size kink #thus spoke mod birdie #afab reader
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  • incorrect-jojo-quotes
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Avdol: We've got to figure a way out of this mess.

    Joseph: Any suggestions?

    Polnareff: Why not try what I've always done in an emergency?

    Kakyoin: What's that?

    Polnareff: Panic.

    #jean pierre polnareff #noriaki kakyoin #source: scooby doo #source: the new scooby doo movies #mohammed avdol#joseph joestar
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  • helenrira
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ✂️ Ochraceous Parcae 🧵 Pt.4

    Time to confront the troublemaker!

    First - Previous - Next (soon)

    (also, it's going to be one year since I started posting about my JoJo OC... I should do something to celebrate that-)

    #Nathalie Monet #jojo original character #jojo oc #jjba stardust crusaders #jjba oc#jojosona #jjba original character #oc comic#oc story#fan comic#digital artwork#digital drawing#digital fanart #jjba part 3 #digital comic#jotaro kujo#noriaki kakyoin#muhammad avdol #jean pierre polnareff #joseph joestar #jojo kimyou na bouken #my art
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  • mrsrosehigashikata
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Joseph: Wow, Caesar, you want to hold my hand before marriage? How awfully lewd of you.

    Caesar: We literally slept together yesterday.

    Joseph: That's NOTHING compared to the lewdness of holding hands.

    #jojo’s bizarre adventure #jojo’s bizarre adventure joseph #joseph joestar #jojo’s bizarre adventure caesar #caesar zeppeli #jojo’s bizarre adventure incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#source: unknown
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  • kirstenonic05
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I swear, Caesar was the only reliable person to send on expeditions

    And my favourite, Caesar getting vents from who knows where (The last image being the day the game shut down)

    #look at caesar collecting clackers for his friend #and sunglasses for his teacher #and... vents. #sus#caesar zeppeli #caesar anthonio zeppeli #joseph joestar#kars#esidisi#wamuu#pillarmen#jjba #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo pitter patter pop #jjppp#jojo #pitter patter pop #kirsten's wonders
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  • quinnreadsjjba
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’ve never seen a bird look so SCANDALIZED


    #jjba #jojo’s bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken #mohammed avdol#magician’s red#stardust crusaders#joseph joestar#polnareff #jean pierre polnareff #manga#quinnreadsjjba
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