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  • peregrinomundo
    16.04.2021 - 30 minutes ago


    “Hay personas que llegan y se van como el viento y aún así dejan huellas indelebles”

    Había una alegría en Rhonda que no era fácil de asimilar. Al igual que su familia, compartía un amor inexplicable por todo. Este amor era seguramente secundado por una ferviente fé hacia aquel Dios que promete el cielo. Para mí, esa aparente alegría sosegada en personas que pregonan fé, es sólo el reflejo de una prepotencia ostentosa por saberse superiores a los demás, ya que creen tener una verdad absoluta y divina que solo su fé en Dios les pudo dar.Rhonda no era el caso. Había un interés sincero en ella por hacer el bien a los demás sin esperar más a cambio que la inverosímil entrada a un reino incierto.

    No fue que ella quisiera alardear de sus buenas acciones. Fui yo preguntando lo que no debía que ella me contó que había llegado con su familia a Costa Rica a ayudar a levantar un refugio para perros. Y fue socavando sin intención su gentil persona, que con una sonrisa que oculta un dolor inmenso, me contó que gestó en su vientre un bebe que no era para ella.

    Con nostalgia infinita se limita a decirme que aún visita a esa niña que alguna vez fue parte de ella pero que desde un principio aceptó renunciar sólo para hacer feliz a una pareja infértil. Es ella ahora quien lleva el dolor y frustración que le pertenecía a otros.

    No hablé con ella mas de dos horas, y a pesar de que nos invitó a su casa en Canada, lo más seguro es que nunca más la vuelva a ver. Aún así quería regalarle esta historia. Para no olvidarla y también para recordarme en hacer algo por alguien de vez en cuando; o de pronto animar a algún lector a hacerlo.

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  • ryancrossfield
    16.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    300. everything is not a test

    We often get in the way of our own potential because we’ve been taught to see everything as a test. Instead of being open to learning from an experience, we’re solely focused on what it takes to pass the test. But the truth is, nothing in this life is a test; it’s all an opportunity to learn and grow. The sooner we’re able to understand that the obstacles in our way present a potential for growth, we can become much greater than those who only see life as one continual test to prove themselves. It’s the difference between allowing a situation to illuminate our weaknesses, versus hardening ourselves to the difficulties ahead; in the first situation we can learn from what we lack and improve going forward, but in the latter, we block all opportunity for light to shine on our weakness and thus stifle our potential for growth.

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  • steveperry-thevoice
    16.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Just found this cute and sexy photos of Neal in 1989

    Damn ✨👀♥️

    #journey#special edition#pictures#neal schon #neal is a baby #so cute #i just love him so much
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  • queer-disabled-activist
    16.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Journey songs written entirely by Steve Perry and Neal Schon

    As you know I ship Steve and Neal. They were besties and they love(d) each other (even though Steve tend to just go with the “we never got along take” a lot of times) I want to explore what songs they have written together without input. Some songs like “Patiently” and “Lights” are a given, but I will go through every album and list them up in chronological order. I will also include some key lyrics, what I think is the best part of the lyric/song. As you might notice from “Escape” onwards there isn’t a single song that’s written just by the two of them; that’s because Jon Cain has a writing credit on every single song. Yes, he also ruined Neal and Steve’s partnership, I hate him. I’ve added the spotify link to every song in the title if you want a listen. Lets begin, and enjoy!


    - “Lights”  This is one of the first songs along with “Patiently” that Steve and Neal wrote together and finished within a couple of hours of hanging out. Steve had originally written it about L.A sinc he had been living there for awhile, but L.A became “by the bay” because as you might know Journey was based in San Fransisco and considered it their home. When they played it live Steve introduced as a song about their home town (even though as you know he wasn’t from there.) The song doesn’t contain a lot of lyrics, but it has what it needs and the melody are really good. Today it’s considered as an anthem to San Fransisco. Key lyrics:

    “So you think you're lonely Well, my friend, I'm lonely too I want to get back to my City by the bay Oh, oh, oh “

    - “Patiently” as written above this was one of the first songs Steve and Neal wrote together, the absolute first infact. As “Lights” this song doesn’t contain alot of lyrics, but with a good melody, some guitar parts and breaks it is very beautiful. Key lyrics:

    “Here we stand so patiently For your song inside of me For your lights to shine on me This we bring to you”

    - “Somethin’ To Hide” This song, this song. You won’t believe how high Steve Perry sings until you hear it, the part by the end, it is, the only thing I can say is wow! This song is about a girl hiding something from the boy, what it is, we don’t know. Key lyrics:

    “You've got somethin' to hide That you're not telling me You got somethin' to hide And I know”


    - “Majestic” This is just an intro and doesn’t contain any lyrics. It’s quite a short intro, but it’s good all the same.

    - “Too Late” As I know Steve and Neal wrote this about a friend of Steve who had a drug problem. So far this is the song that contains the most lyrics, although “Too Late” is repeated often. Key lyrics:

    “Yes, it's time to make the change, yes, it's time to rearrange, So, my friend, I join the fight for the things you know are right. Oh, you got to leave this town before it's Too late, too late, too late, too late, too late”

    - “When You’re Alone (It Ain’t Easy)” - This song was also on my masterlist of sex mentions in their lyrics. As it turns out Neal and Steve wrote many of those together, ain’t that hot. Key lyrics:

    “Oo, it ain't always easy, Movin' day to day, Oh, how the girl loves to tease me, So I'm gonna stay.”


    - “Any Way You Want It” - Also on the sex mentions list. It has been stated that this song was written about an encounter with a groupie. Sadly we don’t have much information on it because none of of them has talked openly about their extensive time with groupies. This song is hot, it really is. Key lyrics:

    “She loves to laugh She loves to sing She does everything She loves to move She loves to groove She loves the lovin' things “

    - “Precious Time” - This song is about seizing the moment and to be grateful about the time you have. It is quite beautiful. Key lyrics:

    “See the line of sight in side your mind, but from where I don't know. And the tales that are left behind, Left for all to grow. Oh, precious time placed it's hand on me; Oh, precious time, how it rescued me. Oh, how it rescued me, how it rescued me.“

    “Where Were You” - as mentioned in the previous list, this song makes me really uncomfortable. It’s about (Steve’s) girlfriend cheating and well, being a hoe “You been runnin' 'round loose on the side.” They have packed it in as they do, but you still get the picture. He doesn’t seem to mind because after all he has a good eye for her sister anyway. I have no idea how they thought this was a good idea to write at all or how they came up with that. It also seems to be about a girl still in school and it’s icky. Key lyrics:

    “Where were you When I wanted you to love me through the night? Where were you When I wanted you to love and hold me tight? Where were you, little darlin' When you said to pick you up after school? I know where, little lady, 'cause my mama didn't raise no fool”

    - “Line of Fire” Steve namedrops himself, as he has done a few times. This is about a shooting, well because the guy thought she was cheating. Key lyrics:

    “It was a hot and steamy night, Then Frankie pulled his gun in sight. He said, "Now Suzi, don't you lie. Did Stevie, did he catch you with another guy?" Standing in the line of fire it's gonna shoot ya. Standing in the line of fire it's comin' to ya, It's goin' through ya.He told her that he had been true, And that he'd never made her blue, no. So don't go sayin' Stevie's a liar, Girl, I've got my finder on a hair-trigger wire.”

    - “Stay Awhile” - A sweet tune about a guy wanting the woman to stay with him for awhile, it’s cute. Key lyric:

    “I'd sing any song your heart desires. I would sing out loud of love's sweet fires. Oo, I'd do all this and so much more. If you'll just stay with me awhile”


    - “Dixie Highway” - The sex song of all Journey’s sex songs. It is quite hot, I can only imagine the steam in the room when they were writing this. Also Steve namedrops himself yet again, hey sex. Will choose another part of the lyric than I did the last time. Key lyric:

    “She said, That's quite all right I think I'll spend the night And I want to hold you, Stevie I want to hold you tight We'll rock the night away down by the Dixie Highway Down by the Dixie Highway”

    Conclusion: If you want to listen to some Steve and Neal magic their first three albums together and one song on “Captured” is the way to go. “Departure”, besides having the most sex songs is also the album with the most songs only written by the two of them, 5 songs on that album, after that Jon Cain comes in and ruins it all, like he did with most things. Total score of songs written by the two of them is 12, I haven’t looked at the soundtrack for “Dream After Dream” as it’s hard to find any info about, but that one might add a few more.

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  • slimesplash
    16.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    funky little games

    #fanart#art#sketches#journey#scribblenauts #edna and harvey #harvey's new eyes #little mouse's encyclopedia #dustforce#magicka#yume nikki#märchen forest #tiny & big #terraria #neighbours from hell #the path#ao oni#ib#fatum betula#off game #baba is you #iketsuki #a short hike #undertale#anodyne #anodyne 2 return to dust #limbo#unholy heights#space funeral#indie games
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  • steveperry-thevoice
    16.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Reminder of the day or night. I was listening to Neal’s album “Late Nite” like 4 times (Yeah, I loved it), when I entered Instagram and saw Neal’s photo updated.

    So, I comment on his photo, and my surprise is that, he “liked” my comment, which means:




    But then, I asked myself: “WHERE IS STEVE?”

    #journey#steve perry#special edition#neal schon#pictures #i wanna cry #literally I almost scream #i can’t sleep
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  • conversationswithourself
    16.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Day 155


    Still plugging away at my self-care. Took a fabulous bubble bath last night. I was feeling real down yesterday. Feeling a little better this morning tho. Maybe that's the answer. Take more baths XD lol It's not a bad idea tho.

    Take care of yourself beautiful people.

    TW; death, Camus philosophy

    I'm ok btw. I'm not feeling s*icidal. Frankly it's because of this philosophy that I've been able to make progress.e will" (MS, 55). In short, he recommends a life without consolation, but instead one characterized by lucidity and by acute consciousness of and rebellion against its mortality and its limits.

    Source from https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/camus/

    I think about this when I struggle with depression and s*icidal ideation.

    To me it speaks to the idea that if I am alive, I choose to LIVE, to really live! It does no good to dwell on things I can not change.

    I'm ok btw. I'm not feeling s*icidal. Fankly it's because of this philosophy that I've been able to make progress.

    I'll say it again, take care of yourself beautiful people. You are loved. You have value. You create your own journey, your own meaning.

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  • longliverockback
    16.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Journey Be Good to Yourself b/w Only the Young 1986 Columbia —————————————————

    * Long Live Rock Archive

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  • john7castle84
    16.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    J☻hn\7Castle ☻riginal

    No Way Out

    If You look at the Man on Fire, This Picture will Singe your Mind with a Thousand Words

    Artwork done on Trackpad by M.E

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  • radiomax
    16.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Friday 4/16/2021 1am ET: Feature LP: Journey - Departure (1980)

    Friday 4/16/2021 1am ET: Feature LP: Journey – Departure (1980)

    Departure is the sixth studio album by American rock band Journey. It was released on February 29, 1980, by Columbia Records. Departure was Journey’s highest-charting album to that point, giving them their first appearance in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 album charts, peaking at No. 8. The album includes “Any Way You Want It”, the lead off track and top 25 single. The album featured an…

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  • crashdlanding
    16.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I’m not gone just busy. And EXHAUSTED

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  • crashdlanding2015
    16.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I’m not gone just busy. And EXHAUSTED

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  • steveperry-thevoice
    16.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    So, a friend suggested me to listen to this album and just I clicked on the first song, that was: “Softly”, and made me cry like I have never done before.

    Neal’s voice was so, peaceful and very softly. Of course he is not a singer but this album was so great.

    I loved it 🥺♥️

    @queer-disabled-activist , thank u for the idea ✨

    #journey#special edition#neal schon#pictures #neal is a baby #so cute #why am i posting this #i wanna cry #i’m actually crying #why do i do this to myself #I like to suffer
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  • smart-n-sassy
    16.04.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • bianca24t
    16.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Blog 1- Life

    I’ll start this first post by asking the question, “What do you want to do in life?”  As someone in life who’s at the place where I am meant to be finding out some time soon what I should be doing or where my life is heading, I can assure you all that I have not a single clue. (nor any direction really- or maybe a little... IDK) Let’s start in the beginning- I was a child, who was always confused but aware at the same time. I grew knowing what others want for me, what thoughts, and opinions meant for me but I did not know how to get there, I was thrown into the world with no direction. In school, my friends knew how to get good grades, study, and live a life of balance. Where as I would attend school, but my mind would wonder outside the walls and windows getting lost in my surroundings, and reminiscing about play time after school.  At home, life was filled with beautiful chaos. Childhood taught me my wants and needs, my security, and most importantly, my No’s and do nots. Safe to say, the beautiful chaos of life made me want to achieve for a better life.  But here I am today. Still stuck into the unknown abyss of the beautiful chaos we call, our lives. I want to leave myself and you advice for the future: Lead life with courage, and patience is your best friend. Fight for change and choose love over anything else. Though some days seem gray, have HOPE! Life is a journey and go where passions lead you.  Answer to the question, “who the heck knows, but why not,” 

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  • commodorefluffypawz
    15.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Earlier this year I started this for a friend’s birthday. He let me take him on his first run of Journey, which is one of my most treasured games. (I stuck our Guild Wars characters under the cloaks if anyone’s confused :D ) Sorry it took me so long to finish, but happy birthday all the same!

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  • oops-itssteveperry
    15.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    My Top 3 Places for SP/Journey Fanficiton

    1. Srpandjrny Fanfiction - Detectives of the 9th Precinct


    Description: Alternative universe where Steve and Neal are detectives. If you want to read about Steve being an escort, professional dancer, supermodel, drug lord, vampire etc. you’re in the right place.

    1.2 Srpandjrny Fanfiction - Journey Archive


    Description: Some very very nice stories centred around Steve and Journey. Read anything from kidnappings to Steve living in Greg’s basement.

    2. gekizetsu - Journey Library


    Description: All about Journey with some great storylines. Some really long sagas here so be prepared for sleepless nights!

    3. Double Obsession Journey Fiction


    Description: Really well written Journey stories. Some long sagas here again but you won’t regret it! Warning: eating disorder mention, and quite graphic stuff in one of these!

    There are a few other places you can find the odd SP/Journey fic but these right here and my all time top 3 places 💛 I hope you enjoy!

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  • stubbornbudgie
    15.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Health update

    tw: weight/weight loss/health talk  

    - I've been actively working on losing weight/getting healthier. iin recent years (along with under doctor's advisement and all) - at my heaviest, I was like 495 lbs.. - I kind of am feeling very proud of my progress, so far and all, as just as of today, i weigh 215, and have dropped down like so many dress sizes since i began trying to do better. i'm down to like a 18 in pants/1 or 2 x in shirts. - i haven't fit into those size clothes since high school... I am also really stoked, as a long time ago, I set myself a goal weight, just as like a motivation kind of thing, and I'm super close to reaching it. i'm like a little over 30 pounds away from reaching it. it's been a tough journey to get to this point, and I really am like.. still wrestling a bit at the aftermath of not taking care for so long. but its also been a huge positive thing and is boosting how i feel emotionally too , along with the shadow work, and personal self care too, ive been working on. i kind of wanted to share the positive feeling of today so hence this share. lol, idk,  i'm just excited and happy.

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